Kim Kardashian thinks she can out-do the royal wedding


Sometimes, when I see photos like this, I’m kind of embarrassed as an American. These are photos of Kim Kardashian and her now-fiancé Kris Humphries in Monaco this weekend. They were actually rubbing elbows with Charlene Wittstock, the fiancée of His Serene Highness Prince Albert of Monaco. Meaning that they were ALMOST hanging out with royalty. I know that Prince Albert is no Queen Elizabeth, but surely we can send Monaco some better American celebrities than Kat-face Kardashian, right? Surely we could have sent Poor Miss Wittstock someone better to pose with, right? Like… Kate Bosworth. I would understand if it was Kate Bosworth. I don’t understand why Kat-face is there.


Anyway, Kim and Kris were there and they were rubbing elbows with Charlene. It was some kind of fashion show and then a dinner, I guess. Kris Humphries actually looked pretty good – meaning that he didn’t look out of his element. Kim and Charlene also had dome dueling bling going on. Here are some closeups of Kim’s engagement ring (the one with the Bible verses):



And here’s an okay shot of Charlene’s ring. I like hers better.


Anyway, in case you couldn’t guess by now, Kim fancies herself American royalty, the First Lady of Famewhores, if you will. And hobnobbing with the house of Grimaldi isn’t helping Kim’s delusions. According to various sources, Kim thinks she can out-do the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. She’s using the royal wedding as a blueprint. Said one source, “Kim is obsessed with the royal wedding and loves Kate and her style. She wants her wedding to be as big and grand as that – if not more so. She’s dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl and she wants to share it will all her friends, family and fans. No expense will be spared.” I really worry that in Kim’s mind, when she exits the Las Vegas convention hall (or wherever she gets married), and gets in her solid gold carriage, she really thinks that all of the peasants will come out and wave to her as she rides by.



By the way, is it just me or does Charlene already look totally over this junk?


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. uknowuloveme says:

    “first lady of famewhores”…that was totally inspired..Thanks celebitchy…

  2. searching4grace says:

    Ha. When I glanced at that first picture he looked like an older, grown up, taller Taylor Lautner. Creepy. Creepy. Second…isn’t this her second go-round? Not that she doesn’t deserve a beautiful wedding, but why is she acting like it’s her first?

  3. Dominique says:

    Kim looks really pretty here.

  4. teehee says:

    First of all she’s so orange. The annoying orange has a run for its money.
    And sekond, its too bad Kris kouldn’t instill more klass and kharakter into her kids.
    I have to say that mother is whip smart, but falls to a zero on the ethics and class scale to be handling her family as a public asset money machine.

  5. Nicky says:

    There’s a story floating around that the engagement ring is an old one from 2009 which Kim bought for herself. Another website has pictures of it and it does look identical to the ring she’s wearing now.

  6. Julie says:

    Kim should continue to dream – royalty my foot!

  7. Carmenicheals says:

    Are these two really getting married? And when is her camp going to put out how her exes, mainly Reggie Bush have been coming out the wood works trying to win her back & see what what they lost.

  8. Jilly Bean says:

    so this is her SECOND wedding… and she has spent her life dreaming for all of her wedding days???

  9. Laurie says:

    My thought exactly – Jilly Bean!! I think she wants us to forget that she is divorced!

  10. Dominique says:

    She didn’t have a real wedding the last time she was married. Kim had a quickie wedding in Las Vegas when she was 19 and initially hid it from her family. What’s a wedding and your family isn’t even there? That’s definitely not something you dream of as a little girl.

  11. OXA says:

    Will Kim be showing the porn tapes from her first marriage for the guests at her second one? This chick gets more ridiculous and out of touch with reality every day.

  12. lucy2 says:

    She wants to be “royal”? She has no class, taste, elegance, modesty, or charisma. And oh yeah, got her start in a porn. No thank you.

  13. LunaT says:

    Not to be a doubter, but I’m just waiting for this marriage to end. Wonder how long it will take.

    Too bad Kim didn’t get a hint about what an engagement ring should look like from Charlene.

  14. mln76 says:

    Not only did she buy her own engagement ring but according to this it’s the same one she wore when she was with Reggie Bush

    She really is the definition of a tacky fame-ho.

  15. brin says:

    You can’t buy good taste, sorry Kim, it doesn’t work that way.

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Kaiser – Silly rabbit! She’s there because she’s a stupid fame-whore who thinks “royalness” can be schmoozed off of or will rub off on her orange lard ass.

    And yes, Charlene’s ring is much better than that atrocity on Lardassian Kartrashian’s finger.

    She’s probably stealing tips on how to have a royal wedding.

    And yeah, she’s been married before. I don’t care if was big or little, in Vegas or the Carribean: she’s done it before and seriously needs to stop acting like Virgin Pollyanna. She’s been peed on on camera FFS!!!

  17. gamblea says:

    The network honestly can’t find a more grand church than the one Kate and Wills were married in, so failed that already.

  18. gamblea says:

    Is kk emulating Paris Hilton?

  19. Dhavy says:

    I don’t want to wish anyone bad but I’m looking forward to the “Break up engagement” headline

    Welcome to America, the land of reality tv where the untalented trash manage to get more than 15 minutes of fame.

    First Lady of Famewhores LOL priceless title-it’s the only thing she’s good at

  20. Louise says:

    I didn’t think the royal wedding was that great. It was really nice but the actual ceremony isn’t much different from any other wedding I attended. I think she just wants the attention of the royal wedding, to be talked about. Personally I don’t think it’s going to happen. It seems to fake and scripted.

  21. jc126 says:

    She’s so pathetic, sometimes I almost feel bad for her. She got PEED on in that sex tape. Vile.
    And that ring is ugly; bigger doesn’t always mean better as far as wedding rings.
    He does remind me of Taylor Lautner. I’m rather surprised he dates her, it seems like she’d only attract lowlifes, and he seems decent. Really, that sex tape is a LOT to overcome.

  22. Dreamyk says:

    Wow. What fakery. That ring totally looks like the one she was rockin’ in ’09 and I doubt there will be any marriage. What guy would let his fiancee wear a ring SHE bought to get married to another guy? None.

    IDK, Kris has a weird monkey kind of face, sorta like Brad Pitt in some photos. I don’t see the appeal. Maybe it’s the angle but Kim’s hips look super wide.

  23. Rachel() says:

    Kim doesn’t bother me too much. She is pretty useless though. Definitely not American royalty! LMAO!

    Really? You could understand Kate Blandsworth being in these pictures? I don’t want her representing America! People have a low enough opinion of us anyways!

  24. v dally says:

    8 months then divorce nuff said. nothing to see here moving on

  25. Charlotte says:

    Didn’t know she was married before. I looked it up and she claimed spousal abuse. Funny how Khloe went after Scott Disick so many times and I’d never heard any mention of Damon Thomas…

  26. fabchick says:

    This girl really think she is more important than she really is. Does she have some type of mental issues? I just wish she would go away. Everything about her and her family is fake.

  27. luls says:

    I still can’t get over their height difference!!

    She’s beautiful (and looking considerably less cat-faced lately), but the bitch has NO class or shame. WHATSOEVER.

    (no matter how hard she tries to convince us, or herself, that she comes from a God-fearing Christian family with values.)

    Anyway, I wish them well. But the realist in me doesnt c it lasting. Also, this couple seems like the type to keep up the facade of a lovely marriage for as long as possible for PR & money purposes.

  28. Nikki Girl says:

    This is her SECOND marriage, she needs to stop pretending it’s her first.

    Plus she’s marrying Lurch from the Addam’s family. (Shudder)

  29. Nanea says:

    Kim K can actually think???

    Her ring looks like a cubic zirconia.

  30. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Does anyone else find it hilarious (and a little disgusting) that a trashy ho with a sex tape has BIBLE VERSES on her (2nd, 3rd, 8th?) engagement ring??

  31. Jules says:

    I don’t believe he bought her that ring, and I don’t believe it’s real. A ring of that size would not be 2 million, it would be millions. How can he afford that?

  32. debsa says:

    When a commoner marries a commoner… not a royal wedding does make…

  33. Cait says:

    What kinda man wants to marry a woman who’s been PEED on in a porno that’s all over the web???

  34. Mary says:

    Real Royals wouldnt be seen with these 2. And a 2 billion member audience LOL LOL.

  35. gonzo says:

    girlfriend bought her own wedding ring.

  36. LunaT says:

    She and Brody Jenner should get married. They’d be keeping the stupid famewhoreness contained in the family. No need to involve innocents ;) . If Kris H. were my son, I’d be rolling my eyes and shaking my head at the idea of his wife’s family being his in-laws. You know more than one of his relatives have uttered “wtf?”.

  37. Kasey says:

    I just wanted to posit about the ‘same ring’ musings floating around the posts. I’m happy to get my jollies off of Kim especially now that I’m starting to think less of her kharakter, but if she got a ring at 16 that he made her engagement ring look just like, wouldn’t it make sense that it looks identical and not that they’re one and the same? How is this any better than JLH? Poor thing, I want her to find a man who loves and will marry her but I want her to find contentment first.

  38. Bopa says:


    She was wearing a ring just like that when she was with Reggie Bush not (as far as we know) when she was 16. She’s already been married once so why no mention of the type of ring she got for that marriage. Also Kris Humpres doesn’t make enough $$ to buy a 2 mill ring. It’s either 1 of 2 things: 1. It’s the same exact ring. 2. She designed and bought the ring new ring that’s almost the same as the other.

    Either option makes her a liar.

  39. Kezia says:

    Khloe said in an interview on E! yesterday, that she had only met Kris “a couple of times”, if they are as klose a klan as they say wouldn’t she, Kim’s sister know him her fiance a bit better than that?? … I smell a serious rat with these two!!

  40. carrie says:

    who is she yet? what does she?

  41. Quest says:

    I now introduce you to the Dutchess of golden showers – Kim K

  42. realitycheck says:

    Actually Kim fits perfect with Charlene Wittstock. Both are plastic surgery addicted famewhores. At least Kim made her own money and didn’t have to live off a man -taking money for her “services” for 6 years. Then after multiple plastic surgeries and a business arrangment Prince Albert pops the question- so he can continue his playboy lifestyle and use Charlene Wittstock to pose for the necessary photos. Most media have picked up on the fact there is no love there.

    Kim’s marraige is a business deal too, So they two girls are perfect for best friends. Alot in common.

    Neither can hold a candle to William and Kate- and never will. JMO

  43. Dingles says:

    That ring is absolutely ridiculous.

  44. MB says:

    That mans brow! Positively neanderthal. Gross, the both of them.

  45. Marie says:

    ‘Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public’. We may laugh and disparage Kim, Paris, Bethanny and lots of others, but look at their net worth. I think its probably them who are laughing at us.

  46. futureperfect says:

    “Kim Kardashian thinks she can out-do the royal wedding”… and she probably can.

    It probably wasn’t the royals’ goal to profit off of their wedding, whereas with her this appears to be all that’s at stake.

  47. Tammi says:

    Kim will not out do the royal wedding, she will be lucky if she can out do Khloe.

    This wedding is so fake.Kris didnt buy the ring,neither will pay for the wedding,whats real about this union?

  48. anonymoose says:

    Hmmm…she only looks in love with that gaudy ring, not the man who is her fiance. Poor Lurch. This isn’t going to end well.

  49. Jana says:

    It will be just like the royal wedding, minus the throngs of people who actually give a damn.

  50. Dea says:

    I read that their families have not met each other. How weird is the fact that he has not introduced this woman to his family?? And her parents, gave the okay?? A graceful mom would never do that. But this is a totally manipulated engagement. Kardashians were not appearing in the media for at least the last three weeks I had noticed. The Royal wedding, Pippa Middleton and other celebrities took over and I was so happy about that. So, they needed to do something to put Kim on magazine covers again and they did set up this engagement!! The most fake engagement I have ever seen taking into considerations all what I read.

    @Kaiser: why doesn’t CB site just stop writing about this trash for good?? As a reader it frustrates me that she gets the attention that other normal and decent celebrities do not. I understand that it is just entertainment news, but it would be better if there is no exposure to this whore in any positive or negative aspect. This family is playing the media and they are laughing at all and are making millions. I can’t believe they are in fact showing that they are smarter than some corporate CEOs in the media outlets out here. It is so sad to see how this woman becomes a celebrity that everyone has to write about. Such a shame!

  51. HotLatino says:

    This is gonna sound nasty so don’t read if you’re a prude

    Why does it matter that she was peed on? Is not that bad, I’ve been peed on and it’s not that bad, I kinda liked it, I’m all for sexual experimentation. She’s a famewhore but don’t shame her for having a healthy sexual life.

  52. Val says:

    I don’t think it is the same ring. The first one from 2009 looks smaller and the side diamonds larger. This one is gaudy. The band on the 2nd ring looks thicker but the same width.

    Smaller? Larger? Thicker? Width? Sounds like I am talking about penis, not engagement rings!

  53. Julie says:

    Thanks celebitchy for giving us this morsel to scratch – have some milk as a reward!

  54. Riana says:

    Buying your own ring (whether in ’06 or recently. Getting married for the sake of acquiring more fame.

    All that effort…

    And that’s the BEST guy she could come up with???

    Sheesh, the Kardashians are fame whores who have no taste…especially when it comes to men. That dude is so awkward looking he’d need to be making an extra 3 million before I’d give him two glances.

  55. Micki says:

    There is a great book by Kate Fox called “Watching the English”.There she states that “only the best for our princess” and “no expence spared” are common marks for WORKING CLASS WEDDINGS…And yes, most of them are blueprinting the Royals, which is a good thing after all: we can bitch till we drop dead.

  56. Lia says:

    I agree with Mary. REAL royals would not be seen with any Kardashian. I can’t wait to see how ridiculous she gets with the wedding planning. People won’t be in awe, they’ll be laughing their arses off.

  57. Kasey says:

    @Charlotte: “Funny how KHLOE went after Scott Disick so many times “….say WHAT? Went after him as with to attack him with a knife? her fists? Or went after him as in tried to woo him? The latter sounds implausible as he does NOT seem like her type!

    @Kezia: “klose a klan” LMOL! Girl, you krack me UP! Love it!

  58. Kasey says:

    Also, @Carmenicheals: You missed it! In fact, I almost sent a link to the CB crew here about it:
    I thought the article was pretty interesting considering they were on and off again (AND didn’t he cheat on her and wasn’t with someone right after?) but now I’m willing to buy the theory that it was a plant from her side and they may have even paid him off to play along. My instincts tell me that “cut up” meant he was tired from and probably STILL doing the running man over dodging THAT bullet since he heard!

  59. Melinda says:

    She can have the biggest circus of a wedding that she wants. I can’t help but thinking this is the end if the Kartrashins. this whole wedding and engagement reeks of the biggest sham. Nothing about it is genuine in the slightest. I really hope that the most idiotic people in this country realize that and it creates a serious backlash.

  60. womanfromthenorth says:

    The blonde needs to stand up and pull her shoulders back.

  61. Enn says:

    I’m a jeweler, and my boss and I sat down and figured out how much that ring is worth the day the engagement was announced. It’s closer to $3 million, and that’s conservative, considering that precious metals bounce higher every day and diamonds took a jump of about 40% from last year.

    That being said, the ring is hideous. If I had a client who wanted that, sure, I’d make it for them, but I’d judge the poor taste and attention whoring. It’s just unnecessary.

  62. Jackson says:

    Good God. I totally agree with your comment on being a bit embarrassed as an American. If this is the way other parts of the world see us…..

    The only question that remains is if she will be known as Princess Katness of Famewhore, or Princess Famewhore of Katness? I think I like the former.

  63. fabchick says:

    I am off work looking at reruns of SATC and E shows a commercial for the upcoming season of KUWTK and the engagement while be a storyline this season. This reeks of fake. Kim does not have the personality to carry her own reality show like Khloe does. I also seen on another website there will be a storyline showing the 15 year old sister on birth control. Do these people have any morals. Jeez.

  64. Elisha says:

    I’m not going to get into the debate about including peeing in sexual acts but, I think what bothers people about it, when it comes to kk, is that she wants everyone to forget it. She disregards her sex tape in interviews & at one point said that people needed to forget about it. She pretends that she & her family are religious & have morals. I think people use the peeing incident as an example of her hypocricy.

  65. Robocop says:

    For a “reality star,” she’s sadly out of touch with it.

    Like her little sis said, “Kim thinks she’s a Disney character.” A cross between the Little Mermaid and a porn-star.

    The wedding will be a third-class hoot!

  66. gbehmy says:

    personally,i think the ring is amazing,nd it will be an inspiration for my wedding ring:-),nd also i’m not a fan of the sex tape but i respect the hustle of the kardashian sisters.wish them good luck on the!

  67. bogie says:

    She used it for attention and now wants to forget about it. If it was put out by Ray Jay or someone stole it I could let that go, but she staged the release for profit. I don’t believe anyone has had a sex video taken of them and they weren’t part of the deal…as in getting paid. I do believe plenty of photos have been released without a persons permission.

  68. firefly says:

    Please stop reporting on them.

    And since the damage is done.. I hate seeing women perpetuate this “little girl dreams of her wedding day” bullsh#t. So pathetic.

  69. Cherry Rose says:

    I wonder if they’ll hold the wedding in that “church” they belong to. Hmm…probably not. Too classy for that family.

    I’m wondering what the bachelorette party will be like. No doubt it will be filmed as well.

    One reason that Kim is gushing about this wedding is because almost no one remembers that she was once married before. She wasn’t known at that point, there’s no pictures (which isn’t surprising, as no one would be able to recognize her now), and frankly, no one cares.

    But yeah, she obviously bought that ring (though whether it was recently or a while back is anyone’s guess). I’m not sure how Kris H. could afford that on his salary (though compared to most poeple in the US, that’s still a lot of money).

    However, I wonder of what became of that lawsuit against the Kardashians, referring to the prepaid card. Have they settled, or are they still going to take it to court?

  70. LunaT says:

    @gbehmy—Are you a Kardhasian sister? Or their pr agent? Better yet, are you Mama Pimp?

    If my fiance gave me a ring that size, I’d take it back to the jeweler, get a smaller ring, and give the difference to a food bank or something. No matter how much $ I had, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing that much $ on my hand when it could be doing so much for other people.

    @CherryRose—last I heard, they were still being sued. That was a bit ago and I don’t remember seeing anything else.

  71. MrsOdie2 says:

    I wonder if the engagement is just for May sweeps.

  72. I do not like her ring at all! it looks like a fake lab made stone. and all this talk about her wedding day… isn’t this her 2nd wedding?

  73. Mrs Harrison Ford says:

    Oh bitch please. You are not royalty. You will never be royalty. The only thing you have in common with them is making headlines. Dream on.

  74. Kim says:

    She bought her own ring – hummmmm quite different from Katie being given Dianas famous engagement ring.

    They will get money for wedding photos etc. Maybe have a baby for the money then split. If Kris isnt cheating on her already which he probably is.

  75. Kim says:

    He realizes he is engaged to a man right?

  76. June says:

    Bitch has already BEEN married! In these pictures, he doesnt look all that slow/special. Also, if this famewhore could marry herself, she would have done so already! (maybe buying her own ring counts)

  77. PG says:

    Of course she thinks she’s royalty. Isn’t “throne” a slang synonym for toilet?

  78. LuckyLilGem says:

    She looks like she’s wrapped up in cheese cloth!

  79. Abby says:

    Fabchick, I was watching something on E! recently, and it had a preview for the next season of KUWTK, and it had Kris (JENNER) saying how she was thinking of changing her name back to Kardashian! I wonder what Bruce thinks of that, and if Kris is thinking of changing the younger 2 girls (who are Jenners) or Bruce’s name to Kardashian?

  80. Amerie says:

    Kim K is going to blow $20 mill on a wedding that will probally last em like a year then divorce, I think she is just rushing and got married quick and he is like what 24 25? ewwwwwww