Linnocent “has never, ever owned a firearm” despite showing a gun to Vanity Fair


Here are some more photos of Linnocent from another day/night of shooting that music video. Yes, Linnocent is a music video girl now. She is not shooting a video for her new single or anything, this is for a band called The Miggs, who must suck. Hard. As for Linnocent’s costume… er… I guess she’s wearing panties or something underneath that jacket? I hope so. I think so… it looks kind of like her ensemble is a black one-piece swimsuit, a hooded thigh-length jacket and a thigh-high boots? So, basically, she’s going to steal this outfit for her future street walking…? She looks pretty crackie, in any case, but when doesn’t she look crackie at this point?

Meanwhile, do you guys remember Linnocent’s Vanity Fair Italia cover shoot and interview from just a few weeks ago? I asked Italian-speakers to translate part of the interview for me, and they followed through! In the interview, Linnocent was described as pulling out her infamous furry pink jacket and showing the Vanity Fair reporter a gun. Linnocent then allegedly told the reporter, “I’ve got a permit to carry a firearm, but it’s not loaded, I keep it in the house in case someone tries to get in.” Now, weeks later, Linnocent’s publicist is denying that. Seriously?

Lindsay Lohan is setting the record straight about a controversial new interview in which it is alleged she boasts that she owns a gun.

In the August issue of Vanity Fair Italia the embattled starlet poses for a steamy photo shoot and interview with famed photographer Alan Gelati, during which, he claims: “[Lindsay] brings out a pink fur jacket and a gun: ‘I’ve got a permit to carry a firearm, but it’s not loaded, I keep it in the house in case someone tries to get in.’”

However, Lindsay emphatically denies that she ever said that, and insists that she doesn’t even own a gun.

“Lindsay has never, ever owned any type of firearm in her life. I have no idea why someone would say that,” Lindsay’s publicist, Steve Honig tells

In the interview, Lohan also (allegedly) commented on her recent lucky escape from serving time in jail, after being sentenced instead to house arrest following a probation violation: “Unless you’re a killer, I don’t see a reason to stay there. I never hurt anyone but myself.”

Meanwhile, Lohan has a progress report hearing on July 21 for her misdemeanor grand theft case at the LAX Airport Courthouse. Lohan won’t be required to be there unless Judge Sautner is concerned about Lilo complying with terms of her probation.

[From Radar]

A denial from Linnocent’s publicist means absolutely nothing. The bitch is a pathological liar and she only hires enablers, so who knows if Linnocent lied to this guy, or if he’s just lying to us. I believe Linnocent has a gun. I believe she keeps it in her sketchy pink fur coat. I believe she’s gets cracked out of her skull and pulls the gun out to show to whoever is in front of her, be it a journalist, a dealer or her sister.

By the way, here’s an interesting thought: why did Linnocent’s publicist come out to deny this particular story WEEKS after the Vanity Fair interview went public, especially considering there was a particularly damaging NEW magazine interview that came out just this past week in PLUM Miami? Next month, will Linnocent’s hack publicist finally get around to denying the stories in that magazine? I would love to hear Linnocent’s denial for claiming that she should have been up for a part in Black Swan.

Oh, and Linnocent also took part in another photo shoot with her enabler, Tyler Shields. You can see the full shoot here, but here’s one photo I think you’ll like:


More from her music video shoot:




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. brin says:

    I’m surprised she has a publicist at this point….she must be on her 15th one (it’s probably Dina). She’s such a crack hustler.

  2. Rita says:

    This chick never learns and neither does that guy in the limo. Give him back his watch Linnocent!!!!!

    An unloaded gun is what the cops pick up next to the body after they arrest the guy with the loaded gun….a few bullets missing at that point.

  3. dvz says:

    @Rita Exactly. What’s more dangerous than an loaded gun? An unloaded gun. Dumb twat. She’s trying to be all gangster. She also looks like she’s trying to do a cracked out version of Christina Hendricks in that BW photo.

  4. Boo says:

    Lindsay’s publicist has already addressed the Plum Magazine shredding: Lindsay’s comments were, as usual, “blown out of proportion” and “taken out of context.” The publicist also, I believe, said “it feels like a set up.” Like everyone in law enforcement, everyone in the media is also out to get her. While she does everything right, people are just determined to print lies (cough) and make her look bad even though, again, she is on the straight and narrow.

    That boob grope looks downright painful. Doesn’t it make her feel cheap and dirty to do that sort of crap? Does she even recognize “cheap and dirty” as negatives any more?

  5. tooey says:

    So in Linnocent’s view she can do anything she wants up to killing someone without going to jail. Of course, when she inevitably kills someone I’m sure she’ll holler “accident” and not feel responsible for that either. The downward spiral continues. Do you think she’s cognizant of the fact she’s fallen so low she’s doing videos for bands no one’s ever heard of?

  6. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Linnocents current career/ job title;

    ‘Crackie hooker’

    Enough said…

  7. Rita says:

    @dvz #3

    What’s more dangerous than an unloaded Lohan?….A loaded Lohan, and there’s nothing more dangerous than that.

  8. Blue says:

    That boob grope looks downright painful. Doesn’t it make her feel cheap and dirty to do that sort of crap? Does she even recognize “cheap and dirty” as negatives any more?

    She is cheap and dirty so I doubt she cares or knows the difference anymore.
    I’m still trying to figure out how she got a permit for a gun. Is she even allowed to have one seeing she’s been arrested so many times. If she has it illegally and someone gave her a permit, maybe that’s why she’s denying. I don’t know American law, someone help me out. Then again I don’t think this chick would know the truth if it came up and handed her a briefcase of cocaine.

  9. Susan says:

    She’ll be doing porn before you know it.

    Might as well. It’s the only viable trajectory her career has left. Milk that notoriety for all it’s worth girl, cause you ain’t gettin any younger!
    :o h-snap!:

  10. Susan says:

    All I can do is nod my head when I see her. Such a wasted talent. It is all over now….

  11. Madisyn says:

    Mornin brin, Rita, Ruby Red Lips.

    I disagree with the writer. I doubt highly she has a REAL gun. For all we know it was some sort of prop gun. I’m not saying the Italian VF interviewer was lying, quite the contrary. This twit is not only a pathalogical liar but completely delusional, so the fact she showed the interviewer a ‘gun’ just goes to show the lengths she’ll go to for attention.

    I worked at B & B Guns in North Hollywood 15 years ago(the place where the cops came during that very infamous bank robbery where their guns were no match for those 2 assholes and the cops needed more powerful guns to try to take them out, they were in full body armor). Anywho my point is she has a record. Blohan, celebrity or not, could NOT get a permit to own a firearm. Does she have a illegal gun, perhaps, but she does NOT have a permit for a firearm legally.

    Another point, if she, for the sake of argument, did have a permit, the moment house arrest started that gun would have been removed, IMMEDIATELY! This twit has had her every move followed and when the paps are not there, she f*cking calls them herself. I didn’t see her sashaying in to the local police department to pick up her ‘gun’ when her house arrest was over.

    I call bullshit on this. Actually the old adage, “How do you know Blohan is lying” her lips are moving, pretty much sums it up!

  12. bluhare says:

    @blue: I wondered if her current probation (isn’t that funny; current probation, as opposed to prior or future ones!) prohibits firearms possession for her. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, and her denials are because she doesn’t want another search of her house.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s denying because:

    A) She DOESN’T have a permit;
    B) She obtained the gun illegally;
    C) She doesn’t want to become the focus of yet another police investigation;
    D) She always ever only lies & denies;
    E) All of the above.

    (It’s a multiple choice thing – there really is no wrong answer.)

  14. Seal Team 6 says:

    The idea of Linnocent being armed scares the HELL out of me. I am a strong believer in gun safety and gun education, if one wants to own a firearm. Cracked out career criminals being armed is definitely not a good idea. Are people on formal probation allowed to own a gun in CA?

    I can see that fool accidentally shooting Ali or someone else, thinking the gun isn’t loaded (every gun is a loaded gun).

  15. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Lindsay reminds me of Anna Nicole.

    Bless her heart.

  16. OhMyMy says:

    What none of the band members have girlfriends that would want to do that part?

    Running around town doing creepy/slutty Tyler Shields photoshoots.

    She’s still stubbornly stuck in her old routine. What amazing progress.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Seal Team 6 – Nope. Hubs (a registered firearm owner) just told me firearms must be surrendered when you’re on probation. You can reclaim it when probation ends.

    @ Madisyn – Yeah, wasn’t that a total GF? That incident changed law enforcement weaponry with a quickness.

    *waves @ Rita, Ruby Red, brin, Madisyn*

  18. Seal Team 6 says:


    No, she doesn’t think it’s cheap and dirty, she thinks it’s hot and edgy, but it isn’t. It’s pathetic.

    And, if she has a concealed sidearm illegally, that would definitely be a big time felony in CA. It would be even in a state that doesn’t require a firearm permit, like NC or VA. She would definitely go to prison on that charge. Or maybe not, since she is Linnocent and blowing all the judges in CA. Look at what happened to Plaxico in NYC, and he had had a CCW permit in Florida.

  19. Seal Team 6 says:

    Linnocent DOESN’T remind me of Anna Nicole, because from all accounts, Anna Nicole was a sweetheart. Linnocent is just an entitled, sociopathic trainwreck.

  20. Seal Team 6 says:

    @Original B.

    I’m a CCW permit owner, but law abding, so wasn’t sure.


    I have to respectfully disagree. I ebt it IS a real pistol, that the idiot got illegally from someone, and she thinks it’s all gangsta. She needs her house and person searched and should go to prison if she has an illegally firearm. People like her tar responsible gun owners with the same brush.

  21. Madisyn says:

    Mornin bellaluna, I’m going with “E” all of the above.

    Your correct, that bank robbery did change police weaponry. This from the wiki page on the incident.

    “Also as a result of this incident LAPD authorized its officers to carry .45 ACP caliber semiautomatic pistols as duty sidearms, specifically the Smith and Wesson Models 4506 and 4566. Prior to 1997 only LAPD SWAT officers were authorized to carry .45 ACP caliber pistols, specifically the Model 1911A1 .45 ACP semiautomatic pistol”

  22. Madisyn says:

    @ Seal

    Do you live in California, cuz its VERY difficult to get a CCW (Carry a Concealed Weapon) permit?

    You may respecfully disagree but I’m sticking with my theory, that being said, I’m thinking/hoping that the cops would have searched the house right before house arrest, maybe, as protocol?

  23. Seal Team 6 says:


    No, I live someplace where it’s easy to get a CCW as long as you have a clean record.

    I don’t think Linnocent has a CCW permit or a handgun permit (I bet you need a handgun permit in CA). I think one of her cracked out friends or groupies gave the moron a jacked gun.

    The idea of Linnocent being all crackly and pointing a gun at someone makes my blood run cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. original kate says:

    he’s groping her boob like it’s a melon in the supermarket. don’t bother, dude…that melon is bad. put it back and move on.

  25. Mouse says:

    Does this pathetic, lying drug addict have any redeeming qualities? I’m serious, can someone out there who knows her please name just one?

  26. skilo says:

    ITA with Madisyn, I bet it’s a prop gun Lindsay got off some set and she thought it would make her look sexy and dangerous for people to think she owned one.
    “why did Linnocent’s publicist come out to deny this particular story WEEKS after the Vanity Fair interview went public, especially considering there was a particularly damaging NEW magazine interview that came out just this past week in PLUM Miami?”
    Deflection! To take attention of the Plum write up.

  27. Miss Diagnosed says:

    I firmly believe that any and all journalists should have recording devices strapped to their bodies at all times when around St. Linnocent, so that when she pulls this, “I was set up, my words were taken out of context”, BS, they can whip out the video and/or cassette tapes and put a stop to this madness. I’m so sick of her lies.

    I checked out her and Tyler Shields recent photo shoot and God, pathetic, forced, and in some cases a blatant rip-off of other artists. Not surprising, as these two have not one talented cell between them.

  28. TL says:

    Why is she even getting work? Why does she have a voice? This is why I can’t stand 99.9 percent of Hollywood. No morals and let me tell you the world barely has any these days but hollywood has none. The girl should be black listed. Who is she sleeping with? Look away people, look away, don’t feed the animals

  29. Incredulous says:

    Dude is checkin’ her tit for her crack stash, obviously.

  30. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @TL- “Why is she even getting work?” “Who is she sleeping with?”

    I think you may have just answered your own question.

  31. Madisyn says:

    @ Miss Diagnosed

    I believe these journalists DO have tape recorders. At this point, these journalists know the public sentiment with regards to Blohan and just don’t GIVE A SHIT to refute gossip websites. I mean think about it, before taking pictures of that useless twit, who ever heard of Plum Miami?

    Another poster just asked that age old question: Why is she still getting ‘work’? Her only ‘work’ is filming music videos for a band no one has ever heard of, getting one measly ‘cameo’ in a film that, in my opinion she will not appear in, EVER, and posing for photoshoots in magazines, again, that not many people have heard of or will purchase.

  32. OhMyMy says:

    This is just a tiny tad bit off topic but don’t you just LOVE the ads that get served on the Linnocent story pages?

    Firearms training, criminal records search, alcohol monitoring. Too funny.

    I don’t doubt VF Italy on this cause Linnocent has told so many lies in the past. The immaturity and childishness of the quote totally sounds like her. The pink fur jacket seems a little too specific of a detail as well.

    Whether or not the gun is real, with a legal permit or a prop…who knows? I’m just saying careful, safe and responsible are not terms normally associated with her.

    This interview happened in her house while she was on house arrest. You would think that the responsible authority setting up her house arrest would have asked “are there any weapons in the house” and they would’ve taken it away from her real or not. The fact that it’s there real or not seems like a major slip-up.

    Also who knows if and how much she’s even getting paid for these trashy photoshoots. You know Linnocent lives to play dress up and have her picture taken. Not sure it can be even be considered “work”. She didn’t get paid for the Plum shoot apart from plane/hotel/meals/drinks.

  33. Innocent says:

    She is only on misdmeanor formal probation with no testing. :D
    Lindsay Lohan is not and has never been a felon.
    As she isn’t on house arrest any longer then probation or the cops would need a warrant to search her house.

  34. Seal Team 6 says:

    Yes, Dina, but someone still needs a handgun permit and a CCW permit in CA, which I sincerely doubt your sprog has. I also doubt that, if a real firearm, Linnocent surrendered said firearm to the authorities before her house party… errr….. house arrest.

  35. Liamarie says:

    turn over a rock and Innocent shows up.

  36. Madisyn says:

    Where is BELLALUNA? Girl, guess who’s back? Check out post 33.

    I guess since Blohan’s PR man Steve Honig is doing such a bang up job doing damage control for that twit, @ Innocent/Dina can’t do any worse.

    @ OhMyMy, I actually have noticed those ads about a week ago and was going to comment but then I read whatever story was posted, got angry, and forgot all about it. It is hilarious and I did make the connection. Great minds think alike.

  37. Leigh says:

    I think it was Lainey that said it best for me:
    “what a waste of a face. of a life”.

    The girl HAD so much potential circa 2006 and mean girls – a great look – she was an up and coming actress… I wonder what the turning point was for her.. who was the person who started down this wasteful, sad path?..

  38. OhMyMy says:

    @Innocent: Since I’ve never been arrested on a misdemeanor or a felony or been on house arrest EVER I’m understandably a little fuzzy on the details regarding the process.

    I was just asking why didn’t they ask her if she had any weapons in the house when they were setting up her house arrest. I didn’t say anyhing about now.

    Man I feel like I just won a round of whack-a-mole. Do I get a prize?

  39. Ruby Red Lips says:

    OMG Innocent aka Dina is back from the Hamptons!! Oh how we have missed ur crack delusional comments from the undisputable mother of the century!! (Thats sarcasm btw Dina)

    *waving* back at Madisyn, Bellaluna & all the other fab tail gaters!

  40. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Oh and Innocent/Dina, don’t u think its about time u actually started acting like a real mother (if u even know what that is) and try to help ur eldest daughter b4 she OD’s or something!!! & maybe try not to ruin Ali’s life by allowing her to babysit ur crackie eldest daughter….something that is as her mother should be ur responsibility!!

  41. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @Seal Team, not being resident in the USA, I’m just curious why u would need to carry a concealed weapon? I am genuinely interested… :)

  42. Madisyn says:

    @ Ruby Red

    Your not here in the U.S.? Wasn’t it you who agreed to get on the ‘party bus’ to Blohans next court date. Remember at our last tailgate, I suggested all of us L.A. tailgaters get together and rent a limo, go down to the courthouse, and try to witness the injustice for ourselves? I think it was @ Rita who said we’d need a bus, a limo would be too small.

    Where you at?

  43. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Madisyn, I remember ur fab suggestion re ‘party bus’ going to court but I replied saying I’d have to be with u in spirit not in person…I’m across the pond :)

  44. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @ #19 Seal Team 6: Lindsay reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith solely because of her all too publicized spiral into oblivion, her descent’s end being a foregone conclusion, and her enablers existing only to profit from her addictions.

  45. lucy2 says:

    I’ve never seen someone exude so much class, elegance, and natural beauty!
    (Sarcasm, of course)

  46. Cherry Rose says:

    Hopefully Lindsay will be dumb enough to fire the gun in her own house, thus prompting authorities to come and take it from her. But most likely, that will not happen.

  47. Madisyn says:

    @ Ruby Red

    My apologies, I could have swore it was you. Anywho, if you come back to the States, lets say a prayer that Blohan pulls a “Lohan” when your here, that way you can attend.

    You said “Across the Pond”, do you mean England? My ex-husband is from there and although after 5 LONG years of being with that idiot, (being Irish and English on both sides of the fam) I’m there in spirit as well.

    Can you believe this once promising thespian is now a complete and utter joke? Just to drink, drug, and get her name in the tabloids? You know they’re are alot of alcoholic and or drug users in Hollywood, they just don’t go out EVERY F*CKING SINGLE NIGHT, and advertise it. TWIT!

  48. Just Me says:

    My take on the gun is she does have one in her possession. If the gun had been a ‘prop’ her so-called publicist would have given that explanation out asap.

    @ innocent if your name refers to LL
    take off the rose colored glasses and
    rethink your user name
    I offer a few suggestions: Disgraceful, Shameful, Deceitful, Kleptomaniac, and Notorious. Take your pick.

  49. TL says:

    @TL- “Why is she even getting work?” “Who is she sleeping with?”

    From Miss: I think you may have just answered your own question.

    @ Miss- Yes I believe you are right, lol.

  50. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – I’m here! Sorry, been hosting a family afternoon/dinner, and just got back on. You know if @ Innocent is back, it means Blohan’s new publicist has quit or been fired.

    @ Innocent – Stop drinking the crack-aid.

  51. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Cherry Rose – She’d undoubtedly get in more trouble for the “accidental discharge” of an unlicensed/unregistered firearm than for anything else she’s done.

    @ Seal Team 6 – Mostly, CCW permits are for law enforcement. The “ease” of obtaining one depends upon what state you live in & your specific circumstances.

  52. Ramona Q says:

    There’s something telling about that black n white photo. It’s the hand on the window.

    The pic is shot like it’s a paparazzi photo. She’s just pushed through a swarm of hungry paps, and has reached her car – a bit of peace, they can’t get to her here, she is about to ride away from the chaos. But she doesn’t want to be in that car, either, with that man aggressively grabbing her breast. She puts her hand to the window – she wants someone to help her and care about her, she wants to get out, but outside are people who don’t care, they just want a piece of her out there. The man wants a piece too. She is alone, trapped and being doubly manhandled … I think it’s a great picture. There is a whole story right there in one snap.

  53. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna, Your correct. It is very difficult to obtain a CCW (carry a concealed weapon) in California. I worked with a guy at B & B Guns who was defintely NOT in law enforcement but ‘knew somebody’ to get that CCW. He was my boss and showed me the ‘little card’. He either knew someone high up in law enforcement or knew someone in the mayor’s office. I also remember he said it took a long time to abtain it, Again, it was a LONG TIME AGO. If I remember correctly, those are the people that issue those permits.

    Bottom line, no one and I mean NO ONE would issue Blohan a CCW! Not unless they were totally self destructive and wanted to lose their job.

  54. Seal Team 6 says:

    In quite a few states, including mine, you get a CCW as long as you are 21 years old and have a record clean of convictions, regardless of who you are.

    However, even in these states, ANY drug or DV conviction will result in not being allowed to own a firearm, let alone get a CCW permit.

  55. Ally says:

    She sounds like a young female Phil Spector… or Robert Blake.

  56. skeptical says:

    what i don’t get is why has her house never been searched? we keep getting stories of mysteriously missing jewels, now there’s an article where she claims to have a gun, and only now it’s being contradicted? wtf?

    maybe to try to draw attention away from the Plum write-up? Hey, let’s all talk about the Plum write-up! Oh! and Madisyn earlier identified my hazy memory… there’s an Elle UK article from Sept 2009 that nearly echoes the plum one. I’m trying to find if it was posted about here before.. thus far i haven’t found it. Taking a nice trip down crackhead memory lane though :)

  57. Boo says:

    Ramona Q, that’s an interesting interpretation. I would agree except that the expression on her face doesn’t convey those emotions. She looks cool, serene, calm. The hand on the window seems to be directed, and she doesn’t see the story. That in itself is telling, though, isn’t it?

  58. Lenore says:

    That Tyler Shields photo is really disturbing me. He’s clawing her breast, she’s leaning away, apparently trying to get to the door…and stops in the middle of being sexually assaulted, to have her picture taken by a random paparazzo? What kind of image of herself is she trying to present? Is she even conscious of what she seems to be turning herself into?

    Also, are The Miggs named after the character from Silence Of The Lambs – the guy who tells Clarice he can smell her c**t, and then throws semen at her? Because if they are, then…I have no words for how hideously appropriate that seems for Lindsay Lohan.

  59. Annie says:

    LOL – isn’t her publicist DINA???

  60. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @Madisyn- I know that public sentiment towards St. Linnocent is crap, but it still would be awesome if someone, anyone, would grow some balls and bring this b*tch down! Release the tapes ala RELEASE THE HOUNDS! Maybe then we would never hear from this cracked out pathological liar again, if she knew people would release video/cassette of her whenever she screwed up. She’d crawl into a cave and the world would be safe again.

    @Innocent- Your posts make me so very sad. They really do. Your minimizing of crimes and convictions and gloating about what Lindsay has gotten away with, is to be quite honest, sick. It’s one thing to be a fan/friend/parent, but it’s another thing to be so wrapped up in someone, that you don’t see the hurt they’re causing themselves and other people.

    I’m a big fan of Queens of the Stone Age. Years ago Josh Homme (lead singer/guitarist) got into trouble with the law. He’s not the dude that had the standoff with the S.W.A.T team recently, that was Nick Oliveri. Anyways, although I love Josh, I saw it for what it was. STUPIDITY! He was being a drunk a** and he should have been arrested. I didn’t put the blinders on and discount or deflect or deny his behavior. I’m still mad at him for getting into trouble.

    @Innocent, you need to take the blinders or rose colored glasses off and see Lindsay for what she is. You won’t, but just know that no one on Celebitchy is buying what you’re selling.

  61. Madisyn says:

    @ Miss Diagnosed

    I would L O V E it if some journalist would realease the taped interview after Blohan does her usual “I didn’t say that”. My point was they just can’t be bothered and don’t give a sh!t.

    Too bad these journalists don’t take a page out of Michael Lohan’s playbook and RELEASE THE TAPES!

  62. Miss Diagnosed says:

    @Madisyn- I get your point, I just don’t get WHY these journalists can’t be bothered or don’t give a sh*t. If I was a journalist and someone was attacking my work and credibility, oh, it would be on!

    Is there someone higher up that is preventing them from exposing St. Linnocent because they’re worried about not receiving blow….jobs, money, publicity, from the Lohans? I don’t understand why people protect Lindsay to such a degree. She wields this strange power over people that I just don’t understand. She must be very “talented.”

  63. Madisyn says:

    @ Miss Diagnosed

    The beej theory is always a good go-to for me.