Rachel Uchitel double crossed by Gloria Allred, has to return Tiger’s millions

This is the type of story that the term schadenfreude is made for, since it involves Rachel Uchitel being beaten at her own game. According to TMZ, Rachel was persuaded by her lawyer, Gloria Allred, to return the bulk of the $10 million package she extorted settlement Tiger Woods gave her in exchange for not holding a press conference revealing details of their affair. Since Rachel is a famewhore (or just leave out the fame part) at heart, she possibly violated the confidentiality clause in her settlement by going on Celebrity Rehab, doing multiple interviews and generally keeping the story alive, even though she claims innocence since she never went on the record about her experiences with Tiger. So Allred advised Uchitel to make a deal with Tiger’s lawyer and give most of the money back, only Allred worked out a nice package for herself where she got to keep her lawyer’s fee. She really is the head madam of the stripper mistresses and she’ll sell them out in a heartbeat. Excuse me while I point and laugh.

TMZ has learned … Rachel Uchitel has given Tiger Woods back most of the settlement money he paid her … and now Rachel is preparing to sue Gloria Allred, the lawyer who struck the deal, allegedly because Gloria sold her out for money.

As TMZ reported, Gloria negotiated a $10 million settlement for Rachel … just hours before Rachel was going to hold a tell-all news conference about Tiger Woods. The settlement included a confidentiality agreement, which prohibited Rachel from talking about Tiger.

We’ve learned the agreement stated … if Rachel violated the confidentiality clause … she would not only have to return the money she received but Tiger could sue her for damages as well.

Sources tell TMZ … several months ago Tiger’s lawyer, Jay Lavely, contacted Gloria and said they were going after Rachel because they believed she violated the confidentiality agreement by allegedly speaking with TMZ and going on “Celebrity Rehab” to treat her “addiction to love” — though she never talked specifically about Tiger on the show.

We’re told Rachel felt strongly she had not violated the agreement, but Gloria allegedly convinced her she would lose if push came to shove, so Gloria struck a deal with Lavely — that Rachel would return the lion’s share of the settlement money.

But our sources say … what has Rachel fuming is that Gloria allegedly made a deal with Jay Lavely — that Gloria would still get all of her attorney’s fees. Rachel believes Gloria sold her out … allegedly making a deal with Tiger’s lawyer to strong-arm Rachel into giving the money back and in return Gloria would get her fee — a fee Gloria would not have received if Rachel went to arbitration and lost.

We’re told Rachel went along with the deal, but as time went on she felt she had gotten screwed, and then hired a malpractice lawyer who has made a demand on Gloria to either pay Rachel what she gave back or get sued.

[From TMZ]

How stupid do you have to be to jeopardize $10 million for a $500k gig on a reality show with D listers? The fame was so important to this idiot that she ended up losing the lottery money she earned for being the first Tiger mistress to go public. Given the sh*tstorm that followed, her silence wasn’t worth four figures not to mention eight. She was just one of over a dozen that we know of.

Tiger was one of countless hookups for Rachel too. A source recently revealed to TMZ that while Rachel was seeing Tiger she was also dating a guy named Jamie Dingman. Dingman, an investment banker and the son of a billionaire, is currently dating Tiger’s ex, Elin Woods. A “friend” of Rachel’s told TMZ that back when Jamie was with Rachel he knew that she was also seeing Tiger and told her “That’s ok. I’ll date his wife, Elin.” Elin sure knows how to pick ‘em.

Rachel Uchitel is shown in 2007 with her Celebrity Rehab costar, Jason Davis. Gloria Allred is shown with Tiger Mistress Joslyn James on 4/5/10. Credit: WENN.com



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71 Responses to “Rachel Uchitel double crossed by Gloria Allred, has to return Tiger’s millions”

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  1. photo jojo says:

    I kind of feel bad for this chick. I think Allred screwed her royally. Yes, she’s a famewhore, and yes, she probably shouldn’t have gone on that show, but from what I understand, she probably could have fought those charges. Gloria Allred gives all attorneys a bad name, imho.

  2. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    Woooooowwwwww. So Allred is a situational feminist. She’s all “Team Female” ’til one of us messes up the check. Interesting.

  3. Lisa Turtle says:

    Allred has been engaging in questionable legal tactics for quite some time. It’s my humble opinion that she had a malpractice suit coming to her. She’s a shitstain on the once honorable legal profession. She should be sanctioned and disbarred for the nonesense she pulls.

    According to Uchitel, she is independently wealthy – having inherited money from her grandfather. So I don’t know why she would need the 500k for Celebrity Rehab (or the 10M for silence, but let’s be serious, everyone needs 10M). Plus, Celebrity Rehab is a seriously undignified show. Did she think it was going to rehab her image?

  4. embertine says:

    Is there anyone involved in this story who isn’t completely vile?

  5. brin says:

    Geez…sleazy all the way around and Rachel, the joke’s on you, idiot!

  6. Jana says:

    Rachael is trash and stupid. She got ten million from Tiger and her desire to be a D list celebrity was so strong that she goes on TMZ and Celebrity Rehab, instead of going off into oblivion and trying to live a respectable life. But she’s incapable of that, and because of it, the stupid woman, lost millions from Tiger. It never should have gottent to the point of Tiger going after her if she would have shut her mouth. I was shocked on her TMZ thing. She was so narcissistic and full of herself, like she was a star and like people weren’t disgusted with the trashing homewrecker she was ho made a mint off of it. Ugghhhhh.

    Allred is trash, too.

  7. Blue says:

    Holy shit, so much drama. I hope she does sue that bitch Gloria. I just wanna punch her when I see her face. I settle for changing the channel

  8. mia girl says:

    “…Rachel was seeing Tiger she was also dating a guy named Jamie Dingman. Dingman is an investment banker whose dad is a billionaire and is currently dating Tiger’s ex, Elin Woods.”

    WTF? How small is their dating pool that Elin latched on to a fish that already had a hole from Rachel’s hook? Gross.

    Or is this some modern day Dangerous Liaisons type situation where this dude purposefully went after Elin to screw over Tiger and/or Rachel? Double gross.

  9. Pix says:

    This woman is disgusting. $10 million for being a hooker? I’m glad she got screwed of that money. Of course she went on celebrity rehab and jeopardized her windfall…she’s got no brains, no morals, and no clue.
    Now that Gloria Allred is a she-devil, but if you get in bed with a snake you’re gonna get bit.

  10. Bubulle says:

    Does this mean that now she’s allowed to spill the bean about Tiger, well people probably don’t care at this point .

  11. dread pirate cuervo says:

    So not only is she a whore, she’s a stupid whore.

  12. Thea says:

    I dont really care for the woman since I glimpsed her entitled ass on celebrity rehab. But….Now…would be when I would hold a press conference, write a book, blab even more about Tiger and his bag of tricks. Why? Because I cant stand her, but I cant stand him even more so.

  13. AngelMay says:

    Bitch should have kept her mouth shut and out of the public eye. How hard is that? Impossible for a famewhore I guess.

    And Elin’s another moron, this sleaze will marry her and take her money, probably cheat with Rachel while he’s at it!

  14. Turtle Dove says:

    What comes around goes around, I guess.

    There’s no way that Allred could have forced her into returning the cash. Rachel could have fought that. Perhaps Rachel has some other shenanigans up her sleeve which required axing the Tiger legal agreement.

  15. Gimmeabreak says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time she’s been screwed for money.

  16. REALIST says:

    Not a fan of Allred, who is an opportunist, to put it mildly. The only people lower than Tiger Woods are the women (Allred included) who tried to make money off this sad, sad tale.
    Elin-nooooooo. Find some Swedish guy!

  17. lin234 says:

    I find the Elin story a lot more interesting. I’m surprised it’s such a little side note. Elin’s new billionaire boyfriend lived with Rachel and didn’t care she was also sleeping with Tiger.

    I think this makes Elin look really bad. I mean how many single billionaires are out there? She picks Rachel’s sloppy seconds? Apparently you need quite a few zeros in your bank account to date Elin. The only difference between her and Rachel at this point is that she actually got a billionaire to marry her.

  18. brin says:

    This is like shark week on Discovery!

  19. Blue says:

    @lin234 ITA, there’s so many fish in the sea that she has to date the guy who dated her ex’s mistress and was living with her while she was screwing her husband. It’s like a damn soap opera.

  20. Sigh. says:

    Cosign lin234. Elin is now “independently” wealthy due to her divorce settlement, so she doesn’t *need* or should even want to date the (billionaire) EX-BF OF HER EX- HUSBAND’S MISTRESS for his wealth (especially an ex anything of THIS trashy mess…blech), so what’s the deal there?

  21. Truthful says:

    Ole Glo, she is something isn’t she??


    How dumb of this bird, she just loves the limelight. wonder how she will live now??? get another married rich man??

    serious ISSUES, smdh.

    Lin234, good points!

  22. tapioca says:

    I hate to say it, but Gloria Allred is correct. She did her job and extorted the maximum possible settlement from Tiger, so why should she lose out on her cut of the $10m just because Rachel Uchitel is an fame-hungry idiot?

    I am slightly confused as to whether or not this means RU can now sell her story, since the confidentiality clause has become void. Anyone?

  23. lucy2 says:

    Screwed in a different way, for a change!
    Allred is awful, but so is Rachel, they’re both money grubbing famewhores. If you hire someone like that, you can’t be surprised when they screw you!

    If Elin is actually dating that guy who was with Rachel, then she’s setting herself up for more trouble, and will probably lose some public sympathy.

  24. original kate says:

    ugh. this story made me feel like i just wallowed around in a mudpit. i need a shower.

  25. really says:

    What a dumb twit! “Die Schadenfreude” ended up up her rear! Maybe that is how Tiger always gave it to her …. meow!

    I really hope ELIN finds a true great guy, what beautiful lady.

  26. The Other Hand says:

    Important rule to remember when gambling, the house always wins.

  27. Tiffany says:

    I love you. What an amazing summation.

  28. Missy says:

    Haha! Thank you for the morning laugh! I’ve always known Allred to be a snake.

  29. Ferocity says:


    This is a clusterf*ck if I’ve ever heard of one.

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    Just so many cliches are flooding my mind right now:

    Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas;
    You choose the devil you run with;
    Pot, meet kettle;
    There’s no whore like a dumb whore;
    What goes around comes around…

    I could go on, but I won’t. Schadenfreude indeed! :D

  31. Anti-icon says:

    Oh this is a DELICIOUS piece of news to start my day. Thanks Kaiser!!!!

    Deal with the Devil and you get burned in Hell….repeatedly. Uchitel is as dumb as dirt, and does in fact need treatment. She did NOT have to get it on TeeVee, which certainly DID violate the confidentiality agreement. So, she’s dumb and slutty.

    Allred got her an AMAZING pay out. I’m sure it caused EMOTIONAL TURMOIL with so many people what that “9/11 widow” did. The press conference would have been horrific for everyone.

    But does Allred deserve to steal her ENTIRE legal fee while she’s essentially throwing her client to the wolves? No

    It was Shakespear who said first kill all the lawyers.

    This is just some awesome shadenfraude.

    (Spelling errors throughout, sorry, need coffee.)

  32. bluhare says:

    I don’t understand how going on Rehab violates her agreement with Tiger. We all know they did each other with and without Ambien, she didn’t say anything else, so where’s the problem?

  33. Dana M says:

    Ha!!! Love it.

  34. garvels says:

    Rachel is just a clueless,insecure, dumb gold digger. Elin would never have married Tiger if it weren’t for the status and money. You certainly have to respect her business sense, 100 million for 4 years of marriage-not bad. Gloria is just Gloria a wicked, opportunistic money hungry snake. This whole story would make for a good movie on the Lifetime channel.Ha Ha.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    @ bluhare – She “claimed” she was going on CR because was “a love addict.” Well, everyone knows who her main “adicktion” was to…hence the violation.

  36. Madisyn says:

    What shocks me is that there is anything left to give back.

  37. Smokey says:


  38. djork says:

    God, these greaseballs! Tiger Woods NOT included.

  39. RobN says:

    I’m not buying any of this story. There’s no way that Tiger would have taken a chance on this story going frontpage again by suing Rachel to get the $10 million back. He’s going to take a chance on ALL the details of their relationship coming out in court or to the Enquirer when he’s still trying to get his career and sponsorship back on track? Don’t think so.

  40. SEF says:

    Every person involved in the story is a sleaze.

    And yes that includes Allred, but here’s my question: If Uchitel had properly paid her, there wouldn’t be any fees to deduct from the amount returned to Tiger. right? So what fees has she deducted?

  41. Kim says:

    photo jojo – you feel bad for a ho that slept with a married man then was going to kiss and tell if he didnt pay up??! amazing what people feel “sorry” for. She is trash!

  42. rudypatudie says:

    Rachel should now sell her story for 50 Million , and then hire top notch lawyers to go after Allred for malpractice , collusion and generally being a CUNext week. Rachel is no angel , but she might have been given a gift here. I bet her gag order is lifted now. All bets are off.

  43. Green Is Good says:

    All I have to say is “Bwhaa ha ha ha!”

  44. Swan Hakka says:

    God, her lips are so repulsive and weird looking, does she really think that looks good? So it turns out that being a “professional whore” isn’t quite as lucrative as she first thought, eh?

  45. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t think Rachel’s big on gagging. So she gives back money that isn’t hers and is left to do what with her giant inheritance? It’s not like she needs the extra cash to drop out of Brown, so if this whore’s angling for her trinkets, she’ll manage. Gloria’s been at these monkeyshines since her days of summering in Pangaea and providing inspiration for the Cthulu Mythos: Don’t drink that water. For all of that, it wasn’t her who assisted a self-destructive boy systematically dismantle his whole life, just profit. I gotta say, at this point Elin fits into the ‘richer than God’ demographic, and while you want to protect yourself and maybe not explain her world to people who couldn’t fit in with comfortably, would it kill her to interact with people who perhaps don’t have the funds to blow up the moon? If she’s dating all of the same people as her ex’s mistress does, what does she truly want in a man? I’ve crossed a line with speculation, though. I should leave before that last scrap of dignity flies away.

  46. bluhare says:

    Thanks, original bellaluna. I get it (I think). Anyhoodle, she hired a lawyer to look into malpractice. Based on TMZ’s blurb, Allred talked her into returning the money rather than continuing. If she would have lost in arbitration, Gloria would be out her money. So Rachel thinks she was conned into giving the cash back. Can’t say I blame her.

  47. Juliesunflower says:

    That is karma! Easy come, easy go.

  48. Violet says:

    Ha ha, what a dumb cow! Of course, now she can talk her head off about Tiger but that story is old now so I doubt she’ll be able to make up the loss in appearances.

    I feel terrible for Elin that her new guy has been with Rachel. That’s like finding out he used to swim in sewage water.

  49. sapphire says:

    Ha,Ha @ Brin-Word, woman.

    @Turtle-Right on the money-but Gloria merely extracts throm those who already screwed up.

  50. Joanna says:

    What do these guys see in her? She is butt ugly!

  51. Melancholy says:

    Yes, that is pleasing.

  52. Violet says:


    If Tiger Woods was willing to pay her $10 million to keep quiet, they weren’t just having vanilla sex. I’m sure that Rachel does some twisted stuff for her various sugar daddies.

  53. Mary jones says:

    She is so ugly. How did that fugly ho land a billiinaire? Im sure he could have anyone and he picks that .. Yuck

  54. eternalcanadian says:

    I have lost whatever sympathy or respect I had for Elin after finding out she’s shagging the guy who dated the woman who shagged Tiger. And to read that guy actually said he’d date Elin while Rachel shagged Tiger?

    Is the male population of the world so small Elin is getting sloppy seconds? Gross, hope she’s getting tested for STDs every week! :o

  55. Firecracker says:

    I can’t stand either one of these ho’s, Rachel or Allred.

  56. Karen says:

    I don’t think Elin knew about it or is doing it to say, “In your face, Tiger.” She won’t marry him. Revenge is sweet, served cold, and ALSO with a golf club to the car.


  57. jemshoes says:

    I’m more shocked about Elin and her new boyfriend, to be honest. :O What on earth is going on there?!? Does she know this guy’s past? Is this even true or is this just a rumour? CB, I’m counting on you to help us suss this out!

  58. Flan says:

    @Nah, nah, nah: it entirely escapes me what this has to do with feminism.

    Men screw each other over all the time, without people bringing gender into it.

  59. crazymary says:

    That woman is orange.

  60. nicky11 says:

    don’t know if elin knew about jamue and rachels relationship….but she damn well had to at least know he’s a playboy/partyboy like tiger b/c all the papers have said that in the past he’s been linked to tom brady’s baby mamma as well as the swedish princess.

    the media has said that elin’s been dating him over the last 7 months @ this point i would think she has heard he had player tendancies in the past

  61. assistantrachel says:


  62. Anti-icon says:

    #60 Nicky11: the tabloids are probably all over Elin….all the time, no matter what country she’s in.r…or what circles she socializes in. Her life has been ruined by this scandal in a very real way due to today’s instantaneous media world and the enormous “market” for celebrity gossip. (I mean we’re all here discussing it, aren’t we : )

    So….I do want to know about this man who appears to be deceiving Elin. Seven months is not a long time to know what a person is capable of doing, particularly if said person is refined in manner and has “noble” intentions.

    He’s probably a wolf. This billionaire. But his public pedigree was only recently damaged….to my knowledge. I really don’t know this dude.

    Keep reporting on this billionaire dude linked to Elin!!!!

  63. The Bobster says:

    If this were a slasher flick, I’d vote for Jason to kill all of them.

  64. Jamie says:

    As much as I hate this chick, I hate Allred more. So, I actually find it quite amusing that Rachel is turning around and suing her.

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