Lindsay Lohan inevitably sued by passengers in carjacking incident

Recap: Lohan’s carjacking car chase
In July of 2007, Lindsay Lohan was involved in an extremely dangerous high speed car chase in which she which she carjacked the SUV of a guy she met that night, took two passengers hostage and ran over another guy’s foot. Apparently she was at a party, her assistant quit and tried to leave, and she took off chasing her in another guy’s car after snatching his keys. There were initially three guys in the car with Lohan, but one jumped out and Lindsay ran over his foot, never going back to check on him. The other two guys sat there terrified while she drukenly wove through traffic and blew through stop signs, supposedly saying things like “I’m a celebrity, I can do whatever I want.” Eventually the assistant led Lohan to the parking lot of a police station, having notified the authorities that she was being followed. Lohan failed the field sobriety test and was caught with a small amount of cocaine, which she claims was not hers. She plead guilty to DUI and received a day in jail and just 10 days of community service, despite the fact that she was driving on a suspended license and had a prior DUI.

In January of this year, the former assistant Lindsay was chasing sued her for emotional distress and unspecified damages, claiming she lost her job and spent thousands on therapists bills trying to get over the incident.

Now the three guys in the car with Lohan have filed suit against her, saying she endangered their lives. They are seeking more than $25,000 in damages:

A wild ride that led to Lindsay Lohan’s arrest has sparked another lawsuit.

Court records show that three men who claim they were in a sport utility vehicle that Lohan commandeered in July 2007 sued the “Mean Girls” star last week. Their allegations include battery, false imprisonment and that the actress was negligent when she allegedly took over an SUV belonging to one of the men to chase her recently fired assistant.

That chase ended when the assistant’s mother called police because she was being followed and led Lohan toward a police station. Officers suspected Lohan was drunk and arrested her.
Lohan eventually pleaded guilty to two counts of being under the influence of cocaine stemming from the Santa Monica arrest and an earlier drunken driving arrest in Beverly Hills. She served 84 minutes in jail and entered rehab.

Lohan’s attorney, Ed McPherson, called the lawsuit “absurd.”
He claimed the men were having fun during the chase and questioned why they waited more than a year to file suit. “It just doesn’t make sense,” McPherson said. “They had ample opportunity to get out of the car.

“It’s three guys who want to get a lot of headlines,” he said, “and want to make some money.”
An attorney for the men, identified as Ronnie Blake, Jakon Sutter and Dante Nigro, had said last year he hoped to avoid filing a lawsuit against Lohan. McPherson said there were some early talks, but no settlement was reached.


If Lohan had any sense she would have settled this case, but maybe these guys are holding out for more money. I watched all their videos on TMZ describing what happened and they all seemed credible and genuinely terrified by what happened to them. They detailed Lohan’s very reckless driving that easily could have killed someone, including doing circles around her assistant’s car on the Pacific Coast Highway. If this case goes to trial Lindsay could easily lose a lot of cash – if she has anything left after all those luxury goods she’s been buying.

Lindsay Lohan is shown on 10/14/08 at the “Saks Fifth Avenue Launches 10th Annual ‘Key To The Cure Charity Event'” in NY. Credit: Patricia Schlein/WENN

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  1. smit33 says:

    Yeah right. Make no mistake, I really don’t like this girl and her actions was wrong. But everyone can see this guys are only in this for the money. I can’t believe I’m actually taken the side of a Lohan. I need my meds.

  2. Syko says:

    *Hands smit33 a Valium*

    I do question the amount of time before filing, but don’t question that this self-absorbed skank owes them something beyond her 84 minutes in jail.

    Possibly they had to get a retainer together. Contrary to popular belief, most lawyers do not take cases on a contingency basis and will require a retainer of several thousand dollars, which might be hard for these young guys to come up with.

  3. Kate says:

    God what else will happen to Lindsay?Are they serious?The car stopped more than 4 times.This is so many months ago.They are grown young man,i realy doubt Lindsay held them hostages.Everyday something negative about Lindsay.She needs to leave the US.

  4. ms. piggy says:

    i realy don’t blame them for suing whether or not they were afraid for their lives she had no business doing what she did. I’d say pay them and settle the damn thing to move on.

  5. Kaiser says:

    You know what? $25 K sounds like a bargain. If I had been carjacked by a drunken, coked-up Lohan, I would have sued for a lot more money.

    And I am sort of in love The Famous Cokepants Story. It’s one of my favorite scandals of the past few years. Any time you want to repeat it, CB, I’m good for it. 😆

  6. ShouldaWouldaCoulda says:

    Lindsay’s behavior was disgraceful and she should be held responsible. If had involved an average citizen, s/he would’ve done REAL jail time on ALL charges, and lost their license. Lindsay was spot on the money to claim that she actually could do what she wanted (and get away with it) because she’s a celebrity, because that’s exactly what happened. More fool the people who pay to see her films and buy her crap leggings which supports this reckless lifestyle.

  7. Bodhi says:

    God what else will happen to Lindsay?

    Are you serious?!?! This is HER fault. SHE carjacked THEM. They are the victims, she is the one who victimized them. End of story

  8. Kate says:

    Oh please are you serious?This is an old story.Who will believe 3 grown up young men were held hostages by a 21 year old woman?They probably saw it was Lindsay and they stayed in the car to have fun with a famous person.Everybody says this or that,yet Lindsay didnt hurt anyone but herself and her career.Just yesterday Brit was let of for not having an LA drivers licence and noone says anything,she drove with her kids in the drivers seat and she wasnt prosecuted either.You guys enjoy to put Lindsay down.I very much agree it was hugely wrong but at the same time they choose to stay in the car.Its like when you allow your drunk boyfriend to drive,you have a responsibility too,to choose to not get in the car or leave the car.Lindsay stopped 4 times,they could have easily left. 8) At least thats my opinion.She made mistakes she payed for them.Let her move on. 😕

  9. Murmur says:

    I wonder if she ever even apologized to them.

    Wait, I don’t wonder. I know.

  10. ShouldaWouldaCoulda says:

    Kate/Lindsay/Samantha: Using Britney’s recent driving infraction is just another example of how lenient the courts are with celebrities, not a benchmark for how people should be treated equally.

    What Lindsay did was WRONG. She didn’t receive due justice in the criminal courts, so she can now pay her way out of this (like a celebrity!) through civil court. Too bad if she carjack some smucks who are willing to take her to town on this. Maybe she should’ve used better judgment in choosing her passengers… HAHAHAHAH

  11. Bodhi says:

    Kate~ Fuck yeah, I’m serious!

    FIRST of all I’d NEVER let a drunk person drive me home. What an idiotic thing to say.

    SECOND, 82 minutes in jail & 10 whole days of community service does not count as paying for her mistakes. Any other non-celeb would spend MONTHS in jail for carjacking people & nearly killing who knows how many people on the highway. Just because (miraculously) no-one was hurt doesn’t let her off the hook.

    She fucked up hardcore & she deserves to be punished.

  12. JaundiceMachine says:

    $25k and 84 minutes in the pokey is a small price to pay for car-jacking and reckless endangerment.

  13. Bodhi says:

    THANK you JMac!

  14. jennifer says:

    Damn it, something screwed up with my comment so if this posts 2x my apologies. What I was TRYING to say was the term “being held hostage” may seem harsh, but picture if it was your kid, or your friend, or a relative sitting in that car, and someone jumps in & drives off. Wouldn’t you worry about your kid/friend/relative’s safety? Especially if the driver is jacked up on god knows what?
    Think they can get out of that car? Tuck & roll my ass, you’re stuck there. If my kid or whatever was stuck in that car, I’d want the driver to be held responsible.

    And this is not a case of Lindsay being persecuted by the media, or “what else could happen to Lindsay?” This didn’t happen TO her, she CAUSED this. Whomever doesn’t get that needs a serious head check.

  15. Jeanne says:

    Put her ass in jail.

  16. Kate says:

    Well using the f word and all the rest to support my opinion,is not in my character.As i said this happened months ago,i agree Lindsay was wrong,but you guys refuse to accept the fact these guys are just for the money and nothing else.You realy believe 3 men if they wanted to stop a 21 year old woman driving their car,they couldnt,or when she stopped it and she herself went out,they couldnt leave?If you do believe this,then ok. 😆
    As i believe Britney is healthie and not drugged from morning until evening from her parents and has 15 people around her controlling her every move.She was crying heavily yesterday and there are pics of it,Did you saw it on any blog site?Nahhh,Britney is happy clean and healthie.
    Iam just mentioning how the press works when they want to lift someone and when they always bash someone else. 🙄

  17. ShouldaWouldaCoulda says:

    Kate: Me thinks you protest too much. It’s as if this had actually happened to YOU…

    My question to you is, why do you think it’s OK be to let off the hook for this type of behaviour just because some time has passed? Should we let murders walk free, too. And BTW, this incident was a hair-width away from vehicular homicide. I see nothing in this picture that makes Lindsay:evil: look innocent. How can you even think 3 young men would want to take on a crackhead who highjacked the car. They are the VICTIMS here, not Lindsay:twisted: .