CSI sets are magnets for corpses

The CSI sets have been plagued by dead bodies turning up unexpectedly, just like on the show. Unlike the show, it probably takes months and a lot of luck to figure out their identities, because science is not as fast or glamorous as CSI makes it out to be:

A man’s body floated up near where a crew was filming a scene for the crime show “CSI: Miami,” authorities said.

The body washed up early Friday in Biscayne Bay at Bicentennial Park, which film crews were using as a helicopter staging ground for aerial shots of a fictional offshore investigation for the CBS show, police said.

A homeless man spotted the body and alerted an off-duty police officer who was working security on the set, police said. The body had no signs of injury, and the death was not considered suspicious, according to authorities.

“Unfortunately, it’s not unusual during certain times of the year that people who have fallen in the bay, either homeless or people who were asleep or in some cases boaters who had a mishap, fall into the bay and turn up days later,” said Detective Delrish Moss, a Miami police spokesman.

This is the second time a dead body has been found on a CSI set recently. A mummified body was just found in an apartment building where CSI: NY was filming:

These pseudo-sleuths got a little more reality than they bargained for when an actual mummified body was found in the very same building where production was under way in Los Angeles, People magazine reports.

According to a source close to the show, the stiff was legit. It was found on the fifth floor of the building — just two floors below where the actors were dealing with the fictional demise of a (thankfully) much less convincing corpse.

But, like any good morbid mystery, not everyone was convinced by the creepy find. One source told Defamer that the gruesome discovery was nothing more than a PR stunt for the show.

But yet another who claimed to be a resident of the building in question vouched for the gory story.

“I found out last night during a gathering of tenants on the roof that a body of a man living on the 5th floor had been found yesterday. The body had been there for 6 weeks, and the rumored cause is suicide.

Maybe there are just so many damn CSI spinoffs that statistics dictate they’ll run into several real dead people by chance.

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