Does Camille Grammer look a little extra-tweaked to anyone else?


Last night, NBC held a press-friendly party for all of their hit shows, and since NBC owns Bravo, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came out. My eye went to Camille Grammer, of course. CB and I were debating whether or not Camille has been freshly tweaked – CB thinks that it’s just makeup, and that all of the Real Housewives have been tweaked at various times. I don’t know, though. Camille looks different to me. I think it’s a combination of weight loss (she looks slimmer) plus something “extra” for the party to give her the attractive “super-surprised” look. Here’s Camille from a few months ago:


And here’s Camille last night:


By the way, have you seen the photos of Camille hanging out in Malibu with Brandi Glanville? Go here to see the pics – I guess they’re friends? Interesting.

Also – Camille’s ex, Kelsey Grammer has been talking about his dream of running for political office. He wants to run for New York City mayor! Kelsey told the NY Post, “I have had a great career and extraordinary opportunities. But I look at my political aspirations as that last piece of my life — where I hope to do something good for people and pay back a little.” He also said that to get into politics, you need a “narcissistic personality” and “You certainly have to have a resilient ego.” He’s a conservative Republican too – “It is not unfamiliar for me to have a point of view that might be considered out of the norm in my community.” Eh. I mean, NYC has a history of elected Republicans as their mayor, but I don’t think Kelsey has a snowball’s chance in Hell’s Kitchen.



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  1. Ari says:

    I have no idea why I am about to say this but she looks really good.

  2. Cherry says:

    I have no idea who this lady is, but she looks like a totally different person on the two pics (the one in the red dress and the one from last night). And no, I don’t think it’s just make-up. The shape of her nose and the position of her eyes is different. That said, I think she’s probably happy with the results. She looks like a twenty-something Playboy-bunny now. Obviously every mature, sensible, intelligent woman-in- her-forties’ dream come true.

  3. Roma says:

    Looks like the nose as well?

  4. azurea says:


  5. brin says:

    Camille looks good. I can understand Camille and Brandi becoming friends, they were both married to cheaters and can certainly relate.
    Can’t even imagine Kelsey entering politics….is he a Leo?

  6. embertine says:

    Whoa. She looks beautiful but a little, shall we say, uncanny valley? Has she replaced so many parts now that she is technically more fembot that human?

  7. Cherry says:

    BTW, the lady in the black dress’ facial expression on the first pic says it all.

  8. poopie says:

    I VOTE for 1) new nose and 2) entire face stretched to the back of her skull.

  9. Miss Marie says:

    She has definitely had some work done. I can’t put my finger on it. Before it appeared as though she had a sneer on her face all the time. She looks great. Look at Kim or Kyle Richards shooting her a look from behind in the first photo. haha

  10. Kelly says:

    This is something I wonder about frequently – do men like this highly artificial, tightly-wound look? I think back to the reports that she and Kelsey only ever had sex a few times…

    ETA: @Cherry, the woman in the black is Kyle Richards, and she will undoubtedly shank a b!tch.

  11. searching4grace says:

    She does look extra stretched. It doesn’t look bad on her, I just find her scary in general.

  12. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I think she looks good too,the surgeon did a good job, and would look better if she gained about 15-20 pounds.

  13. searching4grace says:

    @embertine possibly no longer biodegradable?

  14. Celebitchy says:

    Now I totally agree with you Kaiser! Bitch always looks tweaked so I didn’t notice the difference until you put up an older photo of her. That’s a new nose and a bunch of fillers.

  15. dorothy says:

    She has always looked plastic to me.

  16. Jackson says:

    She did something, for sure. But she doesn’t look too bad, considering…dare I say, kind of good even? She’s definitely the best looking one out of that dreadful-looking cast of RHOBH, that’s for sure.

  17. WillyNilly says:

    She looks like she got her eyes and chin done. Or finally got some sleep and drank some water.

  18. Hautie says:

    I am also seeing a new nose and reshaped eyes. She just removed the last ten years off her face. Good for her.

    I really don’t blame her for wanting to get refreshed. Yet, I am sure it will lead to a whole season worth of snarky ass behavior from the other women.

  19. KLO says:

    Definitely. She looks better. Good for her.

  20. KittyKat says:

    Dont particulary like her but she looks FANTASTIC!!!

  21. LIVEALOT says:


    I saw her a yr ago and girl is TINY. So to lose anymore weight would be skeletal. don’t think it’s that.


  22. Heatheradair says:

    If this is tweaked, it’s GOOD tweaked. She looks great. Yeah, I’m seeing nose job and something lifted around her eyes (and lips….something stuffed in her lips?) but it looks GREAT on her….how odd. And the makeup helps – nice makeup. Huh. Surprised I looked at this and didn’t run screaming….whatever she did, she’s wearing it well……

  23. Ferocity says:

    Her skin looks smoother. It looks like maybe she got a chemical peel on her face and chest. The eyes could be a result of a lot more sleep … or some sort of surgery. Overall, I think that the effect is from makeup but in general she looks better and more “refreshed.”

  24. Green_Eyes says:

    Total package tweaked… Including nose, fillers, and I’d say lips as well… Guess she’s turning into a real Barbie literally… Plastic anyone? I agree w/ Kelly men really like this???

  25. Sloane Wyatt says:

    My what big eyes you have, Camille!

    Yep, she got new work done. Kelsey is the one who takes the cake though. The ‘conservative Republican’ shares a penchant for going through wives like tissue paper with Rudy Guliani and could certainly vie with him for the title of “Mr. Family Values”!

  26. Ellie says:

    WooWee. She def got some work done. Looks a lot better. But, she need not to wear strapless clothes. Her arms/boobs are creepy. Those freckles. ick.

  27. Lila says:

    THANK GOD someone convinced her to wear eyeliner! Last year her beady little eyes looked washed out like they were floating around her face. She still looks cheap an hideous, though And that weave! All that money and these women have the most horrid weaves.

  28. Jen34 says:

    She had a lot of work done. New nose. Startled look. Jaw looks frozen. I wonder if she ever got her divorce settlement from Kelsey.

  29. gee says:

    Bitch looks good. They’re going to get the work done, might as well do it right.

  30. Pyewacket says:

    I actually think she looks good.

  31. horizonte says:

    she looks fantastic! upon first examination, i would say she quit the fake tan. i don’t know if that is enough to restore her skin that way, but it looks younger and fresher.
    good for her, that shade of orange doesn’t look good on anyone, and it’s quite aging.

  32. heb says:

    absolutely had a face lift. but it actually looks better

  33. Laura says:

    Um yeah, she’s totally tweaked, she looks about 10-20 years younger. It made me lol to see her pic under the one of the 16 year old bride, because Camille actually looked younger and more fresh.

  34. Original Tiffany says:

    She looks much better-maybe that’s why Kyle is giving her a massive side eye in the first pic.

  35. Judy says:

    HUGELY tweaked but the surgeon did a great job…she looks fabulous.

  36. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Hats off to her…she actually looks good. Refreshed? She looks better than from a few months ago.

  37. kaligula says:

    @ Judy you’re right, good surgeon, no freakfest here. the change is obvious but she looks much prettier, by the barbie doll standards of the world that those people live in, at least. i hope she feels a little better about herself.

  38. garvels says:

    I guess she looks Okay if you are into the geriatric barbie doll look.

  39. skinanny says:

    I’m thinkin Dolly Parton!!

  40. 4Real says:

    Oh yeah she obviously got a facelift and some fillers…and SHE NEEDED IT! Looks good here…now excuse me while I break my fingers for typing that…

    LOL@Kyle’s side eye in the first pic!

  41. Truthful says:

    she sure does. LOL

  42. HeavyD says:

    I think she’s had a facelift, the jowly look around her jaw is gone, maybe an eyelift to open and widen her eyes. Not sure about what she did to her nose, but it does look smaller.

  43. bigchili says:

    Her nose, her smile lines are much less pronounced now, and her eyes are different. I’m not sure about her lips, they look bigger but it could just be the tacky lipliner that’s so far outside of them.

  44. fabchick says:

    Def tweeked.

  45. says:

    Wow, she actually looks really good, but there is no way that is just make-up. I have seen pics of her from High School, and the transformation is astounding. You would never even know it was the same person unless someone pointed it out and swore to you they were the same person.

  46. poof says:

    Dare I say it? She looks really good.

  47. Calli Pygian says:

    Mid-face & eye lift, FTW. Perhaps some extra filler, too. The chicken-cutlet cheeks are gone, in any case, and give way to much wider-open eyes. Yick.

  48. 4Real says:

    Looks like some vaneer work going on in her mouth too….

  49. Jeannified says:

    Lisa has the best figure and is the most beautiful of all of them.

  50. KsGirl says:

    Work, and not badly done. Which is good, considering she is definitely in the demographic that gets terrible work done.

    Loved the reference to uncanny valley – there are many in Hollywood who seem to fit in that liltle category!

  51. Kim says:

    Camilla is just not a pretty girl. She tries hard but… They all look terrible in this photo except Lisa. But Lisa’s outfit is bad – she dresses like she is stuck in 80’s Dynasty era. Adrienne Maloof looks ok also. Camille, Kim, Kyle and Taylor look terrible.

  52. marge says:

    absolutely tweaked! makeup can do only so much…

  53. mzjask says:

    so from the first pic, i thought this chick looks WELL beyond her alleged 42 years. HARD. LIFE. then i see the one from a few months ago; GAH! Def had something done, idk what its called but those wrinkles/bags around her eyes are not as noticeable now. in comparison, she looks better now but she looks like she’s still tryin to play it much younger than she should. y’know; those types of moms that still shop at forever 21.

    and, i’m from LA. THOSE are the best housewives you can muster up from Beverly Hills?!?!!!! that pic of the group of them…. that shit’s tough 🙁

  54. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    There’s a fine line between “refreshed” and “Japanese anime.” She’s getting close.

  55. anne_000 says:

    cheeks & lips. and something that’s made her eyes look bigger.
    the nose looks the same.

  56. Ashley says:

    Her face looks younger, but the skin on her arms does not lie.

  57. ZenB!tch says:

    Camille looks like Camille but Kyle looks horrible in that bottom pic

  58. Tiffany S says:

    @Lila LOL!!! I have never laughed so hard at someone’s comment EVER!!! (wipes away tear)
    @RuddyZooKeeper – You have comedy gold too, and true.

    And I kind of agree with the majority, she looks good but fake, she is probably loving it. (Hell, I would be.)

  59. ladybert62 says:

    So is this one his current wife or his former wife? I cannot keep his blonde bimbos straight!

    And that woman in black in the first picture says it all!

    I think the blonde bimbo looks like she is on some type of upper drug.

  60. Elizabeth says:

    My, my but doesn’t she look “refreshed”! She totally had surgery. But it looks pretty good.

  61. original kate says:

    freshly tweaked? she is so plastic i honestly don’t know how anyone can tell.

  62. Mia says:

    CHEEK IMPLANTS: the fastest way to look like someone else – probabably what she wants right now!

  63. sam says:

    tweaked and less orange

  64. MB says:

    Definitely tweaked and a definite improvement. Good for her and good for her surgeon for such fantastic results!

  65. DoMaJoReMc says:

    I agree with another poster: she looks tweaked, but not overly-tweaked. Maybe different eye make-up? I’ve always thought she is a beautiful woman. And the top picture says it all…look at Paris Hilton’s Aunt. Can you say ‘contempt’ or ‘jealousy’?

    I think Kelsey is an ASS to let her go. JMO

  66. Ruffian9 says:

    Freshly done. Enormous forehead!!!

  67. april says:

    Huge difference! Definitely tweaked for the better. She looks like she could have gone to the same plastic surgeon Christie Brinkley went to. Christie was looking her age and had a midface lift which made her look at least 15 years younger. I’m glad for Camille after what she went through with Kelsey.

  68. Camille says:

    She has definitely given herself a makeover- from plastic surgery to better looking make up too.
    She looks fake- sure, but she does look more attractive.

  69. Erin says:

    her eyes look bizarrely large, wow

  70. mary simon says:

    Tweeked and somewhat improved, actually. Too bad Suzanne Sommers – newly disfigured by some quack, didn’t go to Camille’s surgeon.

  71. Ames says:

    Maybe I’m just a facebook junkie, but we totally need to be able to like some of these comments. LOL

    I agree, nose and facelift was done and she looks fantastic. Still no matter how good you look, attitude still makes you ugly.

  72. Luckylilgem says:

    She looks amazing! Is it filler?

  73. LuvHotGuyFri says:

    It looks to me like she got fillers in the tear trough lines under her eyes and smile lines on the sides of her mouth, and Botox around her eyes at the very least. Her skin looks a lot better too.

  74. dahlia1947 says:

    I see a difference! Her eyes look more lifted and her cheek wrinkles are smoothed out! she looks good! You use that divorce money honey!!

  75. wunderkindt says:

    Tweaked? More like OVERHAULED:

    Fillers, lip implants, rhinoplasty, brow lift, face lift, botox.

  76. DethHammer says:

    I think she had:
    –a cheeklift or Botox to the cheeks
    –cheek filler
    –Botox around eyes and brows
    –nose tip reshaping

    I agree with RuddyZooKeeper, Camille is gettin’ close to anime character territory.

  77. wunderkindt says:

    Also looks like hair extensions. She has twice as much hair as before!

  78. kikay says:

    whatever she did to her face ,she did it really good,she look so refresh and so much younger,just look at the jealous look on Kyle Richard’s face,it is worth all the tweaking they did on her.

  79. Paige says:

    she looks like a barbie doll and not in a good way. what’s wrong with ageing naturally!!

  80. Venus says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand the comments saying she’s hideous. She might not be a good person but she’s a beautiful woman — she literally takes my breath away & not just in these pixs, but whenever I’ve seen her.

    But yes, definitely tweaked, but not as extreme as some think — she didn’t have a nose job, that is definitely shading with the make up. No face lift either — it looks like a deep chemical peel on face & chest (which does “tighten” the skin too), combined with botox (which is like mother’s milk out there in LA) and laying off the fake bake. The rest is make up. And her make up is almost always great — your BFF being a fantastic make up artist definitely helps.

  81. Mom says:

    Looks like she has had some recent work, but looks just gorgeous (especially for a woman who has been to hell and back this year.)

  82. Sam says:

    She had her “lazy eye” fixed — looks like she had an upper bleph (eye job) to open and even out her eyes. She had filler in her lips and a skin peel. Must say, she had a very good surgeon.