Satsuki Mitchell ran up $1 million on Daniel Craig’s credit cards before they split


Last night, I sent this story to CB, and she immediately sent me the video for Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops)” which is so very appropriate. As you might remember, Daniel Craig gave his girlfriend/fiancée Satsuki Mitchell the shaft (and not the good “shaft”) once he began hooking up with Rachel Weisz. Thus far, Satsuki hasn’t said anything directly to the press, but her parents are talking, and it’s said that Satsuki is “devastated” and “absolutely bewildered” in the wake of Rachel and Daniel’s insanely hot affair and subsequent joint homewrecking, jumpoff relationship and now marriage. But! In Touch Weekly has a great story about what Satsuki did when she first found out about the affair. Hit ‘Em Up, Blu:

In Touch – Satsuki Mitchell lived with Daniel Craig for seven years, and then he started filming Dream House with his old friend Rachel Weisz.

According to a source, “One morning, Daniel left for the set, as usual. Only that night, he didn’t come home. Satsuki was frantically calling, texting and emailing him, but he was probably with Rachel and not answering.”

Satsuki “hit back, the only way she knew how.” She racked up about $1 million in charges on Daniel Craig’s credit cards, which she had permission to use.

[From Jezebel’s Midweek Madness]

A million dollars in charges. Where to even start? If I wanted a parting gift from my wealthy lover because he was dumping me for another woman… I would want property. And then jewelry. And cash. I’m not sure if I would be out there spending money on clothes and such, but hopefully Satsuki purchased some items that will grow in value.

After CB sent me “Hit ‘Em Up” I sent her some old-school Bell Biv DeVoe. I miss BBD so much! This is also very appropriate for the Satsuki-Daniel situation.




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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Yeah, I read that somewhere. Loving the video links! 😀

  2. Lizzy says:

    Well okay Daniel Craig may be have been a douche in this situation but $1 million on his credit cards? That’s petty and pretty immature

    • bigprof says:

      we know you’ve had your fair share, and that’s probably the reason for your view of partners and relationships as fairly interchangeable. however, she was w/him for 7yrs. i say smart woman. the amount doesnt matter. she was within her jilted right as an aging woman to take the he to the tune or hundreds of thousands of dollars. you should take your relationships more seriously liz, you have a very distorted view…probably one informed by the big city and fast ways

  3. brin says:

    Wow, would have like to have seen his face when he got the bill(s). *Mornin Bellaluna*

  4. gee says:

    Rachel Weiss is an upgrade! I’m sorry but I am alllll over DC & RW. Love love love love love.

  5. Wilz says:

    It might be petty and immature, but I don’t think I’d be above doing something like that if I got cheated on. 😉

  6. silken_floss says:

    Shit, I’d be a bitter bitch too if I was suddenly dumped by my long term lover and he married up a few weeks later. I’ve been side-eyeing Craig & Weisz ever since. Hope Satsuki finds someone worthy of her.

  7. You don't say says:

    Don’t trust this or any tabloid story, but this one sounds good and catty. If this is what went down, good for her. I would have bought a house and done even more damage. Though after the poor performance of his last movie, he might have some trouble making the payments. Don’t like the guy anyway, never did see his appeal.

  8. amy says:

    Here’s another fitting tune:

    The live version ( is even better, but Mike Scott’s vocals are clearer in this studio recording.

  9. Eleonor says:

    After 7 years together he was cheating and he was about to dump her. As revenge She spend 1 million with his credit card.I would have done the same..or maybe worst.

  10. lin234 says:

    7 years together is longer than most marriages in H-wood. He got off cheap. I’m sure you can throw down a million easily at places like Cartier, Bulgari, Van cleef and arpels, and the like by buying a few necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.
    There are Chanel coats and dresses that can start at 10 grand so I imagine she probably didn’t get as much stuff as we think she did.

  11. Pyewacket says:

    That is the least of what I would have done.

  12. Amy says:

    If you have a credit card limit that high, I guess you can afford a hit like that. This is too funny.

  13. Gwen says:

    I’m torn on the subject. Cheating on your partner is never a good thing, but on the other hand there must have been a reason why they never got married?

  14. nemera says:

    Good for her.

    Funny how he had no problem walking carpets with her, but now his relationship is so “private”.

    I think it sucks that Satsuki got such hate from his fans. Never understood that. He choose her and was with her all over the place for 7 years. Then married someone else.

  15. bigchili says:

    I was a little appalled when I read the headline but after thinking about it – the length of the relationship & the way it all went down – I’m good with it. He didn’t get anything he didn’t deserve.

    And thanks for the Blu video link. I’d forgotten how fun that song is.

  16. Kimble says:

    Good luck to her! I don’t see his appeal at all – he always seems so arrogant and he’s NOT good looking at all.

    A friend of mine went to school with him and said he was a prick as a teenager too!

  17. Roma says:

    I am not going to lie – I would totally do the same.

    I hate cheating. I think it’s for losers and people who aren’t secure in themselves. Because they either let a relationship go on too long (no balls to leave) or they just want a taste of strange (for the most part insecure).

    So yes, I would respond by hitting ’em where it hurts. Every city has a golden mile – for me it’s Bloor St – and I can guarantee that I could spend a million dollars in about a day.

  18. mln76 says:

    I like Daniel but if he really just didn’t come home one night (and I can so see him being that uncommunicative) he deserved it.

  19. hstl1 says:

    The girl isn’t “Poison”, he’s a douchebag.

  20. JulieM says:

    Score one for Satsuki. Daniel Craig is a nasty jerk. And Rachel Weisz is a stuck up snot. He got what he deserved, at both ends.

  21. bros says:

    thats awesome. I’d do the same to this lawn gnome.

  22. Liz says:

    He had it coming.

  23. Kimbob says:

    If this went down as In Touch alleged, then hell to the yes….good for Satsuki!!! If Craig did, in fact, ignore texts, e-mails, calls, & never returned, no explanation proffered, well then, Satsuki had every reason in the world to charge away.

    It’s NOT easy to man-up….never is, but it is the moral/ethical thing to do. So, he chose the “easy” way, & she responded in kind. You go girl!

  24. mick says:

    She just collected what she thought she was entitled to, a little under $12,000 a month.

    LADIES, when you are no longer useful to a man,
    hit him where it hurts, not his private parts,

  25. LL says:

    @JulieM – ITA.

  26. Embee says:

    I don’t see the parity between cheating and stealing, but I certainly understand (and empathise with) her pain. In the pictures used for this article she never looks happy. I hope that she is, now.

  27. teehee says:

    I miss old school BBD too. :/ Music just isnt fun like that anymore…

  28. N.D. says:

    I thought she got a NY appartment out of their breakup. If it’s true I think credit card thing is just petty. But it’s most probably tabloids bs.

  29. Cleo says:

    An exit fee is not unheard of. Anyone else see the French Stewart/Bridget Wilson movie “Love Stinks” where she demands palimony for less than a year of cohabitation in L.A.? I guess England doesn’t have palimony. Thanks to Gigi, we know to get “everything in writing” before even beginning a liason.

    I think both women look pretty semitic. Satsko or whatever her name is doesn’t reek Japanese to me. That name!

    What if he lost his phone during a last minute all-night shoot? Would she have returned all the purchases?

  30. Pity says:

    Good for her if true. The thing here is that if you never marry you rarely get anything unless you make a big deal in court. Also the other person can live with you for years and then leave and marry in a heartbeat while not having to wait for a divorce. Pretty nasty. She desverved alot more. Put a ring on it. I don’t understand anyone male or female who is willing to live with someone for that long and not get married. Actually I think that him not getting married was just that he did not love her enough. Look how quick he married someone else. I honestly think that it is always the way it is. Not getting married has nothing to do with the persons beliefs it has to do with the fact that they just don’t love enough – because the same person will marry someone else in a hearbeat – good example here.

  31. Eleonor says:

    EMbee: I don’t think it’s stealing, she had the permission to use his credit card, they had a 7 years relationship, even if they weren’t married I think she had the right to that million.

  32. NancyMan says:

    This story sounds like something concocted for people with a tabloid mentality or those with a love for a morality tale as devised in a country music song. I doubt its true.

    When a person is truly grieving for the end of a relationship, their first thought shouldn’t be about revenge. And what about her sense of self-respect?

    Even the super wealthy, of which Craig doesn’t make the grade, don’t have that sort of limit on their credit cards. He may have given her something to help ease his guilt for having treated her so poorly.

    I hope she mends and finds someone better. It would be tough having to see your happy ex everywhere you look.

  33. Goofpuff says:

    7 years and engaged, and he cheats on me? Yeah he’s lucky that’s all his credit cards allow, I would have racked up the limit to hit the cheating bastard where it hurts. Is it immature? Sure, but so is cheating and that’s much worse.

    @Cleo…Satsuki is half Japanese. Lots of people are biracial these days. Don’t knock it.

  34. Raven says:

    Reading many of the comments, is it any wonder why men don’t trust women and think of them as money grubbers?

  35. Kelly says:

    I think it’s a ratty thing to do. Being cheated on really sucks – especially in a long-term relationship in which you’re really invested – but I think the classy thing to do is just hold your head up high and move on. I don’t believe in revenge; a true cheater (and we don’t know for sure if Daniel is one) will always get his/her just returns.

    The one thing I don’t get is, how does one run up a $1M credit card bill?? I’m really frugal and a simple-liver, so it boggles my mind. What would you buy? A car (or two, or five), a whole lot of diamonds at Tiffany, what? A full-length sable coat? Art? I just can’t seem to figure out how to spend that much money.

    Also, @cleo, jeez! Satsuki is clearly a Japanese name; and “semitic”? Haven’t heard that word for a while. Rachel Weisz is Jewish; but how on earth are the backgrounds of these women pertinent to this story?

  36. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    If the situation were reversed – if Daniel racked up a mil on Satsuki’s credit cards – it would be interesting to see the comments.

  37. Embee says:

    @Eleanor, you’re right of course, legally. I was just being terse. The purpose for her being authorized on the cards was pretty clearly not to run up a $1 million tab. In a non-legal sense she stole from him because she exploited him financially. He exploited her emotionally, if indeed he cheated on her. His bad actions do not justify hers, in my opinion. I don’t believe in revenge. I’ve never seen a situation improved by piling on the offenses. Also, I don’t like the dynamic this sets up where he hurt her heart so she gets to hurt his wallet? That gets close to saying a woman is for sale.

    Does he owe her $1 million? Maybe, if their relationship jeopardized her earning. I suspect not. Did he promise to take care of her forever and now that security is removed? It seems not, as they didn’t marry. Again, if she refrained from working as a result of their relationship in order to provide noneconomic support to the partnership, then she is entitled to compensation for the services she provided the partnership. I don’t think economic compensation for hurt feelings is appropriate at all.

  38. Incredulous says:

    The story seems wrong to me. You cannot contact your loved one so you rack up debt on their credit card? Either something is missing or she is a bit of a mental.

  39. kibbles says:

    You go girl! She deserves much more than a million dollar spending spree. A seven-year partnership is just as much of a commitment as people who get married. Especially since she was cheated on, she deserves their apartment and millions more. What Craig and Weisz did was very low. Craig is sexy in his own way but I agree that when I first saw him I thought he looked like a troll. Hope Satsuki finds a better man who won’t cheat on her the next time around.

  40. Kelly says:

    When people divorce, they go to court, and the court decides. As someone said above, the court may decide that she should be awarded “palimony” if it’s shown that she dedicated her life to the relationship. But she has a job! At any rate, the COURT decides what she’s owed – whether a settlement, alimony, or palimony. People shouldn’t get to simply take what they feel is owed. And ITA that if the shoe was on the other foot and he took her money, the reaction would be very, very different…

  41. Amy says:

    If this is true, I totally support Satsuki here! I know people think the Craig/Weisz pairing is hot but truth of the matter is, two people cheated on their significant others. We haven’t heard much about Darren Aronofsky, Rachel’s ex but I’m sure he was just as hurt as Satsuki. If they were together for 7 years, Satsuki is def. entitled to get her revenge. Just because two people are good looking doesn’t mean they get a pass for cheating–like certain other good looking couples that will remain nameless.

  42. lola says:

    bwahahah, if this is true that’s awesome. And the first thing I thought of was Blu too. I don’t know, sometimes kicking a unfaithful lover in the monetary nads is very therapeutic. lol

  43. bluhare says:

    Yeah, I’m with the “she should have sued him” crowd. Michelle Triola set the precedent years ago by suing Lee Marvin for a settlement after he dumped her. They’d lived together for a long time. Satsuki was with Daniel when he hit it big as Bond, and some consider 7 years to be a common law marriage.

    She should have sued him for half of what he’s got. She’d have got more and made him look like an ass (instead of getting some sympathy over this).

  44. Lisa says:

    Me thinks that property would have required a lot more paperwork and that would have allowed him to cancel the deal. Who knows what she bought? If it’s $1 million total, let’s hope there’s a lot of jewelery in there somewhere. But even if not, I kind of find her a more awesome person than I did, LOL.

  45. Chloe says:


  46. shane says:

    Please, you have not gotten him down the aisle in SEVEN years and its Daniel Craig’s fault??

    Its her fault for settling for something less than marriage for nearly a decade. Can’t say I blame him for not marrying her, what a vindictive and larcenous woman.

  47. KsGirl says:

    Yeah, sorry, I tried to get all high horsey about this but I can’t. He did her wrong. Big time. If that had been me, I may have even more credit card damage than she did (and believe me, I could spend $1mil in under an hour if I hit up the ‘golden mile’ as mentioned above – $1 mil wouldnt even go far at Cartier, Chanel etc.).

    If he ditched her the way its described then holy shit, that is LOW.

  48. John Wayne Lives says:

    all this sh!t is just funny to me today lol

  49. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Mr. Craig is a low down bisexual cheater. Gawd knows where his dong has been.

    Hit ’em up style, indeed. Team Satsuki all the way!

  50. Maritza says:

    Who can blame her? The least he can do is pay for the bill and shut up after he left her for Rachel Weisz.

  51. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Any guy who takes the actions of one woman (that he learned about through a tabloid) to be representative of all women everywhere, he probably shouldn’t enter into a romantic relationship. He probably shouldn’t leave the house. For every ‘money grubber’ accusation, there’s ‘cheater and liar’ one to follow. All that proves is that people hurt each other. That’s all most things prove.

    She didn’t assume the Credit Madness position after making a couple of phone calls, the article stated that the spurned lover spending until after she found out about the affair. Not saying that it’s what I’d do but if she did it,
    she did it than day one.

    I don’t know what you’re getting at, Cleo. Look at the top of your browser. No bloodlines, but the spelling’s there.

  52. DethHammer says:

    I just think this is hilarious. While emotionally, I agree with the “you go, Satsuki!” sentiments, I believe she either should have formally sued him (because in certain states, 4 or 5 years of co-habitation is considered a common law marriage) and/or just continue to hold her head up high, let Daniel be the cheating slag he is, and come out as the better woman (and maybe write a book LOL)

  53. carrie says:


  54. Kim says:

    Good for her. She should have racked up $10 million! Raven – any man who ditches his long term girlfriend for someone else but doesnt have the balls to tell her deserves nothing good in his life. This has nothing to do w her being a gold digger. She was pissed & rightfully so!

  55. Jeannie says:

    I don’t believe it because in the same InTouch article a ‘friend’ says:
    “She thought everything between them was perfect right up until the day he left”

    The problem is her father who is more believable sold to the Daily Mail a different story.

    The father says: “She knew he was not the man she wanted him to be and there was something wrong in the relationship.”

  56. Denise says:

    He got off lightly; some other woman would have gone Glen Close Fatal Attraction on his ass. He is a tool.

  57. D says:

    Good for her.

  58. The Original Ashley says:

    Pity – In America, if you live with someone for 7 years, you’re seen as married in the eyes of the law. So if she wanted to I guess she could have hit him up but I guess not a lot of women know that rule and don’t know about palimoney.

    Plus with a big star like Craig she would have probably gotten a lot of shit. Especially since so many people seem to love Craig and Weisz together (agreed with the other poster Weisz seems like a stuck up biotch but because she’s “private” she’s respected. And she’s a homewrecker, not just Craig’s, but her own).

  59. The Original Ashley says:

    The headline was misleading. I thought she did it before and I was like ‘oh so that’s why Craig dumped you’, but after reading the article, Go Satsuki! Craig deserved it.

    And there’s no way she could buy property with his credit card. There’s escrow and the credit company could have reversed the charges once Craig found out.

    I hope she bought diamonds and lots of them. At least she could sell those for some coin. Clothes, not so much.

  60. fizXgirl314 says:

    GOOD FOR HER! I never got this story. Some people get total venom when they cheat, but these two get the thumbs up for some reason? And they were BOTH in long term relationships. Sounds really sad. I don’t think they’re a hot couple anyway. Rachel Weisz may be hot but Daniel Craig looks like a frog :-/

  61. The Original Ashley says:

    Jeannie – that’s some BS all girls say to make themselves feel better when they get dumped. It’s like they can’t handle not knowing how bad that person was for them when they were together so they go back and rationalize it. Of course she feels that way now.

  62. Jeannie says:

    @ Original Ashley

    You miss the point one quote comes from her father the other one from a “friend”. The story sounds fake.

  63. Swanning says:

    Go Satsuki!! The man deserved it. I hope you bought some nice diamonds to stash away in a bank for a rainy day. You earned it girlfriend.

  64. anne_000 says:

    you can always do cash advances on the credit card, so u can get cash w/o having to be stuck w/ $1million worth of purchases.

    i felt kind of bad for her, but w/ this news, i’m feeling better for her.

  65. savannah says:

    There are always three sides to a story, his side, her side and the actual unbiased truth. To be perfectly honest I’m sure there is a lot more to the story that isn’t being brought up and it’s amusing how his side only published *one* bad thing about her to combat the fact that her side published *one* bad thing about him. So yes, its only natural that everyone will speculate and chose sides for whatever justification they have, but in reality only two people know what happened that nothing is going to change that.

  66. anne_000 says:

    @ embee- “The purpose for her being authorized on the cards was pretty clearly not to run up a $1 million tab. In a non-legal sense she stole from him because she exploited him financially.”

    if the purpose of the credit card was not to be able to run up a $1million tab, then craig should have asked the card co. to lower the limit, but he didnt, cuz he was just fine w/ the $1million limit.

  67. judyjudy says:

    So you all think that if he doesn’t want to be with her she deserves a pay off? So basically she’s a really expensive whore and before he moves on she’d better get paid? Nice.

  68. ADS says:

    @67. No, judge judy he treated her unfairly and clearly with contempt and so he has merely got a little pay back but nothing at all that will make his bank balance suffer. My theory is, this story was leaked by team Craig,with the aim to discredit her. Maybe there is a looming story that gives ‘her side’ of the downfall of their relationship. Daniel is notoriously private and if his ex has threatened to go to the press, maybe if she looks like a vacuous ho then the story does not have much bite. Who knows??

  69. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @bros, “I’d do the same to this lawn gnome.”

    all this time I’ve been trying to figure out what he looks like. I think you hit the nail on the head LOL.

  70. Embee says:

    @anne: You’re right: he clearly should have put her on a limited allowance.

  71. beanie says:

    The only thing attractive on Daniel Craig are his eyes. I think Satsuki Mitchell is pretty. She obviously has not gone the Hollyweird route of botox, blonde and boob job. Don’t worry, hun, give it a couple of years and it will be over…if that. And I’ll bet he will try to get back with her. I hope she spits in his face.

  72. mike says:

    The way I understand about Britain is that if you aren’t married, you are screwed. Charging up his credit cards was probably the only thing she could do because she had no legal recourse like she would in the US. In my fair country US of A, long-term cohabitation without marriage can be grounds for pallimony.

    Not so in Britain, so she did the next best thing possible.

    You go, girl.

  73. the original bellaluna says:

    I don’t know, call me quirky, but she could have tried just talking to him about it. Maybe he would have given her the mill anyway, as a kind of parting gift, if you will.

  74. EzE says:

    Sounds like a prostitute to me. This seems to evidence that women are immature.

  75. kira says:

    Does Daniel have the platinum/triple black/I’m James Bond, credit card? How much of a spending limit must you have to be able to charge that much? This story smells like BS to me. But, I feel sorry for Satsuki. She deserved better.

  76. Surprised says:

    I’m really pretty shocked that so many people approve of this, much less would cheer this sort of behavior on. I hope this is just a false gossip story. If it is true I guess she should hope he does not want to make a scene or care too much and does not decide to sue her. From a legal perspective it absolutely is not as simple as if you have permission or authorization to someones account you can weild it as you want as long as it is within the credit limit. I also don’t totally get why people feel she was owed something, they decided to be in a long term relationship, not to be married (nor are they common law married), so their obligations to each other are completely different then those of spouses. Also, I’m sure an American court would have jurisdiction as they owned property together in the US, lived together here, and she is American, but I think people are underestimating how hard it is to win a palimony suit or collect that type of support, it would probably be extremely difficult if you also consider that she continued to work in her pre-relationship job throughout their relationship.

    Oh well, maybe she dogged a bullet in the long run by not getting married and this relationship ending. If he up and left and married another woman so quickly, he may not have been the type you would be able to count on and rely apon for the rest of your life.

  77. Mia says:

    NOT HOT: the Rachel / Daniel hook up is SO not hot! What? Now Ken got his Barbie doll? How ‘interesting’ and ‘unpredictable’… Daniels’ look tends toward the distinguished, I sort of wished he’d live that out; now that would’ve been HOT! Rachel is just a doll with an arty wave, factory edition standard popular acctress imprint 101. Every insecure dude’s getting one these days together with a big watch and a new car. At least Satsuki had some definition, uniqueness, identity & soul in her eyes!

  78. Charlotte says:

    HAHAHA! What a dumba$$ to not cancel the cards. He probably thought she’d fade away quietly. Perfect song to go along with the story – totally hope she brought several friends along for the spree. I never thought Daniel Craig was douchetastic, but if what’s being reported is true, then well-played Ms. Mitchell, well-played.

  79. crtb says:

    How is Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz relationship any different than Jennifer Annison’s new relationship? Everyone thinks Craig & Weisz is so hot and are so happy for them. I heard no ill will about the fact that Daniel Craig was in a long term realtionship. But I read so much hate about Jennifer suppositly breaking up Justin’s 14 year realtionship. Where is the hate for Rachele Weisz? Didn’t she do the exact same thing?

  80. Savannah says:

    Yes and so did LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian.

  81. Cinderella says:

    He can afford it. Eff him.

  82. Samihami says:

    “A seven-year partnership is just as much of a commitment as people who get married.”

    Obviously not.

  83. kira says:

    @crtb. But, many people have said Daniel/Rachel are in the wrong here, and are wishing Satsuki well? But, if you want to break it down, it’s different than Jen/Justin in 2 ways:

    1) Daniel/Rachel are more private, and no one has a timeline. They even got married in NYC under everyone’s noses.

    2) Rachel Weisz does not do publicity tours where she cries in interviews, talks about throwing “pity parties” for herself, “screaming at the ocean,” exs’ “missing sensitivity chips,” calling the exs’ new girlfriend “uncool,” talking about their kids, and keeping your ex’s phone messages, having pals like Chelsea Handler, say nice things like “Angelina is an evil homewrecker,” a c-word, a whore, and “Brad needs to go back to Jen,” doing interviews like, “JEN: 5 Years After Brad!” and bringing up how your movie, The Break-Up, reminds you of your seven-year-divorce in your latest interview. I can go on. Rachel Weisz didn’t make a career on public sympathy and having people say, “awww, I hope her new relationship works out!” People tend to be a little taken aback when this person does the SAME thing to someone else, which she so publicly complained about. Most people don’t like to be played by hypocrites. 😮

  84. kit says:


    TO 76 “Surprised”- You are absolutely correct, especially concerning the US laws as they pertain to common law marriage and division of property.

    She has proven herself to be a GOLDDIGGER. She truly has revealed herself to be all of that. Now that this is all out in the open, more will be exposed. No speculation necessary now. Her insatiable greed has come to light. Whoever sold this story to InTouch magazine knows a whole lot more. No wonder Daniel dumped her. Obviously this individual was never trustworthy.

    Her father had the nerve to give this ‘poor pitiful devastated daughter who is bewildered and innocent’ victim story to Daily Mail last month about Daniel’s sudden marriage, but he so conveniently never mentioned the fact that his innocent daughter had already taken advantage of Daniel’s trust in her to charge 1 million dollars on his credit cards.

    She can’t have it both ways. Either she is a victim or she is not.

    I hope Daniel disputed those credit card charges. Her untrustworthy, sneaky and opportunistic deliberate actions are a perfect match to her sketchy and highly questionable resume.
    A million dollars lost to him is a million dollars too much. With all of his generosity towards her over the years and everything he has given her and all his trust towards her, she should be ashamed for her actions….Shame on her.
    If she really needed more money she could have sold the 2.8 Million dollar NYC townhouse that Daniel bought for her and which is signed in her name alone.
    And lets include all of the diamonds and jewelry Daniel has bought for her over the years, as well as all of his money she has had access to.
    Her father said she was in a happy place and that Daniel ‘was never the man she wanted him to be’ and ‘she knew there was something wrong with the relationship’, and he said something to the effect that she is glad it is over, so why should she be so spiteful and criminal?
    The million dollars ‘she decided to help herself to’ could have been well served by donating it to various charities who really ARE in need of money.
    Helping herself to Daniels’ bank account because she feels he owes her is shameful to say the least.
    If she had any shred of decency at all, she should give the million dollars back to Daniel and move on. Alone.
    Obviously taking the ‘high road” is not the direction she has chosen to travel.

  85. pwal says:

    Man… if I was Daniel, I would cancel that credit card with a quickness. What self-respecting credit card company wouldn’t give the cardholder a call if ‘suspicious activity’ like SPENDING A MILLION DOLLARS was happening?

    Anyway, this story sounds like crap.

  86. Jen34 says:

    I don’t believe this story. I once tried to put a down payment on a car with my cc because I had the cash and wanted to get frequent flyer points. The car dealer wouldn’t do it.

    Anyhow, I don’t think DC owes Satsuki anything. She lived very well off his dime for years. They had no children together. She needs to move on.

  87. Linda says:

    This same thing happened to me. I admit to breaking a window but didn’t do much more because then I really would have been hurt.

  88. badrockandroll says:

    Ok, I’m in a minority here … I think that Satsuki’s behaviour is so not the high road. but it does lead to great musical links. Please give a listen to one of my favourite performances EVER!!!

  89. Dee says:

    Just one million? That’s quite conservative given their economic status…so not a big deal, in my opinion. If she’d hit him for 20 million or so, then THAT would have been a story. 🙂

  90. blinditemreader says:

    It’s more than okay to be upset in that scenario, but what the fake story said she did is lame.

  91. T.C. says:

    Only $1Million? He got off CHEAP, brother would be looking for his balls in a trash bin. IF they have been together for 7 years and one night he just doesn’t come home or answer any of the messages left for him, you know what’s up. Women always know, some may choose to lie to themselves but she knew what was up and decided to hit him a tad for the hurt she suffered. It’s not even close to the pain of being cheated on, just a tiny thing to ease the pain.

  92. Bit of Nonsense from London says:

    Lesson to all women that if he’s being noncommittal and you’re hanging in there for something like Suki’s seven years, no doubt convincing yourself that it’s just his ‘aloof’ personality and it’s worth it because he’s a “god” … don’t. There’s passion in everyone and if it’s not coming your way, time to walk away earlier rather than later – no point in growing old with a bitter and twisted knot in your heart. At least being in her early 30s means she’s not completely missed out on motherhood – if that’s what she finds she wants.

  93. samab says:

    go satsuki hit him up!

  94. Susanne says:

    love it. same happened to a friend of mine. her boyfriend loved getting drunk with his friends and wouldn’t come home for days on end. so she told him, next time this happens, i’m going to go shopping on your credit card. sure enough, next time he didn’t come home, she went out and got herself a new hair cut at the most expensive hair dresser in town – on his credit card. he didn’t learn. next time around, she bought herself a new wardrobe. the bf still didn’t get the message. so she upped the ante – the next time he went AWOL for two days she cashed in his savings account and bought a house. he stopped drinking that day.

  95. Gab says:

    I really like Daniel and Rachel together, but I LOVE that Satsuki got her million-dollar revenge on him. Sometimes you have to pay a price to be happy. All in all that breakup couldn’t have ended any better.

  96. Violet says:

    As @kit mentions, Daniel has been very generous to Satsuki over the years, giving her expensive jewelry, plus a $2.8 million townhouse. For all intents and purposes, she sponged off him for seven years.

    When I first heard that Daniel got married, I felt bad for Satsuki but it sounds like she was nothing but a gold digger and he finally clued in.

  97. nik says:

    maybe he left her partially because she was blowing through all his money

  98. Joe's Mom says:

    I completely agree with @Violet and @kit. I did some reading on these people, too, to see who was really the injured party. Aronofsky is allegedly a serial womanizer. Satsuki is no famous producer. Alleged golddigger seems pretty appropriate. I believe Weisz and Craig are way better off together than with their former partners, for numerous reasons.

  99. vivi says:

    This chick is my hero. She should have gotten more than a million. And Daniel Craig is really lucky his ex didn’t go to the press about his bi-sexual ways. She could have totally destroyed his career, and he knows it. He got off easy.

    BTW, Rachel weiss is a home wrecking twat who deserves this ugly yard gnome.

  100. Bia says:

    I used to like Daniel Craig before this but then I read this and now I think he is just lame. Sure relationships end but just to walk out on somebody and then up and marry another, that’s lame. Unless she was doing some things that was really bad there is no excuse anyway. Plus I really don’t like Rachel Weiss. Trust me, their marriage won’t last.

  101. LeeLoo says:

    I really don’t get why everyone here is “Team Satsuki.” Daniel chose not to marry her for a reason and I guarantee you that reason was she would have divorced him within 5 years so she could stake claim in 50% of his fortune. The fact her revenge was putting $1 mil on his card says it all. Daniel knew better than to marry her because he saw her as the gold-digger that she obviously is. I’m sure she’ll find another sap looking for a trophy wife soon enough. She is only a victim of losing her meal ticket.
    Personally with parasitic women like her, I think it’s awesome payback when their s/o leaves them for someone else. I think Rachel has a lot more depth than Satsuki ever did.

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  106. ana says:

    What was he doing with that ugly bitch?