Kelly Osbourne: “Christina Aguilera is becoming the fat bitch she was born to be”


Kelly Osbourne is one of the regulars on E!’s Fashion Police, a show I have watched willingly more than once. For the most part, I’ve found that Joan Rivers has gotten a bit softer from the olden days of Fashion Police, and in general, the show is much more celebrity kiss-ass-y than the older version. But these bitches can still throw down, as a recent episode became a hate-fest on Christina Aguilera. Yes, I know I’ve referred to Christina unkindly, calling her a drunken, delusional, lie-filled monster – which she is. I try to focus on how much I hate Christina’s attitude and her lies, and not so much on how she just looks like a boozehound monster most of the time – because she does. She’s bloated and orange and she wears way too much makeup and her implants look completely gross. Kelly Osbourne feels the same way, only with Kelly, it’s personal. Christina was a bitch to Kelly in private, and Kelly is airing that crap for public consumption:

Kelly Osbourne has never been a fan of Christina Aguilera, but the 26-year-old took their feud to a new level during a recent episode of E!’s Fashion Police.

After Joan Rivers, 78, said Aguilera looked “stuffed into” a Givenchy LBD at an event in Munich, Germany last month (and likened her to “Snooki’s Scandinavian cousin”), Osbourne chimed in: “Maybe she is just becoming the fat bitch she was born to be. I don’t know. She was a c**t to me. And she bought my house!”

Osbourne’s digs at 30-year-old Aguilera’s fluctuating weight didn’t end there. “She called me fat for so many f***ing years,” Osbourne continued, “so you know what? F**k you! You’re fat too.”

Ironically, Osbourne opened up to Us Weekly in Feb. 2010 about her own weight struggles. “I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will never understand that,” the reality star, who checked into rehab for drug and alcohol addiction three times, said.

The 5-foot-2 Osbourne, who once weighed “almost 160” pounds, recalled once walking down the street when “some horrible obnoxious teenager screamed out a car window to me, ‘You’re fat!’ I went to my parents [Sharon and Ozzy] bawling, ‘I would rather be called ugly than be called fat!'”

After years of yo-yo dieting, Osbourne shed more than 48 pounds thanks to her 2009 stint on Dancing With the Stars — and she’s kept it off since!

“I just commit to half an hour a day. It doesn’t seem overwhelming and I can handle that,” she told Us in Oct. 2010. “I do half an hour on the treadmill and when I feel like doing more, I’ll do a few sit-ups and some weights.”

[From Us Weekly]

Too far or completely justified? Eh. I think if Christina really did mock Kelly for years (The Mail says she did), then it’s justified, I guess, but as I’m mentioned before, I’m a big advocate of being a raging bitch right back to someone who deserves it. Not that I think Christina will really lose any sleep over Kelly Osbourne calling her fat – but that’s probably because Christina passes out cold after her 20 nightly tequila shots.

I think these photos (below) are the pics that Kelly and the gang were talking about – watch this look, because Lady Gaga will be copying it shortly.




Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Isn’t Kelly a popular guess for a blind item about a celeb who secretly had gastric band surgery to lose a lof of weight? Hehe karma’s come back to Christina….

  2. brin says:

    Their feud goes way back. I remember Kelly making fun of Christina on “The Osbournes”.
    I guess Kelly felt losing weight and being on Fashion Police gave her the opportunity to start things up again.
    Guess she didn’t want to take the high road.

    • Billie says:

      Ah, yes…Christina has gained weight, but she actually has TALENT, Kelly, something you don’t have. Jealous?

  3. the original bellaluna says:


  4. gee says:

    Christina Aguleira is a fat bitch. So is Kelly O and so am I. Lotsa fat bitches in the world.

  5. Lizzy says:

    I’ve read so many stories about Xtina being a bitch that I find this story pretty entertaining and delighting

  6. Cherry says:

    Jeez, that’s real classy, Kelly. Sure, I can get that she would want to get back at Christina, but she could have taken the high road, right? There’s no need for name-calling. In this way, she makes it real easy for Aguilera fans (and X-Tina herself) to just say: whatever, Kelly, you’re a trashy b*tch yourself, and at least Christina can sing. What are you famous for, again?

    It would have been so cool and classy if Kelly had just said something like ‘Ah, Christina. I remember how slim she used to be.’ And leave it at that.

  7. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Christina does NOT look fat at all! Agreed the implants are ridiculous but she’s just curvy…honestly!!! *sigh*

    As for Kelly O, pot, kettle, black!! Kelly is turning into her dragon over opinionated biatch of a mother!

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Whoa Christina’s dress is stained. What is that white stuff on it? Anyway, I don’t know if Kelly and Christina have a feud…sure looks like they do. I also really don’t care.

  9. Pyewacket says:

    Actually Kelly she bought YOUR PARENTS HOUSE. BOUGHT being the operative word.

    Kelly Osbourne has long been a nasty little piece of work and IMO has deserved all the flak she has gotten because she has given as good as she has gotten. She has insulted people for her own amusement for years.

  10. gloaming says:

    These two are grown Women.

  11. Amy says:

    I’m siding with Kelly here. She’s a loudmouth but I think she’s a sensitive and sweet girl at heart. She just got her motormouth from her mom.

    Christina, on the other hand, seems the type to step over a dying homeless person in the street. Or, rather, she would have her “people” remove the body so she doesn’t have to get that close. She has no redeeming qualities, IMO — and no, her vocal range doesn’t count. I’ll take Adele.

    I was tormented as a teen for being fat and later lost weight. Would I now call out all the bitches who gave me hell as a kid on national television? I’d sure think about it, given the opportunity.

  12. ghoulish_moose says:

    I like this, mainly because I can’t stand Christina these days and she did say some genuinely hurtful things about Kelly in the past. It’s fun that this feud has re-opened, I can’t wait to see the retaliation statement from Christina’s camp because she wont be able to keep her mouth shut on this one. It’s going to get good!

    *grabs the popcorn*

  13. Roma says:

    I actually found that comment pretty funny. I love a good bitch fight.

    And it’s true: it’s find to have a substance abuse problem but don’t even think about getting fat. It’s pretty sad.

  14. says:

    I thought it was funny!

    LOL @ gee!

  15. Samigirl says:

    HA. I don’t like CA but I hope she responds to this!
    @Love Angelina-OMIGOSH. I thought I just had a dirty lappy screen. That’s NASTY. Who knows what her drunken (fat) ass was doing before she walked that carpet? LOL.

  16. baby says:

    ugh that dress is just horrible on her. mostly cuz of her.

  17. mick says:

    Ms. Osbourne looks fat.

    She should not even wear short dresses with her very fat legs that need toning.

    What’s her problem, doesn’t she have a mirror?

  18. MeMyself says:

    Gee-Can I join the club as well?

  19. ShellyMay says:

    Xtina earned her right to be a bitch. She had to work from a young age to earn that title. The only reason anyone know Kelly is alive is because of her father, Ozzy, who is another person who came from nothing to make themselves something.
    So shove another pint of ice cream in your mouth and shut the F*** up.

  20. seal team 6 says:

    I don’t think any doctor would do gastric for someone only needing to lose 40-50 lbs. My guess is on one of the comedians or the Entourage guy who just lost alot of weight.

  21. Dhavy says:

    Being to Christina has been and is currently known for being a total bitch then she deserves it. Yes, KO has a potty mouth on her but so does the other one. I too would have made a smartass remark only but Xtina was probably so.horrible to this girl that the opportunity was there to expose her for who she really is. I think Kelley has come a long way and she’s not cookie cut like the rest.

    BTW I think Fashion Police is awesome and I secretly wish they were nastier to those snub celebs

  22. mln76 says:

    I actually saw a clip of this. I find it totally believable that Christina would make fun of Kelly. I think in this case when it’s personal and she’s fully admitting its personal that it’s pretty funny, and Christina deserves to get razzed.

  23. luls says:

    Yes Christina has become a bitch lately. But she is NOT ‘fat’. I cant believe she is being called fat!! Especially, coming from KELLY. Bad call.

    Christina’s body is totally fine. Whats NOT fine, is her hair and makeup. However, Kelly’s are just as bad in my opinion.

  24. Phoenix says:

    I wish Kelly would just STFU. I don’t know what else is expected of her though. I doubt she’s capable of being classy in a situation like this. She should have taken the high road. At the end of the day, when Christina is thin she has an amazing figure and yes she’s a bitch, but she has a career based on more than her parents being famous. When Kelly’s thin she still has those massive arms and legs and the jaw… OK this is basically just me Kelly-bashing

  25. lexirei says:

    I have to point out that this has been going on for about 10 years. Kelly said that Christina’s Xmas album made her sick. This was said on the Osbourne’s show.

    Allegedly, Kelly also wiped boogers on Christina’s car outside a recording studio.

  26. Jen D says:

    That’s really bad karma. Kelly could gain that weight back, and the whole cycle will repeat itself. I mean, eventually Christina will lose the weight (it’s the way with celebrities), and bitch right back at Kelly.

    Oh well, both sound like like brats.

  27. Rhiley says:

    Christina looks like CoCo.

  28. Andrea says:

    The headline alone was hilarious! When someone digs you, you don’t forget it, I don’t care how many years have gone by. Love Kelly (and her mother)!

  29. ms. lisa says:

    On the top pic of Xtina, you can see the tape that’s keeping her dress in place. Ewww…

  30. Delta Juliet says:

    Xtina is in desperate need of a makeover, and she’s not as skinny as she used to be, but in no way is she FAT! Come on people.

    Kelly just comes off as a bitch. And BTW, to me, the two of them look the same size, sooo……

  31. bros says:

    agree with shellymae. at lease aguilera is a legit celebrity with years of success based off talent. im not sure wtf kelly O has ever done besides have famous parents and lose some weight. she’s the stumpy version of kim kardashian.

  32. Keri says:

    ‘Xtina’ is beginning to look more & more like her mother…yech.

  33. Anon says:

    She is fat on what planet?? I don’t mind Kelly (I mean, she doesn’t annoy me), but if Christina is fat then so is she. Neither one of them are fat, though.

  34. ladybert62 says:

    that is the best I have ever seen Ms. Osborne look.

  35. Erinn says:

    Um, yes, Christina is overweight. I’m the same height as her, and I’d say the same weight by the looks. And that’s not just curves, people. Plus, she’s standing like she’s stretching herself out, and is probably wearing spanx under the dress. Some people seem to have a different view of what’s fat and what’s not because of the climbing obesity rates. I don’t like using the term fat, but both girls are still a bit overweight, especially for their heights.

    I don’t blame Kelly. It’s never nice to attack someone about their weight but the difference is that it’s not someone who was always thin attacking someone struggling with weight issues. Xtina has always come off as a bitch to me, though I haven’t found anything redeeming about her. There’s something about Kelly that I’ve always liked. When someone upsets you really badly it’s hard not to hold a grudge. For me at least. It would have been nice for her to take the highroad, but she’s human, and she’s been hurt, and it’s damn hard.

  36. RHONYC says:


    talk about ‘Porky’s Revenge: The Osborne Edition’! HA!

    Kelly came out swingin’ & who can blame her. once upon a time all those Hollybitches used to gang up on her & treat her horribly.

    oh, how the skinny bitchy Xtinctina has fallen!


    go Kelly! :mrgreen:

  37. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I don’t think they pay Kelly to be nice on that show. Xtina looks like bloated shit & I wouldn’t clean my windows with that dress for fear of my house catching the fug.

  38. Green Is Good says:

    Somebody is still holding a huge grudge!

  39. Angela says:

    Fuck the high road….sometimes it’s overrated.

  40. Hmmm says:

    Never been a fan of the sort-of talented xtina. Think karma is definitely coming back and she IS very puffy/bloated looking and her legs are just way too big for that small head. Go Kelly!

  41. Vickyb says:

    She’s not fat!

    We moan when people are too skinny (all the time!) and then buy into Kelly’s comments. And she’s doing exactly what she had a go at Hollywood for: “I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will never understand that,”

    Well, factor in the word ‘alcoholic’ for ‘drug addict’ and doesn’t that describe Christina at the moment? So why are Kelly’s comments justified?

    Kelly is just showing herself up as a bitter, talentless, bitchy brat who’s following her mother’s tacky, classless examples.

  42. Lisa says:


  43. kelbear says:

    Class class class.

  44. padiddle says:

    Christina can always lose weight, but Kelly will never stop looking like a drag version of her dad.

    I can’t stand this loud mouth B, and I don’t even like Christina all that much.

    And I call BS that she was 160 and lost 48 lbs – no way she is 112 lbs and only works out a half hour every day. GTFO. I wish people would just be honest that in order to maintain a small size ( I don’t even think she’s that small, but whatever) they have to work out a lot more than 30 mins a day.

  45. Dani says:

    I don’t particularly wish to take sides in this fight as they both have said some pretty crappy things about each other.

    It goes back to when the Osbournes were big TV, but I will tell you one thing. Christina is scaring me in that second pic of her. She looks like she would cut a bitch for looking at her cross-eyed. Kelly better watch her step.

  46. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Kelly said she doesn’t take her meds for hyperthyroidism because she’s so fearful of gaining the weight back. She’s setting herself up for hairloss and bulging eyes, all in a quest to stay thin. I guess what she said was true, she’d rather be ugly than fat. So sad that she’d choose her weight over her health.

    @padiddle, I think you’re right. A lot of her weightloss can be attributed to hyperthyroidism and not her 30 minute a day exercise routine.

  47. Relli says:

    hmmm something about people in glass houses…..

  48. Mia says:

    I used to like Kelly, but since she’s lost weight, she’s become a megabitch. I’m happy for her that she’s finally happy with her body, but fat-shaming her enemy doesn’t make her better than Christina. In fact, it makes her a pressed bitch.

    If they were trading barbs in public, I could see a point to Kelly’s repeated snipes at Christina, but they aren’t. Christina hasn’t said a word about Kelly. It’s all gossip. And to echo others, Christina isn’t fat and even if she is, there’s nothing wrong with it.

  49. Mama Sharon says:

    Is it 2002/2003 again? Did I miss something? Get over it!

  50. Marianne says:

    Christina probably is a diva bitch. And yes, wears too much make-up. I wouldn’t really call her fat though. I mean yes she has obviously gained weight, but she’s not “fat”.

  51. Mama Sharon says:

    Btw Does Kelly really think that she is thinner than Xtina right now? Kelly – think again beacouse there is something wrong. If Xtina is now fat bitch then who are you.

  52. UKHels says:

    Kelly O has some front calling anyone a fat bitch to be honest

    can’t bear her, just a mouth and f**k all else like her hideous mother

    at least Xtina can sing Kelly which is more than can be said for you

  53. tango says:

    So both were chunky, substance abusers as a way to deal with their pain. The difference is, Christina is going through it now, while Kelly did it in the past. And rather than cut Christina some slack knowing that it takes a pretty unhappy person to treat others so shabbily, and in the end it’s not worth the emotion wasted to even give that other person attention, Kelly is out for revenge. How exactly does that make her better now than how Christina used to act? I guess Kelly forgets how she felt when she was heavy and drug addicted and that she probably treated those around her like crap too since substance abusers are selfish, manipulative and bad acting people.

  54. Truthful says:

    Kelly should NEVER call anyone FAT, NEVER!

    she spent yrs being a boozed out chubster..she nds to keep weight out of it..

    Christina just got chubbier after her divorce..the woman can sing.

    Kelly’s talent is what again???

  55. Larissa says:

    kelly has always been a bitch, is not just because you are dressing better and fitting into clothes that means you will become more of a classy person.
    But I find her amusing, not so much X-tina, the voice is still there but theres nth else to it anymore.

  56. gee says:

    @MeMyself, welcome to the fat bitch club! Fat bitches everywhere are welcome to join. Even skinny fat bitches!

  57. Original Tiffany says:

    There should be no pity for Cuntina. She is a horrid person. The worst and bitchiest star anyone I know has had to work with.
    She deserves every single bad thing said about her. JMO-an insider’s opinion at that. She gives a whole new meaning to diva bitch.

  58. Working says:

    Does anyone else notice that Christina only has one boob…?? (3rd pic) Jus sayin’ LOL

  59. K-MAC says:

    love Kelly O! And WTF has happened to Christina Aguilera????DAYUM!!! Someone needs to get a hold of her becuse she is out of control…she is turning into the new Mi-Mi

  60. GossipVixen says:

    Yeah, I don’t find this all that cool. i do recall the fued between Kelly & Xtina way back in the day, but come on now. Grown up much? I guess not…

    Have to agree with the commenter that said no way in hell is Kelly 112 pounds right now. Nor do I believe that kelly’s top weight was 160. I’m the same height as her, and when I was super overweight and looked like Kelly used to, I weighed more like 180. I’d say that Kelly looks to be in the 120 – 130 range now. She looks good! No need to lie and shave another 10 – 15 pounds off of her real weight!

  61. Kelly says:

    Ugh – I just don’t know what to say about this one. I really don’t care for Christina; I agree with those who say she seems like a mega-b!tch. I always thought Kelly was cute – even when she was chunkier – but she seems to run her mouth, doesn’t she? There are some shows where the entire point is to be mean and take potshots at people (Chelsea Handler much?), but I’d draw the line at making fun of weight gain; stick to making fun of someone’s crappy personality! Fat can come and go, but personality is forever!

  62. Faye says:

    I guess growing up and developing a sense of tact (or at the least cutting wit) just doesn’t work out for some people. This is directed at both XTina and Kelly.

  63. Goofpuff says:

    Christina’s accomplishments and talent are no excuse for acting like a bully and tormenting someone. Kudos to Kelly for telling her off. Let the bitchfest begin!

  64. lola says:

    kelly is being immature, but my sister’s bff has worked in the studio with Xtina A. and all the rumors are true about her- she’s an absolute cow and treats people like trash. No one can stand her, and Kelly isn’t the first person to smirk at the fact she’s a hot mess right now.

  65. ThatBoyLuke says:

    LOL this is rediculous, i can’t take Kelly playing the victim any more than Avril Lavigne, those two used to bitch on Xtina AND Britney but then as soon as Xtina says anything back they play victim.
    How long has Christina been “fat”? not even a year, Kelly was WAY fatter for her whole life and still looks like some weight lifting midget drag Queen and what is she famous for again??? i know Xtina has won 5 Grammy’s and sold 70,000,000 records but Kelly??? oh yeah she got a famous dad and slaughtered a Madonna song years ago lol

  66. mew says:

    Christina somehow seems to come off as an outrageous diva b*tch. Might be just a tabloid/gossip cause wrong idea of her personality but just something about her is constantly “me, me, me and nobody else.”

    She’s a mess though and her new music sucks. So I guess you need a huge ego to make that up.

  67. bluhare says:

    @ShellyMae: Christina’s EARNED the right to be a bitch? Please. No one earns a right to be a bitch. I don’t care who you are.

    Aguilera and Lopez make me laugh. They now think they’re all that and the bag of chips because they’re judges on a talent show? It’s laughable.

    So now I get to rant about Hollywood putting up with anything for the almighty dollar. Aguilera treats people like crap and it’s OK because her show’s successful. I wish some of those employees would file complaints against their employers for the treatment they get. Instead, she gets catered to even though she’s a drunk mess.

  68. kim says:

    Snooki’s scandinavian cousin:)
    Sooo true

  69. 4Real says:

    “I’m a big advocate of being a raging bitch right back to someone who deserves it.”

    As am I!!! I saw the episode and LMAO…Kelly is soooo justified!

  70. DreamyK says:

    Kelly’s pretty low rent herself. She had no clue her man was banging the boys. She just needs to STFU because I can guarantee you in 5 years she will be back to her old weight/drug/drinking habits. Be careful who you step on climbing the ladder Kelly because you meet them on the way (weigh?) down.

    Not a Xtina fan. But Kelly needs to step off.

  71. Very Telling says:

    Team Christina At least Xtina has talent Kelly O is famous because she is an Osborne.

  72. loveyourwork says:

    BAH! Kelly just thinks she’s skinnier because you can see her collarbones.

    Look at her arms! they look just as big, if not BIGGER than Christina’s. And I HIGHLY DOUBT that Christina has been working out at all…

    what’s kelly’s excuse? She’s not a chronic drunk – and she works out!

    What a joke.

    I hope Christina takes the high road and leaves this dumpy bitch in the trash.

  73. RUE ALOUD says:


  74. Ell says:

    Kelly and her mother are vile, I mean who are they, what exactly are they famous for, apart from Ozzie?

    The only time they get attention is when they are being crude and mouthing off about some other celebrity…what a way to make a living! I can’t wait for their stars to fall.

    They both seem to be more popular in the States, people can’t stand them in the UK.

  75. Violet says:

    Wow, Kelly is quite the bitter bitch. Xtina’s life is clearly falling apart, and here’s Kelly kicking her while she’s down.

    I’m no fan of Xtina’s — I’ve heard that she doesn’t treat people well, and I think she needs to pull herself together for her son’s sake — but Kelly should STFU up. Xtina may have the puffy face of an alcoholic, but she’s far from fat.

    Furthermore, Xtina has talent to fritter away, unlike Kelly who never had any to begin with.

    Kelly’s main claim to fame is starring on her parents’ reality show. She’s spent the last decade obsessing about her weight, while Xtina sold over 50 million albums.

  76. CornQueen says:

    Kelly has no right to call anyone names. She used to be fat as hell and is still ugly even though she lost weight. Christina may have gained weight but she still looks better than Kelly and HAS TALENT. Kelly and her big mouth need to shut the hell up.

  77. Firecracker says:

    I saw that show, I loove Fashion Police! And Kelly was just saying that after Xtina made fun of her for years, now the tables have turned. It was hilarious to see! I never used to like Kelly but she’s cool on that show. Now I don’t mind her.

  78. Melinda says:

    I’m not a fan of either of these two, but Kelly is such a piece of trash. She is obnoxious and has absolutely no room criticizing anyone for their weight. Like many others have sad, pot, meet kettle… even after her momentous weight loss she won’t shut up about. It’s only a matter of time before she is fat again, not like it matters. It’s all going to come back to her, I would bet on it.

  79. megan says:

    I love Christina back in the ‘Come on over baby’ days but I will agree, she looks like crap at the moment.

  80. Twez says:

    Kelly better watch out for that fat karma coming to land on her ass. You could gain it all back, bitch. I find no one is as quick to throw out the fat insult as someone who used to be fat, lost weight, but hasn’t dealt with the shame of it.

    I’m no Aguilera fan, but honestly, it just looks like she’s trying to fit into her ‘regular’ size, and refusing to admit she’s gained 5 or 10.

  81. kris says:

    Getting your gut cut and lapband are two diff things. And yes a doc will put a lap band on if you are 40 pounds over weight.Lap bands can be taken out at anytime where as getting your tummy cut to eat less is forever.

  82. phlyfiremama says:

    “I went to my parents [Sharon and Ozzy] bawling, ‘I would rather be called ugly than be called fat!” Nice way to keep perpetuating that anything but thin is ugly, you Osborne POS. The kind of weight loss she had wasn’t from DWTS, it was from some kind of surgery, just like her mother. Plastic, fake, and very ugly on the inside is all she has shown the world.

  83. John Wayne Lives says:

    lol God I love Kelly O 🙂 And every once in a while she reminds us she’s Ozzy’s girl 🙂 *Love*

    but, having been the target of bullies and fat-haters, she should’nt say sh!t like that.

    and when did CA get so gross? blech

  84. Hautie says:

    I always wonder what Kelly would have been like if she had ANYONE with a little tact, been a influence in her daily life.

    I agree she probably could be a really charming girl if she had better social skills.

    But that Mother of hers, whom tact completely skipped over, did not do Kelly any favors by being so over the top. First by letting Kelly believe that being so hateful is socially acceptable.

    Yet, I understand why Sharon is the brutal mouth person she is, by simply having to run Ozzy’s business. She worked in career that does not care for women, or being in a controlling position of so much cash.

    But I still had to laugh at the comments that Kelly stated about Christina.

    Kelly made the remarks based on her own personal interactions with the booze hound. And Kelly has every right to slam her if she wants to in public.

    Maybe Christina will have something to offer herself here within the next day about Kelly.

  85. Kim says:

    Thats funny because Kelly is a fat bitch. She doesnt need to aspire to it – it comes naturally. Oh and lets not forget a ragging drug addict. She’s a charm – her parents should be so proud – not!

  86. Maritza says:

    Cristina Aguilera is not a likable person, she comes off so phony and pretentious, I can’t stand her. Her being fat is the least of her problems…

  87. Onyx XV says:

    While she may be tactless, tacky and famous for nothing more than being the spawn of someone famous, Kelly is right. Christina IS looking rather large these days. Large and puffy. Whatever she’s doing, it’s not working for her. Her 15 minutes were up long ago anyway. Come to think of it, the same could be said for Kelly. They can both go away, I won’t mind. 😉

  88. Kar says:

    In that last picture of Christina, anyone notice what looks suspiciously like white, powdery residue? (On the bottom of her dress, her right).

    Usually, I’d think it quite hypocritical for somebody who has taken so much slack for their own weight battles to mouth off somebody going through similar stuff… But Christina can’t win ANY sympathy, she’s coming across as a total raging b**** in like, every single article about her..

  89. Camille says:

    LOL I loved it and thought it was hilarious. Good for you Kelly 😆 .

    @Maritza: I completely agree with you, those are my exact feelings/thoughts about her too.

  90. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    I saw this episode too, and the whole exchange was utterly bizarre. The above article makes it seem much more civilized than it was Kelly’s voice was actually shaking she was so worked up, sitting on the edge of her seat, flailing her arms, shouting and swearing over the other panelists who were trying to regain some semblance of control–and that’s saying something for this group! She was like a raging teenager, and laughing all the while. Very weird. I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed for her.

  91. fizXgirl314 says:

    Watch out Kelly, looks like you’re gaining some of your weight back and even though Aguilera has gained weight she still looks like she’s thinner than Kelly. In any case, this might be a good time for her to preach fat acceptance not repeat the same cycle that made her so miserable in the first place. That’s why I find it so noble when some families of murder victims or something horrific go on to do something that benefits the world instead of being bitter and lashing out. Maybe Kelly should take this as her chance to be a better person.

  92. gee says:

    I can’t get over the Christina stans. I guess her fanbase is small but defensive.

  93. heaven bound says:

    Like another post pointed it out, Christina has had a child. Also, she is older she is no longer 18 years old so your metabolism is different and slows down the older you get. First people complain about the skinny unattainable fabricated Hollywood starlets, but then god forbid you gain a few pounds. Your either a porker or your pregnant. Well, I’m just going to wait until Kelly O has a child (ren). And see what Mrs. Karma comes and says.

  94. Love Angelina**Your right,her dress is stained or something.I thought maybe I needed to clean my computer screen.Guess not.

  95. pengin says:

    They look the same size to me. Neither of them are overweight, just the higher end of average weight for their height.

  96. DSMR says:

    Both are over indulged glorified dullards that are neither educated nor professional. The only delineation here is that one of them has a marketable skill. The other is a distant after thought, if any and only by association.

  97. blc says:

    definitely team kelly on this one. if someone tortured me and called me fat for years, but then let herself go like that, i’d call her out on it. Xtina is fat. I think people’s perceptions are so skewed b/c of the normalization of obesity. Look at pictures of Xtina when she was actually popular and look at her now. That is not a 5-10 lb weight gain, that is more like a 30-40 lb weight gain. And her son is almost 4 years old… that’s not baby weight. If you want to be a bitch and make fun of others for being fat, you should expect to get it right back when you let yourself get fat.

  98. bluhare says:

    I don’t care if Christina is older and had a baby.

    She’s a bloated alcoholic who insists on wearing clothes too small for her, and that’s a fact to anyone with eyes.

  99. Jen says:

    Honestly, I’m no fan of Christina BUT- at least she has a talent. Her voice has always been incredible. If Kelly hadn’t been born to rich and famous parents she’d be serving slushies at a Circle K.

  100. DethHammer says:

    I agree with DSMR; they’re both blowhards with horrible personalities and they’re also both roughly the same size, so I have no idea why the hell Kelly is saying Xtina is ‘fat’. If Xtina is ‘fat’, then so is Kelly.

    By the way, I’ve been bullied and teased mercilessly but I’ve let it go. Life is too short to kick someone when they’re down. It just makes you look just as petty and horrid as your tormentors.

  101. sluggo says:

    Tom & Lorenzo did an “In or Out?” on Xtina and this very dress; the result was a very VERY loud OUT. On T-Lo’s site, when they show a celebrity’s outfit, they ALSO show what it looked like on the runway, and I gotta say … on Xtina, that dress is NOTHING like it’s supposed to look! The zipper’s meant to go all the way up, for one thing (a physical impossibility for Ms. Aguilera), and the whole dress hangs totally different. It’s a great dress, just not on Xtina, who makes it look like something from the mall.

    And I hope she bought this dress and it’s not on loan from the designer, because I can’t see how she’d be able to return it — all stretched out AND covered with white schmutz.

    And yes, I DID see Kelly on FP saying this, and I was all for it! I would do the same thing! If I’d been nursing a grudge for years and got a chance to air it, I’d certainly go for it! High road, my foot. I’d be willing to bet that Kelly’s weight problem was not the only thing Xtina ridiculed, and now the chickens have come home to roost.

  102. pengin says:

    No way is kelly 112 pounds more like 130.

  103. VeneficA Delirium says:

    Am I horrible for liking Kelly Osbourne more because of this? I completely agree with her.

    Granted, I don’t know who started it but I was pretty sure Kelly Osborne had been attempting to make a truce with Christina Aguilera for quite some time.

    Christina Aguilera’s spent the last decade and then some shouting down her peers and running her mouth about her competition because fame was never good enough for her. Being recognized for her vocal acrobatics was never good enough for her. She was ingrateful, constantly biting the hands that fed her, going out of her way to insult her contemporaries, constantly comparing their talent to her own, playing martyr, and then recycling the same sob story about her father when it backfired on her.

    She used to be beautiful. Now she looks like a bloated Boca retiree. Let who she is on the outside reflect what she is on the inside. It’s quite clear to me that’s the only reason she became so popular anyway. Talent? There are tons of talented singers out there who probably sound better than she does but haven’t been handed everything because of their attractiveness. I doubt she had earned anything.

  104. DethHammer says:

    I personally think being Team Xtina or Team Kelly in this case is like being Team Jeffrey Dahmer or Team John Wayne Gacy.

  105. JaneWonderfalls says:

    The difference to me is Christina may have gained weight but she still isn’t fat to me, Look at her arms and legs and stomach. Yes she is bigger than she use to be but she use to be really skinny. Kelly was fat and disgusting she didn’t even look neat. I know plenty of fat(overweight) women who look nice because of the way they dress. Plus I don’t believe that CA ever called KO fat. I only heard and read Kelly’s abuse toward CA, not the other way around. Kelly is letting this weight loss go to her head, she better be careful because it’s easy to gain that weight back. KARMA IS A BITCH.

  106. GossipVixen says:

    Seriously DethHammer. Good call!

  107. kira says:

    Can someone tell me WHAT Christina Aguilera did to Kelly? I remember Kelly ripping on her during her reality show days. She made fun of her singing, etc. But it never seemed like she knew Christina. She just hated her for her bad taste, etc. I also remember she once came upon Christina’s car in a parking lot, and then she put boogers on the car door handle. What a class act! 😮

  108. Dingles says:

    Kelly does NOT weight 112. Who are they kidding? Try 130-ish. I’m her height and I know what 112 looks like, and she ain’t it. Besides, she’s just going to gain it all back within a few years anyway.

    Also, “fat” Christina is still hotter than skinny Kelly. I’m not a fan of either but I can’t stand Kelly’s mean girl attitude now that she’s lost a few pounds. At least people don’t have to ask why Christina is famous.

  109. Paula Berry says:

    Once again kaiser, u deliver a great piece.

    I like Christina way more then Kelly, since she’s actually extremely talented! Kelly on the other hand has no talent and is just another reality star. That being said I like Kelly and the osbornes.

    I kinda feel bad for xtina, I can’t tell if she’s unhappy so she’s gain weight and started drinking alot or if she’s happy and finally deciding to live on her own terms?

    It’s like she’s the new mariah, squeezing into dresses 3 sizes 2 small, but gifted w/ an amazing voice.

    When I watched burlesque she was actually pretty good and looked fabulous! The last song she performed w/ the green dress on, it made me
    remember the old xtina.

    I’m a total bitch on a normal basis but it’s like I was born that way so I have no problem dishing it out right back. That being said Kelly has a right to be happy that she’s looking better then she ever has and wants to make xtina feel like

    Does she look like an orange drag queen w/ ashy eyebrows, yes. Does she have polyester cheap ass weave,yes. But let’s not
    forget she’s famous for a reason and her voice is amazing.

  110. Samigirl says:

    Christina had a baby over 3 YEARS ago. That is absolutely NO excuse. Heidi Klum has like 15 kids, and Angelina Jolie has birthed 3…2 of which at one time. I’m not the skinniest gal in the world, and I’m a mother…but when your kid is older than a year, you really can’t blame them for your weight loss.

  111. crtb says:

    I saw Fashion Police for the first time two weeks ago. I was very disappointed to see Kelly on the show. I had just read an article where she talked about being teased for years about her weight. Now she is on a show where she makes fun of other people. I expected her to be more sensitive about making fun of other people. The bullied became the bully.

  112. June says:

    I like curves to an extent, so Christina looks fine to me, I just don’t like her heavy whorish makeup.

  113. Blue says:

    Kelly really needs to grow up. You are a grown woman and you are name calling because of what happened years ago. Get over it. You lost the weight, she picked it up. Shame on Xtina for calling her names to begin with, but at some point you need to let it go. Kelly is just famous for being famous and has no talent. Remember her singing career?

  114. Claire78 says:

    Christina deserves this. She is in the same team as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears (not sure if she has come down a bit though) who had fame early and think they are gods gift and entitled. A friend looked after Justin Timberlake when he was over and he was a complete dick (wouldn’t talk to anyone, apparently Jessica was sweet). Anyway I think Kelly looks great right now and totally agree with everything she has to say about nasty Christina!

  115. Heaven bound says:

    I agree with crtb the abused has become the abuser. If she learned anything from her alleged years of being bullied from her weight. It should have been not to do the same. This to me reeks of some sort of jealousy issue. And I don’t even like Aguilera, I listen to very different type of music. But in her right she does have pipes. We should never focus on the weight , look at Adele she is gorgeous and talented as is.

    @ Samigirl you are talking of 2 women that are .000001 percent of the female population and that make there living off of their physical appearance. That is not a good example. Some women never go back to there pre pregnancy body. I for one have had a child I’m as skinny as a rail, and that does not give me license to knock someone that has a different metabolism that I do. So, no excuse to La Osborne.

  116. pwal says:

    I agree that bad karma is coming to Kelly. Maintaining weight loss is hard for anyone, but I honestly believe that if you’re too arrogant about your weight loss and/or kick the crap out of someone else who is struggling with weight, your weight will come back with a vengeance. Just look at Oprah and Kirstie Alley.

  117. hateonit. says:

    blah blah blah. look let’s take the whole how I became famous shyt out. let’s pretend they’re two normal people like us. christina used to call and tease Kelly. for what reason? because insecure people usually do this to make sure they feel good about themselves. now Kelly is not making fun of her because she’s insecure. she’s stating her opion though it might be hurtful. I hold grudges till the day I die. and I’m on her side. CA is waste of talent because look at how she acts. she was never like that. you can tell she changed. Kelly has always had a smart mouth. she changed her image only. and CA isn’t that big but she’s not skinny at all. she’s had a baby. years ago. so it’s not because of that. also toveish Kelly to put on the weight she lost is horrible. so whoever is saying that isn’t justifying anything so STFU.

  118. Karma says:

    kelly started this fight on her family’s reality show. such a piece of trash. all xtina did was throw darts at a pic of kelly during a skit at the mtv european awards- after kelly called her a cow for not walking the carpet and letting her interview her (all after the bullyingy done on her reality show). i will never respect or like kelly. she is one of those jealous insecure girls that feels inferior to pretty girls with actual talent. i hope karma bited kelly in the a$$ real hard. such trash is kelly.

  119. hmm says:

    It’s funny because I don’t think that Xtina has talked about Kelly for years. And proving that karma is a bitch, Miss Osbourne sure was pissed last week when her ex referred to her as Kellyphant on twitter. Kelly’s a bitch who is only known because of who her father is and Xtina’s made it on her own. It’s funny that people justify Kelly’s bad behavior because of their disdain for Xtina, yet when Gaga’s fans were going in on Adele, the internet police came out swinging. The thing is, Xtina can always lose the extra 15 or 20 pounds she’s carrying but Kelly will always be unfortunate looking and totally untalented.

  120. Venefica Delirium says:

    @Dingles: I was never a Christina Aguilera fan, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of following around pop culture to see that she has a pretty shitty mean girl attitude as well. Let’s not paint her as someone who never spoke ill of anyone unprovoked. She’s still a shit stirrer.

  121. Ja says:

    Kelly O with that face only a mother could love is one to speak… :-)))

  122. Venefica Delirium says:

    I recall Osborne groveling, even, to Christina Aguilera like two years ago, talking about how she totally had a girl crush on her then and stuff. What happened between then and now?

    Kelly Osborne may not have a whole lot of talent, but I can see where she’s coming from and let’s not pretend she wasn’t saying what a lot of people were already thinking, especially comedians and owners of gossip blogs.

    So, why did she take it so personally when Kelly Osborne commented on her? Because Kelly Osborne had imperfections that made her an easy target.

    And OK people Kelly Osborne isn’t pretty but Aguilera peaked about five years ago. The bloom is off the rose. She’s got the face of a drunk.

  123. Alejandro says:

    It’s funny, Team Kelly.

    For her to lash out like this I believe more went on behind the scenes and maybe Christina was very cruel to her.

  124. Missfit says:

    Holy hell Kelly…she didn’t like people calling her fat or making fat jokes and there she fucken goes, how ironic and hypocritical…and just because she has lost weight doesn’t make it ok to say that, now she thinks she’s “too good” and “all that”? NOT cool! :/ Ah, well I see where Christina called her fat all those years. That IS kinda funny cause I think it’s ironic when fat people call me a cow…when they look like they can use about 20 detox kits, slim fast and 20 Hail Marys while they make themselves vomit, so ya,lol

  125. Str8Shooter says:

    No class, no-talent BITCH like her mother, the unbearable Mrs. Osborne.

    Gee Kelly, guess you would certainly know firsthand what FAT BITCH is!!

  126. richard says:

    2 all the dumbasses here who is saying kelly is justified and christina was nasty to her,plzs get your facts str8.Kelly and her mom started this on the osbournes when they attacked christina by trying to insult her christmas album and then sharon started mocking christina`s abusive childhood with kelly on many occasions dissing xtina clothes,its only then xtina retaliated and after all d yrs sad talentless no career tastless kelly comes back to reopened a fued? Hun xtina just had a very successful reality show and she`s working on a new album while raising her son,what is your still fat ass doing besides trying to look for desperate publicity?Xtina can sing and still have d best voice out there,what u got honey besides a bitter life?Nothing sweetheart,so stfu and plzs who is joan rivers to talk about anybody with her horrible looking over done dragged boxot face,she looks like a fucking alien.

  127. BIGT says:

    Kelly is STILL a pig with that awful white blonde hair fat arms and stumpy fat legs. Have heard that Xtina can be a bitch, BUT that girl can SING. WTF can Kelly do expect bitch moan and live off her parents fame.

  128. Meanchick says:

    Funny what passes for fat around here. Christina is not fat. Is she a bitch? I don’t know and don’t care. Kelly has always seemed overbearing, pompous, spoiled and has no redeeming qualities. She is STILL miserable (look at the way she talks). Classless. The bullied becomes the bully?

  129. ZenB!tch says:

    Did Christina call Kelly a fat bitch in public with a microphone for everyone to hear? If not, this is tacky. I’m not a fan of either. I try to like Kelly because she was dealt a horrible genetic hand and I feel sorry for her. She looks like her mother. Her mother looked 60 when she was 30. Her mother is also a bitch – in a bad way.

    I’m Team XTina on this one. Yes, she’s gained weight but she’s a lot prettier and if we are going to be superficial that makes her the winner.

  130. LeeLoo says:

    Kelly called a spade a spade. Considering how harsh Christina was on Kelly in the past, I think Christina got what was coming to her.
    I’ll give Kelly some credit, she actually has worked hard to maintain sobriety, lose weight and look good. People like Christina could take a hint.

  131. Xaviersx says:

    If you believe what you said about talent and such not being right in calling someone else names, then doesn’t it apply to Kelly as well, or are you just arguing for the one side you’ve chosen?

    Anyways, what one does at their job . . . is in if you’re job is putting your slant on others style. Though what goes around and around will come back around.

  132. Anna says:

    Christina is NOT fat, Btw what is kelly’s talent ????

    Ermm Kelly really needs to grow up, kelly also needs to remember NO ONE WANTED to know her when she was a CLOWN. Do u remember the OLD kelly her makeup and hair styles? IF NOT HERES A REMINDER,

    REAL KELLY: <img src=”

    she finally realized shes a FLOP! so she had to become all girly and pretend shes in fashion to make it, the current kelly aint real ALL FAKE! I dont know how someone like the ”OLD” kelly could change soo much, fashion sense, attitude, make up style.. she was a proper punky person before and no she acts like she knows fashion? …I am aware make up and a stylist works wonders but her actual personality has changed too… JUST FAKE end of.. and ermm how can she slag off other celebs for what they dress like ? does she remember her old dress sense well actual dress sense ( before she hired a hollywood stylist and met and went to fashion shows? ) ANNOYING.

  133. lucy says:

    can’t stand the both of them…
    both talentless and complete bitches in my eyes

  134. Jonas says:

    On the October 16 edition of Fashion Police, poor Kelly said that she was a size 2-4. Riiiiightttt…..when she handwrites the size in her own clothes. This talentless disaster (just like her tattoos) needs to be removed.

  135. servesyouright says:

    Not smart! kelly o must think she’s so hot! seriously she is the same size as christina here! wtf!, thats gonna come back and bite her in doughy ass, after she gained back the rest of the weight she lost 😛

  136. sofie says:

    Xtina looks fine, either way

  137. funny says:

    Marilyn Monroe wannabe soo desperatly Christina has always been mean to others even on the voice the other night dissing Bieber.Celebs are always competing with one another they hate when someone else gets more attention or they are being upstaged and the sad part is people look up to them when most of the celebs are insecure and once they get money they keep being fake buying themselves their looks to feel good about themselves just look at Christina always saying I feel soo confotable in my skin but yet she’s had soo much work done lately her fake boobs,her face,and now she’s had work done on her butt that it looks like a Nikki M butt.When she first came out she was stick thin in her front and back and if they love themselves sooo much why do they buy their looks and treat others like crap.I don’t know why some people keep saying Kelly is fake they are both fake but guess what Kelly will always be alot nicer and less fake than Christina.

  138. funny says:

    I meant confortable.

  139. funny says:

    I meant confortable.