Christina Aguilera is a drunken, delusional, lie-filled monster in W Mag


I did a preview of Christina Aguilera’s W Magazine cover and pictorial a few days ago, and now W Magazine has released the interview. It’s five pages of drunken X-Tina genius. And by “genius” I mean “seriously, she’s a raging alcoholic, and she tries to play everything like she’s the biggest victim in the world.” If you like denial, sketchiness and drag queen hot messes, I suggest you read the full piece. Here are lots of highlights (sorry I did so much, there was a lot of whining and denial!):

Trauma and The Sound of Music: “I felt caged by my childhood. And unsafe: Bad things happened in my home; there was violence. The Sound of Music looked like a form of release. I would open my bedroom window to sing out like Maria. In my own way, I’d be in those hills. Sometimes… especially in the last six months, I still feel like going to the window and singing out all my troubles… I laugh a lot lately. People expect me to cry, but I always laugh when things go wrong.”

A summary of how Christina both mocked and copied Lady Gaga: While Aguilera once owned the little-girl-with-the-big-voice pop-star niche, with Bionic, she willfully entered the land of Lady Gaga. In the press, she pretended not to care or notice. “Oh, the newcomer?” Aguilera told reporters when asked about Gaga. “This person was just brought to my attention not too long ago. I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest. I don’t know if it is a man or a woman.” Despite her feeble claims to confusion over Gaga’s gender and her uncharitable reluctance to give her credit, the video for “Not Myself Tonight,” ­Bionic’s first single, had eerily similar tableaux to Gaga’s smash video “Bad Romance.” Image for S&M image, they matched up. Old fans of Aguilera’s weren’t intrigued by her revamped identity, and new fans didn’t materialize. As the album sputtered, her 20-city summer tour didn’t sell and was canceled, at a cost of millions. There were rumors that her record company wanted to drop her. Things were not good.

She claims her ex-husband Jordan Bratman screwed around too: “At one time or another,” Aguilera told me, hinting at affairs on both sides, “we were both not angels. It got to a point where our life at home was reminding me of my own childhood. I will not have my son grow up in a tension-­filled home. I knew there would be a negative reaction in the press to my divorce, but I am not going to live my life because of something someone might say. That goes against everything I sing on my records. I have to be myself.”

Behind the scenes on Burlesque: By all accounts, Burlesque was a tumultuous set: Steve Antin, the first-time director, and Clint Culpepper, the head of the studio, were longtime boyfriends who clashed and almost broke up over the movie. Their fights were loud, constant, and often physical. During one skirmish, Culpepper reportedly poured an iced tea over Antin’s head. “There was a lot of incestuous energy in that movie,” Aguilera recalled. “And it was very hard to be in the center of all that. A lot was riding on the film, and I bore the brunt. I was like, ‘Hey, stop fighting—this is my career.’”

On the failure of Burlesque: “I was sad, but I’m still glad that I did the movie,” she said. “During production, I was going through a lot of self-discovery. As a quote-unquote pop star, you have your entourage with you at all times. When you enter and leave a place, backstage, even at home—you always have your team. On the movie set, I didn’t have anyone around me. And it felt good. When I first met my husband, I needed that ­helping hand to take the reins and look after me. After the movie, I grew out of being that little girl: I became more of an adult.”

Plus, she met Matt Rutler on the set: “I could depend on him for everything. Matt was working on the movie, and he was so supportive. And he still is. We’ve been through a lot in the past year.”

Flubbing the National Anthem: “Everything on the field at the Super Bowl was vividly bright, and I was having a moment,” Aguilera recalled. “I got lost in the emotion of being there and I messed up the lyrics to the song.” Instead of singing, “O’er the ramparts we watch’d were so gallantly streaming,” she belted out, “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last reaming.” Her improvised line made instant headlines. “I knew the press would glom onto it,” she said. “I went to dinner after the Super Bowl with Matt and I laughed about how I’d made myself into a Trivial Pursuit question: ‘In 2011 what female singer flubbed the lyrics to the national anthem?’”

About that story about passing out in Jeremy Renner’s bed: The weirdness was compounded by a bizarre incident that had happened a few weeks earlier, when Rutler and Aguilera attended a birthday party at ­actor Jeremy Renner’s house. “Matt was the one who was ­invited—I went as his girlfriend,” Aguilera recalled. “It was an open party, and everyone was spread out all over the house. At one point I sat on the edge of a bed. It was a guest room. But it only takes one person to start the negativity, and then everyone wants to hop aboard and continue the story.” The story, according to Renner, was that Aguilera climbed into his bed. He insinuated that she was intoxicated or cuckoo or both.

Falling down drunk at the Grammys, people saying she’s a mess: “I know what everyone was saying. And during that Grammy moment, when I nearly collapsed, I was thinking, Are you kidding me? I’ve always been really good with my heels. Even pregnant, I could perform in heels. Note to self: Never wear a train onstage. My heel got caught in my train, and if it wasn’t for Jennifer Hudson, who picked me up as I went down, I would have fallen to the floor.” Aguilera paused. “When it happened,” she continued, “it was just like, What else, God?! What else?! I threw my hands up in the air and started smiling, because what else could go wrong?”

On The Voice versus American Idol: “I’ve never watched an entire episode of American Idol,” Aguilera said, explaining her initial resistance to The Voice. “It’s too mean. Why would anyone want to go on a show to be ripped apart? I don’t want to be tough with my singers, but I do want to tell them on The Voice that if you really want this, you’ll be kicked when you’re down. You have to be willing to roll with those punches. You have to really want it.” As an ambitious nine-year-old, Aguilera competed on Star Search, performing “Sunday Kind of Love.” She lost in the semifinals. “Do we even remember who I lost to?” she joked. “At that age, I always sang songs meant for older people. That fit my personality—I had pain to sing about. If there had been a show like The Voice, I would have gone on it. It would have been amazing to be coached by a mentor.”

Matthew Rutler’s arrest for DUI (which was later dropped) and the reports that Christina was hammered too: “It never should have happened in the first place,” Aguilera told me. “The police knew my recent history and wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I don’t mean to martyr myself, but I think I was a victim of celebrity. I don’t drive, I wasn’t driving, and I committed no crimes, but they put me in jail. They called me a ‘political hot potato.’ They said, ‘What are we going to do with this woman?’ I think they were bored that night.”

In the end: “I really admire all the greats,” Aguilera said. “They’ve had their ups and downs during their careers. And I would never go down without a fight. I still have my eyes on the prize: I want to be that old lady onstage shaking her hips and singing her greatest hits.”

[From W Magazine]

Basically, nothing is ever Christina’s fault and every bad story you ever hear about her was made up out of thin air. If you see her drunkenly flub a line during the National Anthem, or you see her drunkenly bust her ass at the Grammys, you should just ignore it because it didn’t happen and you’re a horrible person for bringing it up, but now that you’ve brought it up, Christina would like you to know that ALL OF IT has made her STRONGER.

Look, I know some of you love her voice, and yeah, she has pipes. But those pipes are attached to a crazy, narcissistic monster who surrounds herself with enablers, sycophants and yes-men. She’s not a victim. Stop treating her like one.



Photos courtesy of W Magazine/The Mail.

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  1. MarenGermany says:

    I am not a Lady Gaga fan but what she said about her was very rude and immature. Just shows how insecure she really is.

  2. RocketMerry says:

    She looks so good when she’s not soaked in make up.

  3. brin says:

    In that last picture she looks like “Miss Havisham”.

  4. Emily says:

    She used to be my favourite female singer (no one can come close to Freddie Mercury), but I’ve completely gone off her lately. She came across like such a bitter person when she dissed Gaga like that, and then to turn around and basically steal her entire look and sound is desperate. Which is sad, because she has such talent when she’s sober.

  5. blc says:

    these photos are ridiculous – probably the biggest lie from the whole interview. does she think we haven’t seen her lately? it looks like they photoshopped a good 25 lbs off her. I hate it when magazines do that.She is on a tv show! People see her every week. We know what she looks like, and that cover shot is not it.

  6. Roma says:

    That entire interview was painful. She refuses to own up to any of her mistakes and I’m pretty sure the timeline that she gave (with her and Matt falling in love on set) means she cheated on Jordan.


  7. fannomore says:

    The Bride of Frankenstein with half a brain to match but still talented if she can come down to earth for awhile that is.

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Poor girl is a hot mess. I forgot about the Lady Gaga thing. OMG I kinda felt bad for Xtina because even Perez turned on her and she had him on her last tour before the one that failed. I liked a few songs from Bionic but yea Lady Gaga kinda eclipsed her. I really do love Lady Gaga, like I think as much Christina can sing Lady Gaga is just the sh*t, I loves her.

  9. Baylor says:

    I doubt Jordan ever cheated. He isn’t good-looking enough to have temptation waiting for him at every corner and he seems too smart to try to do anything that would mess with his custody of his son and have to suffer Chrisitna’s wrath.

    So by “not an angel”, I think she means that he no longer was constantly enabling her and being her yes-man. He probably was getting tired of her constantly being a diva.

    I would buy the whole “I became more independent and an adult” more if she was actually single for a while. If I actually saw her drive somewhere and ran errands by herself like many celebrities. For all her talk about liking not having a posse around all the time, she still never leaves the house without at least a couple of people.

  10. heb says:

    I’m guessing refusing to play along while you drunkenly ruin your life counts as “not being an angel” .

  11. tapioca says:

    At least little Max seems to have one dedicated, sober, down-to-Earth parent, right?

  12. Blue says:

    I don’t know what happened to her, she has such amazing talent but she is f*cking up badly. She unfortunately has no one to tell her to grow up and cut that shit out.

  13. vv says:

    Why is Maria Carey considered such an awesome Diva when she herself surrounds herself with yes men and sycophants? But when a woman like Christina does it, she’s essentially a delusional douche?

    Maria lives in a fantasy world of butterflies and Hello Kitty, ballooned and gained extra weight herself and still sandwiched her rolls into tight fitting dresses, made a lame movie and married someone who likewise seems to share in he fantasy world and keep up the illusion, but somehow Xtina is the one catching a load of negativity.

    I also recall another Diva who did something similar to this. Her name was Cher, you might remember her, she made questionable decisions, dated some sketchy dudes (Bagel boy), made a few crappy movies here and there, a wild video or two but now a days she’s worshipped as an icon.

    Why can’t celebrity women be allowed to fall on their asses once a while without having to be discreet and dignified about it all, and without us catty bitches on the sidelines scrutinizing the hell out of them?

    At least she isn’t Britney Spears. For all Xtina’s failings and questionable behaviour, she can still string together a sentence and convey her thoughts coherently unlike the train wreck that is Chicken Fried Britney.

    I have no problem with Xtina, she seems to be taking a page out of the Diva handbook.

  14. T. Redd says:

    Oh, PUH-LEEEZE! When were these pictures taken? 1999? She hasn’t looked like this in ten years. She’s bloated and huge now. What a dick.

  15. Darlene says:

    Dude. She hasn’t been even CLOSE to that weight since Burlesque. She’s easily 30lbs heavier right now.

  16. Lady Satan says:

    What a tacky hypocritical bitch.

    So she never watched “American Idol” as she doesn’t like to see talented young people being “ripped apart”, but then very publicly makes nasty comments about an up and coming performer (Lady Gaga).

    She trashes Lady Gaga’s style then proceeds to try and steal it. Seems to be a continuing theme too as at first glance I thought the cover of W *was* LadyGaga!

    Then she goes on about how empowering it was to be on the movie set without her entourage and how she grew and discovered her independence, only to contradict herself in the next paragraph my saying how Matthew Rutler was such a big support and always there for her on the set. What a joke.

    Go away for a while Xtina, get yourself together physically, lose the attitude, and maybe you’ll sell records again.

  17. bored says:

    Those pics look nothing like her.

  18. S says:

    @vv I think Mariah Carey actually does have some good people around her – when she had her breakdown, she disappeared for awhile and got help – she also knew she needed help. Now she’s happy, if not a bit delusional, but in a happy, nice way. She’s never rude to or about anyone and she when she does a job, she gets it done. You can see the difference in “mess” between Mariah and Christina.

    And Britney is medicated to deal with mental health issues…I actually think she’s looking a bit better, and maybe they found a good balance for her.

    And Cher…maybe in 20 years, Christina will have earned Cher status, if she can get her act together and release good music (she did sort of mention that as her goal in the interview), but Cher had longevity and success…Christina doesn’t quite have that yet.

  19. The Bobster says:

    WTF? Whose body is this? Surely not hers. She’s a little porkster now.

  20. Violet says:

    I tend to agree with Baylor. In Christina’s eyes, if her ex had been an angel he would’ve enabled — or at least ignored — her alcoholic, self-destructive ways.

  21. TaylorB says:

    Emily wrote: “She used to be my favourite female singer (no one can come close to Freddie Mercury)”

    Not to nit pick, and you may just be making a joke (so sorry if I missed it) or I misread the comment, but Freddie Mercury was a fella not a female singer… and a darn fine one at that.

    Damn, now I am gonna have Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in my head all day.

  22. 4Real says:

    I didn’t even care about Gaga until PEREZ started comparing the two…then I started not to like Xtina for copying Gaga…so I blame PEREZ! LOL!

  23. Justaposter says:

    ::rolls eyes::

    Shes back to trashing Gaga again? Tres’ boring!

  24. Jover says:

    Why why why do mags have to photoshop the hell out of everyone; do the editors live in their own world and not know that we can see her on live tv, plus the hundreds of images of celebs that float around the internet each day. In that last pic she looks like one of those ghouls that comes out of the woodwork or walls in those bad slasher horror flicks.

  25. FYI25 says:

    my gosh this woman gets on my nerves..she never takes responsibility for any of her actions..

    so after all those months her claiming she never cheated on jordan, now she claiming he cheated on her too…

    this is not about her surrounding herself with yes people,
    this is about her dumb self acting all shes the victim..

    she has always acted like shes better than everybody else..just because she can sing..

    i always laugh when i read that she claimed she didnt know who gaga was, and yet her first video for bionic was a carbon copy of gaga..

  26. Trillion says:

    What the hell did she mean by “incestuous energy” on the set of Burlesque? Did she even know what she was saying?

  27. Kate says:

    This pictorial is not flattering AT ALL.

  28. Kristin says:

    I’m going to go a step further here and say she’s moving down Lohan Rd. Her comments about her DUI incident obviously show she didn’t feel she needed to be arrested even after being intoxicated, and that leads me to believe it won’t be the only time she’ll do it. Hopefully she won’t kill anyone…

  29. Swanniehakka says:

    That hair is awful. Too bad she can’t stick with creating and performing actual good music instead of pathetically trying to “compete” with other pop stars. Why she cannot make music and entertain her fans without being naked and making a spectacle of herself is beyond me.

  30. Kim says:

    She sounds worse than Lindsay Lohan. She is in denial and her career is over.

  31. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    She’s got a nerve standing next to Jennifer Hudson and shouting up to heavens about how tripping is such a trial. Try drying out, it does wonders for your equilibrium. She sounds like a damned baby. Having a difficult period in your life? Just ask: What Would Gaga Do?

  32. the original bellaluna says:

    I think it’s decidedly unfair to compare this drunken mess to Britney. Britney has legitimate, diagnosed medical problems. Yes, she attempted to self-medicate with drugs & alcohol, and seriously went off the rails. But she also had a loving (albeit self-serving) family.

    Snooki-tina (thanks, Michael K!) has no sense of responsibility. I hear nothing but excuses, blame for others, and denial. Blohan, anyone?

  33. Madisyn says:

    Rut Roh, sounds like Blohan 2.0 except without the talented pipes.

  34. Turtle Dove says:

    The difference between Christina and Cher/Britney/Mariah is that these women don’t seem like mean-girl bullies. Aguilera comes across like that to me.

    After reading the article it came to me that Christina isn’t seeing the dots connecting all these events. The drunkenness, stumbling around, poor sales, poor public image. She has a deluded sense of entitlement.

    Oh, and I doubt that her ex cheated. Quit passing the buck.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    @ tapioca
    “At least little Max seems to have one dedicated, sober, down-to-Earth parent, right?”
    Yes, and that parent’s name is not Christina. She sounds like such a drunk! Dodging responsibility, bullshitting. I heard enough of that growing up too. Its past sad and now it just makes me pissed off. For someone who suffered through being the child of a violent drunk (father), she is really making a fool of herself.

  36. DetRiotgirl says:

    To be honest, I still don’t understand all the Xtina hate. That quote about Gaga is about three years old. It’s not like she said that in the interview and, to be fair, at the time the quote was given Gaga had just come on the scene. It’s not entirely unreasonable to think that Christina didn’t know who she was yet. Also, although I agree the “man or woman” part is pretty bitchy… Let’s be real, who else briefly thought Gaga was a drag queen when she first came out?

    Well, my hand is up anyway.

    My point is, I think a lot of this is just spin from the press. I think if her comments were framed in a different context and with better background information, they would sound a whole lot less crazy.

    Also, about the “incestous” comment she made regarding Burlesque. I think the director and the choreographer and siblings? Maybe? They’re both Antins, I think. There might have been some family feuding on set. I’m not sure about that one. But, it seems likely. Still, not a great word to describe the situation on Christina’s part.

  37. Mimi says:

    She was a victim. She grew up in a house that had abuse, and those things may ruin a person’s life.

    And she has an amazing voice. She is really a singer, as opposed to most “singers” nowadays.

    I feel bad for her husband because I really thought he was good for her, and a decent guy.
    However, kids who grew up in abusive environments do grow up with issues that don’t go away. Self destructive ways, I assume, is what broke her marriage.

  38. Madam U says:

    I don’t really care for Christina A but I have to say that she didn’t steal Lady GaGa’s look. She was looking weird and trannyish since her lady marmalde days.

    and Lady Gaga totally swagger jacked Grace Jones. But in Gaga’s defense, she gave Grace her props by saying she did idolized her.

    Either way don’t care for both, but I love their music. Some of it.

  39. Nikki Girl says:

    This interview does nothing for her public image. I like her even less now. All she’s doing is making excuses, she’s not owning up to anything. In her eyes, not a single thing that happened was her fault in any way. Can’t she just say “I screwed up, I’m sorry”?

    And though the Lady Gaga quote is old, it’s still rude, immature, and snarky. It shows how truly jealous and insecure she is. Although Christina’s voice is undoubtedly better, Lady Gaga has surpassed her in originality, creativity, fan base, relevancy, etc.

    And last but not least, those photos are absurdly photoshopped, she’s a good 30 pounds heavier than what those appear.

  40. slatern says:

    I find the criticism of Christina, here, to be incrediably harsh. Feel like I just walked into the middle of a negativity bukake. Ugh.

  41. jamie says:

    she needs to stop bleaching her hair it is so frazzled looking and washes her out! She really needs to soften her look up,she reminds me of an old hooker !

  42. Lou says:

    Sounds like she’s become the thing she hated the most – a drunken, out of control person. It’s sad, given that she’s not only a talented person but a mother as well. It’s hard to understand how someone could choose booze over one’s own child but people do. I really hope she pulls herself together before she completely loses it.

  43. Amanda G says:

    I have a hard time believing Jordan cheated on her. He probably just got tired of her drama and HER cheating. Plus she knows that he’s too classy to go to the tabloids and say anything about her. It’s such a shame because she co-wrote some amazing songs about him. I will always be a fan of Christina’s music, but I’m no longer a fan of HER.

  44. Pat C. says:

    I don’t get it. She didn’t deny making a mistake on the National Anthem, or tripping in high heels and a gown. Making mistakes doesn’t mean you must be drunk. Me and everybody I know make mistakes once in awhile.
    I also don’t get the idea of “I hope she doesn’t get drunk and kill somebody”. She doesn’t drive. I’d like to know how sitting in a passenger seat, while intoxicated, will kill somebody. How many times does that happen? If you claim it does, show some references.
    Nor do I get the idea she claimed Bratman was cheating, too. She said “we were both not angels”. That could mean a million things. Maybe he yelled at her. If we really want to put the worst possible spin on it, how about News Flash: “In W interview Christina hints that her husband is a serial killer!” “He was no angel”, Christina claims.
    As for her remarks on Lady Gaga, if they were made when she just came out, then it makes sense that she wouldn’t know who she was. Dean Martin didn’t know who the Rolling Stones were when they first came to America. So what?

  45. Mag says:

    I vaguely remember her making those remarks about Gaga. It was back in 2008 when Christina released her Greatest Hits album, “Keeps Getting Better.” Gaga’s first album had only been recently released, though she’d already become famous for the “Just Dance” song and her crazy outfits. I can’t blame Christina for not knowing who Gaga was back in 2008. If I recall, Christina was being a bit snarky about it because the reporters were constantly asking her about Gaga. They assumed Christina has taken inspiration from Gaga because she was wearing her bleached blonde hair long and straight with bangs, just like Gaga in the “Just Dance” video. I’d be kind of annoyed too if I’d just released a new project and people were comparing me to someone I didn’t know. Christina said back in 2007 that her next record was going to have an electronic sound to it, so I have to say I think it was just an unfortunate coincidence that both Gaga and Christina released CDs with electronic undertones, and it doesn’t help that their long bleached hair gives them a similar look. However, Christina and her people should have realized the inevitable comparisons sooner and done more to prevent it. The “Not Myself Tonight” video was just bad, regardless of the “Bad Romance” comparisons. If Christina and her people are smart they’ll quickly go back to the old “Stripped” style that made her famous. I hope she eventually gets her personal life together, sobers up, hits the gym, and gets back in the studio.

  46. Kim says:

    She does live under a microscope like all celebs but I do agree with the article stating she doesn’t take resposibility. I did notice she really did just trip on the train of her dress at the Grammy’s last year. It can happen. She did make herself look bad when commenting on Lady Gaga. It just reflects poorly on X-tina. She is human & we all make mistakes. I feel most celebs are way over payed, praised & ego-centric to begin with. I really wish there was less focus on them & more on what goes on with our government. They love to bombard us with this mindless crap. Meaningless garbage. Christina may have great pipes but does this mean she should be in a magazine every other month, tv show, & get paid buckets of money…. no. I can’t stand how we see the same celebs over & over. It’s funny how when u comment on this, you are then labeled a “hater.” Can’t a person just be sick of you & that’s it.