Vivienne Westwood calls out Duchess Kate’s raccoon makeup


Some designers have been pissed at Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, for a while. Soon after Will and Kate got engaged, there was some muttering and bitching about her Issa-centric “Sloan” style – the subtext of which was that Kate needed to broaden her style horizons, stop with the clingy, low-cut silk jersey dresses and find a style that was both youthful and classic. British wackadoodle and beloved designer Vivienne Westwood was one of those critics of Kate. Back in February, she said in an interview that she was waiting to dress Kate because…“I have to wait until [Kate] kind of catches up a bit somewhere with style.” Westwood’s newest criticism? The problem that we’ve discussed her excessively: The Raccoon McWaity Problem. It’s the eyeliner, for the love of God!

“I think she’s got a problem with eye make-up!” Vivienne Westwood declares about the Duchess of Cambridge. “The sharp line around her eyes make her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none.” Meanwhile Kate’s sense of style gets the following reaction: “Let me put it this way. It seems to me, that her image is “ordinary woman”. Therefore, high street shopper. And I just think she should be an extraordinary woman, wherever she gets her clothes from.”

[From Telegraph]

In case you think that Westwood is just bitching about Kate, she’s not – go here to read the piece in The Telegraph, where Westwood also bitches about Kate Moss and John Galliano.

As for Kate’s Raccon McWaity Problem… well, I think it’s her “thing” at this point. Much like Diana and her beloved BLUE eyeliner (which she didn’t wear as consistently as Kate wears her raccoon-style). Perhaps Kate is trying to make the heavy makeup for daywear into her signature. Perhaps no one has ever told her to tone it down. But I know that she would be a lot prettier if she stopped overdoing it – she has beautiful eyes, but no one can even see them with all of that crap she puts on.

By the way, now that we’ve had some truth-telling about the eyeliner, will somebody say something to Kate about her button problem?





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  1. lola says:

    I’ve said the same thing about her eyeliner before. Such a pretty, pretty girl, no need for the inner eye chola eyeliner job! Pippa does it too and it makes her look rough. I wish she dressed a little more youthful and fun too. I get her style is tactical, but she’s just so pretty with such a great shape, you’d love to see her dress her age.

  2. brin says:

    She’s probably going to be waiting a long time because I don’t think Kate will ever dress in “Vivienne Westwood style”.

  3. Turtle Dove says:

    A woman with hair the color of electricity is in no position to criticize anyone.

  4. WaywardGirl says:

    I have said that her eyeliner is a little off. I have small eyes and the first thing I learned is that when you have small eyes you NEVER put eyeliner on the top and bottim lid. All it does is close your eyes and make them look smaller and squinty. That’s why I just put it on my upper lid. It opens my eys more.

  5. BeckyR says:

    #3, you said it all. VW’s clothes stink.

  6. roria says:

    oh, it’s vivienne westwood, she wouldn’t be VW without the hair and eccentricity.

    And I think her point is nothing mean spirited. She’d simply like to see her dress extraordinary instead of ordinary. She ISN”T one of us, so it would be fun if she stopped pretending to be every once in awhile and give us a show. I think it was constructive criticism and with a nice intentions-that she would like to see her dress her age and have a little more fun instead of being weighed down by stuffy fashion tendencies to pander to the masses.

  7. OXA says:

    Vivienne looks like Carrot Top’s muther.

  8. Esmom says:

    Thank goodness someone finally addressed the elephant in the room re her eyeliner, lol! It literally makes me cringe.

    I don’t think she’s making a deliberate statement with it, I’m guessing she picked it up from her mom and if I’ve learned anything from What Not to Wear it’s that old habits die hard.

    Maybe she’ll get the message and soften it up/tone it down.

  9. Pyewacket says:

    Not a Kate fan, but Vivienne Westwood, like Kelly Osbourne, has no room to criticize others.

  10. Miss Marie says:

    I have small eyes and have tried for 3 decades to follow makeup stylists’ advise not to wear eyeliner around ones eyes. Guess what? My eyes stand out and look better with eyeliner circling my eyes! So I am thumbing my nose at the experts. It is such an individual thing. As my mom would say, “If everyone jumps in the lake, are you going to follow?” Good for Kate for not heading the advice of so called “professionals.” Ladies(and gents) don’t let a bunch of “experts” dictate how you dress and what you wear. Be your own person, for God’s sake.

  11. WOM says:

    I’m NOT defending Kate’s makeup (honestly — I know shit about makeup), but I do think it’s rich that Vivienne Westwood is offering criticism. Her hair looks like straw and her clothes are garish and trampy.

  12. roria says:

    Vivienne Westwood isn’t trying to be princess pretty-her style is outrageous and eccentric and absurd at times. That’s the look she’s going for.

    All she’s saying is she’d like to see Kate modernize a little, take some risks here. Kate’s doing her makeup the way girls in middle school do it. lol She’s beautiful and classy and lovely. But she’s also very young and spirited and vibrant, and wouldn’t it be nice to see her appearance express that side of her sometimes as well?

    That’s all she’s saying, she’s not being a bitch.

  13. dahlia1947 says:

    Kate is beautiful w the eyeliner or without! Man, don’t these people that criticize her EYELINER have lives? Geez!

    I’ve read about it over and over again how that eyeliner is just soooo problematic! Ridiculous!

    Now let’s call out VW for her fried hair and pale, zombie-like appearance.

  14. Betty says:

    Off with her head!! Don’t mess with the princess. 🙂

  15. Jackson says:

    Well at least someone said it, finally. It’s not so much that her eye makeup is too heavy – it is too harsh. Too severe. Like the orange-haired lady said, she needs to smudge it up a bit, or wear none. Something. Anything. As for her clothes, I think she’s doing fine. Nothing crazy. She’ll get a little more daring as time goes on but really, I don’t think that’s her style, her personality. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  16. Boo says:

    The issue I have with it is that the eyeliner stands in contrast (literally and figuratively) to everything she purports o be about: conservative, classic, tasteful. She takes no risks in her wardrobe, but all bets are off with the eyeliner. They have a policy on pantyhose; why not a royal protocol for eyeliner, too?

  17. gaby says:

    First of all I don’t think that lady should be criticizing anyone for overdoing it. But I do agree that she needs to soften her look. You can tell she really works that eye liner pencil.I’ve learned that for the bottom lid you have to use a thin angle brush with dark shadow to define the eye. It’s much more subtle and blended than a sharp pencil

  18. Riana says:

    To be honest I think it’s stupid when a grown woman complains about something as frivolous as someone else’s eyeliner ESPECIALLY when that woman has bright orange hair.

    So it’s just a no no for Kate to wear heavy eye makeup (really? Thats heavy?) but a woman Viv’s age to have hair which looks like a horrid dye accident is trendy or chic?

    That just smacks of hypocrisy to me.

  19. mew says:

    Oh come on, let the girl play and pretend she’s Diana. What other fun she would have in her life?

  20. anne_000 says:

    vivienne is right about kate’s raccoon eyes. way too much eyeliner. the ppl in real life that i see where a lot of eyeliner are older women who work in bars for older people.

  21. lrm says:

    it’s not b/c she should
    follow eye size protocol!
    It’s b/c her current makeup LOOKS AWFUL….and this is due to the eyeliner….

    so regardless of what ‘experts’ say for small eyes, my eyes tell me ‘that looks bad’, when I see photos of Kate.

  22. talia says:

    Westwood isn’t meangirling her, ladies. And Westwood is an interesting woman, thank god for her and her eclectic ideas on beauty and fashion, choosing people like Christina Hendricks to be her muse while Karl Lagerfeld fawns over robots like Blake Lively.

    I love the fact she’s older, not surgeried up like Versace and Lagerfeld, but still has fun with clothes and color. The nerve of her.

    I agree with her two points: Kate needs to smudge and have more fun with clothes.

    No big deal, just a lady of a certain age telling a young woman to have a little fun.

  23. says:

    I think if Kate switched from liquid eyeliner to a soft/round edge pencil eyeliner, it would be a great improvement. Also, a dark brown color instead of the navy blue (black?) crap she is doing would help.

    As for her fashion, it is the absolutely most boring I have seen a thin girl (who could get away with so much more!) do.

  24. lh says:

    My theory is it’s ‘permanent make-up” so there is not much that can be done about it.

  25. KsGirl says:

    You Westwood fans should read the whole article, because she comes off…badly. Really badly. Enough to make me genuinely angry. It’s from the UK Times IIRC.

    I DO think Kate wears too much eyeliner, btw.

  26. Seriously, I adore VW but she’s going to criticize Catherine’s appearance?

  27. tar says:

    I wonder if it’s tatoo’ed on. It has that look to it. I know someone who’s had it done and it looks just like that.
    Her sister, her mother all have the same penchant for this look, maybe they all had it done … got a deal?
    3 for the price of 2?

  28. laurie says:

    IMHO her eyebrows are too dark and need better shaping.

  29. RobN says:

    Kate should wear what she likes, how she likes it, and as often as she likes, without regard to what anybody thinks. She likes the clothes and make-up, and William obviously likes it, and orange-haired old biddies should mind their own business.

  30. moja31 says:

    She makes a perfectly legit point, but she’ll get slammed for it…again. Kate’s still very much in sacred cow territory for most people right now, nothing but ass kissing allowed.

  31. Poppy says:

    I’m glad that somebody isn’t kissing Kate’s ass. So refreshing. Also, VW is awesome.
    Pyewacket gets a stink eye from me for putting Queen Viv in the same sentence with Kelly Osbourne. That’s a no-go.

  32. aida says:

    I think is permanant eyeliner.

  33. bluhare says:

    I guess I don’t think her eyeliner is that bad. Yeah, she wears a lot, but she does counter it with dark eyebrows so it’s not too unbalanced. The one who really should relook the eyeliner thing is Pippa. Her eyes are much closer together than Kate’s and it really doesn’t flatter her.

    But you know what? It’s Kate’s look, she owns it, and that’s what counts. If she needs that to feel good as she navigates the Windsor waves, then let her. Personally I think softening up her eyebrow and eyeliner color would really bring out her eyes which really are pretty. Lovely greeny hazel if I remember right. (Can’t tell from photos here.)

  34. Boo says:

    A future queen with tattooed eyeliner? I cannot believe Kate would do such a thing. Her every move has been so carefully crafted–it just seems beyond all reason to me. Still, it is an intriguing explanation.

  35. jen says:

    Vivienne is taking the celebration of Lucille’s Ball’s 100th birthday a little too far.

  36. Anita says:

    I agree it ages her and makes her look hard. I want to see her made up by a professional.

  37. Denise says:

    Stop the damn presses; we have an eyeliner crisis!

  38. Katie says:

    I agree about the eyeliner. Kate is very pretty but very harsh looking at the same time. That would help with that. However, it’s hard to take seriously the opinion of a woman with that shade of hair.

  39. Kim says:

    Vivienne is right Kates make up always looks bad. Its looks like a 10 yr old girl who just learned about black eye liner but not how to use it properly. Her mother and sister wear same make up. They need make up make overs.

  40. Cammie says:

    LOL! Viv seems to really have it out for Kate..LOL!

  41. benny says:

    The eye liner does contribute to Kate looking older than she is, although it’s not the only reason. However, she is still pretty, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

    And Westwood’s fashions are not my cup of tea, but I cannot deny that she has her own artistic vision. So good for her, even if she is a little “out there.” At least she’s memorable.

  42. conversegirl says:

    I feel Kate keeps the eyeliner and abundance of hair to overcompensate. If you look at her face, without mag retouching she has pockmarks, she has a nose that sometimes photos oddly, she has extremely thin lips. Her face has never been great, IMO she’s kind of plain,not much special to her face so she lathers on the eyeliner to make the one feature she has that’s pretty, her eyes, stand out.

  43. Jen D says:

    I wonder if she’s upset because she didn’t design Kate’s wedding dress? As for eyeliner, when you start wearing it so regularly it’s hard to stop because you end up looking so different.

  44. Rosanna says:

    Actually Kate’s eye make up is fine. It’s her blush that is all over the place!

  45. Hibiscus says:

    Westwood may be not the most appropriate person to critisize her but she’s right and many many people before her have said the same thing.

    Kate’s eyeliner is just hideous!
    It seems to run in her family since her mother has the same.

    I totally believe that she’s done her own make up for her wedding since it looked as ugly as always and no professional would get away whit such a bad job.

    That a woman in her position and with her resourses doesn’t even Ttry to look differently FOR ONCE I fail to understand. Stubborn girl.

    Maybe she thinks
    “I got my prince wearing that bad make-up – why change?”

  46. Mimi says:

    I think Kate Middleton is full of herself, and I don’t like the example she serves as marrying to “become someone”, HOWEVER,

    Kate has so far shown fine and sometimes great sense of style AND
    her eye makeup is awesome.

    She does it right. Her eyeliner is going good for her face, it’s not too much and more women should learn how to use it right.

    There are plenty of reasons to criticize her.
    Her eyeliner is not one of them.

  47. DrM says:

    @RobN well said…

    Note to VW – Bitch PULEEZE!!!

  48. gee says:

    @gaby – we’re name twins. At least IRL name twins.

  49. Kelly says:

    Comparing Kate Middleton and Vivienne Westwood is like comparing apples and oranges (reference to Vivienne’s hair color unintentional!). Kate is a middle-class girl who married well, and her makeup and sartorial choices simply reflect that up-bringing: safe, if not a weeee bit tacky. The pantyhose and eyeliner remind me of the girls at the local insurance agency…

    Vivienne, along with her former husband, started a stylistic revolution that dramatically altered the last quarter of the 20th century and beyond. BDSM/fetish/biker style, corsets, deconstruction, the New Romantics… it was all Vivienne. All the comments above criticizing her sound like exactly what one heard about McQueen before he died and was “discovered,” LOL.

  50. billiesee says:

    This is not about comparing Vivienne W a hardworking woman who earned her accolades to Kate, this is about a Fashion designer’s opinion on Kate’s makeup. I’ve read many people who have said the same thing Kate’s eyemakeup is harsh and she wears too much liner. I honestly don’t find Kate to be pretty, she reminds me of a young Camilla Parker Bowles, someone who always looks a bit old for her age. I just feel that Kate’s face is just not that great. I’ve seen many question the use of the photo on PEOPLE mag cover, what they really are seeing is Kate’s face is not all that, she’s sort of plain, ssometimes gets puffy face or jowely and she’s been built-up by the British press as some great beauty when she’s really not. She’s passable, she’s okay, but she’s just nothing special, she just a okay to somewhat borderline-pretty girl who pursued, chased and married royalty. She does wear her eyeliner all wrong.

  51. Boromir's bytch says:

    Vivienne is one of the most innovative designers ever, imho. She’s the original who a lot of designers steal and copy her designs. Kate should listen to her and update her look but probably won’t. A new haircut would be nice too.

  52. Lisa says:

    EYE ROLL @ VW. I think Kate looks lovely and has nice style, and that includes her make-up.

  53. gg says:

    Whether you like Viv or not – she’s 100% right about the bad eyeliner. That shit hasn’t been in style since the early 90s. SMUDGE, LADY!

  54. Kellie says:

    I dont care what VW looks like and she can say what she wants about Kate. Why? Because Kate can live for 100 years and never accomplish as much as VW or most women when it comes to hard work. How do I know? Because at the age of 30 the only thing Kate has accomplished is marrying a royal.

  55. fizXgirl314 says:

    lolllll REALLY? Is that clownish woman really in any position to criticise anyone? I don’t think the best way to design someone’s clothing is to talk trash about it. Don’t hold your breath about dressing Kate Middleton lady.

    In any case, it’s her damn eyes, she can do whatever she wants with them. Maybe she thinks she looks best like that. Besides, I find it kind of funny that someone who’s obviously not following any fashion/make up rules is talking crap about someone else not following rules.

  56. JulieM says:

    Team Vivienne! Or Dame Vivienne to we commoners. She is exactly right about Weightless Kateless. No style, bad makeup, boring, average woman. Fan girls not withstanding. After all, what else is there to talk about with Kate. She doesn’t actually do anything. Dame Vivienne, on the other hand, was, and remains a genuine original. You may not like her style, but no one can dispute her contribution to British culture. She’s getting on in years, but she still has a job; unlike Kate, who’s never had one.

    Kellie: ITA

  57. Kellie says:

    That clownish woman has built an empire.

  58. Beatrice says:

    The eyeliner makes her eyes stand out in photos. I’m sure Catherine figured out how to look her best in front of the cameras long ago. She might not look as good without it. The blue eyeliner certainly made Diana’s eyes look fabulous in every picture. To be honest, without eyeliner, my eyes look blah–I do smudge it up but I need my eyeliner!!

  59. Jaxx says:

    I love Kate but I do wish she would seek a professional about her make-up. If she has to use the liner it looks so much better smudged. Unfortunately it looks like she uses a liquid liner which you cannot smudge.

    On the other hand it seems to me that Kate would have experimented to find what works best and this is it. Obviously lots don’t agree. Surely she has seen all the comments about the harsh make-up and she doesn’t care to change.

  60. Firecracker says:

    And what the fresh hell is Vivienne wearing, anyway? It looks horrible.

    I’ve worn eyeliner for years under my eyes, but I smudge it so it’s not such a “drawn” line. I never thought that Kate’s might be “tattooed on”, good point!

  61. Sparkly says:

    Oh man, I really hope that’s not permanent. Because, let’s face it, the eyeliner is REALLY awful. No, really. It is. She’s definitely a lovely girl, but the liner does her absolutely no favors at all.

  62. jul says:

    Less is more! I find when you just put on just a teeny bit of make-up, it actually looks better. Kate is beautiful, and she doesn’t need all that eyeliner.
    Luckily, it’s not as blatantly obvious on her as it is on Pippa.

  63. eternalcanadian says:

    Hahaha, I don’t know which is funnier–someone that looks like Vivienne finally calling out the elephant in the room (Catherine’s horrible overuse of the black eyeliner and racoon eyeshadow) or that Catherine continues down the “I do my own makeup, thank you very much” road. I look at pictures of Zara on her wedding day, and that was beautiful makeup. Same with Sophie when she married Edward and she looked way younger did even though she’s much older than Catherine.

    Someone needs to take Catherine aside and do a proper makeup lesson with her. Say maybe Bobbi Brown?

  64. Catherine says:

    Wow, Viv….you really think you need to be calling anyone out when you have hair like that? I think not.

  65. Princess Lizabeth says:

    M’kay, Vivienne Westwood looks to be the last person who criticises Duchess Kate’s look. I think both ladies should have a sit down with a makeup expert to find looks less:

    a) scary (Ms. Westwood)
    b) hard (Duchess Kate)
    c) surreal (Ms. Westwood)

    Both ladies could look very nice and more natural, IMHO. A little less makeup for Kate and less neon hair for Vivienne would be a good start.

  66. Kloops says:

    Hmmmmm, permanent eyeliner…. Hadn’t thought of that but it would explain it. My MIL has it and I’m not fan.

  67. Hibiscus says:

    Her bottom eyelines DO look like badly drawn permanent make-up done by a tatooist suffering from Parkinson.

  68. sandy says:

    I shouldn’t laugh at not so nice comments but Hibiscus’s comments made me laugh out loud.

    I had the nasty habit of doing raccoon eye make up. Everyone including my boyfriend would tell me it looked awful. But I genuinely thought they were wrong and didn’t know anything. Now after reading comments here in the past I have changed my eye makeup. Looking back I think ‘God what was I thinking’.

    Regarding Kate’s eye make up everyone has been saying ‘God how much eyeliner is she wearing’. That’s true and it doesn’t look nice. It wouldn’t look nice on anyone

  69. theaPie says:

    Oh whatever. Just because it’s not currently in fashion, doesn’t mean it looks bad on her. Everyone has their own little paradigm, don’t they? 🙄

  70. jemshoes says:

    I’m not even going to disclose what I used to do with my eyeliner pencil; suffice to say, I was more clown than racoon. 🙂 If Kate feels more confident, more secure, with this look, I don’t blame her. Maybe it’s a small but telling way of how she’s coping with all this attention on her wardrobe, figure, womb, etc.

    Vivenne Westwood’s designs have never had any appeal to a girl like me.

  71. Iman says:

    Kate’s eyeliner IS awful. Her whole makeup is awful. It makes her look severe, haggard, and old not to mention a little bit tacky. The condition of her skin is also awful (extra tanned, rough, dry). Combined, the result is just horrid.

    Her makeup on her wedding day was ridiculous. One cheek had more pink blush than the other. The eyebrows were penciled in too heavily. Her raccoon eyes made her look like she’s 35. Pippa looked much better even with her orange skin, because her hair and makeup were done by professionals.

    Sometimes you just have to let someone help you, especially if it’s available and you have the resources to afford it. People actually go to school to learn makeup application. It won’t hurt for Kate to get some help once in a while even though “it’s her eyes and she can do what she wants”.

    Then again, this is the woman who said in her engagement interview, “I don’t care what other people think of me.” If that’s the way she goes on about her life, then it’s no surprise about her eyeliner. She doesn’t care what other people think, so she’ll pile on the eye makeup even if it makes her look like she got punched on both eyes the night before.

    Or maybe, the eyeliner IS tattooed, so Kate doesn’t want anyone touching her face unless they find out she got them done and there’s no way to reverse it? There’s no other explanation for her eyeliner looking exactly the same every single time she’s been seen in public: same thickness of application, same shade of eyeliner, and same crooked application. The only variety she can do now is to put even more eye makeup on.

    Her eyes, her eye makeup, and her Moufasa hair are her “glory”. Take them away and she’s a very bland, very plain girl with boring style and as much charisma as a potted plant. That’s why she won’t change her hairstyle after all these years, and she rarely wears it up. It makes her look somewhat pretty.

    Same for her eyeliner. She’s not gonna change it soon because she thinks it’s doing her a favor, and the sycophants keep praising her to the high heavens as if she’s The Second Coming and everyone else who expresses a negative opinion must be bashed and heavily criticized.

  72. Mimi says:

    People are confusing Kate’s skin and her makeup.

    Kate and her sister like to be very tan. The sun does not treat the skin well.
    Also, dieting does not help the condition of the skin and ages a lot.

    But her makeup is gorgeous. She does know how to use it well and her eyeliner is great.

    She is drawing attetion to her eyes and that is exactly what she needs to do.

    Smudging looks awful, not to mention that it doesn’t go well with daytime looks.

    She looked wonderful at her wedding day and if she achieved that with doing her own makeup that good for her.

  73. Louisa says:

    Money cannot buy you class! Her eyeliner, her sense of ‘style’, her sister maid of honor’s dress which she gave the Go signal to – all classless!

  74. LeahEllie says:

    I just watched a CBC documentary on the press’ relationship with the Royals and the last section made me think of this site! They interviewed a guy who basically called it on the relationship Kate and William have and how she’s going to need to step back a bit if the marriage has a chance. Here’s the section on YouTube:

  75. Venefica Delirium says:

    I wasn’t aware Prince William (?) was only allowed to marry women of the same social status as himself.

    I think Kate Middleton is a pretty woman. I personally find it refreshing she doesn’t look trashy, like I guess people on gossip blogs confuse for being attractive…?

    I personally don’t like her style. She dresses very prudish, but I am also very bold myself. I don’t think anything’s wrong with her eyeliner except that she wears nothing else with it.

  76. Andie B says:

    Dame Vivienne has the hump, because she knows the Duchess will never wear her clothes. She knows she can’t call her fat or ugly, so she critcizes her makeup instead. How trivial and petty. Makes me laugh actually, as obviously Dame V hasn’t worn her glasses for the last 10 years and can’t see herself. Or maybe there are no mirrors in her mansion.

  77. JulieM says:

    LeahEllie: Just watched your youtube link. Thanks and very interesting. Kate truly is a Stepford Wife. Shut up and do what you’re told. Look nice and don’t keep William waiting in the car. Loyalty more important than love. I might even start feeling sorry for her………Nah. This is what she wanted and waited William out 9 years for and now she is going to get it.

    William doesn’t come off too well, either. I really don’t think he is much of a bargain.

  78. Val says: – you are spot on. Lay off the liquid, go to a lighter color pencil in a brown color (and smudge it a bit), and she would look so much better.

  79. markymarvin says:

    Smacks of a designer jealous that Kate hasn’t worn some of her work.. But then who would.. Look at her.. Her hair looks like she used an egg beater on it. her own eye makeup is nothing more than a triangle elongating an already set of tragic eyes. And that isn’t considering her face.. Which is bad enough that it will only find love with the help of significant cash.

  80. JulieM says:

    Wow, Markymarvin, they say growing old is only for the strong. It will be especially difficult for you.

  81. dorothy says:

    Based on this woman’s appearance I can’t imagine anyone taking her advice seriously.

  82. Oh Please says:

    Wow!! gutted! I am also a fan of dark eyeliner- will skip it tomorrow and see if anyone notices how pretty my eyes are!!

  83. Viv says:

    Westwood rocks! About time somebody told HungryKaty about the bad eyeliner. If Kate wore Westwood that might cheer things up. She is young and can get away with it and the Queen is a fan of Westwood- even knighted her. Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress by Westwood was adorable.

  84. JulieM says:

    Viv: I agree with you completely about Dame Vivienne. However, Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress was by John Galliano when he was at Dior. It was terrific, though, very stylish with the pink hem.

  85. crtb says:


  86. Kosmos says:

    Vivienne Westwood looks like she could use some help as well. But I have to agree, somewhat, that Kate could use some tips from a makeup artist, and so could most women in general. Lining the eyes top and bottom with a very dark color can give a harsh look. Yes, she needs to be a bit smoky or lighter on the bottom to open up the eyes. She can probably afford to get expert advice in whatever area she wishes, so why not do it?

  87. Viv says:

    Thanks for the correct info, Julie! My bad, so true. Who was it again who wore that fab Westwood wedding gown?

  88. The Original Ashley says:

    I don’t know why people are harping on Westwood’s style, I love her corset dresses but I don’t know why she’d want to style Waity. Her dresses aren’t made for twigs. See Nigella Lawson (who loves her corset dresses too) and you’ll see VW does amazing things with woman with curves. Very badom, badom, like Hendrick’s in Mad Men.

    VW is also too edgy for Sloane-y Waity. She doesn’t have that factor that will allow her to mix styles. She’s boring and belongs in boring clothes. The Charlotte of fashion (not the Carrie), though Charlotte had cuter taste.

    Waity is a plank. Dresses for woman’s bodies aren’t going to look right on her that’s why she sticks with wraps and even then they would look better on someone with hips..

  89. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    So, one slightly less than celebratory comment about eyeliner and suddenly Vivienne Westwood is the devil incarnate? Admittedly, her designs aren’t my favourite but the idea that she’s somehow lashing out at Duchess because she’s sad that she’ll have to fall back on the other hoardes and hoardes of other millionaire clients to keep her on her feet is ridiculous to me. Obviously someone takes her seriously. Decades of continuing work and influence mean nothing because you don’t care for the colour of her signature hair that’s been part of the costume for so long? Maybe Vivienne discusses this with your beloved St. Christina over ketchup IVs. Do all designers dress like old order mennonites? Do all of her clients look like carbon copies of her? I don’t believe at all that with age and prolonged success people are entitled to treat others like garbage, but this was tame stuff and Westwood doesn’t have to grovel for the approval of a girl who was born decades after her own mark was embossed on the world. Were they supposed to ask her to recite Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations? Of course they’ll ask about fashion, it’s her job.

    And her makeup is gross. It’s like something out of H.P. Lovecraft.

  90. Josephine says:

    Catherine’s eyeliner really needs to be thrown in the bin. I don’t know why so many people have criticised Vivienne Westwood’s opinion but it really is the truth. Anyway, at least Ms Westwood has had a successful career. What did Catherine do before she got married? Hardly anything!