Brad Pitt is “worried” because Angelina & the kids are close to the London riots


If you’ve been watching the news of the London riots with horror, thinking to yourself, “But what about all of the famous people that live in or around London?!?” this story is for you. Us Weekly has an “exclusive” story all about how the riots were affecting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I’m ashamed to admit that I actually found this story interesting. Here, let me put on my Brangeloonie tin-foil cap. There we go, safely secured with Empress Zahara-approved barrettes.

So the story is basically this: Brad has been filming World War Z in England for several weeks now. I thought they were filming in one of Britain’s famed studio sets, but someone decided to let Brad film in real locations, so he’s currently in Falmouth, Cornwall, which is “five hours away” from London (seriously?). While he’s filming in Cornwall, Brad simply abandoned Angelina and their kids in Richmond, which is only “six miles away” from central London. So Angelina has been on edge and Brad has been making phone calls (big protector, that one).

Angelina Jolie and the kids are staying calm and brave amid the violence and chaos in London. Although the British capital is experiencing some of the worst rioting in its long history, Angelina Jolie and her six children with Brad Pitt aren’t going anywhere — for now.

With Pitt, 47, filming World War Z in Falmouth, Cornwall over five hours away, Jolie, 36, left the family’s rented home in London’s Richmond neighborhood Tuesday afternoon for a visit to Pottery Cafe. At the nearby spot, she and the kids — Maddox, 10, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and 2-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox — painted and decorated pottery items.

“Angie was a little nervous, but felt safe,” a source tells Us Weekly. “[Security] had an extra man on the job.”

Indeed, a source tells Us the shocking civil unrest in the city unnerved the actress. “This morning, she was really scared and worried about the safety of the kids,” the staffer tells Us. “But, as the day has gone by, we’ve been able to get a clear picture on what’s going on. She felt safe enough to take the children out. Of course, we are not going anywhere near central London.” (Located near a popular shopping thoroughfare, the family’s Richmond-area home is about six miles from the city center; rioting has broken out in London suburbs as well as other English cities.)

Pitt, meanwhile, checks in from his movie set on the coast. Adds a second insider: “Brad is…worried. He’s pretty safe because he’s in Falmouth, but knowing Angie and the kids are in London is what’s making him worried. He has been calling the house regularly, to make sure they are OK and calm.”

“People should be in no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain’s streets and to make them safe for the law-abiding,” Prime Minister David Cameron told reporters during a Tuesday crisis meeting. So far, over 500 arrests have been made in London alone, with several buildings going up in flames; over 100 police officers have been injured, and one person was found dead of a gunshot wound.

The trouble began last Thursday, when Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old father of four and suspected drug dealer, was shot and killed by officers in London’s Scotland Yard; Duggan is believed to have fired no shots himself before being killed. The rioting itself reportedly grew out of an initially peaceful memorial vigil, held that night in Tottenham, Duggan’s North London neighborhood, that spiraled out of control.

16,000 police officers are currently patrolling the London streets. A soccer match set for Wednesday at the city’s huge Wembley Stadium has been canceled.

[From Us Weekly]

Granted, Angelina has been in much worse situations, so I have no doubt that worse comes to worst, Angelina will strap all of her children to her back, grab her machine gun and shoot her way out of London. But I can’t believe Brad just abandoned her and the kids and he’s only been checking in with phone calls! WTF? I would be pissed. She and the kids are only in bloody England because he’s filming there.

By the way, Angelina totally took the kids out yesterday – there were photos of her and all of the kids at a “Pottery Café” in Surrey, which you can see here. Some of the kids were dressed in costume. Can I just say – I love Knox. He’s such a funny little guy. A Vivienne is such a girly-girl.

Here are some photos of Brad Pitt NOT protecting his real family on the Cornwall set of World War Z. That redhead is the chick from The Killing (she’s playing Brad’s wife).





Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. mln76 says:

    This is B.S. Us had a completely different story that Angelina was panicking and packing up the kids and leaving London when the shots of her out with the kids turned up. That first story was immediately taken down and edited into this with the same quotes manipulated. Also according to tweets on other sites Brad may be commuting by helicopter.

    Oh and Knox in his pirate costume was too damn cute.

  2. Bite me says:

    My my too bad that’s not the original story usweekly posted up… More bs from the tabs… The pix from yesterday were sweet

  3. Cherry says:

    I already read about this thing this morning and I must say I was rather irritated by it. Disclaimer: No, I’m not a hater, I’m definitely in camp Jolie-Pitt.
    But does anybody else feel a bit offended by this ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!’ thing?
    Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed in miss Jolie right now. She’s a human rights ambassador who travelled to conflict areas all over the world. I’ve heard her talk about her visits to recently ‘de-mined’ zones in Cambodia. And now she’s suddenly ‘worried’?
    Please. She’s completely safe. She’s in a heavily guarded villa compound. A private helicopter can get her and her kids out if need be. The same cannot be said for millions of ‘ordinary’ Londeners who just have to sit tight and hope nothing bad’s going to happen to them.

  4. That's Interesting says:

    Do these people’s reps just drop these weird stories in People Mag and US Weekly so we stay interested in them or do these publications just make it up as they go along?

    I feel like after we just got a few weeks of Aniston we’re now going to get a few weeks worth of Brangelina. It’s like the crazy see-saw of tabloid weirdness. It’s like the tabs can never stray for from these three. Ever.

  5. kate says:

    Ah I see. ONce again they are trying to make everything about themselves. Because Brangelina’s safety is the only important thing.Get over yourselves!

  6. louiset says:

    These comments are ridiculous. If Angelina was so worried and afraid she would leave and she certainly wouldn’t be walking around London with her kids if she was scared. People are so quick to hate and attack Angelina they lose any common sense.

  7. Cherry says:

    Addition to my earlier comment (#3): Of course, if this is just a fabricated story with which Jolie had nothing to do with, I’ve said nothing. In that case: shame on US weekly. This is way too sensitive an issue to misuse for their weekly Brangelina updates. There are millions of English people out there who fear for their homes and properties. Like, for real.

  8. N.D. says:

    I’d be worried too if I were him. But at the same time there are no riots in Richmond as of yet.

  9. Phoenix says:

    Wow. Never looked at this whole thing from a Brangelina perspective. Yawn. And yes, Falmouth is about five hours away from London.

  10. You don't say says:

    Well, it seems that some folks did not see the two stories from US magazine. The first had Angelina and the children running out of fear. Then all of a sudden, there were photos of the children out and that story was yanked and replaced with the one above.

    In other words, US magazine has not idea what is going on with this family since they could not even keep their stories straight. In the morning they had security saying they are leaving, then Oopsy, photos, so I guess the security changed their minds. US is just a tabloid, not a news magazine with direct access.

    In other words, they have no sources and just want to make up stupid stories so this family get whacked again for no reason. Yes, they are planning on leaving–for a scheduled yacht trip which had been talked about already. They are, in other words, not escaping, just doing what they already had planned. I am sure Mr. Pitt phones regularly anyway, again, why make a big deal of it.

    This is a serious situation in London, but to write this drivel to get hits (throw in the Jolie-Pitts, especially somehthing negative, and you will get traffic, which I guess is the point of blogs) is just horrible.

  11. lisa says:


    your first comments sounded as if you thought this BS story is true.

    mln76 thanks for noting that they had TWO stories and took one down to rewrite it.. I have to find them both. I know one of the fans saved it before they took it down.

    She is obviously not “nervous..get me out of here”.. she was out and about with her children and their friends.

    But if there were danger why would she or Brad be critized for getting their family to safety. We see this all time. When dangerous situations happen people leave if they are able. Why does or should she have to prove a point to anyone and stay in harms way. That to me is silly. She is a mother FIRST.. everything else come second to protecting your children. If the riots were happening in her area I’m sure she would be slammed for staying and not protecting her children.

    I was waiting for this. I’m just surprised they didn’t find some way to blame her for the riots.. But then the week is still young.

  12. Anita says:

    Let them leave then. Simple. But that would ruin all the planned photo ops. Who takes kids for pottery in a crowded place like that? Why does she openly let the nannies help her with the kids?

  13. Cherry says:

    @Lisa: I did when I first read it.
    @mln76: thanks for clearing it up!

  14. tapioca says:

    I live in London and the vast majority of the city is safe. There were 16,000 police on duty here last night and since the “rioters” are mainly cowardly little kids who don’t want to pay for trainers and TVs the streets were mostly drama free.

    We were back out on public transport the day after the July 7th bombings and we’ll clean up our streets and carry on as normal this time. Londoners don’t kow-tow to this cr*p!

  15. Cherry says:

    @tapioca thanks for sharing! And good for you!

  16. N.D. says:

    @tapioca that’s the attitude! :) Hope you’ll make it safe through riots.

    Lucky that GB isn’t Lybia though, otherwise your pm saying that “phoney human rights concerns” won’t get in his way when dealing with popular riots would have warranted some pacifying bombing from NATO.

  17. embertine says:

    Oooh, turning a tragic and dangerous national situation into an excuse to run another BS story about everyone’s favourite tabloid fodder. Stay classy, US Weekly.

    tapioca, glad to hear you’re safe and I absolutely concur with your assessment of the rioters’ motivations. Apparently here in Leicester they avoided all the expensive shops and looted Poundstretcher. *shrugs*

  18. hatekyle says:

    Awww comeon haters. No matter who you are and what “great humanitarian” efforts you’ve accomplished, you’ll always get that nudge when it comes to your kids. Although this story is BS, I’m sure both parents feel it in their hearts.
    Even my friend Rachel feels the same way about her hair!

  19. lisa says:

    credit mega 4. (fan lou)
    Here is the FIRST story they printed..

    Us Weekly are SUCH LIARS. They ran a bullshit ass story about how Angelina was “petrified” and packing up the kids and leaving London. But when the pictures surfaced of Angelina out with the kids they yanked the story and changed it. I copied it BEFORE they took it down from their site. Us Weekly does not know a DAMN THING that goes on in the Jolie-Pitt household. They are pulling shit out of there ass like the rest of these tabloids. They are NO better than In Touch Weekly.


    Angelina Jolie and the kids are leaving London ASAP.

    As the British capital and the rest of the UK experiences the worst civil unrest since the 1980s — with violence, rioting and looting ramping up — the actress and her six kids with beau Brad Pitt are fleeing the country, a member of her security team confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

    PHOTOS: Angelina’s parallel life with a legendary movie star

    “Angelina is petrified because she is with the children,” the security team staffer tells Us. “It’s a matter of not feeling safe. She can’t believe this is happening in a place like the UK.”

    As Pitt, 47, shoots “World War Z” in the coastal town of Falmouth, Cornwall, Jolie, 36, has been hanging out in a rented property in the Richmond area of London with kids Maddox, 10, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and 2-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

    As the violence escalates, “Security has been increased around the house,” the staffer adds. The Jolie-Pitt family’s home is dangerously close to a popular shopping thoroughfare in the Richmond area — where looters could potentially strike. “We have to be vigilant,” the staffer says. “The plan right now is to get out now — hopefully [Tuesday] evening, or [Wednesday] morning by the latest.”

    Pitt, meanwhile, must stay behind to shoot his film in Falmouth, which is over five hours away from London. Adds a second insider: “Brad is really worried. He’s pretty safe because he’s in Falmouth, but knowing Angie and the kids are in London is what’s making him worried. He has been calling the house regularly, to make sure they are OK and calm.”

    Us Weeky new LIE is the new story we are commenting.

    anyone see anything familiar in the two stories.. DUH they are the same just changing the wording because there are new picture.. and they took the first story down off the site..


  20. You don't say says:

    @lisa. I am sure US Mag will say since she was so “bored” she started the riots or caused the stock markets to crash as well. I would not put it past these tabloids!! Next headline, according to “sources”.

    I would rather see the adorable photos of Knox in his pirate hat, hook and wayfarers. Cool kid.

  21. Lolita says:

    My beef with her is the calculated image she constantly tries to portray of herself as a hands on mom with no help. She has numerous nannies but she makes them walk ten feet behind her, or exit at a side door instead of letting them help her openly as a normal, secure in herself, mother of 6 would do. If the safety of her kids were first, instead of her image, she would walk out WITH the nannies and the kids, each nanny would be holding the kids hands and leading them to the cars. Instead, we have Jolie struggling to shuffle all her kids out and into the waiting cars, while the nannies walk behind. I have 3 kids. I can handle them by myself, obviously, but when I am walking with my mom, or husband, or a friend, they hold hand with one of them, it makes it so much easier and normal. The other day, Jolie was on some outing with 4 kids, and she was holding 2 on each side, while the nanny was walking ten feet behind (you could still see her). That is SO contrived. Look at Heidi Klum, she walks with all her kids and their nannies, who are helping her openly.
    For all the people who claim that someone else is very PR savy, NOONE beats Jolie in that area. And the fans eat up the “hands on mother” BS with a spoon…

  22. gee says:

    I feel bad for the families with NO money stuck in the middle of it all. And this
    “Granted, Angelina has been in much worse situations, so I have no doubt that worse comes to worst, Angelina will strap all of her children to her back, grab her machine gun and shoot her way out of London”
    is the funniest thing I’ve read in months.

  23. Addie says:

    I’m sure that the Jolie-Pitts are just fine. Sure maybe concered about the situation in general, but not freaking out. They are safer than many others.

    Who is that pretty little girl with Angie and the kids?
    A future girlfriend for Maddox in a few years perhaps :)

    They look happy and are out and about, they do not look scared for their saftey.

  24. That's Interesting says:

    @Lolita. Completely agree with you. Also, has anyone ever seen Jolie put one of her kids in a car seat? With six kids I bet it would be hilarious watching them all get into the car. Why have we never ever seen that? It’s like the kids just magically appear and disappear, but how they got to said store remains a mystery.

    My beef with a lot of these celebrity moms is that they are trying to portray this image of “you can have it all and look completely fabulous doing it.” storyline they continue to re-enforce. They sanitize the entire pregnancy/motherhood experience. No morning sickness, no weight gain, no crying babies, no problem.

    Only Christina Applegate has fessed up to having morning sickness, the rest say they never experienced it, just got tired every once in awhile. Then they pop out a kid and magically lose all of the weight three weeks later declaring that breastfeeding made the weight just fall right off. Weird how that only happens a fraction of the time with non-celebrity moms.

    And then there’s the whole working, traveling, child-rearing combo plate that is always portrayed as being so effortless. Sure, they mention they have help, but rarely ever let them get photographed. All we get is a never-ending dose of “Look at me, I’m just a regular mom who just happens to looks fabulous all the time and hardly ever breaks a sweat because I guess I just lucked out with these wonderful kids who never cry.”

    No wonder there has been a HUGE increase in post-partum depression among non-celebrity moms. How can they possibly compete with this completely unrealistic portrayal of motherhood? And how come their kids don’t just magically appear in places without ever crying or having a complete meltdown?

    If anyone has ever seen a picture of one of the Jolie-Pitt kids shedding even one tear or fussing for even one second I’d like to see it. Otherwise, these kids really are more special than I thought.

  25. lisa says:

    I’ve seen pictures of them getting kids out of the car seat. but do you really think that is what the paps are shooting.

    There are loads of pictures of nannies with the kids. Some without Brad or Angie.

    but why it bothers people so much. I have never heard her of Brad deny they have help. But the obsession over their help situation is fascinating.

  26. The Troll says:

    Hi, I can’t believe that any news outlet is reporting 100 police injured! The police here in the UK count sunburn as an injury. If they spill tea on themselves. There were a few legitimate incidents with the rioters, no doubt, but it infuriates me that the police – who are so corrupt and in bed with the press with a worrying tendency to shoot innocent minorities – are looking like the heroes here, when it is their actions that in a very real sense caused these riots. I know rioters commit crimes and I know the police didn’t make the rioters commit these crimes. But the feelings of rage come from somewhere – why ignore them? When my two-year-old throws a tantrum, I don’t like it. I learn a lot more if I consider why she is throwing the tantrum and how I contributed to it than if I just call her a bad kid and put her on the naughty step.

    I love this site and I have never commented before, thanks for letting me rant. A rant completely unrelated to the Holy Family being near the action, btw.

  27. Jenny says:

    I also don’t get the obsession with this couple’s parenting but I guess people need something to fuss about.

    The entertainment press always needs angles and this story is disturbed. People are in real danger, it is a serious situation and they prefer to write this garbage so that other blogs will pick it up and then pepetuate the lie. The story is neither cute nor something to joke about.

  28. hellnbackl says:

    ‘thats interesting’ you are so so right….Like…I’ve neverrrr seen Jolie put one of the kids in a car like neverrr, like yeah magical disappearance. Like I’ve neverrr seen her bath her kids, or seen them eat vegies…….like are those kids there or are they paper cut outs that she drags around and then, like, folds them up and tosses them onto the backseat of the car. Yeahhhh…hey like l’ve never seen photos of them sleeping so, you know, like do they even sleep…or, you know, like does she even let them!!!!

  29. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Let her go stay at Margaret Thatcher’s house.

    They can sip tea, discuss the Poll Tax, the privatization of public housing and all the other little gems that did nothing but exacerbate the boiling undercurrent of racism and classism that exploded in 1985 when that dictator was Prime Minister.

    Thatcherism laid the foundation for making an already volatile nation heavily impacted by immigration worse.

    As for: “‘Granted, Angelina has been in much worse situations, so I have no doubt that worse comes to worst, Angelina will strap all of her children to her back, grab her machine gun and shoot her way out of London’
    is the funniest thing I’ve read in months.”

    That is the most brain-dead thing I’ve read in months.

  30. Jazz says:

    I haven’t really given much thought to famous people near the riots. They’ll be fine in their ivory towers. Unlike the little people of London who have lost their homes, businesses and livelihoods. No one should be writing celebrity related stories about the riots unless one of them has been injured, had property damage, or is helping with the clean up effort.

  31. That's Interesting says:

    Wow, hellnback. Relax. There’s not reason for the hysteria. I wasn’t talking about what I haven’t seen them do in the privacy of their own home. I think it goes without saying that they sleep and eat veggies.

    I’m talking about what I’ve never seen them do in public. Like having their mother put them in a car seat. I’ve seen a million other mothers do that. Even Pink and Jennifer Garner manage to do that and they get papped all the time too so we have gotten car seat photos. Tabloids do print them when they exist.

    Also, never is spelled with just one r, not three. LOL.

  32. Ell says:

    @The Troll – glad you were able to have a rant:)

    I have to point out with the police it’s the top of the heap in bed with the press not the bobby on the street. I wouldn’t have wanted to face the rioters nor would I want a member of family to either. I think we should be grateful to them not slamming them, it’s not their fault if they are restricted by rules and regs.

    I think we’ve been considering people’s behaviour for far too longer it’s hurts me to say this but I think it is time for the naughty step. I keep hearing about no jobs, lack of youth clubs etc. And yet the obvious is ignored, crap parenting. If these kids were brought up with some structure they wouldn’t be out on the streets in the first place. So maybe the focus should be on teaching parenting skills in schools.

    As for the Brange, I hope this is all made up otherwise it’s insulting to the everyday folks on London whose lives have been destroyed by the mindless looters. And Cornwall is a beautiful place, why can’t she take the kids down there, it’s steeped in legends and myths, especially pirate adventures…more informing than walking around toy shops every day.

  33. Amanda says:

    You really think some dickhead teenagers have Angelina clutching her pearls and summoning the private plane? Ha!

    The mere fact US had a completely different story running and had to take it down and replace it with another less SHOCKING OMG story once pictures cropped up shows that they know sod all about what goes on in the Brangelina camp.

    Me? I’m pretty happy Angelina’s in the country while all these little pussies are throwing their toys out the pram. Not only are we breathing the same air, I’ve got more confidence in Angelina’a ability to whip them into shape than I have David Cameron’s! #wewantourcountryback

  34. Toot says:


    Please, your first paragraph makes no sense. If the “Brand” as you call them are supplying the info through sources, why would they change the story?

    The tabs have no “sources” in the Brad and Angelina camp because if they did all the crap that’s been put out over the years would have been proven true by now.

    @That’s Interesting

    I’ve seen pics of the kids in car seats. Just because you haven’t doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

  35. Lolita says:

    The whole point is not to begrudge them the fact that they have nannies. They both work and have 6 kids, of course, they need nannies. What irks people is the calculated, contrived image that they always put forth, and the fact that some people actually really buy into it and really actually think that Jolie doesn’t care about her image or what is being written about her and just lives her life without worrying about the way she portrays herself. Please, everything is calculated.If she was really going on about her daily life, she wouldn’t be juggling her 6 kids while the nannies hide in the background, as to make us think she is super mom. I would bet anything that the minute they are inside and out of the photographers range, the nannies take over . It’s the same when they come out of an airport and you see one of them carrying two kids for the waiting photographers. That is a contrived and calculated PR move to make them appear hands on. I’m sure that 2 minutes before, they were being tended to by the nannies, but that of course, doesn’t say ‘super parent’ as much. What I can’t believe is that some people actually buy into it and aren’t able to see through it.

  36. That's Interesting says:

    @toot Car seat, yes, once or twice. Mom putting kid in car seat, not even once.

    Also, if the tabs don’t have any sources in the Jolie-Pitt camp then they must not have any in the Aniston camp either. We never heard one word, not even the slightest hint about her getting close to Theroux on the set of Wanderlust. But, we’ve gotten a million stories about how she was planning for a baby two years ago and had even signed adoption papers, according to sources. They even had her painting a Harry Potter mural on the ceiling of the nursery and hiring Courtney Cox’s nanny. LOL.

  37. ramona says:

    I live and work in Richmond, and the riots didn’t come to our little bit of London, thankfully. Honestly, it was probably the safest bit of London to be in these past couple days. We’ve had several friends from dodgy areas sleeping over, it’s been a bit crazy but we’ve all made do.

    Angie and the child army (who I’ve STILL not run into) were safe – particularly since they are probably renting one of the mega-mansions with tons of security. And their personal security guards, of course.

  38. inez says:

    I like in Peckham. There were riots in Peckham, a burning bus right down my street. But because I don’t live on the main road or close to shops, I didn’t notice anything apart from hearing sirens non-stop and seeing helicopters fly around.
    I’m pretty sure that Angelina doesn’t live right above shops, or on a main road, so it’s very likely that they’ve seen as much as me, probably less.

  39. You don't say says:

    Why is it so important to see her put a kid in a car seat in the first place? What does it prove. By the way, when they landed in Chicago a few years ago, guess what, she put Shiloh into her car seat. There are photos of Brad putting their children into car seats. What is the issue here?

    I have not seen many celebrity parents put their children in car seats, so where are the complaints about them. I have seen celebrity parents have the nanny carry the child while they walked next to them, again, no complaining. It is rather creepy to see so many people obsessed with this couple and think they should live by different rules than others.

    Johnny Depp and other people with real names, go on and on about what great parents they are, how hands on they are, so is he and the others lying? I just don’t get it.

  40. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Lolita, @That’s Interesting; Big F-ing Deal. I’ve had nannies since I was a day old. She was white and I’m not. She took care of me till I was 6 months and we still keep in touch till date. I wasn’t even breastfed by my mom for medical reasons.

    Even now, in my twenties, living at home on my vacays, my parents still have a lot of helpers around the house. My parents never put me or my siblings in a car seat, they didn’t even put us to bed with bedtime stories and tuck us in and all of that ‘Western ideal’ of parenting… but that doesn’t make me love them any less, in fact, I love them to bits, or change the fact that they were my parents.

    My Mom and Dad, btw… praised and rewarded us when we did something awesome, corrected us when we were wrong, took us on loads of trips, told us stories about lots of places, helped us with our homework and were always there with us and for us… even if it wasn’t them that gave us our daily baths.

    Believe me, these kids will turn out fine if nobody poisons them into thinking that the ‘Western ideal’ of BEING SEEN ‘putting a child in car seat’ is the epitome of parental love and care. Who said that?

    Plus, Angie is in Surrey, people. Surrey. So…it is possible Surrey IS a safe place. It’s just Geography.

  41. Toot says:

    @ Pity

    I remember that article from US, and I also remember some of the comments for that article saying it wasn’t Brad because the guy had short hair. US reads those comments too and just got a clue.

  42. tracking says:

    This seems fabricated, particularly since the family can head out any time they darn well please.

  43. 4Real says:

    Oh please like they just can’t hop a jet to the next country at any time?? She’s been to Afghanistan during a war for crying out loud this is day camp in comparison.

  44. Cheyenne says:

    lisa: I’m just surprised they didn’t find some way to blame her for the riots…

    … not to mention the stock market crash and the hole in the ozone layer.

  45. N.D. says:

    What’s is it today? something in the air? Crazies are more worrysome than usual :)

    Why there HAVE to be pics of her putting kids in the car seats? Seriously, isn’t it pretty asinine thing to demand?

    The same goes for them purposedly planting and changing stories in the same outlet in the matter of hours. What would be the prupose of it? What would they expect to gain from such a move? Did you seriously suggest they could have mistaken their own bodyguard for Brad in pics and had to correct later? Or is there something to gain from such mistake?

    It isn’t even conspiracy theory it’s plain madness.

  46. That's Interesting says:

    @Yousayyou don’t if you read my initial comment I actually called out the celebrity world in general when it comes to the way they sanitize the whole pregnancy/motherhood thing. I used Jolie as an example for the car seat thing.

    Also, we seem to have different rules for different celebrities depending one whether we like them or not.

    For example, every time there is an article about Pitt and Jolie giving money away a million people come out and slam Jennifer Aniston for not being more charitable. Shouldn’t we be asking the same thing about Johnny Depp? He’s made $350 million just from the Pirates movie but I never hear anything about him giving money away. And I never hear any complaints from commenters about him not giving his money away.

    Or Justin Theroux looks awful for having a beard, wearing a hat and having on stupid clothes, but when Depp and Pitt spend YEARS looking like homeless hobos, then it’s adorable–and edgy.

    All women in Hollywood are desperate, clingy and can’t keep a man while George Clooney is just living his awesome life.

    Or only this particular person I hate calls the paps to join her on vacation. while the other thousand celebrity photos of famous people frolicking on the beach is purely coincidence.

    Or my personal double standard favorite, EVERYONE in Hollywood plays PR games….except for Brad and Angelina.

    I could give you a hundred more examples but you know what I’m saying. Different rules for different people.

  47. munchies says:

    there are more cuter pics ive seen in dailymail. esp viv… shes so adorable and really looked like girly girly brad.

  48. Jenny says:

    @pity Every blog picked up on that not being Brad. It’s not rocket science. These folks don’t have publicists at all. They don’t threaten lawsuits or send out press releases when stories are false like so many others do. So, what kind of PR machine lets these stories stand? They went to Bosnia and the sources forgot to tell us, but send fake stories then change them.

  49. That's Interesting says:

    @Jenny. Are you kidding? They have sued tabloids for claiming their relationship was in trouble so obviously they DO care and they DO pay attention to what people are saying. Feel free to google “Brad and Angelina Sue Tabloid”

    And they do have publicists. They just call them something else so they can claim not to have publicists. Or do you actually think they book their own interviews and photo shoots? Just like Angelina has the U.N. issue press releases for her so she can pretend she had nothing to do with the press release even though she proved almost every single quote for it.

    Seriously, some of you people are so ridiculously naive? Don’t you realize that by claiming they don’t have a publicist these two have managed to convince you they never do anything for P.R. It’s PR genius at its finest.

  50. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Pity, The ‘sources’ (whom you think are Brad and Angelina’s people) don’t call the trashloids. It’s been said a 1000 times already: They do not have publicists.

    Aniston’s PR, Huvane however, he’s another deal… Objectively speaking though, I think he does a great job with the kind of stuff, he actually puts out on her, excluding the US Weakly and Out of Touch BS which I never believe…

    Regarding the Brad-bodyguard switcheroo, really, it was people (like you and I) who commented …and, like magic, the error was corrected.

    I have commented on the CNN entertainment blog for an error in Angie’s date of birth to be corrected before. It’s that easy. Corrections happen on this site from time to time.
    No celeb’s ‘people’ has to call CB.

  51. Kara Ann says:

    Shame on us US weekly for making this about Brangelina!! This really sickens me as other people were actually at risk. Furthermore, if Brangelina were in danger, I would applaud them for removing themselves and their children from the situation. C’mon people that would just be common sense!
    I am not a Brangeloonie but I do think that some people go overboard in their dislike of these people. I don’t like them either but I don’t believe that castigating them for made-up stories is fair.
    If this sounds like a rant, it kind of is. I just wish that people would be more rational when discussing them. I mean legit criticism (or opinion) is cool but buying into tabloid created crap about an important national crisis like this just…it’s just disgusting.
    That’s Interesting…I do agree with the majority of your post and find it a legit and credible opinion based on fact! I just wish others would follow that line of reasoning…as in fact based.

  52. N.D. says:

    @That’s Interesting They have sued tabloids for claiming their relationship was in trouble

    Once in 6 years and only because it got reported everywhere including CNN. Never before or after when it was limited to tabloids.

  53. Skinnybetch says:

    I call bs on this story because I don’t think Angelina Jolie is afraid of anything!

  54. mln76 says:

    Brad said long before he was with Angie his rule is to sue if/ when a story enters the mainstream press. He didn’t sue NOTWW because they wrote a breakup story he sued because all of the media was running as if it was accurate.

  55. Bored says:

    Lol @ brad fans turning it around and hating on Angie. Of course Mr. Perfect is the perfect partner and father and would NEVER abandon his family. ~rolling my eyes~I agree with the article on this site. Pitt is not very good at protecting his real family from the tabloids or anything else. Lol

  56. Sakyiwaa says:

    @That’s Interesting; “…Or my personal double standard favorite, EVERYONE in Hollywood plays PR games….except for Brad and Angelina…”

    Okay, I get you. Personally, I don’t have that stance. I totally think Angie and Brad play PR games.

    ONLY, I wish they would play them BETTER. I totally WISH they had high-powered publicists they would sic on every trashloid and blog that prints untruths about them from here till thy kingdom come.

    I WISH I could see them playing the ‘perfect couple’ PR game Liz-Taylor-and Richard-Burton styles with the magazine spreads and sappy quotes and huge, expensive jewellery, paintings, yachts, hotels and homes… every month.

    I WISH, apart from the nannies, the kids would also have butlers serving them hand and foot and would all be sent off the best boarding schools and would only be seen wearing the best designer couture for kids every time we see them and of course, learn to speak seven languages.

    I WISH they’d spend all their money on the best plastic surgery and beauty regimens money can buy so they could look young forever… while constantly draped in the best designer clothes and driving the best cars and bikes.

    Of course, they play the PR game. I just wish they’d be downright FILTHY about it.

    Good thing I don’t have a personal Genie. ;)

  57. Jenny says:

    As stated, they did not “threaten” to sue like Beckham and Kutcher did. You read only after they sued NOTW and has been said, after it became a topic on mainstream media and they won by the way. The other hundreds of stories have gone without anything from them.

    Do they participate in PR stuff, of course, but not to the extent they are accused. Oh, by the way, if they did tell folks that person in Mexico was not Brad, why did the story start that it was his brother? His sources don’t know what his brother looks like or that he was not even in Mexico?

    The interviews are set up by studios to publicize films. When not doing promotion, the studios don’t set up anything, don’t answer tabloids and this couple don’t do interviews. Even the tacky Lainey said that when she went in to interview Angelina, she was alone, no handlers. The same for the Financial Times and the USA Today story on Brad. They show up to their interviews on their own, which the interviewers always mention. They don’t have publicists who go on dates with them.

    No, they do not have powerful publicists like Clooney, Anniston and before his publicist quit, Charlie Sheen, and others who work hard for the money since that is their job.

  58. Mia says:

    They sued after the tabs (NotW?) said they were breaking up and working on a custody arrangement that would split the kids up. Bio kids with Brad. Angelina would take the adopted children. I’d be pissed and out for blood too.

  59. That's Interesting says:

    I love how people claim Brad and Angelina don’t pay attention to what’s written about them and NEVER sue because they don’t care or pay attention….and then spend the rest of the afternoon slowly backtracking so they never sue becomes they only sue if it’s on CNN.

    And they don’t have a publicist becomes well, other people do the PR for them and then only for the movies. Yeah, like these movie studios don’t use the tabloids for PR when they’ve got $100 million riding on a film.

    And they never play PR games suddenly becomes well, they only play them if they need to for their jobs and then only play them honestly.

    And they never give interviews or ever talk about their private lives because they are sooooo private. Unless it’s for a film. Is this the part where the studio forces them to go on and on about their sex lives and every intimate detail about what their children do in private? If the studios didn’t force them to do this they would be the most private couple in Hollywood I guess.

    I’m sure if there was video of Angelina literally calling up US Weekly to start a rumor about herself, you’d all say someone must have just handed the phone to her without her realizing who she was talking to.

    I mean seriously, what kind of reality do some of you people live in? Oh right, the one where you just make it up as you go, a reality where Brad and Angelina look good and selfless and pure no matter what.

    Anyway, no point in arguing with people who make up reality as they go along. We’ll have to agree to disagree I guess.

  60. This story is smelling like B-essss.The Jolie-Pitts don’t hand the reins over,they know how to ride out any romp, that life hurls at them.

  61. UKHels says:

    ha, these people were stealing from trainer shops and poundland stores, I hardly think they would present any danger to Angelina and her security entourage

    god celebs always have to make it about them

  62. waq says:

    god celebs always have to make it about them

    No. The tabloids that about report celebs have to always make it about the celebs. Beside, this is celebrity blog site so the whole point of coming here is to read about what’s going in their lives. And in this case US weekly got it way wrong the first time because they said Angelina was escaping with the kids. When the pics of their trip to the pottery store came out, US got caught in their lies with their bs “sources” quotes so they had to adjust the story. Brad and Angelina seem to going about their business as usual. He’s filming and she making sure the kids don’t go crazy being bored at home.

  63. Very Telling says:

    Brad and Angie have filed one lawsuit despite the fact there have been over thousand tabloid cover stories(average of 2-3/week for 6 1/2 years) about them at least 80% about Angie negative. She is cheating( at least 50 stories) on Brad, she hates her kids, she abuses her kids, she is an drunk, she is an addict, she hates America,her kids are retarded,she is anorexic, she is evil….Yet she has ignored all of them with the exception of one.I see the tabloids rarely get anything accurate or anything before it happens. For example Us Weekly claimed she and the kids were going to stay in France while Brad filmed. No one knew she would be receiving an award in Saravejo although she was notified 6 months prior according to the director of the film festival. Of I guess her pals/ sources forgot to call the tabloids with that info. GMAB

  64. Jollyjolie says:

    Are Pity and That’s Interesting the same person? ..Just asking :lol:

  65. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Ell, I mainly agree with u, my take on the riots are;

    There was a small minority of political protesters who were rightly angered by the shooting of th man in Tottenham and there is indeed much poverty in places….


    The majority of the few hundred ‘rioters’ are mindless thugs who exect the govt to pay them to live like people who work hard every day and struggle to pay their mortgages and have a rotten attitude w/o any effort on their part to gain academic qualifications or even try to find work.Their parents can’t be bothered to parent them so they run wild and there are no consequences. there are opportunistic thugs who are copycatting and destroying small businesses just for fun and something to entertain their ‘i deserve everything for nothing’ mindset.

    I mean what has looting 4 50inch flat screen tv’s got to do wth politics!

    This was a terrifying situation but the great thing is the majority of the UK feels like this and it is just a tiny minority of idiots who have been rioting

    In regard to Angie, of course this violent looting and rioting is scary esp with kids but I hardly think they were in any danger.

    Thankfully it all seems to be dying down now & pls remember the police protect the public, ys there are a few racists which is unacceptanle but the majority of the police are decent people doing thrir job. These youths are not decent in anyone’s world

  66. Anne de Vries says:

    I find it almost offensive that in the midst of uproar and violence that is ruining people’s houses and livelihoods, media is focusing on what one rich family, miles away from any violence and with every possible resource to protect themselves, is doing.

    London is huge and fractured. She is safe as houses in Richmond.

  67. Katherine says:

    Pity and That’s Interesting seem like they would be more at home at a conspiracy website discussing those uber scary “UFOs” near power lines and Randy Quaid’s theory of the Universe and Hollywood.

    People need to stop demanding to see a couple’ nannies. First it’s clear that Brad and Angie rarely use nannies when they go out on outings – they seem to be using them more in recent months when they take all 6 kids out and that makes sense now.

    But there are security reasons as well and privacy reasons why the people themselves may not want to be photographed. I have seen an awful lot of Brad and Angie photo sets and I have never seen a nanny trailing way behind – they are either with them or they’re not. But what are you going to do? People just love to make up garbage about this couple.

  68. Shoe_Lover says:

    The London riots are being handled so poorly. Get the army in there with water cannons and rubber bullets and get this sh!t sorted before someone dies. People are losing their livelihoods but the Police are trying to make a political statement about how underfunded they are and how they don’t have enough officers.

  69. mln76 says:

    I have seen plenty of pictures of the ‘nannies’. Both Brad & Angie has talked about having help. It’s not a secret to anyone that they exist. But it’s also obvious that they spend a lot of time with their kids unlike many other celebs who go off and shoot their movies and leave their kids at home.
    As for PR Sakyiwaa in her post #58 said it best. If they were handled by a PR firm their publicist would sheild them from a lot of this B.S. and tabs would be much less likely to print so many unflattering stories.
    It’s pretty much the same way a big corporation like Wallmart can force their suppliers down in prices because they have so much control of the market. Huvane @ CAA has dozens of big name celebrities and even more smaller celebs. Huvane has much more pull with the tabs than Brangelina.

    Oh and Tapioca and anyone else personally affected by the riots I hope you are safe!!!

  70. Honey says:

    “If they were handled by a PR firm their publicist would shield them from a lot of this B.S. and tabs would be much less likely to print so many unflattering stories.”

    Right, because that works so well for everyone else who has a publicist. They get ‘shielded’ from all unflattering stories and ‘B.S.’ They totally have a publicist and PR people, they just go by another title. But a rose by any other name…

  71. GirlyGIrl says:

    I was wrong to feel for those 3 muslim friends who were trying to protect their neighbourhood when they got run down by a murderous driver, cause I used up all my sadness and now have none left for the rich elite and their gated estates…

    I am so sorry Brangeloonie, please try to forgive me

  72. Mario says:

    Watch out for those poor people Angelina, they’ll get their poverty all over you!!!

  73. Rena says:

    @those who insist despite numerous actual interviewers, critics, film blogs written by actual people not tab pretend sources that they have publicists, I actually PITY you in your insane determination to ignore TRUTH and cling to your preferred fantasies and delusions.

    Neither Brad nor Angelina employ publicists. This is a FACT, this is REALITY, a VERIFIABLE truth. Why in the world do some, a few, insist on ranting a lie? This is such strange behavior to me. To ignore the proved truth, what kind of intelligent person does that?

    As to the nanny issue there are all kinds of pics all over the net of nannies with them at times, another proved up fact. Truth is paps don’t get the big $$$$ for those pics so they are not sold and featured. In the pics yesterday at the pottery in Richmond there were pics of 2 kids like Maddox’s age, a boy and a girl, with them and a lady helping them. They exist and are on sites that show lots of pics not just a few as pics cost money and most blogs buy just a few not the whole set. Again the truth is plain to see for the few who whine about some lie only in their wacky heads.

    And yes the studios provide PR for the stars of their films for film publicity, that is normal you know.

    I keep waiting for some to grow up and stop making up lies about this family. When you persist in this aberrant behavior you are lying like tabloids do so that is why they keep lying for you all. US has been caught in several lies recently, yesterday was so blatant as to be laughable but it was not. What is happening in the UK is serious and the tabs should not be spinning lies about it in any way.

    It is 2011. Move on.

  74. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    This publicist under a different name is so crazy, since all publicist work for entertainment firms, you know under a contract/license, so how on earth or why would BP/AJ be allowed to employ them under different name/title. And have them agree to it. Makes no sense at all. Gives AJ/BP UNHEARD of power. Maybe, we should thank you. An attorney is an attorney, a doctor is a doctor, see where I am going. No firm would approve of this. Besides naming the said publicist would be nice.

    Nannies, car seats don’t have to be shown to anyone outside of the JP’s. Who are you to make such a demand? You don’t see them arriving because tweets and texts are sent, THEN all heck breaks loose with PAPS and fans lining up outside, but of course you already knew this. You read them too. JP’s don’t have to answer to you or I, only each other. They seem satisfied with that.

    US Weekly can’t do anything else but make up lies. Now, convincing poeple to believe them is where the sadness comes in. They know BP arrives and goes home by helicopter, having never abandoned HIS family, but this feeds the needs of those who want to say he is weak because that’s how AJ “STOLE” him. He has no backbone and the evil one is to blame for everything. When in reality his strength is his “STAYING POWER” regardless of what is said of his woman. He sticks by her all sexy and devoted. This corn is rubbing them raw, you know because he “loves her” and had the nerve to leave someone. Well, his obsession to her is my obsession. Loves it. We don’t dictate what he should do, and he is man enough to let us know that. Loves it too. Their family, their life. Enjoy it.

  75. Mook says:

    Angie and Brad put the twins in their car seats after walking about and going for ice cream in in Jordan last year. Angie had trouble with Shiloh’s seat in Chicago in 2007 and after several minutes of struggle asked security to reinstall it. She has been seen taking Zahara and Vivienne out of their car seats. What next will the haters demand?

    Have any of you considered everything you see is through the filter of the paps and the photo agencies and they cut out nannies etc. The often cut out Zahara FCOL!

  76. Lolita says:


  77. Funnelweb says:

    Lolita, and you know for a FACT the woman walking behind was a nanny and not just a stranger in the picture, how? You haters create your own reality as you go along.

  78. Lolita says:

    It WAS a nanny. She is featured in many other pics with them. You see her on the London aquarium outing, where she is walking behind them holding Jolie’s purse, while Jolie has all 4 kids with her front and center as to put forth the image of the “hands on mom”. Obviously, it is very contrived. But whatevr she wants to do is totally fine, I just can’t understand how people can say that she is not image conscious and that she is unaware of what is said about her when it is pretty obvious that the lopposite is true.And “hater?”..Are you 14???

    And there is NOTHING more ironic than a Pitt-Jolie fan calling someone delusional LOL !!!

  79. Funnelweb says:

    You never stopped to think that she might be a security guard, or assistant or something? No. You just jumped to conclusions. Btw, the term ‘hater’ is used mostly by adults on both sides, on the internet. Learn the lingo and venacular. Lastly, go visit Female First (or indeed, any of the rabid pro-Aniston fan sites) where Aniston fans believe Brad will still come crawling back to Brad, where they believe Angelina runs a child prostition and exploitive ring (yes, Aniston fans on FF do truly believe that and Aniston fans are the very REASON people now support Angelina and hate Jen. Aniston’s fans are her worst enemy) before you even DARE suggest that JP fans are anywhere NEAR as sick and delusional as the Aniston fans. Aniston fans don’t have the reputation of being the most unhinged and dangerous group out, for nothing. Your comment was pure irony and bold-faced hypocrisy, if ever there was! Aniston fans are in the dictionary as THE definition of delusional. Aniston fans and their disgusting behavior is the very reason Aniston is losing fans and people are sticking up for Angelina.

  80. Lolita says:

    There are crazies on both sides… I have never read or been to any site where I saw what you described, although I totally believe you, but…
    Some nutcases actually believe that Aniston sends messages to Pitt and Jolie through what she wears, what her boyfriend wears, their jewelry, etc… They get a new pic of Aniston or Justin Theroux and then they google all of what Pitt and Jolie have ever worn to see if there might be a ressemblance. Wow…Justin is wearing a white shirt!!! Brad was seen wearing a white shirt 4 years ago!!!! Surely they are trying to send him a secret message!?? I mean seriously!! Those are ADULT women writing this and actually BELIEVING it!! So there are unhinged people on both sides.
    As for the nanny issue, believe what you want, she’s a bodyguard, ok, sure…

  81. Sakyiwaa says:

    @CHRISTIAN.girl. Awesome post! Couldnt have said it better…

  82. It?s in point of fact a great and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.