Kate Moss & her amazing wedding cover Vogue’s September issue


I was trying to find a way to organize some of the best excerpts from Kate Moss’s Vogue cover story – all about her wedding, behind-the-scenes, plus a great interview – but it would be better for you to just go to Vogue and read the piece, and while you’re there, check out the slideshow of Mario Testino’s photos. All of it is enchanting! And that’s coming from someone who isn’t a huge fan of Kate historically. Okay, here are some of the best excerpts:

Why Kate decided to accept Jamie Hince’s proposal: After a romantic trip to Thailand two years into their liaison, Kate recalls, “we were just so loved up, and he asked me to marry him every day.” But it was curling up together in front of the compelling British television documentary series Big Fat Gypsy Weddings that appears to have sealed the deal. “I am so romantic about Gypsies,” Kate explains. “They’re not allowed to do anything until they get married. So they all get married really young, at sixteen. You can’t believe the dresses. They’re like blinging butterflies times ten; they can’t move down the aisle! It’s so genius. I was just watching Jamie, so cute, and I was like, these girls, they just spend their whole life waiting for that day—let’s do it!”

Kate does yoga: Mario is shooting the couple for Vogue at a magnificent seventeenth-century Cotswolds mansion. “I so want a stately home,” sighs Kate, admiring the rolling Capability Brown landscape. At 37, she looks ravishing; she attributes her honed form to Jivamukti yoga. “They call it moving meditation,” she says. “It’s loud, loud music, so it’s dynamic, not boring.”

Pre-wedding jitters: In the pictures you can feel the love, but off-camera nerves are fragile. The groom-to-be “is terrified,” says Kate. His prospective bride is in denial. “Let’s put it this way,” she says. “If I didn’t have my friends. . . . I don’t know how people do it. I’ve had big birthday parties, and I’ve thrown parties for other people, but this is a completely different thing. It’s the Met Ball! Because you have to look at every piece of cutlery; the details are intense. And then you wake up thinking about the ballet shoes for the girls; is the satin ribbon right? I’ve gone mental. Jamie thinks I’m mad, asking, ‘Are you gonna be all right? After the wedding, I’m hoping you’ll get back to normal!’”

Church drama: She had originally wanted to get married in the enchanting twelfth-century church at the bottom of her garden, but as it proved too small even for her intimate wedding party (138 guests have been invited to the church ceremony; 39 of those are children), she decided on St. Peter’s Church, in the neighboring village of Southrop, where Lila Grace, her eight-year-old daughter with journalist Jefferson Hack, was christened.

The mood Kate was aiming for: “I wanted it to be kind of dreamy and 1920s, when everything is soft-focus,” says Kate. “The Great Gatsby. The code name was GG for a while. That light and that kind of fun decadence. It’s rock-’n’-roll Great Gatsby!” There will be Edwardian marquees in her field and a circus tent for the children, with a miniature drum kit and their own DJ and tepees for them to sleep in. A stage is being built by hand, “which I’m going to keep for festivals for the future,” she explains.

The bridesmaids & flower girls: There are sixteen bridesmaids and flower girls, ages two to fourteen. “They are so good together,” says Kate. The children all clearly adore Kate the den mother; she loves nothing more than having her own houses in town and country thronging with them. She even installed a swing in her London dressing room but packed away the precious clothes after they started seeing a bit too much wear and tear.

Kate’s daughter: Lila Grace is very much in control as she corrals the other children and then executes some dance moves to entertain them (she has a ballet performance on the weekend). Her mother’s friends laughingly compare her to Absolutely Fabulous’s Saffy, the studious, long-suffering daughter to Kate’s giddy Edina. “Mummy, are you stressed?” she asks solicitously at one point.

The dress: In the flurry of pre-wedding madness and nerves, the one thing that is keeping Kate sane is the dress. With characteristic loyalty, she has asked her beleaguered friend John Galliano to work on this. “When I put the dress on, I’m really happy,” says Kate. “I forget about everything.” She wanted “a classic Galliano, those chiffon thirties kind. I’ve lived in his dresses for years, and they just make me feel so comfortable. But it’s so much more couture, couture, couture. Oh, my God, the work that’s going into the dress!” They discussed everything on the phone, and then, when John was out of rehab for the first of four marathon fittings, he brought her “bags full of bits, and pulled tulle and sequins and veils and flowers out. And then we just kind of pinned things together, like the old days, you know?”

Everyone waits for Naomi Campbell: Naomi, in a flurry of lemon-yellow Givenchy gauze, is the last to arrive, so all is right with the world (“Trying to upstage me, bitch?” says Kate, laughing).

The end: At a quarter to five (a.m.) Kate reappears, looking like a Pre-Raphaelite wood sprite in the diaphanous silk-tulle 1930s wedding dress that Katy England found for her bachelorette party, and proceeds to execute an exuberant tango. Everyone’s mother is still on the dance floor. (At her bachelorette weekend, “my mum was the last to leave,” says Kate, laughing. “The last man standing, my mum was!”)

[From Vogue]

Haha, Kate is lucky she didn’t get a face full of phone for calling Naomi a bitch to her face. Hysterical. Honestly, though, I’m not a wedding person, but Kate’s wedding looks and sounds so beautiful and lovely. I think that’s the good part about getting married well into your 30s – you know your own personality, you know what you want, you have your priorities straight, and you can give yourself a great, unique wedding.







Photos courtesy of Vogue/Testino.

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  1. gee says:

    She really did have an asthetically beautiful wedding. She seems kind of sweet, in my head I always picture her gin-soaked and smelling of cigarettes. I’m sure she is somewhere between these two perspectives lol.

  2. brin says:

    Her wedding picture is beautiful….it’s so “Midsummers’ Night Eve-ish”! Love the piture of Kate and her daughter, too.

  3. Randy says:

    Stunning and she’s hilarious!

  4. Cherry says:

    Jeez, Kate looks even more photoshopped that Dianna whatsherface in the other post. Come on, Kate, we’ve seen what your REAL face looks like on the REAL wedding pics now. And it’s ok. You’re a beautiful lady. You can stop trying to convince us that your still have the glowing wrinkle-free babyface of a 15-year-old.

  5. brin says:

    @gee…yeah, don’t forget when she pushed that boy in the water…lol!

  6. tapioca says:

    Woah, Rafferty Law (Sadie & Jude’s son) is going to break a few hearts, isn’t he?

    Also Kate Moss has been photoshopped so much on that cover she looks like an alien. I can’t deny her wedding looked fab though.

  7. Waldemar says:

    By Jove, a real model on the cover of Vogue.

    I guess that explains why she isn’t on the september cover of British Vogue. She ALWAYS get that one.

  8. girlwithapearl says:

    Omigosh, I just love her

  9. LisaMarie says:

    Gorgeous pictures. Love the one of her with all the children. That last picture looks like the cover of a trashy romance novel, lol!

  10. LL says:

    Anyone else think the one of her in the nude with her daughter is a bit weird?

  11. k says:

    I’ve always hated her but changed my tune after seeing those vacation pics of her pushing a boy off a pier. Hilarious. She seems happy and matured, so good for her.

    That cover is horribly photoshopped, though.

  12. Jayne says:

    @LL: I totally agree. That mother/daughter nude picture is rather odd…

  13. your mama says:

    Lovely wedding, but she sounds so pompous to me!

  14. gee says:

    @Brin, LOL I completely forgot about that! I die, gin soaked it is.

  15. Exoticarr says:

    i’m just glad she didn’t marry Doherty

  16. ladybert62 says:

    She is pretty and the wedding dresses are beautiful.

    I have never understood the desire for a large wedding costing thousands of dollars – always seems like a waste of money to me. But then I have never had a lot of money to waste!!! ha ha

  17. MollyB says:

    I don’t have much respect for her as a person or a parent but that wedding was really, really gorgeous.

  18. susanne says:

    Ha! Brin, I read “summer’s eve” rather than midsummer’s night eve. That fits, too!

    Super ‘shopped, but really modelly and beautiful. She’s lovely, but the hard living shows.

  19. Katyusha says:

    Boy, she’s got a face to die for, that’s for sure.

  20. Eve says:

    It’s truly amazing how they manage to photoshop the crack out her face in editorials and covers. AMAZING!

  21. helen says:

    I’m just glad she didn’t marry Hack.

  22. LIVEALOT says:

    yes @tapoica – i felt weird recognizing his handsome..err.. cuteness. lol

    sigh.. i love kate in general and the whole affair (photos and all) seem classic. <3 <3

  23. cmc says:

    The nudity in the mother/daughter picture is weird but squeee! Matching freckles! That’s so cute. Lila Grace is going to be beautiful just like her mom.

  24. spinner says:

    So funny…Kate is no great beauty but she is just so interesting to look at. I love her. The cover shot is sublime & her wedding is indeed ethereal. She is no more photo-shopped than any one else these days.

  25. ElleGin says:

    Beautiful, nuf said.

  26. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Photoshop yes def, but Kate has the bone structure and features still to look strikingly beautiful

    Lila Grace is a beautiful girl, she has her mum’s nose and mouth and is going to be a striking beauty when she’s older.

    There is nothing wierd about the photo of Lila and Kate, its just a natural simple beautiful (evrn with Photoshopping Kate) a mother and daughter- what is possibly wierd about that??!!

  27. 4Real says:

    She got a wonkey eye! LOL!! I really try to like her but at the end of the day she is still coked out Kate.

  28. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She had one of the trashiest gowns I’ve ever seen. You could see her nips poking through the material at the top, and the transparent material at the bottom ran all the way up to her crotch. But since she’s such a trashy woman, I suppose it was appropriate.

    Edited: and that nude photo of her with daughter is disgusting. If the girl was a baby, maybe it would be cute — but she’s old enough to be aware of gender and she looks uncomfortable in the photo. That was very mean of Kate to force her to do it just for publicity purposes. And by “mean” I mean “disgusting.”

  29. KLO says:

    I like this story. And I thought the pic of mother and daughter is very beautiful. I wish I had a picture like that of me and my mother.

  30. original kate says:

    i like her. i know… i hate myself a little for it.

  31. heyyyy says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning.

  32. almond says:

    That is an absolutely gorgeous dress on the cover! Love every inch of it.

  33. Gal says:

    Doesn’t even look like her on the cover.

  34. UKHels says:

    love Kate, she does exactly as she pleases and why not

    gorgeous photos

  35. lrm says:

    wow i actually like the one of she and her daughter-and normally i hate those ‘kinds’ of pics….
    esp how the mags put shirtless dads with newborns-now THAT creeps me out, is tacky and ridiculous.
    But this, ties in with the ethereal nature of the wedding pics-and you cannot technically know they are nude….it’s implied, which is very different in the energy of the photo from pure nude shots, IMO. (you can tell Kate is topless, but it’s the european thing not the cheesy sleezy US weekly garbage…) well, i guess it does not matter-to each their own, but i like it. and i dont think the daugther looks uncomfortable being nude, but with whoever is photographing them in general. who btw did an amazing job. it’s amazing what a good photographer can do with any setting….

    i dont find her trashy, though she is ageing rapidly owing to her lifestyle-but i’ll say she has enjoyed a 20 year high-no pun intended-er, 20 year run of partying and the high life….

    I DO like her fashion sense and the way she wears clothes-and she is photogenic, as someone else said-she is so interesting to look at.

    i dont mind her, but then again, i dont see much about her except on this blog….

  36. Celebs.com says:

    Beautiful Kate, beautiful pics, beautiful wedding, and what a beautiful little girl!

  37. Ally says:

    Apparently Vogue US makes $92 million from the September issue advertising. Impressive for a glorified airplane catalog.

  38. Daisy424 says:


  39. Sinder says:

    Another miracle by photo shop.

  40. Alix says:

    Love having all the children in the wedding party. Could live without the topless mother/daughter shot.

  41. Linda says:


  42. Chris says:

    She had a white wedding? Jesus! I bet the lights flickered when she walked into the church.

  43. TG says:

    I saw a few episodes of the Gypsy Wedding. They seem to have the views of 18th Century British women but yet they dress like whores. Go figure. I like how Kate doesn’t mention how hideously tacky those dresses are on those girls. Not sure what is worse gypsy weddings or toddlers and tiaras. Love the purple dress on Kate.

  44. jemshoes says:

    That was a beautiful slideshow. Kate is still stunning, Photoshop or not. 🙂

  45. John Wayne Lives says:

    @brin, I was all…”oh, what a lovely wedding! *sigh* How magical” then I read your comment lol. I know right?! lol now it’s aaalll a chuckle 😉

  46. ugh says:

    Can she be any more photoshopped? Ugly, fur wearing skeleton