Angelina Jolie takes the older kids out to ‘Shrek the Musical’


The Empress! We’ve had so many sightings of The Empress lately. It’s a good omen – Zahara’s presence in England must have calmed down the rioters. Or maybe she just really likes England, probably because she carefully studies the British monarchy to prepare for her gradual global domination. God Save the Empress. Sidenote: I love her little fist. I feel like she’s photographed making a fist often enough to say that Zahara can take care of herself. She may be girly and she may allow Shiloh to carry the “tomboy” torch, but something tells me that Zahara will cut a bitch who steps out of line.



Anyway, these are new photos of Angelina out with the four older kids on Sunday. She took Zahara, Shiloh, Maddox and Pax to a matinee of Shrek the Musical in London’s West End. Brad’s already gone, by the way, having abandoned his family once again for what’s turning out to be a pretty long film shoot for World War Z. He’s in Scotland now – I wonder why Angelina and the kids didn’t go with him? Surely the Empress would have been the hit of Scotland.

By the way, look at the photos of this unknown child below. Who is it? I have a theory. It’s FAX CANNES JOLIE-PITT!! He/she has been spotted! I was just looking at photos of the kids the other day, and I thought to myself, “Damn, it’s been forever since Fax has been out and about.” He/she is really getting big! (Sidenote: In case you don’t remember, Fax Cannes “Mystery” Jolie-Pitt was my filler name for random Jolie-Pitt babies when I couldn’t identify them, and then Mystery/Fax became a whole other mythological child, The Hidden Jolie-Pitt, the one that only makes an appearance every so often.) Seriously, though, who is this kid? I guess he’s a friend of Maddox and/or Pax and/or Fax.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. LeeA says:

    The “faux” Jolie-Pitt is actually an actor who plays Brad Pitt’s son in World War Z.

  2. brin says:

    LOL….these kids are a show in themselves….love the faces!

  3. Jenny says:

    Why are her kids out in public all the time recently? There are photos of them almost evey day. LV campaign? All inclusive?

  4. mln76 says:

    I love it we all know Z is always in charge. Oh all complainers please note they bought along a friend. Commence the hate on some other topic.

  5. Eve says:

    The Empress is going to have great legs when she grows up.

    Shiloh looks exatly like Brad Pitt.

  6. Addie says:

    It looks like Pax and Shiloh are (for now) the most outgoing of the Jolie-Pitt kids.

    I love how Angie & Brad take their kids to arts & craft stores , musicals and puppet shows. They really are encouraging them to be creative people by exposing them to all these art forms.
    Always a good thing.

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    Love love LOVE the pix of the Empress and Shiloh with her sticking out her tongue!

    (And see, like I said yesterday: age-appropriate venues for all their kids.) 😉

    *waves @ brin*

  8. dfsdg says:

    How in the world do you know Brad is in Glasgow already? The movie will be filming there, but it does not mean he will be there the entire time.

    He is also not abandoning his family, maybe they will all go, or he will make frequent trips back.

  9. LOVE ANGELINA says:


  10. Paley says:

    Just once I would like to see Shiloh in a dress.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Funnelweb – YES! Summer, no school, Mom’s not working on a project…let’s do something FUN! (loving your handle, BTW.)

    Paley, don’t hold your breath. Let her be.

    Empress Z reminds me so much of my daughter when she was that age. *sighs wistfully* In charge (in her mind) and everyone knew it. They grow up so fast…

  12. bitca says:

    News Flash 😉
    Stop presses: Michael K had a set of pix of the usually disconsolate-looking Vivian (? the Girl Twin; is that her name?), & she’s *smiling!*. Not only smiling—dancing, almost—in a pair of bright red shoes. That’s what she’s been waiting for. For many little girls, life just isn’t quite right until they get a pair of red shoes.

  13. Sakyiwaa says:

    Well, they’re certainly painting the town crimson! They definitely do not go out this much stateside 🙂

  14. tracking says:

    I think Shiloh’s blowing rasberries at the paps. A lot of personality, that one!

  15. brin says:

    Kids doing fun kid stuff…shocking…lol! *waving at bellaluna*

  16. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Paley. Trust…Its gonna happen.

    I jux love The Empress’ face. I also love Knox’s demeanor and Shiloh’s entire personality! I really like seeing them.
    As for ‘FAX’, omg, I cant believe how his mom cud trust Angie around him…how ironic! I hope he brought his own nanny btw. Lol!

  17. lisa says:

    The little boy with them is an actor in the film. Brad was in London yesterday for a photo shoot.

    gosh I guess Angie can’t do anything with her children. And if they are seen all the time why the complaints about them being out and about.

    the kids are getting older and want to do things.. Get over it. Other celebrites are out all the time. Why only whine about them.

  18. Iggles says:

    With the faces she’s making, Shiloh totally reminded me of her daddy! Papa Pitt makes faces like that sometimes too!


  19. teri says:

    Love this family : )

  20. Cherry says:

    Girlfriend loves her wedges, doesn’t she? Funny little detail, how The Great Angelina Jolie has been wearing the same shoes for days… Check the last few posts about her!

  21. poopie says:

    they are KIDS ! AND HAVING FUN !!! unlike 35 year old scientolotot suri cruise who wears heels and gets dragged to 6 star restaurants at midnite with her mom and tinytom. B & A’s kids just look happy to run around and be kids and have FUN !!!! GOOD FOR THAT FAM!

  22. PrettyTarheel says:

    @Paley-How are you going to wield a sword and kick your brother’s ass in a dress? Leave the child be.

  23. Rose says:

    @Paley,, if you see Shiloh in a dress will that change your life in any significant way? She is not your child, let her mother worry about her dress. @Jenny, these children have a right to be out in public, just like you. Find something important to gripe about,

  24. Heavenbound says:

    I actually think Shilo looks exactly like her grandpa Jon Voight. And I think its awesome that she wears the same shoes, just like the rest of us, when we find a comfortable pair.

  25. vicky says:

    “The Empress” and “Zahara will cut a bitch”

    2 things I NEVER want to hear again.
    She is just a little girl!

  26. serena says:

    Shilou looks pissed, Pax is always making a run for it lol.

  27. sapphire says:

    Love the last picture-Empress Z has the fists ready to go, and Shilo has mastered the raspberry!

  28. Cherry Rose says:

    I think that the Jolie-Pitt kids are going to be the most well adjusted kids in Hollywood. They’re all pretty adorable.

    I just wish Angelina would stop wearing nude shoes with an all black outfit. >.<

  29. Great family,filled with love and happiness.

  30. Cheyenne says:

    @Kaiser: Scotland is like an hour or two flight from London. It’s not like it’s at the other end of Europe. No need to pack up six kids when Brad can go back and forth easily.

    It was nice of Angie to include the other kid (whoever he is) in the trip.

  31. LIVEALOT says:

    LMAO @ zahara’s face in pic #2.

    lol @ prettytarheel: “how are you going to wield a sword and kick your brother’s ass in a dress?”

    vivienne (not pictured) is winning me over as the most adorable tho… or maybe i’m just a sucker for kids her age. (no idea what age that is btw – lol)

  32. really says:

    OMG Kaiser, I cant stop laughing: “She may be girly and she may allow Shiloh to carry the “tomboy” torch, but something tells me that Zahara will cut a bitch who steps out of line.”……. GENAU.

    Love Empress Zs little model legs, and Shiloh is just hilarious funny.

  33. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Anon. Ooooh. You must be looking through your hell-tinted glasses, per usual.

  34. olivia says:

    Monday’s toy store photo op … a-18769759

    How was Pitt there almost a month alone without her and we only got a handful of pictures of him and now that she’s there it’s a daily thing???
    Thoughts loons??

  35. Cheyenne says:

    @olivia: You’re going to think the worst of this family no matter what, so why should we deprive you of your sole pleasure in life?

    @really: Z has had very good medical care. When she was a baby her legs were bowed from rickets and malnutrition before she was adopted. They’ve straightened up beautifully.

  36. Unstoppable says:

    Er, perhaps Olivia because Angelina is far more popular than Brad and she sells more hence why the paps are assigned to her more by their Editors? Duh. Its very simple.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    @unstoppable: Or maybe because Brad was there alone, before Angie came with the kids. It’s the kids who really sell the magazines.

    @Heavenbound: For once we agree on something. I’ve always thought Shiloh looks exactly like Jon Voight.

  38. Alex says:

    olivia: It must be so sad being you. Poor you.

  39. mln76 says:

    @ olivia thanks for the new pics it’s funny how certain people follow her movements more closely than even us ‘loons’. 😉

  40. Cheyenne says:

    @alex and mln: The haters are obsessed. They track Brad and Angie’s every move hoping for some sign that they are splitting up. They’d spend their time more productively reading tea leaves. You’d think they would want to get a life because hating on this family seems to be the only life they’ve got.

  41. sandy#1 says:

    pax seems to always be trying to escape the cameras, poor thing,i think he might be shy, leave the children alone, i admit i love seeing this entire family, but not at the expense of the children, they all have their own personality now, what a fun group, brad and angie should be proud.

  42. mel says:

    I love the family…but the whole boy role modeling thing with Shiloh is just a little to weird for this southern girl…I just don’t get it but she looks happy so whatevs.

  43. LadyJane says:

    THOSE SHOES! God. Does she have a contract with that shoemaker as well? They must be getting a bit smelly at this stage… summer in London… closed toe patent leather shoes with no socks. Mmmm. Swampy.

    Okay I know she is almost physically perfect but it makes me feel a bit better thinking she has stinky feet.

  44. Cheyenne says:

    @LadyJane: Or maybe she’s got a lot of pairs of the same kind of shoes. I wear black ballet flats almost everywhere I go. I have three pairs and they go with almost everything. Not to mention they are sooooo comfortable.

  45. N.D. says:

    @olivia: Pitt wasn’t anywhere “alone for a month”. The fam was with him on Malta and moved to England when he did.

  46. Cheyenne says:

    @N.D.: Don’t strip the poor thing’s illusions from her or she will fall all apart. Her delusions that Brad and Angie are going to break up any day now are all that’s been keeping her going for the past seven years.

  47. bitchbelying says:

    I can’t express how much I love Queen Z! I mean, she always looks like she wants to tell someone to fu9k off, and her facial expressions kill me.

    And Shiloh always looks like she’s ready to rage! I mean, Rage HARD!

    I love these kids.

  48. eternalcanadian says:

    Hahahaha! Shiloh stuck her tongue out at the paps. Good for her. She knows they’re up to no good. Boy Pax sure zoomed out of there while Maddox like “whatevs!” Did they get to take pals along to the show like that kid in the red cap? I guess Brad was at home with the twins?

  49. lakemom says:

    How do you read these stories without the PixSpree ads covering up the text? Seriously, is there a trick to making them scroll back up?

  50. Camille says:


    Its also nice to pics of this family.

  51. Kelly says:

    Such cute kids!!

  52. Seal Team 6 says:

    You know, kids ID with a certain gender and also have a sexual orientation even when very young. I think it’s terrific Angelina and Brad are allowing all their kids to embrace who they are. Leave Shiloh alone. She doesn’t feel comfortable ina dress, and her paremts are wisely saving her years of therapy and angst by not making her do so.

    And, Queen Z is the coolest kid!

  53. DD says:

    The paps must’ve been more annoying than usual. Shiloh looks pissed off, and Zahara looks like she’s ready to pummel one.

    There should be more strict laws when dealing with kids. They should at the very least keep a safe healthy distance away from the children, and not be shouting at them. I feel bad for them being harassed and treated like they’re in a zoo. It can’t be healthy.

  54. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    They have SOME kids to watch grow up. I for one will enjoy it. Just the adventures they go on amaze me. They are experiencing a life that NO ORPHANAGE could provide and for that I am thankful.

    Each personality is so individual that even BP and AJ must crack up. This is what gives them the energy. Six kids to love and get love back must be awesome.

    BP was correct when he talked about never having experienced this much love. Imagine what it’s like when he comes home from work until he goes to bed with AJ no less. Amazing. Enjoy.

  55. Lisa says:

    Shiloh just look like dad

  56. Anon says:

    Oh! how cute. They took the kids to see a play about them self’s. 2 ugly has been ogres and there many, many… Kids hahahaha!

  57. Moreaces says:

    Pax is just way to cool.