Empress Zahara & mystery Jolie-Pitt child greet Venice


Who is this child? INF identifies he/she as Knox, but they might just be guessing. Doesn’t this kid look too big for a one-and-half year old? Maybe Knox is rangy and lanky. Maybe it’s Shiloh with darker hair. Except that the kid doesn’t look like Shiloh, really. There’s a vague resemblance, probably because this kid is wearing little boy’s clothes, just like Shiloh. Most gossip sites are going with INF’s identification that this is in fact Knox. In which case, sure. I’m still wondering if perhaps there some child chronologically in between Shiloh and the twins that we’ve somehow missed all of these years. Let’s call this one Fax Cannes Jolie-Pitt. Little Fax looks like he’s about two-and-a-half, right?


Of course little Fax wasn’t the only Jolie-Pitt child to make an outing in Venice today. The Empress has come out to greet her loyal Venetian subjects. And this is her greeting:


Jesus, I love this kid. I wonder what Brad said to her that got her to react this way. “No Daddy, I will throw you in the dungeon if you don’t shave!”

Brad, Angelina, Knox (maybe) and Her Majesty, the Empress in Venice on February 18, 2010. Credit: INFphoto.com.

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  1. anon says:

    maybe it’s one of the kids friends ?

  2. Squirrel says:

    Little Fax? :-D !

    Have always wondered what the next boys of the family will be called. Any suggestions? Sox? Xerox? Lax? Mix? Hoax?

  3. MsTriste says:

    Agreed – more like 2 1/2.

  4. princess pea says:

    Maybe they borrowed someone else’s kid just to mess with us. I wouldn’t put it past them. That’s why Z is so happy. Ha, we’ve totally got the paps! This will really confuse the peons!

  5. GatsbyGal says:

    WAY too big to be Knox. I like your dubbing of “Fax”, though, very cute.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    cutie, whoever he is.

    and Z! her smile is so f-in cute!

  7. EB says:

    This child looks too old to be Knox (I feel somewhat ashamed knowing these people’s children’s names). I’ll bet it some other friend.

  8. heb says:

    I think its Shiloh, Angelina has said she carries around those “silkies” wherever she goes, so what if its blue?

    Waaay to big to be knox.

  9. Mairead says:

    He does look very Pitt-like though. And a little more boyish than Shiloh. Could it be one of the cousins? Having said that, it does seem the child is holding a Shiloh-patented “silkie”, albeit in a darker colour than hers usually is.

    And the Empress is seriously lovin’ Venice. It seems that the vaporetto will be the approved mode of imperial transport in the near future *makes notes*

  10. Squirrel says:

    Has Pitt eyes though – could the kid be Brad’s nephew? Has he got one?

  11. TG says:

    This story cracks me up – little Fax maybe a child the paps have missed all these years! Keep it coming I need a good laugh right now.

    And Empress Z is so adorable. I don’t get why people complain about her hair. I love the soft and natural look. Of course in 2 pony tails like that – so cute.

  12. Lem says:

    how bout Faux? Faux Pas Jolie-Pitt

  13. Justalark says:

    Kaiser, check out Shiloh’s shoes in the photos you posted on 2/16. I think that “Fax” is actually Shiloh, but it doesn’t look like her because she is biting her signature full lips. Also, blondes also become a little darker in the winter months when they aren’t out in the sunshine as much (my two kids get one or two shades darker). Two more clues: the size of this mystery child is more appropriate for Shiloh, and Brad and/or Angelina often take Shiloh and Zahara on outings together.

  14. Icecat says:

    I think it’s Shiloh’s secret twin…

  15. JulieNewmar says:

    Maybe it’s something (one) they saw in a window and just HAD to have for their collection. * slaps self in face before any of the other bitches can get to me and runs*

  16. juiceinla says:

    I like Icecat’s idea. because it looks exactly like Shiloh to me.

  17. Lola says:

    It’s Knox. Other sites have picts showing both of the twins.

  18. lena says:

    too big to be knox people…it’s shiloh

  19. Kaiser says:

    I really just don’t think the kid looks like Shiloh. Shiloh’s got a chubby little face, and her eyes are bigger. I mean, there’s totally a resemblance, but I just don’t buy that it’s Shiloh.

    Look at the difference in Shiloh’s face:


  20. Icecat says:

    I just don’t think it is Shiloh either. The face IS different. But Justalark pointed out the shoes.. which do look similar… How confusing!

  21. Chana says:

    Zahara is too cute for words!

    I know I’m a bit concerned for her hair’s well being as she gets older. It’s easy to style hair like mine when we’re children-my mum did the two puffy ponytails (which were adorable) but as black children get older it becomes more and more difficult for parents who don’t have the same hair texture to deal with.

    Often they resort to getting a child’s hair relaxed, which I personally don’t agree with. I had braids for years before I relaxed my hair as a personal choice.

    I hope the Jolie-Pitts go that route with Zahara’s hair. She’d be so adorable with braids.

    And I know it seems like a bizarre thing to be concerned about, but as a black child growing up around people who do not share your hair you are automatically picked out as the Other. And if that hair isn’t appropriately styled, she could be a target for teasing and such.

  22. Enonymous says:

    Err. .. I don’t know what everyone is on but that is Shiloh. It is possible that her hair is getting naturally darker the older she gets. That is what happened to me, I went from a very blond child to my hair gradually becoming darker over the years, to now being chocolate brown with shades of dark blond.

    Plus from the photos that we saw awhile ago of the twins, Vivienne Jolie Pitt was the one that looked more like Shiloh and Knox looked more like Britney Spears’s youngest son Jayden James.

  23. Anna says:

    Other websites are saying that it is Shiloh.. which would make sense.. babies change a lot from 2 to 3! and she does like to dress like a boy!

  24. The Queen Bee says:

    Kaiser your link convinced me it is Shiloh… The pictures from the other are tinted differently, they are much lighter. Check out the difference in Angelina’s hair. Shiloh is carrying the same blue and white “Silkie” in both sets of photos, plus she is wearing the same shoes and jacket. The differences can probably be chalked up to “it was a cloudy day in Venice”

  25. TG says:

    Chana, I don’t understand what is wrong with Z’s hair. It looks so soft to me. Does a black person’s hair change when they get older? I am white so I don’t know everything about different hair types, but and I think all races look good with different hairstyles, but I don’t understand why people think black hair should be in braids or relaxed. Why can’t they just let it be natural? I am not saying that they shouldn’t straighten it if they want to but on all these sites (not here) everyone complains about Angie not fixing Z’s hair.

  26. Kristen says:

    It’s Shiloh with bangs. She has on the same sneakers from the Monkey hat pictures.

  27. Harmony says:

    thats so wierd- it looks a lot like shiloh but u can still tell its not her by the darker hair and not as full lips. if its knox- wasnt he just born?? how could he look like a toddler already…somethings going on. maybe this relates to angelina’s neck lol…something wierd going on with their dna

  28. Mairead says:

    Yeah, I agree it’s Shiloh. I saw a photo of her on Dlisted with the monkey-hat (header pic) and it does look more like the kiddo here. Oh the stories those silkies could tell!

    @TG, I always took it to mean treating it with specialist conditioners to make it look less wiry and dry. I can empathise a little as I had curly hair before it occurred to anyone to put conditioner in children’s hair. Combing and brushing was a horrendous process, I can only imagine it’s worse for afro hair?

  29. sharylmj says:

    it’s Shilo ..she sucks her thumb like that and that kid is the right size to be Shilo.. I think her hair is just darker. Also in another picture you can see the child has a missing front tooth like Shilo. I thnk her hair is just darker.

  30. TG says:

    Mairead, I guess I see what you are saying about tight curly hair. Now that I think about it I did know a few people with extemely tight curly hair growing up. I just don’t like the idea that people think black hair is not lovely the way it is, although, I do understand that it can be difficult to comb through it if is wound tight with curls. Of course aren’t we all trying to improve on our hair? I know I am, I have that dreaded dirty dish-water blond. Wish it could be either black or blond.

  31. UrbanRube says:

    These are all just beautiful children. Hope they’re happy in spite of their weird life as the children of celebrities who have to live with invasions of their privacy (and I’m looking at the pictures, so I know I’m part of all that).

  32. truthSF says:

    @ #27-TG, as a black woman, I want to thank you for your statement about our hair.

  33. lena says:

    @ TG, you are correct, there is nothing wrong with her hair and she doesn’t need it braided or relaxed…i’m natural and you just have to educate yourself on how to care for it because super curly hair like Zahara’s can break easily if not properly moisturized and sealed with a light oil.

    @ Mairead, The trick is to comb the hair while it has the conditioner in it to get it detangled more easily while rinsing it out, and then add a light oil/moisturizer to keep it soft.

  34. Larissa says:

    it is Shiloh, she is a tom boy that´s why she can easily be mistaken by one…
    her mouth is what really distinguishes her and we can´t see her mouth in neither of these pictures, that´s why all the confusion!

  35. Kelbees says:

    Looks like Shiloh, but different brightness/contrast or colors or whatever than the monkey hat pictures. In one of the monkey hat pictures, you can see a little wisp of hair hanging down, and it’s the same darker blond color.

  36. Essie says:

    I wish you people would stop talking about Zahara’s hair. The child has beautiful, soft hair. What’s the problem? Why all the speculation about what to do with her hair in the future? Ridiculous!!

    As for Knox . . . I thought the blond child was him until the pic with the thumb in the mouth. That pic looks like Shiloh. So, I don’t know. Brad’s brother’s kids are older and boys; his sister has two young kids but they were adopted from Ethopia.

  37. lena says:

    @ essie… what do you mean you people????


  38. viper says:

    Its knox, very obvious its a boy. Looks like he didnt inherit the lips.

  39. Chana says:

    Her hair is lovely the way it is, as I said in my post my mum had my hair in the cute little puffy ponytails for ages until it became too much work in the morning for her with three children to get to school to comb through our hair. She got our hair braided because it was easier, that’s all. Not because she thought it was more beautiful or more appropriate. Braids require zero maintenance-great for a single mum with three children and two full-time jobs.

    I think Jolie would have an easier time of Zahara’s hair if it’s braided because she doesn’t understand the texture. Unless she’s got a black woman to teach her what to do or looked it up on the internet somewhere. I suspect Jolie would be the type to want to learn something like that.

    Black hair goes so very many ways. Black hair runs the gamut from dry and brittle to oily and curly. You can’t really put all black hair in one box.

    Mine is oily and thin-it took to relaxing very easily and my hair doesn’t fall out and my scalp is never irritated by it. My older sis has natural hair and she loves it.

    It’s a person’s personal choice and I don’t see anything wrong with doing what you want to your head of hair.

    • Sandy says:

      As an Ethiopian, just want to nite that many of us have hair that us naturally wavy but not with as tight a curl structure. So it’s quite likely that little Z does not need with braids or a relaxer..,just a good conditioner as someone suggested.

    • Sandy says:

      As an Ethiopian, just want to note that many of us have hair that is naturally wavy but not with as tight a curl structure. So it’s quite likely that little Z does not need with braids or a relaxer..,just a good conditioner as someone suggested.

  40. boo says:

    I think it’s Shiloh. Way too long to be one of the twins.

  41. nnire says:

    i think it’s Shiloh too. she lost one of her front teeth accidentally when one of the other kids ran into her, and the top pic looks like the front left tooth could be gone.

  42. naye in VA says:

    its defenitely not Shiloh because she is a bit more of a blonde and looks too wide eyed if you know what i mean. Shiloh has got this lowered gaze kind of like her mother and her mothers mouth structure. This kid looks a lot more like braad. It could be a relative. Or maybe the twins are superkids.

    BUT i KNOW those sneakers belong to Shiloh. So …. im confused

  43. Maritza says:

    Maybe it’s his nephew? He looks a lot like Shiloh, he must be related, if he is Knox then he has really big! Zahara looks adorable, she has that mischievous smile, love her!

  44. crazydaisy says:

    maybe shiloh, the tomboy, is destined to go the way of chaz (nee chastity) bono.

    in which case, s/he might change her name to shilox.

  45. Praise St. Angie! says:

    lol at lena…loved “Tropic Thunder”!

  46. Megan says:

    Definitely isn’t Knox or Vivienne, they are both still babies:

    No idea who that child is!

  47. ffer says:

    Shiloh is not that blonde anymore, that’s all.

    An older pic of her, some weeks ago, with her hair under her stupid looking hat:


    IT IS SHILOH. Face it.

  48. VintageVamp says:

    I have twin boys who are 14 months, and they look almost as big and old as this baby. I think we can take INF’s word for it that this is Knox.

  49. VintageVamp says:

    Nah, I’m looking more closely, and I agree that this kid is older than the twins. Definitely too tall (and feet too big) to be 1 and 1/2.

  50. Pimpcessa says:

    THAT, ladies and gents, is the love child between Brad and the nannie….. Don’t y’all know anything?

  51. Icecat says:

    It’s Shiloh People!

    Same Silky, Same Shoes.

  52. Kim says:

    Well Chaz used to look like Suri as a little girl so maybe Suri is destined to go the way of Chaz using your “logic’What an appropriate name crazy daisy

  53. lisa says:

    I think it is Shiloh.. Knox was not that big when we saw Brad carrying him.

    whatever the case may be.. They make some cute kids together.. and their other children are freakin cute as well.

    I hate the invasion of privacy.. that being said.. I do like looking the kids. We don’t see them often.. so I guess as long as they are in Venice we will see lots more pics of the family since they have to travel by boat. I am curious as to what Angie is carrying. It looks like art work. Maybe an activity the kids did.

    Anyway they are all really cute kids. And I am confused when people talk about their life. They have been in LA for almost a year. I think it is great that Brad and Angie keep their family together; instead of one parent leaving for months on end to make movies. They have both parents with them. They seem to make a HOME wherever they go. So that to me is a lot better then not seeing a parent for months. Like most celebs. Bravo to them And from what I see the kids seem happy, healthy and above all else loved. I guess some people need to stop reading the rags. If they know so much why didn’t they know the family had left, that Brad/Angie were going to the Super Bowl. Yeah the tabs have great inside information (NOT)

    hmmm does not sound so bad to me..

  54. I choose me says:

    Check the eyes, the nose and the shoes Kaiser. That’s Shiloh.

  55. Cocos42 says:

    Definitely Shiloh. Same shoes as the linked pic. Babies hair colors can get darker or lighter month to month. And the tooth definitely seems to be missing.

  56. ndsjkfsfd says:

    I never comment about them but I have to say this : WONDERFUL CHILDREN! I love Zee’s gorgeous smile and lovely playful eyes and the other child, wether this is Shiloh or Knox is stunning !

  57. momlania says:

    It’s shiloh, her tooth is missing in one of the shots

  58. jeannified says:

    It’s gotta be Shiloh…she carries those “silkies” around. That is the only thing that tipped me off. He/she looks like a boy with ashe brown hair. Tha tbeing said, it’s cool weather right now, so maybe Shiloh’s hair is darker because it’s winter. She does like to dress like a boy. Beautiful kids, though!

  59. Jessica says:

    How is Shiloh missing teeth already. My son is 5 (6 this May) and hasnt lost the first tooth yet???

  60. Kim says:

    I’m so confused where are Shiloh’s full lips and isn’t her face fuller.

  61. lisa says:

    There are clear pics of Brad carrying Knox. The babies legs don’t reach that far. it is Shiloh.. I think this just proves the point that we don’t see these kids enough to really know how much they have changed. Saw the pics of Pax and could not believe how tall he had gotten. When we saw Shiloh’s hair it was getting darker. Angie had really blond hair as a child and then it got darker this happens with lots of kids. but without a doubt it is Shiloh.. A day out with the girls.

    I think Shiloh’s hair color will be more like Angie’s is for this movie.. but they are cute kids. and DAMN Brad has some strong genes. they all look like him to me. She will have her mothers hair and look like Dad. Just cute all the way around.

  62. Erin says:

    No wonder she was wearing the monkey hat! It looks like she got a bad hair cut. I know when my kids were that age they in turn cut each others hair and had to get their hair cut short making them look boyish. I bet Zahara snuck up on Shiloh and cut her hair ;)

  63. Gigohead says:

    It’s Shiloh. No doubt about it.

  64. bb says:

    Some of y’all are really dumb. THAT IS SHILOH. 100% NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Her hair just got darker and she got a new haircut. When was the last time we saw a shot of her without her hair covered? MONTHS ago.

  65. Maritza says:

    I checked the past pictures and you people are right, those are the same shoes and the same blankie. Shiloh looks different here because her lips look thinner and her hair a bit darker. She is a beautiful kid, I just wish they would dress her like a girl.

  66. Hypatia says:

    Yes, it IS Shiloh. There is a photo of Knox from the same boat ride. They are not remotely close to the same size. This is Shiloh. Knox is about half her size.


  67. Hypatia says:

    Erin, supposedly Z and Mad gave her the cut. One held her down while the other cut it with scissors. Not sure which did what though…

  68. Cheyenne says:

    @Jessica: Shiloh lost her tooth this summer playing with her big brothers. She fell down and knocked a tooth out.

    That’s definitely Shiloh in the photo. No way it’s Knox; that child is way too big for a 19 month old.

  69. Cheyenne says:

    @Chana: Click on this link


    and scroll down to see a really great enlarged photo of Z from the back. She has very soft, very curly hair. When it gets a little longer it will look good in braids. Her hair is exactly like mine was when I was a child.

  70. Tazina says:

    It is Shiloh….why is there such a problem identifying her?

  71. mckenna says:

    It looks like this kid is missing a front tooth, which I noticed that Shiloh was also missing a tooth in another picture….it must have gotten knocked out or something, but I think it’s Shiloh. I have too much time on my hands….and Zahara is FIERCE. Love her.

  72. nana says:

    thats Shiloh. The moment i saw pics I know its shiloh, i thought Kasier is just kidding they think this is another kiddo. Knox is still small.

  73. ThunderC*nt says:

    2/17, TMZ has the pics of the twins. That’s Shiloh.

  74. clover sands says:

    Zahara looks like a mini Star Jones!

  75. Miss. Thang says:

    2.5 is EXACTLY what I thought when I looked at the picture. I have a boy who just turned 3.

  76. Shannon says:

    Ummm…well, I don’t have any kids, but my friend has a child who is barely two years old and he’s as big as that. Both of his parents are tall.

    I think it could be Knox.

  77. Cris says:

    Brad look misserable, unhappy and bitter..

  78. Ursula says:

    Where is Chey to tell us who it is? I actually think it is Shiloh. Venice child pimping in full mode.

  79. Emily says:

    Doesn’t Brad’s brother have kids? That’s not Shiloh.

  80. Malorie says:

    SHILOH there! No strange kid!

  81. Exiled says:

    Maybe it’s Ex-lax … I know I know shi**y joke!

  82. Kim says:

    Please stop repeating the tabloid story of how Shiloh lost her tooth we they DK how she lost her tooth. All the tabloids had different stories from playing, to playing football etc they DK sh**

  83. Blitz says:

    Probably a relative or friend’s kid. How could it be Shiloh? What did they do, have drastic lip-reduction performed on her?

  84. michelle says:

    I’m black, and I wear my hair natural. I think Zahara is beautiful. The reason many of us complain about her hair is not because we don’t like natural hair – obviously I do, but because usually Brangelina do not comb it. They don’t take care of it properly, which can be very upsetting for a black girl who is entirely surrounded by non-black people with bone straight hair. Her hair looks cute in these pics because they actually combed it.

    BTW – has anybody ever seen Zahara with a black person. Ever? Maybe she thinks she’s the only black person in the world. She’s going to be surprised when she discovers there are other black people in the world!

  85. Emily says:

    @Blitz, I didn’t notice that before, but you’re right, that kid’s lips are much thinner than Shiloh’s. I still reckon it’s the kid of one of Brad’s relatives.

  86. nnn says:

    Duh the kid is biting her lips and now people think those lips should stay as plumped during the process of biting or that she got a plastic surgery ? People are DENSE.

    That IS Shiloh as you can notice in here below :


  87. peggie says:

    Poor shiloh being called a boy, a neighbor kid, relative and mystery kid, very very cruel. I am glad the little girl is not old enough to read all this crap on the internet!

  88. nnn says:

    I am Black too and i don’t agree with you Michelle.

    I think Black people from America are more obsessesd with hair texture (the good hair/versus kinky one is an american expression and is not applied in Europe or Africa) than any other Black people around the world.

    All the American friends i have met in Europe agree with this fact. They want to fix it, straighten it, make it perfect even to a child this age whose hair, like in any other child from other ethnicity got messed up during the day. They especially does that more specifically when the child isn’t raised by a Black person as if the Black parent can get away with it, as if the Black kid didn’t really belong to his adoptive White parents but belongs more to its comunity first and foremost who think they have the right to direct how a child who are not their own should be raised, including how the hair should be done.

    Zahara wears her hair like Seal kids, like another ethiopian american, Liya Kedebe daughter who never wears a pony tail, pigtails or plaits or braids, ever, like Thandie Newton’s both children who all have the fro (especially the younger one) and whose hair always looked like it is never combed and countless of Africans and African Americans. AND SHE WEARS IT LIKE ETHIOPIAN KIDS DO (they rarelly braid their soft afro unlike the western and central Africans)….YET Zahara is the only one kid whose hair is discussed like she is a weird specy to the point of releasing sections on a newspapers with African Americans women debating, sometimes at the limit of insults…Now if that kid is not single out and prejudiced i don’t know what it is.

    Her hair texture is typpical from East African nilhotic people (Ethiopia and Erythrea mainly and a little bit Somalia, kenya and the Tutsis from Burundi and Rwanda) and it is combed but like all children her age, she messes them up, just like Shiloh does her own.

    Also she has two siblings from her country : two ethiopian cousins as well as a congolese belgian nanny.

    Just because she isn’t seen on the street with other Black folks (though i am sure that living at times in NEW ORLEANS wher you see pictures of jolie or Brad among Blac folks put her also in contact with them), just like those celebrity children i have mentioned who are never with other Black folks doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a sense of black pride.

    If anything by teaching her the ethiopian language, by going to Ethiopia at time to show her, her roots, Jolie probably gives her a better sense of black pride than any other kids in America including by letting her hair in its natural state. And if they are messed up because hair at that age always messes up while playing or passing your hand through them, then be it. Why make a difference between both sisters whose hair are messed up equally by pointing out only the African American kid as if her hair was less worth ? Now that it is racism and prejudice.

    There is nothing wrong with Jolie’s handling of her daughter’s hair and with ZAHARA’s hair. However there is something very wrong with adults transfering their own conflictual relation and perception of their own hair and how it should be done to Zahara’s and her mother handling her hair especially when millions of black children of Zahara’s age, all over the world, including in the US streets, wear their hair au naturel, the same way, and often in a state even more messed up than Zahara’s while being raised by Black folks who i am sure have combed their children hair.

  89. Fire says:

    Was there ever closure on the big scandal about who this kid is? It is DEFINITELY Shiloh. Here is a recent pic of Shiloh with those same sneakers on: http://x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=pitt022310_X17

  90. i know for a fact the twins of angie and brad pitt do not have down syndrom, my little special needs girl turning 5 next week has a rare chromosomal anomalie, it is an addition on her chromosome 22, she has mild delays and some facial features that make other people think she has ds but doesn’t. if they have no chromosomal issues they will simply outgrow any features that people think they might have. they are beautiful little children and just want to enjoy their life.

  91. Paige says:

    I love the nickname The Empress for Zahara. Damn those kids are to cute.