Brooke Hogan: I don’t have a “perverted relationship” with my father


On Friday, we had the new photos of Hulk Hogan celebrating his 58th birthday by going to a PETA-sponsored exhibit of nude photos of his daughter, Brooke. The alone was pretty gross, but it was made more disgusting by the face that Brooke posed for too many photos making kissy-faces at her father, and he, in turn, posed for pics by putting his hands on his daughter’s nude photos. Well, Brooke has listened to our collective icks, and she thinks we all need to just STFU and go home.

Brooke Hogan has lept to the defence of her wrestler father Hulk and says they are not in a ‘perverted relationship’.

The 23-year-old recently took her father to the unveiling of her nude PETA photoshoot in Miami which only helped to fuel negative rumors about their closeness. But Brooke says she is fed up of people being suggestive about them and wants it to stop.

‘Im SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship,’ Brooke posted on her Twitter page yesterday.

Hulk feigned embarrassment when he saw his daughter lying naked behind bars as part of the Women In Cages exhibition last Thursday. But this is not the first time the purity of their relationship has been called into question. Back in 2008, photographs of the 58-year-old wrestler rubbing sunscreen on Brooke’s upper thighs as she lay on a sun lounger by the pool caused a furor online.

Hulk supervising Brooke’s semi-nude Maxim shoot that same year did little to quell the rumors.

Brooke tweeted to her ‘haters’ that they should mind their own business. ‘Go home and do your own thing!’ she tweeted. ‘Stop picking on me!’

The professional wrestler, real name Terry Gene Bollea, did what any protective parent would do and placed his hands over her body to cover up her modesty when he first saw the picture on Thursday.

[From The Mail]

Are we picking on her? Really? When you pose nude for a PETA photography exhibit, invite your father (on his birthday) to see those photos, and then proceed to act inappropriately around him while posing for photos – something that has happened several times before, mind you – are WE the ones with the problem, Brooke?




Here are some new photos of Brooke over the weekend. Here’s a note to all of the bottle blondes out there: when your hair blends in with the white sails of a sailboat, it’s time to go for a darker blonde.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. anne_000 says:

    i will never understand why celebs(?) who know they’re going to be photographed dont wear body-shaping underwear like spandex.

  2. cmc says:

    Remember the video of him exposing his penis when she was in the room, too? Ew.

    That relationship is NOT normal, no matter how you cut it…

  3. ER says:


  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Well, punkin, he’s got one with you then. Go home and deal with it, I guess.

  5. Swanson Jakka says:

    There’s nothing “normal” about the Hogans. Hulk is a drug-abusing weirdo and an egotistical scumbag who set the tone for his entire screwed-up brood of losers. Any dad that leers at his nude daughter is a sick, creepy freak.

  6. aenflex says:

    Cant stand them all, but I love her figure. Perfect, IMO

  7. Quest says:

    It is even more annoying for H Hogan to place his hands on her photographed body parts…nasty!!!

  8. guesty says:

    What’s sick is that, this thing they do, is normal to her.

  9. MariPily says:

    I don’t believe there is any incest between them. i just think they are inappropriate and tacky. Incest is such an ugly and forbidden behavior…I don’t think people who engage in it are this obvious about it.

  10. MariPily says:

    But it is gross and freaky…please don’t think I approve of the way they behave in public. It’s just that most incest victims and perpetrators are super secretive, you know?

  11. brin says:

    Yeah, I’m sure this is normal to them.

  12. Liamarie says:

    “Go home?” What if I’m already home?

  13. Maja says:

    I feel for her. She just loves her father & is close to him! What’s wrong with her kissing her dad on his cheek or hanging out with him (and his new wife)? It may only seem weird to people who spend little (or no) time with their dads and think THAT is normal. It seems like he is a little embarrassed by the photos (like any father would be) but also very supportive. Everything is fine.

  14. Rhiley says:

    The PETA exhibit was kind of whatevs. It was weird to have her father there and then the stupid kissy faces was even more weird but if she were smart, she could probably have argued that it was “art” and not “porn” (like the brilliant Miley Cyrus has done in the past). However, the photos of her father rubbing sun tan lotion all over her ass and inside her thigh are digusting and highly inappropriate and there is not enough bleach in the world to wash the image from our eyes. So Brooke, if you don’t want us saying you hvae an inappropriate relationship with your old man, tell him to keep his paws off your ass when the paps are around.

  15. Rhiley says:

    Oh, yeah, and I forgot about the weiner video. Nothing appropriate about that. And the fact that no one can tell Brooke and her step mother apart. Hulk Hogan should go to jail just for being icky.

  16. Dawning Red says:

    In an effort to perform more damage control on her already shaky reputation, Brooke Hogan and her father have taken to the press to defend her good name. From todays paper:

    “Ms. Hogan, you’ve recently become embroiled in controversey. What do you have to say?”

    “I wish these haters would mind there own business! I mean, what’s wrong with me and daddykins being as close as we are? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with daddy giving me a bath – ”

    “You mean, when you were a baby, right?”

    “Yes, then too – ”

    “Lemme tell you something, brother! When Brroke and I get home, it’s all business, brother! None of this sick freak stuff like what I was doing with Vince, with Brook and I, it’s completely au naturel – ”

    “You mean, perfectly natural, right?”

    “Right, brother! Like when we go out to Gold’s Gym, and we oil each other up, I really make sure there’s no part of her that ain’t glistening, cause when Hulkamania runs wild on Brooke – ”

    “Daddy, I’m not sure you’re helping – ”

    “Lemee tell you something brother, Hulk’s having none of these rumors! I’m in a perfectly normal relationship with Brooke – ”

    “Jennifer -”

    “Yeah, Jennifer, and just like I did to Andre the Giant, you better believe I bodyslam Brooke into the bed before we –

    “Mr. Hogan, her name is Jennifer -”

    “Yeah, that’s what I said, brother!”

    “Daaaady, where’s the steroids?”

    “On the dresser, right next to the KY Intesnse.”

    “That stuff is awesome. Can we use them again tonight after you’re done reading?”

    “What ARE you reading, Mr. Hogan?”

    “It’s this great story from old Greek times, brother, Oedipus Rex! It’s about – ”

    “Oh, look at the time! Well, thank you for your comments, Mr. Hogan and Brooke!”

    “Daddy? Shouldn’t he have said Mr. and Mrs?”

  17. Cherry Rose says:

    I am definitely a Daddy’s girl, but me and my dad definitely don’t act like Brooke and Hulk. I think it’s really creepy honestly. And I definitely would be creeped out if my dad dated and married a girl that looked exactly like me, much less be my best friend.

    However, Brooke does have a nice figure. I’ll give her that.

  18. Sucker for the Corps says:

    You let him rub oil on your ass and inner thighs…’nuff said.

  19. Truthful says:

    waves at **Brooke*

  20. jamminatorr says:

    @ maja I spend a lot of time with my dad, and I love and respect him very much. That said, I don’t let him touch my ass and inner thighs, he is dating someone who is appropriate (not my age and doesn’t look like me) and he will never, ever see a nude picture of me, however artistic it is. Hulk does all of these things with his daughter, and I consider it to be highly inappropriate. You can have your opinion on the Hogans, but don’t deride those that see things differently from you.

    *note: I mean current naked pictures. Baby naked pictures don’t count.

  21. Ellie says:

    SERIOUSLY? I thought we got rid of these people for good. Why are you bringing them back on here. They are relevant. Stop giving these fame whores free press. Big Whoop she posed for Peta. Aren’t they meat eaters?

  22. Sillyone says:

    I am telling you straight up if I posed for anything nude or semi nude (which I never would because how I was brought up) my father or mother would not dare look at my girl parts and anyone, friend or not who said anything to dad about my girl parts would only say it once.

  23. original kate says:

    “Brooke Hogan has lept to the defence of her wrestler father Hulk and says they are not in a ‘perverted relationship’.”

    just keep telling yourself that, honey.

  24. Maja says:

    Haven’t seen the video where he “exposed himself” :O Maybe that would change my mind about them… Did he really do that??? I agree that it would be really strange…

    But I still see nothing wrong in her inviting him to this PETA event. His new wife also looks a lot like a younger version of his previous wife (Brooke’s mother) & not just like his daughter! His daughter looks a lot like him IMO!

    @jamminatorr – I haven’t seen the photos of him touching her tights. I’m not really following the Hogan’s family lives that closely. I’m also not saying that I am always right! My previous comment was based ONLY on the PETA event-related photos, not their previous “scandals” (which I know very little about).

  25. Famewhorin’ for attention.

  26. Denise says:

    Plastic lucite shoes; classy.

  27. Stubbylove says:

    She’s friggin’ wearing stripper shoes & a tight-ass dress – or posing naked – while kissin’ on Papa Hulk. Brooke darling – ya can’t have it both ways – it’s the ‘ol adage: “If ya wanna play – ya gotta pay”.

    My father is no prude and nor am I – but there is no way in HELL I would wear anything close to this in his presence without some serious “are you f*cking kidding me looks from him” regardless of making “kissyface” with my dad. Um. No.

  28. Zombie Nurse says:

    In an attempt to say something nice I’ll say that whoever did her boobs knew what they were doIng. I shall consider that my good deed for the day.

  29. Pyewacket says:

    Uh, sorry Brooke, but yes you do have a perverted relationship with your father.

    What normal father rubs suntan oil on his daughters butt cheeks?

  30. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Herve Leger dress + beer gut = sexy

  31. Lady D says:

    HorsePoorHanna, I like your moniker. You sound like someone who really loves horses. Do you have horse(s) that are taking you to the poor house? Or are you horse-poor as in you don’t have one? You sound like someone who really loves horses. With a moniker like yours, I hope you do have at least one. Just curious Hanna.

  32. Sigh. says:

    Her brother, in an underaged drunken car accident, permanently crippled/maimed another person, and *somehow* it became ALL about him (remember him shopping a reality show). And is still confused about why people won’t “drop it/move on.”

    Her mom is dating someone her age/a friend of hers.

    Her dad dates the same 15+ years younger plastic, bleached, bolted-on women that probably resemble what his ex used to look like and his daughter now does. And was the one who basically said it was karma (God) that injured his son’s victim, a war vet, no less.

    She has no idea or example as to what the word “inappropriate” even means…

  33. Kelly says:

    I love the girlfriend in that top photo – she looks like she’s not sure the sidewalk is really there, LOL. Hug that wall, girl! Hey, we’ve all had a few nights where walking was a little “challenging,” shall we say. I don’t wear stripper heels, though, so it’s a bit easier to feel where the ground starts and where your foot ends.

  34. Amanda G says:

    I don’t think it’s incest either, but I do think they are both immature and childish. Time to grow up Brooke. Making kissy faces at your dad? Are you 12?

    On a side note, DAMN, what a body! Did she lose some weight or something?

  35. Blue says:

    lmao @ dawning red, too funny. Only nice thing i can say about Brooke is she has a nice body. She looks like her mother, so if his new wife looks like a younger version of his ex, then guess what she looks like Brooke. My mom doesn’t follow media but she knows Hulk from me watching wrestling. I showed her the pic with him, his wife, and Brooke. She asked me which one was his daughter.

  36. Amy says:

    This reminds me of just this past week when I went to the beach and the flimsy metal catch snapped on my bikini top almost exposing my boobs to the beach. My mom was too lazy and comfortable on her towel to help lol, but I managed to get my SISTER and not my father to hold the broken clasp for me as I got a tshirt on to cover up. If I had had to ask my father, I would have felt so awkward! Of course he was highly amused by all this and the only thing he did was comment “Had we been in France this wouldn’t have been a problem” (he’s from France).

  37. Nymeria says:

    @ Dawning Red – Oedipus Rex is about a son who had sex with his mother, without knowing that she was his mother.

    I don’t get the connection between Oedipus Rex and an [allegedly] incestuous father – daughter relationship. Perhaps you were confusing the Oedipal complex with the Electra complex?

  38. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t know…part of me does think we are being a little hard on her. A little.
    Don’t think I’m too soft. If my father was checking out nude photos of me I too would be creeped out. There’s no way I can pretend that’s normal. However, I think that’s the only creepy part of this whole story. At the same time, if I were the subject of a painting I would want my dad to take a look too.
    I think Hulk and Brooke have a really good relationship and I think that they are very friendly. To me the kissy faces are no different than a hyper young child wanting to get her dad’s attention. The fact that he is looking at nude photos of her brings the context into being weird but if this were two separate instances no one who say a word with her making kissy faces to her dad.
    In some ways I think Brooke is right. I think this whole issue has been blown way out of proportion with the media trying to suggest Hulk is too familiar with his daughter. Maybe he is, I don’t know but this whole issue does seem exaggerated to me. My theory is I that we are trying to subject our puritan values of nudity on to this. I think this is one of the issues that just needs to go away.

  39. Dawning Red says:

    @ Nymeria – I was just going for the incest joke. Besides, it’s not like I do a whole lot of research when I write these stories, they come to me and I write ’em. Although the Lohan stories just write themselves :p

    BTW, thanks to everyone who’s commented!

  40. Nymeria says:

    Erm… right, because incest jokes are always funny… *trails off*

  41. Ruffian9 says:

    23? For reals?

  42. Memphis says:

    Brooke, I hate to break it to you but you DO have a very weird and creepy relationship with your daddy….Creepy enough that if you were a twitter hastag it would say #Maybenotincestbutclosethehellenough.

  43. gonzo says:

    these people are worse than trailer trash….they remind me of those hillbillies that live in the swamp, cloistered away from civilization where the inbreeding has run rampant.

  44. Valerie says:

    If you have to make a press statement about how you don’t have weirdo relationship with your father, you do.

  45. Clem Jaco says:

    Everything about Hulk Hogan is perverse. No sane father would help his daughter market herself like a slab of meat or buy his addle-brained son high performance sports cars to wreck. Then again, most fathers aren’t insane egomaniacs whose only real talent is scoring steroids and injecting them in mass quantities, either. This girl really needs to get away from her weirdo father, stop trying to make herself a “star”, get a real job and start a normal life.

  46. Meanchick says:

    Wait. Did you say 23? She looks older.

  47. Jen says:

    It takes me several guesses to figure out which one is the girlfriend and which one is the daughter….which means there definitely is a problem there.

  48. Nikki Girl says:

    I don’t think they’re incestuous, but they’re definitely trashy and inappropriate.

    Then again, their entire family is massively screwed up. Hulk cheated on his wife (when they were still together) with one of Brooke’s young friends, plus he just seems like kind of a nutcase in general; mom is engaged to some guy that is the same age as her kids and went to high school with them; Nick Hogan caused a horrible car wreck that caused his friend (and war veteran) to be wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life; and Brooke seems the most normal out of all of them, but she’s still a trashy, fame-seeking moron. Good riddance.

  49. mew says:

    The most disturbing fact there has been lingering around for a long time now is that it’s impossible to tell her and her mother apart. Not because her mother would look young but because she looks SO old. She’s 23? And she looks as if she was 53 at least.

  50. Vickyb says:

    I find it really funny that in the first photo it looks like the girlfriend (in the orange dress) is doing the Patrick Swayze dancemoves from Time Of My Life in Dirty Dancing (the bit where he dances down the aisle to Baby, with the rest of the dancers behind him). Hilarious!

  51. jlo1982 says:

    they nasty