Salma Hayek & François-Henri Pinault are still going strong after paternity scandal


These are some new photos of Salma Hayek and her billionaire husband François-Henri Pinault out and about in LA over the weekend. According to Fame Pictures, they played tennis with some friends, then did some shopping at Whole Foods. While I don’t find Pinault to be unattractive, I just don’t think Salma and Pinault go together aesthetically, and it’s pretty obvious that “Oh yeah, I bet he’s rich. Really rich.” Also: Salma plays tennis?!?! With those boobs?? Dear God. THAT is how she landed a billionaire husband.

You know how else she landed a billionaire? By being very forgiving, and looking the other way when it suits her. Like, Salma has been photographed solo several times over the past month, but this is (I think) the first time Salma and Francois-Henri have made a public appearance together since the Linda Evangelista thing blew up all over the place. A few months ago, it was revealed that Linda’s four-year-old son Augie was actually fathered by Pinault. The revelation came about because Linda has taken the whole mess to the French courts, where she’s trying to get Pinault to pay child support for little Augie. Unfortunately, bitch is kind of crazy, and she’s asking for $46,000 a month from Pinault. I still think that’s a crazy amount, but most of you were like, “Well, that’s what Valentina is getting.” Still, be reasonable, please. Anyway, there’s a totally random and probably untrue report about how Salma is really pissed off about this Linda situation:

Two of the world’s most beautiful women are at each other’s throats in a Hollywood love triangle turned nasty. An Oscar-nominated movie star with an adorable young daughter and a billionaire husband, Salma Hayek thought she was living the dream. That is, until five weeks ago, when her marriage to fashion mogul Francois-Henri Pinault was turned upside down by the revelation he had fathered a love child with supermodel Linda Evangelista.

Friends say Salma, 44, was initially devastated by the news. But now that Linda, 46, has turned such a private matter into a public scandal by taking the Frenchman to court, demanding a staggering $46,000 a month in child support, the Mexican beauty is incandescent with rage.

A close friend says, “Salma is absolutely livid. The money Linda is asking for is absolutely crazy – it is clearly just Linda’s way of sticking the knife in because Francois-Henri chose Salma over her. Salma is so angry, she wants to scratch Linda’s eyes out!”

Linda claims she needs almost $600,000 a year to pay for 24-hour nannies, armed chauffeurs and other staff she and her four-year-old son Augustin cannot do without. If Linda, who’s worth more than $8 million, is successful, it will be one of the world’s most expensive child-support settlements – and Francois-Henri, who is worth an estimated $11.5 billion, is fighting the pay-out to the end.

[From The Morung Express]

So Salma went from shock that her husband fathered a child around the same time that he was romancing her (Salma), and she just blames Linda? Doubtful. Of course, I tend to think that Salma has known about Linda for a while, so I don’t think there was much “shock” to the paternity going public.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. OriginalGracie says:

    I think he told her about this and so she knew and was in the loop….therefore no drama.

    If I was Salma, I would tell my hubby emphatically to pay Linda the money he owes her pronto.

    Your boyfriend/husband having a baby with another woman is one thing. Having him be a millionaire/billionaire deadbeat dad is quite another.

    And I call bullshit on Salma hating Linda over this. The rags are not happy unless there is a “love triangle” or a “catfight” between two women over some dude. It’s old.

  2. Truthful says:

    hmph, I do beleive that Salma thinks Linda is too blame and that SHE got pregnant on purpose and I DO beleive she is angry, very angry.

    we will never see it though.

    we will continue to see the united front and they will stay together.

    Will he ever spend anytime w/his son??

    tragic, how he pretends he does not exist and is “bothered” by the whole child support thing NOW.

    HE was fine w/not seeing him or supporting his seed.

  3. Paula Berry says:

    Idk why everyone thinks it’s a crazy amount of $ for child support? Britney is giving kfed (nasty) over $50k/ month for 2 kids and she’s no billionaire. Plus she also pays for school,bodyguards,travel and any other expense that has to do with her career. I agree that this kid probably does need bodyguards in case someone tries to go after him to get back at his father. I don’t agree w/ some of the reasons Linda gave, but the point is that this guy hasn’t paid a penny In over 4 years. It seems she was trying to settle it out of court but when a guy Denise paternity what else could she do? Salma I like but this all leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m sure she knew and that’s probably why they broke up for along time years ago. She seems like she’s willing to look the other way. This guy is known to be a creep that slept with any supermodel he could get his hands on!

  4. Anne says:

    I agree that Selma knew well before the ‘scandal’ and any forgiving she needed to do was done by the time it became public.

    However, I agree about the child support. Linda sucks. I know the man’s a billionaire, but saying you need an outrageous amount of child support basically because you never want to actually be with your kid (’cause you’re so busy looking after your ‘image’!!) is stupid and disgusting. Because, let’s face it, a child doesn’t need that much money, so who actually gets it? Yeah, that would be Linda.

    I would be more interested to know what kind of visitation this guy is having with his child? It doesn’t sound like any of the parents/step parents are all that concerned about the child’s emotional welfare at all.

  5. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Salma looks great! It’s truly refreshing to see a beautiful celebrity with a healthy and in shape body type. Emaciation is so 2000.

    Rich people problems.

  6. benny says:

    It’s a lot of money to someone like me, but this guy can afford it. So what if the kid’s mother is a tramp and greedy? That’s not the kid’s fault. If he can afford it (and he can), then pay up and shut up.

    I have little respect for women who get pregnant on purpose with rich men who didn’t want to have kids with them in the first place (which is basically prostitution), because they are just setting the kid up for a future with a father who resents him. But since the kid isn’t responsible for the mom’s whoring, he should still be supported by the dad (who apparently didn’t want to wear a condom). I have even less respect for this guy than I do for his gold-digging girlfriends.

  7. Pyewacket says:

    As if Selma would ditch the billionaire over a paternity scandal.

  8. Susan O. says:

    When there’s so much money involved who cares. Some women can be very detached from who hub sleeps with, most are not.

  9. Heavenbound says:

    Oh Salma did really take out her implants! I think this is going to be a new trend.

  10. Violet says:

    Linda is asking for a lot of money, but a) Francois is a billionaire and b) she’s asking for only a fraction of what he spends on his daughter.

    I have lost all respect for Salma Hayek for staying with a man who turns his back on his own flesh and blood. Deadbeat dads are the lowest of the low.

  11. DreamyK says:

    Honestly? Those kids are brother and sister. I think it’s rather shameful that all the adults involved haven’t found a way to bury the hatchet and do what’s right for the kids by letting them get to know one another. They’re 4yrs old now, everyone has had a chance to calm down. Those children deserve a chance to become true brother and sister. Shameful.

  12. LadyJane says:

    Selma comes from money – she has never been wanting. So I don’t think she is a gold digger.

  13. jc126 says:

    I am intrigued that she is wearing a Red Sox cap. Go Sox!!!

  14. Cherry Rose says:

    @Heavenbound – I think Salma’s boobs look smaller because she’s wearing a very tight sports bra, which is a must playing sports if you have big breasts like hers.

    I’m no fan of Linda, but it’s not like the guy can’t afford the payments. It’s one thing being a deadbeat dad when the guy has no money or a crappy paying job. It’s another when the guy’s a billionaire and has more money than he knows what to do with.

  15. Goofpuff says:

    He is a rich a-hole. If he didn’t want to have kids wear a condom. I don’t blame Linda at all for his stupidity. He needs to pay.

    Selma doesn’t care as long as the money rolls in.

  16. kimmy says:

    i don’t even make 46k a year. =/ i cannot even wrap my head around THAT MUCH MONEY.

  17. cookie says:

    Linda should get as much as she can for as long as she can, you never know what is going to happen in the future. If she’s smart she will squirrel it away for the child. That’s chump change for a billionaire, he should pay!

  18. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I believe Monsieur can afford $46K a month if he’s worth $11 BILLION. Also, those white shorts are not Salma’s friend & she needs to burn that Red Sox hat. She’d look cuter in a tennis skirt.

  19. RobN says:

    $550,000 a year when you’re worth billions isn’t really all that extreme. I’d bet that half of that will go to fulltime security staff to make sure the child of a Billionaire isn’t kidnapped. The kid’s a huge target, especially in Europe where kidnapping for ransom has always been a huge problem.

  20. mel says:

    I was never a huge Salma fan but now I can’t stand her…who would marry a guy who turns his back on his own children? I don’t think Edward Norton who be that big of an asshole.

  21. Angelina says:

    Why is she wearing a Red Sox cap? Yuck….

  22. Chrissy says:

    He needs to pay up and fast. They both look terrible with him fighting a bill he can easily pay. It’s his CHILD. Don’t be a deadbeat asshole. And didn’t Linda only make it public after he refused to pay for four years?? Scum.

  23. Lem says:

    Is dying to know what ” incandescent in rage” looks like…

  24. Nancito says:

    I’m calling Pap Alert on this one – this is supposed to look like Salma and François-Henri are still a happy couple playing Happy Families. Are we supposed to believe that a man worth $11 billion pushes carts around grocery stores.

  25. N.D. says:

    Why the hell everyone assumes it was his decision to not be involved with this child? Linda was vehemently denying he’s the father back in 2007. Looks to me like she wanted her son all to herself. And only now, 5 years later she decided that she likes money better after all.

    Her denials can’t be because he wanted to keep it secret or something – he’s a french billionaire not american politician. Fathering a child on a supermodel wouldn’t do him any harm. It must have been Linda’s decision.

    That not something he would need to hide from Salma either because it all happened BEFORE they got involved.

    Still, now, he should pay or demand shared custody so that Linda has enough time for herself and isn’t “alone” with her son too often.

  26. Katherine says:

    LOL! Good old ambitious Salma has a billion reasons to hang on no matter what this guy does.

  27. Annie says:

    1st of all I agree with the former posters, what is 48,000 a year to a billionaire?
    2nd I would venture to say this amount is a negotiating tactic and she would accept far less but given his history and lack of support she is going to start there…
    3rd it probably could have been handled privately, but when you treat your child as less than…a protective mother goes for the jugular.
    Her timing could have interrupted their engagement/nuptials and given her additional leverage so I give her points for waiting….

  28. Annie says:

    If I were Salma I would want this child to be cared for in the same manner as my feel otherwise is churlish and unfair..

  29. khaveman says:

    For 18 years of child support that is close to 10 million dollars. That is a LOT of dough for a child. Crazy money. That’s Linda grabbing what she can get. But he has billions. He should just give her the money and be done with it. It’s his child too. Responsibility, monsieur.

  30. palermo says:

    She would never leave all his billions, er I mean her loving husband LOL

  31. Ewyn says:

    I agree with N.D!
    People should also remember that he paid everyday for his olders kids. So the problem seems not to be the money but Linda herself.

  32. dorothy says:

    OMG…would you ditch him over a silly paturnity scandal? She has access to the best clothes in the world….hello? I wouldn’t . Have to have your priorities….

  33. suggabugga says:

    ELMER FUDD!!! let’s pray the kids look like their mommas.

  34. Meanchick says:

    $46 thousand/mo? That’s ridiculous!

  35. Nikki Girl says:

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for Salma Hayek because of this. She always seemed like a strong, independent woman. Now she’s coming across as pathetic to me.

  36. 9 out 10 experts recommend says:

    $alma really love$ Françoi$-Henri pinault

  37. TXCinderella says:

    Linda has to have nannies to take care of little Augie, because “she doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day”. Can’t stand that pinched faced hoity-toity Linda, but she does have the right to get child support. Maybe not that much, but the guy is a billionaire.

  38. Joe's Mom says:

    Speaking of getting pregnant on purpose, how do we know that Salma didn’t do just that when she found out Linda was pregnant, just to even the playing field? And @RobN – I totally agree. I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that Snooki on Jersey Shore is making $100,000 per episode, so this $46,000 a month is peanuts for Pinault . . . This adds up to roughly 7 – 9 million total, if Pinault pays monthly till HIS SON is 18 – 22. On the scale Pinault lives, that’s nothing in this day and age. I hope Linda saves as much as possible for her son.

  39. Viv says:

    Well spoken OriginalGracie. If Salma herself says that Francois puts 50K in a trust fund for her daughter every month why should another kid of his get less? The 50K is in addition to expenses, wouldn’t want to know what they are spending on Valentina. It’s chump change to him. Just pay and stop reminding us all how much money you have.

  40. NinaGianvonni says:

    He’s a billionaire, 46,000 a month is nothing to him, he probably spends more than that on meals out in a month.

  41. Tazina says:

    Is this settled already? I haven’t heard how much Evangelista will be getting. I wouldn’t dump a cute, rich man like Pinault because of some one night stand with a model although I would be wondering why the stupid assclown didn’t use protection….oh right, the condom broke.

  42. hatsumomo says:

    I read on another site Linda was offered the same amount of child support as his other kids, the billionaire has other kids than Valentina, and she turned it down because it was too low. Figures, the chick is a gold digger and she’s getting old. You cant expect to survive just based on looks your entire life. Its old girls like her that make me glad Im focusing on my education to support me later in life and not the size of my tits.

  43. billieb says:

    “Selma comes from money – she has never been wanting. So I don’t think she is a gold digger.”

    Just cuz someone came from a moneyed background doesn’t mean they can’t be a gold-digger and still go after the moneyed.