Leah Remini, Julie Chen & the ladies of ‘The Talk’ are bitch-fighting


Do you ever watch The Talk? It’s the CBS knockoff of The View, starring a motley crew of Julie Chen, cat-faced Sharon Osbourne, Scientologist Leah Remini and out-lesbian Sara Gilbert and no-adjectives Marisa Jaret Winokur and Holly Robinson Peete. I think I’ve seen part of a few episodes, but it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is the bitchfight, and it seems like there’s something going down off-set at The Talk. I always forget that Julie Chen is married to CBS president Les Moonves – and apparently, because she’s married to the boss, she thinks she gets to order everybody around:

Julie Chen’s “queen bee attitude” is forcing the ladies of CBS’s “The Talk” to flee the daytime gab-fest after just one season. Sources say fed-up Leah Remini plans to quit on the heels of Sharon Osbourne’s bombshell that she’s taking a break. Co-host Holly Robinson Peete last week said she will not return for Season 2.

The last straw for Osbourne and Remini was Chen’s order, passed down from her master-of- the-universe husband, CBS President Les Moonves, following their South of France break, that the women were not allowed to discuss the Casey Anthony case without her because she’s the only host with journalistic credentials.

“[Julie] said, ‘My husband feels strongly that you should not be talking about news [without me], you are not news people,’ ” our source told us. “Sharon just said, ‘I don’t know about this.’ She’d had enough. ”

Despite the friction, one program insider called Chen “the glue that holds the show together” and firmly placed the blame on Remini.

“[Remini] was a disruptive force,” the source said. “She had a huge morale problem,” adding that Remini often brought her mother on set, who refused to follow studio rules.

“Her mother never parked in her assigned space,” the insider said. “She was told not to park in the lot anymore. ”

Two executive producers have abandoned the show since it began last fall. But co-host Sara Gilbert is slated to return.

A CBS spokesperson told us, “ ‘The Talk’ just finished a strong first season . . . The producers are currently working on a creative game plan for Season 2, which launches on Sept. 6.”

Osbourne’s rep said she was “not reachable.” Remini’s agent said, “I don’t believe anyone’s option has been picked up. Her mom does go to the show every day as does Sara’s mom and Holly’s mom.”

He declined to comment about the parking-lot matter because Remini couldn’t be reached by deadline.

[From Page Six]

Since I don’t really care about any of these people (well, I have some affection for Gilbert), I’m willing to believe all of it. It wouldn’t surprise me that the president’s wife was pulling rank, it wouldn’t surprise me that the Scientologist was being disruptive, and it wouldn’t surprise me that the other ladies might be trying to bail.




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  1. Pyewacket says:

    Yeah well if I was going to pick a bitch fight it sure wouldn’t be with my boss’s wife.

  2. Kiki says:

    This makes me so sad! I love this show.

  3. JaisyMaisy says:

    Leah Remini is having trouble getting along with people? Well, I never!
    As for that parking lot thing though, come on, how petty. That’s ridiculous. “You’re pulling rank on us, Julie, and we’re sick of it!”
    “Oh yeah? Well your mom never parks in her assigned spot!
    I mean, how is that even relevant, and why are they trying to make it sound like some breaking point?

  4. Maripily says:

    I’ve never watched the show. It seems too large of a panel for a talk show.

  5. Dorothy#1 says:

    This show is sooo good! I like it better than the view, but if Sharon, Holley and Leah leave the show would be horrible. Those girls are really funny and have great chemistry. Sarah and Julie are BORING!!!!! I hope this isn’t true. 🙁

  6. Ell says:

    Bless Sarah Gilbert, she’s so sweet. I feel sorry for her, as it was here idea in the first place, but they could have selected better hosts.

    It’s only been showing a few months here in the UK, I dipped in a couple of times but I can’t do with Sharon Osbourne.

  7. JPX says:

    As soon as I hear that someone is a Scientologist I dismiss their opinions on anything. Who knew that Leah Remini was such a dope?

    • jeanie says:

      I knew about Leah Reminiscent being a scientolonut. A few years ago she used the voice of Bart Simpson (voiced by Nancy Cartwright, s huge scientolonut, to promote a scientolonut “Event” (convention). There was a huge blowup about the legality, FOX was pissed because of copyright infringement, and well, Nancy Cartwright being such a huge scientolonut, felt she wd do whatever she wanted. They’re that arrogant, yes.

  8. Seal Team 6 says:

    I remember when Tom Cruise first went publicly Xenu Crazy, and Leah Remini went off on a reporter and said (she had been raised Catholic like Katie Holmes): “You can be both Catholic and a Scientologist.”

    I am beyond a lapsed Catholic, but at one point I wasn’t, and even taught CCD, and I can tell you that, no, you cannot be Catholic/Christian and believe in all that Xenu Thetan stuff. It isn’t an ethical path, like Zen Buddhism, it has a belief system.

    Remini is why I have never watched this show once.

  9. anonymous says:

    I have seen the show, Chen is doing a good job and is in the right position, but from what I observed right away is that Holly Robinson Peet wants to be the boss, and behaves poorly. She probably convinced Remini to go along with her. Chen is in the same position as Whoopie Golberg and the people of the View understands that and treats her as such. Holly does not treat Chen that way she acts like she needs to do her own thing. Let’s see where she is going to get her next job. Remini is a fool, let ambitious olly fight her own battles.

  10. Hautie says:

    I love how Chen thinks that anyone is watching this show for its “hard hitting news”. And if she isn’t there… there is no integrity. haha!

    It is a dang gossip show. Period.

    And everyone and their dog had a opinion about that Anthony trial. So who cares if any of these girls had one and shared it on the air without Chen.

  11. lucy2 says:

    Remini bugs me too.
    I’ve never watched but I like Sara. I read a story elsewhere that made it sound like Holly and Leah were let go, rather than quit.

  12. Maya says:

    Just an FYI Marisa Jaret Winokur is no longer a part of the show and hasn’t been since last winter.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    I only like Sara Gilbert and Holly Robinson Peete (as far back to her 21 Jump Street days) and I am sort-of fond of Sha-a-a-r-o-n! (Sorry, I had to.)

    But Leah has irritated me on an epic scale since I can’t tell you how long.

    The boss’s wife needs to sit down and shut up. A “talk show” is just that: a “talk” show. Journalistic experience was obviously not a condition upon hiring these women; they should be able to talk about whatever is relevant/pertinent at the time, with or without Princess Richbitch’s presence.

  14. mln76 says:

    I can’t stand Julie Chen it’s sooooo obvious that she only gets her jobs because she screwed her boss. She is so plastic and transparent and tacky. How can you call yourself a ‘journalist’ if you host Big Brother??? I am not too fond of Leah Rimini either she seems like she’s a big old bitch. Sara seems too chill to really care what’s going on but she’s Darlene how can you not love her? The one I find most likable is Holly though I think she’s the most grounded on the show and they should really fight to keep her around with all those big personalities.

  15. Boo says:

    I like Sara, but c’mon. Her idea? She said, “Let’s do The View with different women.” Not really much of an idea, now, is it?

    Listening to Leah Remini is, to quote DListed’s Michael K, “as much fun as having your head in a paint-can shaker.”

  16. Bren says:

    I like this show and most of the ladies on it. However I get a “ugh” feeling when I look at Holly ever since she told the story of how she use to suck the snot out of her kids noses when they were stuffed up

  17. Sue says:

    Seriously…. Chen is a “news” person?!? She hosts Big Brother!

  18. 4Real says:

    Julie you ignorant slut

    • Dee says:

      Oh come on that was not called for. Julie is a awesome funny person. I never knew how funny until I started watching The Talk. We love all of the members of JULIE’S show in this household.. Grow up people ots a gossip talk show.

  19. bluhare says:

    4Real: Good one!

    Having had experience with a boss’s wife, I say good on the rest of them for leaving.

  20. smith says:

    Leah Remini is awful. That is all.

  21. SkyNet says:

    I can’t stand Julie Chen. If your eyes are already small, don’t wear a ton of makeup on them. Especially not giant false eyelashes. She’s constantly having to open her eyes really wide so people can see them. As a smaller eyed person, it bugs me. She’s just so fake acting. She’s not a news person, she’s just some random that hooked up with her boss and got a couple of gigs.

    Leah Remini just seems really rude all of the time. It’s seems like even when she’s saying something nice, she’s thinking bad things.

    I really wish things would have worked out for Sara and Holly. They’ve always seemed really caring and down to Earth in the interviews that they’ve done.

  22. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    How batshit do you have to be to think that CONSTANTLY name-dropping your husband reminds people of your credibility? Queen bees have purpose in life: to get the life sucked out of them. It’ll be interesting to the look on whatever it is she’s be doing to her face when Les Moonves pulls a Rupert Murdoch.

  23. Str8Shooter says:

    Here’s the rundown on these skanks:

    Holly Robinson-Peete – MEGA Bitch, as shown on Celebrity Apprentice. Dissed her hubby to the cameraman that he was trying to ‘one-up’ her for visiting her with her kids while away for the show.

    Leah Remini – Scientologist Bitch. Can not get along with ANYBODY. Good friend of mine was crew member on KOQ, she was hated backstage.

    Sharon Osborne – SHRIEKING Harpy who also showed her true colors on Celebrity Apprentice. Very mean-spirited.

    Can’t speak for Chen-Bot or Sara Gilbert, they come off as OK…

  24. Truthful says:

    you couldn’t pay me to watch a bunch of hens…

    no thanks, I do like S. Gilbert and wish she’d get some acting roles..

    not surprised at all.

  25. Kelly says:

    Why don’t they just start over with only Sara Gilbert from the original cast and then add likeable people?

  26. Amanda G says:

    This show is still on the air?

  27. Ruthie says:

    So…what’s with them all taking their Mom’s to work with them?

  28. SarahS says:

    Bitch, please. Just cause you banged your married boss and got him to marry you, you’re the authority on news? She sucks.

  29. Isabel says:

    Wait, what? This show exists?

  30. sandy#1 says:

    julie, leah needs to leave, leah looks like she is not fun to be around, i went to a taping, she is so unprofessional and hardcore.

    • jeanie says:

      That’s because she is s nutjob scientologist. She believes that to be gay is to be “aberrated” and as far as her allegedly continuing Catholicism? SCIENTOLOGY says Jesus Christ is an implant placed in modern man by the evil overlord Xenu billions of years ago. How the HELL is that compatible in any stretch of the imagination? Go ahead and try to lie, Leah. I was in SCIENTOLOGY and was taught the same crap u were! Lets debate, girl! I was on course at CC in Hollywood and my course sup was Gontran!!

  31. Lindy says:

    Y’all–look at Leah Remini’s face in that close-up pic where she’s standing next to HR Peete! Is it just me or does she seem jacked/tweaked/overdone in eleventy-hundred different ways? She’s not a pretty woman, never will be, but I feel like she used to have a kind of character actor’s face–interesting and noticeable. Now she looks like every other wealthy face-lifted 50 year old in the world. Ugh.

  32. laurieweeg says:

    Not planning to watch if Leah leaves – period. Journalistic credentials, Chen? She is best known for being the host on Big Brother. Anyway, every talking head discussed the Casey Anthony trial so of course “The Talk” would chime in. You know, I never thought I’d crawl back to “The View” but I will if all of this is true.

  33. linnie says:

    i always watch the king of queens re-runs and love leah remini from that show, but when i started watching the talk it was a shock to learn her real personality. shes loud and doesent care, at first i couldnt stand it, but ive grown to really like leah. i watch the talk whenever i can, i would be sad if some of the ladies left 🙁

  34. Dee says:

    I love the talk much better than the view. Leah and Holly are my favorites. Sharon can be funny. Julie and Sara are just boring. And please, serious journalist?

  35. sugarqueen says:

    Leah & holly & sharon are the funniest. Julie tries but she comes across as trying to hard. Sara is pretty borrrrrrrrriiiiing 0 personality. Julie. May be mega rich but she has no eyes and you can tell the other ladies are scared of her you know she keeps them all in check.

  36. kathy says:

    Well sad to say the show is going down with the 3 that are left it will be a boring show. Leah and Holly were very funny and added a light funny talk show unlike the View (which is strongly opinionated. I see in the future this show will not make it. Sometimes its best to let sleeping dogs lie.

  37. Brad says:

    No loss here. It was a sad lineup of washed out celebs and bitches. Only catty women would enjoy this kind of crap anyway. Stick with the internet, folks. TV’s yesterday’s news. Boring as hell.

  38. Dean Fox says:

    I See Remini said on Twitter: “It is official, I am sorry to say I have NOT been asked back on the show. Sorry to my fans. U worked so hard! I adore u guys.” which says two things. She wanted to go back and she was campaigning to go back despite any drama with Chen.

  39. Angela says:

    It kills me how people just run off with the heads slamming people because their own lives are going so badly it makes them feel so great to be able to tear down others. The hateful comments here, just remind me how cruel society really has gotten. I won’t be watching this show due to the others leaving as they were my favorites, Leah is funny, Sharon is compassionate and Holly is grounded. The only one I tend not to particularly care for happens to be Julie and that is due to her dirty looks she gives on the shows to her co hosts at times. I was watching today and she gave Leah a filthy look right before break, thinking no one notices I guess. That show wouldn’t even be popular without those girls who are leaving, so look for this to be canceled unfortunately.

  40. Joey says:

    Looks like its time for Ol’ Moonves to move Gilbert to CSI, Chen to 60 Minutes, and start another daytime game show because The Talk seems to be finished.

  41. daffy duck says:

    Kiss your show good bye Julie Chen. People need personality whick you clearly lack. Leah, Holly and Sharon are watchable and the back bone of The Talk. You, however, are an ignorant slut.

  42. Joni says:

    Why can’t we all just get along? I am so tired of women, well-known or not, tearing each other down.

  43. bill says:

    i don”t care about the show i just think julie is so hot yeh baby

  44. Joanne says:

    I have no problem with Leah, Sara, and Holly. I just don’t men stealing Sharon and Julie.

  45. eileen vogt says:

    I was so sad today to see Leah and Holly not on the talk, it was a big, big mistake, one less viewer!!!!

  46. sheila gillan says:

    I quit watching the talk today.very sad day,as everyone loves leah’s unbeievably hysterical funniness, holly has the class of a beautiful, classy fun, but i guess not black enough for julie. queen julie and her old les are toxic in their cruelty. they would rather drive the show in the ground over julie,s jealousy. maybe he thought holly was hot, as she was replaced by a big, dark black thing, who is not funny, you can’t understand her and her clothes are atrocious. sara has no fun and sits there and says nothing much not. julie has her wish. her husband needs to be off cbs- a nationwide petition is started. leave your chinese wife that no one likes at home of on big brother. love you leah and holly.

  47. sheila gillan says:

    i see a new show which would be perfection-leah, holly, maybe sharon, kathy griffin, gayle king, sara if she can get out of her contract, or wanda sykes- just a few ideas of a fun off the wall show. let lisa ling on too for the asian replacing julie or margaret chow. if anyone thinks this is awesome please comment.

  48. becky says:

    please, pleaseplease, bring holly and leah back- julie is not funny and seems malicious and a manipulator. sara basically seems sweet, but without leah seems lost. holly is just to high class and will not engage this jealousy and poor decision. leah makes me laugh so hard- a natural talent. i stopped watching the show yesterday, never laughed, was bored to death, couldn’t understand the new women and julie sqinted her eyes smiling in an evil way.

  49. katie says:

    julie-go, please go and lester let her. you are ruining yht show and careers. Is the queen threatened? Didn”t get all the power promised? Found holly to be so more intelligent, feeling… she has it all, relatable and an awesome mom. leah is just all fun and everyone loves the fun people. why is julie left, as she is so boring, fake and if she wasn’t sleeping with the boss she would be stuck in china. this show is down the tubes and shouldn’tbe. my 83 yr old mother waited for this show daily as it made her laugh so much. now without leah and holly (her favorites) she quit watching. we have a petition going and already have hundreds of thousands raised, bye the talk and julie.it will be off soon- faster that you get these pathetic replacements. it’s wrong and will blow up in your face.

  50. gma lin says:

    Leah and Holly, this door closed but you know another will open. You know you have a lot of fans. Read all the comments. You both made the show. You guys are real people like us your viewers. God bless. Keep up the good work with your charity. God blesses those who give and the devil gets those who takes. Always in prayer. This happened for a reason. Love you guys. I too have a grandchild who is challenged….but so so loving.

  51. margie says:

    I only learned Leah and Holly weren’t returning the night before the return of The Talk! I immediately knew it was going to be removed from my DVR, but decided to watch the first episode sans L&H, to see how it was going to be handled. Not one word was said, should have known?!! More classlessness. I honestly think that Julie couldn’t stand that Leah was funnier and Holly was also quite glib and well liked. I only started to watch this show, post the loss of two CBS Soap icons, due to L&H. Sharon is okay too, and Julie did seem to loosen up. True, Sarah doesn’t say much, but did she really need to? I admit I wish Leah didn’t give her such a hard time sometimes, but I think she was trying to bring her out of her shell? She could of laid off the frequent comment/complain-ing about her vegetarianism tho. I watched the tape of Holly and Leah doing the karoke about a dozen times. It was hilarious! and i don’t think Julie knew they were planning it, as she was about to dismiss the Guest. Guess that ticked her off?! In any event, I am thru with this show and haven’t griped so much about another horrific Daytime decision since learning OLTL and AMC were being dumped! And guess what I’m doing about THAT?! Who cares if Leah’s mom doesn’t always park where she’s supposed to? how petty. And I’m not a Scientologist either, but so what? i don’t agree with alot of religions. And what did that have to do with her hilarity?! Still, can we refrain from calling our fellow Sisters – so many names?! Its degrading! Start your own show Leah and Holly and Sharon, and yeah, maybe Wanda Sykes and/or – Kathy Griffith?…now that would be a delirious HOOT! indeed! As for you Chen, you just shot yourself in the foot. Hope you continue to bring in the ratings on Big Brother (i don’t watch it tho); cuz your Talk, show, is TOAST! very burnt!

  52. Laine says:

    I am so happy that Leah is gone!! She is a BULLY! A horrible actor and person. I flipped on the show only a few times and the minute she opened her mouth it was like literal Shit coming out! She was very mean to Sara and bullied her the few moments I could stand to see it. I think she is evil inside and out. If she ever came near me I would REBUKE IT and send the DEVIL back where it came from!! I think she is possessed by Satan. I am so happy for Julie and Sara. It was the right thing to do.

  53. Mel says:

    Well you certainly messed up big time by not bringing back 2 of the most interesting and entertaining ladies on your show. Were you afraid they were out doing you, cause they certainly were. Sorry you couldn’t deal with the competion had to have hubby get rid of them. Another viewer lost!!!!!

  54. Mark Belvedere says:

    dissapointed….bad decision !
    Bring them back and I will watch again….until then, I’m DONE !

  55. Dawn Hines says:

    Ihave been watching the show The Talk for quite a while and I turned it on one day and noticed that Holly Robinson Pete and Leah Remi wasn’t on there anymore and I was wandering what the reason was. I liked seeing them on the show they made the show just like the rest of them and I was wandering if they will be returning on there anytime soon. I saw somewhere they were let go and I was wandering what the reason was. I enjoed seeing them. I don’t care for some of the replacements they have had on there but I guess they will do until something happens.

  56. beth says:

    leah made the show! she was the best! and i liked holly too. julie is a B….! i loved the talk but now that leah and holly are gone ill never watch again. hope leah and holly get new show together 🙂

  57. Julie says:

    First let me say, “Oprah quick, Leah and Holly need their own show. Sign them up. They would be so much more fun to watch than Rosie O'”

    I watched my last episode from the DVR today and deleted it from the schedule. I gave it a month after they were let go and it just isn’t the same without Holleah. I like Sharon but she’s not enough to keep me tuned in even when she’s there and having others try to fill their shoes just doesn’t work. Leah and Holly were such an integral part of what really made the show. Sara’s ok, she’s sweet but she needs to work on putting a little more into it on the show.

    Julie is just plain STIFF. She’s not funny at all and pleeeeease, a journalist. Maybe she “WAS” a journalist a long time ago but this show wasn’t supposed to be “The View.” That’s what made it so great. It was more like five girlfriends having a slumber party discussing topics. What I loved was how they could almost forget that the audience was there. The candid remarks (not scripted) made it so much more fun. It’s not like they weren’t saying some of the very things some of us were thinking. It was refreshing.

    Bottom line is, they’ve lost yet another viewer. Will be interesting to see what the ratings are like for Oct. I think they dupped a lot of people into watching this month before it was realized these two ladies wouldn’t be back. Who knows, maybe they’ll get replaced by another cooking show.

  58. Leigh says:

    I am outraged that Holly Robinson Peete was fired from The Talk by Julie Chen no less, who has ZERO talent! She just happens to be sleeping with the nomad president of CBS. What a joke, she is so BORING! Jealosy and hatred is evident. Holly is so beautiful and hasn’t aged since 21 Jump Street. She will move on to better things. Julie has to rely on her husband to get a job, she would NEVER be able to get a show on her own. Holly has strong family values and morals and speaks honestly and doesn’t sell out her race. Julie is so insecure that she has to surround herself with the likes of an out lesbian (Sara Gilbert) and a FILTHY mouth comedian! REALLY! Wow Julie, you can’t handle a class act like Holly. Anyway, many, many former fans of The Talk really dislike you and really miss Holly. Karma is a you know what and you definitely will reap what you sew. I am waiting for you to fall flat on your Chinese face! HA HA!!

  59. slimshady says:

    I HATE JULIE CHEN NOW!!! I will never watch “The Talk” again!!!! I’m done….Julie Chen was a fukkin nobody until her demonic Hollywood husband came along and saved her stank ass from a poor white rice-eating every night,cat-cooking,and fake knock-off purse on Canal street selling- pathetic life! YOU SLEPT YOUR WAY OUT OF POVERTY YOU STUPID BITCH, and now you wanna throw your weight around the CBS studios? I hate her….GO DIE YOU SLANTED-EYE WHORE!

  60. natalie says:

    This situation is very much a reflection of the ugly side, and far too often, the sad reality of this fantasy world we call Hollywood. Julie Chen is the perfect example of poor talent, combined with the riches of a trophy husband, leading her to believe she is entitled to be a bitch. Both she and Sara Gilbert are boring, leading one to pray for relief even if it means poking oneself repeatedly in the eye with a fork. Both Leah and Holly are authentic talented women who represented a threat to the very insecure and exceptionally fake Julie Chen.

  61. Julie says:

    I was so glad this Leah person was let go, have never liked her after seeing her on Rachel Ray going on about how her 3 year old (older now) was pretty much running her and her husband’s life, that they hadn’t had a nites sleep without her since she was born, didn’t know how to handle her at 3! She allowed that she and her husband were total pushovers for this poor kid and were doing her no favours at all by allowing this to happen. Kids at any age need structure and consistency not parents who cave in. Asked the audience for advise on how to raise her daughter, I just hope she finally saw the lite of day and realized she should be going to parenting classes, instead of coming across so pathetic and odd asking audience and tv viewing audience “what should I do”, just left me with a very bad impression of her letting her 3 year old run things the way she was and didn’t seem to have enough sense to set limits for a child that small, all children need limits of some kind and it came across that she was pretty much allowed to do anything really, with no limits set God help them when she gets older! Leah is supposed to be a mature woman here and just came across as so pathetic.

  62. quban says:

    Leah was so cute and. Holly was the best. Asian girl sucked her way to the top

  63. quban says:

    Leah was so cute and. Holly was the best. Asian girl sucked her way to the top.

  64. quban says:

    Leah was so cute and. Holly was the best. Asian girl sucked her way to the top. Its a. Shame

  65. quban says:

    Leah was so cute and. Holly was the best. Its a. Shame

  66. quban says:

    Leah was so cute and. Holly was the best. Its a. Shame the asian sucked her way too the boss. People with small pencils love asians.

  67. quban says:

    Leah was so cute. Holly was the best. Its a Shame the asian sucked her way too the boss. People with small pencils love asians.