Pippa Middleton is doing a “trial marriage” (British-speak for “shacking up”)


Here are some new photos of Pippa Middleton in London from the past few days. Even though I don’t think Pippa Middleton is anything special (or interesting), I get a little tired of everyone saying that she’s fug. She’s not. She has angles where she’s really pretty, and angles where she’s just sort of average-looking. I think she looks like a average-pretty girl who tries to emphasize her positives and take care of herself. She fake-bakes too much, her style is pretty bad, and she shouldn’t go so long between waxes (or she should invest in a slip), but overall, I think she’s attractive. And I’ll give the Middleton sisters one thing: although I don’t usually care for their style, they both have great taste in jackets and coats. I love this grey coat Pippa is wearing. I would wear the hell out of it.

Anyway, here’s the random Pippa story today – she and her on-again boyfriend Alex Loudon are having a “trial marriage”. Meaning that they’re just shacking up together without getting engaged. In other words, “The Duchess Kate Nine-Year Plan”.

Pippa Middleton’s parents had better think twice about putting their wedding outfits into storage.

We can reveal that, hot on the heels of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s big day, little sister daughter Pippa, 27, is getting very serious with long- term boyfriend Alex Loudon.

Though she’s been linked to Prince Harry and pursued by Hollywood hottie Justin Timberlake, Pippa’s made it clear Alex is the only man for her.

She’s moved her vast collection of wedge heels into the investment banker’s pad as part of her plan to see if they’re ready to take the next step.

‘They’re experimenting with a “trial marriage” to find out how they cope with living together – so far, so good,’ says our source.

[From Now Magazine]

I would love to know what went down with Pippa and George Percy. She hasn’t been spotted with him in a while, not since she did the walk of shame in the wee hours of the morning after spending the night with him, at his place, back in June. My theory is that Percy’s parents, the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, put the kibosh on their son spending any serious time with a Middleton upstart. I know, I know – Pippa and George already dated, back at university. But Pippa dated every eligible dude back then, and now she’s the sister of the future queen. It’s different!




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. gee says:

    I would love to know where those wedges in the top pic are from. I love them. And I’m so much team Waity, I’ll even take Waity’s family. I love this British shenanigans. It’s a sickness, but I can’t get enough.

    Also, I totally agree about her being a pretty girl, she is so not fug. I still think she looks like Amy Sedaris.

  2. Lila says:

    Her face is rough. Although judging from the family, it looks like all the Middleton women look about 40 and then stop aging.

  3. Rachel says:

    shes not fug at all! actually quite pretty; she just doesn’t really standout too much, kind of ordinary…but definitely not fug.

  4. Karen says:

    In both the first and last pic, Pippa looks as tired and “over it” as I am. Please stop trying to make this girl happen because she really isn’t worth it.

    I’m not being mean…I have absolutely nothing against Pippa. I just have a problem with the various gossip sites I love who are trying to make me care about her as a gossip item. Ain’t gonna happen!

    Wake me up when she’s revealed to be involved in a sex tape (or can we not say “sex DVD”…really!) three-way with Liz Hurley and Shane Whatshisface.

  5. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    By her grumpy demeanor it appears that Pippa no longer likes to be papped.

  6. katy says:

    i think she’s harmeless. honestly it’s not like she’s a bad person who lies or steals. and i much prefer her style to 99% of the girls in LA. she’s never trashy and always put together. yes, she’s known because of her association to the royals but she actually has an education and isn’t just famous for a sex tape and drunk shenanigans. i’d much rather see coverage of her than a kardashian…

  7. danielle says:

    Fug may be going a little far…but seriously, girl’s face looks ROUGH in that top picture. She needs to stop with the tanning, stop with the eyeliner, and maybe get more sleep? She has huge bags or undereye circles or something in that top pic.

  8. Alice says:

    If she took care of herself she wouldn’t look so beat when she isn’t even 30 yet.

  9. bluhare says:

    Wowzers, she’s got some serious under eye luggage. Apparently being trially married means not getting a ton of sleep.

    And he’s better looking than she is.

  10. baby says:

    ditto to everything katy said. i actually really like her style!

  11. kara says:

    wow, head-on is not her angle. makes her eyes look very close together.

    generally i find her inoffensive though– moderately pretty girl, but not very interesting. not worth paying attention to for any particular reason. my verdict: meh on pippa.

  12. P.J. says:

    I sympathize with Pippa because she didn’t ask for all this fame and attention. It has come to her as the sister of one of the world’s most famous people. Compare her with someone like Paris Hilton, who also comes from a famous family.

    I like her because she’s more of an average girl-next-door type, pretty but not gorgeous, well-dressed but not a catwalk model.

  13. jesikabelcher says:

    She reminds me of Marsha Brady…

  14. filthycute says:

    Damn, what a flat-faced mule she is.

  15. Denise says:

    Fine, if you insist, she is not fug; she is just tired and played out.

  16. Christine says:

    I agree – the Middletons are wonderful about picking coats and jackets and the rest of their style is blech. I wonder what happened with George Percy too – maybe she just couldn’t do it anymore; he was rather fug and dough-y if I recall. At least Alex is handsome.

  17. beanie says:

    Sorry…not attractive. At least her sister has really great hair. @ Katy..how do you know she doesn’t lie…or steal for that matter? You know her personally? LOL!

  18. Cloud9 says:

    God, she looks like a washed up booze hag. Brutal.

  19. RobN says:

    I laughed at the part where we supposed that the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland put the kibosh on the relationship between Pippa and Percy because she’s an upstart. A marital relationship to the sister of the future queen would be absolute gold in royal circles; it cements your position as people close to a future king. More likely, they put too much pressure on Percy to pursue her rather than the other way around.

  20. 4Real says:

    I’m sorry but…Espedrills(sp) in the RAIN??!

    It’s not that she’s FUG…just..blah.

  21. Kellie says:

    @RobN, I disagree. Money begets money, and pedigree begets pedigree. People who have a lifetime history of money and power do not want to be associated with “new money” regardless of how successful they are at social climbing. Percy and his family have more money than the royal family-true blue bloods. Percy can do a lot better than the daughter of a flight attendant and owner of store who sells party favors. And lets not forget, Kate is only royal by marriage not blood. Her children will be more royal than her. If they ever get divorced she will become a “has been” but her children will continue to reign supreme. So yes, Mr. Percy would do better to marry someone of “the blood” not a gold digging in-law.

  22. Diane says:

    Not fug, she’s attractive in her own way. I’m always interested in what her and Kate are wearing. Girl needs to get more sleep, though.

  23. Anon says:

    DAMN! She is only one year older than me!! How does she look so old at only 27!!!

  24. Nymeria says:

    Some things never change. In the British aristocratic circles, it’s always been pretty cutthroat – marrying the sister in law of the guy second to the throne is about as good as you can get right now. I’m surprised nothing further has happened between Pips & the Duke of Northumberland.

  25. Mary jones says:

    Nope shes flat faced and fug. I think its more annoying that the press keeps saying shes hot and shes so not.

  26. The Original Ashley says:

    I completely disagree about her being an average “pretty” girl. And homegirl does not look 27 (yikes she’s two years older than me!). Look at that last picture. I think you mean she looks better with lots of makeup and nice, made for her (couture) clothes. Otherwise she’s a 4 at best. A good body can make up for a fug face but she doesn’t even have that (and no skinny does not automatically make you hot).

    I will say though that she looks remarkably better when she wears large Jackie sunnies.

  27. Luise says:

    She is flat faced and plain. She also needs some filler in her nasal folds. A little mustache action.

  28. M says:

    I missed the story that JT pursued her. What was that about??

  29. ladybert62 says:

    I couldnt get any further than the “Duchess Kate Nine-Year Plan”!!! Great line – had me laughing out loud and choking on my very hot chocolate!

  30. Goofpuff says:

    I think it would be awesome if after this George Percy runs off and elopes with someone completely random, not aristocratic, and even better, not even white! LOL that would really throw everyone for a loop. But sadly, he probalby isn’t allowed to think for himself either.

  31. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with Kellie. Kate Middleton and her family are still seen as upstarts by those with titles and old money. And Pippa draws too much attention to herself – a big “no no” among the old money set. I like the Middletons – the parents have worked hard to make themselves very wealthy. But the class conscious peerage types don’t like outsiders.

  32. maggie says:

    No, no she is fug; I mean look at that jaw and those huge bags under her eyes. She looks nothing like her sister.

  33. John Wayne Lives says:

    I just don’t think she would look so rough if she didn’t have the bottom eyeliner. It’s soo hard looking. Especially on bad skin in the daytime.

  34. serena says:

    I don’t know why you still run-out story with this nobody-character. She’s so boring and totally not interesting.

  35. anon says:

    Just because William’s family (read the Queen herself) made an exception for him most likely based on wanting to avoid the same marriage/image debachle as with Charles and Andrew, this doesnt mean other royal families who dont have to worry about selling themselves to the world to keep thier monarchy (and funding) alive. Most likely the Queen saw how good Kate was for him and her potential and as a future
    “people’s princess”. Pippa is only famous/ accepted by 2nd degree association. Im guessing Harry was smart enough to see her (and her mom’s) motivations from the start and chose to keep it just friends – thanks. Besides, he’s not done with Chelsey yet, just wait. Unlike Pippa her family is VERY, VERY wealthy, she’s highly educated, has a real job at a law firm and loves her freedom and independence. She’s not a social climber and that’s probably what keeps Harry coming back. Anyway, it’s fairly well known that Kate was/is a closet smoker, her mom smokes (hence the gum chewing inside), so most likely Pippa is too. This and the lack of sunscreen will always age you quicker…they’re called ‘cancer sticks’ for a reason. They might keep you thin but you may also end up dead.

  36. Truthful says:

    I agree, she is flat faced and she is not attractive, just average.

    The media keeps trying to shove her down our throats as hot and she’s not.

    alot of photo shop going on, no wonder she looks angry.

    I do love their fashion sense though.

  37. Lou says:

    I am constantly mystified by how much people dislike these girls. They aren’t calling the paps on themselves. They aren’t being drunken messes every weekend. They both graduated college. They aren’t giving interviews every two weeks. Leave them alone. They aren’t that interesting anyway. Move on to other topics. It just makes you look like a catty b*tch to keep mentioning them all the time.

  38. i.want.shoes says:

    Flat-face mule, as a previous poster described her, is pretty accurate. I was going to go with “fug” because it just sounded nicer but let’s call it for what it is.

    In that last picture, she looks even manly.

  39. MooHoo says:

    leave her alone. so what if she doesn’t wax all her pubes off. glad she is down to earth and not self-obsessed.

  40. dleann says:

    she is ugly … the whole family is

  41. azurea says:

    Manly posture…she does lope along like a guy, but that’s not her fault.

  42. LondonLady says:

    Hello. If you dont run four time a week then this is what you generally look like in your late twenties early thirties. Imagine she had some time off from constant exercise- totally normal.

  43. aenflex says:

    The dead-on-center angle does not work for her, nor the does the from-the-side angle, left or right…not sure what else is left after that. Sorry to disagree here, but she’s fug IMO.

  44. Sassy says:

    Pippa is a “plain looking” girl. Kate is about two notches above “plain”. Pippa does have a darling figure. Poor Kate looks like she is dangerously thin. Wonder if she does have an eating disorder? Diana, after seeing zaftig pictures of her bosomy self, became bulemic. None of us would like to see pictures of ourselves in casual or non flattering occasions. It must be horrible to be in the public eye constantly.

  45. Kloops says:

    Fug is probably too strong, but I do find her quite homely. Other than the wedding I’ve yet to see a flattering photo. However, her body is great and I like most of her fashion choices; bland but fine. Basically sums up my perception of her personality too. I won’t miss her if the tabloids lose interest.

  46. taxi says:

    She’s not a beauty but certainly attractive. Looks at least as good as a lot of the young celebs like Kate Bosworth or Peaches. Pippa has good legs & an attractively athletic figure. Not much bosom but at least she isn’t implanted. She does need to use sunscreen. She doesn’t plaster on the makeup like a lot of the other gals who get papped regularly.

    I think a lot of people who are so harsh about her are envious of her future access to parties in the palace.
    Her sister will be a queen one day & Pippa will be the aunt of future royal rulers. Ease off.

  47. anne_000 says:

    Until she starts dating Prince Harry or does field work in an anti-mine field campaign, she’s not interesting, pretty, nor does she do anything that is press-worthy.

    Not even what she wears makes me want to know more about her, unless she starts to dress like Lady GaGa.

  48. Kellie says:

    @ Taxi, what you fail to realize is that the royal family is a “firm” and unless you apart of it by birth or marriage your access to them doesnt matter. Notice how the siblings of Diana never received any press or acknowledgement concerning William and Harry. You dont see her boys having dinner or going on vacation with anyone outside of the royal family. So no, Pippa is totally irrelevant when it comes to royals. Even the royal help has better access but you dont see them trying to milk it.

  49. ZenB!tch says:

    Her face gets more mannish every day. The blush is not flattering and I would KILL for her legs (and fake bake color).

  50. rrrooow says:

    I think she is really bland and has the body of a 20 year old male. Her face isn’t very pretty either, Kate looks heaps better. Though Kate looked yuck before she lost all her weight too and im not saying pippa should do that or that being skinny makes one pretty but in kate’s case it took her from being chubby ordinary to being pretty- skinny works on her.
    * im half being serious sarcastic with this comment because i really think kate looks better without the chunk but at the same time the whole skinny issue in hollywood is ridiculous.

  51. eternalcanadian says:

    Wow, really bad photos that show really bad makeup and fake (or is that real?) tanned skin. Those are some huge bags underneath Philippa’s eyes and come to think of it Catherine has been photographed with the same sort of eye problem.

    Those Middleton sisters really aren’t that pretty when you see them looking like this–striped pink cheeks, black ringed eyes, and that yucky orange skin. Makes me wonder if all women in England are like that? :P

  52. taxi says:

    Kellie, of course I get it. Nevertheless, she’ll quietly be allowed to visit her sister & family & enjoy the scenery. She won’t be photographed or publicized, but she’ll get to drink the nice wine when she visits.

    Most 27 yr olds who got broadcast all over the world as the principal attendant in such a publicized event, especially when nearly every media outlet in the world mentioned her wonderful ass, might be forgiven if they enjoy the 15 minutes of fame. Why can’t she?
    Just don’t see what she’s done wrong to merit the scathing remarks.

  53. munchies says:

    she has flat face so as her butt with long low vadge. her style is hit or miss… the only important person in that family is kate.

  54. Suzie says:

    I doubt any one of us walks out our front door looking like the front cover of Vogue magazine every morning, nor do we go about our errands looking like we’re about to do a photo-shoot. Now if Pippa did that, we’d have a go at her for being a vain clothes horse. So she’s doing the right thing. Being a regular girl, going about her business, dressing comfortably and (sometimes) practically. Boring perhaps, but she’s not an entertainer by profession.

  55. JulieM says:

    Kellie is correct. It doesn’t matter to the titled set who Pippa’s sister is. The Middletons are middle class (nothing wrong with that) but both girls will never be accepted by the aristocrats on the same level. Not even Kate. I don’t care who she is married to. And I don’t care how much money the Middletons have. You cannot buy class. I agree that Percy’s parents most probably put the kabosh on Pippa joining the family.

    RobN: The Middletons are not gold and never will be. I didn’t invent the system, but there you have it.

    Lou: There’s a whole catalog of pictures of William and Kate falling out of nightclubs completely drunk night after night.

    anon: I though the Queen didn’t care for Duchess Do Little.

  56. olga says:

    LondonLady, NO, non of my friends couple of years older then 27 look that bad.
    She’s boring, she is not in place on such sites, she’s no intertament :)

  57. Luise says:

    She is REALLY NASTY LOOKING. I wish the media wouldn’t thrust her in our faces all the time. Trash is trash no matter how much $ you have in the bank.

  58. dani says:

    How can you say she is pretty…she is not ugly either, but pretty??? Nice body, but the face hummmmmmm???????

  59. Magsy says:

    She just has a young middle-aged look, partly her style–fashionably frumpy and her face sometimes looks tired, baggy-eyed. Maybe too much forehead out and nix the lined eyes. Black trenchcoat and brown bag, no.

  60. smh says:

    lol she seems very happy about being followed

  61. Fue McCormick says:

    Pippa Middleton: Ugly outfit No. 13. Please … make it stop!

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