Katy Perry in Atelier Versace at the VMAs: lovely or too matchy-matchy?


Katy Perry brought three costume changes and her husband to the VMAs last night, and only the costume changes wanted to be there. Maybe Katy and Rusty were just having an off-night. Maybe Rusty is really screwing around on Katy with that blonde chick. Maybe I’m misreading it. But it just seemed like Rusty was over it. Anyway, Katy walked the black carpet in Atelier Versace. I… uh… didn’t hate it. Katy did the faux Pop Art/cartoon thing and it kind of worked. The little dress kind of worked on her. My biggest complaint about this look was Katy’s hair and her makeup. First of all – that’s really her hair, isn’t it? That’s not a wig. And that’s why it looks so bad and damaged. She should really take better care of her hair, you know? The makeup – it was just oo matchy-matchy, the perfect shade of blue and pink to match the dress. It was overkill.



After that, Katy changed into a Tom Ford (purple gown), a Dior (skirt and cardigan ensemble), and a Johnny Wujek dress for her win for Video of the Year (for “Firework”). The Wujek dress is below – it’s my least favorite. My favorite is the Versace.

Katy also won Best Collaboration, for “E.T.” with Kanye West. Kanye seemed to be in especially good spirits last night, hanging with Jay-Z, showing humility when he won with Katy, and supporting his friends and fellow artists. Kanye was on his best behavior, basically. I just thought I’d mention it.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Riana says:

    The black was too matchy-matchy and the first dress was just boring.

    Also can someone please get that tragic pink/purple out of her hair?

    She doesn’t have the complexion for it and frankly her hair is too thin to pull it Off.

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Loved this dress. I adored this whole look. OMG everyone was making fun of her for wearing that 2nd outfit and having that block on her head. It was stupid. Can’t say I like the the look with the records either.

  3. Riana says:

    Also I’m sure Russell was bored out of his mind.

    Everyone is saying the awards show was so boring and frankly MTV should stop half -ass hosting it when it doesn’t give a crap about music.

  4. constance says:

    I think the two flashy outfits made her look typically over-processed. No big surprise there. I thought it was also “meh” that her and Nicki Minaj (Or whatever her name is) were trying to fight for most awkward moments on camera.

  5. Nanea says:

    I liked Katy’s umbrella best… and that other accessory, that thin, tall, black-clad one.

  6. DetRiotgirl says:

    I saw Katy’s video of the year acceptance speech this morning. I’m not sure, but it looked as though Russell was tearing up when she thanked him. So, to me, they still look pretty solid as a couple.

    On a fashion note though, I’m not sure what that cheese-wedge-of-doom thing on her head was all about during her video of the year win. I feel like she’ll regret those fashion choices when her career is no longer relevant and she realizes she probably won’t have another shot at a big award like this again. So, basically, next year. Katy will regret these outfits by award season of next year.

  7. Waldemar says:

    Having your own name on clothes that you are wearing is soo Paris Hilton.

    Liked the Versace, glad I am not the only one.

  8. Thea says:

    He is so over her already. He has checked out. He use to look at her like he adored her. Now they hardly look at each other.

  9. someone says:

    russell brand seems to currently have better hair than wifey…despite the fact that I think she lacks any ounce of talent (especially when it comes to singing), she really is so beautiful in my opinion…but again, it’s too bad about the hair.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    Russell looks great. Other than the crazy-eyes.

    Katy is just…meh. She may have been cute at one time, but that time has passed.

  11. Mae says:

    I was thinking why beyonces LOOK AT ME IM PREGGERS!!! onstage thing grated on me earlier, and I couldn’t think why.

    Now I know – it’s such a Katy Perry attention whore thing to do, seriously. I bet katy’s seething that she hadn’t thought of it for when she gets pregnant (if the babymad tabloids on her are to be believed).

  12. Liz says:

    everything about her is idiotic

  13. Sue says:

    Her outfits were ok nothing like wow did you see what Katy was wearing last night.

    Can we talk about the VMAs last night Kaiser I hope you do a separate post about it but if not here my thoughts.

    It suck big time everything look Budget from the place they had it at, to the shoty camera work were you could see people walking in front of it like a bad bootleg copy, to the “no host” and add on performances you would think they only had weeks to put it together instead of a year, like (constance) said there not about the music anymore they should just give it up instead of doing a half ass award show.

  14. Jules says:

    Good clown hair for her. All she needs is a red nose. When will this talentless hack go away?

  15. Lindy says:

    I don’t know why, but for some reason, I cannot help liking Katy Perry and Russell Brand, and I am really rooting for them. Seriously, I cannot fathom this, cannot explain it–I don’t listen to her music or read his book(s?) or watch his movies–I am sure that y’all are right that she’s mostly an autotuned cheeseball. And yet.

    Maybe I have sympathy for anyone who grows up in a restrictive household with religious nutters/cult parents? Anyhow, I loved the matchy matchy dress–the black one, not so much.

  16. Helen says:

    These 2 take bad photos. It’s nothing new. I never know if they hate each other or they just hate award shows. If Russell was over her, he’d be gone already. He’s had no problem dumping better girls than Katy. What would he be waiting around for?

    Katy’s so disingenuous. She always acts disrespectful of these ceremonies like they’re just not worth her sincerity, whereas every other real performer there shows that they are opportunities to show your abilities and perform for you fans. She just disgusts me. Letting her show up all the time discredits MTV because it always looks like she’s mocking them.

    I actually suspect that probably the stories about Russell’s “hiatus” to spend time with Katy and have a baby (which I imagine means inability to book a film) are true. Looks like this may be the last show for them. He looked like he was crying during her speech.

  17. ShanKat says:

    Shame on her. She has her hand ON HIS BACK. The orchid shade is bad on her. Lust for her shoes. The outfits are all terrible. I’ll bet the designer calls that one “record breaker.” It’d be cool if it had spikes sticking out of it, like the background suggests in the thumbs.

    I love Rusty. But that is waaaay too much badly-applied bronzer. His boots are the hotness. Oh, and his head.

  18. ladybert62 says:

    Charles Manson brought his barbie-doll wife!

    Quite a sight – both of them.

  19. Alexa says:

    Didn’t watch the VMA’s so just going by the pics: I LOVE the aqua dress!!! YUM!! I WANT IT! And I’m glad to see Russell moving back towards his sexy look . . . ya know – back when he hosted the VMA’s. He’s lookin’ good – just needs to grow the body hair back.

  20. Joe's Mom says:

    I think Katy Perry and RB are doing fine. Also, regarding her outfits, I think she is truly quirky, and honestly has a thought process and/or sense of humor going on about everything she wears. Unlike Gaga (who I do like) but who I feel wears things merely to shock, and make you feel like she’s got something going on that is way too profound for the rest of us. I loved KP’s comment to Kanye, too. I felt like he desperately wanted to rant about something, but he decided against it, maybe out of respect for KP, or because he knew she could seriously kick the crap out of him with her mouth if he tried.

  21. danielle says:

    Cute. I really like the first dress.

  22. smh says:

    it’s so sad that the music quality has gotten so low nowadays that women singers must put on the weirdest outfits possible… she, minaj and gaga are primary examples of that… granted, this outfit is nowhere near the hideousness that is gaga’s and minaj’s “costume”s most of the time…

  23. smh says:

    oh wait, i meant to say the first dress (aqua) was not as bad… the second one is just plan stupid… matches the constant dead eyed stupid grin on her face

  24. Rhiley says:

    You know who I am really starting to love thanks to all the Katy Perrys, Nikki Minjais, Christinas (I can’t spell her last name and am too lazy to look it up), and dare I say, GaGas— Britney Spears, y’all. Yes, she is crazy, and she may walk around in a trance most of the time, but she keeps it real and is really the best performer of any of those other ladies. I would never have come to the realization of how great Britney Spears truly is if not for all these bitches who try so hard to be “cutting edge.”

  25. Denise says:

    Next time, put some lotion on those ashy knees or that will be all that people notice.

  26. Gal says:

    I don’t think her knees are ashy, they might be a bit bruised from what she was doing to Russell in the car coming over. I’m not commenting on her clothing since she looks like she has some sort of developmental disorder and that’s why she likes the bright colors and simple shapes. He looks like a disco rent boy as usual. He looked like he thinks he too good to go to these things now. Lame. These two should adopt and not hatch their own.

  27. Annie_Grey says:

    Dame Edna, anyone?

  28. Shoe_Lover says:

    I want that parasol!! anyone know where she may have gotten it?

  29. corey says:

    Good call about the hair Kaiser. From black to orange to blond to pink? It’s a wonder that she atill has any.
    I just can’t get with Katy Perry’s style. I don’t think I’ve ever liked anything she’s worn. Not that it’s weird or different(I think its possible to pull off weird and still be fashionable), it’s that often times her clothes don’t fit properly and she always just looks so tacky tacky tacky.

  30. Nikki Girl says:

    Her outfits consistently look cheap and crappy. And they’re not even exciting. She bores me.