Russell Brand gets friendly & affectionate with a woman who isn’t Katy Perry


Over the weekend, Bedhead, CB and I were chatting about this story on Radar – it featured a photo of Russell Brand walking along some street with his arm wrapped around a woman. Rusty was kissing this woman’s head, and it all looked rather intimate and sweet… until you think, “Hey, isn’t he married? To Katy Perry?” Well, we just got some of the photos of Rusty and this chick, and it still looks… suspicious. The girl’s name is Sadie Turner, and apparently, Sadie and Rusty have been friends for a while. British sources even say that she’s one of Brand’s old rehab buddies… meaning that she’s clean now, I guess. Look, I’m not saying men and women can’t be friends, and I’m not saying that a married man can’t put his arm around a woman other than his wife. I’m just saying… if this was your husband, would you be pissed? Peeved? Hiring an attorney?

While his wife Katy Perry was performing a show in Kansas City on her California Dreams Tour on Wednesday night, Russell Brand was keeping busy in Los Angeles getting cozy with another woman — who has identified as Sadie Turner.

In the images, Brand is seen with his arms around the beautiful and causally clad blonde, walking down a tree lined street in Los Angeles.

Both Brand and Turner, who sources tell have known each other for years, have huge smiles splashed across their face and at one point, the Get Him To The Greek actor plants a kiss on her head.

Brand, 36, and Perry, 26, were married on October 23, 2010, in Rajasthan, India, during a Hindu-themed ceremony.

[From Radar]

It’s probably nothing. Nothing, right? Just two friends, being friendly and affectionate. It’s not like Russell Brand has several “Shagger of the Year” trophies at home. It’s not like his marriage is based on the idea that he simply wanted to see what a committed, monogamous relationship was like for a change, and that this “husband” persona will be outgrown as well. It’s not like there are constant rumors about how Rusty and Katy spend months apart, how they’ll divorce by the end of the year, or how they were already in couples counseling just months into their marriage. It’s nothing.






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh Russ, Katy seems really nice. Could this be the couple who were the subject of a recent blind where someone the fella hooked up with in rehab thinks they’re in a relationship? Or am I clutching at straws?

  2. tiki says:

    her body language on the stairs is just screaming, ‘another step, russell honey, and we’ll be in business.’

  3. Cherry says:

    I disagree. They don’t look intimate. These are just two friends having a good time. No story here.

  4. whitedaisy says:

    Between Russell’s warm demeanor and the fact that they were in rehab together, this display of affection doesn’t seem like a big deal.

  5. Larissa says:

    I agree, its a non story! Ive always got the vibe that Russell is a very touchy feely type of guy and he seems like he likes this girl a whole lot, as friends go, period.

  6. gee says:

    I think it’s nothing. I don’t think their marriage will last, but I don’t see “affair” in these pictures.

  7. brin says:

    Yeah, he’s one guy worth fighting for.

  8. Quest says:

    It all seems like a buddy relationship rather than an intimate one. Russell is known for his querky mannerism and they won’t be all kissy face with so many people around if there was anything to it.

    Hey, we won’t even know until it becomes public if Russell boinked some chic from a bar under low.

  9. Hallie says:

    British people are accustomed to kissing each other on the cheeks, even if they’ve just been introduced. This looks perfectly normal to me.

  10. mln76 says:

    Well he is a sex addict. BUT I’m pretty sure he’s like that with every woman he’s ever photographed with.

  11. Ms. Candy says:

    I disagree- there is nothing really going on there. Seem like they haven’t seen each other in a very long time and were happy to catch up to each other.

  12. constance says:

    @ mln76. Agreed.

    I think he is one of those guys who rubs on any female who talks to him. That “used” to be part of his game. I believe he’s smart enough to keep any wandering strange away from the paps.

  13. Gwen says:

    I don’t get the feeling that they are more than friends either.

  14. kimmy says:

    i actually like russell and katy together. to me this looks pretty platonic….he’s kind of wacky/touchy feely anyway. plus, i don’t think he’s dumb enough to get papped on a date in broad daylight.

  15. KLO says:

    One of my guy friend kisses all of his close female friends like that, as well as me. It doesn’t mean he’s attracted to them sexually, it’s just a buddy-buddy type of person who likes physical displays of affection.

  16. gee_gee says:

    Sure. Russell is totally boning this chick and is proving it by making out with her in public. Except, no.

    Katy Perry will eventually get tired of whatever shenanigans Russell brings to the table (like his greasy hair!) and they will split up. But this is too obvious. He looks like a kisser. He would probably kiss Kaiser on the mouth.

  17. Jenny says:

    Wow, hope I never get famous and have papparazzi following me around. I have married male friends, and when I see them I get a quick peck on the lips and a big hug. I am also friends with their wives, who I also get a hug from. So these look like innocent photos to me, but hey, gossip would not be gossip if innocent photos like this did not lead to front page stories about affairs and cheating. Too bad.

  18. Sillyone says:

    Friends or whatever I better not see pictures of my husband with his arm around another woman and kissing her anything, he will be missing an arm and have lips like Lohan when I am done with him.

  19. Ell says:

    It’s a hug and a kiss on the cheek, talk about narrow minded. It’s well known Russell is very tactile and affectionate with everybody.

    If they’ve been doing couple counselling it says they’re realistic about relationships and willing to put the work in. Maybe they’ll prove everybody wrong and last longer than expected.

  20. BrandyMc says:

    I LOVE him! He is my guy crush at the moment. He just looks so dirty sexy to me, that I would love to get him in a bathtub and just clean him!

  21. baby says:

    i think it all depends on the people and the context! it sounds like they’ve been tight for a long time and probably went thru a lot together. one of my best friends is a dude i went to college with, and we are somewhat affectionate with each other (hugs and kisses on the cheek like this aren’t uncommon) and pple who didn’t know us as well always thought we were hooking up but the truth is we are like brother and sister..and once i started dating my guy 3 yrs ago and we all hung out he understood it was completely platonic and now they are good friends too. his girls are sometimes intimidated by me in the beginning but as soon as well all hang out they know the deal. we can’t help it! we love each other! albeit in a strictly platonic way (and we are both attractive too). it could totally be one of those situations. thats the vibe i got when i looked at the picture and read the commentary.

  22. bluhare says:

    I like him. He’s smart and extremely well spoken. I’m with the majority; I think the Daily Mail(?) ran this with the byline that the US tabs are making a big deal out of this when she’s a long time friend and no bigs.

  23. jover says:

    I respectfully disagree bluhare he has a superficial smartness – smarminess – about him, but it’s standard stuff and he takes on easy targets – really, at this late date attacking sarah palin’s intelligence – an infant could do that; like most of today’s “stars”, he’s more of a media creation than a bonafide star; the bad remake of arthur wasn’t exactly a hit with the smart college set; many comedians that appear on comedy central, for example, are much better and have bigger followings than this media created star; and he needs to drop the rock star schtick – he’s not a musician or guitarist.

  24. John Wayne Lives says:

    I dunno, there might be chemistry there, but in the Radar pic she has her arm between them, not embracing him.
    I think she’s gonna wait it out.

  25. jasmine says:

    If it is a rehab buddy than the ties run deep.there is a such thing as true intimate relationships that has nothing to do with sex or attraction.

  26. mzjask says:

    not buyin it guys, sorry! based on what we know and see about russell he is an affectionate type of guy. he could just have a brother-sister relationship with this woman- i mean, he is wearing his wedding ring And on his phone while with her [maybe with Katy?] plus it doesnt seem like they mind the cameras. a kiss on the cheek and a kiss on the forehead?? what are we guys, 8 years old?
    No Story.

  27. neff says:

    Probably no story. Probably just friends and I would not be upset if I were her. He’s touchy feely, they don’t appear to be hiding anything and 12 steppers are often very huggy, esp. if they go to the same meetings and/or did inpatient rehab together. However, he is a self-identified sex addict and it is Hollywood, sooooooooooooo…

  28. Kim says:

    If they have been friends for years surely she was at or invited to the wedding right?

    Sillyone I agree. I dont care how good of friends they are – when you are married you do not hug for long periods or kiss another woman besides your mother or grandmother! Its disrespectful to your wife period!

  29. jc126 says:

    I don’t see it too much here, but those last pics where he was walking with a woman at night seemed totally inappropriate.

  30. Phoenix says:

    “British people are accustomed to kissing each other on the cheeks, even if they’ve just been introduced.” Definitely not. In my opinion anyway. It’s a very continental thing. I think these pictures look suspicious but may also be taken way out of context. If I was Katy I’d be unhappy, to say the least.

  31. jemshoes says:

    There’s something hugely creepy about this guy. I’ve never found him appealing at any level. *shrugs*

  32. G says:

    I don’t see the sexual chemistry. He’s an affectionate guy giving his friend a big, crazy hug and a kiss. I get the feeling he’s known her for quite a while. Can’t married people be friends with anyone else anymore?

  33. Selia says:

    Let’s recap:

    Katy Perry = approx. 40 million+ and counting

    This Chick = probably normal salary

    Hmmm, I don’t think Brand is leaving his wife anytime soon. This marriage is over when Katy says it’s over. And she’s too insecure to realize there’s 1000 men within a hundred yard radius of her at any given moment that would be a better husband for her. Is he ever going to star in a movie after Arthur? I hope for his sake, yes, but probably not.

    This lady should be pissed her name is being broadcast all over the tabloids. He’s been seen with her for over a year. They lunch and go to the movies sometimes in a group, sometimes not. She looks like a smart, nice woman and whatever is going on, I’m sure she and Katy are fine with it.

    The real question is: are those crafts? If they are I’d like to be friends with her myself.

  34. shalibali says:

    Oh yeah hes shagging her. Katy will be filing for a divorce soon. This seems like more his type than Katy Perry. This Sadie looks kind of rough. I hope they breal up. Russell is too old for Katy.