Star: Katy Perry and Russell Brand will divorce within four months


From the very beginning of their whirlwind courtship, Katy Perry and Russell Brand gave off vibes of knowing they were working against the odds of a successful long-term pairing. Still, they persisted in a quickie marriage before Russell returned to his movie star career, and Katy departed for a nine-month, candy-themed, pop-star tour. Naturally, subsequent issues have arisen. He doesn’t like that she still smokes and parties without him, and she worries that he will cheat during her tour. Hence the rumors that they were already seeking couple therapy three months in because, essentially, they got married when they had a free weekend and then resumed their own respective life paths. Naturally, it didn’t help matters that Russell got deported from Japan during one of their rare shagging opportunities. And perhaps it really was a bad omen when Katy developed a mysterious rash during their honeymoon. Whatever the ultimate cause (and I suspect that there are indeed many), Star predicts that tensions (and distance) between the couple are so high that they’ll be divorced before their marriage hits the one-year mark.

Any long-distance relationship is hard. Now imagine photos of your far-away husband holding hands with a mystery blonde splashed around the globe! That’s exactly what happened to Katy Perry when pics surfaced of her husband of eight months, Russell Brand, looking very chummy with a woman on the set of his new movie, Rock of Ages. The woman is reportedly a stylist on the film and a platonic friend, but it’s just the latest issue for a couple who have seen each other only a handful of times during the past four months and are leading separate lives.

And things are not getting better. Katy and Russell will spend only four days together in the next six months, Star has learned. “Neither of them thought about the crushing reality of their demanding careers or the effect it would have on the marriage,” a mutual friend tells Star exclusively. “They love each other, but they’re barely ever together.” That has raised questions about whether the marriage can survive.

Just recently, they managed to carve out a rare three days together in Miami, where Russell is living as he films his movie, costarring Julianne Hough and Tom Cruise. Katy’s schedule is no less hectic. After performing in the Bahamas, she was thrilled to have a brief break in her grueling California Dreams tour, which began in February and has recently been extended through November.

Their blissful weekend was agonizingly short for the newlyweds, and their jam-packed calendars are only getting worse. Indeed, their marital home in Los Feliz, Calif., hasn’t been occupied for along time, leading Katy to wonder if they even have a marriage at all, says a source. But neither Katy nor Russell is giving up yet — and they just purchased a $6.5 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills, despite the fact that they will rarely be there together. On top of that, there’s the issue of that recent photograph. “Katy wants to save the marriage, but she is starting to think that if she’s not physically there, Russell will be cozying up to other girls because he’s a guy who needs human contact and reassurance.”

Oceans and overseas concerts aren’t the only things driving a wedge between the colorful couple. Many close to Katy worry that impulsive Russell rushed her into marriage, only to default on his promises. “It was all Russell’s doing,” a mutual friend says of Katy and Rusell’s whirlwind romance. “He is a recovering addict and in love with the idea of being in love. He told her that they’d overcome any obstacle. Katy’s actually very young and impressionable compared to him, so when he said, ‘Let’s get married! What could possibly go wrong, we’re so in love!’ she was totally taken in.”

[From Star, print edition, July 18, 2011]

This story seems to piggyback upon all of the previous questions about this marriage with the flimsy fact that Russell was being platonically (for him) affectionate on the set of Rock of Ages. Do I think that he’s banging this stylist? No. Do I think he’ll eventually bang someone other than Katy? Yep.

Other than Russell’s notorious shagging reputation (which, honestly, he seems to have curbed), the distance seems to be the real issue at hand here. While I don’t think that the situation is extreme enough that Katy and Russell will divorce within the next four months, I think there might be some regrets on Katy’s end. Certainly, they were both aware of the fact that they’d spend a great deal of time apart, but it’s always different when you’re actually going through it. If these two are right for each other, they’ll work it out, but we all know that’s probably not the case. Still, I think Katy’s probably too stubborn at this point to reveal to the public that she married (the wrong guy) too quickly, so she’ll probably hang on for at least another year or so. I mean, if they’re already physically “separated,” what use to her is a divorce at this point? Now, when (and if) they actually start spending time together, then they’ll figure out whether or not they get along well enough to remain married.

Now, I’m going to go off on a slight tangent. To compare (in the very vaguest sense of the word) Katy and Russell’s situation to a military marriage, a lot of couples can endure lengthy deployments and mobilizations, but it’s the reunion period that causes even more marital tension. Similarly, Japan’s so-called “Retired Husband Syndrome” also illustrates that a marriage can be tested by time apart, but the real definitive element exists in how the couple handles their newly acquired time together. And when this happens for the couple in question, perhaps it will then be time for Russell to realize that Katy is not so endlessly fascinating after all.



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  1. jen says:

    Pics of him holding hands with this stylist?! Hmmmm.

    I’ve never held hands with any of my straight male friends before. Gay friends yes, but not straight.

    He’s doin’ her.

  2. Stubbylove says:

    I just appreciate he’s got the facial hair goin’ again.

  3. Audrey says:

    I will confess, I think he’s hot.

  4. Jackson says:

    No real thoughts on these two….but saying that the real test comes when a couple is together is 100% spot on. Time apart can be romantic and places no ‘couples’ demands on either party. It’s when you get together and have to compromise and figure out how you work together is when the really hard part starts.

  5. Eve says:

    His voice work in Despicable Me is hilarious. I’m considering watching Arthur when it comes out on DVD (and Hop — he plays the bunny).

  6. S says:

    This is obviously and only going to happen once Russell realises he wants to be with me!

  7. Kevin says:

    Damn it Russell. Why the freak did you have to do a movie with Tom, “look at me and how wonderful my life is. Don’t you wish you could be me?”, Cruise? Now I have to subject myself to him if I want to see your movie. On a side note Dude. You and your old lady have the exact same hairdo. WTF?

  8. REALIST says:

    Why four? Why not three or five-or six?
    I beg to differ as far as who is causing the problem-I think Katy smoking and drinking while Russell isn’t around is just as offensive as him “getting cozy” with a stylist. Russell’s sobriety is critical, and his wife needs to support that 100%
    Besdies, Russell is a cozy fella-remember the pics with Dame Helen? The picture may just what it appears to be.
    The main thing is the lack of time. That can kill any couple. With all the pre-marital therapy, why didn’t that issue come up?

  9. Patata says:

    wasn’t that picture of him holding hands with a blond really his mom?

  10. Adrien says:

    I’m actually rooting for them. Somehow, they are lovable when they’re together. They’re easier on the eyes than the intimidating Brangelina and the uncomfortable TomKat.
    Never thought I would say this but Russell was likable and terrific as Aldous Snow in Get Him to the Greek. Movie is insane and he’s believable as a rockstar. Rock of Ages will be awesome.

  11. Enny says:

    that picture at the David Lynch event really says it all. It’s like he suddenly woke up and thought “what the FUCK did I just do?”

  12. Melinda says:

    I’m not really a fan of either of these two, but I still think if this is true, it’s sad. Sometimes I wonder why people in the entertainment business get married. The lifestyle isn’t really condusive to a successful marriage although a few can make it happen.

  13. cara says:

    I’m sure they have a nontraditional marriage of some sort. She’s known for partying very hard if you know what I mean and he’s suppossedly sober. He’s known for not being able to keep in his pants. They are spereated for long periods of time, I’m sure there’s an “arrangement” of some type.

  14. bluhare says:

    Why get married if your career is more important than your relationship? Four days in 6 months will not keep a marriage going.

  15. Tiffany says:

    It just hit me! I just saw Little Fockers and he is Owen Wilson’s character, Kevin. The whole Eastern, slightly daft playboy. Kinda spot on.

    I love them together and think he is pretty charming, and he does look fun.

    I will say though, after 22 years with a musician, it is both the being apart and even harder living with each other again. It’s amazingly hot and heavy for about 24 hours, then fighting for another 3 days trying to live with each other again because you have both developed independent habits. Now we have all been on tour together for almost 2 years and that has been interesting too with 2 kids moving to different countries and cities. I had to give up my career though, if you want to make it work, something has to give. (I was happy to get out of medicine and cancer care after 20 years anyway)

  16. stella says:

    They adore each other and this is poppycock.

  17. whodunit says:

    Who will get custody of the black hair dye?

  18. the original bellaluna says:

    If you don’t want to put in the work, don’t get married. It’s not easy.

    Everyone always focuses on the wedding or the romantic aspect of marriage.

    No one ever talks about the “what side of the bed do you want” and “who’s responsible for balancing the checkbook and making sure the bills are paid” debates; or falling in the toilet at o’dark30; or the “ZOMG he/she snores so loud, almost as loud as he/she farts in bed!” things that we discover about one another.

    If you truly love that person, you handle it. If you don’t, don’t marry.

  19. Nikki Girl says:

    I so hope they eventually break up. I love Russell Brand; can’t stand Katy Perry. He actually seems smart and interesting, she does not. I think he was taken in by her amazing body and goofball sense of humor, but I think he can do better than her and he will eventually realize that.

  20. Christine says:

    I kinda like them together. But here’s the thing: you can’t maintain a marriage when you both think your career is more important than the relationship. You can’t have it both ways; if you’re married, you have to be together physically. If you really want to pursue your career, and your career involves worldwide travel all the time, don’t get married.

  21. Maritza says:

    He wanted to make her exclusively his that’s why he married her. Marriage only works if they both want it, counseling is a good step.

  22. Hootie Hoo says:

    I think he is trying to make it work…her, not so much.

  23. Ashley says:

    Eve – Arthur wasn’t so bad. I had EXTREMELY low expectations, as the original was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, but if you separate the two, it’s actually really cute. I liked his and Mirren’s dynamic.

  24. mimi says:

    Newsflash to PR people:
    Nobody buys the “distance” excuse.

    People don’t divoce or break up because the are away and miss each other.

    If you miss someone you don’t want to divorce him/ her, do you?

    Tension? yes.
    Many other issues- no doubt. But being far isn’t a reason for people to divorce.

  25. Glyrics says:

    In four months, we’ll all be saying “Who?”

  26. julia says:

    BS. Leaked so the press have something to say. Sounds like these two have their vices, but are equally matched. They are both argumentative and volatile people but they clearly understand each other. Plus Russell would not eff this up. What other pop star would date him? Gaga? I don’t think so. This one’s up to Katy, they’ll only split if she thinks she can trade up, which she could easily but she’s so clueless she doesn’t even realize that.

  27. bugsy says:

    I can’t help but like them together! They’re really well matched, imo.

  28. HannahG says:

    I’m not sure international journalists have the best understanding of Russell. He’s an addict and I feel sad for him that so many are rooting for him to fall off the wagon, sleep around and do drugs. He’s well. Expecting him to start having sex with randoms again? Poor guy.

  29. Eve says:

    @ Ashley:

    I don’t think Arthur was released where I live. And I saw a couple of trailers and liked it so I’ll definitely give it a shot.

  30. Sam says:

    Russell hasn’t looked well since he hooked up with Katy, which doesn’t make sense because she seems like a healthy type person. I remember in late 2009 he lost a lot of weight right when they hooked up and he never really gained it back. I hope they are happy, but he just looks stressed out most of the time and his career is seriously tanking. I really do hope they make it, if Katy can’t make him happy, I don’t know who would.

  31. ZenB!tch says:

    If they get a divorce will he go away? He grosses me out, kind of like Borat.

    If not, I don’t care. She’s kind of like Gaga to me. Too plastic for me to be interested. I don’t mean plastic as in surgery but as in weird fake persona. Yawn.

  32. Dani says:

    I don’t think they’ll last, but I highly doubt that they’ll get divorced next month either.

    She seems really immature to me and he seems like he’s growing out of that stage.

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