Blake Lively flew to Australia to be with Leo DiCaprio for her birthday


I think Lainey had the exclusive on this a few days ago – Blake Lively flew to Australia just to spend a little time with her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, who is Down Under to film The Great Gatsby. It doesn’t sound like much, but keep in mind several things: one, Blake is a Rules Girl, and traveling thousands of miles for dong has to be against one of the “rules”; two, I don’t think Leo is used to having such demonstrative girlfriends, is he? The kind of girls who fly for eight hours for a booty call? And three, it was Blake’s birthday! All she wanted for her birthday was (Leo’s) dong. I guess she probably wanted to keep an eye on him too, make sure he wasn’t off, boning some Australian randoms.

Nothing can keep them apart! Blake Lively flew thousands and thousands of miles to be with Leonardo DiCaprio — traveling across the world from the U.S. to Australia for a belated birthday weekend, a source confirms to Us Weekly.

Lively, who turned 24 last Thursday, visited her man, 36, who’s currently shooting The Great Gatsby in Sydney.

The twosome (whose romance began in late spring with a whirlwind tour of Europe’s poshest hotspots) were reportedly spotted having a romantic dinner Saturday night at Sydney hotspot Aria — with a prime view overlooking Sydney’s famed harbor.

But, indeed, it was a short and sweet trip. A source close to the Gossip Girl actress confirms that she’s already back in the States as of Tuesday.

[From Us Weekly]

E! News also reports that Blake and Leo got a private tour of the Featherdale Wildlife Park. The manager of the park said: “They both loved the koalas and spent quite a bit of time with Austin, one of our younger koalas. Both Leo and Blake were friendly and inquisitive about the animals. We took them into the dingo enclosure where they met one of our dingo pups called Nala. They weren’t at all afraid of the animals including the young saltwater crocodile and diamond python Cuddles, who we brought out for them to meet. The pair seemed really happy in each other’s company and there was no diva-like behavior from either of them I think Blake especially enjoyed meeting the dingoes, and the baby wombat was a big hit, too. [Leo] asked about our endangered animals, and we made sure to feed the Tasmanian devil while they were there.”

Aw… so Leo took his girl to visit the baby koalas for her birthday, and then he took her to a nice dinner? That’s so… sweet. I’m really starting to believe that Leo is seriously loved up. We’ll see how well this Australian film shoot goes – it could go on forever, and Blake might get stuck in NYC and LA, and then their relationship could falter. We’ll see!



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Ruby Red Lips says:

    My only question is why does Blake ALWAYS look so greasy and shiny and greasy?!!?

  2. corey says:

    How Cameron Diaz of her.

  3. Teri says:

    I wish it was only an 8 hour flight from mainland U.S. to Australia. Did she leave from Hawaii or something?

  4. Cherry says:

    24?? For real??

  5. carrie says:

    nice for her

  6. Cammie says:

    She is 24..he doesn’t date anyone over 25,so her shelf life will be expiring soon. Also that pic of them on the Yacht always tickles me, he is clearly cheesy for the Cameras, usually he has has hand over his face, but that time he combed his hair, put on a button shirt and looked directly at the cameras..

    Iam just glad isn’t hotties like Ryan Reynolds, Gosling or Alexander Skarsgard

    With Ms. Plastic Surgery, mattress actress..!Showmancing

  7. Cammie says:


    Lainey Said Hong Kong

  8. It is ME!! says:

    This bitch is so “meh.”

  9. Turtle Dove says:

    The time apart will give enough evidence of what this “relationship” is made of. I would like to see them together long term, but Leo is Leo and, although Blake is lovely, he hasn’t dated a regular girl in a long time. She’s also a lot more domesticated than he’s used to…. time will out.

  10. Liz says:

    the only thing I’m jealous about here is that that talentless got to meet and pet all the koalas! life isn’t fair!

  11. Rita says:

    Leo knows how to get the most out of a Prius.

  12. Jack says:

    too beautiful too young for Leo

  13. Cammie says:


    Seems very domestic to me, she took good care of Tom Brady’s son, and says she loves to cook, I don’t why Blake is presented as something new, ..she is different because she is an actress and had plastic surgery.She is one of his most superficial GF’s IMO.

  14. meh says:

    I will believe it when I’ll see him taking an 8 hours flight to spend his BD with her.

  15. says:

    What a loser. I would not spend a day traveling (each way, by the way) for a bloated dong for my birthday. Let him fly over to me.

  16. Ella says:

    Duh,this was her birthday and he made her fly from sat her as* on a plane from la to aussie for at least 15 hours? Pfft, talking about making it a special day.
    He just using her until he get bored, and she’s using him for spotlight. It’s a fair two-way street favor in hollywood kind of way i guess.

    And i still believe this relationship is PR for most of it,not real one.

  17. Whyyyyyy????? says:

    I knew it! Freakin knew it, I was waiting fir the “lets go hold a koala” publicity trail, seriously we’ll get pics by the end of the week, her people and his people are just biding their time, apparently shes got some prom work to do for some god awful piece of crap ready to set sail on the silver screen, and leo will get a little rest since hes just made his quota to help keep this ridiculous showboat a float…wheres a friggin ice berg when you need one!!!! Damn you global warming!!!

  18. Francesca says:

    Kelly Ripa wanna be…

  19. Serio says:

    seriously? this girl is really unattractive.

  20. AmyUSA says:

    Featherdale wildlife park?? LMAO are you serious?? I grew up in Sydney and that is the kind of place you go on primary school excursions, I’m surprised THAT’s where Leo and Blake spent time together!!

  21. yuck says:

    Fake Manly flew from NYC to Sydney through Hong Kong. That’s not 8 hours. And she was there only for the weekend ( Sunday – Tuesday ). That screams DESPERATE to me! How does this story suggest that Leo is ‘loved up’. He says jump and she asks how far… Lainey tends to have a lot of exclusives about her. A good way to get some attention before her new movie premieres in Toronto. I doubt it will last much longer…
    Eventually Leo has to realize how ugly and untalented she is. She looks 42 not 24.

  22. Leni says:

    The flight to Australia is much longer; I don’t get where you got 8 hours from. I’ve flown there many times and it’s not 8 hours. lmfao.

  23. Emily says:

    Gotta admire someone who still has an appetite after seeing Tassie devils have a meal.

  24. Be serious says:

    For all the ones who have followed Leo’s life and career, you all know how Leo always has his family members, friends and current girlfiends visit him in the different cities he is filming his movies. Nothing new and unexpected with Miss Plastic Surgery. Kristen, Gisele, Bar, his mother, his dad, Ethan Supplee, Lukas… name them, they were all spotted with him at one point near his movie sets. The only thing different with miss false boobs, unlike Leo’s previous gfs was that her PR team made sure the gossip columnists as well as the press agencies in Australia were aware that she was coming. They even informed a source linked to Lainey what city (HK) she was on her way to. She spent something like 30 to 36 hours in Sydney. Not more.

    I would also like to know if she was really interested in that wildlife park? After all, she is someone who is pretty proud to have 300 pairs of shoes and is very into fashion and blingbling. Not exactly the perfect life companion for a guy who seems passionate about the environment.

  25. Be serious says:

    And BTW, Miss Fake nose and boobs is not the first one to travel so far to visit him while he is away filming. Bar visited him in South Africa when she was only 20 years old. Nobody made a big fuss about that. Of course, she didn’t have the same aggressive PR team overexposing their client like Leo’s current Miss 300 pairs of Shoes.

  26. Whyyyyyy????? says:

    ‘loved up?’ K???? More like ‘f#@%ed up’ can you picture his face when he found out she was coming, it would similar to opening a big beautifully wrapped christmas present only to find a pair of socks …’oh honey, you really shouldnt have….really.’ Funny he could have really worked it so he could start pre production after he celebrated her bday, that wouldnt be a stretch considering how much power he weilds, but instead thought a prius would shut her up, little did he know that when you start feeding strays they tend to stick around. Learn Leo, when a girl you try and gave a fling with admits that her favorite film in the whole wide world, forever and ever is titanic, RUN! This chick is in fantasy world, and yep! Featherdale is a play pen! I guess thats the place to spend when your gf’s idea of a hot time is going to disneyland. This is embarrassing in its most unbearable

  27. fritanga says:

    Heh. Lively probably thinks her “boyfriend” Leo will talk Luhrmann into ditching Carey Mulligan and putting her into the role of Daisy Buchanan. Right.

  28. Maribel says:

    I’d fly 14 hours just to pet a Koala, not to see him though. Animals are much nicer than people.

  29. huh says:

    Seems like another PR event for these two. You really have to be desperate enough to do this for a little press. I bet it was all about that.
    Not to mention there’s not even a photo of her in Sydney. Tweets and sources, leaked info and someone looking like her. Leo gets snapped in Australia but she can go unnoticed? Fishy…

  30. coucou says:

    She looks like LeeAnn Rimes cuter, younger sister. She is so young, still developing psychologically…is this the way Leo likes ’em? Or is it just that girls under 30 can’t yet see through his smokescreen…the guy must be so superficial, pontificating Prius’s and eco blessings amidst his followers, ewww. I’m sure he can’t carry on a decent coversation for more than 30 minutes, thus, babes and models, the perfect antidote! He’s the future Clooney.