Matthew Fox is formally charged with assault for that biscuit-punching incident


On Saturday, Matthew Fox got completely and utterly wasted in Cleveland, Ohio. Once he was fully blitzed, he tried to board a private “party bus” with a female bus driver named Heather Bormann. Heather tried to stop Matthew from boarding the bus, considering it was only for paying guests. Matthew then began punching Heather in the boobs, stomach and biscuits. Heather punched him back in self-defense, landing a giant wallop to his face. Fox was handcuffed, detained and released. Since then, prosecutors have heard Heather’s story and they’ve investigated her side of the story, and they decided to go ahead and charge Matthew Fox with assault.

A party-bus driver filed assault charges against Matthew Fox Tuesday afternoon, two days after the “Lost” actor allegedly punched her repeatedly in an incident outside a Cleveland, Ohio, nightclub.

“He got me pretty good,” Heather Bormann, 29, told CNN as she described an early Sunday morning fight with Fox.

Representatives for Fox, who is in Cleveland to film a movie, have not responded to repeated CNN calls for comment on the allegations.

Police who investigated the incident Sunday did not arrest Fox and instead let him take a taxi back to his hotel, according to a police report.

The Cleveland prosecutor’s office said it was reviewing Bormann’s complaint against Fox.

The prosecutor’s office did photograph bruises on Bormann’s legs and arms that she said she suffered from Fox’s blows.

“He was swinging at my legs and, ultimately, my chest and my crotch area,” Bormann said in an interview Tuesday.

She suffered a wrist injury when she punched him back, Bormann said.

The fight started when Fox tried to board her bus, which had been rented for a bachelor party that he was not part of, Bormann said.

Fox had one leg in the bus and one leg on the ground when she warned him to step off, which he refused, she said. That’s when he started throwing punches at her, she said.

“He reeked of liquor,” Bormann said. “You could just smell it coming off of him. He had glassy eyes and a blank stare the whole time.”

[From CNN]

“He had glassy eyes and a blank stare the whole time.” It sounds like Matthew was black-out drunk, right? I wonder if he even remembers punching this poor woman in the vadge. Not that I consider being blackout drunk a mitigating circumstance. Matthew Fox is 45 years old! He should know how to hold his liquor by now, because the thought of a 45-year-old drunk blacking out and then assaulting a woman is just sad and pathetic.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. smith says:

    Good. He’s an ass.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Good. Now, somebody punch him in the balls. QUICK!

  3. Masque says:

    The seond to last photo should be captioned:

    LOLMatt…. “Butz Iz wuz drunkedz, yer honor. Iz didn’t means itz!”

  4. Ruby Red Lips says:

    With the beard and staring eyes in the two photos he looks like a psycho….funny that!!

  5. dorothy says:

    Boy, he has really aged.

  6. LadyJane says:

    “Glassy eyes and a blank stare”?

    Sounds like his entire acting career to me.

  7. lola says:

    45? Yikes.

    What happened to him, he used to be so cute?

  8. Eve says:

    Guess what? There are idiots defending him on TMZ boards.


  9. Flan says:

    Always thought him bland.

    Now he turns out to be a spoiled manchild, acting worse than most youngsters when they get drunk.

    Probably angry nobody recognizes his ‘greatness’ anymore.

  10. brin says:

    LOL@bellaluna…that’s good!!

  11. Dangerfox says:

    Every time I hear about another douchey thing he’s done, I just refer back to his mug shot from about two years ago:


  12. Pyewacket says:

    He is a pig and should be punished.

  13. Dorothy#1 says:

    @dangerfox – that is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen!!! LOLOLOL

  14. Phoenix says:

    This whole story is on the WTF scale, nowhere near Courtney Stodden, but still up there. I don’t know, maybe that bus was the only way for him to get off the island, but you shouldn’t punch a woman there, it’s just weird.

  15. carrie says:

    @dangerfox: it’s not him in the mug shot :the guy is too big

  16. TXCinderella says:

    He needs a swift kick in the crotchetory area!

  17. lucy2 says:

    Ugh, what a jerk. What’s happened to him? Hope he gets some help.

  18. Mari says:

    Dammit. Another of my pocket rockets bites the dust. Ah well, there’s still the Butler, Fassie, and JGL.

  19. SandyDee says:

    He sort of looks a bit like Charles Manson.

  20. Mary jones says:

    A trip to rehab in 4.. 3.. 2. .. 1

  21. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    He seems like one of those who was good looking when young, got by on their looks and didn’t develop character for when the looks faded.

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    Eve – You have GOT to be KIDDING me! Seriously?

    brin – *bows* I just think “like begets like” so someone should step up. I’d volunteer, but I’m in Cali and can’t afford the last-minute air-faire. (Besides…CLEVELAND?!? REALLY? But throw Betty White into the deal and I. am. THERE.)

  23. BitseyMA says:

    I used to really like him, but not anymore. I feel really bad for this woman. I really do feel sorry for his wife and kids though, they will be ridiculed for being married to and the children of this abuser pig.

  24. Eve says:

    @ Original Bellaluna:

    Eve – You have GOT to be KIDDING me! Seriously?

    Nuh uh! I spotted comments mentioning the fact she was “a big woman” therefore they didn’t buy that he was actually the one who attacked…

    Also spotted some saying “I’m not buying this…”.

    Which makes me think: you play a decent character on TV for 6 years and people will think that you’re like that in real life.

  25. Larissa says:

    To his deffence the woman he punched did not look like much of a woman, which is not an excuse to violence but if he was really that pissed am pretty sure he thought he was punching ones balls!

  26. lilred says:

    All I can say is if he punched me in the biscuits, he would have a very hard time walking after I reached my hand down his throat and extracted his balls.

  27. Eve says:

    @ Original Bellaluna:

    I selected the following comment on the first page (then I clicked on the second page of comments and saw equally disturbing/disgusting remarks so I left) so you can see what I’m talking about:

    TAKE A LOOK AT HEATHER BORMAN ON FACEBOOK: We’re talking BIG, folks, as in HUGE. This is a VERY LARGE woman. If he hit her I’m sure his hand bounced back hard. Just another celebrislut looking for a payout. Hope she gets prosecuted. MEMO TO MATTHEW: GET MARTY SINGER AS YOUR ATTY QUICK…HE’S A PITBULL.

  28. Turtle Dove says:

    The woman had a bus load of witnesses, so good luck getting out of this one not-so-Foxy.

    I have to say that I LOVE gossip blogs for exactly these kinds of stories. Celebs behaving badly with a shitty sense of entitlement and getting busted and called out for it.

    I’m glad that the site is still saying that he busted up her biscuits too and NOT the PC “pelvis/stomach area” because it shows what a d-bag this man is.

  29. Roma says:

    @dangerfox: The Smoking Gun doesn’t have his mugshot posted. The one you linked to is generally thought to be fake/not him.

    But it’s awesome to pretend.

  30. Turtle Dove says:

    Eve – I bet that his people are posting in the comment sections of blogs to defend him and discredit her. The bus had passengers, so she has witnesses. He got charged for a reason. The cops wouldn’t have done that if there was no evidence that an assault occurred.

  31. Eve says:

    @ Turtle Dove:

    Yeah, probably like Gibson’s “fans” did a while ago. What amazes me is that this time TMZ seems not to be siding with the celebrity yet there are people still defending him (not all sound like PR workers).


  32. ol cranky says:

    @Larissa – so, under the circumstances, punching a guy in the balls seems reasonable? really?!?

  33. gab says:

    Yup you got it right – sad and pathetic.

  34. tori says:

    sounds more like he was on drugs. Asshole.

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    Eve – That is absolutely DISGUSTING. I cannot believe (like yesterday on the Linnocent thread gone hijacked by CB fans) that this attitude prevails.

    Frankly, I’m glad she looks meaty enough to have broken his asshole jaw. (Less douche-fume emissions – good for the environment; great for me!) 😀 But I guess that’s just me.

  36. Esmom says:

    What a disgusting creep. Adding to the ick factor is the fact that I remember reading somewhere that he’s a nudist. At least he had his clothes on. *Shudders.*

  37. Turtle Dove says:

    Eve – It happens all the time. Celeb acts like a prick or twat and then the PR brigade come out in full force to defend them. I’m glad that this woman came forward and doesn’t seem to be backing down. Her size, economic status, etc. shouldn’t matter at all, but the “commentators” will say she’s fishing and famewhoring.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    Turtle Dove – Thank you. I don’t care what she looks like or how much money she makes. She told him “Dude, you can’t be here” and he went off.

    THAT is the bottom line.

    (And seriously, someone punch him in the balls already.)

  39. Juliesunflower says:

    People nowadays are something else! Just because the woman is huge and is not a celebrity she is being questioned over the attack. Female is female; no double standards please. Besides what is his hands doing down in her v- area? Assault and attempted rape methink.

  40. sw says:

    I find it odd that they did not arrest him that night. Why wait? That’s the part of the story that threw me off…

  41. Madison says:

    Yes they’ve finally charged him with assault, just like they would anyone else. Good. Now he needs to go to rehab and get help for his alcoholism.

  42. Amanda G says:

    I’ve always been under the impression that he was a jerk, so this just confirms it. And by god does he look terrible!

  43. C.Lynn says:

    I have a question for our resident legal eagles. Why wasn’t Matthew charged with sexual assault? He deliberately targeted this woman’s breasts and “biscuits”. This was an assault aimed right at both of her genital areas on her chest and groin. Why wasn’t he charged with sexual assault?

  44. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    @Mary Jones, that is exactly what I was going to write.

    What do you think? “Exhaustion”? An addiction to pills prescribed after a terrible injury after he lived with terrible pain for years? Because they never admit to alcoholism.

  45. Mia says:

    BTW – FEMALE GROIN HIT: supprisingly painfull! I was hit by a roge criket ball in the groin and I nearly passed out! Blinking back the tears I realized I’d turned quite pale with everyone on the field looking at me quizickly, I could hear them thinking “but you’re not a boy?” it wasn’t like being kicked in the shin, say for instance. There must be a lot of nerves endings there… But then I’m a skinny chick and I hear this woman’s quit big. Good for her in this instace then!

  46. Memphis says:

    He’s an ass ;(

  47. Tazina says:

    Why does the appearance of the victim make any difference whatsoever where physical assault is involved? Shallow, immature and not very bright is what you are if you think that has any bearing….(Larissa).

    I don’t know who this guy is but he has a creepy look to him.

  48. fizXgirl314 says:

    They let this guy go and then probably decided to pursue the matter when the situation got publicity. It kind of scares me to think how many people get away with stuff like this because the situation doesn’t garner any publicity… I guess cops are too busy giving out tickets to pursue violent criminals :-/

  49. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    ***peaks head in looking for “Team Breezy”***

    All clear? I can’t believe they aren’t in here pointing at Fox in order to take the heat off of their beloved Chris!

    Anyway, this woman deserves every penny she will (hopefully) squeeze out of this insufferable asshole.

  50. Kara Ann says:

    I used to like him and now I hate him. I DO NOT want to hear shit about “rehab”. I just don’t want to hear anything from him period

  51. LittleDeadGirl says:

    He was in my neck of the woods and punched someone and I didn’t even know it? Sad. Sad he can’t hold his drink at 45 but I don’t think age is an excuse. You should have some control when you’re 20.

  52. Anoni Mus says:

    Damn, I was really hoping this story wouldn’t be true. Another crush shattered, I am (was?) a big fan. But there is simply no excuse for hitting a woman. He should suffer the consequences, period.

  53. The Other Katherine says:

    Glad he got charged, hope he goes to prison. What an entitled, violent douchebag.

  54. Cali says:

    Agreed with the poster who said Fox looks like Charles manson, especially with the wild look in his dark brown eyes.

    As to Larissa and others saying maybe he thought she was a man because of her appearance; look, how many men do you know who punches another man’s balls and chest in a fight? Women hit in the balls. Men aim for the nose, jaw. I have never heard of a man specifically aiming/hitting another bloke in the chest. Just doesn’t happen. Same as men avoid hitting other blokes in the balls. Men just don’t fight like that. They aim to blacken eyes, dislocate jaws, break noses and knock teeth out. Thats how blokes fight. Girls fight balls/chest. Fox clearly knew she was a woman and hit her deliberately in the breasts and pubic area.

    And her being obese or not has nothing to do with it and is just sexism.

  55. Kara Ann says:

    It’s not sexism, it’s fatism or whatever -ism means it’s okay to do things to fat people esp. fat women….because you know they are all lazy slobs anyway and don’t have feelings buried under all that fat.

    It would read so different if he’d punched a thinner woman!

  56. Onyx XV says:

    Wow, when did he start sporting the grandfatherly look? Not that long ago he was kinda cute!

  57. ab says:

    He’s in different outfits in all those photos and has glassy drunk eyes in each one. What an asshat. I’m glad she had the wherewithall to hit him back. She admitts it too, which I think makes her so much more credible. Now I have to say “eff you” each time I see a photo of him, as I do when I see a photo of mel gibson or chris brown. it makes me feel better. I reccomend it for your health.