Daryl Hannah arrested during a protest at the White House over an unbuilt pipeline

Daryl Hannah is an interesting one, alright, and I’m never quite sure what to make of her other than the fact that she’s a wee bit flaky. Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely loved her in Splash, and she made a magnificent display of badassery as Elle Driver in the Kill Bill movies. However, she’s not been doing terribly well in Hollywood lately and blames her acting downfall on a very severe case of agorophobia. Yet I’m not sure whether or not to believe her because she often skirts the truth on other issues. Just last year, CB reported on her absurd plastic surgery denial, wherein she sat there with a face full of botox and cheek implants while proclaiming that cosmetic procedures make one look like a “Muppet.” Really.

Today, Daryl is making headlines for a very different reason though. She was arrested (as you can see in the above video) during an environmentally-related protest in front of the White House:

Much-arrested Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah was taken away from the White House in restraints Tuesday afternoon.

Hannah was taking part in an ongoing protest against the unbuilt Keystone XL oil pipeline.

“Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice your freedom for a greater freedom,” Hannah said in Lafayette Park before her arrest. “And we want to be free from the horrible death and destruction that fossil fuels cause, and have a clean energy future.”

With dozens of others, Hannah sat on the sidewalk in front of the White House and refused three requests from the Park Police to move.

The group organizing the protest, Tar Sands Action, has said the Keystone pipeline — which will stretch from Canada to the Gulf — is among the most important environmental decisions that confront the president.

An estimated 100 people were arrested outside the White House Tuesday. In Minneapolis, more than 20 protesters held up signs outside the American Legion national convention, at which President Barack Obama spoke Tuesday.

The protest over the oil pipeline started during the weekend of Aug. 20, when more than 100 were taken away by Park Police. During those protests, Sgt. David Schlosser said the Park Police made the arrests for the violation of White House demonstration rules. He said demonstrators are required to stay in the center portion of the sidewalk in front of the White House.

Hannah has been arrested while advocating for environmental causes in the past, from stopping traffic in West Virginia over coal mining to protecting urban gardens in Los Angeles.

[From NBC Washington]

In the aforementioned video, Hannah almost looks pleased to be arrested, although I’m not sure why the arresting police officers would play into the game by choosing her first out of the entire crowd of protestors. Perhaps that was part of her intention in joining the protest because she knew that her celebrity, however minor at this point, would attract much more attention than any other of the other names to this cause.

One thing is for certain — Hannah’s love of nature is genuine. Here she is in June with her really hairy boyfriend at Paradise Cove.




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  1. theaPie says:

    My dad saw her in a supermarket in Telluride. Said she’s gotten really…um…’big’.

  2. oh dear says:

    ian somerhalder will be proud!

  3. bondbabe says:

    So did she fly to DC in her private jet, which uses fuel made from oil, to protest?

    Ok, on the one hand, I understand her protestation of the pipeline; however, on the other, if we don’t have the pipeline (which will run through my state), how does she propose that the U.S. get the oil from Canada? Use trucks, which use fuel, to bring it in? Perhaps she could fill buckets and walk it down….

  4. Jaded says:

    She’s totally had botox and fillers. Saw her in some lame made-for-TV chick flick a few months ago when I was sick and just wanted to drink tea and watch junk on the boob tube, and her face barely moved. LIAR LIAR!!

  5. brin says:

    She may love nature but she isn’t natural.

  6. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I love her passion, she seems really happy at least. I don’t think Hannah is doing some sort of stunt and getting arrested while fighting for a cause is a badge of honor to some of them. I think they want it to show that freedom of speech doesn’t exist or something.

  7. garvels says:

    @bondbabe-Agree. I read about this project and if the U.S. does not sign on for this project then the Canadians were going to make a deal with the Chinese. I get frustrated when the green people constantly attack the U.S regarding environmental issues and they say nothing about the Chinese. The Chinese are opening on an average of 1 coal burning power plant every 2 weeks. I remember When the Olympians had to sport masks when they exited the planes during the Olympic games in China-Where was Darrayl and her band of merry green people??

  8. RobN says:

    I’m a 46 year old woman and I just feel unbelievably sorry for other women who feel they have to do that to their faces to remain attractive. All people ever do is discuss how much work you’ve had done. Use a little moisturizer and move on already.

  9. Bodhi says:

    Why would Americans go to China to protest? We should clean up our own backyard before we go telling other countries what to do & how to do it.

    Her bf is HOT! I love scruffy mountain men…

  10. Cherry Rose says:

    You forgot that she was in Blade Runner as Priss. She rocked in that one too.

    I kind of like that she’s an active enviornmentalist. This isn’t the first time she’s been arrested either.

  11. Sarah says:


    Actually, Daryl Hannah is a huge advocate of biofuels. I didn’t find any information on how she got there, but I imagine biofuels were used. She also lives in a home powered only by solar electricity, so my guess is she’s pretty legit about her beliefs. I think she’s proposing we DON’T get oil from Canada, once again the biofuel argument.

    Btw, many kinds of biofuel can power planes and cars, many times without any changes needed to the cars. My boyfriend and I are looking into starting a petition to get a accessible station in our area.

  12. artista says:

    It’s good she prefers her oil from the middle east and “safe” offshore rigs. Forget about American jobs and money to the local economies, who needs that.

  13. Bodhi says:

    Um, I don’t think that is remotely true, artista. That doesn’t jibe at all with her beliefs at all

  14. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Wait…she has a severe case of agoraphobia and she has just recently been able to be in front of a small group of people (so says that interview that is linked to)…yet she can be in a group of people protesting? Damn, either she is a)blowing that out of proportion, b) has the most amazing medicine for her anxiety ever and should probably let everyone know so others can get it or c) has the most amazing therapist ever….which she should let everyone know so people can get that therapist haha. I mean, seriously. That is kind of amazing if you’re that agoraphobic and you can do it.

  15. gab says:

    Hannah and her bf look like they um…. smell bad.
    Bless her soul though – she is …. unique. Should have left her face alone.

  16. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    Ahh. Actually Middle East oil is amongst the most environmentally sound to extract. You literally drill a hole and it “gushes”..
    Go read “The Prize” before posting any more ill informed comments about the oil industry.

    The Alberta branch of my law firm (just resigned to join another) has a lot of clients which are Tar Sands companies (I would never accept to take these files). They really and truly are diabolical. I’ve SEEN the files: the pushy letters sent to move people out of their homes to build pipelines, the environmental assessments…..

    Trust me. These guys are diabolical. Say no to the Tar Sands Oil.

    Harper will only sit back and listen when the US tells hims to F*$%^ off.

  17. Laurie M. says:

    So the Muppet Face with agoraphobia has no problems going out into large public gatherings for protests? I sense quite a few lies spewing from those puffed up lips.

  18. jover says:

    Good points bondbabe and garvels; while i haven’t read enough on this issue to form an opinion, there simply isn’t a perfectly clean pure form of energy despite what the more extreme members of the green movement believe; and bodhi, we have done far more than the chinese re our environment; how can you simply ignore the enviromental degradation in China? Anyway, I remember Daryl from Clan OF the Cave Bear (dating myself), those pics are not, well, flattering.

  19. Goofpuff says:

    Maybe she’s trying to save the environment by putting the pollutants in her face.

  20. blonde on the dock says:

    I’m Canadian. You should see what the tar sands has done to the surrounding environment. Total destruction! It’s killing the people who live downriver and no one gives a shit. James Cameron is doing a documentary and I truly hope everyone goes to see this travesty. Thank God for people like Daryl Hannah even if she seems a little crazy.

  21. Sandrine says:

    She was on Hannity yesterday after she got bailed out, and she’s not as nutty as I would have expected. She apparently tries to practice what she preaches and even Hannity gave her props for that fact ( she’s no Al Gore trying to get richer while being a disgusting hypocrite). She has a car that runs on alcohol, it sounded pretty cool and she was articulate and seemed extremely knowledgeable about it all.

    I personally think we should build the pipeline though, and just work on trying to find alternative (and FEASIBLE) fuels. But I do not want China to get that oil, they already have our jobs and money! And umm…I can’t get behind her protesting in WV but then again I’m a West Virginian and come from a coal mining family so I’ve always had an issue with outsiders coming to WV and trying to tell us how to live. We *might* be a little more receptive if people would stop calling us cousin-f*cking rednecks! Lol. But until then, leave us alone, we aren’t so ignorant and inbred that we can’t see when we’re being condescended to. (Sorry but that infuriates me soooo much!) It’s called “King Coal” for a reason 🙂

    PS- It may just be me but every time I see Al Gore, I think of that Stephen King story about the toads that ate the couple from out of town. I swear, he is what comes to mind when I picture one of those toads lol.

  22. Bodhi says:

    we have done far more than the Chinese re our environment; how can you simply ignore the environmental degradation in China?

    I’m not saying that anyone should ignore the environmental degradation in China. I think that American environmentalists should be more concerned with American environmental degradation. If American environmentalists went to China they would be locked up for years & what good would that do? We need to focus on our own country before we go to other countries & tell them what to do & how to do. Chinese environmentalists need to take the lead in China

  23. smh says:

    love her! can’t wait for kill bill 3 oh my godddd

  24. Erin says:

    OMG, thank you to the people that have a brain in their head and don’t listen to everything Big Oil tells you.
    My parents have a farm in Oregon and an LNG company is proposing a HUGE pipeline to go through their property. Besides taking a huge swath of land right through a field that my dad couldn’t farm over, the gas that they said was going to California, now has plans to be exported to other countries for profit. On top of that, a faultine runs down our road and if this particular kind of highly-pressurized gas erupted, it would be the end of my family.
    Thank God we are in America and have formed together with other landowners and environmentalists to protest this travesty. When will we learn that we can’t just keep taking? You rock Darryl!

  25. Nanea says:

    Ethanol and other biofuels are not the answer, they are part of the problem.

    These fuels are made from e.g. corn or rapeseed, they need huge amounts of acreage, of fertilizers (which is going to poison groundwater and rivers)… and because of the high demand of these plants for biofuels, prices get hiked on the global market, resulting in even more famine-like situations, not only in African countries but everywhere where people live on the poverty line.

    I don’t get why the US hasn’t switched to solar and wind power yet. Those are natural resources that people don’t need to go to war for.

    Cars manufactured in the US are still for the most part not fuel-efficient, and Big Oil makes sure Europe’s consumers support that squandering of natural resources by making them pay more, in the country where I’m living now, a gallon of gas is ~ $ 8.

  26. bondbabe says:

    Agreed Nanea!

    Those who argue for biofuels such as ethanol are also kidding themselves. I live in a state with a lot of ethanol plants—and while you may feel better about your consumption when you fill your tank, guess what fuel was most likely used in the semi that transported it to the gas station? Guess what fuel was used in the equipment harvesting that corn? Guess what fuel was used in transporting the corn to the railcar or directly to the ethanol plant? Diesel fuel, which is derived from crude oil.

    I’m not arguing for the pipeline nor crude oil. I would LOVE to have alternate fuel sources.

  27. Sandrine says:

    Wind power isn’t as great as the enviromentalists make it out to be. The golden eagle population in CA is about to become endangered because so many of them fly into the windmills and die. I want clean, renewable green energy as much as anyone (despite being an evil conservative lol) but wind is not necessarily good. And solar is great if you live somewhere that’s sunny most of the time like Florida, but it wouldn’t work in a place like Beckley WV which averages 220 cloudy days a year. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a supplemental power source in certain areas. The US is a huge, extremely biodiverse country and one size fits all energy policy is just not possible. I hope we will find a better solution as science progresses, but I just don’t know. I thought nuclear power could be feasible in low risk areas like VA but after the earthquake (that was 11 miles from North Anna nuclear power plant and not too terribly far from Calvert Cliffs and Surry either) I am a little leery of it. Not to mention the waste issue….! Basically, I just don’t know and I don’t think anyone does really. Hope that changes soon, for all our sakes!

  28. Sassy says:


    Your comments about eagles becoming endangered by flying into windmills got me thinking. I ponder what eagles add to our society, and what they add to ecological prudence. Since 2004 I have lived in a state in which the eagle was on the endangered list, then was deemed to be not endangered. My personal experience was as follows: We had an eagle nest on our property. At 5 am the eagles started squaking loudly. Guano (nice word for eagle poop) covered any cars in the driveway. A young eagle was found dead in our front lawn – it was decomposing and the smell was noted. We called the local fish and wildlife people, who sent someone out to retrieve the eagle. Keep in mind it was illegal at that time to possess an eagle feather unless you were an American Indian. Yes, the local paper came out to take a picture. This ridiculous exercise is now not needed, since the American Eagle is now legal in my state. They are a fun bird to watch in the sky, soaring, usually two eagles together. My point – who cares if an eagle flies into a windmill if cheap energy is provided at minimal cost? I continually scratch my head over some of the tree hugger laws and protests of recent years.

  29. misspdx says:

    @ Erin : I live in Oregon. I am REALLY interested in this pipeline issue! Do you have links to more info??

  30. Vickyb says:


    She looks sooooo like Jennifer Coolidge in that first photo!! And she is definitely surgerytastic!

  31. crazydaisy says:

    Thanks for posting this. The Tar Sands Action is the biggest Civil Disobedience for environmental support in a generation. Of course Daryl Hannah went there not just to protest, but to bring attention to the issue by getting arrested, and she succeeded!

    Watch the movie Gasland to learn about the threat to the nation’s water supply and health from fracking technology, used to extract natural gas and oil.

    We need to get off oil, gas, carbon fuels, PERIOD. They are going to run out eventually ANYWAY. It is nothing short of myopic and greedy to focus on ways to exploit carbon reserves for energy.

    Nuclear is not safe and never will be b/c of the waste, not to mention meltdowns.

    Wind and solar are what we have now – let’s DO IT! And whoever made that comment about the Golden Eagles, understand the eagles are very smart. They will figure out in a generation or two that they need to avoid the windmills, and they will survive.

    Keep waking up, everyone! I feel proud of this community and the awareness that is growing.

    xo crazy daisy

  32. Lady La La says:

    SHE GAINED WEIGHT, which obviously changes how you look. Trust me, I know, lol

  33. Magsy says:

    Aw she had a unique look. John Kennedy Jr. wouldn’t recognize her now. Why would she allow her face to have toxic chemicals? She looks like she has a million cats at home too. 🙁

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