Hypocritical Daryl Hannah denies plastic surgery, makes people look like ‘muppets’

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Last year, In Touch ran some before and after photos of Splash actress Daryl Hannah, 49, that showed how dramatically she’d altered her face. Even if you didn’t know who she was, the work she’s had done is painfully obvious in Hannah’s chipmunk cheeks, puffy lips, and cat-like eyes. Hannah is an activist with several causes she campaigns for, including awareness of sex trafficking, biodiversity, and ecological preservation. Although she’s obviously committed to saving the planet, she really comes across as hypocritical and sanctimonious in a new interview with The Daily Mail. She just sounds so damn snotty and self absorbed. She denies getting plastic surgery despite the evidence all over her face and she calls women who have face lifts “muppets.”

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Does not approve of nannies or having more than two biological children
I gently mention reports that she is hoping to adopt a child. She rolls her eyes and explains that an off-the-cuff remark has been blown out of all proportion and she has no such plans.

‘All the same, I do believe that anyone with two children who wants more should adopt the rest, because there are so many out there who desperately need a home. As for those actresses who adopt babies, I only approve of the ones who aren’t employing someone else to raise them,’ she says with surprising tartness.

Criticizes moms working as actressees
‘I know how long it takes to make a movie. If you look at their schedule, you can see how little time they spend at home. It comes down to priorities and I believe there are times when you have to put your personal life first.’

Denies plastic surgery
Having put it off, I finally broach the subject of cosmetic surgery. Daryl emphatically denies it (although, later, it occurs to me that Botox isn’t strictly speaking cosmetic surgery and maybe I asked the wrong question). ‘There are so many people in LA who have had cosmetic surgery and they all look like Muppets,’ she says, firmly. ‘There was a picture taken a while ago of me emerging from the ocean, with my hair slicked back and no make-up on. I looked as though I had puffy, squinty eyes and the rumour went round I’d had work done; I lost jobs because of it and I thought about suing, but in the States you have to prove malicious intent.

‘I’ve got a little jowly, and sometimes I look in the mirror and think, “Oh my God”, but I am too much of a coward to go under a surgeon’s knife for something that wasn’t life-saving. I’ve had knee and elbow operations, and I’ve broken my back three times, riding and performing movie stunts, and that gives you an appreciation of your body. When I was three years old I had an accident that still influences my attitude.’ Daryl holds up her left hand to reveal one finger is missing two joints. ‘I lost the top of my finger playing on my grandma’s mobility stair lift. It was terrifying, but could have been so much worse – and it has bestowed on me an ability to be a more compassionate person.’

[From The Daily Mail]

She goes on, and when she talks about her commitment to the environment you can tell she cares and tries to make a difference.

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s telling the truth about “surgery.” As in, maybe she hasn’t had a face lift. We’ve included some older photos of her. She’s had obvious lip plumping and facial injections that probably include fillers and botox. What’s more is that the photo she’s referring to where she’d just emerged from the ocean isn’t the one that In Touch used to illustrate their story on how altered she looked in April of last year. They used just a simple photo with her hair pulled back and perfectly dry, and quoted a plastic surgeon who said she’d had obvious Botox, fillers, and probably a face lift. Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg is quoted as saying “It looks like she [had] injections of fillers… in the face, causing that puffy appearance around her nasolabial folds, lines running from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. She also looks as though she had a face-lift, lip injections and Botox on her forehead and around her eyes.”

There’s nothing wrong with getting some good work done when you get older. If a celebrity has obvious plastic surgery, they either should skirt around questions about it or own up to it. Daryl had bad work done, from a needle and/or a knife, and she’s either lying or splitting hairs by denying it. Plus she’s bashing other women who opt for surgical intervention. There’s just no excuse for that.


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  1. Danielle says:

    Her new cheeks look awful. Is the “plastic surgery look” the new standard for beauty? It’s sad.

    And her statement of “I only approve of the ones who aren’t employing someone else to raise them”…who the hell does she think she is? Pfffft.

  2. Fluffy Kitten Tail says:

    I think it is excessive botox usage and other fillers. That is why all women in Hollywood look like freaks- BOTOX!

  3. mhjmc says:

    She looks like a muppet … scary; she needs to fire her plastic surgeon.

  4. Lenore says:

    Wow. I’ve always like Daryl Hannah, and I admired how she seemed willing to appear less than attractive – in Kill Bill Vol. She once criticised (and turned down the lead in) Pretty Woman for promoting a deceptive fairy-tale ideal of prostitution; I admired her for her outspoken feminism.

    But there is nothing progressive, nothing feminist, nothing supportive or admirable in this article. All I read is snottiness, proscription and hypocrisy. The implication that mothers (and only mothers) should give up work and stay home to raise kids, without the benefit of professional childcare, is despicable and regressive. She doesn’t even acknowledge that these actresses’ children have FATHERS who might be looking after the kids while mom makes a movie, or that the kids might be present and tutored on set, or… nope, no grey areas for Daryl Hannah. Screw your modern life and its complications, and while you’re at it, stitch your vagina shut after that second kid. And then pretend you didn’t get it stitched, or your pudenda is a Muppet for getting surgery.

    I hope she loses more work.

  5. TQB says:

    Hard to say. She was very different looking when she was younger – not the typical ’80s beauty – and I think she’s aging in a really weird way. I agree, she’d definitely had at least Botox & fillers; I guess I can buy that she didn’t have actual surgery. I mean she does look jowl-y, as she says in the article. If you’re going to get a face lift, tuck the chin!

  6. Lara says:

    I don’t know. While she looks in the first photo like she definitely had some fillers, when I click through the rest of the photos, her features are pretty much the same, the nose, the size of her lips, even the cheeks. She has gained weight though and that explains the lack of some lines, fat irons it out. She def. has lines around her eyes.
    As for her bashing other women who opt for plastic surgery, I can’t really say I blame her. The most obvious examples look horrendous indeed, like Meg Ryan, Joan Rivers or Priscilla Presley. She was probably thinking of them.

  7. lisa says:

    Maybe she should stop being so critical of other women she does not know. And so arrogant to tell other people how many children they should or should not have when she doesn’t have ONE.

    Sick of people standing on their soapbox. If you can afford help what is wrong with that. Women have been the worse enemy of women than men. We are always knocking other women and their choices. If you are in a relationship why can’t the father help with the kids when the woman is working.hmmm..

    STFU and go actually work. But she comes from a wealthy family so yes she can talk.

  8. simplicity says:

    Sad, she was pretty, and now has that, “Wildenstein,” look.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Definitely agree with fillers and a lot of Botox.

    She does come off snotty about other people’s family choices. In a way I do get what she’s trying to say, but she says it poorly and shouldn’t tell other people what to do.

  10. Annie says:

    Actually, I don’t think like shes had work done at all. I think she puffy cause she’s gotten fat, probably enjoys scotch, and am pretty sure she smokes.

  11. denise says:

    Does’nt look like the same person, esp. in the bottom pic with the cat ears.

  12. Leticia says:

    I agree with her remarks regarding family size and nannies. I’m astonished that she had the guts to come right out and say it.

  13. Ralph says:

    I know one actress who looks great Monica Bellucci, she looks like she had only minor plastic surgery.

    There are so many non-invasive procedures today that I don’t understand why people bother with Plastic Surgery to age well.

  14. Sumodo1 says:

    Gag me. She has enough hydrocarbons in her face to drive her car a couple miles. Faker.

  15. Hautie says:

    I am also thinking it is her weight. Not that in any way is it a drastic weight gain. But she was super slim (plus tall) in the hey day of her filming. So now she has filled out a bit.

    So I am not going to assume she had a lift. As much as maybe she did injections and they are not flattering.

    And remember the rule about aging.

    After 40 you have to make the decision either to save your face or butt.

    You need to keep a little weight on so your never look like the crypt keeper. *cough*SarahJessicaParker*cough*

    But as we are shown daily, that most are killing off their faces. (Madonna and SJP are prime examples)

  16. TQB says:

    @hautie, it’s true – the skeletal look only makes you look worse when you’re older. A few extra pounds can be your friend eventually!

  17. Cirque28 says:

    That finger accident must have really boosted her compassion! Anyone who would come right out and tell the press she “doesn’t approve of” other women’s choices… ugh.

    And naturally thin faces usually get thinner with age, not substantially puffier (even with a little weight gain).

  18. Kelley says:

    Oh please, she had surgery well before she turned 40 !!

  19. mln says:

    I think the whole baby police thing is akin to PETA she is technically right about 2 babies but being aggressive makes the whole argument sound like bullying and now I never want to listen to her environmental spiel she might has well done a commercial for Rush Limbaugh. And to say that women shouldn’t work is ridiculous of course they should work and at the end of the day a nanny is just childcare there is absolutely nothing wrong with having childcare just like normal women who use babysitters and daycare.

    AND she has definitely had work I think she just has sour grapes because she never lived up to her early acting potential and had a notoriously disaster of a love life. But Kill Bill rocked.

  20. Nancy says:

    She’s always been ugly to me so….

  21. canadianchick says:

    Wow..she looks…different. Didn’t she date JFK Jr?

  22. Cletus says:

    She looks like a tippler to me. I ought to know, I LOOK JUST LIKE HER.

  23. Tess says:

    Yup…she dated JFK jr. I read, at the time, that Jackie made it clear to John that she neither liked nor approved of a match between him and Daryl. Her lack of support was instrumental in ending that little romance.

    daryl looks like an aging pro wrestler or boxer. Her face looks beat-up and terminally swollen.

  24. fugly says:

    tru dat, nancy! yes indeedy.

  25. tiki says:

    she has the bloat face associated with heavy drinking.

  26. skibunny says:

    Sumodo 1 that was so funny!
    I dont think she’s had plastic surgery but obviously some botox and fillers. And weight gain.
    I actually agree with some of what she says. She just sounds very opinionated and that’s her right.
    Yes she did date JFK for several years and I think they were actually engaged at one time. Lucky her!

  27. zen says:

    wow, I would have never known that was her. She definitely had work done, I just dont get why these celebs deny this when its so obvious.

  28. Hautie says:

    Now I could believe in the bloat from alcohol. Look at Lohan. Her face is all bloated up to the point she has a double chin. While her body is still stick thin.

  29. The Bobster says:

    “Daryl holds up her left hand to reveal one finger is missing two joints. ‘I lost the top of my finger playing on my grandma’s mobility stair lift.”


    I heard when she was dating JFK Jr., she gave him the finger.

  30. original kate says:

    i think it’s sad she feels the need to bash other women for their choices. why doesn’t she bash fathers for spending months on a movie set, or men for having facelifts? she must not have too many female friends!

  31. Danielle says:

    That picture with the cat ears…doesn’t she look like an Arquette? Weird….

  32. N.D. says:

    I don’t see any surgery to be honest. She’s just got fat, old and probably drinks too much (and have been for years) and leads generaly not too healthy life.

    About that “who aren’t employing someone else to raise them” comment – it’s rather ambiguous because what did she mean by it? That any help is forbidden or you’re bad mother? Or we have to take her words literally and understand it as although nannies are OK it’s wrond when they’re taking care of kids 24/7 or kids are send to boarding school?

  33. Jesse says:

    Not one comment pointing out how offensive that women are put under the microscope and expected to be superhuman and naturally defy aging, and men are not. Why is the “plastic surgery question inevitable” to this interviewer. Do they do this to Clooney, Pitt, etc who also look like they’ve had work. Also, it’s doubtful these people want to look like freaks. It’s bad work so their doctors should be blamed. Plastic surgery is not a good look. Better to look old and natural, but women can’t seem to win whatever they do.

  34. Henriette says:

    Sad. Do you know how many poor, relatively-unskilled women find jobs as nannies? And, being a nanny generally pays better and is safer that doing something like working in a factory or being prostitute. So, I’d hope she would support “hiring someone else.”

    And, seriously, if a celeb wants to adopt a kid and then hire a loving, responsible nanny to raise him/her, I absolutely think that this is better than leaving the kid in an orphanage or to be passed around from foster home to foster home.

    Besides, Daryl was a lousy actor/ hot piece in Splash and Legal Eagles but besides that, has been totally irrelevant. So… when she states things like “I only approve if XYZ…” my response is “who cares?!”

  35. gen says:

    This is like when Clinton said he didn’t have intercourse with that woman. Its a matter of wording. She probably hasn’t had surgery. But szhe sure as hell has had botox!

  36. Jeri says:

    I think a lot of women get “injections” & jeer @ surgery. They think say honestly can deny having “work done” if they have not been cut.

    I don’t agree w/celebs not raising their own children but not employing any help is ridiculous. Are they supposed to never go anywhere children are not allowed until they can stay home alone? Have some kids & then preach about using help.

  37. Paula says:

    Jesse wrote:“Not one comment pointing out how offensive that women are put under the microscope and expected to be superhuman and naturally defy aging, and men are not. Why is the “plastic surgery question inevitable” to this interviewer. Do they do this to Clooney, Pitt, etc who also look like they’ve had work. “

    Actually, Brad Pitt looks every year his age with his lined face and scruffy beard, earning him derisive nicknames like “Billy Goat Brad.” If George has had work done, he hasn’t had much because his forehead has creases in every photo I’ve seen of him. Men’s looks ARE put under the microscope, too. Weekly entertainment magazines regularly publish unflattering photos of bloated former sex symbols like Val Kilmer and track the fluctuating weight gain and loss of former Friends stars Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry. Male actors have wider choices in roles and thus have longer careers than female actors, but men who owe their popularity to their looks get the same harsh scrutiny from the media.

  38. gee_gee says:

    Two words.

    Girl. Please.

  39. RHONYC says:

    @ annie & # 33


    my vote is that homegirl has a case of the ‘kathleen turners’. as in she’s been turnin’ up that bottle of vodka up to her mouth 1 to many times.

    when are women gonna get it?
    pray to the god of robert downey jr. all ya what, but to no avail…

    alcohol is the devil :-(

  40. Aspie says:

    Wow, she’s aged horribly

  41. Jesse says:

    Oh please. To suggest that men get the same level of scrutiny is silly and makes one wonder where you’re coming from. Where to begin with that comment …. You’re citing Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc as examples? That’s all you got? You prove the rule. An occasional article about some weight gain of tv stars from a decade ago? You don’t hear them being called old hags or picked apart for surgical procedures. Hilarious. Men do NOT get anywhere near the scrutiny that women do. Not in breadth or in depth. With women it is incessant and down to every last minutiae on their body. Actresses are constantly asked about plastic surgery and actors are not. Women are expected to give a litany of their plastic surgery, men are not. If women aren’t forthcoming, they are maligned. Brad Pitt earned that nickname “Billy Goat” for the overt longstanding facial scruff he voluntarily keeps – it’s not for his looks and age. If Clooney were a woman, he’d be picked apart from head to toe for his plastic surgery and noticeable ‘improvements’ and called an old hag instead of simply being applauded for “aging gracefully” and being “hot.” Actresses 10 years younger than Clooney are called “old hags.” If he were a woman, they’d probably draw a diagram of his plastic surgery as they did to Madonna. Btw, just because Clooney has some forehead furrows doesn’t mean he hasn’t had work. Artfully placed lines here and there are used to keep from looking too “done” and to fool the gullible like you. Even a Botoxed forehead can be done while maintaining some movement. There are older women who look fab who are STILL picked apart for what they had done. Now young women are equally picked apart. Any critical attention given to male looks is a recent phenom because there was no place left to go with women, but it’s still very low grade. And the point IS that men have wider choices in roles and their value and scrutiny isn’t first and foremost their physical appearance. Sorry to have spoiled the stone throwing at Darryl Hannah.

  42. Jesse says:

    Oh please Paula. To be offended by the comment and to suggest that men get anywhere the scrutiny of women is absurd and makes folks wonder @ your agenda. An occasional notation of some former tv star’s weight gain is all you got? You prove the rule. If Clooney were a woman, he’d be picked apart from head to toe with plastic surgery diagrams like they did to Madonna. Just because he has artfully left some brow furrows doesn’t mean he hasn’t had work. The point is, he isn’t asked about it in every interview like a woman would be. Women are always asked the plastic surgery question, men are not. Women are demanded to spill every medical procedure and are maligned if they don’t. Men are not. Women are denigrated if they have surgery or if they don’t. And the point IS that men have wider choices in roles and accomplishments and aren’t valued and assessed first and foremost for their physical appearance. Sorry to have spoiled the raucous fun stoning of Darryl Hannah.

  43. Wiley says:

    Women don’t get plastic surgery to please men – it’s to one-up all the other women. Men are not nearly as judgemental as women are. Most men don’t really care how large a woman’s breasts are as long as she has some. Women get the implants to out-do other women. Do you think men really like plastic faces with evidence of bad surgery? Do you think men even care about hair extensions, plumped up lips, etc. Why do women even want men who demand that of them?

  44. chris says:

    A man chooses to live his life running in marathons; as he lives only to run.
    He loses his leg in an accident.
    He refuses an artificial leg, as he is against surgery.
    He lives his life in misery; as he can no longer run.
    People critize him.
    There is no right or wrong.
    Only belief.
    Sometimes we lie to ourselves.
    Sometimes we lie to others.
    But mostly we do the best we can….
    Daryl is worth more than any of us; perhaps – if – you think; you can figure out why….

  45. firsthandknowledge says:

    i know for sure…she’s had work done. and she’s uglier inside than out. selfish, aging, hypocritical and broke.

    The beauty of the that splash mermaid is as much of a fantasy to her as she is to the rest of us.

  46. Lilly says:

    WOW! First of, who is she to talk about mothers choices when she never had ONE kid??
    Then… I dunno know what she did to her face to look even less attractive than when she was younger. Personally I never found her pretty.
    She seems to be selfish and shallow. And lot of people with bigger cause are, because the reason why the have embraced such cause is their own inability to save themselves. Did not like her then.. much less now!

  47. Its the same story with celebreties continually getting too much plastic surgery, I hope they could go for a more healthy look.

  48. SUSAN MICHAEL says:

    I think plastic surgery is great…the problem is with the injection fillers. too much, too puffy, too scarey. There is no end. You get work done, and you are still aging. This is life. I had my upper/lower eyes done 15 yrs ago. I would consider a mid face lift at 65. But, kinda fearful to go under the knife as I get older. Damned if u do, and damned if you dont. I think I will opt for low lighting, and strictly hanging out with vision impaired individuals.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I was shocked to see someone so beautiful as her believing botox,ect would make her prettier.Why do so many gorgeous women not grow older with their natural beauty & keep focusing on their inner growth & inner beauty???

  50. BertW says:

    She looks awful and yes, Botox counts as plastic surgery. What a hypocrite.

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