Star: Brad Pitt is spending time with his attractive assistant in his trailer


This week’s tabloids take this whole “Brad Pitt must be boning his attractive assistant” story to its logical conclusion. At least, I hope this is the conclusion, although I guess I could see it going further. Previously, we’ve heard about Angelina Jolie getting pissed that Brad has an attractive assistant on World War Z – the chick’s name is Lara Marsden. Brad continued to be photographed with Lara, and then the tabloids got into Lara’s MySpace account and got their hands on lots of her bikini photos. Now Star Mag reports this week that Lara is spending lots of one-on-one time with Brad in his trailer. When Angelina heard about this, she pushed Brad, smacked him around a little bit, and then kicked him out of the house.

Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and now Angie is worried that his 25-year-old assistant Lara Marsden will steal Brad while he films World War Z!

“Brad spends a lot of time with Lara when he isn’t filming,” a source tells Star. “Lara looks after Brad, making sure he is well taken care of and getting him whatever he needs. She even bring tea to his 25-foot white luxury trailer in between scenes.”

And the people around them definitely thing something is going on. “You can definitely hear snickers and giggles from the crew members when Lara visits Brad’s trailer alone,” the source adds.

You can bet this isn’t making Angelina too happy. “Angie’s been making her feelings about Brad’s relationship with Lara known for months,” another insider explains. “So when she found out Brad was still getting cozy with her, Angelina absolutely flipped!”

Things got physical, according to the source, when Angelina confronted Brad — she pushed him against the wall and pointed her finger in his face!

“Angelina was so upset she even kicked Brad out of their house, screaming ‘Get out!,’” the source continues. “She was ranting and raving, threatening to pack up and take the kids away. Now she’s barely speaking to him.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Here’s what I believe: Brad could and would cheat, and he, like many men, think that he could get away with having a little fling with an assistant (or intern, or secretary, etc). I believe that Lara Marsden probably LOVES being Brad’s assistant, and she might even be the one who is seeking him out for all of this alleged one-on-one time. Now, here’s what I don’t believe: that Brad would leave Angelina for some PA, or that Angelina would violently attack Brad, unless it was part of some sexual act. I also don’t think Angelina is kicking Brad out of the house, now or ever. I also wonder if Angelina and Brad have some kind of clause in their relationship, where they can both get a little strange every now and then as long as it’s never serious.

Here’s some extra stuff from Angelina’s Vanity Fair cover thing. Rich Cohen, who interviewed Angelina, was on the Today show, plus I screen capped an additional image from the VF photo shoot.





Photos courtesy of Fame & PCN.

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  1. mln76 says:

    I just don’t believe this story. I think if he ever gets some strange said woman would be so underwraps and unseen that no one would know about it. I don’t think he would ever flaunt her especially in a year when he has an Oscar race and a big movie coming out. This just seems like total B.S. especially when remembering all the absolutely false Star stories there have been. At this point there is nothing to do about the rumors but to wait and see.

  2. Eve says:

    Now Star Mag reports this week that Lara is spending lots of one-on-one time with Brad in his trailer. When Angelina heard about this, she pushed Brad, smacked him around a little bit, and then kicked him out of the house.

    Then she took a plane to Brazil and asked me to marry her. Oh, fantasies, fantasies…

  3. layla says:

    “She even bring tea to his 25-foot white luxury trailer in between scenes”

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!
    How dare his assistant bring him tea… why doesn’t she just do her job already. Floosy!!!

    Oh right…. that IS her job.

    So lame.

  4. Rita says:

    “When Angelina heard about this, she pushed Brad, smacked him around a little bit, and then kicked him out of the house.”

    It’s just the remake of Mr.&Mrs. Smith. AJ kicks sissy boy butt.

  5. Sara says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these two have a closet open realtionship. Most of these mega stars are freaks and being with one person sexually forever just isn’t realistic thing for many of them.

  6. sharylmj says:

    no affair.. he’s not that stupid

  7. UKHels says:

    perhaps they are getting engrossed in a really interesting jigsaw puzzle

  8. Bodhi says:

    1) Shi is in a dress!!

    2) MySpace still exists?

  9. Rena says:

    LOL, this seems to be the same lie that was in OK last week and on its cover. Since OK and Star and NatEnq and Globe are all part of the same company guess now lies will just cycle from tab to tab to tab. None of the UK tabs are running this same lie because this PA could sue there for these lies and win.

    Funny that Brad was always said to be monogamous to the max for all the years
    past until now. Guess it is his term for lies since all the ones re Angelina were proved to be complete lies.

    I feel sorry for the PA, no one should have this type abuse thrown at them for just doing their job. And anyone who thinks this is OK is insane. One of these days someone will sue tabs and succeed in bankrupting them.

  10. sandy#1 says:

    lol, hey why not? i most definitely would, just give me a little bit of brad, pleaseeee Angie? and then we can pretend like nothing happened, i wouldn’t tell a sole, i love them both, so sexy together, she is so beautiful, and he is a sexy man, brad loves the Jolie, no one is immune to infidelity, but he found what he wants in Angie, every thing else is a step down.

  11. curleque says:

    I think he totally would tap that PA, even more so than a star near his level. AND I think Angelina is okay with it–as long as it’s not serious.

  12. Cheyenne says:

    This came from Star mag?

    ’nuff said.

  13. Sair says:

    What would make this story more interesting is if Brad Pitt wasn’t in the pictures of the Vanity Fair article. It looks like just Angelina…if so. Why? Not a perfect family anymore? I don’t think some thing like that would be an accident in Angelina’s perfect PR world.

  14. teri says:

    I bet Brad and Angelina laugh when asked about this nonsense.

  15. I don’t buy tabloids.

  16. Alex says:

    BS on this story

  17. Ellie says:

    She is NO WHERE near attratctive. Well maybe in a hill-billy kind of way! WHATEVER!

  18. corey says:

    Brad getting some strange? mmmmmaybe The end of the Brange? No. As Lainey has said before, they are not just a couple, they are a brand. On a side note, Angie needs a haircut even just a trim and a color. Such a pretty face, seems a shame to hide it.

  19. Turtle Dove says:

    “Now, here’s what I don’t believe… Angelina would violently attack Brad, unless it was part of some sexual act.”

    lol. You know that she could and would.

    That PA would be committing career suicide if she hooked up with Brad. Brangelina are paparazzi prisoners and their every move is documented. Brad can’t piss without it been disseminated to the Brangeloonies in the tabs. The gal is doing her job and isn’t trying to do a dong dance with Mr. Jolie.

  20. Alex says:

    The tabs would print anything to tear the brange apart. They hate to see them together even after all these years, cause remember this was a relationship that was supposed to last according to the tabs a few months not years. The most they print these bs stories the more pathetic they look. To think that some people actually buy these crappy magazines and believe them is sad

  21. gab says:

    @Bodhi – I think that is Vivi not Shilo. These kids grow so quickly!

  22. Lady D says:

    “Most of these mega stars are freaks and being with one person sexually forever just isn’t realistic thing for many of them.”
    Dying to know how you came by this bit of info or when you figured out movie stars aren’t actually people like the rest of the planet.

  23. Deidre says:

    If they are not banging, he sure wants the world to get talking. I don’t believe he is banging with his baby momma. I think that ended a while back. I have seen Jlo and Marc Anthony happier together and they had split for a while. These two have a deal, unfortunately, Pitt cannot get a proper girlfriend why the deal stands.

  24. chris says:

    I noticed that tabloids such as US Weekly, Star, In Touch, etc (basically all the rags that her team doesn’t bother to deal with when there is an ”exclusive” thing to publish such as the Shiloh & twins shoot) only have a negative angle whenever they publish something about her.
    It’s like the boy who cried wolf; I can’t take of these mags seriously (not that one should in the first place!!).

  25. Goofpuff says:

    The Vanity Fair pictorial isn’t their real children, just “stunt children” hehe. It was all posed for the photographer. Its promotion time after all.

  26. lisa says:

    Such a BS story and not because it is Brad.

    The laughable thing is when the tabloids were reporting for YEARs that Brad was sneaking around meeting Jennifer Aniston.. I don’t recall him being labeled a cheater or Aniston for that matter. But because those stories have been shown to be total made up lies, they are now putting another face and name to the same stories. Brad was never called a anyone. So I don’t think he or Angie will pay any attention to these stories.. Just as they didn’t the other that have been printed for almost 7 years.

    At this point you have to wonder who is buying these magazines for them to keep going to the same well day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

    there have to be other people to write about.

  27. Cheyenne says:

    Sair: What would make this story more interesting is if Brad Pitt wasn’t in the pictures of the Vanity Fair article. It looks like just Angelina

    You’re reaching, honey. VF has run three or four cover stories on Angelina since she hooked up with Brad. Brad’s picture has not appeared in any of them.

  28. Firecracker says:

    Juicy gossip! Nuff on that.

    Lady D, I caught up with you! I posted back on the Linnocent thread about our new strays! Melon and Cocoa, female turned male.

  29. Rena says:

    @sair, it appears that only the 4 youngest kids are in the VF pics, just as you have seen less of the 2 oldest boys out and about in the UK. Does this mean the 2 oldest boys and Brad are not part of Angelina’s family anymore? Really now try thinking logically. It is not that difficult. Brad is happy with Angelina and he would not soil his nest with this crew member, she is not who he wants, he is 47 years old not some randy woman chaser kid.

    I doubt very much there is any open relationship, they are always together, traveling as a group, like all now back in London area as WWZ is filming in the
    area now for most of Sept. They appear to want to be together all the time.

    The tabs are desperate for something to drive sales so they are trying to manufacture something anything and it is not working. The few who
    want this tab created lie to be true are not enough to drive up sales. The KK family real interviews sell and the People 9-11 cover this week will sell.

  30. Gossip Girl says:

    Haven’t both of them been pretty up front that their relationship is “open.” So why is this a big deal? Maybe Ang is mad because it isn’t sex it’s emotional. It’s funny how bent people get at the thought of any rift in their epic love story.

  31. Truthful says:

    the only thing I beleive is that he has screwed her..I think he and Angie have an understanding.

    they’ll be together, whether they are together..for the kids.

    we’ll never know.

    that assistant is not cute.

    I will never believe that Brad has NEVER cheated or creeper out. NEVER.

  32. mln76 says:

    @Gossip Girl actually no they haven’t there is a random report in Das Nue magazine which is the equivalent of In Touch. It gets thrown around all the time as being an Angie quote but it sounds like a translation from a robot.

  33. newtsgal says:

    OK……I like (not love) AJ….I read a blind trying to say that AJ wants Justin for SALT2, as a way to rub salt in the old wounds of JA….hahahaha!
    (1) If a person cheats with you they will cheat on you.
    (2) Nobody made BP f*ck AJ…it’s not like he tripped and fell into her.
    (3) Why don’t people get pissy at BP for cheating on JA.
    (4) I can’t wait to see if Justin jumps at the chance to work with a real actress, thus proving that he was just using JA and riding on her shortening coattails.
    I’m going to go for now….I have to take my meds!

  34. Ell says:

    BS. Angelina’s words – “I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship”.

    I doubt she’s throwing a hissy fit if he’s having a bit on the side. People need to stop putting so much pressure on celebrities to be perfect or have perfect, unrealistic relationships.

  35. Daisy Kenyon says:

    Brad is going to get some work done soon I predict.

  36. Alice says:

    If he is messing around, can you blame him? Angelina’s a sack of bones. His intern looks healthy. Any woman at a healthy weight would look great to me if I was stuck with Angelina ‘Crypt Keeper’ Jolie.

  37. Eve** I could only imagine the tabloids headline: ‘Angie hooks up with Brazilian Beauty..Who likes to hug from behind.’

  38. Raised Brow says:

    It’s possible both Brad AND Angelina are screwing the PA. *muahahahaha*

  39. beth says:

    i buy the closet open relationship thing.

  40. mln76 says:

    @Ell that’s the quote again it’s from a German tabloid and gets thrown around like she said it TIME.

  41. BB says:

    Ell, that was from a fake interview.
    Here’s what I believe: Angelina would leave him if he cheated on her. I hope this story is true and Angelina dumps him and the Jennifer / brad fans can finally move on and Brad Pitt fans will have to admit that Brad is a cheater. Btw, he looks rusted, busted, and crusted.

  42. Rena says:

    @ell, are you gossip girl also? Mim76 cleared up that German tab lie. Angelina NEVER gave them an interview, neither she nor Brad give any weekly mag/tab/rag but People the time of day and that only like once a year or so. Get your head out of those trash, LOL. Gossip cop also vented on that non interview. Repeat the truth Angelina never said what you claimed she did, maybe then your mind can accept the truth.

    Doubt that Brad or Angelina will respond to this complete BS. After all this is Star which had them married in NOLA in 2008 and then tried to bribe a minister to say he married them when their total lie was exposed.

  43. Joe's Mom says:

    Star and ITW would be derelict in their duties if their didn’t try to make a moutain out of a mole hill about this PA, since they’ve seen her in his presence (in the course of her job) more than once, now wouldn’t they? That’s their job. To sell mags by stiring up the crap and creating gossip so people buy their mags, so they stay in business. I don’t think he’d do this, or be so obvious if it was true, or mess with his family, and as someone else said, it would be career suicide for Lara M, and besides, she’s (tied up) married or engaged herself.

  44. Cheyenne says:

    @mln: Das Neue? Wasn’t that the same rag that said Brad was banging Diane Kruger while they were filming “Inglourious Bastards?”

  45. Eve says:

    @ HorsePoorHanna:

    Eve** I could only imagine the tabloids headline: ‘Angie hooks up with Brazilian Beauty…Who likes to hug from behind.’

    And because of that couldn’t see a thing because Jolie’s back blocked her view.

  46. Toot says:

    I call BS on this story. That quote from that German tab about an open relationship is on the same level as that mess News of The World started about a break up. Both were made up tab lies.

  47. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    Meanwhile, real gossip is actually taking place as we speak, outside of the Brangelina circus. Like, what’s REALLY going on with Will/Jada? Ben and Jen? Some other couple that is sure to break up in the future and will be such a ‘surprise’? It’s been seven years of non-stop, false stories about Brad and Angie. How about the tabloids actually fixate on another couple for a change and actually break a real story.

  48. LeeLoo says:

    Oooooor she’s spending time in his trailer going over appointments, making sure he eats something, and picking out outfits for interviews or whatever. Being with Brad made Angie into a confirmed A-lister for life. Even if Brad were cheating, she’d just put up with it anyways. She’s never going to steal Johnny Depp away from Vanessa so in the end there is no sense in her trying to be with someone else.

  49. Eve says:

    She’s never going to steal Johnny Depp away from Vanessa so in the end there is no sense in her trying to be with someone else.



  50. lucy2 says:

    Kaiser, I completely agree with your believe/don’t believe lists.

    I would love to know what the stylists use on celebs’ hair in photo shoots. AJ’s looks thick and shiny in the photos but in need of help in real life.

  51. G says:

    Hello, we’re talking about the STAR here right? I feel bad for the assistant.

  52. mln76 says:

    I think this is going to get worse and worse as Moneyball and ITLOBH come out and the butchery in the tabs and blatant Blind Items are going to keep coming out especially if Oscar buzz for both increase. Ugh.

  53. Emma says:

    That assistant is not cute. At all. However, that seems to not matter some times…remember the Jude Law affair with the chubby, not-cute nanny? Ughh yeah..

  54. BELLA says:


  55. Francesca says:

    He may have had some fun with the assistant but he’s not leaving Angie; not this time anyway…

  56. moi says:

    the MySpace component of this story is the most unbelievable part.

  57. carrie says:

    i hope he spends time with his assistant : it’s her job to spend time with him!

  58. lulu says:

    o My God,
    Brad Pitt has an assistant who ‘even’ brings him TEA IN HIS TRAILER???
    What the hell are assistants supposed to do?

  59. Kim says:

    Brad look- alike shiloh & knox

  60. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Eve and Horse Poor Hannah: howdy loves! Been too busy to be of much use here. I’ll just say that it’s the same BS, different day! This woman is just doing her job. She’s a PA. End of story.

    Huvane does love to plant blind item stories, wonder if he’s been fanning these flames as well?

    “Eve** I could only imagine the tabloids headline: ‘Angie hooks up with Brazilian Beauty..Who likes to hug from behind.’”

    Don’t forget about the well-placed alien ‘probe,’ that’s most likely on that menu ladies 🙂

  61. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I think Brad and Angelina are so well known and are far to in the public eye to successfully have a get some on the side clause kinda thing. Besides the fact that the idea disgusts me, its not something they would do. Brad has always been monogamous and Angelina has always been monogamous. Why now would they need to fu*k other people everyone once in awhile? They aren’t like Vincent Cassel and his wife who are apart all the time. Angie and Brad are family unity, together all the time, Angie would never agree to him banging another woman then coming to home her and her babies.

  62. Cheyenne says:

    ROFL… gotta love Star. I’m almost wishing I could believe this one, but considering the source…


    Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux had their first fight while on vacay in Hawaii. She insisted on applying makeup before going to the beach and complained about the lines on her neck. Then he overheard her on the phone talking about how urgently she needed Botox. “Justin flipped.” He hates women who are needy and whiny. And by the time they flew back to L.A., they weren’t even speaking to each other. Ouch.

  63. Lauren says:

    I am not shocked by this story, he cheated on Jen. A. and she is lovely. I hope that Jen gets preggo with her wild animal boyfriend..I have never seen Jen so horny-happy. Leave Jen alone. Angelina looks like a deranged skeleton.

  64. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Staying stuck to Brad Pitt like glue is his assistant’s job. Sounds like she’s doing it.

  65. Toe says:

    @ Runs with Scissors: Alien Probe ?? Lllooolll!!!

  66. me says:

    Angelina did lose a lot of weight wich goes hand in hand with being insecure and threatened by another woman…

    on the other hand

    They might have some sort of an arrangement.

    Perhaps they are more co-parents and a business partnership as a brand than a couple of is a real couple in the regular sense of the word.

    Some people are so obsessed with career and fame that they can “sell” their private life in some way, because they think it might help their career.

    Katie and Tom are such partnership.

    I feel sad for Brad, that even with all his money and success, feels he cannot be truly free in his private life.

  67. eternalcanadian says:

    “Brad could and would cheat, and he, like many men, think that he could get away with having a little fling with an assistant (or intern, or secretary, etc).”

    Too right!

  68. thePie says:

    I don’t think anything untoward is going on. Having said that, Brad WAS married when he met Angelina ON SET. That in itself would rightly set AJ’s eyelid to twitching. And yes, the assistant is cute. Who needs to have their eyes examined?

  69. Runs with Scissors says:

    eternalcanadia: “Brad could and would cheat, and he, like many men, think that he could get away with having a little fling with an assistant (or intern, or secretary, etc).”

    Too right!”

    Yep, Kaiser’s a MASTER at stirrin’ the shit pot, she really knows how to keep the dream alive! Worked like a charm.

  70. Cheyenne says:

    @me: Actually, gaining weight can be said to be a sign of insecurity and anxiety. Comfort food syndrome, yanno?

  71. Cheyenne says:

    Lauren: I have never seen Jen so horny-happy. Leave Jen alone.

    Well I surely hope this one works out for her, because this guy is her last chance. Once he walks, she can kiss it all goodbye. She’s got some kind of built-in man repellent.

    I wondered when the whiny/needy thing would start. Didn’t take long. Every man who dumped her said the same thing.

  72. Jordi says:

    I just can’t stop looking at Angelina trying to stick her thumbs into Shiloh’s eyes.

  73. Ell says:

    @Rena, get a life. I’m ELL nobody else, I thought you weren’t allowed multiple names on here. It seems any opinion other than 100 per cent adoration is jumped on. I was actually thinking it was pretty sensible thing to do….
    I didn’t realise it was a FAKE interview, however I believe a lot of hollywood people have open relationships. I also think it’s a better way to go to keep the family together, especially with six children.

    These Brangelina threads descend more and more in to silliness. It’s rare for me to comment, I won’t be doing it again, it’s too exhausting.

  74. Kara Ann says:


    Just wanted to say that I agree with every word of your story!

  75. e.non says:

    you get a cool job on a movie crew only to find yourself plastered all over the internet and gossip mags accusing you of fucking one of the world’s major stars.

    has anyone sniffed the sheets; checked her undies; swabbed for jizz..

    oh, excuse me … it’s all for laughs.

    and she has no recourse.

    she isn’t being paid nearly enough.

  76. Luise says:

    Poor Brad looks ” run hard and put up wet”. He needs some TLC from someone. I hope he’s getting some strange too.

  77. Kara Ann says:

    #34 Ell

    If you haven’t noticed, there is a certain “party line” that is held here on Celebitchy by the posters. Most times it does degenerate into name-calling and snarkiness. It does take away the incentive to post because of the personal attacks. This is not intellectually based disagreement with care taken so that the back and forth can continue. No concession to understanding another person’s point of view and interest in real understanding exists.
    This is just….for fun? Or it should be.

  78. seaga says:

    Umm..what is so “attractive” about her?

  79. Liamarie says:

    “Brad spends a lot of time with Lara when he isn’t filming,” a source tells Star. “Lara looks after Brad, making sure he is well taken care of and getting him whatever he needs. She even bring tea to his 25-foot white luxury trailer in between scenes.”


    That’s her job. She gets paid to be a personal assistant.

  80. Morgan says:

    Angelina has said before that she doesnt think fidelity is essential to her relationship with Brad Pitt, so obviously whenever a story like this comes out its clearly BS

  81. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Toe: yeah, because Angie’s a “space alien” and Eve is afraid of the anal probe, but I figure she might make an exception where AJ’s concerned, lol 🙂

  82. Incredulous says:

    Brad “reknowned stoner” Pitt and someone else in his trailer for long periods of time, giggling, you say?

    Yep, sex-having, has to be.

  83. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    When this filming ends it will be BP and his next costar, nanny or AJ and her next costar, bodyguard, anybody.

    Funny people always believe they are sexing everybody else, but not each other. Seems like a proven point is trying to be cemented. Why? Why is it always someone else?

    My thoughts are that some camp does not ever want to admit BP and AJ are into each other, so they must only be together for the kids or image. Problem with that is they only started with 1 son, the other 5 came by, you name the crazy story. The bios are not theirs either. So the NO sexing has to fit the scenario.

    This woman is dragged into the fray to help move the crazy along. So far nothing else has worked. Even the new pics of JA not looking preggo (flat tummy) has hurt them because JT, well you know how important he is.

    Stories all over HW are coming to light with nary a leak until the stars issue a statement. B and Jay Z, really? No one knew. Could not have been digging. Now, BP and AJ have given them nothing, so PA must be getting hers. She probably is just not from BP or AJ. Funny no pics of BP with her outside of filming. Not even casually.

    Oh well, those who must believe it, carry on. For the rest of us non believers, we will hang tough and weather this bs storm too, until the next one comes blowing by. Maybe like that weak blind item from a tab last month and then Janet C too. Salt2, Is it even written?

  84. anonymous says:

    Brad Pitt is now 47 years old do most of you think he is going to stay like some Barbie and Ken doll like he was with Jennifer Aniston. He has six children he is a dad to three boys who he has to be a role model. Look at his back ground he comes from respectable parents, what are some of you people thinking. Angelina for her part have grabbed on to Brad Pitt for dear life and stability, these two are serious about being committed to one another and raising their family.

  85. weihland says:

    That’s OK, Brad.

    It is not such a witch as your wife. Brad do it

    To Brad: youre gangster pants – ridiculous.

  86. jemshoes says:

    I’m actually surprised by how comely this PA is, and how young she looks. Usually you get used to the PAs and nannies – ie all female hired help – looking very ordinary and doing all the behind-the-scenes work while the celebrity works it for the paparazzi and cameras in the ‘candid’ family shots.

  87. ver says:

    I don’t find her attractive at all. He could have any woman, models, actresses, journalists, he is not stupid enough to mess things up with his assistant. Besides, I respect working women, I don’t like this kind of gossip about a woman who is trying to do her job. If there is no proof, I prefer to think it’s BS.

  88. Cali says:

    Morgan, actually Angelina never said that at all!!! That was a lie a German tabloid created and ran with and soon others like US Weekly, In Touch, etc ran with. It was a tabloid-created lie. There was no interview where she has ever said this.

  89. Cali says:

    And that post goes to Ell #34 too, and others who repeat that bs tabloid-line that was never uttered by Angelina.

  90. Eve says:

    @ Runs with Scissors:

    Well-placed? Wait for your turn and you tell me if it was well-placed!

    About you not being here…we (me and HorsePoor) have been crying and screaming because you left us. But I was too lazy to go to the beach, so I screamed at a puddle of rainwater instead. Same effect, right?

    About the blind items — I’m almost sure that the one suggesting my favourite alien wants to abduct someone else (besides me) just to hurt you-know-who was written/leaked by the person you mentioned. It’s very “high school-ish”, totally his style.

  91. crazydaisy says:

    Brad Pitt is a slut, let’s face it. But he’s also a dad now, and seems to be committed to that. We’ll see what happens.

    Angie is now officially scary skinny, imo. Maybe she thinks she’s fat. Or she just likes how it looks/feels to be that “lean.”

  92. Cali says:

    How is Brad a slut, crazydaisy? Lets face it, hes always been in long-term monogamous relationships and isn’t into quick flings. He’s one of the last guys in Hollywood you could call a slut. Men like Clooney are sluts.

  93. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    @Jordi, I wondered if I was the only one seeing that.

  94. Cali says:

    Oh please! Haven’t you ever seen mothers wiping tears away or scraping sleep dirt from a child’s eyes? Jordi and MrsOdie2 are obviously not mothers..

  95. Derpy says:

    People on this site really crack me up. I love how a lot of people on the non-AJ/BP side love to post on threads about how they are human beings and shouldn’t be elevated to some nigh unobtainable status by people who adore them.

    Then we have posts like this where cheating is discussed, and their response is how much it IS possible for arrangements to be made. How they are so sure a lot of Hollywood is like this. with one even mentioning that he probably has side pieces because of his relationship and six kids.

    Anyone actually read the comments on posts about that polygamist family? How many women flipped their lids over that arrangement. Saying how disgusting it is, how they’d never share their man, at all, ever. Yet somehow, it’s perfectly okay and justifiable for Jolie and Pitt, and other Hollywood people to do it? Granted I know the polygamists base it off of religion, but either way you cut it, it’s agreed side pieces and lots of fluids are going every which way.


    *cuts infront of Eve*

  96. Eve says:

    @ Derpy:

    *cuts infront of Eve*

    Wait, what? Are you sure you want to try the alien anal probe before us (me and Runs with Scissors)?

    Be my guest…

  97. Runs With Scissors** I know your busy,but please be CAREFUL running around with those scissors.Eve**Derpy’s gonna handle the probe,huh?

  98. Trashaddict says:

    I’m with the stoner theorists. A good PA bringing Brad good weed and him being the generous guy he is, sharing it.

  99. Calli Pygian says:

    I really couldn’t give a shit about either of them ( he’s quite unattractive, IMO)- but man, those kids are SUPER CUTE!
    I do so miss the toddler days :*(

  100. John Wayne Lives says:

    i just don’t see it. Besides, an affair with the assistant? if Brad ever does cheat, i just don’t see it being so cliche and obvious.
    I’m in with the stoner theory.

  101. Derpy says:

    Eve, don’t worry girl, I’ll take one for the team.. … yeah thats it! 😛

  102. Kiki says:

    Brad Pitt is an idiot. Angelina is too!

  103. Hannah says:

    Ah love how guilty they both look in that top pic. Classy act, guys.