Giuliana Rancic vs. LeAnn Rimes: battle of the skinny twits

After writing that title I keep picturing LeAnn Rimes and Giuliana Rancic in a slap war flailing their arms around at each other and then getting tired from the effort. In reality they’re probably both tough as beef jerky and scrappy bitches, but they look like they would barely be able to land a punch. (My money would be on Rimes, though.)

So Giuliana, who has some very well documented body image issues and the disordered eating that goes along with that, recently told the Huffington Post that LeAnn Rimes had lost weight recently and looked better with some extra meat on her bones, basically. Giuliana should totally know better than to say that to a fellow starver. We’ve seen Giuliana get all worked up on several different occasions when people have publicly told her to gain weight. So predictably, LeAnn took to Twitter to tell Giuliana that she does eat and that they should share a meal together they could later exercise off. Really, that’s almost exactly what she Tweeted.

Giuliana Rancic and LeAnn Rimes might be headed for a showdown — and there won’t need to be a weigh-in for this one!

The heat stems from Rancic’s recent comments about Rimes’ slight physique, after the 35-year-old E! host told The Huffington Post she thinks the bikini-loving singer needs to put some meat on her bones.

“She lost a lot of weight from all the stress in her life,” Rancic told the website. “She seems a little thin right now and I think she looks great when she’s a bit curvier.”

Rimes was none too happy, calling out Rancic on Twitter quicker than you can say “Brandi Glanville.”

She wrote, “@GiulianaRancic hey, we should go to dinner sometime. You get criticized all the time for how small you are. You can see just HOW much I eat and maybe put a stop to this crazy ‘shrinking’ once and for all.

“Then we should workout together! Good luck with your restaurant!!!!”

When one of Rimes’ followers asked the singer to clarify her comments, Rimes softened her stance, tweeting: “I just don’t appreciate her comments, so I really would love for her to hang with me, see who I am.

“I am a person you know.”

[From Radar Online]

These two need to hang out. They have so much in common, namely a warped body image, a very unhealthy singular focus on eating and exercise, the need to get as much attention as possible and the ability to get incredibly offended at even the slightest perceived insult. They could be best friends if they were capable of anything other than extreme narcissism.



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  1. mln76 says:

    This is the one and only time I am on Leann’s side 100% Gianna isn’t even willing to gain weight so that she can get pregnant. She needs to take a look in the mirror before she starts criticizing others.

  2. brin says:

    Team G all the way…at least she doesn’t seem to have a morality disorder.

  3. teehee says:

    Rancic didnt attack Rimes, she just stated the obvious which is: “nobody looks good when theyre underweight” and that “nearly all women look better when they soften out”.

  4. Green_Eyes says:

    Both of them need to just eat somethng and get over themselves..I met LeAnn when she was 16 and her parents were separating..she was invited to our Community for the weekend to stay w/ a couple… She was a brat then…she’s just a b****y brat now… Both look like those bobble headed dolls.. Their bodies are too little for those big heads! If you hear a snap.. It will be LeAnns chicken neck tired of holding up that over inflated head of an ego!

  5. erica says:

    they are both hidious, scary skinny and ugly faces.that´s all i can say about them.

  6. Addie says:

    Pot, meet kettle.

    I have to admit, an afternoon of snacks and Giulianna & Bill marathons is a guilty pleasure of mine.

  7. Bermuda Blues says:

    Guilana is so annoying about other peoples weight/body/physical appearance. She should be fired from her red carpet gigs. Every interview starts with “Oh YOU are SO skinnnnny! How do you do it? What’s your regimen like?” The show is fashion police, not anorexic advice.

  8. smith says:

    These two LESS than beautiful ladies have convinced themselves that “skinnier = prettier.”

    It’s like an overweight woman who always hears how pretty she’d be if she lost weight (not true in every case). Unfortunately these lollipops are down to emaciated levels and, let’s face it, nothing can change their odd looks. They’re idiots too because a healthy level of body fat goes a long way toward keeping women looking younger and softer as we age.

    Are they happy with their gristled bodies and alien heads? They must be. But then why always so defensive??

  9. The Truth Fairy says:

    I would love to know the height/weight of each for comparison.

  10. corey says:

    As much as I think Giuliana is 100% right, I still cringed as I read her quote, the same way I cringe when an overweight person says something like “look how fat and ugly SHE is”. She doesn’t have the authority to judge so she should keep her mouth shut.

  11. Kelly says:

    @smith, LOL. Skinniness can never trump ugliness, n’est-ce pas?

  12. Stacia says:

    Lollipop heads…the both of them.

  13. sapphire says:

    My favorite Leann picture-looks like she has a toothache. And does she spend all her time reading gossip blogs rather than working on her music career.

    Not that I have any use for Guilana-obsessed hat rack.

  14. LadyJane says:

    These women have some sort of body dysmorphic disorder at best, right? Probably we shouldn’t make fun of them. Probably we should feel sorry for them.

  15. mannequin says:

    Guilana looks like a corpse, looking too much like Beckham. LeAnn at least appears to have facial meat.

  16. ladybert62 says:

    @smith: Lollipops!! I love it! Why is lollipop LeAnn so red? She looks like a lobster.

  17. MikaMoo says:

    Oh my.. both of them would look so much better with a few extra pounds.. why so skinny??

  18. RobN says:

    Skelator ought to keep her mouth shut about others until she gets her own disordered house straightened out.

  19. Kelly says:

    @ladybert62, maybe she’s a cherry-flavored lollipop! Or rather “red”-flavored. (I always refer to yellow-, green-, purple-flavored lollipops instead of their so-called “fruit” flavors.)

  20. apsutter says:

    Ugh…they both have ugly faces, mainly because there is literally no fat at all on their cheeks and they have sunken in features. They also have the arms of a starving person.

  21. lola says:


    “Gianna isn’t even willing to gain weight so that she can get pregnant.”

    I know, what a douche. If she is too shallow and selfish to gain 10 pounds to get pregant then she does not deserve to even have a baby; biological or not. I can just imagine the eating disorders she would pass onto her child. Rancic does not a baby, she wants an accessory.

    Rancic is an annoying twat who is so plastic and fake. Even her annoying hubby is a female version of her. Big head, small body, big teeth and just as vapid.

  22. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I though Giuliana was desperately trying to get pregnant???

    You’d think she’d realise that a single layer of body fat over her bones is essential for a pregnancy?!?!

    LR is sooo disgustingly skinny at this point I’m sure she has a huge eating disorder – I can’t imagine anyone could starve themselves to that extent and for this long just for media attention?!?

  23. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Why have my posts disappeared into the nether?????

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    CB, I would say you should have titled this “Battle of the Bulimics.” But then you’d get a Cease and Desist from malnourished twitiot number two, so never mind…

    I would like for them to physically throw down. Just because I think it would take broken fingers/hands/arms to keep them both off twitter. (And I’m thinking their bones are pretty brittle, due to the no-food thing, so they’d probably break pretty easily. I’m sorry…too far?)

    I can dream, can’t I?

  25. Hey Nonny says:

    “That’s like the kettle insulting the pot!” – Burn Notice

  26. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Will try again…

    LR is so disgustingly skinny at thsi point that she must be in the midst of a serious eating disorder as not even LR could starve herself to this extent or for this long for publicity…surely?!?!

    Guiliana, isn’t she trying 4 a baby? Doesn’t she realise babies neeed their mummies to have at least 1 layer of body fat to concieve and nurture?!!?

  27. Eve says:

    Two really ugly bobbleheads.

  28. corey says:

    (sorry if this comment shows up twice)
    I think Giuliana is correct with what she said, and I detected little or no snark in it, but I still cringed when I read her quote, the same way I cringe when I hear an obese/overweight person say “Look how fat and ugly SHE is!” Like c’mon…really? She simply doesn’t have the authority to judge so she should keep her mouth shut.

  29. Tierra says:

    @ RUby Red Lips

    The same thing is happening to me. I posted twice, both disappeared. Im trying this to test.

  30. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Tierra, so frustrating!! Hope its just a blip…

  31. the original bellaluna says:

    Ruby Red – Yes, please let me not even get started about the level of uber-bitchiness that wouldn’t put on 5 MORE POUNDS to be able to get pregnant.

    “I’ve gained 5 pounds, but I’m in an industry that requires me to look like this” or some such nonsense.

    Thank God she can’t have kids. Dis-functional air-brained-bobble-headed-conceit monsters should not breed.

  32. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I think G is actually this skinny. I have never seen her NOT skinny. I used to think G should gain weight but after watching that show with her and husband, G has an actual fertility problem. Its not about weight. Other skinnier people got pregnant with no problems. Rachel Zoe, Nicole Ritchie, and some people say Angie is to skinny…two pregnancies and one was twins. Come on.

    Leann over did it. She doesn’t look right.

  33. sandy#1 says:

    skeletons, the both of them, but that’s not their biggest problem, their ugliness, inside and out.

  34. why? says:

    The real question is why is Leann making such a huge fuss over this Guilanna comment?

    Because Dean’s Shermet wedding is stealing her thunder. How dare DS get married and steal LR thunder.

    Now LR has to exploit EC kids AGAIN.

  35. palermo says:

    I don’t think either of them think about anything but themselves. Both horrid and homely.

  36. TXCinderella says:

    If they both would eat a sandwich, they wouldn’t be able to spout off about each others lack of weight.

  37. Lisa says:

    I think Guilanna maybe scared that Leann is going to get skinner than her, and Guilanna is so UGLY, she looks like a alien, she need to keep her big mouth shut when it comes to others looks when your that UGLY.

  38. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    exercise anorexia, the both of them!

    @the original Bella, as always, dead on!

    @love Angelina, infertility is USUALLY a multifaceted issue, and being underweight OR overweight can affect an individuals ability to conceive (due to anovulation). I took 2 rounds of clomid and was unable to become pregnant with my first, until I gained 10 of the 15 lbs my reproductive endocrinologist recommended I gain .

  39. It is ME!! says:

    “I am a person, you know.”

    Not with that horse face, you’re not!

  40. Rita says:

    I think they both eat their chow mein with a single chopstick and sticking one’s finger down one’s throat after a meal does not qualify as exercise.

    For the record: LeAnn’s stretch marks and scars on her thighs, butt, and back are not from exercise. That is what happens when the epedermis (outer skin layer) does not have the elasticity to compensate for 25 pounds of fat being sucked out of you in less than an hour.

  41. Kloops says:

    Ew. Both so early have eating disorders but it’s the raging narcissism that is so annoying. LR has a very unfortunate face (and those shoulders!) and equates skinniness with prettiness.

    As for G, just because some OTHER skinny women doesn’t mean SHE can get pregnant while clearly under weight. That is faulty logic. Plus, she refuses to try even try gaining a healthy amount of weight in order to conceive. She is choosing her eating disorder over a child.

    Neither twit should be a parent. Ever.

  42. 4Real says:

    Oh well she must have missed FASHION POLICE during the “Street Walker or Starlet” segment when Gianna clearly knew it was Leann and said “looks like somebody that would steal your husband then shamelessly marry him….I’ll say STREETWALKER!” LOL!!! Well played Gianna…TEAM G all the way!

  43. LAK says:

    Angelina: the body has an optimum weight range to concieve and support a pregnancy. it’s different for every woman. G quoting these other skinny women who had babies is just plain delusional on her part. Yes, there are various factors that can cause infertility, but in Hollywood, weight is a big glaring one, and the fact she will not gain a few pounds to eliminate THAT factor speaks volumes about her weight obsession.

    I think LR can”t see past the admiration of her skinny body in her hubby’s eyes which is all she cares about. I blame him. i justify my accusation on fact he has said on record that he likes skinny women, and my personal experience with a cousin who did something similar on the basis that her new hubby also liked skinny women. We could never dissuade her, and she continues to fade away before our eyes.

  44. Madisyn says:

    I cosign with “Pot Meet Kettle”. For a woman who claims she has to be this thin because the ‘camera adds 10 lbs.’ and even admitted her doctor told her to gain weight for a better change at conceiving has the gall to criticize another woman with the same body image issues, well nothing surprises me anymore, especially for attention.

  45. anonymoose says:

    Squinty-McMeMeMEEE vs. ET?


  46. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @4real, “looks like somebody that would steal your husband then shamelessly marry him….I’ll say STREETWALKER!”

    I must admit! THAT is awesome!

  47. gab says:

    HAHAHAHA after reading the comments here, there is nothing left to add. Well done.

  48. the original bellaluna says:

    Morticians – I love ya, honey! You offer a fresh (and experienced) perspective to these types of threads.

    Thank you, also, as I thought maybe I was a bit harsh.

    But I’ve lost a pregnancy (at 5 months) and I didn’t get pregnant with my “surprise” baby until we’d been together 10 years. (No treatments – just figured I could no longer have kids.)

    So that whole “I can’t gain more than 5 pounds because I’m in The Industry” shit doesn’t hold water with me.

    If you TRULY WANT a baby, you will do whatever it takes to have one. (Though I am grateful she hasn’t – no baby needs to deal with those kinds of “food issues” like their mother.)

  49. madpoe says:

    Lollipop Wars!

  50. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Bellaluna, lol! You’re comment re bobble head made me chuckle 😀

    It is a valid point as even if Guiliana did mange to get pregnant, how on earth would she cope with the excess weight gain neccessary to carry a baby????

  51. Memphis says:

    For someone who looks like they survive on nothing more than spit and licking the pictures of food in magazine’s you have alot balls calling someone else out over weight issues! You BOTH could use a few good meals!

  52. why? says:

    Did Leann say that she is a person too?

    Really? Because those two little boys are also PEOPLE and that hasn’t stopped Leann from exploiting them for her own person gain via her staged photo-ops, twitpics, blog entries, radio/red carpet interviews, and tweets. Leann should show us just how much of her person she really is by stop exploiting those kids.

    Leann is just upset because her mega media blitz didn’t get the reaction she had hoped for. She is being slammed for her staged photo-ops which document inappropriate behavior on both her and EC parts.

    Strange, why is it that LR takes cues from what we write? I pointed out that perhaps LR relationship with EC parents isn’t as great as she would have us believe, and guess what? LR releases a photo-op in which EC mother is giving her a kiss. Seriously if she doesn’t care what we are posting, then how come she goes out of her way to fix whatever we point out?

    I hope that E News doesn’t start sucking up to LR the way that Showbiz Tonight/Radaronline/Star mag/x17/Popsugar have done.

  53. Ruby Red Lips says:

    CB – why are my comments disappearing?!?!

  54. Ruby Red Lips says:

    5th time lucky….I hope!!!

    @ Bellaluna, lol! You’re comment re bobble head made me chuckle 😀

    It is a valid point as even if Guiliana did mange to get pregnant, how on earth would she cope with the excess weight gain neccessary to carry a baby????

  55. Kaiser says:

    I don’t know why some comments are disappearing on this thread. I can’t find any reason for the Spam filter to be so jumpy, just on this thread. I’m sorry if your comments get eaten!

  56. Tierra says:

    @ Ruby Red Lips

    Same here AGAIN!!!
    It seems only the posts about my comments disappearing are the only thing that shows up.

    Maybe we are banned form posting on LR threads? idk but its getting annoying.

  57. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Ok, thx @ Kaiser, will keep posting as lurve this site regardless of the spam monster problem here 😉

  58. brin says:

    Hmmmm…maybe the spam filter is eating comments after looking at skinny Leann & G.

  59. Tierra says:

    Michael K @Dlisted just covered this and topped it off with a video of a Praying mantis and insect fight. I swear it looked just like these 2…LMAO!

    I still LOL at his heading from the other day for the LR bikini story…
    “for just 25 cents a day…”

  60. sapphire says:

    Spam filters need sandwiches, too.

    Does anyone know if Rimes actually has “people” as in PR or managers? I wonder if any of her paid employees have urged her to tone it down. And she must spend hours reading sites.

    I am willing to bet E! won’t drink the Koolaid-they were really annoyed over the engagement photo scam.

  61. Katy says:

    You know, LeAnn could have taken the high road for once and refused to post any comment on Twitter, but then again, I suppose it’s a raison d’etre for her, so any excuse for her to post something about herself is a good one.

  62. brin says:

    @sapphire…ITA, I would think E would not take this further because it only gives Leann more attention. I think G. genuinely dislikes LR.

  63. fizXgirl314 says:

    I think Leanne Rimes looks like a chubster next to Rancic. That bitch is deathly thin… even my boyfriend can’t stand looking at her.

  64. m says:

    My money’s on Rancic winning a fight. Rancic, Rimes, and Victoria Beckham should get together; it would be the trifecta of hunger.

  65. hatsumomo says:

    Damn, I bet I outweigh both those chicks together on the same scale.

  66. ShanKat says:

    Pretty sure you have to be an enormous a-hole to use the phrase, “I am a person you know.”

  67. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    “Hmmmm…maybe the spam filter is eating comments after looking at skinny Leann & G.”

    @brin, just looking at pics of those two made the spam filter hungry LOL. Awesome!

    Everyone is on a role today! Hillarious comments.

    @the original Bella, thanks for the compliment. You are my fav commenter on celebitchy. Love your insights and feel like I know you somewhat. From whatyou’ve shared, you sound like you’ve been through a lot and came out the other side one kick-ass woman/mother. Can’t wait to *clink* cracktail glasses with you on the next Blohan thread 🙂

  68. lola says:

    the original bellaluna:

    “If you TRULY WANT a baby, you will do whatever it takes to have one.”

    I very much agree. A woman would drink horse piss and run naked in a blizzard if her doctor said it would get her pregnant. GR is just a shallow bobblehead and not even that important in the industry.

    Rimes is not relevant enough to even comment on anymore.

    P.S. I am very sorry to hear about your loss.

  69. eternalcanadian says:

    Eeww! And the freaky thing is both women have pretty good looking husbands! Do they really like cuddling with sticks and bones? Bleh!

  70. Mtn Girl says:

    LOL at the *lollipop* term – no wonder the scary skinny gals are wearing huge platforms, how else can they keep from blowing away in a puff of wind? Both should take a lesson from Julianna Margulies (she always looks lovely, healthy AND classy) and eat an effing sandwich!

  71. randand00 says:

    I think it’s funny that, underneath LR’s topmost photo (right under the headline), there’s a little icon that says “Get The Look” Seriously…? Why would anyone WANT to get the look? Yuck! I’m team G only because she’s the lesser of two evils. Plus, LR’s shoulders are very manly. Can’t starve those away, I guess…and if her boobs were any further apart, they’d be on her back!

  72. 4Real says:

    I think G would hand LeAnn’s non having ass to her. She’s ITALIAN!

    That being said she sort of resembles a character in that animated movie “ANTS”.

  73. taxi says:

    G is creepy looking, like a skeleton with teeth. Her chin has disappeared. Hubby Bill was a major arrogant jerk when he was playing “Celebrity Apprentice”, but Donald picked him. Maybe G thinks that makes her really spe-shul.

  74. Thea says:

    They both need to go somewhere and split a M and M for gods sake. Maybe if they ate something they wouldnt be so bitchy.

  75. K.C. says:

    OMG- Leanne rimes, in that white outfit. Hahahaha- her lower half looks like a midget and her upper half looks huge. Oh, I just spit my water out.

    Did anyone else notice that?

  76. the original bellaluna says:

    lola – Thank you. It was a long time ago, and if it hadn’t happened I wouldn’t have my Fabulously Wonderful Human Being of Son (who just turned 21) so I subscribe to the “God knew what He was doing” point of view.

    Honestly, that’s the only way I can see it. Otherwise, there was no reason for it. So I choose to see my son as a beautiful gift, after the trauma.

  77. Baylor says:

    To whomever said something about LeAnn being pictured with her new mother-in-law kissing her. Where are these pictures?

  78. Juliette says:

    G is a naturally thin person whereas LR used to be a fat ass & now is starving herself for her loser husband.

    Also, LR is a psycho. Anyone notice how she pretty much copies everything BG does? Notice the red mesh bikini she wore on her b-day? Ya, BG wore the exact same one (different colour) at least a month ago.

    BG says she wants the handcuff bracelets & then LR posts how bad she wants them.

    LR is a narcissist & a psycho. She used to be a singer. Now she’s a bone rack with a bad boob job & a fading career. To bad she’s wasting what’s left on that ass hat EC.

  79. cher says:

    I can’t wait for the day E News fires that dumb twit Rancic. I think Bill could do so much better have a wife who wouldn’t be ashamed to gain a few pounds settle in Chicago where he wants to be, get pregnant or at least do surragacy so he can have a family. She expects alot for not giving him kids because she is very clear her career means everything it might ruin her career and its all about her..shallow and superficial. she is also dumb as rocks.

  80. kikay says:

    To the 2 Mrs,BOB”bag of bones”,they should get over themselves ,even with added 10 pounds,it’s not gonna change their homeliness,they are both UGLY with capital U.

  81. Juliesunflower says:

    This is bone verses bone as Michael K at DListed says.

  82. Twez says:

    Does Leann have a job? Other than following a Google Alert of every mention of her name in the press, I mean?

  83. John Wayne Lives says:

    Now I really like G, but until she gains the weight her dr. says she needs to get preggers, she really shouldn’t critisize anyone else and their weight. That whole thing makes me sad. Especially watching her and Bill crying over their disappointments 🙁
    But LR needs to shut her face.

  84. Susan O. says:

    Rancic gives me the willys just looking at her. Watch her marriage unravel before too much longer. Leann could add 10 and be looking pretty good.

  85. Rosa says:

    Leann Rimes asks for any negative publicity she gets. Can’t she see she is ugly and not model material?

  86. Dishy Girl says:

    It’s another case of the pot calling the kettle black when Giulianna Rancic gets Judgy Von Judgerson on Leann Rimes’ weight.

  87. Victoria says:

    If you ask me, G looks a lot more healthier than LeAnne and seemsto have maintained the same size for a while. The only time I ever noticed when she was a little bigger was when she was pregnant (but we didn’t know she was of course). I think that G is actually quite pretty for that type of chick if you’re into her type that is.

  88. Cali says:

    Rancic looks like a tortoise in the face.

  89. why? says:

    With as much backlash as LR received for her lastest mega media blitz, lets hope that Leann has enough sense to lay low for Labor Day Weekend and the rest of this week(that means NO airport photo-ops, pda airport photo-ops, bikini twitpics, twitpics of her kissing EC or out and about in Chicago, blog entries about EC kids, fluff pieces from People mag, Star/Radaronline articles slamming BG or DS, back to back staged photo-ops of her out with “her family” (EC, his parents, and EC kids), articles about how she cried for homeless teens(seeing as how she is still whining about being told to eat and spent the entire weekend bragging about expensive gifts that she bought herself), or tweeting about those kids.

    It’s Beyonce’s birthday? You mean a celeb was able to celebrate her birthday without staging back to back photo-ops leading up to it and of course exploiting another woman’s kids via tweets, blog entries, or staged photo-ops in which one wears 3 different bikinis and hairstyles while playing the “devoted” stepmother to one child while the other child hides from the paps just to draw attention to it?

  90. why? says:

    Another sign that LR and EC need to lay low and go on a staged photo-op Timeout until next year.

    I heard that Beyonce’s album was having some problems on Itunes, but after annoucing her baby news, Beyonce’s album(or single) jumped back into the top 20s on Itunes. Notice that the more we see or hear of LR and EC or no matter what “good news” (ie-when they annouced the engagement, LR sigle Crazy Women dropped off the Itunes chart rather than jumping into the top 20s. LR birthday didn’t drag her single Give into the top 20s on Itunes and Give has stalled in the 50s on Country Billboard for about 3 weeks now-moved from 52 to 52 to 53) her they present, the opposite happens? LR got a bit of sympathy from the media(many media outlets started saying that she looked hot/toned/fit after her fake ATTACK story)but once again the public thought she was lying about the attack and it resulted in even more disgust of LR which is why her mega media birthday bash backfired against her so badly.

    I know that EC and LR are releasing their projects at the same time this month, to show us just how united they are as a couple, but they REALLY need to lay low rather than do the promotions for their projects or they need to do as little promotions as possible. We saw enough of their faces during LR mega media blitz. LR birthday party mega media blitz (aka Let’s prove to everyone that she and EC deserve the Royal Wedding 2.0 status, and not Kim K and Kris H campaign) REALLY hurt their images and careers. NBC is on damage control duty right now, trying to hype up the show. All that wouldn’t even be necessary if they had just told EC and LR to lay low and shut up. How much more is NBC/Playboy going to let these two get away with before they do something? How long can NBC/Playboy go on covering for their friends?

  91. why? says:

    Leann is at it again. Mega media blitz in 3, 2, 1. and she kicked it off by having Huff Post dedicate a Then and now photo montage to her(What happened to Huff Post, after they changed owners, they have really been sucking up to LR.) So she must be trying to upstage the RHOBH primere on Monday. She is planning on releasing yet another staged mega media blitz to show us just how much EC mother, father, kids, Liz, and family LovEs her and thinks the world of her (That wouldn’t even be necessary if EC parents and family liked LR, right?) And we only know this because LR sent out a tweet about how she and “her family” and EC mistress, opps I mean “her friends” are going to be safely celebrating on the beach. When LR directly or indirectly tweets where and when she will be for the day, 9/10 times the tweet is then followed by photos of LR and her family at the place she indirectly and directly tweeted.

    When LR is prancing around the beach in skimpy bikinis while playing the “devoted stepmother” and making out with EC because she has to cover up his affairs with his mistresses, whom she invites to the beach with them because EC wouldn’t have it any other way, I hope LR remembers that EC sons are PEOPLE just like her. Strange, is it a good idea for LR to even be spotted on a beach considering she could be using that time to help homeless teens, the same teens she shed tears over when she was exploiting them and their stories for her video?

    Note to NBC/Playboy Club: When are you they going to put EC and LR on a STAGED photo-op/blog/twitter timeout like Charisma did, surely their constant attention seeking can’t be good for the show and only adds fuel to the fire in regards to the boycott? LR is spotted in skimpy bikinis around kids and she has been bragging about being on Playboy Club, what a great message to send to the people who are boycotting the show for that same reason.

  92. why? says:

    The Tacky Twosome have struck again. It wasn’t a beach photo-op, but it was a dining out with my “happy family” candid moment captured by HW gossip site. Too bad LR and EC didn’t remember that those two kids are PEOPLE, not props.

    LR and EC invited the HW gossip site out with them as they dined out for pizza(yes, we are supposed to believe that LR eats because she is spotted carrying a pizza with her hubby who cares so little for his kids that he has used them as props to promote both of their careers). And once again LR is dressed in something VERY skimpy, her implants are falling out of the top of the dress/shirt to the point where you can see her bra as she bends down to play the “devoted” bonus mom to EC youngest son and the dress/skirt is very short. Why would she dress like that in front of those kids? As usual and in many fo the staged photos that we have been seeing lately, the oldest boy is in the background hiding from the paps because his dad and bonus mom are too caught up in themselves to protect them.

    But it’s all good right because LR gets to bombard the media and internet with stories about how she is such a great bonus mom. If LR and EC thought that the backlash from LR birthday was bad, just wait until the public sees these latest photos of LR and EC exploting those kids. So if EC doesn’t want his kids to experience ANY type of public exposure, why are we seeing these kids each and everytime they come in contact with EC and LR?

    NOTE to NBC/PLAYBOY: They should have put EC and LR on a staged photo-op time out, rather than continue to allow those two to exploit those innocents kids like that.

  93. Baylor says:


    Where did you see the photos of EC’s mom kissing LeAnn? I have never seen those.

  94. why? says:


    It’s on I’m not obsessed in the thread titled: EC surprises LR with a speical birthday gift.

    I find it funny that LR is trying to validate her relationship with EC by having the media document all the “nice and special” things that EC does for LR (which we all know by now is LR buying her own gifts and planning her own parties and then trying to pass them off as EC idea). Now Life and Style has jumped on LR quest to prove to us that EC loves her and isn’t cheating on her. We are supposed to believe that EC is in LovE with LR and thus isn’t cheating on her because he planned a surprise birthday party for LR at Nobu and even had the cake engraved with a special saying. EC the very same man who still is exploiting his kids names and faces after he clearly stated that he didn’t want them to experience ANY type of public exposure and even reduced his child support while he was going on expensive trips and shopping sprees? That EC bought LR a rare bag and planned her birthday party?

  95. Baylor says:

    On the kiss thing.. it’s a purely cultural thing among Cubans. Its done as a greeting/goodbye thing. Its even done with strangers meeting for the first time. People who don’t like each other that much do it too. Judging from the picture, that’s what was going on. It really means nothing. LeAnn is stupid if she thinks that means anything.I’m back to thinking they can take or leave her and are only being nice/civil in order to keep seeing their grandkids.

  96. why? says:

    Leann’s mega media blitz continues. She has released her second installment of “happy family” photos to Radaronline and JJ. So now we are supposed to believe that LR and EC are a “happy family” because Radaronline and JJ got “candid” moments of them goofing off in a parking lot at some Chili-cook off in Malibu. Yes goofing off with the oldest boy after many people commented on how the oldest boy has been hiding and trying to protect himself from the paps in LR staged “devoted bonus mom” photo-ops.

    Once again Leann has taken a cue from what people are posting on these sites.

    We point out that perhaps LR doesn’t have a great relationship with her mother-in-law, and then she stages photos of her mother-in-law kissing her as if this hush the talk about her in-laws not liking her.

    We point out how the oldest boy has been hiding in LR and EC staged photo-ops and what does LR do? Well she calls up JJ and Radaronline and makes sure that they get photos of the oldest boy smiling and playing as if this will hush the talk about how that child has been trying to protect himself from his the paps because LR and EC won’t do.

    Thanks NBC/playboy for allowing the Tacky Twosome to continue to exploit those two kids because they have something more important to promote, so important they they won’t even bother to protect those kids privacy.

    RHOBH airs on Monday and what does LR do? She releases back to back photos of “happy family” photos with EC and BG kids.

    Thanks NBC/playboy, why would anyone want to watch that show when EC and LR are giving shows for FREE on beaches and now Chili cook-offs.

    Well one thing is for sure, EC and LR can’t complain about how people are being unfair for slamming them because they bring this upon themselves.

  97. Janessa says:

    IF Leann Rimes was secure and happy in her marriage she wouldn’t be acting whacked out.She needs tube feeding ASAP.Her head,teeth and fake boobs look huge with a skeletal bottom half. Wait till she becomes obsessed with Eddie’s curveous costars on Playboy series.LR will never regain any success until she deals with her major insecurity issues. Hate to say but she is becoming pathetic.