Giuliana Rancic launches Goop-style diet and fitness advice newsletter

E!’s Giuliana Rancic has launched a Goop type diet, fitness and life advice site called Fab, Fit, Fun which is sent to subscribers in the form of a daily e-mail. The website opens with a towering photo of Rancic inviting users to sign up for her newsletter, and promises “heart-pumping workouts, beauty must-haves, tasty recipes” and “relationship-strengthening, confidence-building secrets.” It wasn’t enough for Guiliana to simply blog about her very low calorie diet and belief that the principles of The Secret actually work, she wanted to tout herself as some kind of lifestyle guru and hired a team of people to help her.

At the party for the launch of the site, Giuliana told Radar Online that she hopes she “inspires other people to live in a healthy, fun way.” She also bitched that people told her to eat a cheeseburger in order to help her conceive, complaining that she actually ate a whole cheeseburger and it didn’t work. According to an older blog entry by Rancic, her normal lunch consists of “a rotisserie chicken breast” without the skin and “a large side of steamed broccoli on the side.” Or she’ll have a chicken salad, without any “wontons” or “fried stuff” on it and writes on that she has them “toss it LIGHTLY in balsamic vinaigrette which is healthier than most other dressings.” Now she’s set to help us live better, more fulfilled lives by helping us skip the croutons, bacon bits and creamy dressing. It’s not a salad without the croutons! You need some of those dried cranberries, some crumbled gorgonzola, maybe some olives on there too.

“I love Fab Fit Fun,” Giuliana said. “It is a way to connect directly with people and offer up healthy tips for everything from food to drinks to my favorite new exercise. I love sharing all the cool things that I have learned about and hope that it inspires other people to live in a healthy, fun way.”

On a girls night out, Giuliana offers a substitute for the calorie heavy drinks that aren’t so healthy.

“If you’re drinking you can have skinny drinks – don’t do a margarita, they’re so much sugar. Drink tequila on the rocks with extra lime juice so it tastes really yummy.”

She also warns against going overboard on sweets.

“As far as cupcakes, don’t have it! Just don’t do it. Or do it once a week. Maybe twice a week. If you start doing it too much the taste gets in your system. Especially if you’re drinking a little bit so just skip dessert. Instead when you’re craving something sweet just have an apple. You’ll feel so much better the next day.”

Giuliana and her husband Bill Rancic have gone through grueling fertility treatments, none of which have resulted in a baby for the couple. She spoke to about the mean advice people give her on Twitter, especially the taunts about her weight, telling her to just “eat a cheeseburger” and she’ll get pregnant.

“I tried eating a cheeseburger, it didn’t work! I took a pregnancy test right after I ate a cheeseburger so sorry everyone who tweeted me that great advice – it didn’t work.

“It’s kind of crazy that there are ignorant people out there. The bottom line is a lot of people have fertility issues. Overweight people, underweight people, healthy people. At the end of the day, unless your doctor tells you, weight doesn’t really have anything to do with it.”

Giuliana revealed that she and Bill aren’t going through more fertility treatments.

“We stopped trying so if it happens naturally, great, but we’re not moving forward with any procedures. We’re calling this the Summer of Fun. If it happens that’s wonderful and if it doesn’t that’s ok.”

[From Radar]

Giuliana has talked about the whole “too skinny to conceive” controversy before, and has basically told people that her weight has nothing to do with her fertility, and countered that other thin women get pregnant. However she admitted on The View that her doctor told her to gain ten pounds and that she’d gained five and thought that was enough.

Well now she’s telling us just how she gets so whippet thin, happy and successful so we can all be like her. The website isn’t bad, honestly, and is quite a bit easier to read, lighter, and less sanctimonious than Goop. They also use experts like fitness trainer Jackie Warner and diet advice author Divya Gugnani to let us know how to get thin, look pretty and generally aspire to be like Giuliana. So many women strive to be just as hungry, tiny and superficial as she is so it might be successful for her. If she ever has kids I’m sure she’ll tell us how to raise them too.




Giuliana and Bill are shown at the launch of Fab, Fit, Fun on 3/3/11. Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

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  1. Juice says:

    I’m sorry, but she looks so unhealthy. She is way too thin in photographs, i can only imagine what she looks like in person. I don’t think I would want to take advice on nutrition from her. I’m not being mean, just honest…

  2. guesty says:

    This is definitely a bitch please moment.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I saw her on the Oscars Fashion Police episode – she was unnaturally skinny, her skin an unholy shade of orange, and her hair looked like she’d dipped the ends in bleach. She may be a nice person, I don’t know, but I don’t look at how she presents herself and think, yeah, I want to listen to her advice.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Why would A.N.Y.O.N.E. take advice from a woman (used loosely) who refused, at the recommendation of her physician FFS! to gain 10 pounds to conceive a baby?

    STFU, skeletor.

  5. bobo says:

    Why not a book too? Here’s the title “How to become an anorexic and have an unhealthy relationship with food”

  6. TQB says:

    GAH she makes me irate. She is disgustingly thin, and please don’t tell me “it’s natural” – obviously, it isn’t. It’s the product of a diet too low in the fats our bodies need to be healthy, and probably not enough calories for her energy output (i.e., exercise).

    Her cheeseburger rant is dumb. She plastered her fertility issues SO publicly that even I, who had never watched her show and wasn’t even quite sure who the heck she was, knew all about them. To spend all the time, money and effort to go through fertility treatments, but then “revise” her doctor’s instructions to suit her own vanity is just stupid. If you’re trying to conceive, you try EVERYTHING, because it’s often very hard to tell what the problem is. Yes, some skinny women get pregnant easily, however, some underweight women are infertile. Some 40 year old women conceive naturally, while some 35 year-olds cannot. What applies to your girlfriends, sisters, etc, will not necessarily apply to you!

    Gah, apologies for the rant. She drives me insane.

    EDIT to add: glad to see I’m not the only one.

  7. Marjalane says:

    I bet if you were to go to one of the pro-anorexic web sites, there would be a link to Guiliana’s.

  8. flourpot says:

    My version of a heart-pumping workout is sex with my husband. I may have an extra 10 pounds on my ass but I sure look better than this overtanned, botox’d thing.

  9. Micki says:

    Size 00 might be a problem when she wants a baby, on the other hand Victoria Beckam got pregnant 4 times and is unnaturally skinny too.

    What bothers me is that anything 0 and sub-0 is a self-denial and self- punishment for me. I would appreciate someone with a healthy (normal) weight to give dietary advice, which is indeed most needed.

  10. SunshineDaze says:

    I’d rather be an average weight and eat cupcakes whenever I want. It’s unfortunate for Giuliana that she has to decide between being “thin” for her job or gaining a measly 10 lbs to help her conceive (I’ve worked in the medical field and there is some merit to conceiving more easily if you’re not as skeletal). As long as her website doesn’t advocate doing anything too extreme (long term cleanses, excessive exercise) then good luck to her.

  11. Rita says:

    Don’t forget the Greek peppers!!!! (In the salad.)

  12. Julie says:

    Full fledged anorexic who I have to turn the channel every time she comes on. And she wonders why she can’t get pregnant. Really unbelievable. Probably pretty sad existence.

  13. Jennifer says:

    how do you know when you’re too thin? When your head looks too big for your body and your eyes look like they’re bulding out of their sockets. This woman is nasty.

  14. sassenach says:

    This venture of hers is bound to fail. I am not trying to be mean but she is too thin and unshapely. I would not trust her trainer for tips because any decent trainer would tell her that her that she is underweight. Her head is very big and she is extremely unattractive. Her hair looks greasy and gross like she just had a gangbang.

  15. Caitlin says:

    Why would anyone want to emulate this twig??

  16. heylee says:

    Isn’t it funny that people you do not even know can draw your ire so strongly? I have no idea why but this chick drives me *insane*

    On a side note, I think that I am getting a little offended by the “entrepreneurial” spirit of celebrities… yes I think that trend has officially “jumped the shark” for me.

    I mean, what type of suckers do these people take us for… yes of course I like to spend my free time obsessing over their lives but it doesn’t mean that I want to take their advice, wear their perfume, sport their clothes or listen to their dreadful music – all to make the rich even richer and to max out the “normies” credit cards. OVER IT!

  17. tracking says:

    I commend her entrepreneurial spirit, but think she’s on the wrong track. She just doesn’t look healthy and/or happy enough to inspire other women.

  18. Ari says:

    The way she eats and dissects her intake of food is the absolute mentality of an anorexic who can function socially. Just like a functioning alcoholic who can drink all day and still seem actively coherent and “normal”.

    She looks like a lab skeleton to be honest.

  19. Mikki says:

    Every time I see her name in a headline, I misread it as ‘Rancid’…!

  20. Susan says:

    Is it just me, or is her “Meal Plan” one big Kashi advert?

  21. It’s the irony of the ‘cake’ she is cutting to launch it, what the crap is going to be inside it? Hay?

  22. Marie says:

    If a breeze of 6 mph or more comes her way this bitch will be taken to OZ.

  23. Riley says:

    She seems to have an unhealthy relationship with food. “If I must eat pasta, I will have my husband order it and take a bite of his.” “Oil, Butter= NNNNNOOOO!!!!!!” “High Fructose Corn Syrup, the DEVIL!” What happened to everything in moderation? This kind of sends the wrong message to young women. I realize obesity is a real problem in the US but if we talked about portion control and balance in our meals, we wouldn’t be as obese. But drinking tea all day, and water with lemon and cayenne pepper, and eating a chicken breast and a couple of Kashi bars that isn’t healthy or realistic for most women, especially if they do not have the income G has. It costs a lot of money to eat the way she does. I think she would provide more good to her average viewer if she gave tips about being healthy and active when you are on a budget or when your options for food do not come from Whole Foods.

  24. arock says:

    did anyone read the link for the “diet”? its hilarious…..”first i start the day with water, then i grab some diet air on the way to the gym, self hate in the mirror for two hours while raking my nails down the inside of my thighs and crying into my kumbacha. after several hours of vapid commentary i race to the chicken place, lick a napkin someone spilled fat on, and wait for dinner where i can use a toothpick to peel sauce of my husbands pasta. helpful hint- ladies, keep a kashi bar in your purse to eat in the bathroom stall of your fav cafe, saves the calories of a meal and embarrassment of eating!”…

  25. leesa says:

    The only thing her diet is good for is ruining your metabolism. I dont think people that eat that little realize it doesnt take long for your body to adapt to the decreased calories which will lead to weight gain real fast once you eat a full meal with even just a little carbs.

    I also dont find her very attractive. She could definitely use that 10 pounds to get rid of her skeletal look.

  26. Stubbylove says:

    @Rita – perfect. ET for sure. I’m sorry, I don’t need some LA fruitloop telling me not to eat the coutons. Bite me Skeletor.

  27. RHONYC says:

    she really grosses me out and looks borderline ‘ana’ to me soooo… i’m gonna pass on any ‘health’ advice from mrs. ‘death warmed over’. :-(


  28. Tess says:

    No patience for this scrawny, neurotic, narcissist-in-training.

    She actually reminded me of an insect when she did the red carpet interviews.

  29. eternalcanadian says:

    This is laughable, “weight doesn’t really have anything to do with it [fertility]” and “I took a pregnancy test right after I ate a cheeseburger so sorry everyone who tweeted me that great advice – it didn’t work.” Is Giuliana serious?

    A key reason infertility happens in women is because of their weight whether over or under weight. Many of my friends who had fertility issues were skinny-arse rails underweight by around 15 pounds. Their doctors suggested focusing on eating more healthy foods (not scarfing down cheeseburgers or crisps), and once they gained at least 10 or 15 pounds, bam, they got pregnant. If that is a really freaky coincidence, then so be it, but that just convinces me weight and eating real food (not proccessed food, read those Kashi labels Giuliana) can help on the road to fertility by balancing out the ph levels in the vaginal canal to make things more receptive to the little swimmers fighting their way through all that gunk. :P

    Giuliana is starving herself with that kind of diet crap, and I bet her thyroid is out of whack. Did anyone see her when she did the Oscars commentary for that show with Kelly Osborne? Gosh Giuliana’s head was bigger than her shoulder span!

    Gain 15 pounds Giuliana and you just might get pregnant. She’s the last person in the world anyone should listen to when it comes to nutrition and health issues.

  30. TQB says:

    @Riley, totally agree. Her advice is neither rational nor healthy for the average woman.

  31. Bubbling says:

    Imagine her having chubby girl who refuses to diet and don’t give a rat’s ass about weight because she loves chocolate (much like Juanita in Desperate Housewives)? That would be some karma :)

  32. 6 says:

    She seriously missed the whole point of the cheeseburger. She probably has less body fat than professional athletes who sometimes stop having periods related to low body fat. No body fat can equal no ovulation which can equal no baby. If she would take two seconds to stop thinking about not eating cupcakes (I don’t like cupcakes and even I think this is ridiulous), she could educate herself on a womens body.

    I do think that “if” she is anorexic, it is really sad that she doesn’t get help.
    Are those an amazing set of veneers on her husband or what?

  33. Rita says:


    A toxic vaginal canal being invaded by defective sperm? I will never eat celery again….I probably won’t sleep well tonight either.

    By the way, love your little Canadian flag egg.

  34. OXA says:

    I have no desire to look like an “Off Label Anorexic Barbie Doll Reject with a Radioactive Glow”.
    I have had bowel movements bigger than this Italian version of Karen Carpenter and feel that subscribing to her blog would be like taking relationship courses with O.J. Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen.

  35. Erin says:

    She’s gross and makes me absolutely furious. She is a repugnant human being, and I hope this little venture of hers fails.

  36. TQB says:

    I love you all. Esp. you, arock.

  37. bagladey says:

    I’m not so smart so maybe someone who is can explain to me why, if it’s Giuliana’s nature to look like a stalk of hay, she skips the croutons, eats only a “bite” of Bill’s pasta and “stopped” after a five pound weight gain? Is Bill following the “Fab, Fit, Fun” lifestyle? Because he used to be a hot guy and now he’s all sunken eyed and not hot at all. I can’t imagine taking advice on how to look “fab” from someone who looks like Giuliana; the first time I saw her(years ago) I thought she looked extra-terrestrial.

  38. Bailey says:

    the comments are hilarious.
    she is quite delusional. she simply doesn’t get it and its quite sad.
    and I do agree she has an unholy orange glow.

  39. Ally says:

    I’ve noticed that it’s a fairly sure sign of anorexia (and/or advanced malnutrition) when the lenses/colored parts of the eyes go off-center to the sides.

    I’m sorry, but if you have to punish your body like this, you are neither happy nor successful. The e-mails won’t be any dumber than Goop, though. We can compare and contrast the eating-disordered, entitled airheads!

  40. mymy says:

    What the heck is Bill’s issues?I assume he goes along with her take on infertility.She is not this weight normally. She is underweight. And it is rather annoying that she dares to even discuss infertility with her attitude. She thinks she can gloss over her anorexia and we will defend her. like we are all stupid and fat. Countless older anorexics have trouble conceiving. It is a no brainier. She was unable to do what needed to be done to get pregnant.
    Stop talking about you vain shallow woman.Bill must not really want his wife to ruin her figure. Or he would sit her down and tell her unless she gets the help she needs to understand her refusal to gain 10 pounds is making him fatherless and he will not accept it. He must not really want a baby.
    My guess is they will use a surrogate and all will be happily ever after in her anorexic dream world

  41. aenflex says:

    OMG. WTF?
    Last personin the world that should be giving physical health and fitness advice is this skinny-ass mutant. Fuck.

  42. carrie says:

    who is this gaunt and orange woman?

  43. original kate says:

    yeah, i’m going to take health & nutrition advice from a woman who looks like a stick insect.

  44. Kim says:

    Who are the idiots at E! who consider this woman a hot commodity? You know there are executive there who are like, “This is what the modern woman aspires to!”

    Sorry, no. We don’t ALL hate ourselves.

  45. tapioca says:

    I think Benefit cosmetics will shortly be suing her skinny ass for almost wholesale theft of their logo!

  46. melinda says:

    She looks like an orange preying mantis. Ugh.

  47. MsCatra says:

    I read her “diet”, and while she obviously goes to extremes, some of her advice is good. The part about sugars is pretty true. My husband is currently counting calories, watching portions, limiting snacks and all that jazz, and has noticed he no longer craves sugar snacks and that very sugary things don’t taste as good to him as they used to. I don’t agree that butter is evil though. You can’t bake without butter! Although maybe that’s why hubby is on a diet now, lol.

  48. rissa says:

    ugh I would not want to look like her.. and maybe its just me but her husband looks like a cleaner tommy lee

  49. Alice says:

    If I ever want to be so skinny I can’t conceive, then I’ll consult her website. She can harp about how thinner women conceive as much as she likes, perhaps her unique, individual problem is that she simply is too skinny, regardless of the weight other women are when they conceive.

  50. Cha Cha Loca says:

    She makes me want to smack her upside that big ole head of hers.

    She needs to drink a big cup of STFU!

  51. TheProcastinator says:

    Her face looks really – bizarre. She looks like some iguana, turtle, seaslug, or some under-water creature. Not since Donatella Versace have a seen a more weirder-looking face.

  52. alexandra says:

    If you want to look like an orange praying mantis follow this diet.

  53. I love it–FINALLY a public backlash against our too-skinny “role models”. Media, take note! and stop this unnatural focus on weight.

  54. Adnovitam says:

    Now how does she plan to get rid of that vicious overbite?

  55. nicole says:

    But I love cupcakes. :(

    If Nicole Richie could get pregnant when she was skeletal and disgusting looking, Guiliana who is probably 10-20 lbs heavier than she was could do it to, so i dont think her problem is the lbs.

    Love her.

  56. caramia says:

    fab, fit, fun..omg there’s another F missing to describe that diet

  57. Kloops says:

    Unless I had an eating disorder, why would I take diet advice from someone so clearly ill? And not only is she nutrient deficient but intellectually deficient as well. Who thinks you can test positive for pregnancy when you’re under weight and have eaten a single burger? That proves her point??? What a moron. I hope she never conceives. No child deserves this disordered mess.

  58. Bailey says:

    “orange preying mantis” LOL!

  59. xxodettexx says:

    I would rather take my health advice from charlie sheen! yes, the WINNER! seems like a healthier advocate than this anorexic, plastic twig… grrrr

    edited to add: and she is NO Goopster! at least the goop looks somewhat healthy! @nicole, guiliana is much taller than nicole richie, whom even for her small stature, is underweight…

  60. xxodettexx says:

    here, let me start a “fitness/health” column for those that want to look like twigs:

    step 1: stop eating
    step 2: repeat step 1

    done! easy, please send me your $, cash only!

  61. Granger says:

    Coffee is NOT all bad for you. Recent studies have shown that it is really good for your memory. In moderation, of course. But moderation is something this woman clearly can’t grasp. It’s all or nothing for her, which is why she’s so obsessed with her diet.

  62. TQB says:

    @nicole – different bodies, different ages… you absolutely cannot point to one skinny pregnant person and from there conclude that someone else who appears to be about the same amount underweight will have the same physical issues or lack thereof.

  63. Wendy City says:

    If she cant bring herself to gain 10 lbs on the advice of her doctor, what makes her think she could survive the pregnancy by gaining 25 lbs? She is mentally not well. Can you imagine her counting calories for her baby? Having her child on a diet?
    I can’t watch her. I am sorry but she is not attractive.

  64. sandy says:

    i never liked this woman, she is very unattractive, and waaaaaay to thin, she reminds me of olive oil from popeye the sailor man, how is she on t.v.?

  65. kellsbells says:

    She’s one of the reasons why eating disorders are so rampant in our culture. She’s being rewarded in a very public way for living and promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

    And don’t even get me started on how she looks as if she’s about to break in half if you look at her wrong!

    Or, how her teeth look like their entirely 2 big for her mouth.

  66. Mrs. Krabapple says:

    She’s going to starve herself right out of existence. Literally. Doesn’t her husband realize his wife is sickly-thin? I know they are young, but I’m old enough to remember Karen Carpenter, as well as a few models, who literally DIED because of this sickness. She needs professional help – mental help.

    You know the saddest thing about people like this? THEY don’t realize how thin they are because it’s an illness. But the people around them can see it — AND THEY DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Not their husbands/boyfriends, not parents, nobody. Doesn’t ANYBODY care about this woman enough to get her help? How shallow can her husband and family be?

  67. TXCinderella says:

    Her tips for staying thin are simple:

    Don’t eat
    Exercise as much as you can

  68. amanda says:

    Sign me up! I want to look just like her!

  69. filthycute says:

    Oh, good, another emaciated narcissist telling us how to “get healthy.”

    F*ck off, Rancid.

  70. DrM says:

    @ Alexandra

    If you want to look like an orange praying mantis follow this diet.

    Too funny :) I cannot watch anything this woman does. She was on E’s fashion critique with Joan Rivers and my husband (who happened to catch the TV while walking through the room)stood there with his mouth hanging open. Literally. He could NOT believe anyone would want to look the way she does. Ms G and Joan on the same panel does make for some freaky a$$ viewing.

  71. daisydoodle says:

    She is probably relieved that she cannot conceive. She and Bill will probably get a surrogate to carry the child. Another diet tip that everyone forgot is to smoke an unfiltered cigarette after every meal.

  72. Faye says:

    I wonder if she even gets her period being so thin? Having very little body fat can stop a period, even in a healthy person, say like a track runner.

    The baby thing is simple: your body’s first priority is itself. If your body feels it can barely support itself, it sure as hell isn’t going to support another living thing. Another thing, estrogen is stored in fat, which is why having too much body fat can cause breast cancer. But estrogen is the lady hormone which helps make babies.

    I’m not a doctor, so those of you in the know feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. These are just things I learned in my anatomy class, but I know that hormones and such are tricky.

  73. MNGIRL76 says:

    “I tried eating a cheeseburger, it didn’t work! I took a pregnancy test right after I ate a cheeseburger so sorry everyone who tweeted me that great advice – it didn’t work.”

    Is she an EFFING moron? When people say that or use that expression it means gain a little fat on your bones! dear Lord! She actually took it literally!!!
    I can’t…..

  74. BRE says:

    I watched the episode where the doctor said she should gain 10 pounds. She told Bill no, he was so annoyed, he basically said something like “It’s just 10 pounds”, and she went on about how she is in the public eye and she can’t just gain weight like that.

  75. TXCinderella says:

    Let’s wait and see what she looks like as she ages. She will look like a dried up shriveled prune face. She will look like Rachel Zoe. Having a little bit of fat on you makes you look more youthful.

  76. TXCinderella says:

    Go on Guiliana, take a bite out of that styrofoam cake.

  77. Karen says:

    I’m far too lazy to see if any of you lovelies already commented on this but it looks as though Giuliana and Bill bought their veneers from the same dentist and even her cake is sick of her ass because it’s about to save itself by falling over.

    And could they have sprung for a dollar store tablecloth or something?? Whose idea was it to use a picnic bench for her to cut the cake?? Damn I’m bitchy today but as an earlier commenter said, she drives me nuts for no good reason!!

  78. sapphire says:

    If she actually got pregnant, I pity that child. She’d refuse normal healthy weight gain for pregnancy-not the optimal uterine envirement.

  79. Heavenbound says:

    @ Tess, Yes she looks like a praying mantis!

    She is one of the most unfortunate looking women I have laid eyes on. She reminds me of a crazed eye Pekingese. I would take advice from Goopy any day, at least she has the pedigree and was raised in that type of luxuries life, unlike this wannabe.

  80. Jujube says:

    She does not look attractive or fit at all. If the camer adds ten pounds she must look alarmingly thin in real life. I cannot believe that she is doing this after Gwenyth’s wacko eating habits caused her to be osteporotic in her 30s.

  81. BT says:

    I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks this woman is totally unattractive. Didn’t understand her reality show – is it still on? Don’t understand what she is all about now.

    She is just ugly and no amount of dieting or spray tan is going to change that.

  82. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She’s starting to go bald. Her hair is very thin, and her hairline is far back on her head. Malnutrition. I’ve noticed this with female celebrities more and more lately, as being stick thin has come back into fashion. If that’s what starving yourself does to your hair, imagine what it’s doing to your red blood cells, your heart, your kidneys? Is it really THAT important to be a size 0? Do women really prefer to be dead than to be a size 6?

  83. Kiska says:

    Who wants to take advice from a stick insect?

    I’m sure she’d include 2 tabs of Adderall to her diet regime if she was being perfectly honest.

  84. RHONYC says:

    @ eternalcanadian

    you’re on to something.

    look at victoria becks…she looks a lot healthier than when she 1st arrived to the states and BAM, she & david are finally preggers again.

    uh, winning! :mrgreen:

  85. Quercus says:

    I made the mistake of reading her “Meal Plan;” among other incredible (ie, not credible) statements, she claims that grapefruit and oolong tea “flush fat”, and that cayenne pepper and lemon “revs up your metabolism.” What does that even mean? Basic biology fail.

  86. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Yes @Alice! If you’re not in the market for having a kid and you don’t want to take the (slim) chance of pregnancy (even on BC pills or using other BC methods) then all you have to do is follow her diet advice!

    Fact- she has a big ass head.

  87. lachica says:

    Bill was actually better looking before he hitched himself to Giuliana. too bad. he’s lost all the hot.

  88. Daniella says:

    So, I suppose Paltrow’s is for the usually starving and this one would be for the very much starved.
    More thinspiration for the vulnerable and suggestable young ED’ed. I hate this kinda stuff. I really do. Stop obsessing about food and eating please!!!!!!

  89. fizXgirl314 says:

    loll, damn this bitch is really ignant…

  90. Becky says:

    Wow. The blog with her diet tips was really disturbing. I think it’s sad that she’s been given such a public forum to express her obviously disordered views on food and weight. She’s got some major issues.

  91. Jane says:

    She does look ill but then so does her husband. He used to be fairly attractive but he looks like the life is sucked out of him and he is unwell himself

  92. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @eternalcanadian @TQB an others pointing out the coorelation between weight and fertility. I’m in total agreement. After 3 unsuccessful rounds of fertility treatments at the age of 28, I was told to gain 10 lbs. After doing so, I conceived the very next cycle! This time around, I kept the 10 lbs and became pregnant the first cycle. Weight is definitely a factor. It may not be the only factor for most women, but it’s definitely a contributing factor.

  93. CB Rawks says:

    The other day, an acquaintance of mine said “The moment you add anything to water, it becomes a food.” Is that a pro-ana statement? It really seems like one. She was saying in that conversation that low-calorie cordial was the devil. I just remember thinking she was effing nuts.

  94. Newbie says:

    She looks horrifying. Really, how some of these hollywood women don’t understand that they look disgusting as stick figures is BEYOND me. Don’t your men at least tell you you’re sick? That they don’t feel like doing you at the moment? Geez. Get a clue.

  95. Stephanie says:

    @arock: BWAHAHAHAAAA! Hi five! Lol. Good one.

  96. gg says:

    I appreciate the healthy diet, but she looks about as appealing as a dried crust of makeup.

  97. april says:

    mngirl76, that is too funny! i laughed out loud.

  98. Dorrie says:

    From the look of those photos, I’d say the “launch” took place in her living room. The pics clearly aren’t professional. And what’s with that banner in the background, “Cause you can’t blo yourself”?!

  99. Lemon Drops says:

    Even just three years ago she was 20lbs ‘heavier’ (still thin but MUCH healthier looking) and brunette. This is obviously NOT natural.

  100. galaxy.girl says:

    STOP torturing us with her please!

  101. dep says:

    What’s with the cake at the launch then? Does she douse it in salt afterwards to make sure she doesn’t eat it?

  102. Lia says:

    She is SO unhealthy….. Why would anyone with half a brain want to follow any advice she would give? She wanted a baby but not enough to get healthy enough to do it. Taking health and beauty advice from her would be like taking singing lessons from a rooster. Bla.

  103. luls says:

    I think this woman would actually look CUTE, if she gained 10 pounds and lost the fake orange tan!

    what a shame!

    (btw, i dont believe that she actually gained 5pounds, much less a SINGLE pound! she looks thinner than EVER!)

  104. TQB says:

    @BRE, oh my god, that article is terrifying!

    “I work in a really superficial industry,” she told US Magazine after the weight gain. “I am getting Google Alerts saying, ‘You look good with the weight gain.’ They don’t realize they’re being mean by saying you look good fatter. It’s enough to drive any girl a little crazy.”

    Sorry, honey, that’s not your INDUSTRY or the media making you crazy. That’s all you. It’s not mean to say you look better with more weight on!!! That’s bananas!

  105. Grace says:

    @Bre: Thanks for the link.

    That article is disturbing for several reasons: 1. she’s lying. She’s claiming that her doctor told her to gain 5 pounds and she gained 7. I’m ashamed to admit that I watched the episode where her doctor told her to gain TEN pounds, not five. And she said she would only gain five. 2. Her comment about how mean people are for saying she looks good fatter. If she truly believes that saying “you look good after having gained weight” is the same as saying “you look good fatter” then that right there shows she has some kind of eating disorder. No one was saying she was fatter. She wasn’t fat when she gained the weight, she was finally getting closer to a healthier weight. So in her mind not looking emaciated = looking fat. That’s so sad.

  106. Benny says:

    Re: the person who asked about cayenne pepper — These bogus “toxic cleanse” crap is really a weight-loss fast using laxatives. Cayenne pepper, and other ingredients these “cleanses” tend to use, have natural laxative effects. It doesn’t boost your metabolism – it helps you starve yourself and rob your body of nutrients.

    Look at any of the these “cleanses” – they are all basically liquid diets with natural laxatives added. Using laxatives to lose weight has been around for a long time. And it is dangerous.

    “Cleanse” = starvation diet + laxatives. Anyone who does this is an idiot.

  107. ordinarygirl86 says:

    She looked like an orange glow in the dark skeleton while she was doing the Oscar’s Fashion Coverage!! And I’m supposed to aspire to want to look like that?! Bitch, please

  108. Blaze says:

    @TQB- you beat me to it! I was just about to copy and paste that same quote, except I was going to follow it with something like, “So I guess if she read the 100+ comments here saying she looks disgusting, like a praying mantis, glow in the dark skeloton, etc., she would think we were all being nice?”

  109. poodlemom says:

    I got pregnant with my third child at 42. It must have been all the butter, pasta, and cheeseburgers I ate. This girl needs to stop throwing up all her food. Then she needs to go away.

  110. I Choose Me says:

    Welcome arock. I’m grinning like a mad woman at everything you wrote. That was hilarious.

  111. Bunny says:

    Gee I wonder why eating disorders are on the rise, with bobble-heads like this shelling out advice.