Guy Ritchie’s girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley gave birth to a baby boy


Guy Ritchie’s girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday. According to British sources, Jacqui needed an emergency C-section, but mother and baby are fine. This is Jacqui’s first child, and Guy’s… third? He is legally the father of Rocco and David Banda, and he was step-father to Madonna’s daughter Lola. I want to think Guy still spends time with Lola, because they always seemed very close, and I know Guy spends time with David and Rocco too. So Guy has another little boy!

Guy Ritchie has become a father again. His girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley gave birth to a son on Monday morning at London’s Portland hospital, according to reports. The couple’s baby arrived a couple of days early by Caesarean section at 11am.

According to the Mirror, Miss Ainsley, 29, underwent an emergency caesarean but delivered a healthy baby boy.

The couple haven’t decided on a name for the baby yet, but have told their families, including Ritchie’s ex-wife Madonna.

The baby will be a half brother to the director’s son Rocco and adopted son David Banda, from his marriage to Madonna.

Ritchie has been dating former Lynx model Jacqui since April last year and announced her pregnancy in March.

The couple originally met in May 2009 at a friend’s party and sparked up a romance last year after Guy took Jacqui for dinner at his Mayfair pub, the Punch Bowl.

Jacqui has had a successful modelling career since being signed by Elite Models and has landed campaigns with Samsung, Sunsilk, Virgin Atlantic and Myla Lingerie to name a few.

She also appeared in the opening credits for the James Bond film Die Another Day, which starred Pierce Brosnan and Bond and Halle Berry as the leading lady.

The Essex-born model is Ritchie’s first serious relationship since divorcing Madonna in 2008.

He married music legend Madonna in 2000 at Skibo Castle in Scotland and he also became the father figure for the singer’s daughter from a previous relationship, Lourdes.

[From The Mail]

Congratulations to Guy and Jacqui, and I’m glad mother and child are healthy. I really enjoy the subtle whitewash of Jacqui too – when she and Guy announced her pregnancy in March, I noted at that time that post-Madonna, Guy had been dating several women, and Jacqui only really became his “official” girlfriend when she got pregnant, which I suspect was her rationale for getting knocked up in the first place. Ever since, Guy has paraded her around, and she seems to enjoy the attention immensely. She seems like a pretty standard-issue trophy girlfriend/wife, someone attractive but not particularly “deep”. Guy was already with one ballbuster – Madonna – so I guess he was just looking for something “easy”. I wonder if Madonna is feeling human emotion today.




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  1. LeeLoo says:

    I just hope they keep Madonna with her current face away. She’ll scare the poor baby.

  2. LadyJane says:

    What a beautiful pregnant woman. Congrats!

  3. brin says:

    Congrats! And definite upgrade…she’s not gristly.

  4. Cherry says:

    Not to be a nag about it, but isn’t this just a bit unfair to both ladies? Do women necessarily have to fit into box A (‘trophy girlfriend/wife, someone attractive but not particularly “deep”’) or box B (old hag)? I’m not a Madonna fan, but these two were married for over 10 years. Surely she was more to him than just a ‘ballbuster’. Just like I’m really hoping Guy is not with this Jacqui here because he is ‘just looking for something “easy”’

  5. fabis says:

    wow, she’so beautiful… They both look great! the baby boy should be so bello !!

  6. LeeLoo says:

    @Cherry Go down about 4 posts and you will understand.

  7. Cherry says:

    @LeeLoo I know, I’ve read that too, but still…

  8. madpoe says:

    Congrats to them!
    also why hasn’t January jones given birth yet?

  9. Quest says:

    Oh bless their lovely hearts and congrats. I’m sure Madonna will get an extra helping of botox for the occasion

  10. Gwen says:

    Did he ever look so happy when he was with Madonna?

    Anyway – congrats to them :)

  11. LeeLoo says:

    @Cherry If you were talking about any other woman than Madonna I’d probably be on your side. If half the stories about Madonna are true in regards to her diva way then I can see someone like Guy getting sick of it after awhile. Guy’s the type of person who is a movie director but in reality he probably grew up thinking he’d be successful if he owned a pub.

    As for Jaqui well she does look like the typical vacant eyed blonde model willing to be anyone’s trophy wife. Does that mean she is a trophy wife? No she may be a very smart lady but we’re only going on looks here. Btw, WTF is that fugly yellow thing she is wearing in the last pic? It’s gross.

  12. yepp says:

    i think she looks like miley, or i think Miley will look like her when she get older.

  13. Mare says:

    Your article is very rude. You don’t know when they started dating, you don’t know why she got pregnant, you don’t know if she is “deep” or “easy”. Gossip is one thing, this is just making things up and very very rude.

  14. Aviatrix says:

    She’s so pretty! She’s like a less severe Kiera and I totally want that nose.

  15. Thea says:

    She is pretty and classy looking. Thank god. Major kudos and step up from Madonna.

  16. Courtney says:

    congrats to Jacqui & Guy on the birth of their son. @Madpoe some women naturally go overdue with their first pregnancy and January Jones isn’t due till late September anyway actually most babies aren’t born on their due date 80% of single babies are born late 15% are born early and 5% on time. look for example at Shawn Cassidy he was born a full month overdue September 27th 1958 9 months has 39 weeks in it so 10 has 43

  17. The Original Ashley says:

    This chick looks like a blonde Keira Knightly. Which is odd since Keira Knightley is the poor man’s Natalie Portman (she played “her” decoy in Star Wars).

    Congrats and that but I don’t know why people are getting up in arms about her being called a “trophy” girlfriend. She is. I mean she was a “model” (the only thing I know her from is ASOS) that got knocked up like 3 months into her relationship. She’s a smart golddigger. I think her last boyfriend was an X-Factor contestant so this is a huge upgrade.

    Besides Guy is technically a golddigger too since he walked away with half of Madge’s earnings. It’s like the circle is complete.

  18. The Original Ashley says:

    LeeLoo – I think Guy always had aspirations of being apart of the aristocracy. His mother is a Lady and it seems like he’s always tried to be a part of that circle. Madge kind of put him in the perfect position. For all her faults, Madonna put up with a lot from him, yet some how she came out the bad guy? Not to mention he walked away with a nice chunk of HER earnings and a country pile (no doubt paid for by her).

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    Congrats! And thank goodness he got away from that Clown-Faced gila monster!

  20. Ren says:

    Gold Digger.

  21. snapnhiss says:

    He always looked absolutely miserable when he was out with Madonna after they had been married for a few years. He’s looking a lot more relaxed in this new relationship.

  22. chantal says:

    @snapnhiss: no he does not! It is so obvious that she’s a trophy wife. He can’t even look into the camera! If I were rich and famous, I GUESS I’ll do the same. Who knows,

  23. Sanka says:

    He definitely is more relaxed. Also, as far as Guy and Lola go, I had read a couple of times after Madonna and Guy’s split where they were never close. Lola kept close to her own dad and didn’t ever warm up to Guy. Not that that’s a bad thing but it probably would have been nicer if they had meshed.

  24. ADS says:

    The woman haters are out in force. Guy was with Ciccone for 10 years. So, if she was hard work and I’m sure she was, he stuck it out and had a child with her. Interesting, that we don’t see men as gold diggers/social climbers. But the high profile he had while married to Madge did wonders for his fledgling career and he was kept in a manner in which he very much enjoyed. Guy also, walked away from the divorce about 60 million pounds richer. Nice fat pay off from the mrs for this apparent ‘down to earth’ macho man who has wealth of his own but still that didn’t stop him in taking HER money.

  25. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t know where everyone seems to think he got actual money from the divorce. What he got was all of Madonna’s UK property that Madonna had no intention of keeping. She just wanted to get the hell out of the UK and couldn’t be bothered to wait for the sale of her properties. Besides, even if it did come out to about £60 mil as some on here claim then I doubt it put a dent in Madonna’s pocketbook. It is Madonna’s own damn fault anyways because she was too stupid to put a prenup agreement in place. If you have a fortune and refuse to get a prenup then it’s your own fault that you have to pay out. I don’t care if you are a man or a woman. If you have a fortune, get a prenup.

    @OriginalAshley & ADS
    Guy does have a directing career. He’s made some really good movies like Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I think his career would have gone upwards had he not married Madonna. Since they divorced he’s been having successful hits again like Sherlock Holmes. So if he wanted to be a gold digger I doubt he would have allowed his career to suffer while married to her. Does that mean that I think he is 100% innocent in his divorce? No. But I think he made it into the aristocracy all on his own and it is not very aristocratic to own a pub now is it?

  26. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    She’s hot and he actually looks happy! I bet madonna is just thrilled.Ahahahahahah

  27. Magsy says:

    Good for you Guy!! Please don’t ever let Madge babysit.

  28. John Wayne Lives says:

    I really like this guy :) congrats to him! I hope they’re both happy.

  29. Melissa says:

    She looks a bit like Kelly Brook to me. Ah I heart my girl crush. :-D

  30. ADS says:

    @The Original Ashley, I totally agree. It is odd that she came out looking like the bad guy, As I had primarily thought that in these high profile divorces, if one of the couple is the lesser (or non) earner, they are the ones who get mauled by the press and the public as a gold digger- Paul and Heather McCartney is a prime example of that. For me it totally confirmed the misogynistic nature of the media and I guess society, as most seemed united in ripping HER apart. Guy was seen as the poor schmuck who had to put up with her (yeah right). Madonna’s reputation proceeds her. I don’t even know her personally and I could of warned the fella that she would of been a challenge. An aristocratic background can only serve you so far. Social climbers know exactly what they are doing. He got with one of the most famous and richest women in music. She got her faux cockney ‘bad boy’ director. He, for sure got what he wanted out of it- Lush life/connections/elevated career and her money.

  31. smh says:

    He gave major gay vibes for the past few years but now it’s confusing. Maybe bi? Or hiring beard for more procreation?