Linnocent: “You are way off par on your inadequate & negative assumptions”


These are new photos of Linnocent out and about in LA yesterday. In most of these photos, she’s coming out of a hair salon, after getting her crackie blonde extensions fixed (I’m assuming). In some of the other photos, she’s just wandering around, doing whatever. I know a lot of you will be talking about Linnocent’s double chin. But look beyond the double chin – look at her crack face. I think she was getting high off of the “fumes” at the hair salon (meaning that she was doing lines while getting her crack weave fixed). She looks wrong. Oh, and she’s driving again. She’s got a Porsche. Just FYI for LA drivers – if you see a Porsche being driven by a blonde crackhead, just pull over and let her pass. You don’t need the trouble.

Anyway, remember how Radar reported yesterday that Linnocent had barely made a dent in her 360 hours of community service? I took that report as the gospel, but Linnocent decided to issue a statement about it. I hear a lot of cracked-out denials, but I don’t hear a lot of community service:

Lindsay Lohan has her marching orders, but is she marching to the beat of her own drum? The starlet was warned in July that it was time to start taking care of business regarding the terms of her probation, or else she would wind up behind bars. That would probably mean no products to promote, no celebrity weddings to attend and no nights out (eek!), so Lohan signed up for counseling and ratcheted up the community service.

Or did she?!

A report today stated that Lohan is still way behind when it comes to the 480 hours of community service she was ordered to perform, and that could mean trouble when she goes before a judge again next month.

We’ve seen pics of Lohan headed to a women’s shelter to do some good, but…that was awhile ago, and we’ve seen more pics of her not doing that since.

Smile for your booking photos, kids, because this rumor is… So false!

“I’ve done tons of DWC community service,” Lohan told E! News. “You guys are way off par on your inadequate and negative assumptions.” (Hey, we were just checking on someone else’s negative assumptions!)

Lohan’s rep also assured us that all was on the up and up.

“Lindsay has been performing community service at the Downtown Women’s Center for months now,” the rep said. “There are dozens of paparazzi shots of her going in and out of the facility. How could anyone think she is not doing her community service?”

Well, great, but Lohan’s camp had best get her to the morgue on time, too.

In addition to 360 hours at the DWC, the actress must also work for 120 hours at the L.A. County Morgue—a frequently utilized deterrent when it comes to young folks on probation for drinking- and drug-related crimes.

Lohan’s latest sentence, which also included 35 days under house arrest, comes from repeatedly violating her probation stemming from dual DUI busts in 2007.

As of July 21, she had completed 33 hours of community service, which has to all be done by April 2012.

Her next progress report hearing is Oct. 19. Here’s hoping the judge makes some positive assumptions.

[From E! News]

Crackie crack crackhead, she speaketh. “You guys are way off par on your inadequate and negative assumptions.” Wait, inadequate AND negative? Inadequate meaning “insufficient” or “lacking” – meaning that as bad as our assumptions are, she’s even worse? But the real story is that somebody gave crackie a thesaurus.

Second thing, from her rep – “There are dozens of paparazzi shots of her going in and out of the facility. How could anyone think she is not doing her community service?” Because there haven’t been paparazzi shots of her going into the Women’s Center for months. I know that the judge said that the paparazzi should stay away, but if Linnocent has been fulfilling her hours, don’t you think the odd paparazzo would have gotten at least one shot? And WHEN has Linnocent been doing her hours if she’s just being crackie at hair salons, the Marmont, various concerts and music video shoots?






Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. veronica says:

    I am so bored with her news.

  2. brin says:

    Geez…she looks like a sixty year old cracked out madam, seriously.
    “off par, inadequate and negative”…she should never be allowed to talk in public.

  3. Samigirl says:

    Kaiser, you hit the nail on the head. That double chin was the FIRST thing I saw! Anyways, I think we all know that if Lilo was really doing her community service, she would have tweeted, checked in on facebook, pulled records for “proof,” and anything else that would get her attention for her community service. I’m more willing to believe that she isn’t doing shit. My baby is due in April, so now I’ve got 2 things to look forward to! 🙂

  4. Seal Team 6 says:

    I bet you if she hurries up and applies, she can get admitted to Brown like Emma Watson.

    Those words don’t mean what you think they mean, Linnocent.

  5. WaywardGirl says:

    10 bucks she has no clue what the words mean.

  6. Heather says:

    Coke bloat.

  7. smh says:

    I’ve lost all hope for a recovery a while ago. It’s sad… You have everything in the world going for you and you decide to throw it all away, and for what?

  8. Seal Team 6 says:

    Okay, wtf is up with her chin? It looks way worse than coke bloat to me.

  9. brin says:

    @Samigirl….congrats to you!
    I can’t get past the double chin, either!

  10. Liz says:

    wow, worse she’s looked – and that’s pretty bad

  11. cayenne says:

    Why does everyone always talk about “coke bloat”? I have never heard such nonsense! Has anyone ever had a bloated appearance due to coke use? I think more like booze bloat…

  12. cmc says:

    UGH! GO AWAY! I wouldn’t even be sad if she goes away by just ODing already.

  13. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Bulimia scar on the knuckle of her left index finger?

    She has the vocabulary of your typical elementary school drop out.

  14. Samigirl says:

    Thank you, darling Brin:)

  15. OhMyMy says:

    Why do you need edumacation when you’re a celebrity?

    Move that book! I’m Lindsay Lohan!

  16. Boo says:

    Crackteefs. This would be the right time for her to learn to close her mouth.

  17. sapphire says:

    More Linnocent FAIL.

  18. tmbg says:

    I never understood coke bloat either. I thought people got skinny on the stuff. Maybe if you’re withdrawing it causes weight gain?

  19. Addie says:

    How is it possible to look older than your old looking mother??!!

    I don’t get it.

  20. mannequin says:

    This is the same person that got highly offended when voted one of the most “intriguing” women of the year. Seems that Ms. Lindsay didn’t appreciate people calling her “intriguing”.

    What a bleached out hollowheaded crackie dimwit.

  21. mel says:

    She is actually pretty smart. I mean IQ wise. Watched Parent Trap with my kids the other day…she was so precious…its just so sad she looks so hard now. Kind of bums me out.

  22. tapioca says:

    @cayenne: Cocaine use is known to irritate delicate tissues and puff up your face, in the same way that repeated vomiting does in bulemics – your body may stay slim but you get chipmunk cheeks. I would hazard a guess that Li-Lo does both.

    I like how she’s done “loads” of her community service hours, but is hazy on how many!

  23. mia girl says:

    That hair looks soooooooo awful, starting with the ridiculous length.
    It looks like she’s wearing jellyfish tentacles.

  24. Nina says:

    Good gracious, her teeth look horrible.

  25. Sillyone says:

    Her face looks completely deformed. I can’t even talk about those toothers just eeewww. This skank just gets nastier everyday.

  26. Cherry Rose says:

    God, she looks horrible. And you’re right. If she was doing her community service, you know she’d be letting the world know, with either a paparrazzi shot, or tweeting about it.

  27. KO says:

    She looks like one of the Plastics now.

    And her teeth – compared to how they were before:

  28. Kloops says:

    Nope. Can’t do it. Just can’t get past the double chin and teeth. She looks like crap.

  29. MeMyself says:

    She does look rough.
    I have a hard time believing she thinks this is a good look.
    The too long hair, so bleached…she looks like she should be working at the Bunny Ranch.

  30. Seal Team 6 says:

    Your sinuses drain a bunch of toxic crap when you’re a cokehead, and it usually leads to “coke bloat” in your chin.

    Her teeth are horrible — I just blew up on of the photos. OMG.

  31. kerfuffles says:

    People that have done a lot of blow the night before basically look and sound like they have a bad head cold–puffy face, congested nose/sinuses. The facial tissues do not respond well to snorting harsh substances (and the drug aside, that stuff is cut with HARSH substances).

  32. Madisyn says:

    “Second thing, from her REP – “There are dozens of paparazzi shots of her going in and out of the facility. How could anyone think she is not doing her community service?”

    Uh, no theres not. Not even one. I’m with Boo who stated on the last thread the last time Blohan was photographed doing CS was immediately after house arrest and the ‘infamous empty muffin box’.

    Amazingly, we didn’t get a hard number on just how much CS she has completed.

    There goes Dina, throwing in her two cents. And that statement above is about all its worth.

  33. Devon says:

    Madisyn, ITA. If she’s done so much of her community service, why wouldn’t her rep give us a number? It’s not a big secret that she has to do 480 hours, how many does she have left to do? My guess is about 420. Bitch be stoopid.

  34. curleque says:

    She actually is NOT smart at all. She thinks she is, and you can tell by her incorrect use of language. She never completed high school or even tutoring. She is a complete moron. And a crackhead.

  35. aang says:

    loved the parent trap, what a pretty, spunky little girl. now this? just very sad.

  36. Katie says:

    Is it just me, or does her face look totally different?

  37. Seal Team 6 says:

    RE: the photo link KP posted upthread.

    She will never, ever get her looks back again, ever. You can replace drug-ravaged teeth, but that’s about it.

    I wonder if she realizes that?

  38. says:

    Bitch is getting uglier by the day… What is going on with her face?! It’s not just weight gain, is it?

  39. Bess says:

    I don’t understand how Linnocent can keep dying her hair various shades of blonde every couple of weeks and still have any hair left whatsoever. I know most of her hair is extensions at this point, but still. How is she not bald??

    Also, I can’t believe she pays someone to do her hair and it still looks that bad. The stylist should be helping her to enhance whatever natural beauty she still has left by convincing her to go back to red.

  40. 4Real says:

    Yep she got meth mouth! You know you’re doing bad when you start talking like Mike Tyson. It’s just ludacris (lisps)!

  41. piedlourde says:

    Sweet Jeebus, she looks like death warmed over — it gets worse and worse each day! That puffy face and inflated lips makes her the spitting image of Lara Flynn Boyle from a few years back.
    And WTF has happened to Lindsay’s front teeth? Has she always looked like a damn rodent?!

  42. I wrote about this last night on the other thread. Firstly, I think she meant to say, “inadequite”, (does anyone else remember that e-mail she wrote about Robert Altman?), secondly, the freakin’ sentence doesn’t even make any sense! Way off par? Inadequate and Negative assumptions? What? What? What? Does she even know what that sentence meant?

    I know people bash her for not graduating high school, but I didn’t finish high school, and I’m smarter than she is. And when she gets on her high horse and gives statements such as this, it fails to raise her “genius IQ”. Just shut up St. Linnocent.

  43. Munkey says:

    Jesus, she looks f’ing terrible.

  44. Kimbob says:

    All of this…the bad pics, the bloated face, double chin, cracky teeth…just an up-close and personal voyeuristic view of the life of an alcoholic/addict in severe denial.

    Edit: Not to mention all the defensive denials.

  45. ZenB!tch says:

    nevermind the double chin – yeah it was the first thing I noticed but I took your advice and LOOKED…

    OMG! She is getting meth teeth! Her entire face is bloated – is that coke? If so Gaga look at your future.

    She needs to go back to red hair, the white is so stripper.

  46. Thea says:

    I think her dealer works at the salon because if that is the best they can do with her hair, that is poor walking advertisement. How much longer will we have to look at this poor little thing?

  47. the original bellaluna says:

    Morning ladies! *waves*

    Katie, no you’re sure not. The first thing I thought was OMG what happened to her face?! *

    Agree with all about the CS hours – she hasn’t done ’em; she knows she hasn’t done ’em; but the Crack Ho Stroll and Denial Denial DENIAL is the Cracken’s way of life.

    So, Seal Team 6, that wasn’t really you yesterday afternoon as “Seal Time 6” was it?

    * Coke and booze bloat, not just one or the other. Meth and crack make you skinny; coke does not. A HS friend of mine’s mother did coke, and she was hefty.

  48. seri says:

    Congrats, Samigirl! <3 <3

  49. GiGi says:

    I kid you not when you google “coke bloat” it comes up with mainly images of LL… with a few of Paris thrown in for good measure!

  50. Kelly says:

    @Thea, LOL. It would certainly save time in her busy schedule if she could get her tentacles tightened, her roots whitened, and some o’ that sweet, sweet rock all at the same time.

    The thing that gets me is her coy posing – as usual, she thinks she looks REALLY cute.

  51. Madisyn says:

    *Waving* at the Crack Clique

    When typing in the Yahoo search engine, the Urban Dictionary gave me this:

    coke bloat

    When a regular cocaine sniffer experiences a puffy and bloated appearence in the face, especially the cheeks.

    Tom: lyndsey used to be so hot but she’s got all fat in the face.

    Ted: Nar man, she’s just got a bad case of coke bloat.

    Tom: Arr right, she needs to get off the blow.

    Look it up! I did NOT make up the ‘lyndsey’ part, but I laughed out loud. Fitting, isn’t it? I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  52. Bess says:

    Linnocent has definitely had work done to her face. Remember the pap photos from her hotel room from the Kardashian wedding? Her face looked swollen and puffy in those photos. Combining the surgery with drug use and an overall unhealthy lifestyle, Linnocent has managed to wreck her face by her mid 20’s.

  53. Bronson says:

    how can she afford a porsche when she claimed she couldnt even afford her therapy? while wearing $1200 louboutins…

  54. I still think that Lindsay’s teeth have been wrecked by her heavy smoking and addiction to energy drinks ie: Red Bulls, as well as alcohol and then of course the drugs. I’m a smoker, although I’m in the process of quitting, that’s why I’m so grouchy right now. I also drank tons of energy drinks and pop and my teeth are trashed. I never smile anymore, I’m embarrassed to show my teeth.

    I hate seeing pictures of Lindsay looking like a cracked out cadaver, vamping it up for the cameras, thinking she actually looks good! She looks like crap! She can get her teeth fixed, we all know she has the money. If she’s got the money to get her hair “done”, then she has the money to get her teeth fixed. Her face though, she ruined it. She’ll never get her looks back. She’s hooped on that one.

  55. Aly says:

    I’m happy there aren’t pictures of her at the shelter. It shouldn’t be used as background for Linnocents PR stunts.

    Who would put that in a film? Even an x-rated?

  56. Firecracker says:

    Yeah Bronson, that’s what I was wondering. Who’s Porsche is it, and why would they let her drive it?

    If Liho insists on having that disgusting hair color, the least she could do is have them lighten her eyebrows a little bit. Yuck.

    *waves to everyone

  57. ViloDeMenus says:

    Her use of English shows just how badly she was educated, it’s sad. Trust, Ali will be 10 times worse because Lindsay at least got her online home school high school degree, Ali dropped out after completing her freshman year of high school. It should be “sub par” not “off par”, adequate and inadequate are a couple of her favorite words and she uses them incorrectly almost every time. It’s probably all a big lie that she’s on track with her community service, she doesn’t feel this is fair and she doesn’t want to do it so she won’t until absolutely forced to do it. Oh and her hair looks just terrible, she’s not a sex symbol or sexy type no matter how slutty she tries to work the look, it’s not her. We can refer her to Emma Stone who does work her look perfectly, is professional and has a great career going for her. That’s how it’s done the right way Lindsay. Emma has your career.

  58. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Hello ladies *waving*

    Is that coke bloat or alcohol bloat? Or both? & what is with Linnocents teeth? I keep saying but they are rotting big time!!! Def sign of the state of her internal organs!!

    U’d think Linnocent would notice her manky decaying teeth…really..oh but this is the delusional mind of a crackie who sees herself like nobody else does…she sees Marilyn Monroe…everyone else sees cracked out alchie!

    Apologies if u’ve already posted this as am going back to read comments after this

  59. logan says:

    I have three simple words for this self indulgent, self centered, foolish, self absorbed, spoiled, on and on and on person: PROVE US WRONG!!!!!

  60. Madisyn says:


    “Agree with all about the CS hours – she hasn’t done ‘em; she knows she hasn’t done ‘em. . .”

    Thats the thing. ITS GOING TO COME OUT, WHY LIE ABOUT IT? It makes Blohan and Dina by association look soo unreliable by making these statements that are so easily proven false. And are proven false PUBLICLY! So yesterday, according to her ‘rep’ (Dina) she’s up to 45 hours. We’ll see, come October. I’m willing to bet it will be closer to 33, which was the amount of CS as of July 21st with the judge, than the 45 or any more hours for that matter.

  61. I don’t like my teeth at all. I am loathe to smile unless coaxed. My teeth have always been a sensitive issue for me and it’s a feature I tend not to focus on in other people – but even I have to admit that for a celebrity, girl has a gnarly grill.

    And I only say it because if the girl has the disposable income for a ego-wanker like a Porsche, the girl has the money for Veneers. I guess the more ostentatious* the purchase, the more “off-par the negative assumptions” must be. Crackhead priorities.

    (*Try stuffing that word in your big-girl thesaurus, Lohan.)

  62. Memphis says:

    Inadequate and negative assumptions?

    I can hear Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” 🙂

    But taking into consideration those nasty extension, coke bloat, Bulimia scarred knuckles and rodent like teeth her IQ really is the least of her worries.

    As for your CS hours. OK, Crackie. We believe your doing them *wink wink*

  63. Bess says:

    Re: Completing the Community Service

    I still think someone from her management team will be paying off the directors of the shelter and the morgue to get them to say that she completed the community service.

  64. Ashley says:

    Oh Lindsay, you were so pretty, once upon a time.

    Her face. Oh goodness. Girlfriend needs to stop. Just. Stop.

  65. Innocent says:

    She just lied to avoid the therapy for as long as possible but she started before the August 11th deadline and her probation wasn’t violated.

    If Lindsay blows off the community service she will go to jail but will not serve the full time. Judge Sautner even said she has no control over what the sheriff does.
    Even the Judge that “voluntarily” recused herself said she didn’t know much LL would serve of the 90 day sentence but did ban house arrest.

  66. Madisyn says:


    If your going to reply to me, please TRY to stay focused.

    . . but will not serve the full time. Judge Sautner even said she has no control over what the sheriff does”.

    I never even HINTED at jail, how much time, or what the judge will or will not do. You seem so ‘hell bent’ and focused on her jail time. What will you do with yourself if she actually does go to jail?

    Quick, someone get me a cracktini.


    Oh, I hope your wrong but it definetly is in the realm of possibility for this twit. Thats how she solves MOST of her ‘legal’ problems, the infamous ‘payout’. Of course, with funds dwindling, theres not a whole lot of dough to pay people off with anymore. Hopefully, the people who run these programs don’t need the money and report her, her management (Dina) or anyone else on her behalf who attempts a bribe. Wouldn’t that be epic? I wonder what the penalty for bribery to get out of CS would consist of?

  67. Ana says:

    @Miss Diagnosed: Why???? I smoke and drink a lot of energy drinks, what will happen to my teeth!?

    Oh, I am scared…I still need both in my life!

    Regarding Lilo…she used to be so pretty! I don’t even dislike her, I pity her.

  68. Madisyn says:

    OMG! OMG! Crack Cliquers

    Pop on over to DListed and check out the HORRENDOUS CHICKEN CUTLET CHEEKS of Ali Lohan. Not to mention obvious nose job, which in my opinion was OK, and now the INFLATED LIPS of another ‘Lohan’. Madge herself, is cringing right about now. I can’t believe Dina would allow this on a girl not even 18 yet. THIS WOMAN. . .

    This ‘Lohan’ has RUINED her looks by premature plastic surgery she DIDN’T NEED. Who is giving these girls advice? Whose encouraging them? Who is telling them they LOOK GOOD? My God, I have no words.

    Countdown to Milo disparaging White Oprah (well deserved, mind you) in 5. . 4. . 3. . 2. .

  69. Bodhi says:

    Should it be off BASE? Off par doesn’t make any sense… but I’d be more shocked if she actually did make sense

  70. the original bellaluna says:

    *passes Madisyn a cracktini – inc melon balls* So, if what Innocent is saying is true that “she just lied to avoid therapy for as long as possible” does that mean Linnocent is ALSO “just going to lie” to avoid CS for as long as possible?

    I still say she thinks she can get out of it (by avoidance, like a 2 year old) and will wait until it’s too late.

    If Bess is right, guess who all poor Ali’s modeling money is going to go? 😉

  71. Nick says:

    everyday change colour hair??? Looks happy

  72. andyconda says:

    eleanor told lindsay ” You need to get your teeth whitened”..
    Lindsay replied ” Why? i will just put some fake a tan on,and they will look whiter”..
    Move that tooth brush, I am lindsay Fing Lohan!!!”

    both lohan girls are now trying to emulate super model mrs. potato Head.And get the facial pieces that show how they should really look

  73. Kelly says:

    @Madisyn, EGAD! Poor Ali, holy cripes. What will she look like when she’s 30…

  74. Glitsha says:


  75. the original bellaluna says:

    Maybe Linnocent & White Oprah got a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” from their plastic surgeon, so they gave it to Ali.

    (Otherwise, I don’t think it’s her.)

  76. andyconda says:

    Ali and lindsay the new “golden girls”. 40 years before their time

  77. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Jeeesus f’ing chr1st!!!

    Just looked at dlisted and at the former ‘child’ Ali Lohan – WHAT THE F*CK has she done to her face?!?!

    I know she’s a Lohan but FFS she’s 17 years old!!! 17!!! 17!!!

    Not to mention girl looks as anorexic as they come!!

    Chr1st, Dina needs to be locked up!!!

    @ Madisyn, @ Bellaluna et al, pass the vodka infused melon balls…feel I need to get completely intoxicated after that!!!

  78. Madisyn says:


    “If Bess is right, guess who all poor Ali’s modeling money is going to go”?

    We don’t have to worry about where Ali’s ‘modeling’ money is going to anymore, do we?

    Thanks for the cracktini.

  79. Cherry Rose says:

    @Innocent – You are such an enabler. You’re ok that Lindsay is back to drinking, doing drugs, and lying to get out of court ordered therapy, yet heaven forbid Lindsay goes to jail because of her own doing. I hope you don’t have children, because I’m sure you’d enable your kids just as much as you do Lindsay.

    Ali looks horrible. She is clearly under Dina’s thumb, and no doubt gets manipulated by both Dina and Lindsay.

  80. Hautie says:

    Okay I looked at the pictures of Ali. (dlisted)

    Holy crap, did Dina do those lip injections herself? Look how lumpy they are… those just look painful. And lumpy as hell.

    Sadly, I suspect that Ali has also picked up on one of Lindsay’s sniffing habits. She had a nice complexion in ’09. Now she doesn’t.

  81. GeekChic says:

    When I saw Ali’s face I audibly gasped. What the holy effing hell? And beyond the obvious plastic surgery, didn’t anyone notice her painfully, painfully, obvious eating disorder? She looks like the classic poster girl for anorexia. I know that she just signed on as a model, and so some pressure to lose weight must have been put on her, but oh my dog… She just looks ill. This girl isn’t even 18 yet and her is ruining her face and her body, and I’m sure it is 100% her evil mother’s doing. WHY has no one bothered to rescue this girl from her horrifying family?

    ETA: @Innocent, so you admit that she’s a liar, and is lying to a JUDGE for f*ck’s sake, and yet you continue to defend her and say that she is this great star? If Lindsay is your hero or someone to whom you look up, then my advice is to aim a little higher.

  82. Seal Time 6 says:


    This is, literally, criminal. Dina needs to be locked the eff up.

    I never thought Ali was ugly. She was striking looking. Now? She looks like an idiot, a clown, a joke.

    She just ruined her beginning modeling career.

    The girl is A GIRL! She’s a minor.

  83. mzjask says:

    im sorry, say what you will about it. and it could just be the vodka talking, but THAT CHIN. Linnocente. THAT. CHIN. she looked skinny as death for the Kartrash debacle and now THIS?????
    i dont even know what coke bloat is but there should be This picture in the dictionary next to the definition of it: Coke. Bloat.


  84. Madisyn says:

    Ruby Red *passing TRAYS of melon balls*

    Is that just awful or what? Dina has custody but Ali has been living with Blohan for months and months now. Over on Radar Milo is ‘concerned’ (told ya so) about how ‘skinny’ she is. Again, living with Blohan, your going to pick up a few bad habits. Now, if only Milo would do the ‘cop’ thing now, I think he’d actually have cause. I’d love for Ali to be tested for alcohol and DRUGS immediately. Not gonna happen, but should.

    Seal Team

    This is BLOHAN. Dina has had no control over Ali for some time, ever since Blohan needed a full time ‘sitter’ to keep her company. Whatever Blohan wants, Blohan gets. Ali has been living with Blohan for MONTHS now. I’m not saying this wasn’t done with Dina’s permission, I’m sure it was, like maybe when Dina was here for the KK wedding. The timeline would fit and a doctor would need Dina’s permission to do this type of plastic surgery on a minor. As far as we know Blohan DOES NOT HAVE CUSTODY of Ali.

    I blame BOTH! Both their hands are dirty here, no doubt.

  85. Seal Time 6 says:

    Oh, and I agree: Ali has always been thin, but she is beyond that now.

  86. boo says:

    OMG I saw Ali on Dlisted and besides the new nose, she looks like a walking skeleton! I guess Mama Lohan is getting her next victim ready since Lilo can’t keep her in booze and blow anymore! I feel sorry for that poor kid.

  87. Kelly says:

    Looking at the pics of Ali again – there was something bothering me (besides EWWWWW), and I realized what it was. She used to have a really strong look, kind of like an Ali McGraw/Angie Harmon dark-haired, strong-browed, strong-boned look. Arguably the best-looking one in the family.

    It looks like they tried to give her some kind of “model-like” look, like those 16-year-old Estonian or Ukrainian aliens they dig up every year. I hope you guys know what I mean; it’s a super-thin, super-pale look with strange features.

  88. LeeLoo says:

    All I have to say is that if Crackie looks that bad on the outside, can you imagine what her insides look like? Her liver and kidneys must hate her.

  89. Sassy says:

    OMG her teeth and hands! *vomits* She’s so dirty and scuzzy.

  90. Bess says:

    If this is truly Ali Lohan, child protective services needs to get involved and remove her from Linnocent’s home. Also, Dina should lose custody immediately. This is tragic.

  91. smh says:

    Just saw Ali Lohan’s pic… Guess she got on whatever Lindsay is smoking all the time, because how can she actually think that looks good? Only she probably got started on smoking way younger as she has been looking 40+ her age for years.

  92. lucy2 says:

    I’m trying to decide which is worse – Lindsay’s bloated corpse look, or the plastic surgery skeleton that is her younger sister.
    I think Ali’s is worse – she’s still a minor, how could anyone do that to a kid???

  93. Original Tiffany says:

    Will go over to Dlisted-but, she is a freaking idiot.
    You could be sub-par or over par or under par, but not off par. So she doesn’t study English OR golf:)
    The hair, teeth and chin are beyond my comprehension on a 25 year old. That is the hair of a desperate hooker.

  94. the original bellaluna says:

    Madisyn – I think that it’s more along the lines of “Well, Ali can keep an eye on her and I (White Oprah) won’t have to pay anyone Linnocent. More blow up my nose and vodka in my gut.” Plus, WO would probably claim Ali’s getting paid, but Ali may never see any (or only a minute percentage of) that money.

    I didn’t look at any of the pix but Ali’s face, so I’m heading back over.

    In the meantime, someone please toss a few (dozen) melon balls my way. 😉

  95. Bess says:


    If Michael Lohan has any fatherly instincts at all, these photos should prompt him to call that authorities in LA to remove Ali from LL’s home and fight Dina for custody.

    As bad as Michael Lohan is, he seems like a good parenting alternative to Linnocent & Dina right now.

  96. the original bellaluna says:

    Bess, as much as I agree with you, the judge will listen to which parent Ali wants to be with. Unless there is some irrefutable proof that WO & Blohan are abusing Ali in some way, a judge will listen to what she wants.

    (And believe me, if there is proof somewhere, MiLo – oh He of the Recorded Phone Calls – will have it.)

    Otherwise, Ali’s just as screwed as Blohan.

  97. Thea says:

    Ali bleaches her hair in….3….2…..1

  98. Thea says:

    I guess if Lindsay is called Linnocent then Ali has a new nickname: Alibi

  99. Bess says:


    I don’t doubt Ali would prefer to stay with Lindsay & Dina, but it doesn’t look like she’s being properly cared for at all.

  100. the original bellaluna says:

    Bess, make no mistake, we are in total agreement about that. I’m just concerned (validly) that a judge and/or the court system wouldn’t do anything about it.

    Just like with abuse/stalking victims, the courts don’t seem to care until somebody’s dead. Or almost.

  101. Bess says:


    You’re probably right, any concern raised about Ali’s health and wellbeing would probably be ignored, but I’d still love to see the public outcry over this force the courts to do something about this. I’d love to see Dina try to explain that Ali is healthy and well taken care of after seeing those photos.

    It’s pathetic neither parent seems to mind that Ali has been babysitting her drug-addled older sister for the past couple of years.

  102. Bess says:

    One more thing…

    We should all band together and flood the phone lines or email in-boxes of Child Protective Services about Ali. I just don’t know whether LA or Merrick NY would have jurisdiction over her.

  103. Firecracker says:

    I just tried to watch Machete. For some reason, I thought it was a good movie. Wrong on so many counts. But srange how good Liho’s teeth look in that. I could only manage about 30 minutes. Didn’t realize she was even in it til I started watching.

    Ali doesn’t even look like the same person! She’s a rail!

  104. Marianne says:

    It’s funny what you posted about the double chin, because when I first saw that picture, I immediately went “DOUBLE CHIN!!!”.

  105. Marianne says:

    Those pictures of Ali, are absolutely TERRIFYING. What the hell has been done to her face? It’s terrible. That whole family is sooo f****d. It looks like Ali has some serious self loathing. It’s actually sad.

    Here is the link for everyone else…

  106. corey says:

    Oh Kaiser,I actually don’t mind the double chin, its cute. Now the hair….ooooh I wish she would stop with the blond, it does her no favors. Imagine these pics with dark red hair, she would look soooo much better.

  107. Dawning Red says:


    Recently, Lindsay Lohan gave an interview in which she said of her critics “You guys are way off par on your inadequate and negative assumptions.” Seeing as how this message confused both of Lindsay’s fans, we at E! News have requested, and gotten, an additional interview with Ms. Lohan to further clarify her views.

    E!: So Lindsay, how’s your day been so far?

    LL: Today, I decided to agendize developmentally appropriate experiences by alpha-generating transcriptional sub-units!

    E! So – arranging your drugs in alphabetical order?

    LL: Positivular! Also, I prioritized comprehensive immune cascade strategeries with cross-curricular facilitators!

    E! Planning to attend more court-ordered drug classes, then?

    LL: Affirmatorial!

    E! What do you have to say about reports that your sister Ali is facing grave health issees?

    LL: H8ters gotta h8! The issualism is merely regardinating recruitment of protein materials with inclusive consistent homologues! *snort* Move that bone! I’m Lindsay Lohan!

    E! Anything to say regarding the lawsuit against Pitbull?

    LL: I plan to synergize research-based legaloidulal models transitioning into efficient meta-convergence courtroom factoids using undefined metacognitive goals! Duh!

    E! And regarding your detractors?

    LL: Mere ubiquitous critical agents!

    E! Thank you for your time, Ms. Lohan.

    LL: Thankulasticar!

  108. Madisyn says:


    *Passing melon balls on our mini ‘cooler’ your way in the vat. ITA, Dina would be selfish enough to want the ‘spoils’ all for herself. BITCH!

    Ali’s not getting paid ANYTHING. She did one measly jeans ad. BFD Lets see what else comes down the pipeline (sadly, pun intended) in the next couple of months.

    There were tons of pap shots of Blohan and WO at KK’s wedding but none of Ali. Someone joked (or maybe not) that the reason Ali wasn’t in the pap shots is because Blohan didn’t want to share the spotlight, I didn’t buy that reasoning. Sadly, it makes sense now, maybe we were ‘recovering’?


    The problem is NO ONE is mentally responsible enough to take Ali or Cody. Michael and Dina only use their children for a dollar bill and photo ops. Blohan, for selfish reasons. How many times have we heard how Blohan ‘can’t/won’t be alone’. She has zero friends. No one can stand her and her selfish, drama laden, cracky ways. Not to mention she’s toxic to anyone with a ‘name’ in this town. Thats why Ali has been ‘sitting’ for Blohan like you said, on and off for years now. Bottom line, there is no good solution with the three choices those minor Lohans have.

  109. OhMyMy says:

    Oh Dawning Red….thank you so much! That one was a classic!

  110. Lady D says:

    “she will go to jail but will not serve the full time. ”

    Unless she gets another year for contempt of court. **PRISON** Now that would be Karma.

  111. @Ana- “Why??? I smoke and drink a lot of energy drinks, what will happen to my teeth!? Oh, I am scared. I still need both in my life!”

    Smoking and energy drinks, as well as alcohol and drugs, strip away the enamel on your teeth causing them to become stained, brittle and sensitive over time. Also they damage your gums causing receding gums, so your teeth begin to shift out of alignment and your teeth may become loose. Once you’ve lost the enamel, (it can’t be replaced), and your teeth become sensitive, you can’t whiten them. Many people who have sensitive teeth, myself included, grind their teeth so you can’t get veneers either.

    I don’t know what Lindsay’s dental problems are, but they are surely a result of her addictions and lifestyle, ie: bulimia, (the acid wears away the enamel on the two front teeth).

    I’m surprised her vanity hasn’t woken her up to see what she’s become, but I guess that vapid cloud of delusion makes for a hazy reflection.

  112. Britt says:

    Did anyone else happen to see the pictures of her sister from around the same time? She looks dreadful, not even like the same girl. I feel so badly for the other Lohan children.

  113. Nikki Girl says:

    God God, those pictures of Ali Lohan are unreal. I had a hard time believing it was the same girl at first. And she very obviously has an eating disorder, she was never that thin before. Now she’s positively emaciated. Horrifying.

    And Lindsay is just disgusting. I mean seriously, she gets nastier every time I see her.

  114. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Madisyn, ok so if Ali is living with Linnocent for months, I totally understand how Ali has gotten that thin and why she has had awful surgery…agreed I wish Ali would be tested 4 drugs & alchol too -somehow dont think they’ll come back negative!!

    I am starting to wonder if we are giving Ali too much credit in being a victim – she is young, but shr is a Lohan, maybe there was no hope 4 her from the start…sadly

    & am I just really old fashioned but what is this trend with teenagers and young women getting all this plastic surgery for vanity?!?!?!? I just dont understand it…Ali in example – she is 17 and wrecked her face!!!

    So basically Ali (an impressionable young teenager) is living with her drug addled, alchie, bulimic, self-harming hooking sister with her pimp..sorry I mean mothers permission – there is no way in h*ll Ali hasn’t taken up at least a few of Linnocents lifestyle choices….

    I hate to say it but maybe it will be Ali who ends up OD’ing or her organs fail from starving herself….disgraceful!! 🙁

    How does Dina even manage to look at herself in a mirror??? She surely is guilty of child abuse/neglect??

  115. dovesgate says:

    Oh my. That poor, poor child.

    Are we absolutely sure that is Ali????

    I mean.. just.. Dear Lord I am speechless.

  116. Seal Team 6 says:

    The Court could at least remove Ali from Linnocent’s residence.

  117. Seal Team 6 says:

    @Lady D

    ““she will go to jail but will not serve the full time. ”

    Unless she gets another year for contempt of court. **PRISON** Now that would be Karma.”

    Exactly. innocent insists she isn’t Dina, but she sure as hell also isn’t either a LEO or court employee, because they would know what you wrote. She keeps parroting that, and how the Cracken will “max out” her probation. No, she will get contempt of court or/and a POV, and can get PRISON. If it worked the way Innocent states, then everyone in LA County would POV just so they could serve a month for a year of probation.

    Ridiculous. And way off par.

  118. Ana says:

    I’m scared…no wonder I chipped a tooth recently…Let’s see what my dentist will say this time, last time he was amazed my teeth were not stained with all the smoking…I hate going there

    I blame Dina mostly…it is no surprise Lindsay, and now Ali have turned out this way with the parents they have…it is up to the person to get better, but almost impossible without support, and Lilo has an enabler for a mother!

  119. Innocent says:

    @Seal Team 6
    “Non violent misdemeanor offender” so how will she get prison? Why would she get contempt of court for not completing her CS . The only thing the Judge can do is revoke her probation and sentence her to the maximum amount of time for misdemeanor grand theft which is 1 year in the county jail.

  120. Seal Team 6 says:

    That isn’t how it works, Innocent, unless LA County has laws different than the rest of the USA. You can get prison for continued POV, and you can get COC for more than having “FU” painted on her nails, such as lying.

    I am so glad yo are yet another enabler of this repeat offender.

  121. Ana says:

    My last comment was @Miss Diagnosed


  122. Innocent says:

    @Seal Team 6
    Her DUI probation expires in November so not doing the CS would be her first violation of the theft case.

  123. weeble says:

    You can call her stupid all you want, but she keeps getting away with everything and doing exactly what she wants to do, including still drinking and partying. She may be as dumb as a pack of diapers, but her legal team is brilliant.

  124. @Ana- Some things you can do to strengthen your teeth are:
    Brush 2x daily with an enamel building toothpaste like Pronamel. Wait 1 hour after eating/drinking acidic things before you brush, as your enamel is softer then and brushing will do more harm than good.

    Floss 2x daily. It sucks but it helps with receding gums and prevents gingivitis. I use Oral-B Satin Floss, which glides through teeth and makes flossing a breeze.

    Rinse 2x daily with a high fluoride rinse. Act Restoring Anti-Cavity/Colgate Phos-Flur/or Oral-B Fluorinse, are all good ones.

    I think Lindsay’s teeth have been affected by a combination of all her bad habits and if she doesn’t smarten up soon, she’ll need extensive cosmetic dentistry. I wish I could afford that, but I’m not a superstar, like Miss Lindsay still thinks she is.

    Good Luck at the dentist, Ana.

  125. Ana says:

    @Miss Diagnosed: Thanks! 😉