L&S: Rebecca Gayheart & Eric Dane’s marriage is in shambles


Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane have always been an odd couple. Years ago, before Rebecca got pregnant with her first child, there were lots of rumors that she had a big drug problem, involving some hard, hard living. Eric seemed to be fine with it, probably because he used drugs too, and he and Rebecca had somewhat of an “unconventional” marriage that involved naked hang-outs with Hollywood madams (all on tape). Shortly after the faux-sex tape thing, Rebecca announced her first pregnancy, and everything seemed to settle down in their marriage. Time passed. Then, several months ago, Rebecca announced her second pregnancy (which I called) and two seconds later, Eric Dane announced that he was going into rehab for an addiction to pain medication. That was in July, and he allegedly checked himself in to a 30-day treatment program. He’s still there. And Life & Style reports that Rebecca wants him there, because their marriage is in shambles.

Just months away from the birth of the couple’s second child, Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane’s marriage is in trouble.

An insider close to the couple tells Life & Style exclusively, “She’s having problems with his addictions. He went to rehab to try to get it all straight before the birth of their second kid. They are trying, but the marriage is not working out.”

Life & Style has learned it’s so serious, Eric has voluntarily remained in rehab weeks after completing a 30-day treatment program to beat his dependence on prescription painkillers. A source confirms that Eric is improving, however, he and Rebecca “aren’t talking much.”

Reveals the insider, “Rebecca is trying to hold it all together as she deals with her pregnancy, but she thinks right now it’s better if she’s alone.”

The source adds that Eric wants to make sure his problems are behind him before moving back into the house, so for now, “Rebecca’s family has flown in from Kentucky to support her.”

Rebecca was seen without her wedding ring on Aug. 18 at a book-launch party in LA and again not wearing her ring on Aug. 27 leaving an LA Target.

[From Life & Style]

My first reaction was “Why is Rebecca getting so high and mighty about Eric’s problems when he stuck with her through her issues?” I guess I wasn’t taking into consideration the fact that Rebecca is a mother now, and she’s hopefully putting her children’s welfare ahead of her own…? For the kids’ sakes, I hope Rebecca has vanquished her demons and she is really putting Billie and her unborn kid ahead of herself. But I suspect that it’s a mixture of things – Eric’s problems, plus Rebecca just wants out of a marriage that wasn’t that strong to begin with, no matter how many kids they have. Oh, and CB thinks Eric was having an affair – though they both could have been screwing around, judging from their attitudes about fidelity.





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  1. your mama says:

    Cute baby! Well I hope things work out for them (eternal optimist) in the long run.

  2. Boo says:

    The whole “she’s not wearing her wedding ring!” could be because she’s pregnant–and pregnant fingers swell. I hope these two crazy kids can work it out and keep it together for the sake of their two babies.

  3. teehee says:

    Whoah she looks much mroe like Dr Quinn Medicine Woman now that she’s matured 😛 *I forget her real name*

  4. anon1 says:

    Maybe it was these two and not Ben and Jen that were the blind item about the hubby wanting to leave but she turned up pregnant again. Especially if he was getting a little strange on the side. Any word who it was that he might have been messing around with or who was an ex of his that might have become available?

  5. brin says:

    Sad…hope they can get it together for their kid(s) sake.

  6. Courtney says:

    Compairing Rebecca’s looks to Jane Seymour is Streaching it. Life & Style is a tabloid so don’t believe everything they print

  7. Wow. It is unbelievable what drugs have done to this woman. She used to be one of the cutest women in the world. Now she looks like a beat housewife. She was breathtakingly gorgeous in 90210 (original) and “Jawbreakers.”

  8. aenflex says:

    That child is adorable, OMG!

  9. Katalina says:

    I thought I recently saw photos of Dane out and about with Billie? I think he’s out of rehab.

  10. MollyB says:

    These two both just seem so sketchy and sleazy. I feel sorry for their kid(s).

  11. danielle says:

    cleveland girl – was just thinking the same thing about drugs killing her looks. If she had bad drug problems and he’s still using, then she definitely needs to stay away.

  12. The Original Ashley says:

    I always thought she was into it more than he was. Yeah he stuck it out through her problems but was that because he really loved her or because he had a woman that was fine with partying and three ways?

    Besides it was her that needed him (especially when he had just joined Grey’s and was the new hot thing). She has no career and I doubt anyone is chomping at the bit to hire her. I know I have no desire to see her in anything and would admit that I wouldn’t mind never having to see her again (sorry but I can’t get over her killing a kid and getting off scot free).

  13. Goofpuff says:

    I haven’t been able to fit into my wedding ring since I was 4 months pregnant so I don’t put much stock into the no wedding ring thing.

  14. whitedaisy says:

    They are imploding as a couple, which comes as no surprise with their avid drug use and unconventional sexual appetites.
    Isn’t she the one who killed that little boy while impatiently trying to pass in the left hand turn lane at the stoplight?

  15. mln76 says:

    It was the drugs and his initial enabling (check out the Lainey blind about them) http://www.laineygossip.com/Smack_no_kids_blind_item.aspx
    of her habit that kept them together. You can’t build a real relationship when you are both high as fuck.

    I hope they can at least keep themselves sober (if not together) for the kids

  16. Roma says:

    To summarize the gossip that has been about there about them:

    – She was initially the heavy drug user; smoking crack and possibly injecting heroin
    – He started using heavily as well (hence random drug fueled threesomes with hookers)
    – She cleaned up for their first baby but started using again because he still was (and had been throughout her pregnancy)
    – Now that she’s preggo again she is making him stay away because she wants to stay clean

    I hope if he won’t stay clean that she’ll leave him.

  17. Courtney says:

    big deal she’s not wearing her wedding ring ever thought she may have taken it off to shower and couldn’t get it back on because her fingers ae swollen from pregnancy many expectant moms have that problem and so do some post partum moms

  18. TXCinderella says:

    Maybe she got tired of Eric boning beauty queens and doing drugs now that she’s a Mom. Thank goodness the kid looks like Eric. She has a strange looking face.

  19. mln76 says:

    @Roma good summing up. Just want to add there are rumors the daughter may be suffering from disabilities due to her drug use while pregnant.

  20. RobN says:

    Hard to imagine that a couple who swings and fights drug addictions won’t end up with a stable family life.

  21. i.want.shoes says:

    Didn’t she use to be pretty? Now there’s something odd about her face.

  22. moptop says:

    Damn. Girlfriend looks beat. 🙁

  23. SueAnn says:

    Her drug issues probly stem from when she hit that kid and killed him…..

  24. Moneypenny says:

    @Clevelandgirl, you are so right–drugs took this woman’s beauty. She’s always looked a little bird-like, but in a beautifully weird way.

    I used to talk to the bike messengers who worked at my law firm and they mentioned her buying heroin under the bridge in downtown LA (the one in the song) many times. I hope she stays clean and that these two get away from each other.

  25. Moops says:

    Most co-dependent drug-using couples have to break up (at least for a while) if they want a chance at staying clean. Splitting would be the first unselfish thing these two have done for their kids.

  26. yourmother says:

    she killed a child, wide-eyed wh*re deserves this and more

  27. yourmother says:

    …her eyes are running away from each other like LeAnn Rimes’ boobs

  28. Turtle Dove says:

    She’s pregnant, so I’m not going to comment harshly on her looks. I’ve always found her quite beautiful and she, like Keri Russell, has gorgeous hair.

    I do co-sign with those saying that threesomes and a solid marriage don’t go hand in hand. Why anyone would do this is beyond my understanding.

  29. Moops says:

    Okay, I’m really not trying to minimize vehicular manslaughter … But she didn’t intentionally kill anybody. She did a stupid, reckless thing while driving that had horrible, unintended results. It is easy to condemn her, but how many of us have occasionally made stupid moves while driving, especially when we’re late or stressed? Anyone ever sped through a residential area? But for the grace of God, many of us could be in Rebecca’s shoes.

  30. Isa says:

    I love him on Grey’s but his marriage to her turns me off.

    Anyway, the rings are probably off because of swollen fingers. I had to do that and hated it because a lot of people look at your belly and then your finger! And two weeks later my rings still cut into my skin.

  31. Blithe says:

    Isn’t every hollywood relationship in shambles? As the Goop puts it…”sometimes we make mistakes that other people are going to judge”. Yeah. More like sometimes we can’t help a wandering eye when we’re so narcissistic we can’t even see straight…and our entourage is full of “yes” men…and we don’t know how to deal with not having everything we want. *snort*

  32. Amanda says:

    That baby is just the cutest thing ever. I hope for their babies sakes they can either work things out or part amicably. I have an 18 month old and a 4 year old and I can’t imagine how stressed I would be if my husband was in rehab and I was pregnant…whew. Hope everything works out for them.

  33. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I made the wrong move when some guy made a left-hand turn at a red light and plowed into the van that I and a couple of other children were riding to school, because if I hadn’t let puberty kick into high drive shortly after that, the pain would have lessened more quickly. It was a long time ago, but it seems that scar tissue, like diamonds, is forever.

    I’d have to say the worst birthday was the Hit-And-Run Sweet Sixteen. Maybe he had a long-running rivalry with Vercingetorix, because I was not going to make it to that French test. I should’ve jumped higher. A wrong move.

    So I never bothered to learn to drive. I’ve seen pedestrians and bicyclists do some baffling stuff with which the driver who happened to be there will have to live, but I can’t pretend that a driver’s tears mean that much to me, I’ll admit it. Feelings of guilt often follow guilt, and a kid gets condemned to a life of chronic pain (moi) or worse, I’m not interested in being told that I’m a harsh and terrible person for not opening up to the magic and healing properties of someone’s crimes against me. Oh, you feel bad? Well, my body has felt worse since you mangled it. Hit the bar and get a hooker if you praise for your own failings, or cover my medical costs. What, no? Yeah, I thought so, I’ll get back to disability forms.

  34. Carolyn says:

    I can’t forgive her for killing the child whilst driving. She has no career and is another example of a druggie who has wasted her life. She’s not a good catch. Hope the children will be OK.

  35. LL says:

    He’s filming on Grey’s and has been for a month, at least. So unless he leaves rehab during the day for work, L&S is telling lies.