Pippa Middleton’s life story is being made into an uptradey bio-pic


These are photos of Pippa Middleton from Tuesday and Wednesday, both photo sets allegedly from Pippa’s “walk to work”. Some of you snark on Poor Pippa and her ass made of lies, but I DO think she’s actually working, which is much more than we‘ve been able to say for her sister in YEARS. As in, I think she spends time in some kind of office environment during the week and she collects some kind of “paycheque” as the Brits would say. What is her job, you might ask? Well, I don’t really have confirmation of this, but I believe she’s “working” for her ex-boyfriend, George Percy, the one-day Duke of Northumberland, and the dude that invites Pippa to his flat and then orders her out in the middle of the night to do a walk of shame. Uptradey lives! Look at her wearing that short skirt to work – she’s trying to get *somebody* to propose. I seriously think that Pippa is still technically “with” Alex Loudon, but she’s trying to convince George that she’s the future Duchess of Northumberland. It’s an office romance, and I admire Pippa for her “work ethic”.

With this tangled web of intrigue and ass pads, is it any wonder why a film production company has decided to devote a film production to telling The Story of Pippa Middleton? It’s true. According to The Mail, Pippa’s story will be told… in a short docu-drama. 50 minutes. Because, let’s face it, no one would watch Pippa’s Story if it was two hours long:

She has remained remarkably sanguine about the fame that has followed her — and her bottom — since her sister’s wedding. But nearly five months on, the fad for Pippa Middleton shows no sign of passing.

For a UK film production company that has a whole library of DVDs celebrating the Royal Family says the only topic really exciting their buyers from as far afield as Scandinavia, the U.S., Japan and most of the Commonwealth countries is for a film about Pippa.

‘All the other Royal Family members have had well-documented lives, but now we are being inundated with requests to make a biopic about Pippa after the wedding,’ says Adrian Munsey, founder of Odyssey Videos.

‘She was such a tour de force, holding her own on Kate’s wedding day and looking after those small children. Pippa is the beautiful girl-next-door who every woman wants to be.’

The firm has just released 32 DVDs to keep up with the demand generated by the April wedding, with titles such as William And Kate — Into the Future and Diana: A Model Princess, but has none devoted to Pippa.

Adds Adrian: ‘We are rushing a 50-minute documentary dedicated solely to Pippa into production straight away.’

[From The Mail]

“She was such a tour de force, holding her own on Kate’s wedding day and looking after those small children…” Hyperbole much? “She was such a tour de force, gently layering her ass pads.” Or: “She was a complete and utter saint, what with how she joined her sister for a spray tan.” The royal wedding MADE Pippa into the commodity she is right now. There was nothing “tour de force” about it. She behaved well, she didn’t make a fool out of herself, but let’s not oversell it.

But a 50-minute docu-drama on Pippa? Yeah, I’d probably watch it. I want to know about “Pippa: The University Years” – mostly because I get the feeling that she was boning every dude with a title, and I’m interesting in finding out about her game.

So what should the docu-drama be called? The Ass Called Pippa. Pippa’s Story: The Ass That Ruled The World For A Day Until Everybody Figured Out It Was Padding. Uptradey: The Pippa Chronicles. <<< That’s my favorite.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. lucy2 says:

    Can someone please explain the fascination with this girl???

  2. The Truth Fairy says:

    I would rather read 1000 Lady Gaga posts filled with Gaga arrogance than to read about this chick. At least Lady Gaga has accomplished something in her life. Pippa falls into the same category as Nicky Hilton for me. Useless, boring, needs to disappear.

  3. gee says:

    I’d watch it! And I really like the way she dresses, as long as she stays away from the Canadian Tuxedo.

  4. Franny says:

    ugh the booties! why are these women purposefully cutting off their legs? I understand its a trend and what not, but so where shoulder pads and mom jeans.

  5. Luise says:

    A barbecued monkey. Not pretty at all. So contrived.

  6. Sweepea says:

    Sweet Mother of… that first outfit is horrendous. I thank Uptrady for wearing sunglasses, that way we are spared from her forever fugly face.

    Also, she and George Percy NEVER dated. They were just roommates back in Edinburgh but when Baldy and Waity’s engagement was announced last year, the media took a different spin to Uptrady’s platonic relationship with George Percy.

    Go check the articles before and after the engagement!

  7. Tierra says:

    She doesnt do a thing for me. As much as I love Kate, her sis doesnt interest me in the least. I’ve never heard her speak or anything but i get the feeling she wouldnt give you the time of day unless you held a title or were above a certain income level.

  8. Embee says:

    I like her. I think she’s cute and very well composed. She has done absolutely nothing to bring the level of hate and scorn to her that she had received, and she appears to be giving the hate all the energy it deserves (none).

  9. Gabrielle says:

    I wish they’d make a reality show about Pippa.

  10. Summer says:

    @ Truth Fairy
    Pippa isn’t famous because her sister made a porn video, unlike Nicky Hilton (and certain Kardashians as well). She also hasn’t pretended to be a fashion designer and dabbled in modelling, unlike Nicky Hilton(and ditto with the Kardashians).

    I don’t get the Pippa hate. She’s not trying to ‘make it happen’ as a celebrity.She got a lot of publicity because her sister married into the royal family, but since the wedding Pippa hasn’t (1) given an interview (2) done a photoshoot (3)done any paid endorsements (4)appeared at movie premieres/club openings (5)officially released a sex tape (6)pretended to be horrified over the unauthorised release of a sex tape(7) launched a career as a fashion designer (8) released a line of handbags (9)hung out with Kate Moss in Ibiza (10) released a single an accompanying sexy video (11)boned George Clooney.

    So what exactly has Pippa done to earn the hate and accusations of being a fame whore? She works in PR as an event manager for Table Talk and also edits the web mag for her parents company. And yes, she gets papped, but when the Brit presspack know your address I dont think she can be blamed for them taking her photo of her leaving and coming home each day from work.
    Oh, and I do believe she does actually have to do work in her job at her parents company.You know, like Ivanka Trump works in her father’s business.

  11. Alexa says:

    As the other commenter said, she never dated George Percy. Nor did she ever work for him. The Daily Mail was forced to print a retraction to that rumor. They simply shared an office for a while. She is still at the old work address on Thurloe Place and he is now at a different address in Westminster. They remain the same platonic friends they have always been. Let the girl be. She shows no sign of wanting all this attention. She was quoted once as saying “I know I’m just a fad” Another time she was apparently gleeful when attending a cricket match with Loudon because she had given the paps the slip.

  12. Dot says:

    She’s wearing shorts(skorts?), not a skirt.

    I don’t know about Kate, but I think Pippa did get her eyeliner tatooed on. She’s wearing shades in all the pictures in this post, but seriously any time I see a picture of her without them, I just can’t not focus on her really unflattering eye make-up. She is pretty but in a delicate, petite way, and she doesn’t style herself to reflect that. Instead it’s usually big bold blocks of color that overwhelm her and give her a garish look.

  13. Goofpuff says:

    I agree. she hasn’t been doing any famewhore stunts so I don’t get the hate. It’s not her fault the tabloids are so bored that they’re making something out of nothing. she’s not interested in the fame from her actions lately. No interviews, no scandals, nothing but walking around like a normal chick.

  14. Mandy says:

    Well said Summer…

  15. danielle says:

    Whoa! The teal dress with the black booties is the best thing she’s ever worn!

  16. Gine says:

    Yeah, I don’t find her interesting and I get why people are sick of hearing about her, but that’s the tabloids’ fault, not hers. Until she starts trying pitch a reality show or whatever, I’ll reserve my disdain for the real famewhores.

  17. Mare says:

    I don’t understand nasty comments either! “Useless, boring, needs to disappear”??? How can you write these things about someone you don’t know and someone who has never said one word in public and never gave an interview? She is boring because she gets photographed going to work, dresses normally, does normal stuff and lives normal life? I don’t get it.

  18. Kellie says:

    @ Mare-give me a break. If this girl had real character she wouldnt want television to spend 5 minutes detailing a life of nothing. So yes, everyone on this site and in the entire world has the rite to say what they want about her.

  19. nan says:

    I like her and like reading about her, but not as much as her sister Kate.

  20. Alexa says:

    umm. . . Kellie? When did Pippa ever say
    she wanted “television to spend 5 minutes detailing a life of nothing”

    She had never shown the slightest desire to have a documentary (let alone 2!!) done on her life. As far as I can see, she wants to go to work, go out with her boyfriend AND her other friends (one of whom is the son and heir of the Duke of Northumberland, but is still her friend), go shopping and take in a few tennis matches.

    She is not seeking attention – the press is giving it to her. Understand?

  21. fuefinawg says:

    Does she buy her clothing from the Salvation Army? Good God, woman!

  22. Ms.JAPrufrock says:

    Stop being so defensive about Pippa. You are reading “Celebitchy” after-all.

  23. Justme says:

    Ah, but Pippa never asked to be a celebrity and has done nothing to warrant it. No one has even heard her speak publicly about anything. So why be bitchy about her? And why accuse her of trying to “uptrade” on no evidence?

    Celebrities are fair game, but she is not one.

  24. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I know it is not her fault but to the commenter above me, I still get tired of hearing about her and her sister and brother in law. The royals are a British affair. As an American I can care less about these twats!

  25. Sweepea says:

    Since when did people start getting defensive over Uptrady?!

  26. Alexa says:

    Sweepea – because she is NOT a celebrity. She has done nothing except go up the aisle in a nice dress. The press follows her because it sells apparently. However she has not courted this attention so she should not be subject to abuse from websites. That’s why. The Kardashians are courting attention – you can bitch about them as much as you please – so can we all. The deserve it – Pippa does not.

  27. ashleighlauren says:

    The only Pippa Middleton story that I want to watch is the Kurt Hummel “Pip Pip Hooray” musical that I was promised during the Glee season finale.

    Because seriously, that shit would be awesome!

  28. Fue McCormick says:

    Pippa Middleton: Ugly outfits No.’s 15 and 16. I almost gave that blue one a pass because she paired it with ankle boots (even though the boots are suede (and scuffed) and shouldn’t be seen this time of year.)