Paul McCartney is getting married with no pre-nup again


It’s been reported all week, and now it looks like it’s really going to happen – Paul McCartney is set to marry for the third time. His third wife will be American Nancy Shevell, a 51-year-old, once-divorced businesswoman. According to earlier reports, Nancy and Paul plan to tie the knot in “a small, intimate, elegant, classic wedding” in Sussex, England, and then they’ll throw a big wedding reception in New York “later on”. But! Paul and Nancy just posted a wedding notice in London, so all of those reports might be crap:

Paul McCartney is one step closer to saying “I do!”

The former Beatle and his bride-to-be, New York City businesswoman Nancy Shevell, have posted a notice announcing their intention to marry in London.

Known as a banns, the notice was filed by the couple in person at the Old Marylebone Town Hall in London this week and posted on Wednesday.

The venue — that has four rooms that can seat 20-100 guests — is the same one that McCartney, 69, chose to wed his late wife Linda in 1969. Paul and Linda’s daughter, Mary, also chose the venue to get hitched last year.

“It will be a small, intimate wedding,” a source tells Us Weekly of McCartney’s wedding to Shevell, 51, which will be his third. “It’s going to be very elegant and classic.”

Following a 16-day waiting period, McCartney and Shevell — who announced their engagement in April — can legally tie the knot on or after September 30.

[From Us Weekly]

So it’s not happening this weekend, alas. This will be Paul’s third marriage, after his first marriage to Linda, who died in 1998, and his second marriage to Heather Mills, which ended in divorce in 2002. Heather reported got a $35 million payoff/settlement, which she blew through very quickly, reportedly.

As for Nancy… she’s supposed to be very wealthy on her own, and Paul is showering her with gifts too. Her engagement ring cost $650,000, and Paul is so convinced that Nancy isn’t interested in his money that he’s reportedly eschewed a prenup:

[Paul McCartney is] reportedly rebuffing a prenuptial agreement.

Shevell’s own wealth is only part of the reason McCartney is eschewing a prenup, Popeater’s Rob Shuter told “Paul is saying, ‘This girl is not Heather,’” he said.

“She’s a very, very different lady than Heather Mills,” Shuter said. “She’s incredibly wealthy and successful in her own right.”

[From ABC News]

We’ll see. I mean, it’s obvious that Nancy isn’t a Heather Mills-type, but who knows? So far, Nancy has seemed discreet and elegant, and I suspect she’ll be the perfect trophy wife/companion to Paul.

Since I have Showtime, I keep watching the documentary Paul did called The Love You Make, all about Paul putting together the 9/11 concert back in 2001. Paul’s general character surprised me – he comes across as a very nice man, of course, but what surprised me was his incredible focus, and his incredible memory. You’d think that with all of the drugs he took in 1960s, he wouldn’t be able to remember anything from that period, but the word “encyclopedic” kept popping up in my mind while I watched him. Anyway, I get the feeling that Paul just wants a woman who will be his friend, someone he can talk to, and be his companion at this point. I hope Nancy is good to him.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. bluhare says:

    My understanding is she offered a prenup and he said no. She did sign a statement saying she would not try to make claim on any trust for his children or grandchildren, though. She looks frickin’ amazing for 51, although she could drop that hemline a couple of inches.

    As far as his memory, I’d have thought all the weed he’s smoked (and I think still does smoke) would have messed that right up!

  2. NYC_girl says:

    I hope it works out. I was lucky enough to score two tickets to Billy Joel’s concert here at Shea Stadium in 2008 and when Paul got on stage, I screamed like a little girl. I was never a big Beatles fan, but something came over me and I couldn’t control myself. My behavior scared my boyfriend.

  3. Cherry says:

    Wow, who IS this lady and what can I do to look as good as her when I’m 51? And she’s a succesful businesswoman as well? Sounds too good to be true, frankly. Does anybody know what kind of ‘business’ she’s involved with?

  4. Sunshine Daze says:

    Nancy is more on Paul’s level than that famewhore Heather ever was. Nancy seems like a smart, independent, easy going woman. I hope she and Paul have a long, happy marriage.

  5. palermo says:

    Stupid old goat never learns … Sure they are all in “love” right now, things can change. He lost a fortune the last time.

  6. brin says:

    I actually think he’s wonderful and seems to be a true romantic like his beautiful music. Sure he got burned by the golddigger, but instead of being bitter, he carried on and met someone worthy of him. Best Wishes to them!

  7. anon says:

    I believe she was involved with very successful transport companies based in New York. She also sat on many corp and charity boards in New York. She’s also a cancer survivor. I think the tabloids will try to paint her as a trophy wife and conveniently ignore or not bother to get all the facts about anything regarding their agreement to shared assets prior to a wedding. I do believe she probably offered a pre-nup based on what Ive read about her and that Paul M. turned it down based on his albeit traditional view of marriage. So what? I wish them the best and I hope she ignores the BS written about to sell headlines.

  8. CandyKay says:

    @Cherry, her family has a trucking business. She’s also on the board of the NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority.

    I hope Nancy will be Paul’s equivalent of Barbara Sinatra – the classy dame who provides TLC to a legend until the end of his life.

  9. anon says:

    BTW I think assuming she’s simply a trophy wife which comes with many other implications is an insult to his kids who I think we all know based on reports of their outspoken views and warnings of Heather Mills to their dad would have called her out a while ago. As it is by all accounts they all like her and accept her. If I was Paul, this is all that would matter…the rest can go to hell.

  10. Wicki says:

    I met Nancy briefly once at Bemelman’s Bar in NYC, where she came with Paul and they sat next to me on the long booth against the wall. She complimented me on my jacket, was lovely but not overwhelmingly so; very understated and elegant. They both seemed very happy and comfortable with each other. One of my companions even talked to Paul and he was amazingly courteous, considering he must get constant attention. In other words–nice people. I’m a pretty good judge of character and I got very good vibes from her (and not just because she complimented me LOL!).

  11. Denise says:

    51? I want whatever she is taking. She looks amazing!

  12. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Nancy looks like a younger version of Demi Moore.

  13. Julie says:

    Yeah I don’t like the trophy comment. Most the time your cynisism is warranted but it shows staleness when it’s all the time. My first thought when looking at her face, was 51. Amazing!

  14. Cherry says:

    I was put off by the trophy wife comment too at first, but then, you could look at it as a compliment. Sure, the term is normally used for 20-year old bimbos marrying rich old men, but then, it’s easy to get a wife like that if you’re rich. But marrying a woman who’s as gorgeous as this Nancy, who’s 51 and therefore probably enough of an adult to be a force to be reckoned with, AND has a career and money of her own- well, you can’t get more of a trophy than that as a wife, can you?

  15. lucy2 says:

    She seems like a much better match for him than Heather ever did. I hope their families are all happy about it too, and good luck to them.
    If I were him, I still would have wanted some kind of written agreement though. I know it’s not very romantic, but…you never know.

  16. Christine says:

    She’s 51???? What’s her secret? She’s gorgeous for any age. I’m happy for them; he does seem lovely and she has behaved discreetly.

  17. taxi says:

    From all I’ve read, she’s a self-assured, no-drama woman who does not cultivate publicity or exploit her association with Paul. Sounds as if they’ll be good partners.

  18. Luise says:

    Nancy looks like a prettier version of Kate Middleton.

  19. The Original Ashley says:

    The UK doesn’t recognize prenups so maybe he figured why bother?

    It isn’t smart though (he could still use a prenup if he divorced in the US). You never know what people are like when the end comes. She has money, but does she have Beatles money?

  20. Amanda says:

    I can’t believe how great she looks at 51! Wow!

  21. Jewlz says:

    Watch the movie “Paul McCartney is dead” Then this will all seem so manufactured…as it is

  22. Lenore says:

    Fifty-one? As in, years?


    *blink blink*

    A beautiful woman whatever her age is, but holy hell, she looks unbelievable for 51. Good surgery, or good vitamins, or just a lot of captive virgins being exsanguinated on a daily basis?

  23. The Truth Fairy says:

    Her bad nose job bugs me.

  24. Rita says:


    So very nicely put that I have nothing more to add except Paul was never known to be heavy into drugs. A toker, probably and he might have sampled the heavies but he’s always been brillant and was focused on his talents and tastes, not the scene. Love Paul…and brin.

  25. Anon says:

    cool to see him throwing up the Illuminati sign casually

  26. Lila says:

    He’s obviously a true romantic. I hope it works out this time. She seems much more genuine and sane than the last one.

  27. Angie says:

    I don’t think the drug use stopped in the 60′s, or any decade soon after that….

    Love Paul though and I’m so happy for him!

  28. Lushus L. says:

    Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another hus-band on the run situation.

  29. brin says:

    Thanks Rita & back at ya,gf! I just like to think of him that way, he’s not all about the money.

  30. LeeLoo says:

    I doubt she even would go after Paul for spousal support if it didn’t work. She strikes me as someone who like Paul wants companionship and a friend around. Either way, she seems a lot nicer and more together than Heather ever did. I wish them the very best and hope it works out for them.

  31. Hootie Hoo says:

    Paul just loves being in love. I admire that its not all about money with him. At the end of the day, who cares? He can’t take all the cash with him!

  32. Katie says:

    Three things I noticed:

    1.) P McC has really small hands.

    2.) P McC has definitely had plastic surgery.

    3.) Nancy does not look 51.

  33. Jules says:

    He certainly doesn’t pick women for their looks. She looks great for 51, but is not great looking. Plus her nose job is very distracting. To call her a trophy wife is insulting. She has accomplished something for herself.

  34. mamaT says:

    trophy wife? its insulting to her. she has accomplishments in her own right. geez.

  35. lolas says:

    I can’t get over how amazing 51 can look. But I’m thinking now instead of not being able to get over it, I will assume that barring something catastrophic, there is no reason NOT to look as good at 51 (or older) and that assuming otherwise is clearly an antiquated notion.

  36. JM says:

    I adore Sir Paul. He’s a romantic and one of the few uber celebrities to hold on to the hippie idea that all you need is love. I really don’t think he cares about the money. He’s made enough to live comfortabley for the rest of his life and I’m sure he’s set aside a sizeable amount for his children and grandchildren. I wish them both the best!

  37. nan says:

    Wonder what Stella has to say about this. No pre-nup?

  38. Julie says:

    She’s 51??? Wow, she looks amazing.

  39. glyrics says:

    With all his $$$, he can afford a better toupee.


  40. Lushus L. says:

    There’s no fool like an old fool–on the hill! Team Ringo!

  41. anjasmomma says:

    I know everyone else has mentioned this but Nancy looks amazing! It sounds as though they are happy. Good for them!

  42. tracking says:

    So nice to get a whiff of real romance for a change. It’s sweet that he believes in love after what he went through with HM. But he’s got more money than god so maybe he doesn’t really give a hoot at this point.

  43. BigHair&Pearls says:

    This fool is still high from the sixties! More power to him. No reason why he should give up on love because some famewhore harpie broke his heart.

  44. angee says:

    Happy, Happy, Happy for them. They deserve some happiness! Don’t we all now and then?

  45. BeckyR says:

    Paul is the marrying kind. This is a HUGE compliment to the late, lovely Linda. I hope they will be very very happy!!!
    ps she doesn’t need HIS money, she has her OWN. She loves the MAN. Lucky lady. Lucky Paul!

  46. The Truth Fairy says:

    @Jewlz – I watched “Paul McCartney Really Is Dead” at your recommendation and it seems like a silly hoax.

  47. CC says:

    At least she seems far classier than his 2nd wife.

  48. Lukie says:

    His fiancée is Barbara Walters cousin or something.

  49. Susan says:

    As mentioned in a comment above, prenups are not valid in the UK, so unless he is planning to immigrate somewhere else, a prenup is a non starter and pointless. I bet the whole, “it was offered but turned down thing” is just a load of BS to make it sound more romantic.

    On a different point, I like them as a couple and think it won’t ever get to the Heather Mills nastiness level.

  50. blinditemreader says:

    Now can Nancy encourage Paul to stop dying his hair and to find a non-mullet haircut? I love him dearly but please.

  51. Amy says:

    Hottest 51-year-old ever? She looks 30 in that blue/purple dress photo.

  52. Courtney says:

    Uh Paul has dual citizenship in the US And UK but has never had a pre nup with either of his previous marriages Healther Mills played him for his money like emperor Nero played the Violin while Rome was burning

  53. Carolyn says:

    Paul could very well be the trophy husband. Amongst women of a certain age “bagging a Beatle” is a big coup. She is independently wealthy. She should have been his second wife instead of Heather. As a few others have noted, what do his kids think? They hated Heather. Nancy and Paul seem very well suited. Hope this one lasts.

  54. Jayna says:

    There was a photo of them on the beach last year. Her body is rockin. I still remember his hour long Howard Stern interview. It was so amazing. He was so honest and really insightful interview. I was so riveted to it I was late for work.

  55. Jayna says:

    I only just realized this past year he’s wearing a toupee or hair weave

  56. Alix says:

    Something needs to be done about his hair, stat. It looks faker that Robert Redford’s.

  57. Ashley says:

    Someone asked “She is 51?? what’s her secret?”,,I am telling you her secret is to be lucky and be born in a rich family where you don’t have to worry about money one damn moment in your life. Comes with livning this type of life is that you never scrub your batroom floor, never cook(unless of course you are bored) never drive a broken down car(One that the engin almost dies whenever you are turning left in an intersection)..must I say more??God bless them and I wish them good luck in their joyous union, May their happy moment last!!Question: how many of you guys will sleep with a 70 year old when you are 52 yourself? If he is not rich??? Now, another question, how many of you guys sleep with a 70 year old man every night given he is filthy rich??

  58. Luise says:

    His hair is heinous. She has had more work done than Demi Moore. I mean a ton. Everything. Major hair extensions.

  59. Andie B says:

    Nancy is not sleeping with Sir Paul because he is rich. She is filthy rich herself. She has known him for years and perhaps she loves him. I like them as a couple, and I think this will last. Wife number two was an unfortunate life lesson for Paul, who was floundering about after the death of Linda. Yes, he has had plastic surgery, and his hair is not great, but I can overlook that as I love Paul..his wife to be be looks FANTASTIC..I can’t believe she is 51.

  60. Chris says:

    Meh I was more of a Lennon man myself. I remember when Paul McCartney was on Opera a few years ago and during the interview he put his hand on her leg while they were talking and she removed his hand and they just kept talking like it never happened.

  61. WestValCalli says:

    I am sorry to say this, but you just can’t fix stupid.

    George was always my favorite, anyway.

  62. JaneWonderfalls says:

    When will he learn?

  63. DarkEmpress says:

    Well he is so rich ($800 million), that even if she did divorce him and take half, would he even notice? Its not like he wouldnt be able to live to the same standard that he is living now. He wouldnt be able to say; ‘Oh she took everything, now Im devastated.’ I always wonder what do you spend that money on? Just the interest alone can support a lavish lifestyle.

  64. Juliesunflower says:

    Love Paul to death; but he is a fool when it comes to women – no prenup?

  65. Bobby the K says:

    She looks a little like keenu reeves to me. But whatever, Paul is a hopeless and old fashioned romantic. Blessing and a curse in a way, but part of his creative expression.

    Pot just doesn’t do your memory in the way a lot of critics wished it would. Booze does more brain damage, and i have the family members to prove it.

  66. Sidney says:

    She looks awesome for any age. I can’t believe she’s 51!

  67. Original Bee says:

    @Lenore, LMAO! The blood countess does come to mind when looking at her. This woman looks extraordinary for her age. She could easily pass for late 20′s early 30′s. My mother, aunt, and grandmother all look decades younger than they are. I’m not sure of any of their magical anti aging genes have been passed down to me though.

  68. John Wayne Lives says:

    what an idiot. *sigh* well, I hope he’s happy, and it all goes well.

  69. Diane says:

    I hope it works out for them, enough said.

  70. Jaxx says:

    I don’t consider her a trophy wife, though she is beautiful. It shows the depth of Paul’s character that he doesn’t go for women half his age or less. He truly wants a partner and companion and you cannot find that with someone 40 years younger. There is just no true partnership with someone that far from your own age and experience.

    Immature men who choose a partner half their age find nothing in common once the hot sex wears off. And it unfortunately always does.

  71. Cali says:

    Even if shes wealthy, I doubt very much she is as wealthy as Paul is. Its still a very stupid, stupid move of him to not have a pre-nup. Whats wrong with his children not forcing him to have one? Where is Stella McCartney? Nice step-parent or not, wealthy or not, she should still make sure her father has a prenup.

  72. Birdy says:

    Cue Heather Mills to do something tragic to try and draw focus.

  73. Lushus L. says:

    Okay, I’m going to get this out of my system, once and for all. If Paul Mc Cartney ever marries anyone close to his own age, y’know like ” Lovely Linda ” would be if she were still alive and didn’t die of cancer (not in hospital), then I might be impressed. Otherwise, no. Not that anyone cares–it’s just how I feel. Maybe I’m Amazed–at how much he really gags me!

  74. photo jojo says:

    Even if she’s a 180* turn around from Heather Mills, he’s an idiot for not getting a pre-nup. I mean, come ON.

  75. cbreader says:

    I love that one of the greatest living legends, Paul McCartney, who can surely have any woman he wants actually chooses someone who is an independently successful, age-appropriate woman (unlike the way too young gold digging airheads we see successful men marrying all too often). And can I just say that this woman looks INCREDIBLE! 51 and she looks like she’s in her 30s. Good for you Paul! And good for her! I hope they’re very happy together.

  76. beemer m. says:

    love to you Paul and best wishes but do something with your hair. looks much better short. bless you both

  77. Suzybelle says:

    My daughter met Paul and Heather in Chicago at a dinner for her land mine work. She had spent over $300 for a ticket to his concert the next day and wanted to meet him. He was very cordial to her but she was not at all impressed. She said he talked like a “stoner” and didn’t make a lot of sense. He popped her bubble. She said Heather was very gracious and mature but Paul acted like a doped up little kid. Just her impression but she’s a HUGE Beatle/Macca fan. Just goes to show you don’t really know people until you know them. I hope his new wife can deal with his doper/controlling ways. I feel sorry for Linda now. May she RIP.