“Charlie Sheen’s wiglet was aiming for magnanimity” links

Charlie Sheen‘s wiglet was aiming for magnanimity. [Dlisted]
Martha Plimpton looked great last night. [LaineyGossip]
A vintage Anne Hathaway photo shoot. [Yeeeah]
Britney Spears in a weird green and black bandage dress. I don‘t know. [Evil Beet]
Some Emmy history, for the Emmyloonies. I love Jon Stewart. [Pajiba]
Wait, Whitney Cummings is friends with Chelsea Handler? Kiss of death. [The Frisky]
Sandra Bullock & Louis. HIS FACE. [Pop Sugar]
Seriously, did Ashlee Simpson get new boobs? I‘m starting to wonder. [Celebuzz]
Jennifer Lopez‘s new music video for “Papi”. [ICYDK]
Swizz Beatz is paying for at least one of his babies. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
More photos from the Emmys. [CDAN]
What‘s green and orange and sucky all over? Olivia Munn. [A Socialite Life]
Beyonce was totally faking her bump at the VMAs. [Amy Grindhouse]
No black people won any Emmys this year. [Bossip]
A look at the Mulberry show at London Fashion Week. [PopBytes]
Martha Plimpton had an awesome pre-Emmy dress too. [Go Fug Yourself]
This kitty looks just like my mom‘s cat, Izzy. [Jezebel]



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  1. teri says:

    I’m more upset his costars didn’t back him up. Charlie in my opinion made the show even though the others were funny.

  2. gee says:

    I don’t see how people can forget his crazy train. I hope he doesn’t work again, he can’t even blame his outbreak on drugs. He’s just f’d up.

  3. Rita says:

    Love that dlisted referred to Ashton as “Hobo Yanni”.


    Since the “links” threads are usually light, just want to let you know I’ll be gone so you don’t think I left without the courtesy of telling you.

    Well, if you must know, I’m flying to Paris tomorrow. Awww, the City of Lights, the Louvre, that big tower thing, and the strange looks I get from Parisians when I pronounce the Champs Elysees (That’s French, you know). Yes, I’m being a little “Goopy” name dropper here but be not too envious. I’m only changing planes in Paris on my way to meet my hubby in Zagreb then on to the Croatian coast for a little R&R. Wish you were coming with Bellaluna, Madisyn, and Praise for St. Angie….we’d have a blast.

  4. 4Real says:

    Yeah but he MADE that show…he was so HIGH-LARIOUS!

  5. LeManda says:

    Glad to see Martha getting some love!!! She looked fabulous last night and I was hoping she’d be the surprise win for Female Comedy but I was still happy with Melissa’s win.

  6. Dhavy says:

    Charlie made the show the success it is.

    What he did on his own time is no one business. This was not a reality show and despite what the media says about his relationships, they keep coming back to him.

  7. Esmom says:

    That shot of him and Ashton…can you say awkward? Charlie’s little Emmy intro speech was a head-scratcher, I kept waiting for a punchline and it never came. So he’s not crazy anymore?

  8. kelbear says:

    Charlie Sheen may not be my fav person, and he may be a little crazy but he totally made the show what it is.

  9. Hautie says:

    At least Charlie has this as a learning experience. That non-stop coke and hookers, will cook your brain.

    But it seems, that he has sober up.

    Maybe with this coke rant costing him at least 20 million dollars… he will try to avoid the temptation of coke and hookers for awhile.

    But had he not gone off the rails… we wouldn’t have this great commercial…


  10. mamaT says:

    love that Martha is getting some love. she was one of the top 3 faves for me.

    Charlie…oh charlie…I loved 2 and a half but it only works with charlie and ducky. *le sigh*

  11. Happy21 says:

    I have thought there was something about Martha Plimpton ever since I was a kid watching The Goonies. Then in 200 Cigarettes back in the early 2000’s. I had wondered what became of her and and here she is – – looking fabulous!

    I also find that Anne Hathaway often looks odd but those photos of her were gorgeous. I have never used her name and that word in the same sentence before.

    I agree that Charlie Sheen made the show but was he really even acting? He seemed to play himself.

    Ashlee Simpson. Not a fan but no I don’t think she got new boobs. She’s always had some and that is just some not a ton. I think she’s just not covering up like she usually does.

  12. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Not a fan of Charlie or Ashton but good luck to both of them.

  13. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Happy21 I love Martha Plimpton she is on one of my favorite new shows on Fox ” Raising Hope, she is amazing and funny on the show, you should give it a watch.

  14. SueAnn says:

    I can honestly say I have never watched a second of this show. Ever…

  15. lucy2 says:

    Thanks for the Martha Plimpton links, her gown was one of my faves last night, but she barely got any press.
    She is so good on Raising Hope, which I absolutely love. Season 2 starts tomorrow, and season 1 DVDs are out tomorrow too. Highly recommended!

  16. Turtle Dove says:

    Great reading today on all the threads.

    Many thanks to Bedhead, Celebitchy and Kaiser for putting in extra time for such great posts.

  17. atorontogal says:

    In my opinion the characters Allen and Berda MAKE that show hillarious! Charlie was the same character in everything he played so he won’t be missed by me!

  18. Madison says:

    Welcome back Charlie, good to have you back now stay sober and away from the crack.

  19. Judy says:

    Was proud of Charlie last night…just wish he’d get some crowns…his teeth are very distracting. Still can’t stand Ashton.

  20. Your mama says:

    Rita ~~ ENJOY!! I’m from Croatia & am so homesick! Have a blast on the most beautiful beaches.

  21. Penguin says:

    He seemed healthy and sober. Goodluck Charlie.

  22. Carla says:

    I love the photos of Sandra and Louis. He looks so over all of it.

  23. sam says:

    It seems like he is one of those people who go wacko for a while and then go straight back on track I wonder if it is all related to the drugs/drink or if he has other issues for which he requires medication.

    I just had a random thought – Ever wonder if he wanted to get out of his contract for Two and a Half Men but couldn’t do so, so started acting crazy/crazier?

  24. Flan says:

    Saw the comments on another side (with more guys than gals) and they were all “I love Charlie Sheen” and “the poor guy”.

    Many guys really don’t give a **** if women get hurt nowadays, as long as their poor heroes don’t feel sad. Disgusting.

  25. Firecracker says:

    The former Warlock should tone down his wig! Too much and too harsh.

  26. sandra says:

    I think Charlie is a hoot. But what’s with the Ashton Manson look?

  27. wunderkindt says:

    Aston is starting to look like a creepy old perv.

  28. wunderkindt says:

    Aston is starting to look like a creepy old perv.

  29. ShanKat says:

    Charlie Sheen is an impressive bipolar. His heart must be about to pop. That’s a LOT of up-and-down in a year. Every year.

    I can’t not like Chuckles. Same for Ashton. The wig…not so much.

    I forget how small Charles is. Next to Jesus Kutcher, he looks like a little old man. A crazy, toothless little old man in a thrift shop wig.

  30. Annie says:

    He has the sunken in mouth area of someone without many natural teeth left. Plus the weightloss makes his nose look huuuuuge.

  31. Lisa Mullaney says:

    Good for Charlie – watched two and 1/2 men last night and thought it was just okay won’t be watching anymore

  32. Luise says:

    I watched 2 1/2 Men last night also. I don’t think the show is going to make it w/o Charlie. Ashton is not funny at all and no matter how many times he parades around naked will not keep the viewers coming back. Chuck Lorre ought to get over it and have Charlie come back from the dead otherwise the show will fail.

  33. hanna says:

    YEY! Jim Parson won! That’s how i felt during this video. Sheen is just last decade..

  34. jc126 says:

    I think Charlie Sheen is bipolar, too. I saw the show last night and Ashton was awkward, and the humor was unfunny and overly vicious. The roast wasn’t great, either.