Enquirer: Stacy Keibler is talking about having George Clooney’s baby


Surprisingly, you bitches weren’t all over yesterday’s Stacy Keibler-George Clooney story. Why? Is it because I used a photo of Stacy for the front page? I’d like some feedback on that, honestly. If you see an image of Cray-Cray Keibler on the front page, and you less likely to read the story than if I used a photo of George Clooney? This is today’s experiment.

Anyway, today’s Keibler-Clooney story comes via The Enquirer. Apparently, Cray-Cray is already thinking about babies. Because that never ended badly for one of Clooney’s girls. What’s next, Stacy? Are you going to give a big interview where you talk about how you’ve always wanted to married, and that’s where you see yourself within the next year? Because he’s not afraid of dumping you.

Stacy Keibler has told pals she desperately wants to get pregnant by the dashing 50-year-old George Clooney, say insiders.

“Stacy would like nothing more than to be the mother of George’s child,” revealed a source close to Keibler. “She said, ‘Oh my God, we would have such beautiful children!’”

An enthusiastic Stacy once told a reporter: “I would like to have a family someday, and I can’t wait to be a stay-at-home mom.”

Stacy is “just a regular girl at heart from Baltimore and would love to bring a baby home to her family there,” said the close source.

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

It’s like Stacy wasn’t issued the “What Not To Discuss” Checklist For Clooney’s Ladies. Sarah Larson should definitely run off another copy and send it to her. Seriously though, I’m going to hold my breath and wait this one out. So far, Stacy has been giving interviews and talking a lot about herself, but she hasn’t directly crossed a line into “Elisabetta Territory” yet. Mostly, I get the feeling that Stacy is just trying to hustle some work out of this Clooney gig. More power to her, I guess.

Oh, and the Enquirer also had a little story about Clooney sending Stacy’s mom sunflowers. According to a source, “George sent a bouquet of two dozen sunflowers to Stacy’s mom, Patricia. It wasn’t for a special occasion – he just enclosed a note saying he hoped the flowers would brighten her day. Stacy didn’t even know he’d done it until her mother called and told her. That certainly brightened George’s chances with Stacy!” Hahaha, yeah, why is Clooney trying to get in good with the mom? Much like a reality-version of Pretty Woman, Stacy is a sure thing. She’s impressed that Clooney even calls her. He doesn’t need to romance her mom too.




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  1. Cherry says:

    ‘I can’t wait to be a stay-at-home mom’?? Oh, man, that has to be the sexiest phrase any girl could possible utter in front of a man. It’s GOT to be an extreme turn-on.

  2. wildlotus says:

    WTF is on her head?

  3. gee says:

    He has such a type.. athletic and slightly trashy, not very bright but seemingly sweet.

  4. baum says:

    uh oh..mistake. exit Stacy. ignominiously

  5. chloe says:

    I don’t see this one lasting long!

  6. DailyNightly says:

    Maybe Elisabetta planted this story so George would dump Stacy.

  7. Cherry says:

    Seriously though, I’m sure Stacey isn’t the first one having this clever idea (i.e. ‘trapping’ The Clooney by getting knocked up). The fact that none of his girls ever succeeded is a dead giveaway. He’s ‘fixed’. Closed the factory. He CAN’T HAVE babies, so there’s really no need to even discuss it.
    And by the way, if I’m right- that he really had a vasectomy- than it was probably the smartest thing he ever did.

  8. brin says:

    Buh bye.

  9. Kathi says:

    I honestly don’t believe that any woman can get pregnant by him. He’s been clear about babies (nothing for him), so I think he took care about birth control himself.

  10. atlantapug says:

    No way did she say this!!

    She’s known him for years, do you really think she’d blurt this out like that.

    Oh, and she’s his beard, so they aren’t having any sex anyway, lol.

  11. Flan says:

    He always dates pathetic, dependent women.

  12. LucyOriginal says:

    Kaiser, I love your posts. But Cray Cray early morning?! I almost spilled my coffee…

  13. DavidBowie says:

    WTF is on her head?!?!?!

  14. Cherry says:

    @wildlotus and DavidBowie: I don’t think there’s anything on her head, she’s just standing in front of something.

  15. Liz says:

    I agree with DailyNightly
    It sounds like something crazy Elisabetta would plant in order to get rid of Cray-cray…C’mon… Elisabetta always seemed like a crazy woman. Hell hath no fury.
    As per the experiment. George Clooney is rather boring in any other scenarios. He’s a boring predictable man. I never click on his stories UNLESS its about some dummy he’s boinking, thats the only way i read gossip about him
    He’s just too bland…but i always like to read about silly girls thinking they can CHANGE him

  16. Lee says:

    @Cherry – did you miss that story and hilarious pics a week or two ago? That nest thing is her hair style. Seriously.

  17. KLaw says:

    Oh no, there IS something on her head – it’s her own hair in a rat’s nest! You must’ve missed the original posting. We’ve discussed that horrifying hair in detail!

  18. Madison says:

    That was her yesterday? George’s bitches are like a revolving door, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Yes I’m more likely to click if you use Clooney’s picture.

    Good luck with trying to get pregnant by Clooney, she wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last I’m sure lots of women have tried and they have all failed.

  19. LadyJane says:

    I think the lack of interest in yesterday’s post was because it was about Stacey – not Clooney. Now if the angle was “Clooney is with Stacey because she likes to live in the moment” – that is more interesting. But no one really cares what she has to say about anything, least of all, what she has to say about herself.

  20. 9 out 10 experts recommend says:

    Hasn’t he had the snip? I thought Georgie had a vasectomy. I guess they are reversible. But it’s pretty hard to fall pregnant “accidentally”.

  21. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    Well George Clooney is vile & shallow if he leads such a duplicitous fake staged private life.

    These relationships arranged by fat witch Kirstie Alley who advises Stan the Midget Rosenfield indicate they apply to small minded individuals.

    And Clooney stinks of desperation.

    Clooney is loathsome. He must have secrets to hide.

    There’s no logical explanation to be so deceptive and fake. Compulsive liar about his own life! Disgusting!!

    No respect for scum of the earth like George Clooney who mislead the general public with his duplicity and manipulation!

    What a deranged individual!

  22. LadyJane says:

    PS I wouldn’t be surprised if he has has a vasectomy. Either that or he uses about 7 condoms at a time. How has this guy never slipped up – esp with all the opportunistic ‘ladies’ he dates?

  23. The.princess.leia says:

    @wildlotus, DavidBowie and Cherry: I thought It was someone walking behind her but as it turns out, that birds nest looking thing is her hair/hairpiece. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

  24. Nanea says:

    If Cray-Cray goes on like that in public, it’ll be over for her before it really has begun.

    Unless the Cloonster had a change of heart and doesn’t mind Stan Rosenfield having to read stories about the for-hire girlfriends and reacting to them.

    Anyone remember how SR went on a few weeks ago about GC not having the next piece lined up, mere days before SK went cray-zay on Twitter about being wherever GC was right then?

  25. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    Fat old bag Kirstie Alley advised Stan Rosenfield how to pimp NO BALLS Clooney.

    And the pussy concedes. Coz he’s a spineless, effeminate coward!
    A puppet-on-a-string.
    Mr Yes Man.

    Panicking that his two new turd film flops will not be distributed or lack appeal.

  26. sassenach says:

    George has had a vasectomy. I am sure she knows but if then she better ask Sarah Larson the stupid idiot that tried that junk.

  27. cindigirl says:

    For God’s sake #26, where did all that hate come from? You sound like a very unhappy person. None of these people did anything to you. Lighten up.

  28. Cherry says:

    @Wolfgang Gunnerson: Elisabetta? Is that you?

  29. dorothy says:

    I still believe that in years to come he’ll do that Rock Hudson thing and come out.

  30. WhiteNoise says:

    Lord, he’s boring.

  31. Stan says:

    No I’m not Elisabetta Canalis – she’s too coked off her dial to sit in front of a computer for 5 mins & can’t speak the language. The ugliest hooker of Clooney’s lot!!
    CindiGirl is a regular PR correspondent on ClooneysOpenHouse run by Stan Rosenfield and funded by Clooney.
    She’s an elderly petite blonde.
    Doubles up as Kiki.

  32. Stan says:

    I hate duplicity.
    Clooney is a phony!

    Boycotting his films.
    Boring soap operas!

  33. No way says:

    I think this might already be over. I can’t believe a man that drops his girlfriends with the mention of marriage is going to stay with this. Give her credit she sure is milking her 15 min. or in Clooney terms 15 seconds.

  34. Rudypatudie says:

    TMI probably, but don’t you think he has a vasectomy ?

    Nobody’s going to trap him. No way.

  35. cindigirl says:

    “CindiGirl is a regular PR correspondent on ClooneysOpenHouse run by Stan Rosenfield and funded by Clooney.
    She’s an elderly petite blonde.
    Doubles up as Kiki.”

    Hahaha – Stan, you’re even sicker than I thought. You couldn’t be further from the truth.

  36. The Truth Fairy says:

    Bye, Stacy! It was nice knowin ya.

  37. stella says:

    I thought she was the good time girl. Sounds like Cloons has already dumped her and this is her excuse.

  38. JEEZ says:

    Was bored one night and read her Facebook page . She had gone to see enya . She was wondering how many baby’s were conceived listening to Enya . You don’t make a statement like that unless you have baby’s on the mind . Enya , how boring ! Also E had asked her about the marriage rummors about all his exs and how she would feel about being in the middle of them . She said something to the extent that she would be all over that one ! At least she knows what she wants .

  39. Kimbob says:

    Sounds like this staged relationship has already run its’ course. Talking about BABIES already? Did she even ever mention marriage before that?

    My, my, my…sounds like Clooney’s PR people are running out of exit strategies for his faux relationships.

    Oh well, @ least Cray-Cray was a suitable “honorable mention” @ least for a minute or so.

  40. Tazina says:

    I’m sure George has had a vasectomy years ago to avoid entrapment from one of his girlfriends. This is a non-story.

  41. Maritza says:

    Baby talk already? That was definitely the kid of death for her in Clooney’s eyes. I bet they won’t last a week more.

  42. ahoyhoy says:

    Clooney chooses C & D-list girlfriends because they will sign & stick to confidentiality agreements.
    He may have sex with them (going through the motions), but Clooney is mostly gay.

    Sorry, but my gaydar goes crazy on that man, and I’m usually right. Look at his dating history, his secretiveness in his personal life….So much adds up to another closeted actor.
    (Which is fine with me George; I’ll enjoy your talent & face no matter your preferences.)

  43. ladybert62 says:

    That picture of clooney underneath your headline is hysterical!

    Stacey practices the open mouth/insert foot philosophy.

    She will be history soon.

    I agree with the previous posters and especially the one that said he has probably taken the baby option out of the picture permanently!

  44. Hollowdoll says:

    I saw that hairball when I pulled it out of my bathtube drain this morning.

  45. Sumodo1 says:

    This is such a funny story. On so many levels.

  46. observer says:

    She’s saying all this shit because she’s not actually dating Clooney. The clock is ticking until she can no longer pretend, so she’s getting all the publicity she can until then. This is nothing more than an ongoing publicity campaign from Keibler and her publicist. But she has to be a bit crazy for doing all this shit even if it is for publicity. Who runs in and out of parties behind someone just to make it look like you’re with him, when he won’t even look at you? Maybe she had her marbles knocked out of her giant head one too many times back when she was “wrestling.”

  47. Dibba says:

    He’s starting to resemble George Hamilton. Face looks like a leather handbag. Soon he will be pathetic like Warren Beatty became.

  48. Mew says:

    Getting this kind of a story around is the fastest way to get rid of Clooney dong. I guess none of them really want to stick with him since they all pull the same mistake.

  49. Truthful says:

    welp, its over now, smdh.

  50. Aqua says:

    You know after a while all the George Clooney news sound the same to me. All they do is recycle an old article about him and his love life but just change the name from past girlfriend to “current girlfriend.It never fails.At this point even I’m bored with it all.

    Kaiser I click onto any Clooney thread weather he’s alone or with a girlfriend.Sad isn’t it.

  51. Kloops says:

    I agree, non story, Clooney has been fixed. No babies for him – ever. Cray Cray doesn’t strike me a terribly bright, but only a moron would put marriage and Clooney in the same sentnence (oops, sorry Eli). I’m calling tabloid shenanigans.

  52. Therese says:

    I had seen the bird’s nest before, but this time I was really startled by it, as well as the awful ensemble. The young woman seems perfectly nice, don’t want to disparage her, but isn’t Clooney embarassed by that? What does embarass him?
    Seriously, I think that kind of speech (about marriage and children) is a prearranged out, already laid out in the contract. By now I don’t buy any of his machinations. I’ve come to believe that Rander Gerber (and/or Cindy) is his life partner, with sharing on the side. I’ve stopped believing about his “girlfriends”. It feels like being yanked around and manipulated: makes me loose interest in his staged romances. I truly believe that even if you are a celebrity, you have every right to as much privacy as you can eek out, so if he cares to use subterfuge in this manner, it’s his call, but it makes me loose interest.

  53. mary simon says:

    I don’t find him attractive at all. He’s smug and his eyes are wonky.

  54. Aqua says:

    How do these tabloid papers stay afloat? seriously.People really don’t believe what these papers write or should I say make up do they?Besides if Stacy want to be on the Red Carpet come award season she needs to play this relationship out with more savvy.
    *Hugs* Lucy Original.

  55. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Mary I agree their is nothing attractive about this man but his money!

  56. photo jojo says:

    I guarantee you Clooney had a vasectomy years ago. He’d be an idiot not to. Hell, if he got his DNA near me I’d have a biological imperative to create life. And I don’t want a kid, Clooney or otherwise!

  57. april says:

    In last week’s People magazine they had a photo of the two hugging. It was a small oval photo in the middle of the page. And they had a large photo of the two sitting next to each other. So I do think they are having a “showmance.” Otherwise why wouldn’t Clooney deny it? He’s doing nothing to avoid the speculation. This is all probably a big ruse put on by both of them.

  58. Jane says:

    I have always read he didn’t want children. I have never read anything different as far as his take on fatherhood. I suspect he had a vasectomy a long time ago. I just don’t think it is likely that he wouldn’t have fathered a child by now if he had not gotten clipped.

    If he is adamant about not having children, then he would be a fool to leave it up to the woman, even with using a condom as a backup. I would bet big money he is shooting blanks.

  59. Gretchen says:

    I’d like to add to the ‘WTF is on her head’ statement! And whatever it is, it is the wrong colour to be her own hair…did a birds nest dislodge from some scaffolding and drop on her?? What the hell is that?? And why the hell is she not even attempting to have it the same colour as her hair?? Is it an ironic hat?

  60. LucyOriginal says:

    @Aqua: I don’t know if I want to endure her on the red carpet with her great fashion style. Oh well, she might be training using Clooney’s guidelines for lasting two years, she has pplenty of time to get there (argh!). *HUGS*

  61. meesarb says:

    they will not last to long for sure
    he never want to be with any wedding plane himself

  62. Stan says:

    So his PR team comprising of elderly (former Z-list TV actress/ eternal yo you dieter) KIRSTIE ALLEY who advises Stan Rosenfield are force feeding him again fake relationships.
    Now they’re trying to keep him entrapped for 2 years with Stacy Kyborg. Another dispensable, unattractive cheap woman. Btw, the latest “art” naked photos are heavily photoshopped. She’s struggles with cellulite, but that’s normal.

    He is too spineless & insecure to act otherwise. It’s a shame how A-list actors are delegated how to live their lives for the sake of profit.

    Even posthumously they generate a fortune for the recipients of their deceased estate.
    Clooney is forced to live this lie by those who have invested in him. He can stand up to them but they’re confrontational.

    Kirstie Alley is a “silent” advisor but very manipulative.

  63. Stan says:

    Rumor has it that Kirstie Alley posts as Cinderella on ClooneysOpenHouse blog. A small, gossip forum run by Clooney’s publicity team. It only has 300 or so members, so totally SMALL FRY..LOL
    And also, Kirstie Alley posts as PreferToRemainAnonymous on the imdB message board for George Clooney.
    Industry leak that came out recently.
    Has to do with her self-imposed exile when she weighed 300lbs and couldn’t do much.
    Ewwwwwww….. gross elderly woman that she is. Imagine all that loose saggy residual flesh hanging off her. Naked??? YIIIIKESSSSS!!!

  64. Liz says:

    Just a few days ago Clooney was photographed on his boat at Lake Como, surrounded by old friends such as Cindy Crawford and her husband and Marisa Tomei.
    Klieber was not of the party. Why? 🙂

  65. pattygirl says:

    Gee, Stan, COH isn’t too small potatoes for you to be a part of, is it? Have seen you posting on it, and not as a guest. You’re wrong about Cinderella being Kristie Alley. Cinderella’s way too smart to be. Guess that’s 2 strikes. Oh, no, make it 3. Calling cindigirl the PR correspondent for COH was actually your first strike. YOU’RE OUT!

    Liz, Keibler wasn’t in the party because she wasn’t in Italy when that was taken, which was just before the Venice Film Festival and not a few days ago.

  66. Aqua says:

    @ Liz I hope that you don’t mind that I try to answer your questions and I don’t know if this does or not, but George opened the Venice Film Festival with the movie The Ides Of March.Some of the cast stayed at his villa while waiting for the movie to premier.As for Cindy Crawford and her husband being there it was for moral support or so they said.
    As to the reason why Stacy wasn’t there it could be because maybe even George realizes that it maybe in bad taste to show off a new girlfriend on the Red Carpet so soon after a break up especially when this is where he debut Elisabetta two years before.Maybe a bit of a back lash if he did.That’s just my guess as to why Stacy wasn’t there.

  67. Stan says:

    PattyGirl is also one of the 7 main PR correspondents working for Stan Rosenfield, who posts regularly on ClooneysOpenHouse.
    It’s a full time vocation.
    All funded by Clooney’s corporation. Not doing such a great job for that matter.

    They think antiquated methodology as theirs is working.
    Clooney need to move to Matt Damon & Leonardo Di Caprio’s publicist as soon as possible.

  68. Stan says:

    No, Liz.
    The reason Stacy Kyborg Keibler wasn’t in Venice was because he bought time to escape the PR nightmare imposed on him.
    His PR team are calling me a “nutjob” because I’m exposing the truth.
    Look at the disdain on his face at the TiFF in the photos with Keibler. There’s no PDAs whatsoever.
    But Kirstie Alley, Stan Rosenfield & other finance groups who effect his management, insist he flaunts her as his girlfriend.
    He’s a fool to concede.
    And he accepts. But their strategy is to make more money & generate publicity with this commedia dell’arte!
    I’m not paid to post here. Consider it a favor!
    And NO, he’s definitely NOT gay nor BI!!

  69. observer says:

    I’ll keep saying it. Keibler is PRETENDING to be George’s girlfriend.

    The pics that showed them supposedly hugging etc. were photoshopped, which I spotted right away. Those pics have all been pulled from every major U.S. website. Now why would that have been done if the pics were real?

  70. pattygirl says:

    Well, Stan, thanks for the promotion to “regular PR correspondent”. When do you think I’ll get a raise? A fulltime vocation, really. Boy, what is your fulltime vocation? You badmouth,call people derogatory names, splash your hateful message for all to see. How many sites do you post to? Until today when I posted to this one, I posted to only one site, COH. If I were a regular PR correspondent for Clooney’s corporation, wouldn’t I be spreading the word about George to all sites possible. Now that would be a fulltime vocation and worth a paycheck. I’ll say goodbye now, no need for me to continue to be a thorn in your side.
    I’m sure someone else will “bust your chops” soon, but I will say it was fun while it lasted. I am a big fan of George Clooney, but nor an employee.

  71. Stan says:

    @PattyCake- you do post. Under different sockpuppets. But that’s understandable. It’s all so contrived these days.
    @RunsWithBats/ Silverscreen/ Observer – no they’re not. He’s giving her a bear hug. The photo where the huge wart is sticking out of her nostril. It’s better to argue that they’re just buddies than recycling the Photoshop spiel you used so regularly with Canalis.
    Why are you so defensive? He accepted this scenario.

  72. observer says:

    @Stan, I haven’t been defensive, as you know. But that’s just your way of insulting me. I’ve only posted what I’ve concluded based on the evidence.

    If any of those pics is still available on a U.S. website, please provide the link. Clooney had them taken down because they’re fake. One of the pics even has a big floating finger that they forgot to edit out.

    Also, and I posted about this on Just Jared, I found a black widow spider in my house right after TIFF, and at the same time someone on Just Jared started posting with the name “Silk Road” and used the word “widower” in a post. After that, I noticed that Keibler’s tacky dress looked like it has black widow legs down the back, and her hair looked like it had a spider’s nest on top of it. Coincidences? Maybe, but that seems very unlikely to me. I don’t know what Keibler is mixed up in, but suffice to say that I’m convinced she has connections in low places.

  73. observer says:

    Correction to my previous comment, the name they used was “Silk Route” and not “Silk Road.”

  74. Paige says:

    is that a bird’s nest?

  75. Haha! Observer/Marmot/Silverscree: are you still trying to pretend that pics of Stacy and George were photoshopped even when the whole world saw them together at Toronto?

    Stan (and I’m being polite by pretending you’re someone different from Observer): nope, http://www.clooneysopenhouse.com is a fan site for George Clooney fans and has nothing whatsoever to do with George or his PR agency.

    Are you really not aware that his PR team work for George and not the other way round? They do what he tells them to and they do their best to make him look as good as possible.

  76. april says:

    So if this is all Stacy K.’s doing, why doesn’t George deny it? By not denying it, it makes him culpable too. Doesn’t People magazine and Entertainment Tonight take the time to verify if the photos are photoshopped putting the two of them together for their own credibility?

  77. Liz says:

    You all remember Rupert Everett, I believe! After he confessed he was gay his career was practically over, just gay roles for him. That is why GC goes to such extreme lenghts to hide the truth from people.

  78. Poppy says:

    @ Liz, I think Rupert’s main career problem is that he was always a major pain in the A** and has only gotten worse over the years, if he was a gay man who was also a gentleman and a professional like Sir Ian McKellen he would still be in demand. He always believed he was a ‘leading man’ type when he was only ever really supporting actor material.

    However I do agree about actors coming out in Hollywood…..career suicide if you’re a ‘leading man’, especially if you have been pretending to be a stud for most of your life, I don’t believe Clooney is gay (BI maybe) but if he was gay he could never come out, most of his fan base would disappear overnight for wilfully duping them, the woman who see him as their fantasy guy and the guys who see him as ‘the cool suave studly’ would drop him like a hot brick and he would never live down the fact that he was cynically playing with/duping the rest of his fans with his lifelong very public parade of beards .

    Take Rock Hudson as an example there, in his day he was once as big as Steve McQueen or Paul Newman in box office terms but today you hardly ever see any of his movies on TV because his fan base suddenly disappeared .

  79. Fleur says:

    Oh, no this is wrong, as Rock Hudson was a brilliant actor and extremely good looking he is still in out hearts!!!

  80. Barf says:

    @Stan, We don’t need George’s PR team to tell us what a Nutjob you are, we can see it ourselves

    @observer, Time for a reality check honey! You are the only person in the world who believes that

    Don’t know about George banging on about winning the World’s sexiest man title twice, but he could win the title hands down for the actor with the most delusional fans

  81. Poppy says:

    I agree Fleur, I always thought he was a very charming man, a true movie star and made some great movies, but sadly the fact is he is only ever mentioned now for the Gay/AIDS episode with barely a nod to his film career.

  82. observer says:

    George is letting his actions do the talking. He’s completely ignored Keibler. He’s had the photoshopped pics pulled from all the major U.S. websites.

    Keibler will continue riding this publicity train as long as she can, but if she thinks she still has deniability at this point, she’s fooling herself. She’s well past the point of being able to say that she never actually claimed to be dating Clooney, as she’s had plenty of chances to deny the “rumors,” rumors that originated with her press releases and actions. When it gets to the point that she will no longer be able to pretend she’s dating Clooney, Keibler will be seen as very dishonest and a bit crazy.

  83. Barf says:

    No Observer, you are the one with deniability and fooling yourself. George is dating her or he would have issued a denial at Tiff. There are plenty of photos of them together on US websites and have not been pulled at all. Look at Splash for one example! They have photos of them together at Tiff and even with Stacey’s hand on his back. They are together and yes you are right he is letting his actions speak, that is why they arrived and left the after party together and they were seen all over each other there. Get over it!

  84. observer says:

    I see that Keibler’s publicity team is very busy here. The photoshopped pics of them that were released right after Venice have all been pulled except for those on obscure or foreign websites. The pics of Keibler following him around at TIFF aren’t fake, but Clooney completely ignores her in all of them. They weren’t together. They didn’t even ride in the same car. There are no real photos of Clooney so much as looking at her. Keibler’s publicity team tweeted some fake tweets about them together, but of course there are no real photos of that. Keibler is going to look like the dishonest famewhore that she is when she can no longer continue with this publicity stunts campaign.

    As I’ve already said, George is letting his actions do all of the talking. Why should he issue a statement regarding someone he’s completely ignored? Not only Keibler but also the press are going to look very foolish for printing her press releases as though they are fact.

  85. laura says:

    ok,stan. who are you and how do you know so much? i feel like you really do have an inside track here. and if clooney’s not gay or bi how/ why is he forced into these ‘relationships’?

  86. ElizabethJane says:

    If Stacy is talking marriage and children then yes George will break up with her. He’s very adamant about the fact that he doesn’t want either one. If Stacy thinks she can change his mind she’s mistaken.