Stacy Keibler got with Clooney because she “lives in the present moment”


Stacy Keibler is still talking! I guess she didn’t have to sign the “golden gagging clause” that Elisabetta Canalis got. Thankfully, since Stacy’s debut as George Clooney’s official girlfriend in Toronto, Stacy has been reeling it in a bit. There are no longer breathless reports based on quotes from “friends of Keibler” all about how Stacy thinks George is the one and how he loves her and wants her to move in and how they’ll totally get married. Now we just get vague quotes from the horse’s mouth (so to speak) about how Stacy found love with Clooney because she wasn’t looking for anything in particular. Mm-hm. Riiiight.

Apparently, Stacy Keibler just wants to have fun.

The former wrestler, who is dating one of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors, is a “blast to be around,” her ex, Geoff Stults, tells PEOPLE.

“She would be everybody’s best friend,” the actor, who dated Keibler for five years before the couple split in early 2010, said Sunday after finishing the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. “She’s the kind of girl that people want to hang out with.”

And that includes George Clooney, who was recently spotted with Keibler at the Toronto International Film Festival.

So what kind of boyfriend does fun-loving Keibler want to hang out with?

“I think just a good sense of humor,” she told PEOPLE Monday at the Appleton Estate Reserve “Remixology” bartender challenge in New York. “And polite … I think someone who is genuine and honest and someone who likes to have a great time no matter what they’re doing.”

Keibler was just “living in the moment” when she and Clooney began their relationship. “I was actually not really searching for a boyfriend,” she says.

And now that the pair are an item, it seems she’s not worrying too much about what the future holds.

“I don’t think about that. I live in the present moment,” she says. “That was my New Year’s resolution … and it’s worked out pretty good so far.”

[From People]

I wonder if Stacy’s big mouth bothers Clooney? I really don’t know – he seems to be playing a different game with this one. Stacy isn’t getting the usual Clooney rollout, so I think George is trying to mix it up and defy our expectations a little bit. Or maybe he worries that Stacy is a little bit cray-cray, so he’s playing it all by ear. Meanwhile, Radar/Star Magazine has a new interview with one of Clooney’s former pieces, Elizabeth Daily. Daily says that Stacy needs to watch her ass. And her heart. But mostly her ass.

George Clooney’s ex, Elizabeth Daily, has a few wise words for his new girlfriend, Stacey Kiebler, warning her that the eternal bachelor will likely break her heart, Star magazine is exclusively reporting.

“I wouldn’t have any expectation of anything serious,” Daily tells Star. Going on to suggest that the 31-year-old stunning wrestler “enjoy him,” but brace herself for heartache.

“Girls think they can tame him,” Daily, who is known as E.G. to her friends, explains. “But it will never happen. They’re wasting their time.”

Elizabeth has known George since she was a teenager and dated him in 1993 after his split from wife Talia Balsam.

“Even then he was adamant that he wouldn’t get married again,” she claims.

The 50 year-old actress who starred in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure has two daughters with Paris Hilton’s sex tape co-star, Rick Salomon, still speaks fondly of George though.

“He’s a beautiful and sexy and a true man,” she gushes.

[From Radar]

Clooney’s exes always seem to speak highly of him…well, for the most part. Elisabetta insinuated that Clooney is “cold and controlled” – but before he dumped her, she was singing his praises. I think… Clooney must be a good boyfriend, but when he’s over it, he’s really over it, and he doesn’t want to even see the chick again. I mean… most guys are like that, in my opinion, and lots of women are like that too. Who knows?





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  1. brin says:

    She seems like she will still be talking about him even when it’s over…heck, it may already be over.

  2. melanie says:

    I think she is really pretty. She seems less needy than the others…but who knows.

  3. mia girl says:

    George Clooney dated E.G. Daily???!!!

  4. your mama says:

    Because I think that Clooney wants a beard finally. An official one… might even get hitched one. Contractual obligations and all.

  5. jinni says:

    He dated Tommy Pickles?! I loved Rugrats!

  6. GrossOnSoManyLevels says:

    another one who has been photographed with her naked ass in the air…this one displaying to the ilk that enjoys fixed wrestling matches…he must call for pictures of asses and choose them that is obvious he doesn’t pick them for their faces.

  7. Jayna says:

    She’s average. Nice body, average face. She’s a filler for sex and companionship until he meets his new two-year relationship.

  8. LucyOriginal says:

    “I don’t think about that. I live in the present moment,”

    AS IF… She has spoken about getting married and having kids and she has something about that on her cray cray twitter page. I think there is a clause to change your goals to be the girlfriend of_______.

    ” “I was actually not really searching for a boyfriend,” she says.”

    AS IF (I believe her) …Translation: I was not looking for regular guys, but if an A-list star wanted me to be his escort I would jump right in and take full advantage of this opportunity! She is trying so hard to pretend she is carefree…

    “…“She would be everybody’s best friend,” the actor…”

    I think her ex is right, the only “chemistry” I see between cray cray and George (C)looney is friendship, I meant to say bed friends.You know…

    ps: Her vein popping from her forehead is really odd. Does anyone think she uses botox?

  9. Nanea says:

    Sorry, nothing to do with present moment but quite a lot with the future:

    Stacy got with Clooney because she’ll get lots of money for her troubles eventually.

    And she was willing to abide by his rules. Whether she really gets them is another thing, see her Twitter account.

  10. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I have no understanding why people always need to speak publicly about their relationships. I understand they are celebs or dating celebs but I find it distasteful to talk about your personal life, whether people want to hear it or not.

  11. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    She has a soccer ball head like Charlie Brown from the Peanuts.
    Massive big butch legs she claims are an asset.
    A wider ass than Clooney’s.
    And towers over the puny little runt 50 year old sleaze!

    Yeah, I’m really going to watch his films.
    He’s toxic filth!

  12. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    And a huge wart on one of her nostrils.

    Check out they crazy hair!
    Marge Simpson bird’s nest mess Beehive.

    And masses of hair extensions for this Appleton crap.

    Botoxed to the max. Looks 45 years old.

    Clooney is an idiot!

  13. Aqua says:

    Have I missed something? I saw ET last night and when Stacy was asked “What was the most romantic thing George has done for you”?Stacy replied “No comment.”I’m not going to talk about my personal life because if I did it wouldn’t be personal”So I was going to give George some credit for choosing a woman who is more media savvy and who is more socially independent (so that he can come and go as he pleases and not worry about her hanging all over him 24/7).But judging by some of the comments I’ve been reading,apparently I’m more than a little wrong .Oh well,it wouldn’t be the first time!

  14. Stacia says:

    He will dump her like the rest when she starts talking about possible marriage and kids.

  15. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    Notice how all QUEER men choose ugly women as their beards… I mean, “girlfriends.”

  16. observer says:

    Keibler is PRETENDING to date Clooney. She’s not actually dating him. At the Toronto Film Festival, she wasn’t allowed to walk next to him on any red carpets, sit next to him inside theatres, or ride in the same cars with him. Clooney never even looked at her and kept trying to avoid her. She followed him into and out of parties to try to make it look like they were together. Even in the photos most likely to make it appear they are together, it’s obvious they aren’t together. Doesn’t Keibler realize how desperate these publicity stunts make her look, and how dishonest it will become apparent to everyone she is once she can no longer pretend to be dating Clooney? The idiotic media including People magazine just keep printing her publicist’s ridiculous press releases as though they are fact.

  17. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    @observer/ runswithbats/ silverscreen – that’s why they’re heading towards the door of the same car together.
    That’s why people twittered that he was trying to act convincingly as her boyfriend at the parties.
    That’s why there’s footage where he touches her as she’s walking ahead of him.
    He’s a disgusting, filthy sleaze. Lends his services to sell tabloids. Not discerning. Ugly.. trashy… dispensable…. To cater to his self-loathing twisted cynicism.

  18. Playlist says:

    @JaneWonderfalls – “I have no understanding why people always need to speak publicly about their relationships.”

    Stacy’s task is to talk about it, within limits. What’s the point of having a PR girlfriend if she doesn’t let everyone know about it? It frees George up to concentrate on his own life. Whenever Stacy refers to dating George in any way, than it’s less effort he has to make by taking her out in public. The PR girlfriend’s job is to sell it without much work on George’s part. That is what they get paid for, whether it is with money, work, publicity, or all three. Notice that Stacy has received media coverage for being at a random bartender’s competition. That’s two out of three payments right there.

    Stacy is still in the probationary training stage of learning what she can and cannot say. If she forgets the rules, she will be quickly re-schooled (“I don’t talk about my personal life”). She is getting more attention already because she has easier access to the media than previous girlfriends and she speaks English, even if she doesn’t sound too intelligent. That is not required for the job.

    All George has to do on his part is to take her out to a public dinner once in a while. Those dinners will include other friends as well (which of course will not be included in the intimate photos taken). When he is done with the arrangement she will be required to make the standard public statement about wanting a family and he will move on to the next one. It’s an easy out for George because he doesn’t have to explain himself to the media. George has his standard M.O. he uses on all of them, and she is no different.

  19. observer says:

    @Wolfgang Gunnerson, Keibler followed him to get into some photos with him. They did not get into the same car. She was not with him. There is no footage of him touching her, only of her darting in front and back of him.

  20. LucyOriginal says:

    @Aqua: “I missed something?” Yes, you have. Her “friends/sources” leaked the relationship (cough!), and in a 24 hour span the “relationship” went from fling to monogamous relationship + met his parents and they might move in together + the staged photos of them smiling and drinking champagne… She only talks about George to few media outlets (life & style, us magazine, people and ET)(in a general way, so if “doesn’t work out” she can say they never were really dating). These are the ones who sell this PR story because the other ones didn’t buy it in the first place. What else? years backs she said she would love to be involved in an engagement gossip with George and she would jump right in (surprising! lol). She did not have much work ahead of her (let’s not go on her life style of exfoliating and going to the gym without much work to do -cough!), people didn’t even talk about her and now boom! a bartender contest and she got to be interviewed (what a joke). Let alone, her craziness behavior at Toronto film festival red carpet like she was someone (important)from the movie industry and had a major movie coming out, please… What else? she wanted to have babies and get married, but now she doesn’t look ahead because she made a new year’s resolution about that (lol). That’s a lot of cray cray out there already… I am already tired, too much cray cray in a very short period… *HUGS* Aqua

  21. Overya says:

    I highly doubt Stacy will continue to live for this moment when it comes to G.Clooney.. *sigh*

    Just look at Elisabetta’s situation previously. She first stated she wanted to ” live for the moment” and time flies she is falling harder and expecting too much…

    PS: Stacy looks gorgeous

  22. Wolfgang Gunnerson says:

    Well George Clooney is vile & shallow if he leads such a duplicitous fake staged private life.

    Empty tin makes the most noise. And Clooney stinks of desperation.

    He must have secrets to hide. There’s no logical explanation to be so deceptive and fake. Compulsive liar about his own life! Disgusting!!

    I despise him! No respect for scum of the earth like George Clooney who mislead the general public with his duplicity and manipulation!

    What a deranged individual!

  23. Aqua says:

    @ Lucy Original I love how your always on top of these things!Anyway I was watching ETalk yesterday and they all were talking about TIFF fashion and about TIFF couples. It was interesting how all the women on the show just slammed SK for her lack of fashion sense and for her walking the Red Carpet like her was on AList star while the only man on the panel said that “If George Clooney anoints you to walk the Red Carpet you need to walk it like you own it” and he thought she was the best dressed girlfriend at TIFF.As a couple however, everyone thought “Arm Candy”

  24. Aqua says:

    Forgot to say Ben Malroney who was the only man on the Etalk panel thought all the women who slammed SK for her fashion sense and for walking the RC the way that she did were/are all jealous of her.That’s what most guys say right?

  25. LucyOriginal says:

    @Aqua: You are right! And yes, unfortunately Eli opened my eyes for George’s personal life script. I am very detailed oriented, I could pinpoint every date cray cray pr team said cray cray stuff…lol *hugs*

    ps: This one is easy to be on top of the stories. Her twitter is full of cray cray deep cray cray and now that she is (allegedly) the girlfriend of________, she is tweeting less, might obey the script…

  26. Stan says:

    For all you few non-industry readers, just so you know, most people posting here are PR correspondents and senior citizen TV actress/ professional yo yo dieter Kirstey Alley.

    LucyOriginal – paid to post fake comments.
    Aqua – paid to post this garbage as well.
    Many others.

  27. Stan says:

    Kirstie Alley advises Stan Rosenfield’s PR team how to run Clooney’s public image.

    The hippo has a vendetta or an obsession with Clooney.
    She always loved younger men.

    Also, she posts on imdB as PreferToRemainAnonymous on the Clooney Board.

  28. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I’m not fond of the term cray cray, though I may be a little loco because I like dong.

  29. Stan says:

    So his PR team comprising of elderly (former Z-list TV actress/ eternal yo yo dieter) KIRSTIE ALLEY who advises Stan Rosenfield are force feeding him again fake relationships.
    Now they’re trying to keep him entrapped for 2 years with Stacy Kyborg. Another dispensable, unattractive cheap woman. Btw, the latest “art” naked photos are heavily photoshopped. She’s struggles with cellulite, but that’s normal.

    He is too spineless & insecure to act otherwise. It’s a shame how A-list actors are delegated how to live their lives for the sake of profit.

    Even posthumously they generate a fortune for the recipients of their deceased estate.
    Clooney is forced to live this lie by those who have invested in him. He can stand up to them but they’re confrontational.

    Kirstie Alley is a “silent” advisor but very manipulative.