Naomi Watts talks about Heath Ledger: “He was a very special soul”


These are some new photos of Naomi Watts last night at the opening of that new ballet – the one Paul McCartney wrote the music for. I really, really love Naomi’s “suit”. All too often, when women do the white-suit thing, I think they look a bit Tom Wolfe-ish. But this is just the right balance – great white pants, and this awesome little vest. It’s sexy, it’s sophisticated, it’s smart, it’s appropriate. Lovely. The only thing I dislike is how buddy-buddy she seems with Jessica Seinfeld. WTF?


In other Naomi news, she covers the new issue of More Magazine, and in the interview, she discusses her relationship with Heath Ledger. They dated for several years, circa 2002-2004. Then he got with Michelle Williams right after Naomi. Naomi has discussed Heath before – notably, in a Parade interview in 2009 – but she’s not trotting out his corpse for every interview, which I appreciate.


Naomi Watts has opened up about her ex Heath Ledger saying the late actor was a ‘very special soul’ who ‘made a great impact on my life.’ The 43-year-old actress – who is currently promoting her movies Dream House and J Edgar – dated the Australian star for nearly two years. Their relationship ended in 2004 and he died four years later at the age of 28. Although they were dating different people at the time of his death Watts has fond memories of the Brokeback Mountain star.

‘Good times,’ Watts tells America’s More magazine when asked about Ledger. ‘We had a beautiful relationship, only a couple of years, but he was a man who was completely full of joy, and there was a lot of laughing and affection. He was really a very special soul and made a great impact on my life. And a great actor, but I know there was so much more to come. And it’s such a tragedy for his little daughter.’

Ledger went on to date actress Michelle Williams, with whom he had a child, Matilda who turns six in October. Ironically, Watts – who has two sons with her boyfriend Liev Schreiber – lost her father when she was just seven.

Peter Watts was a sound engineer and road manager for rock group Pink Floyd. He died when she was a little girl and seven years later the actress moved from the UK where she was born to live in Australia with her mum, stepfather and brother.

Asked how the death of her father impacted her life, Watts is at first cagey, saying: ‘I don’t talk about him.’

According to the reporter she later says in an e-mail: ‘It’s too personal. Forgive me…’

But Watts eventually comments in another e-mail sent two weeks after the original interview.

She wrote: ‘Not knowing my father always made me feel like a piece of myself was missing or unknown. Not reachable. And growing up, there was this wondering what he would think of me or what I would think of him.’

Now the mother of two sons – Alexander, four, and Samuel, two – Watts is very clear about the legacy she wants to leave her children.

‘I want them to feel connected to me and me to them,’ she says. ‘Always. I want them, above all, to feel sure of who they are. That they are safe in the world and confident and happy people. And of course, connected – to their parents, their friends, their family, the world and themselves. This is the most important goal/dream in my life. Everything else is gravy.’

Aside from talking about her personal life, Watts also reveals that she has a ‘bawdy’ sense of humour.

‘Bawdy’ is apparently the word that actress Nicole Kidman used to describe her friend’s sense of fun.

Watts agrees, saying: ‘I do, I do. And it’s definitely heightened when I’m in the company of Australian women and a drink.’

[From The Mail]

I think Naomi was as classy as she could be. It would have been too hyper-dramatic for her to act all, “OH, I cannot discuss my great love Heath Ledger.” At the time of his death, they had both moved on and started families with other people, but for a time there, they were a surprisingly strong couple. I think she discussed Heath with a lot of maturity, and… I have to just say it and just get yelled at… I think Michelle Williams should take note of the way Naomi handled it. I get tired of how Michelle has actively allowed Heath’s death to define her. She (STILL) acts like they were still together when he died, and like she’s The Widow Ledger. Maybe that just bugs me, and I’m a raging bitch. But at the time of Heath’s death, he was spending his nights with Lohans and Olsens, and Michelle was rumored to have other lovers too.


Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Heather M (Heather) says:

    I won’t yell at you, but I do understand Michelle Williams feeling so distraught. Obviously there is the fact that they had a kid together and, by all accounts, he was a great dad. And I think that she probably considers him her “great love,” and they had not been broken up for that long when he died. It’s possible she would have considered rekindling things in the future, and she now feels that was stolen from her. Naomi had totally gotten over any ideas about “them” as a couple when he died, so there was more closure for her.

  2. Samigirl says:

    I loved Heath. So sad that he won’t be making more movies for me to enjoy. Now, on to something very pressing. WTH is going on with Lady Seinfeild’s dress. I don’t know what the deal is, but am I the only one seeing that it looks like she’s got these ginormous, saggy boobs??

  3. MJ says:

    I agree with the Michelle Williams thing – she will always have a deep connection to him as they have a child together, but they had been split up for a while at the time of his death. Not to diminish the impact, but she acts like she’s his widow and their breakup never comes up. It seems opportunistic to me.

    Naomi Watts is a real classy lady. Jessica Seinfeld, on the other hand… didn’t she dump her husband after meeting Jerry at the gym 3 weeks after their honeymoon? She’s been screwing with her face – it looks like she can only make that one expression, based on a few recent photos.

  4. layla says:

    Agreed on the Michelle Williams overview…. I have always found it strange at just how linked she gets and how often she references Heath’s death.
    Yes, I know they have a daughter and were together for a few years but its always portrayed as if they were still together.

    Naomi is all class. Always has been. Always will be.

    • Leah says:

      My opinion- Michelle doesnt bring it up EVER teh ppl who interview her DO..and Michelle is all class too! heath was a very rare special breed and there must be something special about both ladies for they won Heath’s love. Michelle had only been without Heath for 3 months when he died. If he’d lived..who knows if they would have worked it out.But He LOVED her and SHE LOVED HIM

  5. Sara says:

    Insensitive for sure. Have you ever thought that Michelle may have desired to be his wife but for her daughter’s sake she had to let him go due to drug abuse? She was still in love with the father of her daughter when he died! It doesn’t matter that they were not married and seeing other people. Give the girl a break sheesh.

  6. Katie says:

    I had forgotten they dated.

    As for Michelle Williams, I think she thinks of Heath as the love of her life. The love of your life dying, plus you both being famous so people constantly ask about it and you could be flipping through tv channels and see him on a movie, would be pretty difficult to deal with. If she were more of a media whore in general I might feel like she was using it, but she only seems to do media to promote her work (not herself as a celebrity) and even then not that much.

  7. Kimbob says:

    Naomi Watts seems to be a very well-grounded person. She’s a movie star, but she doesn’t appear to have a huge ego like other celebrities of similar stature. I’ve just always liked her.

    Now about her and Jessica Seinfeld…me no likey. However, that picture just seems like they were posing together and that’s all…but I could be wrong.

    And yes, I agree w/you again @Samigirl…that dress Jessica’s wearing is not doing her any favors. It just looks like a decorative potato sack. And yes…it’s not doing her bustline any favors, as well. It would look better on someone w/a thinner frame, I think. Conceptually a good dress, but Jessica’s not pulling it off.

    Edit: I think she really loved Heath (Michelle Williams), but I think she could’ve handled his death better in the media spotlight, as well.

  8. Bodhi says:

    I love Naomi. She is a fantastic actress & has always been a class act.

    Michelle will never win. Even when she doesn’t talk about Heath at ALL (see the most recent story about her here on CB) “his corpse gets dragged out” & she gets grief for it. OF COURSE he will always be a part of her life. They have a daughter together, for God’s sake. She seems to have dealt with it & moved on (she has been linked to more than a few men since his death, after all). Other people keep bringing him up, not Michelle. Give her a break!

    Edit: Ditto Katie… well said

  9. lucy2 says:

    I like Naomi, and I think what she was was nice and appropriate. She seems mature and classy.

    Sara, I always got the same impression, that they didn’t split because they didn’t love each other, but because he was having problems and Michelle wanted to protect herself and their kid. And I’ve never felt like she even talks about it all that much.

    As always, ugh to the Seinfelds.

  10. Wif says:

    She gets to speak like she’s a widow because her connection with him will go on forever through their daughter (who looks just like him, and may be similar to him in other ways too.) Even though they weren’t romantically together, they were still, and will always be, family.

  11. Carly says:

    I’m a huge Heath fan and it breaks my heart that Michelle Williams gets to play the widow. From what I’ve read, Naomi and Heath broke up just as he was going to make Brokeback Mountain. According to friends, they had every intention of getting back together, so much so that Naomi Watts kept putting off dates with Liev Schreiber. Michelle then gets pregnant and Heath and Naomi end it for good. A lot of Heath’s problems stem from Michelle, and how she threatened to keep their daughter away from him once they broke up. Read Terry Gilliam’s quotes on Michelle, he was the director of Heath’s final movie. Michelle never wanted to talk about Heath at all but all of sudden when she was up for her Oscar for “Blue Valentine” as Kaiser put it, “she’s trotting out his corpse for every interview”. I understand she had a kid with him, but she can’t use her kid as crutch for sympathy. They broke up and he was gladly moving on with Gemma Ward. My sympathy goes to Matilda who lost a great father, not Michelle ‘let me talk about Heath for attention’ Williams, so it’s nice reading Naomi’s classy quotes on him.

    • Leah says:

      I’mnot sure where u get your info from..but heath & naomi broke it off bcuz she was older adn ready to begin a family..heath was only 24 and not ready to commit…then he began brokeback then he adn michelle met fell in LOVE..Naomi was long gone!! And just because heath had a few flings in the 3months he lived without Michelle b4 he died. She was the one to ask him to go. All she wanted was Heath and to be a family with him..If he’d lived they probably would have rekindled their love. Heath said all the time how much he loved her adn that she was his soul mate..Michelle is a fantastic human being and Needs NO ONES Help to get ATTENtion!! SHE IS NEVER THE ONE WHO BRINGS HEATH UP THE JOURNALISTS DO IT FOR RATINGS.. JUST MY THOUGHTS!! i LOVE ALL 3 OF THEM..

  12. Liz says:

    We can’t make negative assumptions about Michelle based on surface ‘facts’ out there. We don’t know the extent of these people’s relationships and frankly, most of it doesn’t concern us. Belittling other people’s experiences is never good when we don’t exactly know what those experiences are…

  13. mimi says:

    Naomi Watts is BEAUTIFUL! She doesn’t look nearly old enough to be on the cover of More- not that that’s a bad thing, she’s just very inspirational. Gorgeous and classy.

  14. Mandi says:

    @ Carly .. you talk with such authority but you know shit. ‘From what i have read’ – where? National Enquirer?


  15. Kim says:

    ” Ironically, Watts – who has two sons with her boyfriend Liev Schreiber – lost her father when she was just seven.”

    WHY can’t people learn what irony means?

  16. Roma says:

    @Samigirl: I cannot stop staring at her granny boobs! What is going on there??

  17. Embee says:

    I was under the impression that Michelle and Heath were apart at his death because he had gotten lost with the drugs (Michelle had to step away, for Mathilda’s sake)? My ex nearly killed himself with drugs as well, and the experience was a traumatic one. Living with a delusional addict is scary, disturbing, upsetting….there really aren;t words for it.

    For his death to occur in the midst of all that would be very, very difficult.

  18. layla says:

    @Kim – well noted!

    That Alanis Morisette song always bugged me for this very reason. A black fly in my chardonnay isn’t ironic. It’s a waste of a glass of wine! – haha.

  19. Delta Juliet says:

    I guess I’m not saying anything original here but I too always got the feeling that Michelle thought they would get back together and feels that it was stolen from her. No one expects to lose someone they love so young. It’s probably just a reminder to her that no one is guaranteed tomorrow. That’s enough to make anyone melancholic.

  20. Heather M (Heather) says:

    The Alanis Morisette song was written to show the improper use of the word. She knew the examples in the song weren’t ironic.

  21. Heather M (Heather) says:

    (Incidentally, the Ironic song used to bug me, too, for the same reason, but I saw an interview where she said that she wrote it knowing it wasn’t ironic… Could have just been CYA, however).

    Also, @ Katie #6, I agree and that’s basically what I was saying. If Michelle was more of a fame whore it would bother me, but I think she’s just genuinely devastated.

  22. layla says:

    @Heather – Really? I never knew that.

  23. Carly says:

    @Mandi – Here enlighten yourself with this article in NY mag. Again, the words are coming from his director friend Terry Gilliam. If there wasn’t any truth to this, why wouldn’t Michelle sue him for slander? I don’t want to slam Michelle, that’s not my motive for commenting. It’s more to say let’s not get carried away with our sympathy for Michelle, all is not what it appears to be.

  24. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @Layla, yep, but it’s not widely reported, so she may have written it and then felt stupid so she made that up. 😉

  25. Jess says:

    I agree with Carly. Michelle has been playing the widow card in the media for 3 years now (and sadly everybody’s buying her act). I’m sure it was sad for her when he died but I don’t for a minute believe she still thought they would get back together. If she did she wouldn’t have treated him like that. All of you commenting that she hoped to get back together don’t know that she was planing to take Heath to court for custody battle and that she kept his daughter from him.

    It’s hypocritical of her to keep acting like a grieving widow (for the press) when she knows damn well she made his life miserable with her attorneys and that he had already moved on with someone else (Gemma Ward).

  26. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @Carly, wow… I never heard that. Kind of does put a different spin on things. Ugh, that’s why I’m glad I got out of family law! Domestic disputes bring out the worst in people. Perhaps part of her mourning is the loss of financial support for Matilda. Yikes, that’s harsh. Guess I’m a jaded attorney, after all…

  27. caroline says:

    hm. my estranged boyfriend died in december of a heroin overdose, and i took a lot of crap from friends and family alike because we weren’t “together” when he died and thus i should have gotten right over it. that’s not really the way it works. i separated from him because of his drug and alcohol problems and the issues i feared it would cause both for me and our relationship, and i turned out to be right– it’s what killed him. i still loved him just as much as i had when we were an “official” couple, and i don’t see how anyone could expect a person to feel ok about a partner (current or ex) passing away, especially in michelle’s case where she had his daughter.
    not sadsacking, just an opinion.

  28. Jess says:

    @ Delta.

    How was Heath stolen from Michelle? He wasn’t even with her when he died. They were history. Heath was stolen from Michelle Williams as much as he was stolen from Naomi Watts, Heather Graham, Lisa Zane. They were all exes at the time of his death. Michelle is an ex too even though she portrays herself as his widow.

    Regarding Naomi Watts, she’s a tasteful, gorgeous lady.

  29. lrm says:

    um,if anything that gilliam VF article llink just supports Michelle W more!

    It does not put Gilliam and crew in a good light; they sound ridiculous, as well.

    Maybe I am missing something-but yea, williams had a toddler’s needs to contend with-she was thinking as a mother. So ledger could have turned down roles to be with her, if it was ‘tearing him apart’. He could have stayed local to film, etc.

    Geesh. I have no idea the true nature of their relationship, only speculation.

    But I do think williams was sort of a ‘widow’-it wasn’t just a ‘baby mama’ situation, you know….and it was not a separation that had ocurred years ago or decades ago-the child was only just 2, for goodness sake!

    i dont think she is a famewhore at all. And I adored Heath. But he made far more commercial films than she did.

  30. Embee says:

    It is plausible that Michelle lawyered up re: custody because she feared for her child’s safety with a drug-addled father. I certainly took that route, and it was not to punish my ex. I simply did not want to expose my daughter to someone who (1) dismantled the smoke detectors because he believed the government was monitoring us through them and (2) tried to cook a meal over an open flame in the living room because he thought “they” had put something in the gas that fueled the stove.

  31. Delta Juliet says:

    @ Jess

    I was speculating that maybe she felt that the chance of getting back together was stolen, not that someone stole Heath from her.

    Let’s not all act like we know these people because we don’t.

  32. Jess says:

    @ Embee

    I doubt the people who knew him all lied when they said he was a great dad who adored his kid. Michelle herself said the same thing. To go for full custody smacks of vengeful behavior rather than protecting the child.

    Regardless the reasons they split up, the facts are they were over, he was seeing someone else and Michelle was seeking sole custody. She shouldn’t act now like his widow when she knows these things. I guess all the sympathy and good PR she gets are to good to pass.

  33. Embee says:

    @ Jess I hear you, and I certainly agree that sole custody is not generally fair or good for the child. Heath was probably a very loving father. I recall pictures of him out with Mathilda and he was completely engaged with her. That said, people close to him also expressed great worry about his stability at the end of his life, and particularly while filming the Batman movie. And it turned out they were correct…he IN FACT died of a drug overdose. It validates Michelle’s concerns.

  34. ThirdChris says:

    I’m not understanding the hate for Michelle. My ex and I were together for nine years before I had to walk away – thank God he didn’t kill himself by od’ing. My impression was that Heath and Michelle were only split for a few months when he died. When you leave someone because you can’t deal with their drug abuse anymore, it doesn’t erase your feelings for them. Michelle may very well have thought they would get back together. I know this is cele”bitchy” but why do we always ALWAYS have to jump to the worst possibly conclusions about people?

  35. J says:

    They have a child together. How on earth does the grieving process of a complete stranger affect you in any way? Raging bitch indeed.

  36. mln76 says:

    I understand Michelle’s grief. Some people genuinely take a decade to mourn. She is never going to be completely over Heath because he is her daughter’s father.

  37. NYC_girl says:

    I highly recommend “The Painted Veil” with Naomi and Liev and Ed Norton. It’s amazing, and so beautiful. I don’t remember it being a major success, but it’s just awesome. They’re all great in it and the setting is gorgeous. Rent it!

  38. Jess says:

    @ Embee

    They didn’t really. Lots of people who were close to Heath said they were shocked by his death. None of them said he was doing drugs, in fact they said he gave up drinking, pot and illegal stuff. I don’t mean unnamed sources here but real people with names who knew him and worked with him before he passed. They said he was heartbroken and depressed about the fact that he hadn’t seen his daughter for months before he died. Check out the article in Vanity Fair, Interview magazine etc.

    Let’s not forget he suffered from major jet lag (traveled from Australia to Europe to US), had a cold and chronic insomnia that didn’t let him catch 2 hours of sleep/night. We often underestimate these things and go yeah, it was his addiction.

    As far as Michelle’s concerns, I can’t agree it validates them as we don’t know what they were. She’s never spoken about why they broke up or why she was planning to take his daughter from him. THAT’s my problem with her. She acts now like the break up and custody battle, the nasty stuff never happened. Fine, you broke up, he’s dead, now stop mentioning him in every interview like you are his widow.

  39. Aviatrix says:

    The classy thing to do would have just to have said, “I’m sorry, but out of respect for his daughter. I don’t want to speak about it publicly”. End of story. She has her own family now and doesn’t need to drag shit out of the closet for everyone to gawk at.

  40. JaneWonderfalls says:

    You know the people on this site are starting to become pretentious assholes! Cut her some slack for f$&k sake! She use to date Heath Ledger. I’m sure she was saddened by the tragic death and Michelle is just weird, even before he killed himself, that might be why he killed himself because she is so fuking depression!

  41. Minx2 says:

    I absolutely adore Naomi, she’s pure class. As to Michelle, based on some Heath interviews from the time Mathilda was born, it sounded like he fell into the relationship by accident (he accidentally broke her ankle while sledding on the set of Brokeback Mountain and felt compelled to “take care of her”) and that she got pregnant on purpose to trap the man she desperately loved – he was saying that it was not a conscious decision on his part but then of course he loved his daughter etc. I’m sorry but I have this instinctive dislike of Michelle – I see her as manipulative and definitely playing the widow card to this day.

  42. neelyo says:

    @37, NYC_girL –

    THE PAINTED VEIL is an amazing film. Completely overlooked when it came out, it’s well acted, gorgeous and Ed Norton has never been sexier.

  43. Alejandro says:


    That’s none of your business. So you want Michelle to speak up about her concerns and why they broke up for what reason? So you can turn around and say she’s an attention whore for speaking on it after his passing?

    I really doubt Heath’s Hollywood friends were going to speak up about his alleged drug abuse after his death. In fact I remember Jason Lee posting on a forum years before hiss death about walking out of a Hollywood party where he had spotted Heath doing coke. Tons of rumors about his partying with notorious drug users like Mary Kate, and Lindsay Lohan.
    So we don’t know the story or why there were concerns and if they might have been valid.

    I don’t see the problem with Michelle speaking up as she’s done so only a couple of times and every time it’s been in a respectful manner. Heath’s death doesn’t define her, her acting work, oscar nomination last year is what defines her in the public eye.

  44. Bodhi says:

    now stop mentioning him in every interview like you are his widow.

    The thing is… she DOESN’T mention him in every interview. She didn’t mention him once in the piece on her that Bedhead posted on Tuesday. The problem is that people think that she is all “woe is me” about Heath so they don’t bother to actually pay attention to what it is she says.

  45. Bodhi says:

    Ugh, why am I always in mod these days?

  46. mimi says:

    I had been broken up with my boyfriend for 7 years when he died of a drug overdose. Still loved him..always will.

    That said…I’ve always been turned off by Michelle Williams.

  47. Sweepea says:

    I didn’t know she and Heath dated before so I thought she was just another actress who felt the need to share her 15 minutes of fame with a deceased celebrity.

    Fair play to her, but there comes a time when you have to move on and not talk about things anymore.

  48. Mimi says:

    @ Carly: How would you deal if the father of your child died unexpectedly. It is def my belief that Michelle and Heath didn’t break up because they weren’t still in love with each other. They broke up because Heath was having some serious issues and Michelle wanted to protect their child. I also believe that if Heath hadn’t died, they might have reconciled. If they both moved on and were dating other people, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean that they didn’t still love each other. And it definitely doesn’t mean that Michelle doesn’t have a right to feel absolutely devastated over Heath’s death. Heath’s death was a sad loss to us as his fans. For Michelle, it was a piece of her heart being ripped away from her. And don’t even get me started on little Matilda. Michelle will be the one answering all the ?’s that her daughter will surely ask about her father. You are being incredibly insensitive and ignorant.

  49. TG says:

    @Minx2 – I agree with everything you said. That being said if Heath really was doing drugs I can understand her walking away. Also, if he wasn’t and did suffer from extreme insomnia I can totally understand how that can mess you up. I was going thru a stressful situation once and my mind would not turn off at night, it was racing with thoughts of what was going on. That can be dangerous for anyone if that goes on too long.

    Naomi looks gorgeous in this magazine pic even if it is photoshopped.

  50. Elle says:

    Naomi was dating Heath Ledger while he was doing Broke Back Mountain.He knocked up Michelle W while on set and due to Media and the Oscar campaign pressure he had to date Michelle.Heath dumped Michelle just after the pregnancy was announced and Naomi was totally broken. Liev practically brought her back to life, So, Naomi has to be respectful to Liev. Heath had a Show-mance with Michelle W however, he loved his daughter.This was clearly based on Contracts. Michelle was sexually a free agent. Michelle is totally being YOKO ONO about Heath Ledger. Think about it why would you let you husbands or boyfriends ex coming the the US and Aus Funeral.

    Anyway, I am still a huge fan of Heath and Naomi.Michelle has done well for her self, GOD LOVES A TRYER.

  51. pfk says:

    @Carly–you obviously didn’t read any of the comments under that nymag article. Many make clear that what those two losers had to say about Michelle reflects more on them then her.

  52. fyi says:

    @pfk: Who cares about nymag’s spin on the article in Vanity Fair? They’re in no position to make clear anything since they don’t know the details firsthand like Gilliam and Pecorini do from Heath. Gotta love Michelle fangirls for bashing Gilliam for only spilling the beans. Truth hurts eh. If what they said weren’t true Michelle would have taken legal action against them just like she threatened to do with her own fans who had a fansite for her. Or she would have issued a denial through her people. She did neither because they told the truth and you know it.

  53. pfk says:

    fyi-I am not a Michelle Williams fangirl. I don’t think she’s even that great of an actress. Maybe she is, but her style rubs me the wrong way. I have no idea what her relationship was like with Heath Ledger. What I do know is that she is the mother of his child. I also know that he was having drug problems long before he died and very likely psychological ones, too. I only read this article because I like Watts and I liked Ledger. However, it seems to me that the people bashing Williams are making it very personal, and they are doing it in all the stereotypical ways women have traditionally been bashed. These are people who do not know her and certainly prove they do not care about her child, just like Terry Guilliam (or whatever his name is. All I know about him is that he makes terrible, smaltzy movies that tank and the only reason why he can keep making them is because he was part of Monty Python). Heath Ledger did not pick them to have a baby with and they did not have to deal with a druggie as a father to their kids. Btw, I was referring to the comments under the nymag article (which was only informing its readers about the VF one), many of which were written by people who DID read the Vanity Fair interview.

  54. Mimi says:

    @pfk…Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  55. fyi says:

    @pfk: Oh please you didn’t know Heath Ledger any more than I did. Don’t talk like you know he had a substance abuse problem for a fact. jsyk there are rumors Michelle was doing coke during Dawson Creek too. Heath didn’t choose to have a kid with Michelle fyi, by his own admission the pregnancy was not planned in other words an accident. He suffered from insomnia, anxiety, had a back injury, those are serious health problems and he was stupid to self medicate but I don’t think he was a druggie. The comments on that article mean squat just like the comments here, including yours and mine. What matters is what Gilliam said in Vanity Fair because he knows it directly from Heath. For someone who says she’s not a Michelle fangirl, pfk, you sure took time to read and like all those comments that crap on Gilliam and blame Heath but absolve Michelle of any fault, then bash Gilliam yourself and pronounce Heath was a druggie and crazy. haha, no need to pretend.

  56. fyi says:

    Some of the delusions on here are absolutely hilarious. Michelle and Heath were not still in love with each other. If that were true Heath wouldn’t have moved on so quickly with Ward. When you want to get back with your ex do you chase after another woman with your tongue practically hanging out then spend your winter holidays on a different continent with the woman and each other’s families? The custody battle was yet another sign they were splitsville for good. Get a clue, Heath and Michelle weren’t even on good terms let alone in love.

  57. Mimi says:

    @fyi…U need to relax. It’s not that deep. And for gods sake, give poor pfk a break. Just because y’all have different opinions doesn’t mean you can’t be civil. And people DO sometimes date other people even when they still have feelings for their ex. And Heath DID choose to have a baby with Michelle…He made that choice at the exact same moment he chose not to prevent the pregnancy. I actually like Terry Gilliam but you can find all kinds of opinions on Heath and Michelle’s relationship from different friends of theirs. Heath probably told different people different things depending on his feelings at the time. I imagine they were both probably very emotional and a little confused about the whole situation. IMO Michelle has been pretty respectful and low key since Heath’s death. Anyways, back to my original point, calm down. I can practically hear you hyperventalating lol.