Princess Charlene disappears from public view as Albert “dates” another woman


Just yesterday, I was sitting here at my desk wondering why I hadn’t seen poor Princess Charlene in a while. Well, as it turns out, she was at a red carpet event two weeks ago, on September 8th, but I missed those photos (I’ve included them at the end of the post). But since then, Charlene has not made any public appearances. Granted, this seems to be The Year of Newly Royal Women Eschewing Royal Duties (see also: Duchess Kate), but Charlene is in the unique position of marrying the head of state. She is the de facto First Lady of Monaco, and it’s kind of weird that there hasn’t been a glance of her in two weeks. Especially weird considering that Prince Albert has been doing appearances without her. Albert did an event with his sister acting as “first lady” and then Saturday night, Albert did an event with a “date” – Beth Hart, an American singer (the chick in the header photo). WTF?

Prince Albert of Monaco attended a glittering charity event with a glamorous singer – promoting speculation that his marriage to Princess Charlene is once again on the rocks. The 53-year-old royal astonished onlookers at an auction organised by a disabled charity by turning up without his 33-year-old wife. Instead he was accompanied by Beth Hart, a 39-year-old American whose ‘LA Song (Out of this Town) featured in the final season of Beverly Hills, 90210.

‘They looked very comfortable and relaxed together,’ said a source who attended the event at the Opera Garnier in the Mediterranean principality on Saturday. ‘Albert clearly needed a female partner, but everybody was asking where Charlene was. Surely it’s the job of a Princess to accompany her Prince to events like this?’

It was the second time in a row that Charlene stayed away from a public event attended by Albert. Last week his sister, Princess Charlene, was on his arm when he launched a classic sailing boat race in Monaco.

Albert and Charlene’s summer marriage was plunged into crisis when the former Olympic swimmer tried to flee home from South Africa following reports that he had yet another love child. He currently has two known ones – six-year-old son Alexandre through a former Togolese air hostess, Nicole Coste, and a 19-year-old daughter, Jazmin, with Tamara Rotola, an American estate agent. Palace officials in Monte Carlo confirmed that DNA tests were imminent, and that Albert would face up to his responsibilities as a parent.

Speculation about the frail state of the marriage deepened when the Prince admitted to spending part of their South African honeymoon sleeping alone in a different hotel to Charlene. Albert’s aides said it was to ‘avoid the traffic’ when he attended an Olympic committee meeting in Durban.

The couple’s latest unusual behaviour comes as the Monaco tourist office launches a ‘World Capital of Romance’ initiative. The highly publicised royal wedding attracted some 100,000 visitors, and the Principality is hoping that many more will arrive to visit the place where Albert and Charlene wed.

[From The Mail]

I know I should be concerned, and I should take the point of view of “Poor Charlene is going through another brainwashing session to ensure that she doesn’t look so flat-out pissed at her husband all of the time, meanwhile her husband is boning random American D-list singers.” Seriously, look at the last photos of them together (below) – I might not BE married, but I know the look that Charlene is giving Albert. That’s the “Jesus Christ, I married an a–hole” look. Anyway, I’m not raising any alerts because I spy something else in the last photos of Charlene – some weight in her mid-section. Pregnant much? Could it be that Charlene is laying low because she did her “royal duty” and got knocked up? Poor Charlene.




Photos courtesy of WENN.

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74 Responses to “Princess Charlene disappears from public view as Albert “dates” another woman”

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  1. brin says:

    He’s disgusting. Why does he “clearly need a female partner”? If he can’t attend alone, he can take his sister again and not some raunchy rock chick.
    Escape Charlene!

  2. Chris says:

    Poor Charlene? Why is it assumed he is the “asshole”. Is she an evil controlling bitch? Or is she laying on her back for other men on the Royal bed? I don’t know…neither do you! But it’s sure easy to call him out isn’t it?

  3. Flan says:

    What a disgraceful family they are; the Grimaldi’s.

    They have more divorces and illegitimate children between them than an average English estate.

  4. Joan says:

    Holy crap, could Charlene look more plastified? She looks like a mannequin doll! Jeepers!!

    Although Albert is royal scum, I don’t think he would be so blatantly obvious as to “date” another chick. Also, that singer is just not his type. I get the feeling that Charlene may indeed be pregnant and is not attending the events due to morning sickness, etc. The marriage is, in all likeliness, phoney as hell but remember people, there needs to be an heir!! :)

  5. Jen says:

    Chris – he’s assumed to be the asshole as he has a few illegitimate children under his belt, one fathered while Charlene and Albert were dating. He also allegedly took away he passport when she tried to run away before the marriage.

    She may be an asshole, too, but he enjoys being one much more publicly.

  6. JulieM says:

    Chris: Albert had the reputation for being a sleazy a** hole for decades before Charlene ever showed up. The man, who is head of state, didn’t marry until he was in his 50′s for a reason.

    Joan: I agree about his not dating this woman. He simply would not be that obvious about it.

  7. Sue says:

    I am still laughing at The Mail calling his date glamorous….. Wow glamorous has went down hill… jeans and a white tee….. Oh almost forgot hint of black bra showing. lol!

  8. Poppy says:

    Princess Char has been around you just have to check the royal watcher sites to find out what she’s been doing, she hosted a lunch to celebrate Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day aboard a yacht without fatAl in tow a few days ago .

    At least she’s getting some serious bling from this ‘relationship’ she seems to have a new piece every time she steps out in public and they are all stunning. If she has sold her soul to the devil it looks like he is a generous devil but it also looks like she is about to crack at any moment.

  9. Kelly says:

    OK, how has no-one commented on this “Beth Hart” (90120 finale? um.. woo?) – and her HAIR? I mean, her HAIR. It’s like Two-Face meets Cruella DeVille.

  10. Anne de Vries says:

    I have not seen any photo where Charlene has even a trace of affection for Albert in her expression. She always looks deeply sad, disgusted, or drugged.

  11. Sweepea says:

    ‘Surely it’s the job of a Princess to accompany her Prince to events like this?’

    I’m sure Albert can go by himself. Maybe they were just pictured together and the media decided to jump on a story about another one of Albert’s (potential) lovers.

    Charlene can’t be there all the time whether because of illness or she’s out of the country doing God knows what.

  12. mel says:

    This is such a sad story. I hope Charlene comes to her senses and bails. His date is fugly.

  13. Nat says:

    Even his so-called “date” looks like she doesn’t want to be there…beside this douche

  14. Praise St. Angie! says:

    sue, don’t forget the ever-so-classy two tone hair.


  15. Jamie says:

    This IS such a sad situation. She isn’t potentially giving him a puppy, here.
    IF Charlene has an heir, or two, to complete her royal obligations, then what?! Who could leave their helpless children to be raised with THIS father?
    She is still trapped if she ever wants to see those babies grow up.

  16. Jayna says:

    She always looks amazing.

  17. tapioca says:

    Beth may look like the result of a weird experiment to cross Elin Woods & Kat Von D, but if you give her music a go it’s actually quite good!

    I do believe Charlene had cosmetic surgery to more closely resemble his late mother Grace Kelly – but not enough to hide the misery of living in a gilded cage.

  18. Minx2 says:

    I know it’s a hot topic (how Albert is a pig and Charlene is a poor dear, princess in a tower without a passport etc) but at least do your research when you post that she “disappears from public view”. Charlene hosting a Special Olympics event on the 26th.

  19. Kaiser says:

    Thanks to all of the know-it-alls, but she DID disappear from public view for two weeks while Albert “dated” another woman. Also, I wrote this last night, before the new photos of her came out.

  20. Addie says:

    seriously – Charlene should have packed up her things, moved to a modest apartment in Cape Town , even blackmailing him about spilling to the world about his not so kosher activities if he refused to let her leave.
    Also not have brought her whole family to Monacco, basically unable to just leave without considering everyone now involved in this mess.

    Now, she just has to live with whatever she has signed up for. Sad.

  21. ladybert62 says:

    I love Charlene’s dress and her hair – whoever her hairdresser is, that person has a real talent for doing beautiful things with Charlene’s hair.

    I hope she is pregnant and then maybe she can have the baby and ignore the dad for the rest of her life!

    I still feel sorry for her and wonder if she really knew what she was getting into!

  22. Nanz says:

    Jesus, he’s vile.

  23. kay says:

    He just looks so smarmy.

    off topic: are you going to cover the story about Leisha Hailey being kicked off a plane for kissing her gf? I saw it on Radar but don’t quite trust their account of the story.

  24. Heatheradair says:

    Okay, weird.

    So, Beth Hart has been my *favorite* artist for the last 12 years — she was a local favorite in SoCal back in the late 90′s. The Beth Hart has been with me thru thick and thin — I can’t think of a big “life event” over the last decade that hasn’t happened to a Beth Hart soundtrack…..

    and now this.

    She never got the recognition I thought she deserved in the first place, and now people will think of her as “that skunk-haired singer with the bolt-ons that stepped out with the married skeezeball prince.”

    Well that blows.

    Get the hell outta there, Beth.

    And Charlene…….

  25. serena says:

    omg she looks so sad..

  26. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Charlene could benefit with a bit of powder to cover the shiny face. Other than that, she looks her usual glamorous sick to her stomach being married to Albert self.

  27. Dizzybenny says:

    that guy is my hero…well until he got married.
    he’s a good dad,he takes care of the kids he had.
    when you have money and power then you have the women…ring a bell anyone?
    believe me folks she will stay for years to come..(cough)Hilary Clinton (cough).she wont be missing out on anything for the rest of her life.
    and who knows in a few months, we will probably hear that she’s having an affair with one of the bodyguards.

  28. Callli Pygian says:

    Cannot believe this line wasn’t quoted yet,

    “Seriously, look at the last photos of them together (below) – I might not BE married, but I know the look that Charlene is giving Albert. That’s the “Jesus Christ, I married an a–hole” look”

    That is so damn funny, maybe because over the last 16 years or so, I have harbored that look once or twice myself, LOL.

    Good one!

  29. foozy says:

    charlene is a bore and a little weird. has a funny diet and is so ugly close up. though i must admit, she comes off as pretty in pictures but you ought to see her in person! i don’t even know why albert bothered.

  30. Tierra says:

    AMEN @ Heatheradair

    Im also a huge Beth Hart fan!!! I still play her CD all the time. “Am I the one” will always be one of my all time favs. She had a huge local following here in Pa too. I always wondered what happened to her b/c she just seem to have disappeared.
    You are correct in that she never got the recognition she deserved. The girl can rock it! Im real curious how she hooked up with this guy. Maybe he can some how put her back in the spotlight. Her voice would run out these auto-tuned pop tarts any day.

  31. molly says:

    For your information guys, the two-tone hair singer is in fact a VERY HAPPILY MARRIED WOMAN. Also Charlene was at a function for special olympics at the same time as the yacht function. Albert might be a flirt but don’t think somehow he would be so blatant do you ?

  32. molly says:

    For your information guys, the two-tone hair singer is in fact a VERY HAPPILY MARRIED WOMAN. Also Charlene was at a function for special olympics at the same time as the yacht function. Albert might be a flirt but don’t think somehow he would be so blatant do you ?

  33. Sara says:

    Goodness, she looks like she’s going to cry.

  34. DarkEmpress says:

    I find it hard to believe that Beth was there for any romantic reason. Surely, he wouldnt be that stupid. These royals; they cant marry who they want and end up with these farce marriages that make the monarchy look even more stupid.

  35. Hola says:

    Prince Albert and Charlene will go down in history as the most depressing royal couple in history. (BTW I know they are not royal but not sure what the proper word is for thier status- Princely??)

    My hunch from beginning is that the whole thing is fake and Charlene is a paid for bride who desperately wanted fame- and Albert needed a pretty (albeit plastic looking) Caucasian, blonde, woman who would toe the line and be on his arm for public photographs only. And who could give him an heir and then get the heck out so he can continue to shag whoever he wants publicly or privately.

    Sad story. Charlene really kind of ruins the fairytale princess story for little girls- making it a nightmare story. No wonder the press would rather cover William and Kate- I want to ready happy and in love- not this depressing stuff from Monaco. They would be better to just separate and try to find love while they still have a chance.

  36. palermo says:

    Where’s the glamorous date? Is she hiding behind that dirty looking Cruella DeVille woman?

  37. Hola says:

    I also find it strange that Charlene posts photos of her at this Special Olympics event on her facebook page. That is how it ended up on other royal blogs. It was never picked up by any real press. Charlene posted them immediately following the wave of press saying she disappeared and Prince Albert is dating other women.

    Question is why didn’t the palace or photo agencies release the photos? Why was it Charlene’s facebook page. That where all the royal blogs got the photos from.

    Is this a cry for help from Charlene to let people know she is still in Monaco and is still relevant- even though her husband is galavanting around in the real press with other women.

    Another strange twist in this weird relationship.

  38. bubbly says:

    @Chris: Dude! Seriously, let’s do a checklist on Albert:

    1. Illegitimate children. CHECK

    2. Baby mama’s around the globe suing for child support. CHECK

    3.Marrying Charlene to look like a hetero royal. CHECK.

    4. Showing up at a public event with a Kat Von D-esque EMO witch. CHEK

    Now, the list on Charlene:

    1. Being stupid enough to marry a guy of this crappy caliber instead of dumping him ASAP. CHECK.

    2. Confiding to ALbert’s snitches that she wanted to run away to S Africa. Check.

    Albert wins the A$$hole trophy by quite a stretch.

  39. the original bellaluna says:

    “Glamorous singer?” I think not! There’s not a single thing “glamorous” about a black bra underneath (AND HANGING OUT OF) a WHITE WIFE-BEATER. And don’t even get me started on the weird Cruella DeVille hair.

    Charlene: probably preggers, but hopefully not. If she is, I hope she used a sperm donor. (No way in hell I’d let that random-strange-seeking prick in my body.)

  40. Chloe (not chloe) says:


  41. OriginalGracie says:

    Maybe he’s drugged her and left her locked in a room. Maybe he killed her.

    I wish I was kidding with those two options.

  42. Chris says:

    Maybe I should have stated it differently. If he is an asshole (as you guys/girls say) why does that make her the automatic the victim that the article says she is? I’ve grown sensitive to the whole Taylor Armstrong method of covering up ones problems by blaming others.

    So Albert is a douche….that looks like it’s established….but why is she “poor Charlene” and why should we assume she is not as much a part of the problem? Maybe she isn’t….but just because he’s a dick doesn’t mean she isn’t one too.

  43. 4Real says:

    Who the HELL is this Beth Hart trash?

    And OH I don’t know maybe her trying to FLEE and being DETAINED against her will by armed guards and being forced to marry the DOUCHE could be a reason?? Don’t even try to compare that money grubbing RHOBH manipulative self victimizing trash to this lady.

    SO YEAH….Poor Charlene!

  44. lalola says:

    Where exactly is the beautiful woman called Charlene? I have yet to see a picture of that Charlene. The only one I see is a woman that is the complete opposite of sexy, beautiful, classy, poor little princes, oppressed and kidnapped little wife. She looks to be so stuck up and she has the look of “I hate being around all this peasants”, that spasm of a smile says it all.

  45. Heatheradair says:

    Hey @Tierra — too funny, “Am I the One” was my alarm wake-up tune for AGES.

    SO, she was there for a benefit concert:

    Doesn’t help that she’s getting tagged as another “other woman,” by virtue of one picture together……..

  46. Truthful says:

    yuck, his hands look dank and moist.

    and he’s a womanizer, simply disgusting.

    I curse the day viagra was put on the open market.

  47. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Good post Chris, this is good perspective. This royal family is interesting.

  48. LAK says:

    Chris, true. however,i have yet to see a anyone who wasn’t a cold hearted so and so, irrespective of gender, throw out the kind of body language she’s throwing out. The fact is Albert has form. If in later years we learn that she behaved just as badly, then karma is a bitch indeed.

    For now we go by photos [still and videos],the body language could fill several volumes where these two are concerned.Whether you believe the stories or not, she most definitely regrets her decision.

  49. Tierra says:

    Beth Hart is NOT trash, she was doing a benefit and they had a pic taken together. She’s a married woman with her own successful music career.


    I hope this means maybe we’ll see and hear more form her. I miss her live shows, that woman can bring down a house.
    ITA agree about the picture, she’s hardly ‘the other woman’ to this
    sleaze, hopefully her rep. will clear the air on that one. I miss her!!!

  50. The Other Katherine says:

    Whatever the case with the photo ops, Charlene still has the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen.

  51. J_H says:

    Hahahaha is this for real? Date with Beth Hart? See that photo of her and the prince? Guess what, the long blond hair you see on her other side is BETH’S HUSBAND, to whom she’s happily married for over 10yrs now. Funny, how easily gossip spreads. Research people, RESEARCH!
    Beth Hart and her band were there to perform, and they took some promo-pictures afterwards. In fact, this photo is a small piece of a big group-photo.

  52. ahoyhoy says:

    Albert, what would your mother think?!?

    His behavior, along with his sisters’ tragic relationship choices, have always made me speculate they learned it from DADDY.
    Grace Kelly was NOT as saintly as she looked, surely, but she would be MORTIFIED at her children’s choices.

  53. anne_000 says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Charlene at all. She dated this man for years. Then she married him. All this time, she knew what he was like.

  54. Elizabeth says:

    You call one of his sisters “Princess Charlene” in the post. Did you mean Princess Caroline?

  55. G says:

    I just have to say as I sit here in my post lunch haze, that I’m glad no one is scanning my stomach for a baby bump only to be dissapointed to find out that it’s really just cheezy chili fries.

  56. ahot says:

    Sorry to disappoint the haters, but royalty comes in many forms. Most of the time when the country is very small it ends up being called principauté. His family is even more royalty then the royals of England since they are established since much more longer. I know he is a douche, but don´t make the mistake to think his blood is less “blue” then Queen´s.
    So…get your facts straight& research guys!
    You all are surely making it easy for them to make their marriage work by spreading silly rumours all the time. I would´t smile too if i was Charlene because of all the scrutinity! So many people would LOVE them to fail. It would make one´s life choices feel more rightful, wouldn´t it!
    She choose this man with all his failures, & again, let her live her life! i don´t know if you´re all in so perfect relationships. & do you think they would withstand such hate all the judgy hateful gossip? iam all for gossip as long as it stays funny, & not just malicious presumptions. Some comments here are really too much.
    & for info,i am not a fan of Albert, but i believe everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect,& at least they are trying to make their relationship work,whatever it is. & all those accusations surely helps. End of the rant!

  57. Bermuda Blues says:

    Yeah Charlene is known to be very active, she was an Olympic swimmer. That extra weight? I think she’s pregnant.

  58. Poppy says:

    I must say in most of the photos I have seen of Charlene and Al together since the wedding (and there have been many not shown in the US) Albert is always beaming at Charlene with a very proud look on his face while she always looks miserable, maybe she is just trying to look serene and Grace Kelly glamorous, to cover up the fact that she is really a fish out of water at these events (learning to speak French fluently would help) but the sadness in the eyes is very disconcerting.

    That said, she didn’t fall into this world overnight she lived in Monaco for 4 or 5years before the marriage she knew what she was getting into, if Monaco gossip is to be believed she was one of the girls at Albert’s notorious yacht parties in the beginning. If she didn’t know what she was getting into then she really is a ‘bear of very little brain’. I tend to think that she is probably quite a sweet person but a bit of a cardboard cut-out and really isn’t that interesting as a person.

    She’s stuck with him and the lifestyle now it just remains to be seen if she can develop her own life and activities as princess and grow a public personality or live in a perpetual tabloid pity party.

    @Hola…. The Grimaldi’s are Royalty, any family which is regarded to be head of their country ,figuratively or literally, is considered to be Royalty whether they be called King, Prince or Grand Duke as in Lichtenstein and Luxemburg. Those with minor titles who do not belong to the royal family, such as Dukes, Earls, Counts, Marquis are considered to be the Nobility the next step down from royalty.
    In Alberts case he is actually the ruler of the country, however small it maybe, where QEII and the other Euro Royals are basically just figureheads with minimal power.

  59. LeeLoo says:

    Char looks different in the bottom photos it could be pregnancy glow or it could be being doped up to high heaven.

  60. Researcher says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the only Grimaldi that has an HRH Royal title is Caroline from her marriage to the Hannover Family.

    Albert, Charlene, Stephanie and the rest do NOT have the HRH Royal title. They have the lower HSH title.

    This is why they are formally refered to as the Princely Family of Monaco and NOT the Royal Family of Monaco.

    It is only in tabloid press and some newspapers who wrongly use the word Royal when refereing to Prince Albert, Charlene or any of the rest of the family aside from Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline.

    The Grimaldi’s fought for that Princely title but never achieved the Royal title. Sorry only Caroline made it.

  61. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Is it her erstwhile movie star glamour, close partnerships with fashion titans like Edith Head and Hubert de Givenchy, princess bride windfall, ongoing speculation over how it was that none of her kids inherited her looks, premature removal from her career or premature demise that makes us forget that she could, and did get down? Ask any of the wifes of her male co-stars, or the parents who were made to chaperone her to work because of those indiscretions? Scandal is the family’s bread and butter and Albert definitely picked up some crap from Rainier–but darling Grace had to get her parents to arrange a secret abortion quickly, since it wasn’t Oleg Cassini to whom she had just become engaged. A predictably rocky marriage followed.

    This family, huh? I guess this is your Vintage Scandal Tuesday.

  62. Poppy says:

    @ Researcher…. Perhaps your going on the HRH and HIRH nomenclature as the only official way of deciding who is royal and who isn’t, but according to Burke’s Peerage….

    “In the strictest sense of the word, a “royal house” is a dynasty whose members legally reign while bearing the title of king or queen, however in common parlance members of any family which reigns by hereditary right are often and not incorrectly referred to as royalty or “royals”, whether of a kingly, princely or grand ducal line”.

    In their supplements and addendas they list over 100 still existing families as ‘royal’ including the Grimaldi’s. However every royal pundit and royal scholar has a different opinion on the subject so no one can be sure exactly who is or isn’t officially royal. The debate on whether or not families that still bare the title HRH/HRIH but have no living member that has actually reigned should still be considered entitled to use HRH/HIRH is on going, this includes royal families such as the Romanians and Montengrans and that list also includes Caroline’s awful husband Ernst who is 10 times worse than Albert.

    There is also an ongoing debate about the necessity of enthronement/coronation of the family head as a requirement and how that impinges on the ‘royalty’ title.

    Prince Ernst Hanover doesn’t fit the strict criteria either as his house does not ‘legally reign’ over a territory while ‘bearing the title King’, all German titles are defunct in their law, even though they may still use them as surnames.

    One big messy hodge-podge of the great and usually not so great .

    Sorry if I’m boring my fellow celebitchers but I just love history, especially if its mind bogglingly silly.

  63. gg says:

    Char’s lookin more and more like a posh spinoff with some old queen doing her hair.

  64. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Charlene has been looking doped within an inch of her life in all the recent photos. Beth Hart looks like Princess Stephanie. He moulds a woman into the image of his late mother and now hangs out with a sister lookalike. This is the stuff of a Greek tragedy!

  65. Not Royal says:

    Monaco’s own history pages say they are not royal and tell the entire history. They are indeed the “Princely Family of Monaco” not the Royal Family.

    But today its an easy mistake to make. Tabloids call all celebrities royal- Hollywood royalty, Music Royalty, etc..

    I had teenagers over at the house and they actually really beleived that the Kennedy’s were a royal family. I had to explain they are not. But they pointed out books and webpages calling they American Royalty.

    There is so much mis-information on the web- and everyone has an opinion. Most of the big Royal Forums out there will only refer to Monaco as the Princely Family- while they refer to Britian, Spain, Denmark, etc as the Royal Family.

    In this day in age- even people like George Clooney are called Hollywood Royalty- so our kids have absolutely no idea who is really royal or who is not. And really in the end who really cares? Aside from the British Royals who garner most of the worlds attention and fascination- espeically with Wills and Kate– no one really pays attention to Monaco or many of the others accept for their surrounding regions.

    But in the case of Prince Albert and Charlene I would say no on in the world would argu that they are indeed Tabloid Royalty

  66. Viv says:

    thank you anne_000- nuff said.

  67. Perhaps he wasn’t on a date with her, maybe she was just there when he was and gladly have a photo taken together with a royalty…

  68. Victoria says:

    Albie is not boning Beth Hart…lol. And he only married Charlene because he can’t marry the type of chicks he really likes to get down with. Just sayin, ain’t playin.

  69. Coucou says:

    @dizzybenny – your deluded belief that all a woman needs to be happy is money and the material pleasures it provides is one of the main reasons that fat, old, ugly rich men really think their 25 yr old girlfriend loves them.

    Newsflash fat bastards!: They love the money, not you!

    A job is a job. And like they say, if you marry a rich man, you earn every penny of it.

    Trust me, i wouldn’t trade places with her, even if it brought me financial security. Tell me, where is the emotional security? At that level, they probably think they can buy that, too.

    Poor, poor rich people. Sorry to seem trite, but when i see her sad face, i can’t help but feel sorry for her, even if she did get herself into this mess.

  70. smh says:

    the grimaldi family is a pile of “royal” dung

  71. molly says:

    IMO I don’t think the best actors could keep this pretense up for so long. When well known FACTS about missing Charlene are established all the albert charlene haters might well have to chew their
    words !!!!

  72. molly says:

    Charlene is very much alive, she was at a function only yesterday. Look on my royals and you will see pictures of her beaming.
    Having said that she doesn’t look preggies but its early days yet ! Albert should be proud of her.

  73. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Beth Hart is probably laughing her a$$ off at this, as her husband is on the other side of her in the full picture. Scott Guetzkow. They are very much in love and she’s not interested in albert, I am quite sure.

  74. Silje says:

    I can’t believe I am reading this….
    Ok so here are the facts I learned from a comment on another page with this article (that you actually quoted):

    The picture of Prince Albert and Beth Hart is a group picture, and you can see her husband on her side. She was not Alberts date, but her husbands date (or should I say he was her date?).

    As several already have mentioned, Charlene has been representing at other events for those two weeks you are talking about.

    And from the pictures of Charlene and Albert: THAT IS NOT A “I HATE YOU” LOOK! Come on! I have seen (and taken) pictures of so many extremelly happy couples given eachother that look. One bad picture and they are breaking up. From how she looks, I would say see is tired. If the roumers are true, it might be the sickenss of the first months of pregnancy. Remember my mom used to look at my dad like that in the first 4 months of her pregnancy with my secound youngest brother.

    Just let them live their lives, and make their own decisions. I do not believe any of the roumers about this or around the weeding.