Eddie Cibrian is “bothered” by speculation that LeAnn is too thin & unhealthy


Eddie Cibrian is still doing press to promote his new NBC show, The Playboy Club. The ratings for the show aren’t that great, but that’s probably because NBC put it opposite Castle? Because I watch Castle, and isn’t Castle really, really popular, to the point where you don’t even check to see what’s on NBC at 10 pm? But I did switch over during a commercial break, and all I saw was Amber Heard with her boobs out and Eddie kind of leering over her. Anyway, Eddie is still in Hustlin’ Mode, so we have some new interviews. First up – Eddie’s interview in yesterday’s USA Today, which you can read here in its entirety. Here’s an interesting little side note – USA Today says that Eddie spends the work week in Chicago and then flies home to LA on the weekends to see LeAnn and his sons. I though LeAnn moved to Chicago with him? I can’t believe LeAnn would just leave him in Chicago like that – it seems so unlike her. Here are some quotes from the piece:

Eddie on the negative attention he & LeAnn get: “We try to get away, and you just can’t, unfortunately. It kind of follows you wherever you go; I’m not really sure why.”

He’s not paying attention to the tabloids: “We still have to try to live our lives. Once you let that affect the way you live, then people have won. So, do you not go to the beach anymore because somebody might be there to take a photo? … You just have to come to an acceptance that that’s what it’s going to be like — and it won’t always be that way — but for now, that’s what it is. You just have go about your life and make sure we are happy and that our family is happy. That’s all we can really worry about.”

On The Playboy Club: “I’ve done many, many series, but this is the most high-profile show that I’ve been a part of. I’ve been doing this for so long now that I never listen to or pay attention to any hype or buzz. The nature of the TV business is very fickle and you don’t know what is going to catch audience’s attention. You just have to attach yourself to projects that, at the end of the day, whether it was a success or not, you were happy to be a part of it. This is so different than anything I’ve ever done, and it’s different for TV, too, especially now. I really couldn’t pass it up.”

[From USA Today]

My favorite is, “So, do you not go to the beach anymore because somebody might be there to take a photo?” Here’s a better question: “So, the paparazzi are snapping photos of us at the beach, how could LeAnn NOT change her bikini four different times?”

Speaking of LeAnn and her famewhore ways, Eddie also gave a recent interview to Access Hollywood where he once again defended LeAnn’s emaciated body: “It bothers me because, obviously, I know she’s healthy. She eats more than I do sometimes. She’s just a very [conscientious] eater, as far as what she eats. She eats pretty healthy, but she works out pretty hard too and she actually takes pride in the way she looks and it’s a shame that people will jump on the bandwagon just because she is fit. And she’s far from unhealthy.” Horses–t.



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  1. Truthful says:

    hmph, watch ya back PLAYER, the media is everywhere and they are watching.

    don’t slip

  2. LAK says:

    His statement about her body, is the reason LeAnn is the size she is right now. So, let’s all turn our snark on him because, look what he has done to her…[disclaimer: other issues notwithstanding and already present in LeAnn's make up to let her husband influence her to this degree.]

  3. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Oh, Eddie, you know your new show is gonna get axed, don’t you.

  4. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Hehe. Kaiser, you crack me up (“… how could Leann NOT change her bikini four different times…?).

    He is beginning to look squinty like Leann.

  5. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    K – I watched ‘The Playboy Club’ with my mother last night (we LOVE to mock bad dialogue and we were NOT disappointed)…

    Anyone else notice he has ONE FACE.

    That’s it. ONE facial expression: the raised eyebrow smirk… For EVERYTHING.. Every goddamn situation..

    Fantastic. ONE face. You have to be good looking to get away with that.. (Zoolander???)

  6. 4Real says:

    This guy really thinks he’s a good actor?? That show will tank faster then his scantless joke of a marraige.

  7. Josette says:

    I watched the show lastnight for the first time and I actually liked it.

  8. Your mama says:

    I can’t help it but every single time I see both of them I wonder how their baby would look. Super squinty eyes would be a definate, no? Unless their child resembles a grandparent who doesn’t have their eyes.

  9. Dee says:

    He should be even more bothered by Leann’s most recent blog entry (posted yesterday) about being a “stepmom.” It has a creepy tone and given Leann’s inappropriate way of dressing in front of the stepsons, her words of wisdom on the stepparent’s role and her statement that she would never replace the kid’s mom almost sound threatening. Her husband should get her some help and keep her away from the kids.

  10. Tierra says:

    well of course people are going to take their pics when they pay them to show up and do just that. They wouldnt be earning the money they pay them to do that if they didnt.

  11. KARMA says:

    his show dipped by 19%.,,its about to get cancelled because it lost 1milion viewers this week..fired from CSI, had a guest gig on a show that was cancelled, and now his show is about to get the axe..KARMA.

  12. Stonegoddess says:

    There was a quote from this article somewhere that said that people quote 1 or 2 pics w/ bad anges that make her look unhealthy that’s where the comments about her come from.

    So…the lady in the restaurant that told her to eat was looking at an unflattering pic when she said this? What a douche.

    I did watch last night, thought I would give it a try before competely writing it off because he creeps me.

    It’s as bad as they all say. He is not a convincing actor and the story lines are cheesy.

    She’s had her paid help all over the gossips sites posting positive comments trying to turn the tide. NOT WORKING LR!!

    How dumb is he? She is unhealthy looking, pics w/ bad angles have nothing to do w/ it.

  13. Harley says:

    Ok, I’ve watched both eps of The Playboy Club and I liked it. *shrug*

    The one look comments above made me laugh tho, cause it’s true…and that he can’t see what she’s done to herself body wise- I mean, a blind man could see it. Smh. Wasn’t Brandi on RH? I’d like to see a write up of *that*!

    Edit: I’m not “paid help” here! LOL I just enjoyed it as the fluff that it is.

  14. alma says:

    sucks that he’s such a douche. I find him really hot, but yeah the doucheness kills it for me :P

  15. Heather M (Heather) says:

    He has the Botox forehead look here.

  16. brin says:

    Brandi said it best on RHOBH….”He’s the #1 douchebag of all time”.

  17. Baylor says:

    He unknowingly contradicted some of what Leann has been saying. She says she eats whatever she wants and lists all this unheathy food. She even says she can go a long time without working out. Yet, here Eddie is saying she is picky about what she eats and always eats healthy and works out alot. He just made her out to be a liar and he doesn’t even notice/know!LOL!

    “Eats more than I do sometimes”= When Leann cooks I don’t eat much.

  18. Paloma says:

    Eddie states, “So you do not go to the beach anymore because somebody might be there to take a photo?” Actually, LeAnn always posts photos of herself just in case no one is there to take her picture. Maybe Eddie should tell her to quit posting her own photos to pimp herself.

  19. jen says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, that man is F-I-N-E and I would probably knock down women and children to get a good go at him!

  20. TXCinderella says:

    She only eats on the weekends…when Eddie is home.

  21. Happymom says:

    Oh please-they completely call the papps on themselves. No one cares about either of them. She’s a washed up singer with an eating disorder and he’s an aging pretty boy who can’t act his way out of a paper bag. His ex-wife is another famewhore. The only ones I feel for are those poor little boys.

  22. Violet says:

    Translation of the headline: “LeAnn is trying to do her best to look as much as my ex-wife as she possibly can, so quit telling her she looks unhealthy because I happen to like sticks with bolt-ons.”

    Leaving a cheater by his lonesome five days a week is a big mistake, and I’m downright shocked that LeAnn didn’t move to Chicago with him. After all, she’s put her own career totally on the backburner while she’s transformed herself for Eddie’s sake.

  23. itstrue says:

    If his show happens–it’s o-v-e-r for Leann.

  24. It is ME!! says:

    @endoplasmic reticulum: Eddie’s look is called “LeTigre.” LOL.

  25. GirlyGirl says:

    Oh no, Eddie is bothered…

    getting all uppity now that he has a job eh?

  26. Rosa says:

    Eddie on the negative attention he & LeAnn get: “We try to get away, and you just can’t, unfortunately. It kind of follows you wherever you go; I’m not really sure why.”

    When you lie to loved ones, commit adultery, and allow your new wife to taunt and copy your ex-wife, that’s a lot of negative actions. You get what you give in life.

  27. Nancy C. says:

    he says people take pics….actually, she’s the one taking her own pics and posting them online. idiot.

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    “It follows you wherever you go” because your wife has the paps on speed-dial, you self-absorbed idiot!

  29. kay says:

    I tried to google leann’s blog but can’t seem to find it… can anyone provide a link?


  30. why? says:

    Part of that USA Today article is an old interview. I think that EC did that interview months ago and that they are just recycling parts of it. EC must be VERY uninteresting when they have to recycle his old interviews.

    The negative attention doesn’t follow EC and LR, they create it. They create it by staging mega media blitzes and giving interviews like this where they depict themselves as the victims.If LR can get breast implants without ONE media outlet getting her entering or leaving a doctor’s office, then we know that LR and EC can avoid the paps if they truly wanted to do that.

    Why would LR bring 3-4 different bikinis to the beach with her? Because she knew that the paps were going to be there and she knew that they would be there because she invited them. Besides, how many A list celebs have made 3 different bikini changes in just one day? Wardrobe changes are for photoshoots and award shows and since this wasn’t an award show, then we know that this was a photoshoot.

    EC isn’t promoting PBC, he is promoting his relationship with LR and EC because how in the world does LR weight issues have anything to do with PBC?

    LR album is ranked at 2 on Country Itunes and Give is ranked at 73 on the Country Itunes. And all LR had to do to get there was exploit EC kids in a blog about how she doesn’t want to be called STEPMOTHER by the boys she cares so much about she exploits them the day before her album release in a blog.

  31. why? says:

    Didn’t Eddie Cibrain also say that it bothers him to see his kids faces being plastered all over the internet/tabloids/blogs/BG show and yet he sits back and allows LR to plaster his kids faces and names all over her blog, twitter page, and her mouthpieces?
    So EC isn’t bothered by the fact that LR gets critisim for her drastic weight loss.

    Note to Eddie Cibrain: The majority of the photos we see of LR are ones that SHE posts on her twitter page/blog and of course those staged photos from LR mouthpieces which she okayed. People mag posted photos of LR from the beach, and many of those photos were not flattering, so does EC want us to believe that LR didn’t sit down with People mag and okay the photos that where going to use?

    If EC thinks that LR looks fit and healthy then we can assume one or more of these things:

    a) EC needs glasses
    b) EC is too drunk to pay attention to what is actually going on with LR
    c) EC doesn’t care enough about LR to be invested in whatever she is going through
    d) EC doesn’t spend as much time with LR as he and LR would have everyone believe

  32. Mario says:

    I’m bothered that a smug, sleazy, two faced douche bag like Eddie has his own TV show.

  33. Jen D says:

    Wait a second – he can talk? Because throughout this whole divorce/remarriage thing I never read one quote from him.

  34. why? says:

    So apparently Leann is hoping that her new album, which she kicked off by exploiting EC kids on her blog, will overshadow the talk about her weight, EC affairs, and etc…

    What planet does LR live on? If LR doesn’t want people to talk about how skinny she is/EC affairs, then perhaps she should stop trying to convince everyone that her life with EC is blissful and happy and that EC finds her sexy because she doesn’t wear a bra when they go to fairs with his kids; tipping off the paps so that they get candid shots of her and EC with his kids on a beach; and writing those ridiculous blogs to convince everyone that a man who would sell out his own kids for some Don Julio is in love with her.

    It must be nice for LR to have a good friends at NBC, they make all of her problems disappear. Did you see the damage control they made Bill R do on their show? So now they are telling Bill R and G to dine out with LR and EC to fix what G said. First off all no one owes LR and EC anything and people/other celebs should not be made to feelbad for calling them out on their bad behavior. What next is NBC going to control for the sake of their friendship with LR and EC? If NBC can make G backtrack, then you have to wonder what other things they are pulling in EC and LR favor.

    NBC isn’t going to cancel PBC no matter how bad it does because their friendship with LR and EC is what is important. They did the exact same thing with Chase. They kept advertising EC role and allowed LR and EC go on their media blitzes at airports even after the ratings kept dropping. NBC did everything to try to save Chase for the sake of their friendship with EC and LR, they moved it to another day and put it on a temp hiatus.

  35. Jenn says:

    These two douchebags deserve each other and at some point, they will hopefully shut up and go away. No one believes a word they say because they are such blatant liars and they can’t figure out why they’re made fun of, ignored, or just plain disliked? No one thinks LeAnn looks good anymore, and at the height of their cheating and lies and repulsive ways, no one could deny she was toned and in great shape. What a disgusting pair.

  36. Trenton says:

    He’s hot but he gives off such a douchey vibe. Also, I want to knock that smirk right off of his face!

  37. Jenn says:


    Found this link on amygrindhouse.com. You just want to slap these smarmy idiots. You didn’t come into the boys’ lives “for a reason”, you cheated on your husband with their father and now they’re stuck with you. Stop pontificating, stop copying their mom’s every move, STFU and maybe someone will actually like you again. Or, you know, not.

  38. Crittle says:

    I bet Leann can’t wait until his show gets cancelled, can’t have him making his own money (or sleeping with a costar…again)

  39. macey says:


    whats the scoop with this Bill R & G, who are they and what did they say or do that Bill R had to fix?
    I must have missed some drama somewhere.

    Can you imagine having to sit thru a dinner with these too?
    I hope his show gets canceled and Brandi’s becomes a huge success. I feel bad I forgot when it was on and missed it. Im hoping they show reruns at some point.

  40. cinderella says:

    He acts like his wife turns him on? Now that’s some good acting!

  41. Kim says:

    He is thinking of her masses of money when he is with her – she could look like a cow and he would just see $ signs.

  42. Kat Scorp says:

    Oh for god’s sake, LeAnn Rimes is full of sh!t. She is not, as she falsely claims in the blog, a “child of two blended families”. Her parents separated and divorced when LeAnn was 14/15 years old; Belinda married Ted when LeAnn Rimes was 18 #$%&ing years old! How does THAT make WeWe a “child” raised by Ted OR a child raised between two families?

    For crying out loud, is LeAnn Rimes a bloody psychotic who BELIEVES the lies she spews? Or is LeAnn a common variety sociopath – happily inventing whatever story will benefit her? Deceitful bitch annoys the frell out of me.

    And “word” to Baylor @21 :D Mr D-List Rimes has shown LeAnn Rimes to be a liar – AGAIN. For months she’s been vociferously tweeting that she eats whatever she wants (including lots of junk) and insists that she doesn’t workout often. ManWhore Cibrian is certainly a tool, but he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.


    Good morning ladies! :)

  43. lucy2 says:

    His comments are contradictory – he can’t whine about negative attention following them everywhere, and then in the next breath say he doesn’t pay attention to tabloids and doesn’t let it affect their lives.
    And further, if he’s such a pro that he ignores the hype, how does he know this show is so “high-profile”?
    Derrrr, not too smart, that one.

    Why would anyone think of watching his show when you can watch Alex O’Loughlin in Hawaii instead???

  44. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    His face is gigantic!

  45. why? says:

    GR is one of the hosts of E News and on her reality tv show, she said that she would like to feed LR because the stress of her life(she was referencing LR Shape mag interview) was making her skinny and that LR looked better when she was much curvier. It wouldn’t have gotten much attention(GR always slams LR on fashion police and calls her skinny), but LR went to twitter and threw a tantrum in hopes that the media would pick it up and write a woe is LR story. LR must have thought that if she played the victim that the media and public would have sympathy for her.

    E News has been very nice to LR since that GR comment. They played LR video that Friday. GR changed her tune during fashion week. One of the writers at E wrote a piece about LR presence at fashion week and since it wasn’t a fluff piece, it was removed. E News even went so far as to do an interview with the writer of PBC. And now on the day that LR album comes out, out come the reports that Bill R wants a truce with EC and LR. So did LR send E News a C & D? Or was E News ordered by NBC to be nice to LR and EC?

  46. Boo says:

    He has a gigantic head, no? Literally and figuratively?

  47. the original bellaluna says:

    KatScorp! You’re here! Meet us on the Linnocent thread – we’re having cracktinis! I think LR is like Liho in that she can’t keep straight all the lies she tells, so they just kind of blend into a Long Island Iced Tea of bullshit.

    After a few, who really remembers (or cares) what’s true and what’s not.

  48. Shelley says:

    All else aside, he must be incredibly handsome in person if he’s this handsome in photos. I mean, stop in your tracks and drool handsome.

  49. Memphis says:

    Eddie’s the type of guy who needs to just stand there, keep his mouth shut and look pretty.

  50. brin says:

    Playboy Club ‘s ratings went down and RHOBH ratings are up….gotta love Karma! *G’day, KatScorp!*

  51. CC says:

    if LeAnn eats that much without puking it out, then she has a tapeworm inside her, haha. Because that metabolism does.not.exist.

    Also…those nasty paps, they somehow manage to find them at the most random times. (lol)

    I hope the playboy Club gets cancelled soon. D-bag Eddie has a sugar momma anyways.

  52. becky says:

    When I saw Brandi on RHBH, they first shot her from the back, and she was so damn skinny I thought she was Taylor. Then she turned and I saw she was wearing the lowest cut dress ever. Then in her one on one camera intyerview, well, she was wearing a BRA. and she calle eddie “the biggest douchbag in the world”. So now I think these 3 r totally batshit, poor children.

  53. why? says:

    This is funny. Now EC name is trending on yahoo(BG was trending yesterday, so how odd that now EC name is there as if he can’t stand it when BG gets the attention). Not for PBC, but because he “defended” LR. Seriously? And this is the reason why PBC is having so many problems right now. They made the mistake of making this show about EC and LR and then assisted them in their mega media blitzes. This show is struggling, does NBC/PBC really think it’s a good idea to keep shoving these homewreckers down people’s throats? Or does PBC think that the show will do well since LR album is “supposedly” doing well(something doesn’t sound right because her people are STILL on another site posting under several different names to write nice things about this album, which makes me wonder if the album is being downloaded by LR and her people rather than her fans).

    LR thinks that putting out stories about how EC defended her will make people believe that he loves her and isn’t cheating on her? That went out the door when she wrote the blog about EC kids and thus showed everyone that EC doesn’t care enough about anyone because he sold out his own kids to LR for her Money.

    I take it that LR is about to bombard the internet with her next installment of mega media blitzes starting with a “happy family” staged photo-op with EC kids?

    The fake twitter accounts attacking BG are popping up all over the place now, is this because PBC isn’t doing well(attack BG and RHOBH to cover up for the fact that PBC is not doign well) or because there is something shady going on with LR album(Do artists have their pr people download their songs on Itunes to save face?)

  54. Amanda says:

    He was such a cutie on CSI Miami. How did it all go down hill so fast?