Angelina Jolie & Gwen Stefani have a playdate with the kids in London


Back in the day, right after Angelina gave birth to Shiloh in Namibia and the Jolie-Pitt family had returned to America, Angelina and Brad started spending some time with Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Little Kingston and Shiloh were born just days apart, and if I remember correctly, Zuma’s birth was close to Angelina’s pregnancy with the twins too (I just looked it up – Gwen and Angelina were pregnant at the same time again, and gave birth within a month of each other then too). Anyway, I was never really sure if Angelina and Brad kept up their end of the celebrity friendship – they’re always traveling and such, but it looks like Gwen and Angelina managed to organize a playdate for the kids in London. Angelina took her four youngest kids over to Gwen and Gavin’s London home, and I’m sure chaos ensued. These are some photos of Angelina and the kids leaving – you can see more here at the Mail.

Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani bonded in 2006 after giving birth within a day of each other. And it seems their low-key friendship still runs strong. The Tourist actress was spotted taking some of her brood for a playdate at the pop star’s London home today.

The 36-year-old, who is in the city while her partner Brad Pitt shoots his new film World War Z, arrived at the Primrose Hill abode with Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and 3-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox in tow.

She gently encouraged her tentative charges out of the car and inside the property and later sent her security guard off to collect dinner from the local Wagamama noodle restaurant. The No Doubt star’s son Kingston was born the day before Shiloh, while her youngest Zuma is now the same age Angelina’s twins.

The Hollywood mothers are said to have a firm friendship, which has largely played out away from the cameras. Gwen, 41, joined Angelina and Brad for a celebratory dinner in May after the premiere of his film Tree of Life at the Cannes Film Festival.

And Brad and Gwen’s husband Gavin Rossdale have bonded too – in 2006, soon after the births of Shiloh and Kingston, they spent the Fourth of July weekend jet skiing and riding quad bikes together.

Gwen’s family split their time between the U.S. and U.K. while Angelina is expected to stay in London until Brad’s film wraps up.

[From The Mail]

I can’t even imagine what Gwen and Angelina have to say to each other. I mean, Gwen seems so girly and maybe even a little bit ditzy, and Angelina is so… somber. Does Angelina ever get silly? Will she and Gwen share a bottle of wine and bitch about Brad and Gavin? Does Angelina ever go into sexual details about Brad with Gwen the Girlfriend? I really, really want to know now. Judging from Angelina’s smiley face as she’s leaving, she and Gwen had a nice visit.

As for the kids, here are some random thoughts….It looks like Kingston and Shiloh got into the face paint. Zahara does not look amused. I wonder if Kingston is more into Shiloh, his contemporary, or Z, the older woman? Little Knox is always so chill, and I have my fingers crossed that he’ll be a full-blown ginger, like a Fassbender-Jolie-Pitt (GAH! THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN). And little Vivienne has grown out of the tantrum stage and now she just has the best little expressions EVER.






Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Eve says:

    Vivienne is starting to look like The Jolie!…Looks really cute here.

    They’re (Joie-Pitt kids) all really beautiful children.

  2. Sisi says:

    I had not even recognized Kingston with this short hair. I thought he kinda looked like the youngest kid from that series Malcolm in the Middle.

  3. brin says:

    Adorable! Oh to be a fly on that wall!

  4. Canuck says:

    Every time I see Knox, I think to myself “Little Lord Fauntleroy” for some reason.

  5. Mia says:

    Its funny how people are always after other celebs for using the media to get attention and keeping themselves relevant – I think Brad and Angie are using the kids a little too much to get media time.

  6. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Angelina’s kids are so very beautiful…Shiloh looks just like Brad and little Knox is turning out to be a really handsome little guy

  7. Yeah says:

    Hmm while the moms were doing lines and scissoring each other, the nannies kept an eye on the Child Army. The dads were hiding in the basement whipping each other. Gavin certainly prefers male company.

  8. Toot says:


    Please, Angelina or Brad don’t need to show their kids to get attention. We don’t even see the kids that much anyway.

    The whole bunch looks good.

  9. lio says:

    Cute kids.
    Stefani looks like she just had sex. And it was damm good ;-D

  10. Dibba says:

    Good to let the kids play with other kids. I am glad to see AJ making effort there.

  11. Gabbo says:

    Little KNox is starting to look a lot like his grandfather, John Voight

  12. Canuck says:

    @Mia: Don’t you know, it’s the week of “I do interesting things and have children to whom I am the most fabulous mother” photo ops. Except apparently for Pax, who seems to be M.I.A.

  13. Sakyiwaa says:

    I agree Gwen ‘looks’ girly (actually, she’s more drag queen-y) and Angie ‘looks’ somber but I’m sure Gwen and Angie have always been friends since 2006… is there some HW rule that you need to show off your friends? I think that would be mere PR…

    Is it the lighting or does Knox’s hair look like spun gold?!

    I don’t think he’s gonna be a “ginger Fassbender”, Kaiser! Omg! He needs to be a “ginger Fassbender” for the next generation. lol! He’s such a cutie and really chill!

    And look at Viv’s face :D ! Has she been taking lessons from Empress ZEE?!

    I think Kingston will go for.. Zee!!! Im rooting for ZEE cos Shiloh is taller and and will just play face painting all day!

    Kingston needs a dominatrix! lol! I kid… I kid..

    Aww… I love these kids.

  14. Brittney says:

    Yessss, I was waiting for this post.

    I don’t think Angie is as somber as it appears… there are interviews in which she’s been really, really silly, especially since she’s become a mom. We see her in a lot of serious situations, and she does need to come across as reputable for the work she does, but I’ve seen her giggle plenty, and I’m pretty positive she enjoys her wine. Your fantasy idea of what Gwen and Angie did together probably isn’t too far off from the truth… they’re both strong, sexual women who don’t fit the conventional idea of motherhood, and I’m sure they have a LOT to talk about.

    Gahhh this photo set just makes me so happy. I don’t care how silly that makes me.

    Also, it looks like the kids were baking or finger-painting and didn’t bother washing up afterwards. That also makes me very happy.

  15. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Adorable. Also Angie is still Angie. I am sure being a mommy hasn’t completely dulled her fun side. Come on.

  16. N.D. says:

    Looks like kids and moms enjoyed their day to the max :) Love Shiloh and Rossdale kid painted faces, is that Gwen’s trademark red lipstick? :)

  17. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Mia. I think Brad and Angie are using the kids a little too much to get media time.

    And so do … Jennifer Garner, SJP, Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes, Gisele Bundchen, Minka Kelly, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and … ooh, is that Kingston Rossdale I see with the kids? Yup, Gwen Stefani…

  18. kimmy says:

    ok, i’m slightly obsessed with these photos. i wonder what they gossip about??? can you even imagine?? gwen is also friends w/ goopy…who also dated brad. ahhh…endless possibilities!! i also kind of love that angie feeds her kids regular food.

  19. lisa says:

    I guess if Angie is seen with anyone it is a photo op. but when she is not seen with another female we get the Angie has no friends. Maddox was not there either. Canuck you are a busy little beaver.. running to ever site posting the most ugly things you can come up with.. are you getting paid or do you do it for free.


  20. Kendra says:

    Such a sweet happy picture, Angie is one lucky woman.

  21. Rhiley says:

    I bet if gwen had a daughter she would be a lot like Shiloh, cute, playful, sweet, innocent, with a little rock n roll.

  22. WhiteNoise says:

    That Knox is quite the looker!

    Gorgeous pics!

  23. Praise St. Angie! says:

    aw, these kiddies are so cute.

    they look like they had lots of fun. I always thought that, if you were dirty and/or disheveled when coming home from playing, you had a good time.

  24. Canuck says:

    @lisa: what other site? Maddox was out in the plane, the littlest 4 out here. No Pax out doing anything this week.

  25. Eve says:

    I hate myself now…I really do. Because I looked at these pictures once again and thought that the two-headed snake Knox is carrying looked remarkably like a penis.

  26. mln76 says:

    So cute. I honestly don’t give a fig whether it was a photo-op or not. The Stefani-Rossdale/Jolie-Pitt playdate is super adorable.

  27. MSat says:

    Shiloh is just beautiful, she looks more and more like her mother. She seems very confident in herself.

    While I like looking at the pictures, I do think it would be nice if kids could just come and go from a playdate without being ambushed by photogs. They all have that kind of “deer in the headlights” look. That would get old real fast for me.

  28. Cerulean says:

    Awww. Those are gorgeous kids. People act like children having their photos taken is the worst thing in the world. We WANT to see celeb children. Hiding them would only fuel the fire. This way you control the time and place they are seen. You can prepare them ahead of time and have security in place. It’s harder to hide in London anyway.

    I can see this friendship. Both are strong women handling fame and motherhood. Both probably have had wild experiences. Both seem to have more going on upstairs than a lot of celebs.

  29. Addie says:

    They all look happy and Angie looks well rested.

    The kids are still in the ‘boys/girls yuck! phase and are probably enjoying getting to know each other.

    The word I have been trying to find about Knox is sleepy! He always looks so serine and calm no matter what.
    Love that!

  30. Cheyenne says:

    Is poor reading comprehension among your other problems, Canuck? Neither Pax nor Maddox was there. This was a play date for the smaller kids. Try to keep up if you can.

  31. Sakyiwaa says:

    I knew someone would bring up PAX! just knew it! Somebody HAD to…

    Anyway, from the few photos of Pax, I’ve observed, he’s REALLY not into the crazy flash photography…

    you know the word, “homebody”? Yeah, Pax is probably one of those….

    Fine just sitting at home with his video games and hanging out in the kitchen. I heard he likes to cook. :)

  32. Adrien says:

    I thought she does not have lady friends? Nice to see her smiling.

  33. Minx2 says:

    Very cute! That last photo of Shiloh is just adorable :)

  34. says:

    Awwww so cute!

    Canuck is obsessed with anything jolie-pitts. I see her posts and I lol because it is juvenile and pathetic

  35. says:

    Angie never said she did not have any friends. Its the tabs and the haters who came to that conclusion

  36. spinner says:

    The kids are absolutely adorable. Vivienne’s looks have changed & she is such a pretty little girl.

  37. kaliwali says:

    such a cute kids…..all of them looked having a good time.

  38. Lara says:

    @Eve – I’m so glad that my mind isn’t the only one that went there with the snake thing!

  39. phlyfiremama says:

    Good grief, ALL the children are gorgeous but the biological Jolie-Pitts are insanely beautiful! Can not WAIT for more pictures~both the moms look so happy, The Jolie and GS are beaming. GOod for them!

  40. serena says:

    “Does Angelina ever get silly? Will she and Gwen share a bottle of wine and bitch about Brad and Gavin? ”

    That would be amazing! I think she gets silly, yeah and drinks too so why not?

    @MSat – I think Shilou looks exactly like Brad.

  41. Cleo says:

    Knox Jolie Pitt looks like Michael Pitt from Funny Games.

  42. ladybert62 says:

    Gwen’s hair is horrible; I suppose it is probably the paint, but Shiloh looks like she has at least one black eye.

  43. DarkEmpress says:

    I think they are both punk rockers. That is what they have in common. I think they probably listen to the same music and have the same philosophy about raising kids. They both seem to be pretty liberal with letting their kids express themselves. Shiloh likes boy clothes and Kingston likes nail polish.

  44. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I’m glad Gwen finally stopped bleaching the older boys hair. I found that really sad. Way to send the message to your young child that they aren’t good enough just the way they are. Also Gwens face looks even thinner than Angelinas. I think she looks terrible.

  45. Addie says:

    @Cleo: Knox Pitt DOES look like the toddler version of Michael Pitt!!
    How are Brad and Michael Pitt not related?

  46. DeE says:

    Gwen is beautiful….wow. Nice pics, Princess Z has such soulful eyes.

  47. listen says:

    Where are Maddox & Pax? Well, Brad, their father has been giving a few intervews lately, and, if you listen/read HIS WORDS (and those of his co-workers provide nfo that may ally all the “concern”. Of all the kids, Pax & Maddox were on Moneyball set the most. Brad confirmed that they are doing mostly home school now, but that the kids get all their work, including homework, done in half the time, so he says they have plenty of time for socializing and other interests. Brad also said that his “older boys REALLY love the zombies”, so putting this together, it is a good bet Maddox & Pax are choosing to be with the zombies rather than the little siblings.

  48. olivia says:

    I wonder if the fact she’s (Angelina Jolie)a spawn of an Oscar winner (best actor at that), along with the push of an ambitious stage mother sealed her need to stay in that spotlight – whether negative or not. She really seems to live off that attention…

  49. Esmom says:

    The kids are adorable. Viv looks like she has blue eyeshadow on, too cute! I’m sure the ladies are great, fun-loving moms. But I’m gonna nitpick Angie’s outfit again.

    Gwen, despite the lacquered lips, looks like a real mom who just got into it with 6 small kids with her disheveled hair and tank. While Angie is dressed for casual Friday at the office. Does she think people will judge her harshly if she leaves the blazer at home to go out on a playdate? Sheesh.

  50. Redd says:

    Seriously, Gwen? Did you start starving yourself (even more) in prep for this purely photo op? Blech. She’s starting not to even look like herself anymore.

  51. Aurora says:

    Knox Jolie Pitt looks just Angelina.Vivienne is all Brad ,Shiloh looks a lot lile Jolie

  52. gossip lover says:

    @olivia,stage mother is dina lohan,you donot know sh@ about her mother,so STFU

  53. Lady D says:

    @Yeah #8. Didn’t you wake up classy this morning.

  54. Tazina says:

    A-listers like Angelina do not “need” photo ops. They are hounded wherever they go. People who make that comment are uninformed and not overly bright. If you accused someone like Heidi Montag of seeking publicity, you might have something.

  55. kay says:

    One of the things I love about this family is that they do things with just some of their kids.
    So what if one child did not go to the playdate?

  56. the original bellaluna says:

    Adorable, adorable, ADORABLE! Hope they had fun.

    (not reading the other comments, because people tend to get a little nucking futz on these threads.)

  57. Eve says:

    @ Lara:

    PHEW! I’m glad I’m not the only one too.

  58. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Adorable, all of them. Including the moms.

  59. Cheyenne says:

    @listen: What boys 10 (Maddox) and almost 8 (Pax) want to hang out with a bunch of little kids? They’d rather be off doing big-boy stuff.

  60. HannahF says:

    @The Original Bellaluna–that is precisely why I do read the AJ/BP/JA threads. I’m ambivalent about the stories but the comments are truly entertaining.

  61. 4Real says:

    They are all so damn CUTE!

    I have to disagree I always think Ska and punk pop when I think of Gwen. Maybe because I’ve followed No Doubt since they came out. I think they have a lot in common. That “girly” shyt is a front…

  62. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    “I can’t even imagine what Gwen and Angelina have to say to each other. I mean, Gwen seems so girly and maybe even a little bit ditzy, and Angelina is so… somber. Does Angelina ever get silly?”

    I think both ladies look supremely silly in the picture above, and I love it.

  63. ellie66 says:

    Zahara Rules!!! the kids are just beautiful….but whats up with Gwens face me thinks a whole lotta fillers botox!

  64. folly says:

    i think viv really win the cake in this outing,every comments i have read is about how cute she look,knox is still my favourite and the jolie looks good too

  65. anonymous says:

    More and more I thnk, Vivian is going to be the beauty in that house, she looks like Angelina when she was a child.

  66. AZ says:

    What the hell is wrong with the people on Dlisted ,did you guys read what they said about the playdate?

  67. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: Wow, did I say somewhere that Maddox and Pax were there? Don’t think so. Who’s having trouble with reading comprehension now? Allow me to break it down for you from my earlier post (because I’m nice like that):

    “Maddox was out in the plane” – means that Maddox was out in the plane earlier this week with AJ
    “the littlest 4 out here.”- means that the youngest 4 children are out on a playdate as seen here in the photo.
    ” No Pax out doing anything this week.”- Pax wasn’t seen out this week while the rest of his siblings were.

    If you need me to rephrase that using nothing but short words, let me know…

  68. ann says:

    I’m an Angie fan but yeah, #8 cracked me up. Haha

  69. lola lola says:

    Waaaaaay to much Botox use on the ladies…doesn’t anyone want to look normal anymore?

  70. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @Gabbo: you are totally right about the Voight resemblance with Knox! I looked at him and thought, “who does he look like?!” and when I read your post, you nailed it.

    Vivienne is going to be drop dead gorgeous! They are all so cute!!!

  71. Fer says:

    Knox looks exactly like Angelina as child. Vivienne is Brad’s copy. Gwen and Angelina look beautiful.

  72. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    The kids are so pretty. And Angie and Gwen as friends makes a lot of sense; they’re both unorthodox women who don’t really care what others say about them. And lol at those that keep banging on about them using their kids for attention. That’s such a lame, sorry thing to say. As if BRAD and ANGELINA need to call the paps to get attention. Ridiculous.

  73. Reece says:

    Kingston is The Man! He’s got two girlfriends already. :)

  74. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck: What’s the matter, you don’t recognize your own comments any more?

    Canuck: Except apparently for Pax, who seems to be M.I.A.”

    I didn’t read your subsequent comment because the first one was so inane there was no reason to believe the rest would be an improvement.

  75. Cheyenne says:

    @AZ: There are some really despicable psychopaths posting on dlisted, almost as nasty as the human detritus that regularly inhabits Female First.

  76. Sakyiwaa says:

    @AZ; What the hell is wrong with the people on Dlisted ,did you guys read what they said about the playdate?


    Hahaha! Yeah, I read some of that.Man, were the insults flying! the commenters over there must be some seriously screwed people. they must be destitute and over-worked… lol!

    and if it is any wonder, they never really seem to say anything nice about any other star. It’s a real hate-blog, properly so-called. their cousins are the FFers… real puke-worthy comments for JA and murder-inducing thoughts for AJ. lol!

    Celebitchy is the BEST! the vitriol here (even if it hits the stratosphere) never gets to the ‘Black Hole’ like it does on those sites.

    Chill, AZ, AJ is smiling… all the way to the right people’s hearts!

  77. Ron says:

    I love seeing Gwen without her drag queen make-up.

  78. katyalia says:

    Angelina somber? Remember that Depp said she had a perverse sense of humor? Scatological and sophomoric? That does not sound somber at all to me.

  79. AZ says:


    I do wonder why so many haters are on there,and prob the few who like Brad and Angelina cannot be bothered to go through the insults that come with saying something nice about them.

  80. sandy#1 says:

    what adorable little kiddies, all of them, it makes sense that they are friends, i don’t know why though, any way angie looks good, brad was right, he chose a good mother for his children.

  81. ahoyhoy says:

    I read Dlisted, but not the comments anymore. I am an old-timer there, but it is the HATE and SNARK in the comments, especially toward CHILDREN, that stopped me from reading comments there anymore.
    It’s like everyone’s competing to be the most hateful….TOWARD CHILDREN.

    Jolie-Pitt kids did not choose to be famous……and how would snarky commenters like it if THEIR KIDS were picked apart at such a young age? Love or hate their parents, ALL the J-P children are WONDERFUL. They should never have to read anything else about themselves.

  82. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: You know, I was going to accuse you of going off half cocked when I realized that I would be giving you far too much credit by half…

  83. AZ says:

    I did see some “brave” Jolie-Pitt fans standing up for them on Dlisted…too bad its not so many yet.

  84. Cheyenne says:

    @Canuck: How long did it take you to squeeze that bean-sized nugget out of your pea-sized cranium? Brain constipation must be a stone b*tch.

    @Sakyiwaa: I have to give Michael K on dlisted credit; he actually manages to be funny sometimes. The people who post on there, however, are anything but.

  85. Canuck says:

    @ahoyhoy: agree 100%. Snarking on the kids is totally out of line.

  86. The Original Mia says:

    I bet the kids had a blast. I can only imagine what Shiloh and Kingston got into. Those two look like they could cause some major mischief.

    Knox is a gorgeous little boy. Viv is gonna be a stunner.

    Zahara looks like the older sis that’s had to keep the rest in line.

  87. kay says:

    I love Michael K. I don’t read the comments. I also find the comments on places like Radar to be horrifying.

    I tried to read perez but the errors (spelling and grammar) were far too frequent.

  88. Canuck says:

    @cheyenne: Sweetheart, were you getting impatient?

  89. truthSF says:


    I love reading Michael K.’s posts. He’s very funny, witty, sarcastic, and self deprecating. He writes the same way about everyone, (except his Boo, Chicken Cutlet and Empress Z.)He takes no sides and cracks on everyone he post about.

    As far as reading negative comments, I simply don’t read them. I only go to Dlisted for MK, and that’s all I need.

  90. Camille says:

    All of those JP kids are gorgeous. Vivienne looks like La Jolie- beautiful.

    I love that AJ and Gwen are friends. So much for AJ not having any friends huh? lol
    And I doubt that AJ is truly completely ‘somber’, not with that many kids, there has to be a part of you that is child-like/fun or else you would get driven completely up the wall by them lol.

    Also, AJ looks like a true movie star here, love it hehe.

  91. e.non says:

    good grief, that youngest – vivienne is a carbon copy of shiloh. she’s really quite adorable; as are all of them.

    there’s one photo of shiloh with her arm around kingston. cuteness overload….

  92. Kim says:

    Gwen is dressed for a play date but Angelina seems awfully dressed up for just hanging with the kids? They are both in full makeup – heck i would be to if i knew i would be photographed.

    So HAPPY they cut Kingstons mop off and his faux hawk. He is so much cuter with cut he has now and its way more low maintenance for a child than that long hair was.

  93. pwal says:

    While I can understand why some would think that Angelina is a somber sort, there have been times when she seemed really girly and childlike. For example, a few years ago, In Touch released a video of Angelina at a modeling shoot that was intended to ‘embarrass’ her. She was around 18 and was talking about all kinds of things and she most definitely came across as bubbly and completely girly.

  94. Victoria says:

    Zahara, the hottest little mama out of them all. Maddox is just so bad ass. He’s totally hot. Shiloh is pretty but she is extra hyped just because she came out of Angie’s womb. I think Viv is quite beautiful. Pax is adorable. I love his bone structure. And Knox is definitely looking more and more like Brad. He’s super cute.

    They are all gorgeous.

    But Z and Maddox are the husiness.

  95. Freya says:


    You are so right, Lisa. According to some posters, Angie doesn’t do ANYTHING right.

    There must be people from FF here. What do you expect from them.

  96. Cheyenne says:

    Canuck: Snarking on the kids is totally out of line.

    You don’t seem to have a problem with it on FF. Hypocrite much?

  97. Heavenbound says:

    No,Cheyenne is just a bitter hag that has nothing else to do with her life other than bully people on online rags.

  98. munchies says:

    I love the photos in DM where Jolie line her kids together to Gwen’s house. The four look hesitant. Shiloh is gorgeous and Vivien looks worried. Insanely cute!!

  99. mln76 says:

    @Canuck I find it hilarious that you would state snarking on the kids is out of line considering the despicable site you call home which makes Dlisted look like a convent.

  100. Pat says:

    Just a question – who are they smiling at in the top picture. The kids are not looking at them or smiling at them. Their smiles look a bit maniacal. Gwen does not impress me – her husband is a total jerk. She also really needs to take off a bit of the makeup – so over done.

  101. skuddles says:

    It makes perfect sense that these two babes are buds but do you really think that’s the whole story?? Doesn’t anyone recall a few years back when rumors were absolutely rampant about their raunchy hook ups? Blind items galore. Gwenny is Angie’s new BLFF and I’m quite sure the husbands MORE than approve.

  102. Deltona lakes says:

    What a beautiful family!! Angie and Gwen rock!
    Two badasses..

  103. sasha says:

    I love dlisted its so funny. MichaelK is great and the comments can be truly hilarious.
    At dlisted no one is above criticism. Thats why I love it. MichaelK doesn’t play favourites, and everyone, even the Jolie/Pitt clan are fair go.

    @Cheyenne @Canuck I think you are going to have to agree to disagree and get over yourselves. Angie ain’t no saint and Jen ain’t no vicitim. Both of you post like you have insider knowledge of the going ons of Angies, Brads and Jens home and mind. You don’t and that’s fact. Your opinions are just that, opinions. Its okay to differ, its not okay to post personal abuse at each other or others who disagree with yourselves, unless you are both 14 year old girls, then you should know better.

  104. Boo says:

    Does Angie have…more bottom teeth than other people? They all look the same size; most people have smaller teeth in front and larger molars in back. Maybe just the angle?

  105. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    AJ has cool celebrity friends, millions of dollars, an A-list career, Brad Pitt, six beautiful kids, homes all over the world, beauty, brains, talent, and she knows how to fly planes. On top of that, she’s busy saving the world. She really has the perfect life!

  106. sandy#1 says:

    why do people try and find negatives where there is none? no hook ups of any sorts, look at the pictures, (PLAY DATE,) kids face painting, everyone is smiling, having a good time, that is all. gee… try harder next time. i would have love to be a fly on that wall, two cool ladies.

  107. Canuck says:

    @mln: And I’ve said the same thing there as I just said here. Hilarious, no?

  108. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Angie has friends. She just does not put them in a death vise grip and cheese for the cameras to prove she is likable. Uh oh, did I step on someone’s toes? Nothing odd here. Someone thinks she is taking her kids to screw around with Gwen and her kids. Get real. You don’t think they would want privacy. Of course there is no funny business. Blind items are for blind folks. Again, AJ is having sex with any and everyone, but Brad. Man, people are sick and want company.

    Actually, she seems to distance herself from people, to keep some sense of privacy. From the people who have been in her company, NONE have ever said any evil things about her. Only how lovely, soft spoken, smart, kind and funny she is as she loves her kids and Brad. Works for me.

    As for those who don’t know her, keep thinking she is serious. That’s good for when she has something to say. Folks might want to listen. She sure has not caved into people’s wishes and disappear or cry in her milk. Head held high and living her life. Raising beautiful kids with a man that adores her. He kids will hopefully inherit her boldness and carry on her fight. While people hope for the worst, AJ serves up the best. What a woman to behold. Good night.

  109. N.D. says:

    @Canuck No, there is nothing hilarious about posting on that site. It’s pretty much like happily socializing with Hitler and excusing yourself with “but I don’t really support his jews policies!”

  110. F5 says:

    It’s creepy how ppl talk about this family and their kids as they know them, analyzing every move, clothing, paint on their face..and yes, it’s a photo op.. duh

  111. BerMan says:

    The children look healthy and happy. A good showing for both parents. Kudos to all.

  112. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Cheyenne, truthSF, AZ; Yeah. I totally go to Dlisted for MK’s hilarity…and the cute kitty videos!

    I really don’t read the comments a lot… but when I do, man, do I laugh at the insults :D ! they get carried away with F-words and S-words and C-words!

    And yet they think they’re not invested in these people’s lives… if they were intelligent, they would know; even if it’s a ‘nanosecond’ of your time, you’ve still invested it in said celebrity.

    It’s still attention. so I think about it this way; the J-Ps STILL TOTALLY COMMAND ATTENTION, otherwise why would some ‘people’ get so riled up! LMFAO!

    anyway, MK did a piece on Brad Pitt when he ‘saved’ that extra’s ‘life’ on the set of WWZ! It was SOO hilarious! I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING :) ! even the nasty comments made me laugh extra hard :D !

  113. Maritza says:

    Knox is looking more and more like Brad each day. Shiloh and Vivienne look like Angelina. I love Shiloh’s outgoing personality, she is such a happy kid.

  114. Luciana says:

    Knox no looks like Brad at all.He looks just like Angelina. Vivienne loooks more like Pitt

  115. Cheyenne says:

    skuddles: Doesn’t anyone recall a few years back when rumors were absolutely rampant about their raunchy hook ups? Blind items galore. Gwenny is Angie’s new BLFF

    Don’t tell me, let me guess: You read it on a gossip site or in a tabloid, so it has to be true, right?


  116. Cheyenne says:

    @Heavenbound: What happened, hon — bad hair day? Breathe in… breathe out… Breathe in… breathe out… Breathe in… breathe out…

  117. original kate says:

    gwen looks way better with less makeup and hairspray.

  118. Anne says:

    Nice pics.Vivienne looks so much like Brad. Knox is a mini Angelina . Shiloh looks just like John Voight

  119. skuddles says:

    Oh dear Cheyenne, seeing your name pop up so repeatedly here in such a compulsive, defensive manner, I can’t help but wonder if you suffer from a wee bit of a personality “issue”? It’s okay of course, just don’t bother dragging it to my door – I’m all good on the crazy over here ;)

  120. smh says:

    argh no wannabe-gwen stefani needs to stay away from that family! this made angelina’s cool points drop drastically. i know everyone (used to) think of gwen as a sweetheart but i don’t buy it. everything about her has seemed so contrived since the 90′s. she has no talent for music, wait, she has no talent for anything. just disappear already and take your basic husband with you! and stop bleaching that poor baby’s head god forbid anybody have a mother owning a beauty salloon. and to the user who said gwen looks better and more natural, no she doesn’t she looks like an idiotic cartoon character as usual.

  121. Aly says:

    Angelina looks so good.Knox looks so much like his mom,Viviene is the only bio kid that looks like Brad.