Linnocent is making $500K to “model” and bone her boss


So, over the past few days, we’ve been inundated with photos of Linnocent in Italy, living the cracked-out dream as a “model” (“escort”). I’ve noticed in photo after photo that Linnocent seems to be very friendly and touchy-feely with the dude who hired her for his campaign, Philipp Plein. I didn’t think much of it because I just thought it was obvious that Linnocent was sleeping with (or trying to sleep with) pretty much any guy with money that she meets. I was surprised to hear yesterday that Linnocent and Philipp hadn’t met in person before he hired her as his crackie spokesmodel, which ruined my theory that Linnocent had hustled this modeling gig for herself while “working” in New York. But, as a new report suggests, now that Linnocent has come face-to-face with Philipp, it’s true love. If “true love” means “some kind of sketchy prostitution scheme hatched by Mother Crackhead”.

Lindsay Lohan was recently linked to multimillionaire hotelier Vikram Chatwal, but it seems that rumored rendezvous is already yesterday’s news. According to a well-placed source, the troubled star is now “hooking up” with famed German designer Philipp Plein, who brought her to Italy just last Friday to front his 2012 line.

“Lindsay has been staying in Philipp’s room every night since she arrived,” an insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “There’s a lot of chemistry there.”

A rep for Plein did not respond to a request for comment, and a rep for Lohan denied the two were dating. Nathan Folks, producer and co-founder with Cassandra Gava in Twisted Sister/Twisted Games Entertainment, the company which facilitated the fashion deal, also said he was “unaware” of any association between the pair beyond work.

Pop Tarts also learned Lohan, who hasn’t secured a lead acting role in years, is making close to half a million dollars for the modeling gig and its associated appearances. But given her wild reputation, it didn’t come easily.

“It took two months of various negotiations because people were hesitant to hire her,” said a source close to the deal. “But Plein is really happy with Lindsay; she loves the clothes and is working really hard and doing a great job.”

And this isn’t the only European escapade in Lohan’s immediate future.

“We are very happy that she is working on the campaign and expect many more in the upcoming months including a potential trip to Russia in October to meet Russian diplomats,” Folks added. “This is more of our effort to engage Lindsay in more European endeavors. They seem to be able to look beyond the past and realize everyone has a setback.”

“Lindsay is dead set on reviving her film career and modeling career,” Folks added. “We are proud of her. Her comeback has begun.”

[From Fox News]

For half a million and some coke, I would probably be spending the night with him too, so let’s just be honest here. I can’t even believe that Linnocent still makes that kind of dough as a model – that’s so much more shocking than the idea that she’s boning her boss. By the way, there are photos of Linnocent and Philipp walking hand-in-crack-fist here, at the Mail. It looks coupley to me. I wonder how quickly Linnocent is going to mess this up? Shoplifting in Milan? Coke binge arrest in Como? International incident at the airport?





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Dibba says:

    She’s hideous. For some reason she looks like Joan Crawford (as an old woman) in the first photo.

  2. brin says:

    I don’t think it matters if he’s gay, straight or even human, Crackie does it all.

  3. Tierra says:

    I call BS on that dollar amount.
    This is probably Dina posing as a source again inflating the amount she actually earned to make people think that there are people out there willing to pay her that amount for her ummm…service.
    she really probably got a few dresses and an endless supply of the nose candy for her trip. Why else would she have let some of that white powder on her dress?

  4. ladybert62 says:

    “… a rep for Lohan denied the two were dating…” – well duh, of course they are not dating, they are F***g and doing coke and whatever else this rich guy has available.

    How does someone who looks so dirty all the time get to met these rich guys – are they blind?

  5. ladybert62 says:

    @brin!! Love your comment! had me laughing out loud!

  6. Cindy says:

    @Tierra Actually if you think about it, that sounds right. Most real stars can secure millions for being the face or spokesperson for a product. LiLo is bargain bin!

  7. newtsgal says:

    Yea….that dude pings my gaydar!

  8. Gwen says:

    At this point it’s money well spent – we’ve all heard of his brand now..

  9. Kelly says:

    My very first thought was, “But he’s gay…”

    In the pictures with the black dress with the silver straps, it looks like her false eyelashes are so heavy she can’t lift her eyes. Also, nice orange-pink lipstick – clashes so well with her dirt-orange “tan.”

  10. hazeldazel says:

    they’re probably giving her a bunch of free clothes as part of her fee and they’re including the amount of the retail value to make it sound better. See we’s gotz $500kz.

  11. fabgrrl says:

    Huh, Philipp Plein is pretty dang cute. He could do much better, model-wise and girlfriend-wise…even if he is gay…especially if he is gay.

  12. Bubulle says:

    This guy is probably gay, he leaked this story for publicity.

  13. Courtney says:

    Lilo is too short to be a Model so I call BS on this story she’s like 5’4″ and you have to be at least 5’9″ to be a model in the US

  14. Annie says:

    Hmmm, this guy seems gay, but he’s cute! Never heard of him though, I take it he’s pretty new and the cracken was all he could afford.

  15. OhMyMy says:

    Anyone else alarm belling on the “potential trip to Russia in October to meet Russian diplomats”?

    Cause Russian diplomats are so relevant to the fashion scene.

    Who knows if she’s even gotten that big paycheck yet. She’s already done the work and this deal came up pretty fast it seems.

  16. 4Real says:

    Dude’s so GAY and Lainy says his last “face” for his line was Mischa Barton…nuff said.

  17. Madisyn says:

    I haven’t read the article or the comments yet but $500k, seriously?

    Color me indignant!

  18. G says:

    Sorry, I think we’re promoting the half million dollar fee to make her look like she still delivers value.

    Why is Folks speaking on her behalf? He’s the sketchy “producer” of that fake Escaping the Game film seemed to be speaking for her during her theft charge days. (WHY do I know this stuff????)

    In Europe they’re prepared to overlook a setback? Sure, you can overlook a set back. Tons of examples of media people who have. What can’t be overlooked is that she looks like crap, has a bizarre ghetto weave, dirty fingernails and over-all low rent reputation that will take many years overcome, if ever.

    Maybe she’s moving to Russia to get out her CS?

  19. Faye says:

    Doesn’t she have some community service to be doing?

  20. Kelly says:

    @Faye, hahahaha! That’s why you’re not (I assume) a celebrity “minder” – god forbid anyone promotes responsibility.

  21. cmc says:

    This is a terrible thing to say but here it goes…I think she needs a boyfriend, stat. Somehow she looks much cleaner and better to me in the shots with him. And I feel like I’d like her more if she settled down a little bit. Holding hands with a guy, going on a date, being a red-carpet duo instead of her nasty self: I think I’d want to see her more then.

  22. Poison Ivy says:

    I just don’t get it. Who would smash this trainwreck? He must be stupid, blind and high on something.

    Just from looking at her filthy appearance makes me wanna pour a gallon of bleach over her, just to sanitize a little bit..

  23. Jules says:

    Instead of going to Firestone to get her lips inflated, she should invest in some white strips for her teeth.

  24. Madisyn says:

    This IDIOT ‘Folks’ again. My gosh. Uh, last time I checked ‘Russia’ is not Europe, you twit. What fucking business does Blohan have to do with meeting ‘Diplomats’ in Russia? Does this imbecile just make up quotes for the press to get his name out there or what?

    Again, color me disgusted!

    Where is my twin, bellaluna? I NEED a cracktini, NOW!

  25. andyconda says:

    500,000 pasos.
    or 500,000 lire
    what ever it is . someone just got ripped off.
    beezid only paid a bottle of grey goose, an 8ball,and some vagacel

  26. Denise says:

    Seriously, white Oprah is pimping out the Craken as a high price international escort. Russia? Think about it……

  27. Quest says:

    He could be as gay as they come but once the money is good enough LL would do him. He paid 500K to much for LL, he could have had her with just a one night party/crack deal.

  28. andyconda says:

    russia in oct? she has court on the 17th…i hope she spends alot of time over seas. because may is coming soon..
    Fall in love lindsay have a blast shit skip court on the 17th…

  29. Happymom says:

    “Russian diplomats” sound like Lohan-speak for screwing Russian mobsters (a seriously scary bunch) for cash and coke. Yikes.

  30. Devon says:

    Denise, you’re so right. That’s exactly what I thought when it said “…including a potential trip to Russia in October to meet Russian diplomats,” Diplomat: One, such as an ambassador, who has been appointed to represent a government in its relations with other governments.

    The only reason Blohan would meet with a diplomat is to fuck them. Nasty, nasty bitch. As Lafayette would say “how am I suppose to deal with this fuckedupness!”

  31. Firecracker says:

    In that link pic, she’s sucking the coke off of her finger.

    What kind of line does this guy have? Maybe it’s an all ho’s line. Some pieces are inexpensive so streetwalkers can afford them, up to extremely expensive for the high class ho’s. That’s be right up Lyho’s alley.

    And why does this bitch get to ride around in a ferrari with a gay guy?! Pisses me off.

    I just smacked my head and now I have a headache. Cracktini, Pleeeese!

  32. njnick says:

    Most of Russia is in Eastern Europe including St Peterburg and Moscow. The remaining part of the country is in Asia.

  33. OhMyMy says:

    Translation: They’re busy trying to whore her out anyway, anywhere, anywho.

  34. Ruby Red Lips says:

    All I have to say is there is no justice in the world!!

    *Raising cracktini’s* to all the ladies!

    Edit: Agree with the high class escort Russian theory…jaysus – how low and cr*cked out has Linnocent fallen

  35. imabrat says:

    Yeah. I’ll just bet there IS a lot of chemistry between the two. Or chemicals. Someone would have to be off their flippy rocker to sleep with that.

  36. Tierra says:

    Whoever this guy is and even if he did pay her that amount, he is an evil genius when it comes to marketing. He just got his name on the map from this thing, maybe that alone is worth 500K..who knows.

    I guess now we can take bets on how long it will take for her to sue him for something or some other juicy drama to come from this. I’ll bet she’s being paid as an Escort for the Russian Diplomat and will bail just like she did the other guy that paid for her ‘services’

  37. Ari says:

    I read someplace once that she was great in bed so maybe that is her one redeeming quality lol

  38. Ron says:

    I am pretty sure Phillip is gay. And he invested 500K for 10 million in publicity, you all know his name now and will notice the ads as well. Brillaint.

  39. Kloops says:

    My lord, she’s whoring herself out to Russian diplomats. Probably mobsters too. Rock bottom.

    For the amount of publicity she’s bringing this I’d say she was a bargain. He’s thrilled and before this was largely unheard of in mainstream North America.

  40. shalibali says:

    I like lindsay Lohan. I always have . Its terrible how she has become self destructive. But there is a reason for it. Yes, she is a drug addict and she needs help And it really shows that she is a drug addict. She used to look so healthy and young. And she had a lot of people who loved her. I just dont think its right to judge a drug addict. Because what you see is not really her, but a shell. I hope one day we get to see Lindsay crawl out of the deep hole she has fallen into. Maybe her new friend can help her see the light. He doesnt look like a druggie , and hes pretty hot. And i dont think hes gay, either.

  41. Sara says:

    No doubt he is using her to up his fame. Maybe he can keep her off the crack although cocaine is a very normal thing to do in Europe.

  42. Sillyone says:

    @Tierra I was thinking the same thing, Dina is flapping her man pleasure just to make it look like her skank daughter is making money again and hoping other job offers of a bigger amount will come her way.

  43. the original bellaluna says:

    G’day ladies! *raises cracktini* Wow, a new day, a new Linnocent post. I am loving it! (haven’t read all the comments yet, but just have to get a few thoughts out of my head)

    Yeah. “Chemistry.” As in, look at all the drugs in my room, little crack-headed girl!

    She’s only going to Russia because she knows they have good drugs there. In the Asian part of Russia. (Opium, anyone?)


  44. badrockandroll says:

    I don’t understand the 3rd pic, of her in a car (although I am glad that she’s not in the driver’s seat). What’s that poking out from under the skirt of her dress? Why has she got her purse in a death grip? Why does her hair and makep look so awful? Why are her eyes closed? Maybe I can just shorten it to WHY?

  45. G says:

    This just in. Russian Diplomats are suing Lohan for defamation and illegally using their name for her own profit.

  46. brin says:

    Just had to pop in to say hi to all my fellow cracktailgaters! Here’s to Crackie’s high (yes I said high!)fashion gig! *raises cracktini glass*

  47. The Bobster says:

    I wouldn’t pay a dime to bone anything that had boned Fez first.

  48. the original bellaluna says:

    Yeah, dude’s gonna need a Silkwood shower followed by a Bactine bath. SO GROSS.

  49. rightgrrl says:

    OMG her face!!!!! so bloated!
    what did she do it?

    and i have to agree with everybody else and say that dude is GAY.

    (no way she is making 500k either)

  50. Hellen says:

    No way he paid her $500K, but he DID get millions worth of publicity out of this. LoHo got drugs and clothes and a trip to Milan. Dina got a commission.

    Next: the traveling circus moves on to Russia! Mobsters, drugs, fur coats!

  51. Ally says:

    I think it’s a two-way user street. No one’s ever heard of this guy, and suddenly he’s getting his picture taken and being named as “famed German designer Philipp Plein”.

    I just hope everyone has had their vaccinations.

  52. Madisyn says:

    I’m with Tierra and others who think fuckin Dina told the press she’s making $500k. No way in hell does this no-name ‘designer’ have that kind of dough.

    She’s a fuckin SLAG, and nuff said!

  53. andyconda says:

    telling by what he is waring,what she is waring, and the low budget photo shoot..
    The money amount is bogus.
    its not like they had to do the shoot in milan. it could have been done in america.
    no real scenery of milan and lindsay…
    Vikram wanted her out of the way while wifey was around.
    so he paid both the designer and lindsay to stage this fake ass shoot.
    but if it inflates Nicoles ego. then go with it..
    stay in europe until oct. 18th.. then let justice unfold

  54. andyconda says:

    yea her on a diving board is real artsy…that hasnt been done in a couple of weeks…
    and those $2.00 clothes are going to fly off the shelf because she modeled them..
    Damn i thought tyler shields shoots wre bad..
    this multi leveled shit was taken by a 8 year old with a fisherprice camera

  55. andyconda says:

    lindsays career has injected large amounts of “Profofol”
    and it is as dead as Jackos

  56. Madisyn says:

    I’m floating in the vodka vat, and its wonderful! My ‘palm tree’ raft with booze cup just works.

  57. dorothy says:

    If he’s paying her that, he’s getting ripped off. I feel sure you can get the same caliber woman off the streets for about $50 a pop.

  58. ladybert62 says:

    Another hilarous day of reading linnocent posts! Dang, you ladies are good! Made my day! Thanks! !!

  59. islandwalker says:

    I swear she is the luckiest junkie on the planet. It’s depressing.

  60. andyconda says:

    philipp is not gay, he just likes the taste of penis

  61. Shaydie says:

    He has “DURRR!” face x100. Look at him!

  62. trish says:

    @ #44 shalibali:
    That’s the best thing I’ve ever read about L.L. on this site, and probably the most true.

  63. e.non says:

    #17 OhMyMy — yeah, the russian angle would make me nervous. you just know there’s going to be some incident in the coming days; and she better watch her ass, cause she ain’t in l.a. where everything goes.

    you don’t wanna mess around with the russkies … i read during the recent ny fashion week, russian models were forced to pay off the russian mob before they could get work.

  64. Boo says:

    You guys are SO off par!! She’s heading to Russia to be the (bloated) FACE of an unknown but up-and-coming brand of VODKA! She gets to have all she can drink, plus she will be photographed doing naughty things with the bottle. She’s getting 3/4 of a million for that, by the way. I personally can’t wait to see her work the still.

  65. loveyourwork says:

    #44 shalibali – HEAR HEAR!!

    poor Lindsay, but I’m glad that something sort of positive has happened to her :)

  66. Kelly says:

    She’s disgusting, having her as a model for anything would turn ppl away

  67. Seal Team 6 says:



    Well played!

  68. Boo says:

    He is….what? Nine years older than she is? And she looks like she’s dating her nephew. Her gay nephew.

  69. OhMyMy says:

    @e.non and Boo: Yeah….cause she’s Lilo and lie, deny, smirk, stick your finger in your mouth pose and her other ahem “special talents” *cough* have always been enough to get her out of trouble.

    “They’re giving me free clothes and vodka…SHURTUP!!!” Whaddya mean disappear??

  70. Kim says:

    Sad – this girl is young and she went from an A list celebrity to a paid “escort” in the span of a few years.

    He looks like a poor mans George Michael.

  71. Kimberly says:

    OMG that girls is SOOOOO the new anna nicole smith lol

    Who here is shocked that Lindsay is a real life whore? No one? Didn’t think so.

  72. Cherry Rose says:

    @shalibali – Yes, Lindsay is most likely a drug addict and an alcoholic. Normally, I would feel for people who are addicts (like the late Amy Winehouse). But Lindsay has done nothing to get sympathy for me.

    She never owns up to any wrongdoing on her part. She always blames someone else and plays the victim card or lies about it. She is a known thief, even though she clearly has plenty of money. Lindsay acts entitled and rude to people.

    I’ll save my sympathy for people who actually need it. Lindsay is the only one to blame for the way her life is right now.

    She constantly talks about how she wants to get back into work and get respected in the industry again, but obviously she doesn’t want to have to do any of the work that could make that happen.

    Anyway. I doubt she got $500k for this. Maybe free airflight, free room, and some clothes.

    And Lindsay better be on her best behaviour in Russia. Russians don’t take shit from celebrities like they do here in America. Though I’m wondering why on earth Russian diplomats need to meet with her?

  73. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    This dude looks a lot like Jim Carrey.

  74. the original bellaluna says:

    Mad, do I have a palm tree float complete with drink holder? Because I think I need one. *smiles most charming smile*

    Okay, it’s after 5 o’clock on the West coast – CRACKTINIS ALL AROUND!

    Yes, she’s a drug addict. Yes, she an alcoholic. And yes, she’s a whore.

    She’ll do whatever it takes to keep herself in booze, drugs, and “nice” clothes; that, dear friends, makes her a whore. (i.e. Camille DONATACCI and any one of the “real” housewives [who mostly aren't even wives], and any other reality show Prostitution Ho-ah.)

  75. Madisyn says:

    Cherry Rose

    Here, Here!

    belle (if I’m “mad”, your “belle”)

    Angel, you can use my raft, with ‘palm tree and cup holder’ anytime you want. Know it!, Own it!, Love it! (Oh and by the by, YOUR THE ONLY ONE who can use MY raft. You know its bright orange, yellow, green.). Anywho, my WSOP is on, so toodles (World Serier of Poker) for those not in the know.

  76. Boo says:

    Okay, lemme get this straight. THIS source said they (her TEAM!!) have been negotiating this PP deal for months. All other sources state that Lindsay had never met PP or seen ANY of his clothes before last weekend. So, then, was she unaware that she was pursuing this job/john? Or did she just not give a shit about any of it enough to actually research (ie., Google) the company she so desperately wanted to work for? So. Many. Inconsistencies. Dina, you are slipping so visibly here–and you definitely shot too high with “nearly half a million.” In LohanSpeak, that means, “We wanted half a million, but they agreed to ten grand and all the clothes she can stuff in her cheap knockoff bag.”

  77. Nicole says:

    Lindsay is indeed making close to a million for 2 weeks work, and then it’s Ali’s turn. Their Mom is amazing!

  78. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    “What kind of line does this guy have? Maybe it’s an all ho’s line.”

    @firecracker- I’m guessing that whatever he’s designing includes lots of hidden pockets for concealing your stash and crotchless underwear for easy access?

    **cheers! clinks cracktail glasses @The original Bella, @Madisyn, @ruby red, @ firecracker, @ladybert, @brin, @anyone else I may have

  79. FUTMZ says:

    When Linds gets back from Russia or Sri Lanka or wherever, she’s gonna teach AA Ali how to “model” without trying too hard. It seems to involve being “friendly” with whomever has the coke.

  80. gg says:

    Everytime I see this guy’s goofy smile I think of Jim Carrey.

  81. Auds says:

    I believe there are many former ‘starlets’ and models who make a second income by essentially working or ‘modelling’ as escorts, so the revelation of her boning her ‘boss’ doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is what these men find so appealing about a woman who has prematurely aged due to her drinking and smoking.

  82. Bess says:


    I totally agree with you about Linnocent’s team’s (Dina’s) inconsistency. And there’s no way she was paid $500G for this job.

    Linnocent was rumored to be attached film this Nathan Folks dude is trying to produce. His production partner is one of Linnoncen’t enablers / hangers on, Lady (that’s right, Lady) Victoria Hervey. I doubt either of these people had anything to do with bringing Linnocent & Plein together.

    Oh… and there’s also a rumor on the interwebs that Linnocent is heading to Paris for fashion week. Grab some popcorn more crack adventures are sure to follow.

  83. Dee Cee says:

    Who knows she might snag Putin..!!

  84. Madisyn says:

    Who is this twit ‘Nicole’ Really? I had to pause my poker to address this idiot. Sorry, I’m not suppose to use derragory words, my apologies. I’m done. Bess, Cherry Rose, bellaluna HELP ME HERE!!!!!

  85. the original bellaluna says:

    Mad, I’ll “take care of” your raft whilst you’re off watching whatever that is. I can be Belle or Bella. I’m totally cool with that (and not just because of the cracktinis, vodka vat, & treehouse!) ;)

    Morticians – did you get my message on that other thread? :D

    Oh Boo, you are so right! You know Linnocent’s “team” demanded the world and accepted the Valley. Which we all know is porn capital of the US.

    (The VDSyphiAIDS she’s spreading around the world is going to be LEGENDARY. A single-twatted crack-plague, this one.)

  86. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    I hate to admit it, but the girl has some SERIOUS crack hustle. At the rate she’s going, she has about two years left before her looks are gone forever. And since she can’t get a movie role to save her life, hopping from one millionaire peen to another is the only way she’ll be able to fund her all night coke benders and fetish for bad fashion. GOD SHE IS SO TRAGIC.

  87. Nemesis Rose says:

    I would be shocked to find out that Phil’s straight. My gaydar exploded when I first saw him. Maybe he’s bisexual, and that’s why Lindsay feels so comfortable hanging out with him. But dating? No. Shagging? Yeah. Just an observation, but anyone who has a tattoo of their own name on their body is a douche in my book. Surprised Lindsay doesn’t have one, it would make identifying her body so much easier.

    Interesting that she’s going to Russia. “Rah, Rah, Rasputin, Lover of the Russian Queen. Oh, those Russians!”- Boney M.

    Ah, Russia! Land of Vodka Waterfalls, and Fur Coats for the taking! Hope Lindsay steals some Russian mobster girlfriends fur coat and is held and can’t make her court date. That would be so sweet! Please screw up you stupid crack head! We know you can do it!

  88. gig says:

    A” famed designer”?
    Never heard about him before. Never seen his clothes here, in Milan fashion district. During Milan fashion week nobody did care about his “2012 line”.
    And, based on the outfits I’ve seen on Lohan, there’s nothing interesting. Maybe this explains the reason for hiring Lohan and dragging her out and about.

  89. Ruby Red Lips says:

    *waves to Morticians*

    Just wondering if Ali’s career path is going the same as Lindsay’s i.e. being an escort….

    As Linnocent is ‘escorting’ with Dina’s pimping skills then its probably a sure fire certainty that little sis i.e. ‘future supermodel who surgically f*cked her face at 17′ will be next in line to meet the Russian diplomats…f*ing disgraceful

    Maybe Dina will offer a 2 for 1 in exchangr for quartz crystals!!! I know that really is a sick comment but in Lohan world, sadly not too far off the mark

  90. beany says:

    seems to be going through a path Tara Reid was on, nothing exciting

  91. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Devon,


    When I read the part about meeting the Russian diplomats, I immediately thought “TRAIN”!

  92. Shelley says:

    Anyone who persists in feeling sorry for her: picture her entitled drunk/drugged self behind the wheel of car that’s aimed right at you or someone you care for. End of story.

  93. Sara says:


    I can believe a German designer hired her and I can tell he’s one of those German guys who confuses American women because no one can tell if he’s gay or straight.

  94. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @the original Bella, yes! Got your message and came right over. Now I’m going to post of the other Lohan thread that just popped up :) See you there, cracktini in hand.

  95. OhMyMy says:

    @beany: She’s starting to make Tara Reid look like Donna Reed.

  96. paranel says:

    All this aside …, $ 500.000.00 for her? Wow. For what ? She doesn’t worth more than 5 flat hundreds. No more no less. And I am being serious.

  97. She’s hideous. For some reason she looks like Joan Crawford (as an old woman) in the first photo. i looke the some

  98. Danny says:

    I cant believe CB is as naive to think they look like a couple. They met less than a week ago. She is hired to give his clothing line attention. So they go on a walk about with paps and hold hands and make sure they ‘ll be in the gossip pages- what better way to make sure his name gets out there?

  99. JaneWonderfalls says:

    At least she is getting paid. She has not been in any movies. Poor Linnocent :-(

  100. harfang says:

    Um. Excuse me. That guy is not boning anything with a vagina. I know they’re just stills, but… still. I actually think Lindsay can be seen as a unique freak show that includes glamour and beauty (to the right freak-seeker). This is like when MJ (RIP) identified with the Elephant Man guy and checked into the whereabouts of his remains, except this designer is not identifying with her, just fascinated by her. I know I’m out of left field here, but I’m serious.

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