New season of that Duggar show premieres tonight, will it ever get interesting?

That TLC reality show staple, “19 Kids and Counting,” is back with new episodes starting tonight. Radar has a preview where they all go to Niagara Falls, and it makes me want to bring my kid to the Falls. I used to go to college less than an hour from there and was constantly visiting the Falls. We would go out all night and then drive to the Falls in the morning like a pilgrimage or something, but I digress. We’re talking about The Duggars, who are using this presumably drama free journey to Niagara Falls as a plot point for their reality show. In the clip on Radar, most of the kids and their dad walked down the walkway on the American side to see the Falls close up, but Michelle stayed up top because she didn’t want to mess up her perfect AquaJet 90s hair.

I’ve watched a few episodes and it seems like the most boring reality show ever. I mean, they come across like great parents when they have the energy to pay attention to a specific kid. The kids don’t really fight and they’re all Jesus-y. It’s like Ned Flanders had a litter. They had that scary issue with a premature baby, but obviously that didn’t stop them from wanting to continue populating the world with as many Duggars as possible. Duggars don’t care.

So with Kate Gosselin imploding and the polygamist Sister Wives kids freaking out, what do the Duggars have to offer? They’re surprisingly well adjusted and high functioning for a huge reality show family. I’m hoping everything goes fine for them and especially for their kids, but why are they seemingly immune to the insidious effects of fame? Whenever I see that show it’s like the entire family is operating on another planet, where everything is fine and they don’t seem to let a single thing bother them. That makes it boring, especially when you’re forced to listen to Michelle’s droning baby voice. The concept of the Duggars is interesting and fuels a lot of debate about religion and overpopulation, but in practice they’re just so vanilla. It’s like the highlight of the year is having a new kid come into the family. Take that away and they’re just a record setting homeschooling family where everything is okely dokely.


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  1. Sumodo1 says:

    They had a show like this when I was growing up: “Ozzie and Harriett.” It was vanilla and boring. They only had two kids, and one was a hunky popstar, but freaky in its vanilla blahness. Same with DuggarWorld.

  2. Sakota says:

    I don’t understand the dislike of the Duggers. In our society, we’re suppsoed to ‘accept’ that women have ten kids out of wedlock and we shouldn’t judge them, but if a couple has ten kids IN wedlock and not on welfare, it’s a bad thing?

  3. Your mama says:

    I don’t think they watch tv or troll the Internet – but I could be wrong. They seem to be very sheltered which works for them. I just hope we never hear of a scandal with them, like that Mr is cheating or something.

  4. The Truth Fairy says:

    Her hair is a work of art in that top pic.

  5. Tammi says:

    Wow she has authentic 80′s hair.

  6. rundee says:

    Maybe this reproduction-fetish religious radicals is considered vanilla in the US, I´m afraid that in the rest of the world it seems as revolting as the baby-glitz-prostitutes-show, what´s it called again
    or as “hoarders”
    or the promiscous-religious-fanatics “sister wives” etc etc
    All very strange, decadent and screaming end of the roman empire

  7. B says:

    To anyone questioning why there’s dislike for the Duggars…

    It’s frankly quite selfish to have that many children in this day and age. I don’t care if they’re in or out of wedlock–I’m not religious, old-fashioned, or a big supporter of marriage, so that doesn’t matter to me in the least.

    The mother Duggar seems to be only focused on creating children. After she’s created one, she moves on to making another, making the older girls take care of the new babies.

    Their extreme sense of religion is honestly a bit unnerving to me as well, but that part is just me personally…

  8. whome says:

    dear CB ,
    so i opened the link to- Did Chris Brown knock up his girlfriend? [Evil Beet. and guess what poped up some guys peen! yep ohhh and while I’m at work go me!

  9. Celebitchy says:

    @whome I’m so sorry! They didn’t have that peen pic there when I first linked the story and I will take that down immediately.

  10. Faye says:

    Never watched the show for that reason: it seemed so boring. I remember seeing an ad for an episode where the Duggars go to the dentist. Oh what craziness will ensue? So many kids! So many teeth!

    But of course, the kids are so well behaved I’m sure it went fine. In the commercial for that episode one of the boys, maybe around age ten? something like that said that he didn’t really like going to the dentist but oh well it had to be done. That’s a more adjusted view of going to the dentist than a lot of adults I know.

    I hope that their family life is truly as happy as they seem. Because whether I agree with having such a huge family or not, the fact that the children are happy, loved, and well cared for is most important.

  11. Firecracker says:

    Now those are some bad bangs.

  12. Hautie says:

    It is a miracle that Michelle has not gotten pregnant again. Maybe ole Jim Bob finally purchased a box of condoms.

    After nineteen children, I bet her body is over joyed for the break.

  13. MsShuffleupagus says:

    I watch that show all the time but I have absolutely no idea why. It might be because of all the crazy uber Christian stuff they say on there. Its so adorable and creepy at the same time. I just watched the one where the oldest kid Josh refused to kiss his fiance at the time because he was saving kissing for marriage. Then another kid in the same episode was like “you find a woman by picking someone out who reminds you of your mother.” Comedy gold! Plus you know there’s a few of them waiting to rebel. I’m in it for the long haul when things get weird. Like you just look at Jinger and you just know she’s just waiting to start working on the pole.

  14. inthekitchen says:

    I find this family (or anyone having 19 biological children) revolting. The planet has enough people…if you want a big family, adopt! I definitely agree with @rundee that this is a form of mental illness akin to hording. Why on earth would someone want to have or feel they need 19 children? Disgusting, IMO. The whole thing makes my skin crawl.

    PLUS, I hate when (usually) highly religious people use IVF or medical intervention and then praise god for bringing them a new baby, or saving the baby that fell out of your poor abused womb several months too early. No, god was telling you that he/she/it doesn’t want you to have more children…you should be thanking SCIENTISTS.

    Frankly, the reason I think they are so tranquil and boring is that they are all brainwashed and repressed.

    @B, I completely agree that the older girls just get stuck being the caretakers for the new babies. Sad.

  15. TXCinderella says:

    I wonder if any of the kids will rebel? There’s gotta be one out of that bunch that will act out.

  16. Erinn says:

    I enjoyed that, haha.

    I don’t know about this show. I’ve watched it a lot… it’s really really nice to see a family that gets along so well. It makes me really happy to see such well adjusted kids (albeit incredibly sheltered).

    But then there are the things like not allowing the kids to dance, and a teenage boy who’s willing to save kissing for marriage that freaks me out a bit. I think that the family will do okay, because they’ll probably continue to shelter themselves, but I wish they were just a little more open to a few things.

    The religion thing doesn’t bother me because they’re not jerks about it like the sister wives people seem to be. The Duggars just seem really happy to be religious, and it’s not like the kids are complaining about things like the Brown kids.

    I almost think that the lack of contraception is a religious thing. I could be wrong, but I doubt they believe in birth control because if God wants them to have a baby, they’ll just have it. Look how quick the oldest son’s wife got pregnant. I feel like they just don’t believe in wrapping it up.

    I agree that it’s hypocritical to not use contraception as a religious choice, but expect a hospital to save the child you had too early.

    And I don’t see anything wrong with having a big family if it is within your means. You could just as easily say that there are so many people in this world that poor people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids as you say that these people shouldn’t have so many kids. It’s a fine line, so I say go for it, if you can afford it.

  17. twoolsey says:

    I think, other than the 19 kids, more people should be like them. it does not hurt older kids to take on SOME responsibility. Kids now days are spoiled brats who don’t appreciate anything that is given to them. They don’t think they have to work for anything and they whine when something doesn’t go their way. So yes 19 is too many, but they manage to do it, and stay out of debt where most families with one kid can’t even do that.
    Instead of hating this family for being too religious or having too many kids maybe we need to look at part of their system and see where our system is going wrong.

  18. podzol says:

    MsShuffleupagus, I’m with ya. That show used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, back when I went on a TLC bender a couple years back. These people have a set of rules/values they live by, and it’s kind of fascinating to watch as a bystander, as long as you don’t take it to heart. They come across as authentically earnest and uberwholesome (kinda like the mormon version of the von trapp family) but weirdly, they’re not too preachy-preachy or judgemental about those who aren’t like them, which is 90% of the rest of the US. And you just know some of the kids are going to rebel sooner than later :)

  19. Nancy C. says:

    guess it’s okay for the duggars to make $$ off of exploiting their kids, but it’s not okay for kate. typical. i love kate, but the duggars are super crazy for having all these kids. imagine if everyone did like them…welfare would be off the hook!

  20. Cleo says:

    I can’t believe how unneurotic those little boys look and how they resemble each other so strongly. How do you make sure a kid has enough individual love and attention when they are supplanted in a year’s time with another baby?

    Do the Duggars own Hermione’s time travel necklace?

  21. beth says:

    the duggars are members of a religious sect called “quiverfull”. they believe that god will “allow” them to have as many children as he thinks is right for them. the women are raised to be husband’s and father’s “helpmates”, and basically live their lives in service of the males in the family. they believe the earth was created 6,000 years ago and that evolution is a lie. they keep their kids sheltered so they can’t perpetuate this patriarchal madness.

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    Never watched. Not gonna start now.

  23. lola says:


    Well said. One of the best posts so far.

    I may not like their religious patriarchal beliefs, but your statement is very true.

  24. MsShuffleupagus says:


    Exactly! Its like, yeah, they’re crazy and they probably think that we’re all demon tempters that want to drag their children to hell with us, but they don’t force it, you know. Best part is when you catch the boom guy or some one on the camera and every once in a while he’ll roll his eyes at us to say “bitches, I know.”

  25. palermo says:

    I think it’s disgraceful to bring all those kids into the world, and meanwhile so many other kids grow up with no parents. It’s not very good on the body either, her uterus is probably about to fall out soon

  26. Victoria says:

    Again, with the preachy and judgy tones about a family that isn’t mooching off the government, are raising seemingly well adjusted children who give back to the community (many of them went down to help out with relief efforts when the tornado hit down south). They don’t shove their faith down anyone’s throats, their kids seem to be intelligent and healthy and loving.

    They are working together as a family and promoting good values it seems. Do I agree with all their religious beliefs? Hell no. But I think they are better examples then Dina Lohan or any of the celebrity mothers who only have two or three kids and they they are all trainwrecks.

    I just don’t understand how in a world where we are forcing everyone to accept the practices and relatinships of some, we exclude others. This is America and they aren’t breaking any laws. He’s married to one woman, has his own business, and takes care of his family and if she wants to be his foot servant that’s her choice whether we agree or not. Sheesh.

  27. LeeLoo says:

    I think a lot of people are okay with supporting the Duggars. I also think TLC wants to have a solid family on there that proves they are not exploiting the subjects of their reality television shows.
    The Duggars are as far away from The Gosselins that they can get. They have an established value system and moral guidelines that they give their children. They were already pretty well financially established before they got their reality show so I think they are a good example of a family that can weather the storm of reality tv.

    That being said, these people creep me out. I don’t agree with their lifestyle or their religious devotion and I think it is people like them who cause problems for overpopulation. And I will agree that their reality show is rather dull but I would rather see this family on television than Kate Gosselin any day and I will support them being on television because they are a family who has weathered this extremely well and isn’t acting like a bunch of famewhores. They seem humble and sincere and that’s good enough for me. This isn’t Kate Gosselin expecting a handout.

  28. Chickie Baby says:

    They’re immune to the effects of fame because they don’t watch themselves on TV.

    While I greatly admire the fact that their kids are nice, well-mannered youngsters, it’s people like this that made me decide not to have any children. It’s just so selfish to have that many offspring. (Yeah, we get it—practicing is a lot of fun, but find another hobby!)

  29. dorothy says:

    Bout time to pop out another Dugger. I figure that’s what keeps people tuning in. Just to see how long her uterus will last before it falls out.

  30. Val says:

    I will not hate on the Duggars. They pay their own way, no government handouts. They keep to themselves, help others, and genuinely love their children. Contrast that with kHate Gosselin and the Sister Wives, and tell me who you would rather have as a neighbor.

    And for those who complain there are so many kids to be adopted, that it’s wrong for the Duggar family to have so many children, practice what you preach. Go adopt 20 kids and get your own reality show.

  31. Anastasia says:

    Ug, her freaking BABY VOICE is AWFUL. It’s part of her submissive schtick.

  32. Anastasia says:

    Since Pa Duggar was a state senator for one term, they do indeed live off the people’s taxes–how do you think they have health insurance for life?

    And since they declared themselves their own church, they are exempt from income taxes.

    So tell me again how they don’t mooch off the people/the government?

  33. inthekitchen says:

    Cheers, Anastasia and word to everything you said in #32!

  34. snappy81 says:

    I think having 19 children is irresponsible and is all about ego. It has nothing to do with religion and/or their ability to support their family financially — if you can afford 19 children, you can afford to adopt or foster. Reach out and adopt or foster just ONE. They are exploiting their kids the same way any other reality show does. They are not the great examples some people want to make them out to be.

  35. Trenton says:

    I know how to spice that show up: Give Mrs. Duggar a hot makeover!

  36. lilkunta says:

    The Duggars ARE on government assistance.
    They have their house declared a church so they dont pay property taxes.
    They get pension from Jim Bob being a Ark state senator.

    I dont like them bc they make the older daughters raise the kids, calling it the buddy system. Michelle, YOU need to raise your kids, not Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and 10yrd old Joy Anna!

  37. Mommaq says:

    Cute, lilkunta, but not government assistance.
    They are a great example of living the American Dream.

  38. cinderella says:

    If Michelle got a full-on makeover, I would watch. Not just make-up, but hair chopping Kim Vo style.

  39. Cerulean says:

    Ugh this weirdo family. They act like robots. The children have Stockholm syndrome, the poor things.

  40. snappy81 says:

    @Mommaq (#37) – I would be interested in hearing your definition of “the American Dream” as it applies to the Duggars?

  41. kel says:

    The hair is bad, but this family is very sweet and a good example of how if you are secure with who you are and what your life is about, the fame and attention brought by being on TV won’t ruin your life.

  42. DarkEmpress says:

    @ Cerulean That was hilarious.

    @ Mommaq / Snappy81 The new American dream is to get your own reality tv show and enjoy living off the freebies.

  43. Tazina says:

    Out of curiosity I watched a bit of it tonight and it was exceptionally boring, a birthday party for Anna, married to the oldest Duggar son, Josh. She’s already proudly produced two children in three years, and so a continual line of reproduction is assured, although Michele hopes to have more.

  44. matt says:

    “They had that scary issue with a premature baby, but obviously that didn’t stop them from wanting to continue populating the world with as many Duggars as possible. Duggars don’t care. ”

    Okay this is for the author and the people saying they’re selfish.

    It’s not that they’re selfish, they had an issue with a miscarriage, and responded the way some people do, by retreating into religious/ideological fundamentalism and/or fanaticism. They quite simply, believe the will of the divine is for them to not interfere with reproduction.

    They are part of a cult that is quite frankly, destructive emotionally, socially, and psychologically for the majority of people in it (i e-mailed an ex-member once and she put the attrition rate for the group at around 50%)

    While the Duggar parents seem like decent, well-adjusted people, they are functionally a sort of unconscious PR front for what could reasonably be described as an authoritarian theocratic cult.

    Their children seem happy and normal, besides the religious thing, but that is the exception rather than the norm among the quiver-full.

    “The concept of the Duggars is interesting and fuels a lot of debate about religion and overpopulation,”

    Not enough quite frankly. The religion thing is talked about only in terms of “it’s weird” vs “it’s unusual but seems positive”, rather than in the context of the quiver-full movement. And the population thing always devolves into “what? they shouldn’t have children, but so-so should??!!” or something that misses the point of the debate. But it is a debate we need to have with the world population exceeding 6 billion.

    for reference;

  45. matt says:

    …but yeah, I watched one episode and it’s really boring. I don’t watch reality tv for well-adjusted happy sappy saccharine malarkey like this.

    I want douche bags making me feel better about myself despite having accomplised little with my life, 15 minutes of hating kate gosselin for being a narcissistic idiot, or trying to decide which of the Kardashians is most unbearable.

  46. Skinnybetch says:

    God, my vagina hurts from just looking @ those pictures!

  47. lippend says:

    Easy to hate on them because they are addicted to having kids sorry its hard to believe that they give 19 children quality parental time. They are selfish its about their needs and not the needs of the kids

  48. Jayna says:

    I don’t get the hate. I roll my eyes about her still having children and some of their beliefs. But it shows a family respectful to one another and sweet girls. After all the teenage trash and families on reality TV I see no harm in this show.

  49. snappy81 says:

    @matt — good post (#45). Thanks. :)

  50. Trillion says:

    This show is nothing more than product placement. And the product is the quiverfull movement. That’s why you will never see any “reality” or honesty on this show -no regrets expressed, no dissension, no disagreement with the patriarchy, no downsides, etc. For those in the system, to go against it is tantamount to heresy which carries serious consequences. (I say this as a former cult victim from birth who got the eff out at age 23).