Duchess Kate on her lack of royal responsibilities: “William’s in charge”


Here are even more photos from Prince William and Duchess Kate’s royal hospital visit yesterday. I know many of you thought this dress was boring, but the more I see it, the more I like it. I sometimes hate Kate’s style – I dislike when she wears old-lady lace, enormous buttons and Peter Pan collars, but I love the understated simplicity of this dress. Anyway, remember how I was once again calling Kate “hilariously lazy” just a few days ago? Some of you yelled at me and some of you agreed with me, all of which is fine, but I might have to eat s–t on this one. Just a little bit. Apparently, while Kate and Will were doing the rounds at the hospital, Kate was asked if she would make the Royal Marsden one of her charities. Which… is funny, because at this point, everybody is like, “Damn, can this chick do anything but shop and play with her hair? Shouldn’t a nearly-30-year-old woman have more going on?” But Kate’s response to the question was very, very interesting:

Yesterday the Duchess of Cambridge admitted that Prince William calls the shots in their marriage.

The Royal couple were opening the £18million Oak Centre for Children at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital when Kate was asked if she was planning to make the famous cancer hospital one of her charities.

Kate replied: “We’ll have to see – William’s in charge.”

During their visit, William and Kate spoke to several patients in the Teenage and Young Adult Chemotherapy Suite, and Kate promised to post a comment on the blog of nine-year-old Fabian Bate who is being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

They are carrying on the work done by William’s mother, Princess Diana, who made her first solo visit to the hospital since 1982.

William has been President of the Royal Marsden since 2007 and he made it to the opening despite having just completed a 24-hour shift as a Search and Rescue pilot.

He admitted, “It was a bit of an early morning.”

[From AOL UK]

Hmm… so William’s “in charge”. In charge of everything? In charge of which charities she signs on to? In charge of her princess training? In charge of their image? I don’t know. But, looking at the whole “When is Kate ever going to become a working royal?” issue through the “Will is in charge” thing is interesting.

My take before was that Kate was out of her depth, and she was simply not used to working or having people expect things from her, and the palace was eager for Kate to begin her royal duties – perhaps even get her associated as a sponsor or patroness of a dozen charities before the year was out. And that’s starting small, believe me – truly working royals are often patrons of HUNDREDS of charities and organizations. Now I’m kind of wondering if William isn’t holding his wife back. Maybe he wants her to be a layabout, he wants her to (still) be at his beck and call, and he wants to “protect” her from royal duties. The problem I still have is that Kate is nearly 30 years old, and she’s basically a geisha, and she’s been a geisha most of her adult life. But that’s what Will wants, I guess.

Here’s some video of yesterday’s visit. I think Kate’s dress is prettier in motion (the cut is great), but in motion, Kate also looks even thinner. Like, when you see her size compared to the kids with cancer, it’s like, “Which one is supposed to be sick?”





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Kaboom says:

    Maybe he just likes to keep her around for a lunch break quickie, who knows.

  2. G says:

    I think it’s more like the Royal Family want to keep the spot-light on the future king. It’s what they do.

  3. Rita says:

    I love the dress she wore to the hospital and she has such a lovely shape. She looks great.

    If you think that dress is not appropriate for a hospital visit, you should have seen the looks I got when I visited my husband (appendectomy) wearing a little Paz De Huerta number with a slit up to my bum and a feather boa.

  4. jamessparrow says:

    Her chest looks bigger… pregnant?

  5. Summer says:

    I have absolutely no doubt William is charge of when, and how, his wife becomes a fully fledged ‘working’ Royal.
    He saw first hand what his mother went through when she was thrown into being a working Royal without any preparation or training, much less time to ease into the role.
    And yes, the bog standard working Royal is normally the patron of hundreds of charities. But Kate has just joined ‘the firm’, she’s front and centre of the most intense media scrutiny, she’s married to the second in line to the British throne and under pressure to produce an heir, and she’s moving in a world outside her middle class upbringing, much less the training William received from birth about how to be Royal. So give her a break.

  6. AcornPaste says:

    “Kate promised to post a comment on the blog of nine-year-old Fabian Bate ”

    I bet Kate would be too lazy to even do that herself.

  7. FluffyElmo says:

    I think everything with William should be viewed through the lens of his Mothers experiences. By all accounts Diana was overwhelmed/traumatized by being abruptly thrown into working Royal life. Charles didn’t care but William clearly has decided that it isn’t how it’s going to go down this time:)

  8. Boo says:

    I think Will is as shrewd as they come. He acts dutifully and respectfully, and the royals know they need him to keep doing just that. But he also has a lot of power–he also knows they need the Will and Kate brand to keep humming along and gaining popularity…and he knows how to make that happen. He IS in charge, and I’d bet that everyone is deferential of him and allows him to call the shots for him and Kate. Her saying “Will is in charge” was undoubtedly his idea–it makes her seem weak but perfect as a good royal bride, and it puts all the blame for her not doing anything firmly on him. Brilliant. If they are in on the press game together, even better. That man will make a great king someday, unlike his father, who is as dorky, uncharismatic, and foolish as they come.

  9. Happymom says:

    I’m completely with Summer. She doesn’t want to get this wrong-she is completely going to depend on William at this point. I’m sure as the years go by and she becomes more comfortable in her role she will pick her own “causes”.

  10. Talie says:

    Tina Brown said that William is hyper-controlling about his image and everything involved with himself, which now includes his wifey. He was born into it and she was not, so she probably has little choice but to obey and follow his lead.

  11. Kloops says:

    Love that dress. The cut and construction is first rate. Methinks she’s wearing a padded bra though, but it’s working for her.

    William is in charge. They want her to have all the best attributes of Diana without going rogue and causing a frenzy. This is going to be a much more controlled union. William chose well.

    I think it would have been far more interesting if she was someone with a former career and passions, but she’s not. Maybe she’ll develop some true passion for her chosen charities, but I’m doubtful. She’s not going to re-write the role of future queen.

  12. jamie says:

    Kate the geisha! Love it!

    Seriously though, I can understand why they (William, the palace, Kate) would want to slowly ease her into royal duties. My god, I know she’s been famous for years but that was NOTHING compared to the level of scrutiny she has to deal with now. Probably could have chosen her words better though (“williams in charge..”). Seems like she was trying to playfully deflect the question, but people will rip her apart for that. God I need to get off the internet and get some work done.

  13. Jaded says:

    @ Summer – totally agree, William saw first hand what his mother suffered through and is VERY protective of Kate. He will ensure she doesn’t get thrown to the wolves, both inside and outside the family. Diana had as much of a hard time with the royal family as she did from the “grey men” at the palace who were supposed to be providing advice and training, but who basically did nothing but sneer at her early attempts to integrate into the “firm”.

  14. Bermuda Blues says:

    There is no comparing Diana’s experience to Kate’s. William was not born when Diana was “traumatized” by being thrown to work. Diana had only known Charles 6 months, they had never lived together, slept together, the entire experience was traumatic for a 20 year old. Her life changed overnight.

    Kate has been part of this horse and pony show for 10 years. I buy that their relationship dynamic is: William = Dom, Kate = Submissive. However, I think Kate saying “William’s in charge” in this context means, William is on the board of the hospital, he’s the royal patron, if he wants to share this charity it’s up to him.

    I don’t think William pushes Kate to do anything except live in Wales with him. I don’t think anyone in the palace pushes her to do anything. But the real reason she does nothing is that SHE is perfectly doing nothing. She is lazy, and content getting her hair done, and buying clothes, and showing up in Wales every 2 days to see William when he comes off his 24 hour shifts.

  15. layla says:

    Considering she needed him to guide her in opening a curtain… I’d say, no doubt he’s the one in charge! 😉

  16. layla says:

    And lets not forget … this is a girl who was happy to wait around for nine years with NO OTHER aspirations than becoming the future queen.

    Like Kloops said, if she had had a career or other personal passions before, things might be different.

    Kate is happy to play the puppet as needed… given the “future queen” trade off.

  17. Anne says:

    No matter what your opinion about her “William’s in charge” comment, it says a great deal about their relationship. Either Will doesn’t think much of her intellect and is keeping her sequestered away, or he loves her so much that he wants to protect her all the while treating her like a delicate little flower that needs to be babied into her job.

    Either way, I hope I never marry a man who thinks so little of me. And I hope Kate grows a spine soon, because there’s a difference between being gentile and sweet and being pathetic and blindly obedient.

  18. marie says:

    @Summer: Agreed. We dont know what we dont know. And when it comes to the British Royal family there’s ALOT we nor the media know. Im sure she has very little say over her schedule now. Give her a break.

  19. Trenton says:

    Well, it’s not a bad gig — shopping and posing for pics and attending events in exchange for virtually unlimited cash.

  20. G says:

    @ Anne, the thing is that Royol conduct and public appearances are not a personal matter, they’re a state matter. As future king he should rightly be in the spotlight. It’s an anachronistic institution but it’s businsess, not personal.

  21. benny says:

    That sounds like a dysfunctional marriage. The woman is 30 years old for goodness sake! She doesn’t need her husband to control what charity work she wants to do.

    Not that I doubt her statement. Judging from the body langauge and facial expressions of the Queen when they took that tour of Diana’s dress together, I don’t think the royal family thinks very highly of Kate — she’s probably a simpleton that they can control, which is what they want.

    It’s still a very sad situation, and NOT the kind of roll model young girls should be looking up to.

  22. sharylmj says:

    He loves her and protects her and always will. He made sure she was ready to be his wife and waited 9 years before he proposed. He controls the situation because he has been trained to do so. She knows it and is fine with it. I don’t think that shows disrespect towards her, it’s just the way things are.

  23. Reece says:

    Either way I interpret that comment it’s disappointing. Their choices though.
    I could never be that submissive. Means no Harry for me…damn!:)

  24. Jessica says:

    It’s a very American thing to judge people and their worth based on their work/occupation. None of us know what she does day-to-day, and it’s not actually our business. Maybe it’s the Brits’ business, but I really don’t think so. Work should not define us. Who gives a crap if she works or not? Is she less because she doesn’t? Does that actually make her a geisha? I don’t have to work and I’m not a geisha. My husband works. I write and do research. I get paid very little, and as far as anyone else knows I don’t do a damn thing. I’m sure my worth is figured to be very little. I don’t know…Americans’ obsession with what a person “does” is so weird to me. Why do we care? Is life about work and working? Or is it about living life? She doesn’t have to work. Good for her. It’s not our business, and hell–if most of us didn’t have to work, we wouldn’t. We would do what we want to do. I’m very lucky that right now that’s what I can do (I’m working on my PhD)–write and research and be outside and whatever else pops into my head. I also realize that, being a peasant and all, that I will have to work at some point, but that’s because I have to help support my family–not because I base my worth on it. If I could just be with my husband and whittle the days away with my nose in a book, I’d be perfectly happy–and not a geisha by any stretch.

    None of us know what is expected of her from the royal family or as far as her royal duties go. And likely she is doing exactly as she has been asked, and likely they control her appearances, etc., and she really can’t do much else…and she’s a newlywed–why would she want to?

  25. Jessica says:

    Holy crap, that was long. Sorry!

  26. G says:

    Yeah, ther marriage is personal but their public life is based on protocol. She knows that and do we have any reason to think she’s unhappy?

  27. gee says:

    Maybe he wants her to be out of the spotlight because he saw what it did to his mother.

    OOps, edit: I agree with @Summer 100%.

  28. ladybert62 says:

    I love that outfit and wish I had her figure!

    Any way, give the woman a break – she has only been a royal for 5+ months! She will have lots to do and has lots of time to do it in.

    She needs to pop out a kid soon – that is her royal duty right now!

  29. Brees says:

    I have only one question, where is her ring??

  30. Rashiel says:

    @ladybert62 – Kate’s main duty right now is to work and do some royal duties, not be a glorified brood mare. You’re just allowing her to be even lazier by wishing she gets pregnant right away. If she gets pregnant soon, she won’t be doing any work for the next 4 years because she’ll be on materniy leave for a year and then soon enough she’ll be pregnant again. If you’re part of the taxpaying public, would you want to keep supporting a freeloader who contributes nothing to the royal family and society?


    Kate saying “William is in charge” is in bad taste. Not only does it make it sound like William is a control freak, it also makes Kate look like a doormat without a mind of her own and is willing to obey William all the time.

    Why not just say, “I’m still in the process of deciding which charities I shall participate in, but I am very excited to begin dedicating my time to a variety of causes.” It would have made her look like she’s actually serious in developing a working ethic instead of doing nothing but shopping.

    Kate is not the first, and the last, commoner-born royal to be thrown into public scrutiny and royal duties. Other commoner-born princesses have married the heirs to the throne and began working right after their wedding. Some of them continued working right before giving birth.

    What’s stopping Kate from doing more right now, when she’s not even the Princess of Wales yet, and she’s not pregnant yet? She can actually be doing more, since not much is expected from her. She can start building up her profile now, visiting some charities and foundations. But she’d doing nothing but shopping.

    It just makes it more obvious that William treats her like a child and she lets him. The video of the visit yesterday showed Kate being unsure of herself and always looking to William for cues, for what to do next, for his approval.

    She has no personality and image of her own. She’s spent a good decade being what and who William wants her to be, so now she doesn’t know how to be anything else. And when she’s asked about her work, she brings it back to William being in charge.

    IMO both of them are co-dependent on each other. William wants to baby and coddle Kate, and Kate wants to depend on William so she won’t have to answer to anything.

    Remember the engagement interview when Kate was asked about her work ethic? She basically said she didn’t care what other people thought, only her and William’s opinions mattered. She’s happy being lazy and doing nothing. She has no complaints.

    Someone else would see themselves as pathetic and a loser for being useless at 30-years old, but not Kate. She relishes being lazy, as along as William approves. I found that statement disturbing. It’s like, “As long as William is happy, I’m happy.” like a Stepford wife. Like a programmed robot.

    The members of the public (like the posters before me) might think this is a good idea to protect Kate so “she won’t experience what Diana went through”, but IMO William and the public are just holding Kate back by coddling her and always excusing her actions. She’s not a child, why not treat her like an adult who’s expected do have responsibilities?

    She needs encouragement, not more break from royal duties. How would she learn to be more confident and connect more to people if she’s not given the chance? She may be lazy and has no work experience, but she must be a capable adult who can be trusted with responsibilities?

    Royal life is hard. But Kate will be able to adapt the sooner she and William allow her to be eased into royal duties. It doesn’t have to be visiting a charity 7 days a week. Just a photo of her meeting with the President on an association or something…something like that won’t overshadow Charles and Camilla. She can be doing that. She’s not completely helpless and alone. The public is already treating her like a poor victim without putting expectations on her. How will Kate face the reality of being a royal in the 21st century if the public always excuses her and gives her a break? Will anyone call her out if she’s still not working after the supposed ‘2 years off’, or are people going to keep using Diana’s life as an excuse on why Kate should not be expected to work and that she should be given a break because Diana had a hard time?

    Unless, of course, William wants to keep Kate this way: helpless, vulnerable, dependent on him. If that’s the case, good luck Kate!

    Even Diana developed her own identity and confidence by the time she was Kate’s age. Not even (or maybe because of?) Charles’s infidelity could stop Diana from performing her royal duties and being a good Princess of Wales when it came to the causes she championed.

  31. heb says:

    William is president of the Marsden charity–thus he is IN CHARGE of who works with it. I believe thats what she meant.

  32. Semper says:

    Must be nice to not have any responsibilities in life but to wave at crowds, walk around with your husband in designer clothes and perfect your eyeliner application technique.

  33. francesca says:

    @ Heb – exactly! He is head of the whole thing.

    The Kate haters are losing their perspectives!

  34. Nymeria says:

    “They are carrying on the work done by William’s mother, Princess Diana, who made her first solo visit to the hospital since 1982.”

    This sentence should be taken out back and beaten.

    I’m going to reiterate what I posted on yesterday’s Waity thread: When she’s not working, people get angry. But when she does work, you sit back and think, “That’s it? Really? Tens of millions of taxpayer pounds go to supporting that? What a hard life [eyeroll].” At best, the “royals” should (and some do) use their media pull to draw attention to important causes. But, as I stated in my post yesterday, does that use of their status & influence still justify the means used to support them? Again: So many people work 40+ hours per week to earn a living, but these people – when they do “work” – just show up somewhere, wave, smile, & make small talk. WOW. Good job for colouring inside the lines.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    I’d say ‘he’s in charge’ about my boyfriend sometimes, so I agree with the others who think its to do with the situation or that it was just a silly remark. Although I do think she is probably the more laid back caring type of partner compared to Will’s ambition e.g. as seen in his military career.

    BTW The ring is in the shot in some of the other photos when she first get out of the car. In the first of these we can only see the band so it must have slipped round

  36. Jackson says:

    Let’s be real here. Kate is not in charge of what she does or doesn’t do. Maybe a few years down the road, but not now. Not yet. And I don’t think it’s a ‘William is in charge’ thing, it’s a ‘the Palace is in charge’ thing. Besides, what Kate said is a convenient line to throw out there when she’s put on the spot like that.

  37. Jackson says:

    Let’s be real here. Kate is not in charge of what she does or doesn’t do. Maybe a few years down the road, but not now. Not yet. And I don’t think it’s a ‘William is in charge’ thing, it’s a ‘the Palace is in charge’ thing. Besides, what Kate said is a convenient line to throw out there when she’s put on the spot like that.

  38. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    What utter, utter, utter worthless garbage a monarchy is, to gun for a hagiography with bullets that are stolen. Can’t wait until Old Jug Ears is on our currency.

    Dear Commonwealth,

    We understand that the issue of de-salinization was one that was very close to your hearts, it was dear to ours as well. But courage under scrubbing is a test of will in an unsatisfactory line of consorts from an impudent disappointment of a younger sister to a be-toothed and unsatisfactory daughter. But with your help and withheld alms, all 200 bedrooms in Buckingham have buffed, shined, un-Thatcherized and thus, re-humanized. But don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you our little corgis, I’m sending Andrew to Somali-Chad with ten packets of Walker’s crips. Thank your Mumsy Regina!

  39. Ell says:

    People need to stop looking for reasons why and personality flaws. It’s all about royal protocol and etiquette, nothing else…there’s no juice.

    And it’s so disrespectful and offensive to liken Kate to a Geisha.

  40. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    This is news?

    I knew she was William’s doormat after he dumped her, yet she still came running back to him as soon as he beckoned. The royal family must have realized it too, which made her an acceptable spouse. She will never be allowed to make decisions for herself or have any opinions of her own. And she’s fine with that. The only word I can think of to describe how I view that family is “pathetic.”

    And if the family is so in control of her (and I really believe they are), then THEY are to blame for her eating disorder. They call all the shots and think for her, and tell her what to do, then for God’s sake, make her eat! I don’t think they give a rat’s ass about her, other than as a paper doll.

    Pathetic family.

  41. Nymeria says:

    @ Jo ‘Mama Besser’ (#38) – Did you ever watch “Are You Being Served?” (Damn, the show itself ends with a question mark! That bugs me.) They called Mr. Rumbold “Old Jug Ears.” 🙂

  42. Tiffany says:

    The only thing that kickstarted this was the wording of her answer. With that kind of education you would think she would have answered it better. I agree with most of the commenters here, there were no expectations of Kate so why start now.

  43. Kelly says:

    I think it is just sad if young girls look up to her. She’s awful. She’s perfect for the 1950s though.

  44. trolleydolly says:

    @24 Jessica I completely agree with you.

  45. HoustonGrl says:

    The only relatively modern thing about Kate is the year she was born. All else aside, she’s not even as far along as Eleanor Roosevelt. If this is indeed the way the monarchy wishes to present itself, then it will have to try even harder to demonstrate its relevance to the modern world. The image that her and William project is one that clearly paints her as a brainless child – does she not have the tools, education, and ambition to think and act for herself? That’s what I have a problem with, not Kate’s work ethic (although that leaves much to be desired).

  46. rogue says:

    @Summer ,Kate is not moving outside her middleclass enviroment , she has spend the last ten years surrounding herself with the upperclass and aristocracy.She doesnt even have friends who are middleclass/workingclass.Middleclass people can’t support their daughter doing nothing for 8 years.The middletons are millionairs .Diana can’t be used as an excuse as their situations are completely different.Diana was 19 and kate was 29 when they both married into the Royal family.

    @Jessica ,If Kate wanted to be a housewife than she should have married somebody else.She is a member of the royalfamily and knew what she signed herself up for.Unlike you ,Kate is
    has 24/7 security that is paid for by the British taxpayers.She needs to show her worth .

  47. Christine says:

    I told you so. I know I shouldn’t say it, but I’ve never actually been in a position to say it, so I’m saying it. I still love you though.

  48. tru says:

    Kate has always been Pr.William’s doormat.
    The joke in some of the British press was that she was being called “the mattress”, because all she did was wait for Pr.Willie to call her, for a hook-up.

    I lost respect for Pr.William when he dumped her, then took her back after she flashed her crotch all over town, dating friends of his during the Off-period.

    What the press does not report is HOW MANY TIMES Prince William DUMPED HER. Prince William dumped Kate several times over their 9yr relationship and at one point there were rumours she was breaking down emotionally over losing him. Pr.William is ALL THIS WOMAN HAS PURSUED FOR A DECADE. She seems quite empty-emotionally and mentally imo. I don’t believe there is much to her.
    Also Her possible eating disorder or weight loss, is not the Royal Families fault, because she was living at home with mummie and daddy, when she started her regime of weight loss. She immediately started losing weight after she met Pr.William(but he liked her shapelier figure as when she modeled the lingeir, but every time he dumped her she’d lose more weight, This was HER DOING.She was trying to FIX herself through her looks, also a rumoured nose job.
    The Royal Family does not want stick insects for brides, they want Healthy women for these young Princes. I honestly don’t believe the Queen likes Kate and the Palace only tolerates Kate, because they have to.

    Kate’s dresses are now padded, it’s a shame she’s gotten so thin she needs padding throughout those dresses.

    As far as her being a doormat, YES she definately is. Kate will always be WaityKatey the doormat, because that is what she has always been to Pr.William. Pr.William does exactly what he wants, regardless of how Kate feels about it,She has NO SAY. Soon he will leave and go away for military duty and leave Kate back home.(Will she go Fergie on him, or will she stay in her little corner until he returns like WaityKatey has always done.)

    There is no way this marriage is going to last past a decade.
    Stepford wives like Kate usually end up going off the deep end, having affairs or heavily medicated.

  49. Lee says:

    @24 Jessica – I’m totally with you as well. Thanks for saying it.

  50. JulieM says:

    Yup, Waity Katie the Doormat. What a low opinion William must have of his wife. Yes, Diana was thrown to the wolves at a very early age, but this girl is almost 10 years older than Diana was (who, by the way, was already 3 months pregnant at this time in her marriage) AND has a university degree as well.

    Jealous of Kate? No way, she can have the immature, control freak William all to herself. And his future mistresses as well.

    Rashiel and tru: Yes, exactly.

  51. Kellie says:

    @ Tru- FINALLY, someone else who knows he dumped her a LOT and not just once.

  52. hmmm says:

    ITA. Waity is a geisha, still deserving of her moniker cause now she waits on WIlls. I also think she’s passing the buck and is full of shit. This relationship? Just UGH. She set women back a hundred years or more. She lacks a spine.

  53. ahoyhoy says:

    Personally I think she’s concentrating on starting a family. She is almost 30, and Royals start much younger than that, usually.

  54. Cerulean says:

    In this day and age? Really Waity?
    Men marry women like her because they can control them. They are convenient and fulfill a purpose that has nothing to do with love and romance. Nothing.

    Nowadays little girls dream of a lot more substantive things than being a useless Princess.

  55. Anon says:

    As some have said…Will is IN CHARGE of the charity (president). So technically he would make the decision to hire (choose her w/e) her as a spokesperson..I think shes was trying to be funny and now everyone is taking it as personal commentary on her life.

  56. alice says:

    did anyone above actually watch the video????????
    incredibly moving, wonderful couple.

  57. eastwood says:

    Tru – when was the last breakup, do you know?

    I don’t know what to make of William – he doesn’t seem that in love with Kate. But then why marry her unless he really loves her?

  58. Me says:

    What are people here praising exactly?

    That a 30 years old eduacated woman is claiming that her husband is in charge of her actions/ choices/ charity work/ career or lack thereof?

    Unless you guys are being paid for some PR work for Kate and Will, all I can say is go to your bosses and explain to them its 2011.

    This is degrading to women, and had I been British I would have been ashamed. Is this Kate “My husband is in charge of me” person supposed to be some sort of a British symbol or even worst-some sort of role model for the women and girld of England?!


  59. Topsy says:

    I would trade places with her in a heartbeat. Totally in charge husband with a nice military career, nothing to do but bide my time thinking about charities, housekeeping and babies. If I had to give up some of my personal freedom and willfullness in exchange for few, if any, financial worries and the drudgery of life I would do it.

  60. T.C. says:

    @4: Her breasts aren’t bigger, I think she is wearing a padded bra.

    @40: If it’s true that the family/Will control every aspect of her life that is one reason to develop an eating disorder. It’s the only thing that she has control over. They would have to put a tube down her throat and feed her food, there is no other way to force someone to eat. I believe that was a major reason Princess Di also had an eating disorder, Doctors say it’s usually more about CONTROL than it is appearance.

    No matter how you see the explanation, her words are negative. Either she has no control over herself or she is calling her husband controlling. Will has never liked the spot light so I don’t see him as trying to make sure she doesn’t take attention away from him. Strange marriage but at least she gets to wear great clothes, eat the best food and loads of money. It’s like the 1950’s wife is hip again.

  61. Daisy424 says:

    He reminds me so much of Diana

  62. Viggo says:

    I think she meant he was in charge of the Royal Marsden hospital, since he’s the president. I don’t think she meant that he was in charge of her life.

  63. zesty says:

    Sounds like she’s only referring to that hospital, not her life.

    I like the dress. Maybe people are talking about her lack of career aspirations because she’s 30 and it’s like she has no points of interest other than capturing her husband. And I would think Britons have some kind of right to know about her and what she’s up to because they’re paying for her lifestyle now.

  64. Dot says:

    Reason One Why She Should Work: So people don’t define her by a throw-away comment during a walk-about.

    The public has a short memory, and the British press is brutal. They were kind during her first few trips accompanying William, even here on this site. They were also kind when she did her first tour. As long as she keeps on doing firsts, even if she isn’t perfect, the public good will and the press coverage will be good. But if she does it years into being a royal, the reaction won’t be as kind.

    There is a bit of official keeping her down though -her wedding dress was a very popular exhibit and she wanted it to be a permanent part of the exhibition, but the official statement seems to indicate the Palace told her no. She’s very savvy, so I think it isn’t just laziness on her part, though it’s entirely on her not having much substance before marriage.

  65. Poppy says:

    Hmmm….. don’t really know about this one, somehow it just sounds like another excuse, if this really is the case Wills just dipped a few notches on my opinion radar and it doesn’t elevate her at all because instead of just seeming lazy she’s now deep in Stepford wife territory.

    Stupid statement for her to make really, now people will begin to see William as a stuffy old fossil like his dad and a chauvenistic male 50years out of his time as well as speculating that he will be looking for more exciting crumpet on the side in the not too distant future (it does run in the family).

  66. Fatkid says:

    I think we all may be overreacting/reading too much into/taking out of context her comment.

    She was asked if this hospital would be one of her charities. Prince William is the president of the hospital (per yesterday’s post). Herego Prince William is in charge, in this instance.

    Now, pass me whatever it is you’re drinking 😉

  67. Kara Ann says:

    @#24 Jessica,

    I agree with your post 100%. People appear to be brainwashed into thinking only a “working” person is a worthwhile, valuable person. The concept to me is ridiculous. I have stated this before on posts about Kate. It really seems that people, especially women, are afraid to say, “I wouldn’t work if I didn’t have to.”. This is not true of everyone, of course, and there is nothing wrong with that either. It doesn’t surprise me anymore when others are hypercritical of other people’s life choices. I do find it sad and perplexing.

  68. Cerulean says:

    #67 Its not so much her not working. She does NOTHING. No charity work. No donating time to a cause. All throughout her 20s. She has no accomplishments. Even Diana worked at a kindergarten. Fast forward 30 years and…nothing.
    What does that say about her?

  69. SamiHami says:

    I think whatever dynamic works for the two of them (and any other couple) is great. If they are both happy with the balance of power in their relationship, then who are we to criticize. Kate has a whole lifetime ahead of her to make her mark. Good for her for knowing what she wanted and pursuing it. So what if her goal for years has been to marry William? If that’s what she’s cut out for and William wants her, then what’s the harm?

  70. palermo says:

    Saying Will is in charge is an effective way to get them to stop asking her questions where she could slip up and say the wrong thing, nothing wrong with that

  71. Annie says:

    I’m also mystified at the Kate hate?
    To evaluate someone’s worth based on their job is ridiculous! I have worked since 16 ( 30 years now) I do like being challenged but I have a twin sister who’s taken another path. After marriage she selected to raise her daughter and was lucky enough to have that option. She is by far the most well read, informed member of our family. There is virtually no topic that she can’t speak intelligently about…since we aren’t privy to how Kate passes her free time how would anyone know how she fills her day? These assumptions smack of jealousy to me….

  72. Nymeria says:

    @ Kara Ann (#67) – I think many people would be happy to say “Sionara!” to their jobs, provided they had the privilege to do so. Waity isn’t working (much), BUT SHE IS BEING SUPPORTED BY PEOPLE WHO WORK & PAY TAXES. Regardless of the “work” the “royal” family does, that whole family is supported by a nation of taxpayers. It’s repugnant.

  73. Sammi says:


    In just about any other situation I would agree with you. However Kate’s life is now financed by the taxpayer. Therefore, she should be working for the tax payer. It isn’t about looking down on stay at home spouses, or judging someones lifestyle. It’s the fact that she is living a lavish secure lifestyle funded by us commoners, and is doing nothing to earn that.

    If any other government worker tried to pull something like this they would never get away with it. However, because Kate is pretty and married to a prince people give her more slack bacause of the fairytale effect.

    If Kate wants to be normal thats fine, but she should stop taking my money if that is in fact the case.

    Also I fail to see what is so difficult about picking a few charities . I’m over ten years younger than Kate, and even I know what charities I like to donate to when I get my pay cheque. I understand the process is more complicated for royals, but surely it shouldn’t take months to veto just ONE charity. This is a 30 year old woman she should have at least some idea of what her interests are. I don’t expect her to take on 200 patronages overnight, but she should at least try to give us something in return for what we give her.

  74. AcornPaste says:

    SamiHami –

    If to snag a man was her goal then what does that say about her self-respect? I wouldn’t think too highly of a woman whose life revolved around waiting for a ring for a decade doing absolutely NOTHING.

    William didn’t want her, he settled for her. She was the only one who kept coming back like a dog being called by its master. The other women were smart enough to say ‘No.’ And he had no choice, either put a ring on her finger or risk the wrath of the public for letting her wait for a long time (arf arf!)

  75. Poppy says:

    There seems to be a general worldwide misconception of just how the British royals get their funding. It is not actually the tax payer who funds them per se.

    Many generations ago one of the Georges was deep in debt and the government offered to bail him out, in return he handed over the management of the Crown Estates to the government who then paid the King a stipend from the revenues of the estates.

    Every monarch since then has renewed that agreement, the government manages the Crown lands, pays the monarchy out of the revenues and keeps any surplus, the Royals had quite a nice increase this year because the estates are doing well. The Crown Estates owns and manages practically all of Regent Street in London and many shopping malls as well as housing estates, farm land and more than half the UK foreshores etc.

    Please note that the Crown estates are still owned by the Royal Family, but through this ancient agreement they have nothing to do with the running of it’s approx. $11billion land portfolio, they cannot sell off anything, the government legally manages them and then distributes the revenues at it’s own discretion.

    Now this cosy arrangement must be renewed on the accent of each new monarch, if Charles decides he doesn’t want to renew then the estates and their income will revert back to being the private property of the Royal Family and all the money they generate (around $400million year) will go straight into the coffers of the family with no middleman (the government) taking a slice. The deal is pretty complicated with lots of odd little clauses and if Charles decided to take back the crown lands apparently he would be legally obliged to foot the bill for the entire armed forces of the UK so the agreements not very likely to change, I have over simplified it but you can see that this notion of a completely tax payer funded Royals isn’t quite accurate.

    There are some parts of Royal expenditure that the government funds through taxes, but the bulk of their funding comes in a convoluted fashion from their own estates which at the moment are government controlled.

  76. Vesper says:

    I thought Kate’s comment was LAME regardless of the reason. Certainly she has been with William long enough that she should be prepared & capable of giving a proper answer.

    My guess is that William is not a control freak and that he is not a man who feels the need to treat his wife like a delicate victim who needs protection. After all, he was close with his mother and he learned firsthand that despite the circumstances Diana was a strong, independent woman who cannot in any way be labelled as someone’s victim.

    I think it is much more likely that Kate’s answer was the easiest way for her to get out of the conversation without having to commit to doing anything. I’d say her wording is in line with what she been for the last decade — a lazy, shallow, immature “girl” who has no real plans or interest in doing anything other than standing beside William.

    What a sad and pathetic role model for girls. Someone mentioned that it is disrespectful to call Kate a geisha. To that I say, if the shoe fits…

  77. Summer says:

    Ummmmm, yes, Kate is moving outside her middleclass upbringing and that is a HUGE thing. Clearly you don’t know the British class system, but for someone from her background to be able to marry the future King represents a massive change. 30 years ago when Diana married Charles, not only did she have to have a sufficient aristocratic background but also she had to have ‘no past’ ie had to be a virgin.
    Kate may be the daughter of millionaires but her background is decidedly working/middle class. And yes, she dated William for 9 years before they got married, but she certainly wasn’t accepted as part of his world until they got married. Or do you want to overlook all the snide comments her family had to endure about how she was too common for William to marry Summer ,Kate is not moving outside her middleclass enviroment , she has spend the last ten years surrounding herself with the upperclass and aristocracy.She doesnt even have friends who are middleclass/workingclass.Middleclass people can’t support their daughter doing nothing for 8 years.The middletons are millionairs .Diana can’t be used as an excuse as their situations are completely different.Diana was 19 and kate was 29 when they both married into the Royal family.

  78. Bec says:

    I know the ‘high heel beige pump’ is really in right now but I think it ruins outfits! Totally boring and creepy. I love this dress tho!
    Will must be freaking out that she looks to have an eating disorder. Scary.

  79. Kina says:

    I think what she meant with William’s in charge is that William’s in charge in that charity because he is THE president. Oh well, you can’t please everybody. relax and breathe. You’re putting too much stress in your mind. lol

  80. Mi says:

    Those that call Kate a geisha must really have a high opinion of her (not being sarcastic here) since a geisha is a very accomplished artist who usually goes through five years of intense and rigorious training in dance, music (instruments), tea cermony, conversation and so on before she becomes a fully fledged geisha!

  81. Luise says:

    All I want to know is why she doesn’t have any friends other than her family? WHY??? This is very, very weird. Will someone please answer my question?

  82. Mare says:

    @ AcornPaste
    Kate, William and Palace said that after finishing her studies Kate worked for her parents company. If you’re calling her a liar and you’re saying she didn’t work, than I would like you to show a proof for that.
    Also, Willaim settled for her? He is a future king, I highly doubt he had to settle for anyone. He could choose from literary millions of women. Maybe some of them did or would say no but I’m sure they are a minority. No need to settle. He was still very young and he will become king only after his father so there was no rush to get married. Also, the public didn’t really like Kate prior to the engagement and wedding. I remember reading comments on british sites and they were mostly screaming “leave her” to him. So by dumping her he wouldn’t enrage anyone. He choose her, he wanted her, it’s simple as that.

  83. Sammi says:


    Their security IS paid for by us. Even if they do not recieve a traditional paycheque from us, they do recieve payment in the form of goods and services. Therefore, work should be expected — particularly by Kate who doesn’t have a job elsewhere like William.

  84. Victoria says:

    Kate and Will have already stated that they taking a two year hiatus from any major duties with where Kate is concerned. He is thinking about the emotional and mental health of his wife as he should. We know no one thought about the fact that Diana, Princess of Wales was not all that emotionally stable to handle that type of pressure and a little ease up and guidance could have changed everything about that situation.

    I think Kate’s beauty is overrated, but I think she is one classy and elegant broad. Her choices in clothing are befitting of someone in her position. Refined, chic, elegant and oh so British. I love everything she wears. Will and Kate did everything the right way. They dated for a long time, took breaks from one another, and realized they were all they needed. While they were apar, she did her own thing, lived her life but still remained classy. No scandals there. I love her so.

  85. atlantapug says:

    I like the dress, but she looks hideously thin in it.
    Her head looks HUGE compared to her waist/hips.
    Who really cares what she does with her time?

  86. atlantapug says:

    I like the dress, but she looks hideously thin in it.
    Her head looks HUGE compared to her waist/hips.
    Who really cares what she does with her time?

  87. Neena says:

    Her statement was a bad choice of words, however i believe she was only joking. Lighten up people!

    I agree with the poster who said that she made the comment to get out of saying anything more indepth about her future choices.

    She doesn’t really bother me. Like another poster has said both her and Wills will not commit to working as Full Time royals for another two years.

    As for her dress it was ok but nothing special.

  88. Sunnyjyl says:

    Summer and heb said what I was going to say. It is Will’s charity, so she is already involved. As for the rest, Will is smart to protect his wife right now. I hope he always does.

    In this pic, she looks very elegant. I love this dress on her.

  89. chainsawbuzzkill says:

    She was joking.

    She meant William is in charge of the hospital.

    (He’s its president since 2007, per the post.)

  90. Lauren says:

    My guess is that the Family does not want Kate to get stressed out like Diana did. Diana became a superstar, and overshadowed Charles at every public function. Kate is being coached and following orders.

  91. curriewalla says:

    Kate’s patronages will be chosen extremely carefully. It’s a long, long-term commitment and the right “fit” is crucial.
    It was a huge deal in 1996 when Diana reduced her patronages from over 100 to just 6 or 7. There are few charities/organizations that would not leap at the chance of having a royal patron, especially Kate who is expected in future to be princess of wales and then queen consort.
    Kate and William are kinda doing what Queen Elizabeth and Philip did when they first married – have a private life. Queen E and Philip lived in Malta while he was in the navy and while she was the heiress presumptive, directly in line to the throne. William is only second in line now. (Apparently, the years in Malta were about the happiest time in Queen E’s life.)
    As for Kate’s dress, it is suitable for a visit to a children’s cancer centre. It is elegant, yet boringly appropriate. It doesn’t scream “look at me”, when attention should be on the sick children, and it looks like it would be OK for non-distracting photos with the children.

  92. The Original Ashley says:

    I take “Wiallima’s in charge” with a grain of salt. Do you really think William likes that people call his wife “work shy” or that he would chose to have her sit in a house all day and do f*ck all for the last 10 years? No because if this is true that William is in charge than that means he was the one to make her get a job at Jigsaw and he was the one who put it out there that she was “working” as a web designer (ha!) at her parents firm.

    I think he wants people to like her so the press doesn’t crucify her, I don’t think he likes that his wife is considered lazy while his mother was the Saint who never took a break (even when she was going through some bad bouts of mental problems. The woman knew how to work through it that’s for sure).

    Now that the rose colored Middlteton glasses are off (ie them trying to give poor little Princey the happy family he never had with their Sunday dinners and middle class Christmases), I wonder if he sometimes regrets marrying the complete opposite of his mother?

    I think now that they’re married he’s going to try to mold her into his mother (there is something very creepy about the way he’s sort of Diana cloning her) and I think he will chose her charities for her because unlike Waity who couldn’t be bothered with the plebs, he knows just which ones to choose.

    William’s in charge just means that he has the experience with this Royal charity thing and she’s going to let him have control of it because she doesn’t know anything about giving back, and couldn’t give a toss either way.

  93. The Original Ashley says:

    Mare – there are a few accounts out there that William wanted to date/marry other women but they all turned him down. They either were already titled and/or had their own money. Look up Isabella Calthrope. Comes from a dukedom, and has lots of money, Charles wanted William to marry her and William wanted to be with her but she turned him down to pursue acting.

    I’d give you the list of the others that turned him down but I’m too lazy. There’s a good article on Vanity Fair’s site if you care to get a bit more insight.

    From all accounts Waity lucked out because no one wanted to become apart of the firm. Waity wanted the title and her family’s not that wealthy (3m) so of course she was a good candidate because she wants it so badly she’ll shut her mouth and do whatever they ask of her.

  94. Jaxx says:

    I think she hit it right on the head. WILLIAM is in charge. Everyone who criticizes this poor girl clearly do not understand how her life is. I think William has known for years that she is the one and he has directed her image all this time. She didn’t strike out on her own career plans because she knew she was to be the future queen and did not intend to mess that up. I also think they love each other very much and I respect her for keeping her head low and doing what she was told by people who knew the ropes better than her.

    I also think the last thing the royals intend to see is another wildly famous princess who eclipses the royals like Diana did. All their plans include keeping her under the radar.

    And I surely don’t think she shirks the responsibility or work. She is intelligent enough to do anything they toss at her. Also intelligent enough to follow her husband’s lead. All and all I respect her for the way she has handled her life with the man she loves. All who criticize her can just suck it.

    They don’t know a damn thing about her, her life, or her plans. But one thing I do know, she is having more fun than they are. And that’s the rub.

  95. Nymeria says:

    @ The Original Ashley (#92 & #93) – I found your posts very interesting. How do you think William is “Diana cloning” Kate? Could you elaborate?

    @ Jaxx (#94) – “But one thing I do know, [Kate] is having more fun than [those who criticise her] are. And that’s the rub.”

    I actually am not sure if Kate is having all that much fun. She lives a very cushy life, sure, but I suspect the royal family is a lot darker than any of us know.

  96. anne_000 says:

    She was joking that since William is in charge of the hospital’s charity, he’s the one who will decide who joins the charity.

    But it was a really bad joke. She should have thought up a better response, especially since she’s going to be asked that question a million times for the next several decades. But that would require forethought & a bit of wit…

  97. Poppy says:

    @ Sammi : I did say at the end of my post that…..

    “There are some parts of Royal expenditure that the government funds through taxes, but the bulk of their funding comes in a convoluted fashion from their own estates which at the moment are government controlled”.

    I was pointing out that they do not receive the major part of their funding directly from the tax payer. Most people believe that because it is the government who decides how much financing the royals receive, the British tax payer is entirely footing the bill for them from their own shrinking pockets, which isn’t true.

    I am with you though, they need to justify every penny the tax payer does spend on them. The queen was married 60yrs ago and had her two years off without public royal duties, but that was 60yrs ago in the 1950’s when the majority of women played June Cleaver to some extent but times have changed. In this day and age the royals are expected to serve, there is nothing for nothing in this life, the ‘Royals’, ALL the royals, need to justify their continued position of privilege by their service to the nation.

    In effect they are one gigantic PR firm and ‘The Royal Firm’ just like any other business is expected to deliver the goods if they don’t want to see themselves relegated to the scrap heap of history. If Kate wanted to be a stay at home lady of leisure she should have picked a lesser ‘toff’ or a banker or stockbroker on a six figure income not a future King of Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa and the other 48 Commonwealth countries.

  98. bettyrose says:

    @ Mi #80 – I’m glad someone said it. Geishas were skilled, trained entertainers *who worked for a living*. It’s hardly a fair comparison.

  99. Lushus L. says:

    To all the Kate haters out there, I say simply this– Watch and learn grasshoppers, watch and learn.

  100. Victoria says:

    I think when it comes time for her to patron, she will choose something like a foundation that maintains historical art and architecture. She went to school for art history. I also think she likes kids so she could get involved with the arts and youth. She seems to have a very good vibe with children, so she’ll definitely pick some causes that involve them.

    Kate did what any smart girl who was in love and also, yes looking for upward mobility would do, she kept a low profile, worked but didn’t do anything that she would come to love and have to give up, and waited out William’s sowing her wild oats. If it were a regular man who had nothing to offer, I could see the criticisms, but he’s the fricking Prince of the most well known royal family in the world.

    Maybe it’s just me because I believe that marriage is above all a contract between two people and I feel like love is great, but it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be the reason for marriage because love is a fickle emotion. People fall in and out of it like a new trend. Each partner, if they are smart should always be looking at who is going to bring what to the table, how they are going to work it to their advantage and advance one another, continuing the family legacy if they wish to, and having a mutual respect and the terms they have laid out.

    Kate is no Becky Sharp. Becky Sharp, a gold digger survivalist. Kate, a chick that worked what God gave her and used her smarts to get the man, which in the end, it doesn’t matter how long she had to wait because he did commit to her. Kate gives the monarchy a fresh look in that she was a commoner but she came from a self-sufficient middle class family but is still conservative and has a great carriage about her. She’s also educated and she does seem to make William happy. And William I believe makes Kate happy as well as a chance to raise her family’s status, and have security. Win, win as far as I’m concerned.

    And 3 million pounds in this economy ain’t bad for a family buisness. Obviously they are hard workers and make shit happen.

  101. Flan says:

    He’d better have married a fishwife; at least they know what work is.

    This sad excuse for a princess is just bleh.

    They should both take a good look at Princess Anne, who works really hard on her charities.

  102. AcornPaste says:

    Mare –

    What did Kate had to do to get that position? Also, what did she do at Party Pieces, design the websites? She must have just picked the colors then let the others do the coding for her.

    This is the same woman who had to be given a specially-tailored job for her at Jigsaw. Quelle surprise, she left just after a few months because she didn’t like the paparazzi following her (the same paparazzi who she used to court by the way)

    Those two ‘jobs’ alone hardly fit in a year. After that she did literally NOTHING. Well if you could call shopping, traveling, attending events as work then yes, she worked full time 24/7.

  103. AcornPaste says:

    The Original Ashley already answered your second comment. Kate was the only one desperate enough to get that ring. The others weren’t – they already were from aristocratic old-money families and wouldn’t feel the need to social climb. They can still mingle with the royals without the added pressure of being part of The Firm.

    On the other hand, Kate knows that these families would never have given her and her family a second look if she wasn’t the then-girlfriend of Wills. She needed to marry into the RF to forever be in that circle – the question is whether the people in that circle truly accept her or still mock her behind her back. Doors to manual, anyone?

  104. Flan says:

    Find nothing charming about this 1950’s style couple.

    In fact, they kind of creep me out.

  105. Poppy says:

    To be fair she is really good at something…..going to weddings, six this year beside her own.

  106. Poppy says:

    I also have to make an amendment to my post above, William and Kate will not become King and Queen of all 54 Commonwealth countries, only 16 of them have QEII as head of state at the moment.

  107. TheHeat says:

    Wills may be in charge of Kate…but you can bet your bottom dollar that Granny Liz is in charge of HIM! I think that the royals are working very hard to ensure that Kate doesn’t become another Diana. They want to spotlight to focus on the future king, with Kate being HIS queen.
    Had Diana lived and had stayed with Charles, he would have become no more visible than his own father is. Diana would have been The Queen and the figurehead of the monarchy. That didn’t sit well with any of them, least of all Elizabeth.
    It appears to me that the royal PR people are working at moulding Kate after the old Queen Mum. She was kind and respected by everyone…but didn’t seek out or relish in the spotlight. Smart move in my opinion.

  108. Mare says:

    @ AcornPaste
    She said she worked until the engagement and there’s no proof that she didn’t. The fact that she went shopping, travelling and attending events doesn’t mean she didn’t work. I work from home and I work when I want and I go travelling when I want. Did she or didn’t she work, I don’t know but neither do you. Same with what she did, did she design website or what, did she work one hour a day or eight, I don’t know but neither do you. Calling someone liar without any proof is something I cannot approve.
    And this other thing, there’s no way that all those girls said no to William. He is the future King, he is prince William. Maybe those girls are aristocratic but I’m betting 90% of them would loooooove to be queen one day. This is beyond social climbing, this isn’t about marrying someone one step above you family, this is about marrying a future King. The most famous King in the world.
    I find it funny that someone can think that William didn’t have a huge choice of girls. Minor reality or music stars have thousands of women falling all over them 24/7 and you really think that prince William had only one women desperate enought to marry him and he had to settle for her?

  109. Lily says:

    Maybe she just meant William’s in charge of the hospital, what with him being the President or whatever, so he gets to decide who’s going to be patron. Maybe she was trying to be funny…

  110. Malificent says:

    I think everyone is reading too much into this — I think she was trying to politely deflect from the fact that she probably won’t be a patron of this particular charity. If, during a charity event, she was asked if she planned to be a patron of said charity, and she said say “No”, she would be castigated for being lazy and heartless. People use the “I have to check with my spouse” excuse to get out of awkard invitations all of the time.

  111. Dot says:

    “there’s no way that all those girls said no to William”

    Lots of women said no to Prince Charles and not just because he’s Charles. Kate has lost her privacy for the rest of her life; those other girls were aristocrats and very wealthy so they didn’t need William’s stature, and what’s the point of being even more super-rich if you’re also ripped on every time you leave the house?

    Also, William’s a douche in a lot of ways. When they broke up, under intense attention from the press he went to a public club and said, “I’m free.” Douche. For Kate, being his girlfriend meant avoiding showing any sort of PDA, denying the relationship for as long as possible, and being harrassed by the press on a near-daily basis. I think it says something about his private behavior that there’s never been a rumor of an aristocrat trying to date him at any point in his twenties, even when he was single and clearly interested in moving on.

    And we haven’t even covered his family and their basket of issues.

  112. Mare says:

    @ Dot
    I agree with you in theory but what I’ve seen in reality is different. 1) Women born in rich families often want to marry someone equally rich or preferably richer. They don’t want someone “bellow” them. Sounds horrible but that is what I’ve seen.
    2) I’ve met few rich men in my life. Just regular rich men, not millionaires and certainly not royalty. And trust me I was astonished with what women would do to date them. It’s unbelievable. Not all women but A LOT. It doesn’t matter if he treats them bad or if he is a douche, they love his money and his status, and they were ready to endure whatever it takes to be with them and enjoy their lifestyle. Again I have to say, not all women but a huge number. And I can just assume that when it comes to a prince, a future king, that is much much pronounced. My english is a little sloppy sorry, it’s not my language so I struggle a bit to explain what I want to say 🙂

  113. Nymeria says:

    @ Mare (#112) – Your English is beautiful!

  114. Me says:

    If indeed the PR people of the RF told Kate that the message is to keep the spotlight on Will, all I can say is that is pathetic and a lost cause.

    Do you think anyone cares what he wears?
    How he looked like at their wedding?

    The entire concept that remained from the playing Price and Queen is the romantic and childish notion of princesses.

    It’s ALWAYS about the princess. Yes, you need a prince for her, but have you ever read a fairy tale or a children’s book that was centered around the prince?

    It is the little girls who dream to become one.

    Kate will always be more interesting.
    Her wedding was HER wedding.
    Do you think guys sat down and thought about the details?
    It was women and girls thinking how lovely she looked, got excited over the beautiful dress, and the great makeup and how she did her hair…

    Kate is good looking. She waited so long and really wanted that.
    Let her have her spotlight. HE doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who really enjoys being in the center, so why is that so important to make sure she doesn’t steal his thunder?

    It’s a lost cause if that’s what they are aiming at.

  115. Flan says:

    Think ‘me’ has a good point there.

    It’s usually women who show the greatest support to monarchies; prefering them to the circus of presidential elections.

  116. AcornPaste says:


    Your English is fine, I think we all understand what you’re trying to say. 🙂

    The thing is, one with such an intense reputation as William would be very wary of any person he comes across. Do they truly want to be his ‘friend’ or do they have an ulterior motive?

    It’s the same thing with him and his women. I don’t think he rarely went beyond his circle to find girlfriends. He wants his women to be discreet. I’m not sure about Kate being discreet, however she has proven time and time again that she would do anything to hang onto William.

    The other girls all have jobs, Kate’s main job was to be pretty and remain loyal to William, and that paid off for her.

  117. JulieM says:

    To all the posters who think other girls were just dying to marry William: Why do you think that? Other than his bank account and hereditary fate, what exactly is appealing about William? Why would any woman from a rich family with a title want the boring, immature William? Certainly money and title are good motivators, but why only dull, compliant Kate? Does he really love her or did he just settle for her because no one else wanted the job? How many times did he dump her? More than we know, I think.

  118. LAK says:

    I think it’s the fact that she is 30yrs old that she gets critised so much. If you had a 30yr old in your life who had done nothing with their lives for no apparent reason, you’d read them the riot act.

    You can’t compare a 20yr old to a 30yr old in whatever era, so the Diana excuses are not valid.

    This girl is a throw back to the Victorian era…pre suffragettes!!

    That said, perhaps because she is a Victorian, maybe she’ll turn out really great like a Victorian.

  119. LAK says:

    BTW do y’all realise how exhausting it is to wait for THE RING?!! The poor dear is exhausted. Give her a break :))

  120. Dot says:

    @ Mare. Your English is lovely. I wish I could write in another language as well as you can.

    I understand what you’re saying. To his credit, William seems to have been able to ferret out the women clearly after him because of his money, but I still think that the women who had nothing material to gain by dating him, didn’t want him, either because of his being a prince or his own personality and behavior, or both.

    To date someone that famous for so many years, (and William wasn’t a great boyfriend to Kate) and be hounded by everyone having an opinion on everything you do, I think the other areas in your life would suffer because you’d divert more resources to handling the stress. Unless the person you’re dating is the only one for you, why would anyone who already had plenty of money and connections do it? You’d lose part of yourself, and your identity would be tied up in being someone’s girlfriend. You’d be 30, and not know your own interests. But, you could shop a lot.

  121. Renee says:

    One comment from her, and everyone is speculating about how things “really” are. Fact is, we know nothing for sure and it’s none of our business anyway.

    I can only imagine the pressure they are both under – esp. with all the scrutiny, and the tabloid nonsense and lies, and constant speculation that leads to the scrutiny, tabloid nonsense and lies.

    Their marriage is no more our business than any other couple’s marriage. I, for one, wish them all the best in making a life together as they put up with all this rubbish.

  122. Dani says:

    Maybe after seeing how media attention affected his mother, he’s trying to keep his wife from the same pressure and drama.

  123. Jess says:

    She is too skinny but I love that dress!

  124. Magsy says:

    Short but sweet—she looks pretty but is only about 12 inches across, she is disappearing before our eyes but doesn’t look frail and sickly like Nicole Ritchie used to. Pippa is also slim.

  125. tinkerbelle in the u.s. says:

    I can only say, she is a commoner, and I doubt she will ever have more than a modest hand in William’s charities and none of real importance of her own. Calling her a geisha is spot-on – – my young sister is married to a wealthy man and always acted like he was the king and she was the concubine. Must fly now – toodles!