Star: Halle Berry custody witness claims Gabriel Aubry was verbally abusive

That title really doesn’t capture the alleged accusations against Gabriel Aubry in new custody papers unearthed by Star Magazine. The way Star phrases it, the accusations sound really sordid. The thing is, we’ve heard the exact same things about Halle, and we’ve also heard this about Gabriel before along with a lot of conflicting reports about how they were each terrible people so it’s hard to know what to believe. I would bet that their relationship is rocky and that they screamed and yelled before they called it quits, but it probably was in no way as one sided as this makes it sound at all. I also don’t buy Gabriel as this broody, emotionally distant person who forgets to bring presents for his daughter’s birthday and didn’t care about Halle’s pregnancy. Just the fact that he’s fought so hard for custody shows otherwise. Custody can get complicated and messy, and it’s obvious that both sides are slinging accusations. Here’s what Star claims, which I believe Halle could have definitely accused Gabriel of in the court papers. I doubt it went down like this at all.

Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry threw a chair against the wall and called [Halle] the N word during a violent confrontation last February, a Los Angeles court has been told.

Star has learned that new witnesses have made these and other explosive accusations against the Canadian-born male model in court documents as the couple’s custody battle over 3-year-old daughter Nahla continues. And these witnesses are shedding new light on the couple’s final blowout – a confrontation that sparked one of Hollywood’s most toxic conflicts.

Two months before their April 2010 split, Halle, 45, returned to Los Angeles after a trip to San Francisco, and sources say it was anything but a happy homecoming. “Gabriel was there, and Halle told him to leave or she would call the police,” a colleague of Halle’s, who has seen the court documents reveals.

“He screamed that she was a ‘ghetto n****r’ and threw a chair against the wall,” the source says. “Halle was shaken and sobbing.”

Sadly, such before was not uncommon for Gabriel during the couple’s nearly five-year relationship, the new witnesses claim. Gabriel allegedly insulted and attacked valets, waitresses, nannies, Halle – and even their daughter.

“Gabriel hated that Nahla was mixed race,” a colleague of Halle’s claims. “He never wanted her hair to be braided, and he always said that Nahla was white. Friends tried to get him to understand that being mixed was part of her and Halle’s heritage, but he wouldn’t hear it…”

“Approximately six months after they started seeing each other, their sex life dwindled,” the insider reveals. “They rarely had sex, but Gabriel loved to watch porn…”

“He didn’t show any enthusiasm about the pregnancy,” the insider explains. “He didn’t help pick out baby names, help Halle relax, anything. His whole life was about playing golf. And when Nahla was born, he wasn’t any help either.

At Nahla’s second birthday party [in March 2010] “Gabriel didn’t even bring a gift for Nahla, and he was rude and stand-offish to the guests…

“He brought Nahla to her room and made her take a nap so everyone would leave!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, October 10, 2011]

This is in Star, which doesn’t mean it’s false although it definitely could be. I’m thinking that what happened was that one of Star’s court sources dug up some stuff from this case that’s from earlier this year, when all these claims were flying around in the press. I’m really hoping that these two have reached some sort of truce for Nayla’s sake, but I think that the last we heard they were still duking it out in court, with Halle winning some sort of judgment to bring Nahla with her on set. So the accusations could be new for all we know, even if this happened back in February.

Here’s Halle out in Majorca on 9/12/11 with her boyfriend, Oliver Martinez, and Nahla. She recently broke her foot while filming there. Oliver was spotted out with a cane too. I wonder what’s going on there. Gabriel and Nahla are shown out on 8/10/11 and 8/17/11.




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  1. Leticia says:

    Give me a break. If he had racial issues he wouldn’t have been in a long-term relationship with her in the first place, especially such a public relationship.

    I do believe he did call her an N word: Nuts!!

  2. carrie says:

    thank you Halle Berry’s RP team!

  3. your mama says:

    The thing that I just don’t understand is, if we are supposed to believe that he is racist – then what was he doing with Halle in the 1st place??? That makes no sense to me. Why would he want custody of his daughter then? Something seems so off in this story, but who really knows…?

  4. Pyewacket says:

    Not this crap again.

  5. Embee says:

    I’m choosing to believe this. Not because I think Halle’s a saint, but because she has such horrible taste in men.

  6. Cali says:

    Okay wasn’t she with this guy for some years before she got knocked up? And she found out he was a racist AFTER he got her pregnant? Sorry not drinking your Kool-Aid Halle!

    I have a lot of Swedish friends and those of African heritage do not call themselves “Black” as in America so I can see some cultural differences, but I am NOT buying that he was willing to have a child with a mixed woman who considers herself “Black” if he has race issues.

    And if he was a racist, it makes Halle look even WORSE because she had to know that before she got pregnant and why is the woman always a damn victim in her relationships?

  7. cmc says:

    This is so dumb. If he had a problem with black people, why would he date one long term and have a baby with her?! If he had no interest in his daughter, why does he seem to worship the ground she walks on, and fight tooth and nail for custody of her?

    I don’t buy it. Not one bit.

  8. jc126 says:

    I don’t believe it, and it sounds just like the crap that Halle was claiming months back.
    Especially the racist stuff. He hates that his daughter is mixed race, and uses the N word, so therefore he went out with and had a child with a woman who is half black. Yeah, okay. @@

  9. J.D.M.J. says:

    It’s Star and I don’t believe a word of it.

  10. Joanna says:

    Yeah, I don’t believe it. Why would he date and have a child with a black woman then? From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like the little girl adores him and vice versa.

  11. TXCinderella says:

    If anyone was abusive, it was probably her. I think she is probably used to getting her way, and when that doesn’t happen, you are made to pay!

  12. SEF says:

    I call BS. She’s really reaching to build some dirt (complaining that he put his 2y.o. down for a nap when she’s overwhelmed by a party? Honestly? That’s good parenting in my book.)

    And the racist claims are just gross . . . does he look like he has any problem with that little girl? BS.

    Before they split she made a big deal that he’s from a big, loving family and wanted lots of kids. Now he’s a monster? I don’t see it. There’s no way it’s better for Nahla to be raised just by Halle.

  13. Nancy C. says:

    so what, couples fight…but i’m sure this is a lie!

  14. Dibba says:

    Kid is adorable. Not sure why, but I can see HB being a totally psycho beeyotch here and I feel bad for daddy.

  15. po says:

    If this was her 1st relationship with someone who she says was abusive I might give her the the benefit of the doubt but it isn’t the 1st or 2nd and that comment about the relationship going bad after a couple of months doesn’t fit because they were together a while before she even got pregnant. She can’t have it both ways. These guys can’t be perfect when she’s getting her way and then morph into evil human beings when she’s not. It makes you wonder what she will say about this Martinez guy when they’re over. More importantly, if she’s willing to acknowledge such horrible taste in men why would she bring another one of these guys around her kid. Ugh

  16. Whatamess! says:

    The most gorgeous child in hollywood handsdown!

  17. Jenn says:

    Halle must be gearing up for a serious custody battle to drag this crap back up. If he didn’t want a mixed race child, he wouldn’t have been with a mixed race person. She endlessly accuses every man she’s been with of some kind of abuse. I think she thought enough time went by and she’d try the accusations again. Does this woman put her daughter first at all?

  18. Kloops says:

    The public images of ALL of them over the last several years suggest he was quite aware she was black and her pregnancy would produc a biracial child. A child he clearly adores.

    She has a long reputation of being unbalanced and unpleasant. I think they had a heated relationship and it’s possible he called her some unforgivable names. They should not be a couple, but the child does not benefit if her father is not in her life. I see no evidence that he is an abusive father.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s entirely possible to be racist and be involved with a woman of color. Halle is known to have terrible taste in men. I know that there is a lot of Halle hate on this site, but just know that you can have sex with someone and still loathe them.

  20. Sequined Pajamas says:

    It is possible for a man who is racist to engage in a relationship with a WOC. He would feel superior and having control over her would be his way of exercising his racial superiority,…in his mind. I have seen it happen.

    However, I seriously doubt this is the case here. Gabe was good to Halle while he was with her. Plus, Halle seems to say the same thing about every man she ends a relationship with and that goes all the way back to David Justice.

    He did cheat on her, but she wasn’t wife of the year by any means. However, he came out of that marriage as this evil villain and has never been able to shake that. She did the same with Eric Benet, but if anybody ever listens to his side you start to see that Berry is a liar and control freak.

    It’s obvious this man loves his child. Halle thought she had found a nobody that she could run over, but her attempts to ruin his name and take his child is ruining her image in public. She might win the custody battle, but she is going to pay with her career.

    I just hope her fixers don’t win this.

  21. Sue says:

    HB didn’t win an Academy award for nothing! That girl can act!! I can only imagine that her court appearance(s) will be worthy on another award!

  22. bagladey says:

    Halle needs to knock it off. Nahla is not hers and the child id entitled to close and loving relationships with both of her parents. Halle slings so much mud and exposes so much embarassing info, true or not, that imo she’s the worse of the two parents. Honestly, she needs to stop; it’s just too nasty.

  23. Iggles says:

    Ugh. This is ridiculous.

    I hate reading horrible comments directed toward Halle, but I’m not on her side with this. As much as it pains me to say, I think we all know she’s a cray-cray… Saying she’s “unstable” is kind.

    They both need to get their sh*t together and be good parents to this adorable looking little girl.

    @ Anonymous
    “It’s entirely possible to be racist and be involved with a woman of color.”

    Thank you! A lot of people don’t seem to understand this point but it’s true. The late US Senator Strom Thurmond had a lovechild with a black maid, who he provided monetary support to throughout her life. He was still a segregationist! (i.e. believed blacks and whites should live ‘separate but equal’)

    When it comes to Gabriel, I don’t buy it. I don’t think he’s racist. I don’t know him personally, but from what I’ve seen/read of him over the years this seems like BS. It doesn’t mean that this doesn’t happen in real life to others…

  24. NotBuyingIt says:

    I see Halle is doubling down with the victim/race card.
    She can’t just end a relationship without playing the victim.

    Halle has had nothing to do with her father since childhood and looks to be setting the ground work for her daughter to be raised the same way.
    The only victim here is Nala.

  25. Obvious says:

    Sorry Halle, I jsut don’t believe you. The first 10 times you screamed abuse I did, but now? That little girl obviously adores her daddy from all pictures, and he clearly loves her. Give it up. You are’t getting full custody no matter how good your overpriced lawyers are. When you re on set Gabriel should be the primary, he can spend time with her, when you’re not on set split the custody, stop creating drama, because you see we the public are the ones you are selling your movies too, and the longer this goes on the less we like you. The less we like the less willing we are to shell out $20 for a movie ticket, which means your worth goes down, and then you can’t pay your lawyers and then Gabriel wins. maybe you should just play nice with the other kiddies in the sandbox for a change. Just a thought your royal bitchiness.


    Your not so loyal subject

  26. Turd Fergussen says:

    That child is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. I wish I would have been that pretty as a kid!

  27. Lady D says:

    “The most gorgeous child in hollywood handsdown!” That would be Flynn Kerr-Bloom.

  28. Sloane Wyatt says:

    No way, no how do I believe Gabriel is a bad dad. Body language does not lie. If putting down your toddler for a nap is cited as bad parenting, that’s crazy!

    Halle is a spoiled professional victim. I think she has mental issues, perhaps narcissism, and will stop at nothing to get whatever it is she wants.

  29. Gabby says:

    “Just the fact that he’s fought so hard for custody shows otherwise.”

    NOT. So many parents fight tooth and nail for custody as an act of revenge on the other parent. It might have nothing to do with that parent’s interest in the child.

  30. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    You know what you call a custody witness who goes to a tabloid to relay details about happened inside of a courtroom? Yeah, a champion of justice. And if it’s someone you know (IF): your best friend. Re-focus your ire on where it belongs–on a two-way mudslinging circus. The courtroom snitch, too. Where custody is concerned, what is orginally falsified for impact against the opponent becomes true through attrition and the ill influence and character flaws from which only you can protect the blue ribbon slithered into your home while you were campaigning shores up and makes its bedmate you.

    7 billion’s enough, maybe we should start up victory gardens again.

  31. Hautie says:

    Halle is determined to win, isn’t she.

    If her prior reputation for being crazy as hell was not well cemented, I might half way believe some of what her PR team is tossing around.

    But I don’t.

    What I see is a typical crazy ex who is determine to have her way. She wants him g.o.n.e simply cause he probably was the one who dumped her.

    And if it means trying to destroy his reputation with lies… so be it.

    So her ultimate pay back is to fight over the daughter. Even if it requires her to pay off a few employees to lie on her behalf.

  32. mymy says:

    Oh man this narcissist is classic textbook. I mean never can they be found out. And she was awhile back. Not one to let that be the end of it. Nope really make up more ridiculous stuff. Something is rotten in Denmark and it is not Mr Aubry.
    When they are done with a person they are done. And she hates she has to still have anything to do with him. They call the shots and she wants him out. Halle your little girl will grow up and disown you.

  33. bluhare says:

    Inneresting. All this was way earlier this year, so why now? Has Gabriel done or found out something that could make Halle look not-so-good?

    Flynn Kerr Bloom has my vote for cutest baby. Definitely. But Nahla’s older so she gets cutest toddler.

  34. rose80 says:

    “Just the fact that he’s fought so hard for custody shows otherwise.”

    @ Celebitchy…this is entirely untrue. Many parents who DO NOT want anything to do with their children will fight to the death in court just to be spiteful to other parent. I’m a little disappointed that you don’t realize that.

  35. Hootie Hoo says:

    So much for co-parenting! Sad that this stuff has to be thrown into the mix. Is the child’s best interests of any concern to them?

  36. foozy says:

    halle is mad!!! let the guy get equal custody! and wow, the child looks exactly like her dad….beautiful!

  37. foozy says:

    hear hear!

  38. foozy says:

    gabriel is sooo handsome. she must be really pissed!

  39. really says:

    I don’t believe a word of this RUBBISH. It just insults the intelligence of common-sense!

    Don’t like her, and truly don’t care for her drama …. that screams she is a bloody lair!

    Yes yes, here here: the only bloody N word he used is NUTS. She is bloody nuts!!!!!!

  40. sharylmj says:

    Nahla needs her mom AND her dad… you can clearly see she loves them both. They need to keep her needs first and their problems second. Why can’t parents see that? Co-parenting can and does work… it takes cooperation and communication… obviously that’s not happening here.

  41. van says:

    Not buying it either. If it was that bad early on in the relationship why did she get pregnant and go on Oprah saying Gabe had more integrity than any man she has ever been with. Even after they broke up she said in Vanity Fair he was a amazing father. I think Gabe was the one originally doing the dumping and Halle’s ego has never gotten over it.

  42. anon33 says:

    To everyone who always bring up Strom Thrumond or slave owners: yes, that is true, you are correct. People are capable of such things. And yes, in most instacnes, these men provided FINANCIALLY for the children.

    However, they are not capable of other things. For example, did Strom/the slavers ever, you know, hang out with the kids? Or spend time with them? Or carry them around? Or play with them? Take them around and show them off to their friends? As gabriel clearly has in EVERY and ANY photo we’ve seen? Nope! For me that is the crucial diference.
    Yes, they were capable of f8cking those women-most men will f8ck anything and we all know that, it’s discussed on these boards all the time. But, what they were not capable of was integrating those children into their actual day to day lives. As Gabriel has. Which is why I think HB is FOS.

  43. Tazina says:

    Pulling the race card? Really? I’m hoping a court of law will be able to see through HB’s nonsense. She’s pulling a Kim Basinger. Next will be the parental alienation. Parents who pull this never win in the end. Someday Gabriel will sit down with Nahla and she’ll learn the truth, and she will not be happy to hear about her mother’s antics. HB needs to grow up, share parenting responsibly and the sooner the better.

  44. Ell says:

    “Gabriel was there, and Halle told him to leave or she would call the police,” a colleague of Halle’s, who has seen the court documents reveals.

    So were there witnesses to the alleged confrontation or is this the word of a colleague who has happened to read the court documents?

    This story is very sketchy. After winning the battle to take Nahla on location, Halle probably thinks she is better positioned to win full custody now and erase Nahla father from her life.

    Every time she pulls the race card Aubry’s reputation is further tarnished…which is fair enough IF it’s true, but if it’s not the poor bloke has got to live with these rumours for the rest of his life.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes public the taped phone calls of her crazy now.

  45. Violet says:

    Nahla was not an oops baby. Halle chose to have a child with Gabriel, so obviously she thought very highly of him to pick him to father her child. Until they broke up, she regularly talked about what a wonderful father he was.

    I certainly don’t think Gabriel is a racist, or he never would’ve intentionally had a child with Halle. If anything, Halle is the racist because she believes in the “one drop” theory.

    So for her to claim Gabriel is an abusive racist is ridiculous. Oliver needs to read up on Halle, because she’ll be gunning for him when they split up because Halle never breaks up with a man on civil terms — she always winds up totally trashing the guy, often claiming abuse or something equally horrible.

    What Halle can’t seem to understand is that this time the man she’s throwing under the bus is the father of her child — her lies aren’t just going to hurt Gabriel, they’re also going to hurt Nahla.

    Halle needs to pull herself together.

  46. rose80 says:

    @ anon33,

    I have no problem with your opinion in regards Halle and Gabriel, however you are incorrect somewhat on your assessment about slaver owners and their mistresses. Some of them, not all did exactly what you said they didn’t do. They took their mistresses offspring to social events where black were allowed, they gave/bought/have built special houses so they could spend time with their mistress and offspring and so on. While you are correct about public affection, it was obviously taboo at the time, you are incorrect that bonding, albeit and a crappy level, still took place

  47. neff says:

    IMO HB just wants exclusive control/possession of Nahla. I think that she wants to be able to take their daughter with her whenever and wherever she wants to go for work, vacations, etc., without being bothered by GA’s parental rights to things like regular, scheduled visitation or joint decision making re: living arrangements and other childcare issues. She seems infuriated by his desire to be an involved, loving father instead of a disposable sperm donor.

    I don’t know much about GA, but his actions so far certainly do not indicate that he hates their daughter for being bi-racial, needing braided hair or anything else. Of course, there is the old saying that there are 3 sides to any divorce/custody battle: Hers, His and the Truth. However, I don’t buy her BS about most of her accusations. She seems to me like a gold medal button pusher who just wants to cut her child’s father out of their daughter’s life without regard for even the needs/wishes/welfare of their child.

  48. Sequined Pajamas says:

    @anon33 the truth of the matter is the majority of slave owners that had children with their black female slaves did NOT provide for them. If you ever get around to it read some slave narratives. It might help you see the truth. Love,sex,race and children is not so clear cut.

    @Rose80, thank you so much for bringing that up. Strom Thurmond actually cared a great deal for his black daughter. In an interview she had nothing but admiration for her father in spite of his stance on segregation.

    I just don’t understand Halle. Her father was horrible and abandoned her. Why would she want the same for her child?

    My father wasn’t there for me. The number one thing most important to me is that my children have a father who will be there for them, no matter what happens between us.

  49. miss_bhaven says:

    Not buying it. No way.

    That child is stunning. Absolutely beautiful!

  50. Jenny says:

    Okay, for all of you saying that he wouldn’t be with her in the first place if he was a racist- yeah RIGHT! My parents were inter-racial and when the sh*t hit the fan, they used racial slurs at each other ALL THE TIME!

  51. Iggles says:

    Rose80 + Sequined Pajamas – Co-sign 100% Especially this part:

    Love,sex,race and children is not so clear cut.

    I was going to bring up Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings. He provided for their children and he clearly cared a great deal about Sally. BUT racism is the belief that one race is superior to another.

    Did he view Sally as an exception? Most likely. Did he believe members of her race as a WHOLE were inferior to whites. Yes.

    Anyway, with regard to Gabriel, I will reiterate that I don’t think he is racist in my opinion. Halle has a history with abusive men, but I think she’s slandering him in this case because she hates sharing custody with him.

  52. anon33 says:


    I appreciate your input and I probably did somewhat overgeneralize, my BA in Civil War history being twelve years behind me at this point.

    However, your point is kind of my point too. Even if some of them did engage in some level of bonding, the mixed race children were still categorized as “other” and not fully socially accepted, and these men didn’t see fit to attempt to break any cultural taboos by publicly (in the “white” public, that is-the only public THEY would have felt “mattered”) showing that they loved their children regardless and didn’t care what society thought. And all that I am saying is that Gabriel doesn’t seem to be engaging in that type of behavior-he seems to really love Nahla and shows it often.

    Edit to add: I concur with Iggles above. Good addition to the discussion.

    Edit to add again @sequins: I *have* read slave narratives, and several of them. I said “in most instances.” Perhaps I overgeneralized again or used “most” where I should have said “some,” for which I do honestly apologize, because historical inaccuracies piss me off too.
    We are making a similar point but coming at it from different angles…:)

  53. Turtle Dove says:

    Uhh…. give it up.

    I sure don’t believe all this crap, and Halle is always accusing every guy she dates of abuse. The fact the Gabriel is sticking to his guns and won’t give in to her shows that he’s not only a great dad, but there is not merit to what Halle says. If it were true, wouldn’t he crawl away head hanging?

    Pulling the race card to get support is really low too. Gabriel is Canadian and there is little room in Canadian culture for that type of racism. Folks there just don’t use that type of language.

    The only victim in all this is Nahla.

  54. fabgrrl says:

    He may indeed have said THAT to HAlle, but trying to make him out as a racist because of it is not fair. It sounds more like he was yelling the most horrible, vicious, ugly thing he could at Halle, the thing that would hurt her the most in the world. No, that doesn’t make it okay. But it doesn’t make him racist either.

  55. Viv says:

    I lived with a person with borderline personality disorder and would bet my behind that Halle suffers from that. And when I say suffers, I actually mean makes-everybody-around-her-suffer-while-keeping-up-a-saintly-appearance-to-the-rest-of-the-world-and-vilifying-others. It is a sad sad thing when you have children and they have to be around fights like this. I believe that such a person over time can press ANYONE’s button to the point where they will curse back. And it can take years for other people to see the crazyness for themselves.

  56. Kelly says:

    Doesn’t she claim to have been abused by most of her boyfriends/husbands? I have a hard time believing what she says.

  57. Sequined Pajamas says:


    I hope I didn’t offend. This issue is very personal to me as a bi-racial woman and as a woman who grew up without a father. My mom is black and my dad is white. I used to believe he didn’t want to be in my life because I was black. I have older half siblings that are white, and he wasn’t around for them either. This has eased some of my pain about the situation. It’s horrible to think your parent could hate part of what you are, but I have seen it happen.

    I thank you for being so open minded and intelligent about this issue.

  58. Cerulean says:

    Maybe he is abusive? How can anyone possibly know that from a public persona? Sometimes toxic relationships bring out the worst in both people.

    They need to knock it off for her sake. And it’s true some people sue for custody to punish the other parent. It’s not always about love.

    They may hate each other but the poor child deserves better than this from BOTH of them.

  59. Callumna says:

    Gimme a break. They publicly dated, not some back door relationship.

    He didn’t give off a racist vibe the way they dated — neither the Bill Maher strangeness with dating really bottom ho’s and talking trash nor a secret affair.

    Halle on the other hand has cried out “abuse” in every single relationship to sell movies or to get out of a financial issue — like repaying loans or spousal support. Every time.

    If he gets the custody he should have as a father, she’d probably have to give up some cash too and she has a very long history of finding ways out of that.

    No excuse for making this public considering the impact on the child. She’s making allegations public that will affect the child. But batcrap crazy, self-centered moms care about their needs only. Shameful.

  60. SEF says:

    Halle committed a hit-and-run in her car . . .twice, I believe (anyone know if I’m right?) To me, that’s not a sign of a good person.

  61. suggabugga says:

    I just LOOOVE how people love to bash and hate on Halle because she is CRAAZZZYYY. i have just finished working with her and I cn tell you from my personal experience she is lovely and very down to earth. but said being said I don’t know her , really and neither do any of you people. having to go through a custody issue is no picknic as I am going through it myself. we don’t know what goes on n the court room, but what we do get to see is that the child clearly enjoys spending time with both of her parents and seems genuinely happy and well taken care of. whilst I think Celebrity bashing is fair game, be mindful that they are fighting their own battle and it’s not an easy one.

  62. Arrow says:

    Someone Save Nahla. That’s all

  63. Embee says:

    Victims of abuse tend to repeat the pattern and get into more abusive relationships; that’s why I believe her. The fact that she is in the cycle does not make her crazy nor less believable. I don’t think Aubry is racist but I do believe that an abuser would use racial slurs to undermine his or her victim. Just because he is beautiful on the outside and just because he is sweet to his daughter does not mean he was an angel to Halle.

    That said, it is possible (likely, even) that her concerns for Nahla’s safety with her dad are overblown, and that she is simply resistant to losing time with her daughter, especially to someone who she feels abused her.

  64. Juliesunflower says:

    Halle believes in the one drop rule for people with black ancestry. She is definitely craycray and a pathological liar.

  65. Iggles says:

    @ Juliesunflower:
    Halle believes in the one drop rule for people with black ancestry.

    As do most people in America. If Barack Obama was a cab driver instead of the president would you categorize him at first glance as Black or Mixed Race?

    Mmm Hmm…

    She is definitely craycray and a pathological liar.

    As much as it pains me to say this, gotta be real here. She’s definitely unstable.

  66. Un, OK says:

    Gabriel isn’t racist against black people, Halle is racist against white people.

  67. leetruth says:

    Halle is just being greedy with wanting to be the ONLY one Nahla loves and knows.

  68. Jilli says:

    She needs to stop.

  69. crtb says:

    He did cheat on her, but she wasn’t wife of the year by any means.

    He did not cheat on her. He broke up with her because he wanted to start dating other people and he DIDN’T want tocheat on her. I saw the interview where he said that. He said he would never cheat on her.

  70. pwal says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again – all of this is just a tactic to avoid looking like a hypocrite. Because if she ever said that Gabriel can’t raise Nahla because he’s White, people will throw back the fact that Halle was raised by a White mother.

  71. Estella says:

    Off topic: I really wish Gabriel Aubrey was cast to play Jaime Lannister on HBO’s Game of Thrones. He’s beautiful and exactly as I pictured that character in the book series.

    On topic: Cosign with Team Somebody Save Nahla.

  72. Barbara says:

    Witness’s that are friends of the woman will lie for her…I know, my friend did as I had no grounds, I just wanted out. That was back before you could just say you did not get along. She testified she saw bruises on me. Not true.

  73. Joe's Mom says:

    Let’s hope this is merely the “Star” at work, twisting things around to sell magazines. Regardless, I used to really like Halle, but she is so wrong and mean and selfish on so many levels in prolonging this craziness, and trying to keep GA from his daughter. A succession of “step-daddies” is no substitute for Nahla’s adoring Dad. You would have thought with Halle’s history, Nahla’s Dad as a constant in her life would be Halle’s No 1 priority for her daughter. Halle has no clue, apparently.

  74. Jacqueline says:

    Mark my words guys, when Nahla turns 13-16ish, she will will go live with Gabriel cus she will be sick of Halle’s crazy ways. We will all witness that. All Halle’s money wont make Nahla stay.

  75. Debsa says:

    Halle give it a rest, you decided to have a child with this guy. Now you MUST share. The loser is that beautiful little girl.

    I must say this continuing saga has really turned me off her.

  76. Tazina says:

    I would never watch anything with her in it. Not now, seeing how she treats the father of her child. It’s sad the way she is trying to shut him out of Nahla’s life. What goes around comes around. Someday she will wish she had behaved differently.

  77. Victoria says:

    Oh, now all of the sudden we’re not following the one drop rule anymore.

    I wish I would have known that because I basically see a lot of this:

    When an African-Am­erican of noticeable mixed heritage does something noteworthy­, it’s all about how, “well, she is half white you know.” But the same people who are saying this were calling Halle Berry also sorts of negative names that referred to her non-whiten­ess when she had the car accident. Same thing with Barack.

    And this: None of my white friends or their parents have ever thought to call me mixed, despite the fact that it shows and they know both of my parents are biracial. They call me black. They aren’t even being rude about it. I look biracial but I have brown skin and they have admitted that they don’t see most mixed black people as part anything. They see black. Loving that honesty. And that’s keeping it real.

    Now people want to change the game when it suits them (I’m not saying anyone on this board but in general.) But we’re (as in many black/biracial people) still playing the old one and loving it. Loving that one drop rule, loving our blackness even as we appreciate our other heritages. I’ll keep it!

    TRUTH: Halle Berry and her daughter are black. This is how her white mother raised her, because she knew the truth. And Halle is just keeping it real with her daughter and good for the mom cause some people who are in interracial relationships set their kids up for the fail, especially when the kid looks more like Halle or Amerie and not Lisa Bonet or Mariah. Otherwise you will see just how much the one drop rule is carted out in the midst of controversy. Ask Tiger Woods who was looking all kinds of confused when he saw “The Cabolasian” become, “The African-American” in the media after his whoring went public.

    So in conclusion, Halle is not evil. She is raising her child the way a lot of mixed parents raise their chidren who also have a mixed background. Because that is what society (as in those who are in power) sees and that’s that. Halle has issues that she needs to deal with. She has chosen bad relationships because she never saw healthy ones growing up. I see it all the time. But I don’t think Aubrey is racist per se. But I do believe they have probably both said some nasty things in the heat of the moment. Happens in my family and then the couples go back to boo lovin and screwing like bunnies.

  78. Sequined Pajamas says:

    @CRBT He did cheat on her when they where married. One of the women he cheated on her with is my cousin.Not proud of her for that, but it was her life. However, like I said he was never her first priority. That marriage was all about her and she made him look like a monster during the divorce.

  79. Juliesunflower says:

    @victoria, for Halle to be spewing the one drop rule all because she wants sole custody of Nahla is myopic and troubling to say the least. The one drop rule is archaic and was designed to make any quarter of black blood however minute, a taint of inferiority and something to be ashamed of. So you get someone with blonde hair and blue eyes being labelled ‘black’ because of a speck of black blood while other races with dark skins are termed ‘white’ – superior blood. Black blood is not INFERIOR or a handicap. Team Save Nahla from brainwashing and manufactured inferiority complex.

  80. d says:

    I think she tried to pay him off to go away and when he didn’t accept that, she went ballistic and started the nasty campaign. And anyway,even if he is nasty, then she’s not much better for having it play out in public. If she was angelic as she likes to think she is, she’d have everything locked down tight and all you’d know about was they’re getting a divorce, they’re divorced, custody is xyz, the end. that’s all anyone needs to know. all this other stuff drags her down as much as it does him.

  81. leetruth says:

    Halle is just playing the race card for sole custody of Nahla – hypocrite!

  82. Kloops says:

    I don’t necessarily believe he’s a racist. He may be immature and said something completely abhorrent in the heat of the moment to hurt her. Or he may not have and she’s lying. I don’t know. Sometimes immature people say stupid things to hurt someone and then regret it. They shouldn’t lose their child over it bc that only hurts the child.
    Unless his alleged beliefs taint his relationship with his child, it is better for them to maintain a loving relationship. I’m skeptical that a french Canadian model in the 21st century is likely to be a racist AND have a long term relationship with an African American actress. Someone who described him in glowing terms for several years. Someone is lying but im not convinced it’s him

  83. sauvage says:

    I broke a flower pot once during a fight with my ex. Not proud of it, but he really had me over the edge. And I am not a violent person AT ALL (and, yes, I threw the flower pot on the floor, didn’t smash it on his head). So, sometimes you do things that are not “okay” by any means, but highly forgivable. But calling someone the N-word shows a lack of respect that I find inexcusable.

    Having said that: I don’t believe it. Racists have been known for sleeping with black women, but not exactly for dating them for a couple of years and having a child with them. I call BS on this one.

  84. rose80 says:

    @ Victoria, you are spot on with your assessment.

    @ Juliesunflower, I never heard Halle say the one drop rule in regards to custody. I agree the one drop rule is archaic, but let’s be honest here, Halle like so many other African Americans of mixed heritage are a result of institutionalized racism. Her mother passed it to her and she’s passing it to her daughter. You can’t fault someone for something that has been in place for centuries in this country. It’s a very complex issue and I doubt Halle has the mental capacity to go about changing it.

  85. Turtle Dove says:

    Victoria, what you’re not seeing is that Gabriel is from a different culture. He’s Canadian and they do not have those same rigid distinctions. He’s being dragged into an racial ideology that he didn’t grow up with.

  86. SC says:

    He could be a racist and still date Halle if he was an extreme famewhore/ goldigger like Paris Hilton, willing to do anything for money or fame.

  87. Maritza says:

    Nahla is such a beautiful little girl, really precious. I don’t believe Gabriel is racist because he would not have been with Halle in the first place.

  88. cheez wiz says:

    For someone to say that Halle refers to her child as black because that is how society sees/will see her is BULL; it’s a cop-out… especially when there’s a biological father of another race involved. And no, I don’t care that the president used that line. Politicians are known to be full of shi*, too.

    I am half black, half white. I have kinky brown hair, light BROWN skin, and blue eyes. My mom and dad raised me as MULTI cultural because they both brought something to my blood, my mind, and my life. THEY BOTH chose what they would raise me as, not society. Was it easy? Hell no. But it wasn’t impossible for a secretary and a truck driver, so I’m guessing that Ms. Berry with her bazillions can choose to share culture with her ex in regards to her child’s self image without huge bumps in the road.

    This angers me because she’s pushing back the progress of the biracial person and once again making it a painful argument. She’s full of crap and lies, all for her own self advancement.

    What a bitc* she is.

  89. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Rose80 here:

    I believe the only reason she’s doing/saying this about Gabriel is because she’s jealous of the good relationship her daughter has with her father. Halle never had that, and is trying to make her daughter miserable just to make herself feel her actions are justified. What Halle should have done, instead of dating a good man who worshipped her, was go to the sperm bank and have a baby. Then she wouldn’t have to share her child with a man who obviously likes being a daddy. If she was really half the mother she claims to be, she would recognize not only how important having a dad in her life is to her daughter, but also how much she’s hurting Nahla by allowing these (false) accusations about her daddy get publicized and not stopping it.

  90. Victoria says:

    @juliesunflower You may feel it’s archaic and that’s awesome, but I hate to break it to you, many white people who have influential power STILL think if you are a quarter black or even ten percent black, you are BLACK and they are the only people who matter out of ALL of us regular joe blows as far as running this country like the corporation it really is and making social and literal laws. That is just truth. It’s not my fault that there is still a lot of racism within the elite society. To act as if it is not there is doing a discredit to Nahla, regardless of her blonde hair and blue eyes. And it is Halle’s duty as a biracial black woman to let her daughter know that beforehand. I’m not saying Nahla should not be proud of her ancestry all around. But her knowing how it is upfront will help her cope better.

    I started Irish step dancing when I was 10 as my grandmother was half Irish and half black English and was born and raised in Ireland until her family came stateside. I feel deeply connected to my Irish roots because my grandmother was and was very proud of both her heritages and raised my mother and her siblings in both cultures. When I showed up for the first class, people were looking at me like I was crazy like…”the African dance class is THAT way.” And my mother stayed with me the first few times to make sure there was no fuckery, but that still didn’t stop my dances mates from asking me why I was there. Not meanly, but curiously. And when I told them my grandmother was Irish and that I loved jigging, they were still dumbfounded. Why? Because, to them I was black, regardless of the fact that I understood Gaelic, and knew more about the culture than their all Irish American families did. Hell, I grew up on Ros na Rún, one of my mother’s favorite soap operas!

    My cousin who shares half of my DNA through our mothers and has and French-Canadian father (so I am well aware about Canada’s views, it’s one of my favorite places but they don’t live in Canada they live in the US so you gotta educate yourself about where you live)learned this lesson the hard way. She is a quarter black and has blonde hair and blue eyes. And the people in her upper middle class community still refer to her as black even though her parents have raised her to believe that she should identify herself as being more white and to down play her black heritage(what morons and that is why we hardly talk to them this day). Let me tell you how when she got to high school and someone slipped the word “you’re stil a ni….” in her locker homegirl and my dumb ass cousins were all salty. Don’t you know where you are?!?! This is NOT Canada. Her mother is darker than the fracking night and that’s with her own mixed ancestry, what did THEY think living in their upscale conservative community, was going to happen?

    The difference between her upbringing and mine is that while both of my parents are mixed my mother and all of her siblings raised their children to understand how things are in this world as they learned from their mother (I don’t know what happened to my first cousin cause her mother did not play that shizz…). And for us it’s not about denying our white heritage, but embracing our black heritage and being proud of it. My grandmother could have “passed” if she chose to and she didn’t. And believe me a lot of people still do today or try to. Defining myself as black is not about bowing down to inferiority, it is about being proud that I am black too. Why shouldn’t I be? Our culture is so embedded in every nook and cranny of this country it’s ridiculous. And that’s what racist people can’t stand, the fact that it doesn’t make us feel inferior anymore. We’re not hiding from it or trying to play it down. It makes us feel fucking great. Like I said, we are loving it, and STILL repping our mixed heritage which they hate too. Tia, Tamera and Taj Mowry, Zoe Saldaña, and host of other biracial celebrities feel the same way.

    Team Halle AND Gabriel and Nahla. Custody battles are hard. I went through it with my parents and shit just gets said. But painting Halle as evil for telling her child the truth is wrong and I can only assume it’s because some don’t understand. The bitch is crazy, but she is not evil. And I don’t think he is either.

  91. bette says:

    remember, the situation with Aubry only went bad AFTER he went on a couple of casual dates with Kim K.. this makes the claims against him even more suspicious!

  92. bette says:

    remember, the situation with Aubry only went bad AFTER he went on a couple of casual dates with Kim K.. this makes the claims against him even more suspicious!

  93. Juliesunflower says:

    Victoria, I know Halle is not activist material; but to say such a thing in this day and age , was uncalled for as it was done to spite her ex in this selfish battle of hers.

  94. Camille says:

    I don’t buy any of that story. They probably did have huge screaming matches though, Halle is cray-cray after all.

    And although I can’t stand Halle Berry, she has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. Eat your heart out Aniston :p.

  95. Turtle Dove says:

    Victoria: Missing the point… again. GABRIEL is Canadian. He was raised with their multi-cultural views. They are a cultural mosaic…. cultures living together, NOT a melting pot like the US where it’s sort of expected that you shed some of your culture to fit in.

    He comes from a different society with different experiences that include racial and cultural tolerance.

    The point that people are making is that we doubt that Gabriel said these things based on his culture. Why would he suddenly start n-bombing once he crosses the border? That makes no sense.

    Bette – so true. Maybe she realized her was over craziness.

  96. rose80 says:

    @ Lucky Charm…The page isn’t loading of the link you sent me.

    I’m not on any particular side in this issue. What’s amazing to me is that people think someone can’t say something out of anger. Just because Aubry is Canadian doesn’t mean he can’t use a word during a heated argument to hurt his ex. I’m not saying he did, but I’m not saying he didn’t either.

    As far as the one drop rule goes, as I stated earlier it has been in place for CENTURIES, Halle Berry does not have the mental capacity to go about changing institutionalized racism. Her views, albeit archaic, are very much a reality in this country. What do you think people are labeling Sasha and Malia Obama while knowing that they have white grandparents? Halle has stated she identifies as black because that’s what her mom told her to do, and a result of that, Halle is passing it on her daughter. I think the issue at hand is simply because Nahla doesn’t appear “black” enough by society’s standards for Halle to tell her daughter that she is black and all of sudden people are outraged by something that has been around for CENTURIES.

  97. Victoria says:

    @turtledove, I’m not missing the point you are. I am very familiar with Canadians and their culture as I stated in the above. And I also stated that this child is American. She lives in America. If Halle decides to pack up one day and live in Canada so she and Gabriel can co-parent in the great land of multi-culturalism, then that is great. Although, I’m pretty sure there is racism everywhere, EVEN in Canada.

    But in the meantime both parents are living here and I don’t see Halle leaving California or the states anytime soon. So… she will raise her child to based on American standards. THAT is the entire and only point. And if Aubry and others can’t understand that then oh well.

    Some white Canadians say the n word. I am pretty sure every culture in North America has had people to say it. It’s unrealistic to think this. You can be racially tolerant and loving the whole word, but sometimes you say things.

    @juliesunflower Halle has said BEFORE she had Nahla, and I have followed her career as I do adore her crazy ass, even when I don’t agree with her choices. that she considers herself black and that no matter the father, they would be black too. so…

    I don’t think Gabriel is evil and I already said that and I don’t think he is a racist, but he may just naive about the situation. A quarter is a lot more than 1/16 and as Halle is that girl’s mother…well that’s all I have to say about that.

  98. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’m Canadian, and yeah there’s racism. It looks different, and I’m not American, so I wouldn’t presume to tell others about how their own nations work, but I get the sense that relations are somewhat less strained here. But Big R. definitely has a presence here, but it’s frequently quieter, less overt, more insidious and frequently too subtle to prove. But sometimes it’s not.

    I Hopefully, I won’t be reminded of that when I go visit my hometown for Thanksgiving next week–right in the thick of Oktoberfest. Oh, yes, I’ve seen it, I’ve seen That beast leave its print on this town. Remember, we harboured a Nazi…did you see us on 60 Minutes? Yup, that was my town. The town that harboured a Nazi. Add one more to your Greatest Generation, pshaw. I wonder if he’s dead yet?

    If I listen closely, you can hear the ghosts of treaties shredded being re-immolated: it’s very spiritual. Here’s how Canadian racism works: outbreak on the rez? Here, have some body bags! Medicine? To cure and contain? Highly feasible? Have some body bags, yea! But look, decorations! ‘Rest In Bedazzlers’ glued to the front side and the Complete ‘Pow-Wow, The Indian Boy’ Collector’s Edition? Not quite, but the body bags did happen and it was horrible.

    Our last Toronto Police Chief…argh. It started out as something, but it effectively become a war on Jamaica.

    Plus tons of other stuff. I love my country, but saying it’s free of racism is saying the vanilla ice cream is free of white.

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