Anna Faris reveals her “number”: she only slept with 5 guys before her husband


I just can’t get over how completely odd and jacked Anna Faris’s face is looking these days. We discussed this last week, but I’m still disturbed. What is going on here? I think it’s a combination of Botox, lip injections, too-blonde hair, some weird eyebrow situation and bangs trauma. It’s terrible.

Anyway, Anna’s new film, What’s Your Number?, comes out this weekend. It doesn’t look very good – and the reviews aren’t great either (22% on Rotten Tomatoes). The movie is basically about a chick who has boned 20 guys and she decides to go back and re-examine all of her old lovers to see if any of them are her “soul mate”. To promote the film, Anna revealed her own “number”: FIVE. Six really, if you include her current husband Chris Pratt.

Anna Faris candidly revealed that she bedded a total of five guys before marrying her husband, “Moneyball” star Chris Pratt, in 2009.

“I’m at five,” the star said at a screening of “What’s Your Number?” “Don’t you think five is kind of low? I’m 34!” During a pre-screening interview Tuesday night with Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles, Faris added, “I’m not a very good lover. I’m so nervous about my sexuality.”

In the film, Faris plays an unlucky-in-love woman who frets she’ll never find Mr. Right after learning the average woman sleeps with 10.5 men before finding “the one,” and she’s bordering on 20.

“I think 20 is kind of low,” she told Coles. “Shouldn’t it be like 70?” Faris — who was recently hailed by Tad Friend in the New Yorker as the future of female comedy — also said that she doesn’t read reviews.

“I try not to read [them],” she said at the Joseph Urban Theatre. “The bad ones really cling. And I’m lucky that I’ve been part of a lot of poorly received movies, so I’m immune. ‘Scary Movie 4’ was a brilliant movie. I’m shocked it didn’t get nominated.”

[From Fox News]

I do think five is pretty low, but I’m not sure if I believe her, especially after her description of her “wild years” – the time right after she divorced her first husband. As for ladies and our “numbers” – I’m not going to reveal mine, but if you’d like to reveal yours, go ahead. I won’t judge or slut-shame. *quietly waiting to judge and slut-shame*




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  1. Rita says:

    Five in one night seems a lot to me.

  2. Raised Brow says:

    LOVE her shoes! *tactfully trying to avoid the question*

  3. brin says:

    She looks totally different.
    LMAO, Rita!

  4. your mama says:

    Hahahahahaha Rita!

    The 5 is a standard answer. It was even on the show (not proud to admit, but my 9 yr old watched it) Suite Life with Zack & Cody (Disney). One of the brothers is giving advice to the other about the secret to being successful in a relationship. Always answer with the #5. Ex: How many past gf’s had you had. Answer: 5!

  5. your mama says:

    Maybe she really meant – 5 whose names she can remember. Only kidding…… 😉

  6. Isa says:

    When I was in college people were always asking each other their “number” after a couple of drinks. I personally think it’s no one’s business, as long as you’re using protection.

    Those in a long term steady relationship and with a low “number” would always feel shocked and somewhat superior to those who were single and had a higher “number”.

    I wonder from Celebitchy commenters:

    What “number” is too high for you, in order to want to date someone seriously?
    like 30, 40 or 50?

    Just curious if the “number” is still a criteria as it was when I started dating.

  7. madpoe says:

    for a second she looked like a blonde Emma Stone

  8. Samigirl says:

    My husband was number 4. Of course, I got married at 24. And I had a kid. I guess it’s still low, seeing as my 21 year old sister has slept with more guys than I have. No slut shame over here 🙂

    Rita, I spit milk on my iPad2. Thanks. Hilarious.

  9. hatsumomo says:

    Im gonna judge. Being slutty isnt something to be proud of.

  10. Rita says:


    What “number” is too high for you, in order to want to date someone seriously?
    like 30, 40 or 50?

    If you’re talking about age, I think the closer to your own is best. If you’re talking about boning-notches….HOLY CRAP Girl, at $100 per head (Yes, that head) that’s $5,000. Invested wisely that could add up if you don’t die from an STD.

  11. michelle says:

    31 yrs old here , lost virginity at 20 , got married at 22 , and the hubby is my lucky number 5…

  12. Pyewacket says:

    Is it anyone’s business to know OR judge how many people a person has slept with? If it doesn’t impact your life, then all judgments should be null and void.

  13. heylee says:

    I was completely unaware that the number of men that I have slept with could render me “slutty” or “not slutty.”

    Silly me, I thought that slutty was actually about the behavior that a woman demonstrates outside of the bedroom. Follow me for a minute, I don’t think being slutty has anything to do with the sexual act itself. Its what you do to get sex or how you use sex in the larger context of your life.

    Can someone give me a good working definition of a slut? Because I might be having an identity crisis right now.

    Thus spoke the slutty slut with no shame…

  14. sapphire says:

    @Isa-that’s an interesting question! I suppose it might depend on age. 20 is a lot for a 21 year old-but less for a 50 year old. I think my criteria might be more how many relationships of a year or longer if the guy is 40 or older.

  15. Baylor says:

    I don’t think “5” is low at all.

    Don’t know if I believe her though.

  16. layla says:

    Completely agree with the fact that age has some relevance in “the number” factor.

  17. Isa says:

    @ Rita:

    You’d be surprised how many people- men and women- not even 30 already had sex with 50 different people.

    When I learned this I asked myself if I’d mind if I met this great guy who told me he had slept with 50 women, would I still consider dating him or would I feel like he’s not serious to begin with?

    @ Sapphire # 14

    That’s a nice way to look at it. I’m sure almost everyone has had some point in their life in between relationships when they are sleeping with more people. Also when you get older, it’s obvious you had more partners.

  18. embertine says:

    Well said, heylee – my number is a lot higher than five and includes two women, but no-one ever calls me a slut because I don’t present myself as desperate, or attention-seeking, or cheap.

    I am not proud of my sexual past but nor am I ashamed of it. It is what it is and I don’t regret my choices. I always use protection and never sleep with people who I know to be taken – which is more than a lot of holier-than-thou slut-shamers can say.

  19. The Truth Fairy says:

    So she’s had more plastic surgeons than lovers it seems.

  20. Whatamess! says:

    I’m dying to know paris hilton’s number…

  21. Baylor says:

    I ran, and in a way continue to run I guess, in pretty conservative circles. So, it wasn’t and isn’t surprising or unusual to me when women only have had 1 partner or certainly no more than 3. Men’s numbers tend to run a little bigger but 5 is a good number for them still.

    So, it blows me away to think someone who has been married 2 x and is only 34 thinks 5 is a low number. To me, thats about right.

    Differnt strokes for different folks.

  22. Green_Eyes says:

    My number @ 46 is smaller than hers.. Not for lack of guys trying. But its 2; my ex-spouse (married 8 yrs dated 5) and my hubby of 15 yrs (‘dated’ for 6 months..). Hubby and I had waited and our first time was a month to the day we were married (the time he dated me I was waiting for & going thru a life saving operation)…I must say, it was worth the wait and if one really loves someone their past numbers or past circumstances do not matter… Nor should they if they do not harm you..

  23. aenflex says:

    Hhahahahaha….too many ppl know my handle for me to post my number….too bad..higher than this girl, tho, and i am 2 years younger

  24. Jenna says:

    Eh. The number thing weirds me out. Granted, part of that is a simple.. um. Do folks count who they chose to sleep with or if you are a sexual abuse victim does that factor in? (Sudden sound of crickets as everyone reading this gets reeeally uncomfortable.) Do women get nit picky about defined lines of what sex is? Count how many you went this far, that far, etc. It all just seems… ugh. The whole movie idea makes me uncomfortable because in our culture knowing how to add it up, who to include, and what to admit/accept gets messy. In my case? I’ve learned to deal with some of the crappy things that have happened – but these movies make things tough. Not because I can’t handle my past – but it gets boring dealing with OTHER people getting upset FOR you. So. Hide it? Be blunt? Lie? Tell the truth?

    Ugh. Just another reason I skip this kind of “girl” movie and instead look for something with actual substance.

    Or. You know. Read a book

  25. tapioca says:

    I wouldn’t ask anyone their “number” because I really don’t want to know but I think your reasons matter more than digits.

    If you’ve slept with a lot of guys for your own enjoyment and kept it safe then that’s a lot different to the woman that’s trying to prove something, hooks up with strangers whilst drunk or can’t live without a man (however unsuitable). Similarly, if it’s low because you’re religious or hit the jackpot early, than that’s not quite the same as choosing World of Warcraft over real-life human interaction.

    That said, if a guy was 100+ then I think he was either lying or a cesspool of STIs!

  26. Heatheradair says:

    Funny — like Baylor, I grew up in and continue to live in a pretty conservative environment — which you’d think might make me “judgey” about people who get around more than I have.

    Total opposite. I was always envious of people with “more experience.” figured they were better qualified to decide whether or not someone was worth their time.

    What HAS become important to me, however, instead of a particular number, is a similarity of experience with the gentlemen I get serious with. I prefer we have a similar number.

    I don’t want to be his #100, I don’t want to be his #1 — I’d prefer to fall somewhere in the middle. Then we’re even.

    But goodness, I can remember being back in college when I was a virgin and being quite envious of girls who knew their way around the men…..

  27. mimi says:

    I have had zero partners and I am 23. And if you met me, you would never think it haha.

    I think people judge me more for being a virgin than girls who sleep with numerous guys 2 weeks after knowing them.

    I just haven’t been ‘inspired’ by any man to give it up 😉

  28. Unbeweavable says:

    I’m right at 5 too. They were all boyfriends, never a one night stand, and I married #5 at 23. I never really liked sex before I met Mr. Unbeweavable. But apparently it’s because I #1-4 were bad in bed. Hehe. 😉

  29. Nanz says:

    I used to listen to the Bob & Tom show on the way to work in the mornings. I know. I took 200 steps back for women. Whatever. Anyway, Kristi Lee always said ‘never admit to more than 5.’ she was on her 3rd marriage to a man half her age. Seems like sound advice to me. 🙂

  30. Sloane Wyatt says:

    When asked by a lover my ‘number’ or by anyone really, I answer with a big smile “One.” That’s my answer for real, and I stick to it.

  31. Embee says:

    heylee nailed it…sluttiness is a measure of how you use your sexuality in approrpiately.

    I personally am uninterested in people’s numbers, unless it’s a dear friend who is struggling with her past.

    And I don’t consider the women who struggled with self esteem and used or were used by men as a result are less sympathetic; to the contrary, actually.

  32. Alice says:

    Self-righteousness in this comment thread! No one would care if her husband’s number was 20+ because he’s a guy. But her number should be around 5 because she’s female.

  33. Roma says:

    Sexual partners really depend upon your view of sex. Some people view it as something only shared with someone you deeply care about so their number is on the lower side. Some people view it as an expression of their independence or their love of sex.

    Numbers mean nothing but the way you treat and respect your sexual partners mean everything.

  34. PrettyTarheel says:

    embertine covered almost everything for me, so I’m just going to throw in with her.

    However, I will say that there is a vast disparity between Mr. Tarheel, who married his high-school sweetie who later came out of the closet, and then hit the jackpot by becoming Mr. Tarheel on his second spin…and yours truly, who has actually LIVED this movie. No kidding, I used to go through my cell phone, and remind myself why #1, #2, and so on where NOT right for me. I was the green initiative of dating-reuse and recycle! Then Mr. Tarheel rigged a drawing for a gas card, got my digits, and stole my heart…

    Said all that to say this-if it’s right, it’s right, and it doesn’t matter if your numbers are no where near the same.

  35. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @Pyewacket (12) and @Heylee (13):AGREED!!!

    Very well said.

    This is SUCH a pet peeve of mine! Anna could and should have used this as an opportunity to say something similar to these smart ladies, and not as a platform to talk about how “low” her number is, because her number is not any person’s business!!

    I have known many strong, intelligent and classy women who have numbers in the double digits and this does not make them “sluts.” I think the word “slut” should be reserved for people (men and women) who hurt others by misusing their sexuality. It has nothing to do with a “number,” it has to do with a person’s behavior outside of the bedroom, so no need to even begin discussing numbers!

    The girl who slipped Ashton Kutcher her number
    in front of his wife and kids? She is a “slut” regardless of her “number”–even if it is zero! Just as Heylee and Pyewacket said– behavior outside of the bedroom is what counts, and if it doesn’t impact you, you have no room to judge.

    Women need to empower themselves by dismissing “numbers” talk, and stop getting defensive when the subject gets brought up. It is a double standard, and I’m sick of men getting by with so little judgment regarding their levels of promiscuity (unless they’re married and famous, of course).

  36. Bermuda Blues says:

    Even women on the internet COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS – women who on a Fassbender thread will explicitly discuss what they would do to him – won’t admit their number, or at least not their “real” number!

    Its so deeply ingrained in our society that if a woman has more than 5 sexual partners shes a slut. Whatever. I’ll tell the truth. I lost my virginity at 17, one. Went to college and had 2 guys a year. Senior year I had 3. We’re up to 9. Graduated, moved to LA. Had 2 really terrible relationships – up to 11. Moved to NYC. Dated a club kid for a year, huge mistake, 12. Now I have my wonderful fiance, lucky number 13. He doesn’t think I am a slut, even though he’s only been with 8 women.

    P.S. If I was asked at a dinner party what my number was, I’d probably say 7. 5 seems so low its a lie, at least in the circle I run in. Moral of the story is, almost everyone lies about their real number.

  37. original kate says:

    anna looks like a blowup doll. whatever she’s doing to her face she needs to stop. now.

  38. txvxf says:

    I’ll make everyone else feel better. 40. And I haven’t slept with anyone other than my husband since I was 24.

  39. phlyfiremama says:

    Unless you are in a relationship with that person, its none of your business. As long as there are no nasty lingering surprises (ie, STDs), its STILL none of their business. All you have to worry about for yourself is that you can live with the choices that you have maade, and not what other people will think. There is no shame in sex for fun~just protect yourself, and others. Its JUST a number~the only power it has is what you allow it to have.

  40. gee says:

    @mimi, exactly the same here LOL.

    I don’t care whos number is what, slut or prude or what have you. Honestly, do what makes you happy.

  41. MariPily says:

    2 for me. I was in a serious relationship with my husband from age 16 until we broke up when I was 29. After that, I fell in love again with my current partner.

    As for STD’s, having multiple partners can be a factor, but I think it truly boils down to safe sex, plain and simple. I’ve only had two lovers, but I have an incurable STD…( which is why the Paris Hilton jokes sometimes bother me, not everyone who has it is a slut). I caught it because my first husband cheated on me. This is another reason why my number is low…I never felt comfortable sleeping with men knowing that I have a highly contagious disease. I wanted my partner to know me and love me and make an educated decision as to whether or not they wanted to sleep with me knowing that their health can be at possible risk.

    So yeah, the numbers question can be a sensitive one. At the end of the day, I think what matters is treating sex safely and responsibly, whether you’re at one or one hundred, lol.

  42. Green_Eyes says:

    @ Bermuda Blues..I would never judge you or anyone regarding their number or lack of regarding partners…

    Saddens me that your doing the same thing automatically judging others on feeds regarding comments on what one would like to do to certain celebrities.. You can be a virgin and still have a vivid imagination.. YES I have only had 2 partners I slept w/ my ex husband 4 of our 5 yrs of dating..and my ONLY other partner is my husband of 15 yrs..whom I did not sleep w/ til exactly a month to the day AFTER we were
    married ..w/ my Team of Physicians blessings.. So basically your saying if women have slept w/ others they are labeled a slut..and if they haven’t well then label them a liar??

    Shouldn’t matter if we had 1 or 100, it’s how we treat others and conduct ourselves that should matter… That goes for BOTH Genders..

  43. Serendipity says:

    I met my husband at 18, he was 20. I was his #37 and he’s my one and only. It used to bother me, but 15 years later I’m pretty much over it. I’m glad I didn’t have to suffer through a lot of rejects first like he did! Ha! Although I’m not sure he suffered that much…

  44. Naya says:

    Does it have to be men (or women) to include in my number? Do we include vibrators too because I’ve run through about 10 of them?

  45. xxodettexx says:

    i am thirty and way way WAY over 5! and i am very proud of my sexual past [minus 2, both of which were abusive asses]… and amazingly enough, my guy friends [who comprise about 90% of my friendships] have never judged me as a slut and they way some of them explain it [yes, ive also hooked up with a good amount of my guy friends – frak buddies are the best!] they think it works for me bc i am so open and honest about not being tied down in relationships when i was young… i still remember my biggest argument against settling down is that i was having too much fun figuring out what i wanted in a mature relationship and that my teens and 20s were for exploration! most guys understood that and the ones that didnt, well, lets just say i quickly move on…

    anyway, i hate when people judge others based on numbers bc its no ones business… i know some people whose numbers are lower than 5 and almost regret every single one of those, whereas i tend to look back on my past with a smile on my face… 🙂

  46. Melissa says:

    @ Naya: That made me laugh out really loud at my desk. Hysterical.

  47. xxodettexx says:

    oh also, my parents were each others’ first… i always found that both sweet and frightening… [like, what if you dont like sex with your husband, guess your stuck with him if you believe in til death do you part?] anyway, that is all i wanted to add…

  48. Lantana says:

    I always thought “9” sounded like a good number…not too sheltered, not too, too wild. I used it when I was 18 or 19 and I was still using it when I was 38 (been married for the last ten years and haven’t stepped outside the marriage, so I guess he’s lucky number 10;-)

  49. Violet says:

    I very much doubt that an attractive woman in her 30s, who’s married to her second husband, has only had three other lovers.

    She must not be including including one-night stands in her total, because “wild years” implies to me, well, more than five!

  50. PrettyLights says:

    I’ll weigh in on this just because… I’m 26 and am at 4, including 3 serious long term relationships and 1 ‘oops’ (but I knew him) in college. My now ex boyfriend is 34 and when I met him he was at 33 (he didn’t tell me flat out, but I found a list he’d made)… this made me feel really uncomfortable for a while because A. he’s had a lot of long term relationships, so obviously in between those he sleeps around, and B. sex is a big deal to me and I can’t imagine doing it with just anyone or having one-night stands – not that I judge people who do, it’s just not for me, and I guess I wished that sex was more meaningful to him. Since my ex and I are over, I’m guessing I’ll be at 5 just like her when I get married. Most of my girl friends are at a lot more than that, but I don’t judge them or think they’re sluts. It’s how you carry yourself that matters and whether you’re safe about it.

  51. smh says:

    why do people feel the need to make women say this number? why does it matter? when men do hundreds of women they’re not shunned that’s all i’m saying

  52. Samigirl says:

    @Naya- girl that is HILARIOUS. I’m with you on that. The only reason my number is so low is because of vibrators. If we count those, I’m definitely in the double digits!

  53. Green_Eyes says:

    @ Violet. I am considered very attractive…. And in my 30’s only had 2 Partners.. My ex spouse and my spouse of 15 yrs.. Just because one is very attractive and goes out…doesn’t mean you put out… That’s as bad as saying a woman that does have many partners is a slut.

    Women need to quit tearing each other down…

  54. Gail says:

    I’ve been with my only one for 14 years. I have no plans of that number changing. 🙂

  55. Isa says:

    My husband knows…that’s all that matters. We’ve been together since I was 16.

  56. sassy says:

    4 is my number officially.
    How many guys went down on me, though??? I dunno….15? Oral sex is my test to see if the guy was worth having sex with. As you can see, not many passed the test.

  57. Bronson says:

    Haha, you all look like angels compared to me…I have the highest number by far that I’ve seen in these comments, and I am not one bit ashamed of it because I’ve always been safe. I just like to have fun 😉

  58. loveyourwork says:

    somewhere between 42 and 45.5…and counting…

    oral sex excluded, right? that doesn’t count as sex.

  59. Launicaangelina says:

    I guess I was promiscuous in my day. I’ve been in a committed relationship for the last 5 years. I’m in my early, early 30s and I’ve had around 35 partners and enjoyed every bit of it! Love my man and relationship now. I’ve also enjoyed every bit of my life with the him too!

  60. Violet says:


    You really can’t compare your situation to Anna’s. Unlike you, Anna hasn’t been in a 15-year relationship. If she had, then I wouldn’t question her having had so few lovers.

    She’s in her mid-30s and has been married a total of six years (her first marriage lasted four years and she’s been married to her current husband since 2009, according to Wikipedia). Even assuming she dated both her husbands for two years prior to getting married — I’ve never heard of her before, so I have no idea how quickly she got married to these guys so this is just a guess — that means she was single for about eight years.

    Plus she also talks about going through some “wild years” — as in more than one year — so I very much doubt that she’s only been with three other men besides her two husbands.

    Personally, I don’t judge people on their numbers. (Unless they lie about them, which I think Anna is guilty of.) The main thing is being safe about it all. For example, people with Herpes or HIV or any other STD, need to be honest with their partners because there’s a limit to how much protection condoms offer.

  61. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I don’t find it hard to believe, some people just don’t like sleeping around. I’m 29 and I have only had 4 sex partners. But I don’t feel that makes me any better or worse than people who have had more or less partners. Sex is a part of life some people like it a lot and others like it little. It depends on the person you are, I’m just not that sexual at all. I think I’m borderline straight-asexual.

  62. Ruffian9 says:

    “Being slutty isnt something to be proud of.”

    Nor is it something to be ashamed of. Just curious, how many partners makes me, by definition, a “slut”? This could be useful, as I do love attaching labels to myself and others.

  63. Liniara says:

    Holy shit, Ï’m only 19 and my number is 5! And the wierd thing is among me and my friends (in Sweden) that’s considered pretty low/average. 3 of mine was with boyfriends (ok, one was more a friends-with-benefits kind of partner) and 2 was just for fun, but I’ve always considered myself proper, but reading these comments I feel like the biggest slut ever :O

  64. Becky says:

    @Heylee and @Heather M-I completely agree with you. Slutty behavior to me is when someone uses sex in a manipulative or negative manner. Some examples: always having to present yourself in a sexually attention seeking way (i.e. feeling the need to always dress provocatively even when it’s clearly not appropriate, heavily flirting with people who are married or in relationships, etc.), feeling good/proud about having sex with people who are married or in relationships, being a habitual cheater…to me, that’s being “a slut.” Sluttiness isn’t about the number of people you have sex with. If it’s consensual, safe and no one’s getting hurt then who cares if you’ve slept with 1 person or 50.

    As for myself, I’ve been with 7 guys. I’m 39 and have been with my husband since I was 24. I would guess my number would be alot higher if I had met my husband when I was 30 or 35.

  65. Jenny says:

    My # is 1; I lost my virginity at 23, married that same guy at 24 and now I’m 26. Hopefully my # stays at 1…

  66. Turtle Dove says:


  67. Estella says:

    I am surprised at how shy commenters on here are when it comes to the “numbers” question. I am 36 and have slept with 15 men. I have revisited sex, relationships or both with half of them since they are long-time friends and no one makes a better lover than a friend. I think the problem with having multiple partners is if a person is having sex for the wrong reasons. But no one should judge another as a slut (or on the opposite end of the spectrum as a prude)based on numbers. We all have different motivations and reasons for having or not having sex.

  68. Stellax2 says:

    I’ll weigh in too. I’m 40. I went through two rough periods, in my teens (for about a year) and early 30’s, where I wanted a man’s affection even if I felt uncomfortable having sex (not forced but didn’t feel right). After my divorce, I dived into a 2 yr. relationship. It ended, much to my dismay, and I went crazy with men.

    However, I appreciate my sexuality. I think sex is healthy and important. I value it in a relationship. I took 3 years off from having any kind of sex some years ago. It was good for me as I spent time working on myself and feeling free to be me. I didn’t feel like I had to be sexual to attract attention.

  69. the original bellaluna says:

    6. 3 of which are the fathers of my children (1 long-term abusive relationship; 2 marriages). And I’m 41.

    And I don’t judge, as long as my sisters take care of themselves and use protection.

    You never know WHAT you might pick up, along with the WHO.

  70. Cerulean says:

    I don’t believe her one bit. Just don’t. Not in Hollywood. Not an actress like her.


  71. Shannon says:

    It’s actually a turn-off for me if a guy I’m potentially interested in sleeping with has had sex with less than 5 people. I figure the more women he’s had sex with, the more experienced he is in pleasing the ladies, if you catch my drift. So far it’s proven true, anyway. I’ve always found it strange that more men don’t think the same way about women.

    As long as you’re getting tested between each partner, it doesn’t really matter. I will admit, every time I get my full STD panel and pap smear done (which is at least once a year), I think “clean slate!” and feel sort of virginal again.

  72. Nicole says:

    This has been funny to read. I personally think it’s a bit ridiculous to judge one another as so many factors are involved. When I was younger I was really obsessed with staying under 10 in my lifetime. That was ridiculous and arbitrary.

    I’ve only slept with men/boys I’ve been in legitimate relationships with but have unfortunately just been unlucky in love. I’m not going to stop dating or never sleep with a guy I’m with just to avoid some stupid number. I haven’t done anything excessive or taken risks but it’s amazing that some people may still see that as “slutty”.

  73. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Maripily you make an excellent point, this is a great thread of comments.

  74. Jess says:

    This all depends on how you count. I was the saving for marriage type in college. Just had one cuddle boyfriend during sophomore year. Then I started a PhD program, and realized that I wouldn’t be married till late 20s and decided to forgo this principle and embrace my sexuality.

    Here is my tally at age 27:
    #Guys I just cuddled/made out in bed=4
    #Guys I had oral sex=2
    #Guys I had awkward one night stand=2
    #Guys I had multiple orgasms mind blowing sex=6

    Oh well, I guess this all skyrocketed during 2009. I was on a roll. Being a fun loving sexy gal in engineering department does that to you. My last guy, most serious ex changed my attitude though. Now I can see myself settling down without being scared of commitment.

    Sigh,I really miss those wild PhD years in my old city. And the smartie pants cuties. In where I am living now, women actually outnumber guys and dating pool sucks: Former frat boys, boring lawyers, government clones and alpha jerks. I have been celibate all summer, holding out for the lucky number #15 whom I am supposed to meet at the end of October. My trusty tarot lady says so. Haha poor guy has no idea how much I will sex him once we get engaged. Limp Bizkit-Hot Dog will be the soundtrack for many many weekends.

  75. Alix says:

    “Only” five? Like there’s something wrong with her? It’s like saying “So-and-so didn’t lose her virginity until she was 19!” as though that’s an eternity or something. Sheesh.

  76. DDD Cups of Justice says:

    My number is one, I’ve been dating my fiance since I was 14 and we are getting married next year, right before I turn 27. Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays at one for a while longer! 😉

  77. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Okay, magic number is 1. Met at 15 and dated for 10 years thru high school and college.

    Married for 9 years at 25 as a virgin after graduating college.

    Been a widow for 15 years and I’m 49.

    He was 4 years older and had mutiple partners before me.

    We were together as a couple for 19 years since I was 15 and he 19.

    So he was the 1. Have not dated since, but may one day. Not in a hurry or lonely, but won’t reach 2 if not married. My choice that I love sticking to. Not missing a thing if you ask me. Love my life. Great past too. That 1 great love. RIP

  78. GeekLuva says:

    Number doesn’t mean shit:
    *Warning possible TMI*
    I was raped as a virgin. I claimed my current fiance as my “first” back when we were in high school b/c I chose him. We split and both “sowed our wild oats” for years and have settled happily back together in our 30’s.
    If you really love and care about each other numbers will never come into play.

    *edited to add*
    MariPily excellent thoughtful post 🙂

  79. Rachael says:

    I’m actually very surprised by these responses. What year is it? It makes me sad that in this day and age people think “slut” is determined by how many people you have slept with. Aren’t these the same people who read HGF?? It’s the intention behind the action and the way one conducts one’s self.

    I value life experience and am very happy that when I’m 80 on my front porch I’ll be able to remember all the amazing hot sex I had with gorgeous men. Sex is an amazing way to be intimate and share an amazing life experience. Obviously you should be picky about with whom you share that experience, but I’m 34 and personally, I’d feel I was missing something if I’d only slept with 5 people. I’m very proud of how many people I’ve slept with and it has nothing to do with the number. It’s because I’m true to myself and engage in such activity for the right reasons.

  80. kira says:

    I have no idea why celebs feel the need to talk about this stuff. Now the whole world knows how many dicks have been inside you. I could never talk about this stuff with anyone but my best friends. Celebs, with their releasing pics of their new boyfriend to the presses, or telling intimate details about their first dates, husbands, divorces, etc. It’s SO bizarre to me.

  81. atlantapug says:

    I really really hate the “numbers” question.
    It’s really not anyone’s business. Not your partners, your friends or anyone but yours.
    I didn’t ask my husbands number, nor did he ask mine. If you love each other and know you’re “the one” what does it matter?
    What good is the answer? Too low and you think he’s bad in bed or a looser. Too high and he’s a slut and a user.
    There is NO good answer to that question. I choose not to bother with the past and focus on the present.

    *oh, ps, I think 5 is pretty low. AND I get pissed that people think it’s makes you a slut to enjoy sex.

  82. Original Tiffany says:

    OMG, I am so late to this thread, but it’s cracking me up!
    I don’t even know my number. I forgot. I did not know I was supposed to remember this for a test later in life.
    It’s more than 20, but that was a long time ago. Been married for 17 and with hubby for 22 years.
    My old number doesn’t matter.
    It’s the ONE I have that does:) And he passed every test with flying colors. A total keeper.

  83. cutelittlehappything says:

    Blah…seeing as how all this is basically anonymous, what’s the shame? One is my number, and I’m 24…but it really doesn’t make much difference, does it?

  84. Jilly Bean says:

    this thread is hilarious. now say three hail marys and one act of contrition!

  85. Lucy says:

    my husband and I were each others firsts…unfortunately, his number went up after we got married…

  86. Carolyn says:

    Anna wouldn’t be talking about her number if it wasn’t the sole focus of her new movie 🙂 Interesting comments ‘yall.

  87. Joanna says:

    I don’t keep track of my numbers. What does it matter? That’s the problem with keeping track of your “numbers”, it makes people feel they’re either a slut or not experienced enough. Sounds like a stupid movie. I’ll pass.

  88. It wasn't me says:

    Like many other posters, I don’t understand why the number is such a big deal. A friend of mine (with a higher # than her bf) got in an argument with him because he seemed genuinely offended that she slept with “so many” people. As far as I’m concerned, if someone cares what your number is, that person can take a long walk off a short pier. I enjoy sex, and as long as it’s safe and both parties know what the deal is, sex away!!

    And btw, I’m 26 and my “number” is 11

  89. Claire78 says:

    All I want to add is – is Anna really only 34?? I swear she was 34 a while back. She was really cute not so long ago and then the ‘House Bunny’ came out and suddenly she had boobs and these big lips. I kinda like her hair

  90. margaret says:

    oh my!. am sooo 27 and my number is 3.sob sob sob……

  91. Erinn says:

    I’ve been with the same guy since I was 14… I’m 21 now, and the plan is stay together, get engaged when we’re done school, and married a year or two after that. Soooo one lol.

  92. Sakyiwaa says:

    Haha! Hilarious thread! I know someone who’s slept wiv 100 women…

  93. Kim says:

    Just when i thought i couldnt stand this airhead anymore – she is telling us the # of guys she slept with?! She is classless & stupid.

    Kira – i am w you.

  94. Laura says:

    I’m on number 3 right now. I punched my V Card at 16 (24 now), and I’ve messed around with more like 7 guys but have only had full intercourse with 3.
    The weird thing is I’m less judgemental of ‘sluts’ (liberated women) than most of my friends who’ve had more partners. I don’t get the slut shaming thing.

  95. Heather says:

    By “5”, I think it’s more likely that she’s copping to the number of men with whom she cheated on her first husband, Ben. He’s a really great guy. She started sleeping with Chris Pratt while she was still married to Ben (and not even separated from him), then “stole” all of their former mutual friends (social climbers).

    It was not her first extramarital adventure, either. It’s oddly satisfying to see her looking like crap after everything she put him through.