Johnny Depp covers Vanity Fair, compares photo shoots to “rape”


Look, I really like and enjoy Johnny Depp, but there is absolutely NO reason for him to be on the cover of Vanity Fair AGAIN. He was just on the January cover! Meaning VF made him cover boy twice in 11 months! WTF? Vanity Fair has just become the magazine that puts dead celebrities, dead politicians and Johnny Depp on their covers. That being said, the cover shot hasn’t been released yet – we’ve only got the header image, which was shot by Terry Richardson, because that’s how Depp rolls. Anyway, I suppose Depp is promoting The Rum Diary, that film that sees him doing his Hunter Thompson impression again (but it looks really awesome). Here are the VF highlights:

He’s Hollywood’s best-paid actor, but he doesn’t have to like it: “Basically, if they’re going to pay me the stupid money right now, I’m going to take it,” he says in Vanity Fair’s November issue. “I have to. I mean, it’s not for me. Do you know what I mean? At this point, it’s for my kids. It’s ridiculous, yeah, yeah. But ultimately is it for me? No. No. It’s for the kids.”

He admits, with much difficulty, that there is also “a part of me that needs to have this kind of stimulation to the brain.” (Depp is ever mum on the size of his Pirates ransom, but a report this summer cited his total take in the $300 million range, due to a gross-profit-sharing deal brokered with Disney. The four-film franchise has tallied $3.7 billion to date in worldwide receipts.)

But Nick Tosches, Depp friend of a decade and writer of this month’s cover profile, says the Rum Diary actor is “the same old Johnny” who pumped gas to make ends meet and for a period attended Scientology study groups because they paid $3 per meeting.

“I went to a bunch, man. It was so great, it was so fantastic,” Depp says.

Today, compliments from rock idols mean more to the actor than cash. During the interview, Tosches shared with Depp that their mutual buddy Keith Richards, the professed inspiration behind Captain Jack Sparrow, had “beautiful things to say” about Depp’s singing in Sweeney Todd. “He never told me that,” Depp says, touched. Take that one to the bank.

[From Vanity Fair]

Page Six had some highlights from Johnny’s interview too – and it’s like he’s channeling Kristen Stewart, I swear to God. Remember the controversy last year when she compared having her photo taken by paparazzi to “being raped”? K-Stew later had to apologize and clarify. Well, Johnny takes it a step further than Kristen Stewart. Ridiculous.

Despite being one of the world’s most handsome men, Johnny Depp hates photo shoots so much, he compares them to violent sexual assault. He tells Nick Tosches in Vanity Fair, “Well, you just feel like you’re being raped somehow. Raped … It feels like a kind of weird — just weird, man.” He’ll pose with fans, “But whenever you have a photo shoot or something like that, it’s like — you just feel dumb. It’s just so stupid.”

Depp says his next project, “The Rum Diary,” came straight out of Hunter S. Thompson’s basement. He was staying with the writer researching the 1998 movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” when they came upon Thompson’s forgotten novel in boxes in his basement. “I pulled it out. I was like ‘What is this?’ Hunter was like, “Oh, [bleep], ‘The Rum Diary’ … Hunter didn’t know it was there.”

Depp prides himself on edgy projects. But he’s finally settled his grudge against Harvey Weinstein for putting his 2004 “The Libertine’’ in limited release: “He basically said he [bleep]ed it … He made a choice to kill it, Harvey killed a great film.”

[From Page Six]

Okay, just shoot me because I think Kristen Stewart’s old comments were more reasonable than Johnny’s. Kristen was talking about the violation of privacy from the paparazzi, and she compared THAT to rape. Johnny is comparing photo shoots to rape – as in, being beautifully lit, wearing makeup and being told that you’re pretty and you should turn to the light – that’s like “you’re being raped somehow”??? Ridiculous.



Photos courtesy of Vanity Fair and WENN.

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  1. Laura says:

    He should shut the hell up and take his photoshopped bloat face back to France. He hasn’t made a good movie in more than a decade.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    OK, it may feel like an “invasion” but I highly doubt it’s as violent an invasion as rape.

    Oh, Johnny…no.

  3. Eve says:

    Okay, just shoot me because I think Kristen Stewart’s old comments were more reasonable than Johnny’s.

    No, I won’t shoot you because…I agree with that. I still think she put her foot in her mouth when she decided to compare rape with anything else* but it was still better than this (by Depp).

    *Honestly, people should stop comparing rape with anything other than…rape. Rape is an extreme form of both physical and psychological violence. It scars the victims for the rest of their lives.

  4. Jo says:

    Okay, now, so its okay to whore yourself out for a big paycheck by being in a trash movie, a ‘stupid movie’, but a photo shoot is a sexual assault? Really, Johnny, really???

  5. Jo says:

    Okay, now, so its okay to whore yourself out for a big paycheck by being in a trash movie, a ‘stupid movie’, but a photo shoot is a sexual assault? Really, Johnny, really???

  6. Dana says:

    Don’t forget Natalie Portman comparing eating meat to rape.

  7. wtf says:

    He compares photoshoots to rape but has no problem defending Roman Polanski who raped a 13 year old girl. That’s Hollywood logic.

  8. Mattak says:

    Yeah the money’s just for the kids man…the yacht is just for the kids..the estate in france is just for the kids..he gets no pleasure/enjoyment use from the money whatsoever!!!! dumbass!

  9. gloaming says:

    Ryan Gosling should have been on that cover.

  10. jinni says:

    Why Johnny why?! Rape is too serious to be throwing the word around like that! Ugh.

  11. Jenny says:

    Depp is another one of those celebrities that everyone forgives for saying and doing really dumb things. He will just be called “cool” and protecting his privacy.

    If he hates photo shoots, then don’t do them. However, it is a part of the job he chose, so he, like Bettany yesterday, should get over it. But to compare this to rape is just plain wrong and he deserves backlash for it.

  12. Bubulle says:

    I bet the studios feel “rape” when they have to pay him an outrageous amount of money for his over the top performances.

  13. carrie says:

    1/many guys dislike to be taken in pics
    2/i have nothing against Depp but he only does Vanity Fair and only give interview for Vanity Fair
    3/i know a french journalist (always the same) who complained during PUBLIC ENEMIES promotion about Depp because he came for the french premiere but he spoke no journalist whereas Bale was in promotion for TERMINATOR one month before and he talked also about PUBLIC ENEMIES (for him,it’s Mann, Bale & Cotillard who promoted PE in France)
    4/Johnny ,there are some other directors than Burton or Pirate’s director!

  14. chloe says:

    I like Johnny, but if he doesn’t like posing for magazines then don’t. I’m really getting sick of ALL of these celebrities complaining about making millions and how they loose their privacy, quit the business if you don’t like it. By the way Johnny you owe me $7.50 for that last Pirates it sucked.

  15. tapioca says:

    Doing it for the kids? Really?!!

    Why put himself through all the “photo-rape” trauma when he’s so rich that if he never makes another film they’re hardly going to starve to death. Unless, y’know, he actually loves the fame and adulation like all the other “celebrities” who won’t quit showbusiness…

  16. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Yeah comparing menial things to rape is starting to get ridiculous but I must say Johnny Depp is aging rather well to me:-) I love when he looks all cleaned up!

  17. jen says:

    Actors should be seen & not heard.

  18. Your mama says:

    Johnny STFU! What an ass – agree 100% with Eve.

  19. melanie says:

    one might be a tad bit up his own arse perhaps? if kristen stewart or lindsey lohan had said that…it would be “off with her head”!!!!

  20. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Chloe Where do you live where you only paid 7.50 for a movie? 🙂

  21. po says:

    I think some of these celebs complain the way that they do because they’ve not really been through anything difficult in so long, if ever, that their view of what’s actually hard in life is completely warped. To Depp a photo shoot is probably the hardest thing he does all year.

  22. Alex says:

    “One of the world’s most handsome men”. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!!!! I couldn’t keep a straight face whilst reading that. Maybe if he was the only man on Earth? I mean, the guy looks like a middle-aged Puerto Rican lesbian intellectual who teaches part-time Philosophy courses at some less-than prestigious University. Not hot. Not hot at all.

  23. Alecia Murphy says:

    I agree with you on this. Kristen Stewart had a very valid point but Johnny just sounds to self-absorbed in this. I also agree with gloaming: this should have been Ryan Gosling on the cover anyway.

  24. Nancy C. says:

    he’s just too weird. great actor. but crazy. most creative types are though. take U.S.A. money and spend it on the french economy. wonderful. hope he doesnt vote here.

  25. Brittney says:

    Egregiously offensive comment aside, he looks better and younger in that header pic than he has in years. The man never ages.

  26. foozy says:

    love him..

  27. chloe says:

    Jnae that was for a before Noon matinee, it’s usually over $10. After some of the crappy movies I’ve paid good money for, I feel less sorry for these over paid actors.

  28. lisa says:

    I like Johnny.. I just feel he is not take a lot of risk in his roles. I think that whole Pirate franchise just made him a bit lazy.

    if any other actor (well certain) actors were on the cover smoking then there would be comments coming out about him abusing his children, or not caring about his kids. Well Johnny is a long time smoker with children.

    and the comment about rape was silly. He has a lot of money and again not much is asked or questioned about how he spend it.

    double standards again.

  29. I think he’s a ridiculous individual, also, for one who preens so much, I find it hard to believe he hates photoshoots.
    As for his comparison to rape, I sometimes think these people live so far from reality they don’t realise the gravity of their statements regarding matters that happen ‘in the real world’. What a complete arse.

  30. chris says:

    Johnny Depp needs to learn to STFU with his consistently dumb comments!

    Now I understand his comments about Polanski. He probably thought the rape victim was dumb.

  31. @Alex: You are a nut! That was too funny!

  32. lambchops says:

    Any residual fondness for him is obliterated. Grow the f up, man. You’re a total sell-out and will do any film for big money. Keep that dumb old bandanna in your pocket at your premiers, but you’re still a sell out, dude. Your kids will have more than enough money for you not to do another Pirate movie. A photo shoot is like being raped? Puleeeze. Seriously? How insensitive can you be.

    Crush started dying when he moved to France and, like most movie stars who move abroad, thought he was the only one to ever know about the existence of other countries and had to educate us all about how much better it is.

  33. Pat says:

    I really have had no use for this man since he defended the director who raped that young girl. First I hope that the people who were so upset about Kristen saying this get on Johnny’s back as well and try to get him to make an apology. Second does this man ever give anything to charity?

  34. roxy750 says:

    Woa, over $10 for a movie..I’m in the upper midwest US-$5.50 before 5 and the normal rate is $7.50. And I think that’s a lot. I’ll just stick to my redbox and HBO thank you.

  35. Hello says:

    Since when is wearing silly clothes and playing caricatures of cultural icons ART?
    Johnny only knows how to play dress up, he can’t play any normal characters.

  36. ladybert62 says:

    Ah Johnny – that comment was over the top and silly, in my opinion.

    If you have ever known someone who was raped you would take it a little more seriously and not compare your pampered photoshoots to such a violent, demeaning and emotion killing event.

  37. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “*Honestly, people should stop comparing rape with anything other than…rape. Rape is an extreme form of both physical and psychological violence. It scars the victims for the rest of their lives.”

    thank you eve, that was well said.

    man, I used to LOVE this guy. but with the defense of Polanski and now this? he’s really lost me. I’m SO TIRED of actors/celebrities complaining about the “perils” of fame!


  38. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    My love for him knows no bounds but boy does he need to stop with that shit especially when he has the money he does and he can say “fuck you” to any photo shoot. I get the whole dramatic license with words but you have to be careful in public. It’s fine to say certain things in private and be even a little crude (I am all the time) but in a magazine you should be more sensitive …

  39. serena says:

    The worst photoshoot ever. He looks so old! ugh.
    I think he was mad or just high, he’s usually more gentle..this is strange.

  40. Kimbob says:

    @Eve, @jinni..I couldn’t agree more. These quotes come from such egomaniacs because THEY KNOW that the mere mention of such a “violent” word will make it in a headliner somehow.

    Anyhow, it’s Johnny Depp…what did we expect…Einstein? No, it’s just Johnny Depp being creepy….again.

  41. sassenach says:

    Ok. I’ll bite. If photoshoots are rape then what does he have to say about the one he did with Vanessa and the kids?

    Another thing. Why does Johnny get a pass for bring a staunch supporter of Polansky?

  42. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    If he’s truly contrite he will make a sizable donation to RAINN or some other rape crisis foundation.

    @kaiser, this guy receives far less hate from you than Stewart (who made a similar, yet less offensive comment), and Aniston (who also associates with Terry Richardson). Depp does all these things AND defends Polanski and he gets a slap on the wrist from you, while Aniston and Stewart receive weekly tongue lashings. What gives?

  43. Anne de Vries says:

    I… just plummeted out of like with him. Urgh.

  44. whitedaisy says:

    He is another poorly educated Hollywood supporter of Polanski….I will never understand the insensitive self-centered rape comparisons. Worth 100’s of millions, here’s a tip: Don’t do the photo shoot!


  45. kpist says:

    Cry me a river Johnny

  46. Mari says:

    He’s using “rape” as a verb. Not comparing it to a sexual assault. Come on.

  47. madpoe says:

    its just my little 2cents, but I doubt actual rape victims would like that word being tossed around for the most absurd situations. Kstew could’ve easily said “violation” and Johnny could’ve used “boring as hell”. Rape with other words like Love and Hate are are just a few words that are tossed around it seems, to me, so often its demeaning the true nature of what that word means.

  48. You don't say says:

    He defends Polanski, smokes in photo shoots (and in real life) while being a dad, compares sitting in nice clothes and being pamepered for a couple of hours while having his picture taken to rape, does a photo shoot with his children and occasionally makes tacky movies just for the money (Pirates) but says it is for the kids…and gets very little grief for it while others who do these things get their skin taken off in strips.

    I agree that he seems to operate under a different set of rules, and there is a definite double standard in play and the press and others just look the other way and I don’t know why. If it is horrid when others do it, then it should be just as horrid when he does it.

  49. Sakyiwaa says:

    I cant believe that site had to compare their pics to Angelina by Brad in W mag… Just overreaching.

    JD’s gonna get away with this… Just watch…ugh!

  50. Rachel Christie says:

    I know what it’s like to be raped! It didnt seem like a damn photo shoot! What the hell is wrong with these celebrities! Ignorant fuck!

  51. podzol says:

    Terry Richardson? Urgh.
    Selling out for crazy money? Double urgh.
    Making these nonchalant comments about rape? Undefendable. What a putz.

  52. Nymeria says:

    @ Rachel Christie (#51) – Amen.

    This guy can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I’m concerned. I’m done with him. I’ll admit it, I fell for the whole “I’m not selling out, I’m just a relaxed dude living in France with my family” act, but first his defense of Polanski and now this. I finally see he’s got his head up his own ass just as much as any celebrity.

  53. Bad Fairy says:

    Maybe he can get Polanski to take pictures of him.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Post #9. Ryan Gosling should have been on the cover.

    I am so over Johnny Depp.

  55. Callli Pygian says:

    Very. Stupid. Move. Depp.

    Bet his PR’s scrambling to clean up this mess.

  56. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “He’s using “rape” as a verb. Not comparing it to a sexual assault.”

    uh…how is that not the same thing?

  57. photo jojo says:

    Oh Johnny, no. Nooooo. Man, now I have to take him off my list. 🙁

  58. lou says:

    What a stupid thing to say. At least KStew had a point, The Depp is totally off the playing field

  59. geekychic says:

    this site just got higher in my eyes; when i saw the headline i wondered: will they be the same like they were last year, when Stewart said something similar? and you did. good for you.
    johnny, so beautiful. so shallowly deep. such a shame.

  60. Gretchen says:

    I think the sh*t storm that surrounded kstew had something to do with how many people just don’t like her and wanted to get nuts with her about something.

    Yes her comments were stupid and nothing should be compared to rape, but she apologised sincerely for the mistake. Johnny is twice her age and should just plain know better. I just wonder if people are gonna be hating on him for his comments as much as kstew. Doubtful. And the patriarchy strikes again!!

  61. gee says:

    LOL @ the talk of movie prices. I’m in NYC burbs, it’s 11.50.

    Also, he’s an idiot, but he always has been. And he’s lost his looks for sure.

  62. Nanz says:

    The words “rape” and “Hitler” should be limited to the use of actually talking about “rape” and “Hitler” and no longer acceptable metaphors or analogies for something else. They do not serve discourse in any fashion but in their literal meaning. My opinion.

  63. Mari says:

    Praise St. Angie- Common sense makes it “not the same thing”. One can be “raped” of money, pride, justice, heritage, liberty, etc. Not defending as I could care less about him, merely suggesting you don’t take it so literal.

  64. carly says:

    Johnny is an idiot, he gets to decide what photos he takes, his comment is worse that Kristen, and he deserves to have heat on him, Kristen comment wasn’t wrong, she was talking about being houndend by a group of men, chasing her to her car, calling her names, throwing sexual innuendos and insults, and she is only a 21 year old girl, Johnny is grown man, he should know better

  65. lucy2 says:

    I like him very much as an actor and for mostly keeping his life private, but sometimes he really needs to STFU. This is one of them.
    Agree with Eve, stop comparing anything to rape. And please, bazillionaire movie stars, please stop complaining about silly things like photoshoots, especially while most of the world is really struggling with serious problems.

  66. Liz says:

    I never saw the appeal of Depp. I always thought he was a douche who was far less intelligent than he liked to think.

    And now he’s even worse than I thought.

    There is a theory that people stop developing at the age at which they become famous. It would explain – but not justify – a lot in the case of Depp.

  67. sandy#1 says:

    you know, i have never saw his appeal like others, i guess there is something wrong with me, because johnny d, brad p., george c., leo d., when everyone else was swooning i just didn’t get it, or their appeal, i thought brad was dumb to marry his ex, brad has changed my perspective of him, the others, not so much, i even liked matt d, ben a, more than those other guys i named above, now i know why, they have no substance, johnny just proved me right.

  68. Dina says:

    Wow! How many private islands and millions of dollars his 2 children need? He has won so much money in this life.

  69. Dibba says:

    Has he been raped?

  70. Liz says:

    I liked this smack down:

    “But back to the rape comment. What a mess. Yes, posing in a photo shoot to promote a movie that you were paid millions to make is SUCH TORTURE!

    “But guess what, Johnny? Unlike rape, you actually get to choose whether or not you want to pose in a three thousand dollar suit in a magazine photo shoot. No REALLY means no when it comes to that shit.

    “So Johnny should just stay away from a magazine’s camera so he doesn’t feel like he just had a lunch date with Roman Polanski.

    “That way the magazine will have no choice but to publish old pictures of him when he was in the prime of his hotness. It’s a win/win for us all.”

  71. Sasha says:

    Ridiculous. Only someone who has no idea what “rape” is would make such a feeble comparison which is downright offensive to real victims of rape. Maybe he should leave his private island & do some work at a rape crisis center & then see how he feels about the comparison of it to his being catered to (food, wardrobe people, assistants kissing his butt) on a nice, safe set while his picture is taken.

    And I say that as a “fan” of Johnny Depp. I’m very disappointed.

  72. tracking says:

    He’s a complete sellout who now sounds, and looks, like a fool.

  73. Praise St. Angie! says:

    mari, as a survivor of sexual assault, I’ll damn well “take it” as literally as I want to.

    and yes, he meant it in the “sexual assault” way. one can be raped of the things you wrote, but how is the term “rape” USUALLY used? when it refers to a person, most often a woman, being sexually assaulted.

    so I’ll merely suggest that you don’t tell people how they should feel about a flippant comment someone makes about a very serious act.

  74. mark says:

    There is nothing edgy about Johnny Depp whatsoever.

    It’s all the same smelly pseudo edgy shit he’s done for decades.

    Flamboyant pirate, creepy candy millionaire, recluse writer, fuddy duddy math teacher on vacation.

    It’s all the same generic, template-like boring manure.

  75. Sasha says:

    Liz — thanks for the link to Dlisted — Micheal K hits the nail on the head & informs us that TERRY RICHARDSON was the photographer for this photo shoot. SMH. The irony knows no bounds.

  76. your momma says:

    yeah everyone’s gonna forgive him because hes johnny depp-men tend to get away with this kinda shit more than women in hollywierd.

    but maybe he’s right maybe it was like rape-after all he was shot by terry richardson who’s known to be a sick bastard :S

  77. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @praise st. Angie, I know we haven’t seen eye to eye in the past but, i’m truly sorry for your experience. Who better to speak about it then those who’ve lived it?

  78. Nina says:

    Wow, major foot in mouth problem. What Kstew said was bad but not nearly as bad as this, she basically said that her privacy was raped (her comments were taken a bit out of context also). So dumb, but not as dumb as this. That said, not a big kstew fan but always felt the blowback on her was way too harsh for that comment….She was 19/20 at the time and the issue didn’t need to be covered by every blog in the world. Watch. Everybody loves Johnny so he’ll get away with saying this crap. Maybe not, I hope he offers an apology on his own. What offended me the most out of any of these comments (Kstew and Deep) was Natalie Portman comparing eating meat to rape.

  79. folly says:

    i just hope this actors rep should be answering there interviews when promoting films because it seems like none of them have anything called brain again,first brad pitt with his own parade interview drama and now depp cant wait for the shit decarprio will pull when selling his own film

  80. Eve says:

    @ Nanz:

    The words “rape” and “Hitler” should be limited to the use of actually talking about “rape” and “Hitler” and no longer acceptable metaphors or analogies for something else. They do not serve discourse in any fashion but in their literal meaning. My opinion.

    With which I agree wholeheartedly.

    @ Praise St. Angie:

    I didn’t know about your personal experience. I’m truly sorry for that — and anything you say about the subject will have a lot more meaning (than it already has) to me from now on.

    Also, “survivor” is indeed the right word to describe the victims of rape — I know I wouldn’t be able to survive it. The fact rape is used as a weapon of war and that even the worst criminals in the world feel somewhat superior to rapists should tell us something.

  81. Mari says:

    You “take it” how you want and I’ll “damn well” take it as I want. Innappropriate and poor taste, sure, but I won’t condemn somone because they misuse a WORD.
    You, my dear, are trolling, as YOU engaged ME into conversation, which is now over.

  82. Mari says:

    @Nanz- I agree. My only thought was that he was using it as a metaphore, which I still believe is wrong, but he didn’t intend for the word to carry the weight behind it.
    I haven’t liked him since he sided with Polanski. Twisted.

  83. folly says:

    i cant beleive i just said something about decarprio and the next thing i read was he and blake lively have split

  84. The Truth Fairy says:

    Once you do a project you have to promote it by doing photo shoots and interviews. Everyone promotes their work regardless of their profession. Why is he being so dramatic? Photo shoots are just another form of acting. And he is CHOOSING to do them so his analogy is ridiculous.

  85. anti says:

    things never to compare anything to in an interview: hitler or rape. politicians do it, actors do it too. there is decent no way to make a point using them as comparisons.

  86. shawn says:

    He’s old and used up. Way past his peak in looks. The smoking has really caught up with him. I knew he was a douche as soon as he defended the pedo polanski.

    I wonder does he let him babysit the kids. He’s stupid enough to do it.

  87. Dana says:

    Kristens comment was inappropriate but her costars fan base actually exacerbated the situation, emailing every site they could think of multiple times, they talked all about it on their twitters. What’s ironic is most of those Pattinson fans like Natalie Portman and don’t have a problem with her use of the rape word.

  88. hawk says:

    this man is 40 or 50 something. way too old to making ridiculous inaccurate statements like this

    kstew had a point when talking about the creepy fat sloth-like middle-aged creeps that chase her everywhere. and she’s young unlike this pedophile supporter.

  89. mike says:

    what happened to his face? it’s so bloated. too much coke? ew

  90. Dana says:

    I remember a video of the papps cornering Kristen on the street late at night after she dropped Dakota off. There were a half a dozen men swarming her car and they had followed her there from the Roxy. If that was me, I would feel violated on some level.

  91. jacob says:

    He’s destroyed his face with whatever stupid procedures he (hasn’t :::eyeroll:::) had. Now he’s destroying everything else about himself with stupid remarks like this rape one and with the shitty movie after shitty movie he does ‘for his kids’.

    I’m so over this bloated pretentious whiner.

  92. uglyinside&out says:

    Methinks Johnny is partaking of the sweet nectar a bit too much these days. Hence the bloated-ness of his body and his comments.

    Just another insensitive shit vomiting Hollyweird pretty boy. They really need people to script their interviews He needs to quit the botox.

  93. Sakyiwaa says:

    I TOO can’t believe Portman compared eating meat to RAPE.

    @Mari, since JD wasn’t talking about his money, his pride, or his justice or heritage being ‘raped’, i think he cud’ve used another word.

  94. mzjask says:

    aww, ive been watching sweeeney todd all weekend…. johnny boy, you can NEVER do me ANY wrong.

    and i dont ever care about his comments, i dont live the same life he does so i cant even pretend to know what the shit he is ever talking about.

  95. Jenny says:

    Interesting that the biggest gossip/entertainment news story today is dicaprio/blakely with little mention of this. Hopefully, this will change.

    He should be held accountable for stupid words just like others. Hank Williams Jr., lost a major gig on Monday night football (he will most likely get it back) for making stupid “hitler” comments about President Obama. As has been stated, leave the “hitler and rape” comparisons out, they don’t ever work.

  96. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I won’t condemn somone because they misuse a WORD.”

    no, but you’ll downplay the power of the word used and the emotions it provokes, and then tell someone how they should feel about said word.

    I never said you couldn’t take it as you wanted, just questioned the logic of saying that “using rape as a verb isn’t the same as comparing it to a sexual assault”. assault is a verb, too. as in, you can sexually assault someone. the terms are interchangeable, and Depp damn well knows that. I think you know it, too.

    the common usage/meaning of the verb (AND noun) “rape” IS sexual(ly) assault, so the “common sense” you’re citing as your reasoning is exactly the opposite of common.

  97. Nash says:

    I have zero respect for Johnny Depp, from defending Roman Polanski to comparing photoshoots to rape… Hollywood has swallowed his brain like the majority of them or maybe he never had any to start with which I think is more like it. He’s ignorant and should just shut the f up.
    The fact that his stupid analogy is more than likely going to fly under the radar because it’s HIM (the ever so cool and gorgeous Johnny Depp) who said it is absolutely disgusting as well.

  98. Ethel says:

    Don’t stars get paid for these photo shoots? How else does Lyndsy L make her money these days? Does anyone know who took the VF photos?

  99. Sue says:

    Jenny@ The only thing the media is talking about from this story is Johnny said (He doing it for the kids) not one website beside this one has mentioned what he said about comparing photo shoots to rape, I have a feeling this is going to get swept under the carpet but only time will tell.

  100. ashleighlauren says:

    Yes Johnny Depp. My sexual assault just felt kind of weird. That’s an apt way to put it.

    Oh wait, no. Being sexually assaulted remains one of the defining moments of my life, and I have to deal with it every single day. Over 2 decades later, I still tense when someone touches me wrong and I get the joy of panic attacks.

    Look, it’s kind of like saying someone is like Hitler. Even if you had a valid point, the minute you compare somebody to Hitler or something to sexual assault, you’ve lost the argument.

  101. Cheyenne says:

    I’m going to leave this to Praise St. Angie and ashleylauren to determine whether or not the word “rape” is batted around too much. You’ve been there, I haven’t. And major props to you ladies for surviving such a horrific experience.

    But Johnny, all I can say to you is: zip it. You made yourself look like a major asshole.

  102. almond says:

    These people are so disconnected from reality it’s not even funny. He shouldn’t even be allowed to complain of hard work until he comes home with a splitting headache after raking his brains all day on a problem the boss needs done by the next day; or, better yet, until he works 8+ hours in a blue collar job with no actual lunch break and a boss that hounds your arse if you even think about sitting down. I’m sure his professional life is truly terrible. He literally makes me sick to my stomach. I’m feeling nauseous.

  103. Lenore says:

    Maybe it was just THAT shoot. Feeling like you’ve been raped seems to be par for the course when Terry Richardson’s behind the camera.

  104. almond says:

    As for the rape comments, I’m not even gonna go there. He is beyond remonstration. At this point he essentially proved he is brain dead.

  105. spinner says:

    I never thought I would ever hear myself say this but…SIT DOWN, JOHNNY DEPP!!!

  106. Praise St. Angie! says:

    thanks to those who offered sympathy…it’s nice to know that even when a few posters disagree on silly topics they can still offer support to each other on more serious ones.

    ashleighlauren, I’m so sorry for your experience.

  107. Nymeria says:

    Words mean things.

    I’ve been ruminating over this for a few hours, and I’m even angrier at Depp than I was earlier. I’ve been raped, goddamn it, and it was Not. A. Fucking. Photoshoot.

    Listen, Johnny, I’ll say it again: WORDS MEAN THINGS.

  108. Julia says:

    I am with Praise St Angie

    This comment is hurtful and offensive to women who have been raped and keep on being raped every second. We are millions.

    I also got into a rape attempt years ago, from someone i considered my friend. he assaulted me violently broke my wrist and threaten to kill me if i yelled while he was all over me triying to unzipp my jeans. If it wasn’t for a zipper that got stuck and my hability to try to calm him down, he would have succeeded in doing what he planned to do and go further than fondle me. That was the longest 10 minutes of my life and I still get nightmares hearing his heavy breath, being so aware of the tension of his muscles and his voice… I spent 8 years fearing the presence of a man, any man near me and another 18 months was needed for my first boyfriend after this to just succeed in holding me tight without me getting into a frozen mode bursting into cries and ultimately fainting.

    Using that term so losely in that regard like Depp is doing, is like purging the essence of this horrible act, like belitteling the unbeleivable pain and ravage it causes.

    Depp would have never compared a photoshoot to rape if he had a daughter, a wife a sister, a close friend who had gone through that.

    I am tired of him getting a pass for many things. the Viper drama where one man died and a witness disappeared, the excuses for appeasing rapists, ect…I am tired.
    A 50 year old family man with a daughter should know better.

  109. Gabrielle says:

    I’ve loved Johnny Depp for a million years. I’m sure he’ll come out with an apology and say that this was taken out of context. But he’s been giving interviews for 25+ years. He should know better.

  110. katyalia says:

    @ Mari, while we’re talking about misusing words: I don’t think troll means what you think it means either.

    Rachel Christie, Asheylauren & Praise: I feel for all of you.

  111. dorothy says:

    Just smile and look sexy, don’t talk.

  112. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus, Nymeria, I wish I knew what to say to you… except I’ve got your back if you need it. That goes for Rachel, Praise and Ashleighlauren as well.

  113. mln76 says:

    I’ve loved Johnny since 21 Jump St. This man gets away with everything because he’s so damned adorable. From the Viper Room to trashing hotel rooms to the blatant money grubbing he’s done for the last few years. No one is going to say a word about this.

  114. Mari says:

    PSA- I know I said I was done….but…I’m all about learning, growing and changing my sometimes ignorant ways, no sarcasm, but I never told you how you should feel. Simply stated my interpretation of what was meant. You, for some reason, took what I said and ran with it…far, far, away. I’m sure you have a different understanding of the word, I however, see it as just a word which in itself holds no power unless you give it power. That, to me, does not lessen the act of it what-so-ever.
    Go to the gym if you want a punching bag, because I won’t be yours for purely speaking my opinion. I am sorry, however, for what you went through. My own sister was a victim during a home burglary. We’ve had many discussions over the years on the topic and she too chooses not to let the word have any power over her. “A lot of good energy wasted on vernacular”, she says, “when we should be doing things like fighting to lengthen the prison term.”
    So, you take as him meaning he was physically held down and assaulted, and I’ll take it as an oddly inappropriate misplaced word.

  115. Mari says:

    @katyalia- Intent to provoke, yes, I know what it means.

    Edit- I do admit that I used it quite copiously.

  116. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    That was a truly stupid and offensive thing to say. I wish someone called Portman, Depp and others on this.

    And.. Depp, of all people. I don’t like you anymore, Johnny, nor do I respect you.

    edit: Honestly, I’m looking at those pictures above and getting angrier and angrier.

  117. atlas says:

    he’s creepy old and gross. he sold out career-wise along time ago.

    and ever since he supported the child rapist polanski i haven’t been able to look at his leathery douchebag face.

    the fact that he has a wife(long-term beard) and two kids makes it worse

  118. Studder says:

    Man I get at what mari is saying. He didnt mean it literal in that sense. Shouldnt said it regardless.

  119. Cheyenne says:

    The hell is wrong with these guys? I was discussing a newspaper article on prison rape with a guy I used to work with, and he said being a rape victim is probably much more traumatic for a man than it is for a woman because “women are used to it”. I wanted to slap his teeth out of his mouth. Are some guys just f*cking clueless?

  120. nick says:


    but do you get what Kstew was saying or are you one of the hypocrites that was bashing her for the same comment.

    if anything his comment is much worse.

  121. Studder says:

    They both used the word wrong.

  122. mooshi says:

    How would Johnny feel if Polansky drugged and raped one of HIS children?

    I wanna see the answer to that question in an interview.

  123. Dana says:

    Definition of rape at
    an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.

    Somehow I don’t see how Johnny can excuse the use of this word where as if Kristen felt violated when she was trapped in her care by a half dozen men, then I guess her use of then word is applicable. Not the best word to use but according to the definition, it applies.

  124. Andria says:

    The dictionary is your friend, people.

    Rape is a synonym for violation.

  125. i am a cylon says:

    you are absolutely right. I used to like him, since 21 jump street but then he worked with polanski.
    I also do not understand that portman gets constantly bashed for supporting P. but depp gets a pass. Why? Because he is apparently hot? What hypocracy.

  126. Stacia says:

    I like him and his swag but as a man, most likely he will never experience such a thing. So he should not talk so lightly about it.

  127. Nymeria says:

    @ Cheyenne (#113) – Thank you. I truly appreciate that.

    Here’s an e-Hug for anyone who wants or needs one.

    Back to our regularly scheduled programming… *smile*

  128. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Its a stupid comment. I am really irritated by it, especially since I know he is a Roman Polanski supporter. I really like Johnny Depp but that was just stupid.

  129. Jessica says:

    I would understand if he used the word ‘violated’…but ‘raped’? That’s just disrespectful. Until he’s been raped he has no clue. And I love Johnny Depp.

  130. lola says:

    All of us humans have to watch what we say, because words do have power.
    Well known people like Depp, Stewart and Portman need to be extra cautious, because they do have a very large, worldwide audience.
    Rape is a very serious physical and emotional violation and people should not exuse anyone just, because they are famous or hot for using the word in vain that makes many women/men tremble.

  131. mia girl says:

    All I can think of is the juxtaposition of Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp.

    Jackman is happily promoting one of his “stupid money” movies right now. Jackman is mature and not up his own ass so he knows that not only is it part of the job, but gives the impression that he is a full participant in it. He doesn’t need to be above it, because he is his dignified enough to be part of it and take the blessings it brings.

    Johnny, I like you, but when you take the big commercial job you can not fool yourself or anyone else that you are still creating art within a structure where all those others around you are creating a commercial blockbuster. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t draw money from the well and then spit into it to impress others.

    If you are going to make a big studio movie, suck it up and do what comes with the territory – a simple effin photoshoot – without complaining.

  132. T.C. says:

    He made $300 Million alone just for the last POTC movie? That’s sick. Worse yet he has the nerve to say that he takes that kind of money just for his kids. It’s all for the kids. If you include the other POTC movies and Alice in Wonderland, the guy has made about $1 billion in the last 6 years. Adding in investments and other movies, how much money does his kids need? Nothing worse than blaming your own children for being a greedy sell-out.

    I can’t even address the ‘doing photoshoots is like rape’ without getting boiling mad. My best friend was raped and to this day it affects her relationships and her sense of self. This was just so insensitive. At least Kstew realized her mistake and apologized. Johnny is worshiped by the masses and won’t feel the need to apologize.

  133. Dana says:

    “I’m not good at sexy. But there are so many women [in the business] who are so false you just don’t buy it. There’s nothing about them that you believe. It feels so put on. You can feel them mugging for the camera. It’s like their face is raping me, so I know I don’t want to do that.”

    This is a comment from mila kunis using the rape word. Why is it that kaiser only mentions Kristen Stewart as the bad example when there are other actresses out there that have used this word. Seems kaiser like sticking it to Kristen. Next time try and be a little more fair and balanced.

  134. NaomiCampbellsPhone says:

    To people going on about definitions, seen as you have your dictionary right next to you, I ask you to look up the word “connote”. When you take that in to account it’s easy to see why people find his comment to be flippant.

  135. YvetteW says:

    Honestly, I don’t get the hype over Johnny Depp. Let him play his quirky little roles that I don’t watch and don’t take his picture for magazines that I don’t buy. Problem solved.

  136. suki says:

    My friend was raped at age 22.
    She is 34 today and she never got over it.
    It’s truly a very horrific violation of a human body and soul.
    Depp should watch his words after all he has been in business for many years, he needs to know better.
    He also is a father of a daughter and a son, what’s wrong with him?
    Are these wealthy actors out of touch with reality that much, really???
    Money doesn’t buy brains and tact, I guess.
    Pitt and Depp should get together for a chat about sensitivity!

  137. Studder says:

    Naomi why don’t you look up “irascible”.

  138. Cheyenne says:

    #133: He made $300 mil on all 4 POTC movies ($75 mil apiece, due to enormous profits on the backend plus his up front salary), but it’s still an insane amount of loot.


    #137: Why in the world would you drag Brad Pitt into this? Apples and oranges.

  139. Daphne says:

    He lost a fan over this. That comment makes me so mad. I have been forced to have sex against my will twice. It was nothing like a photo shoot. I hope he pays dearly for this comment but he probably won’t.

  140. Auds says:

    I don’t care much about Depp. To me, he is about as vacuous and braindead as Brad Pitt and Depp’s comparison of photo shoots to rape is not only disgusting, but indicative of his stupidity. Sometimes I just wish that celebrities would STFU and just what they are paid to do, which is act.

  141. I Choose Me says:

    Oh man, oh man. I’m not gonna comment on the absolutely stupid statement Depp made. I just want to give internet hugs to Praise, Julia and everyone else who’s been sexually assaulted. ::hugs::

  142. suki says:

    Why not bring Pitt into it?
    What is he Jesus or something?
    They both seem to have loose tongues.
    Pitt behaved in the way that wasn’t sensitive to his wife, he dumped her for Jolie and doing the photoshoot for W magazine with bunch of look alike little boys. Why rub it in? Fine he met Jolie fell in love, cheated or not with Jolie, I have no idea, but why not lay low for a while? Why hurt his ex, what’s the point?
    And also with Parade magazine interview, he is no gentleman, what ever happened, keep your mouth shut Pitt! The world doesn’t NEED to know every sorted detail, have some discretion!!!

  143. Camille says:

    Oh Johnny. Ugh. What an incredibly idiotic thing to say. I wonder how much apologising and back peddling he is going to have to do over this. smh

    The only thing I agreed with in his interview was that ‘The Libertine’ was a good film. JD was brilliant in it.

    ~Also lets leave Brad Pitt out of this thread shall we. BP has NOTHING to do with the stupid comments said by Johnny Depp. Good grief.

  144. sandy#1 says:

    i can’t believe people are comparing pitt to this horrible person, who can use a word so carelessly?, pitt would never do/say something like this, if we are going to go there, why not drag pitt ex in this for saying the word retard?, careless also, this is not about anything or anyone at this particular time but johnny depp, pitt was talking about himself and his self discovery, unfortunately his ex is a part of his past, he never called her by name. now back to depp, that was horrible, he needs to apologize.

  145. suki says:

    Oh, please Pitt is milking it as much as Aniston.
    Neither of them are great actors, Jolie is the only with an Oscar in this triangle.
    Pitt will be 50 in a 2-3 years or so, he should know better, but he is using Aniston to sell his movies the same as Aniston is selling her films with Pitt’s name. At least Jolie is taking her fame and makes it work for the less fortunate in the world. I respect her for that and lets be honest, she most likely saved those three children from a miserable life by adopting them.
    I don’t know, if she is homewrecker or not, but I respect her for her charitable heart.

  146. Annie_Grey says:

    I could see it, if Johnny was a 12 year old girl in a mini dress, but he is not. Especially, if Terry Richardson was the photographer. ugh

  147. Cherry Rose says:

    Meh. Always thought that Johnny was overrated. Not to mention the fact that he pretty much plays the same character in every movie he does. Never thought he was that hot either.

    Cosign with everyone here. Getting paid to do a photoshoot, where they dress you up and tell you where to stand is NOTHING like rape. With photoshoots, at least you can voice your opinion and say no if you don’t want to do something.

    Rape is something you have no control over, and your opinion doesn’t matter. Not to mention it’s something that will stay with you forever, no matter how hard you try to get past it.

    Coupled with Johnny’s support of Roman Polanski, I’m done with him. He’s already a sell out, and trys too hard to be a hipster.

  148. sandy#1 says:

    are we missing something here? pitt only talked about his past life,he has never say a word about anyone, remember, who is jolie’s partner? pitt, he also saved those children giving them a safe environment to grow up in, gave them the best, caring mother, as you stated, pitt does not, has not, ever needed to sale anything with the ex attached to it, it has always been the other way around, that’s why most jolie/pitt fans resent her, pitt has done some amazing things for people on his own, I’m done with this, pitt does not need defending, his work speaks for itself, look who he choose to have children with?, enough said.

  149. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    I can’t believe where this conversation is going, with people bringing in Pitt etc. I’m just speechless.


    edit: one of the commenters on Pajiba put it better than I could probably say it myself: “rape is often talked about as a serious crime in the abstract, but when a real life situation arises it’s excused, or minimized, or doubted, or outright ignored. So when rape is compared to things that are in no way comparable to it, it’s both the result of and a contribution to the belief that a lot of rapes aren’t a really, really horrific and inexcusable thing that is miles away from having your picture taken.”

    That’s why “rape” is not just a figure of speech.

  150. Jen D says:

    You know what’s just like rape? Rape. There’s no real need to compare it to anything. It’s such a loaded word that (as we’ve seen here) it brings up strong emotions whenever it’s mentioned. Michael K said it best, and someone’s already quoted him here, so I’m not going to bother.

    I would like to take a second to defend Mari. I can’t speak for her, just how I took her comments. She expressed an opinion about the word “rape,” not the act. She tried to express a different point of view, but didn’t condone the use of the word itself. Anyways, this isn’t meant to diminish how anyone feels about it, I just wanted to express that maybe some of our anger is misdirected. I also hope Mari doesn’t mind me jumping in.

  151. Sakyiwaa says:

    Honestly. Wat does BRAD PITT have to do wiv dis? Omg! Unbelievable…

  152. lola says:

    Sorry, but Pitt to me is an average movie actor who got by this long, because of his good looks, Aniston is also average actress who got very lucky getting the Rachel job on Friends and actually did well with it, her movies are only variations on the Rachel character. She is cute, but no great beauty like Jolie. Jolie has a stunningly gorgeuos face, but her body is skeletal looking at best, Aniston has mediocre face, but one rocking hot body. I’m no fan of either, but Jolie deserves credit for her kind heart.
    I don’t think Pitt had much to do with adoptions, Jolie was the ring leader in that, but Pitt does seem to be a good father. All celebrities need to watch what they do and say, because fame does have responsibility attached to it!

  153. Jen D says:

    Can we please, please, please not make this thread about those other two huge stars who I refuse to name? I LOVE the female half of that couple, but I need a break! They’re not mentioned anywhere in the article. There are so many other meaningful and interesting discussions happening! Can we just let this one be?

  154. Cheyenne says:

    @lola: Pitt adopting those three children was what convinced me of his commitment to making a life and a family with Jolie. You may be able to “trap” a man into a pregnancy (“forget” to take your pills, etc.), but you can’t trap a man into adopting your children. It’s a long, arduous procedure and a lifelong commitment, and if a man is willing to go through it, he is totally committed to raising those kids.

  155. Chloe (not chloe) says:


  156. lola says:

    Cheyenne :

    I agree with you, Pitt and Jolie seem to be committed to each other and their cute children.
    I remember Pitt saying that Jolie adopted the kids on her own, because they are unmarried couple, so they couldn’t do it together. I’m certainly not saying that Pitt is not a loving and committed father.

  157. Cheyenne says:

    @lola: Every country has their own rules about foreign adoptions, who can adopt and who can’t, and you can google overseas adoption regulations for details. In Ethiopia and Vietnam, where they adopted Z and Pax, a single person can adopt as a single parent, but two unmarried people can’t adopt together. So Jolie had to adopt overseas as a single parent so she could bring them home, and then Brad filed to adopt in California as part of an unmarried couple where this is legal.

    Rules have tightened up in some countries. My upstairs neighbor adopted her daughter from China as a single parent ten years ago. You can’t do that any more.

  158. skeptical says:

    can we get back to castigating johnny depp for having his head very far up his own a$$?
    He had no right to make such a cruel statement, demeaning everything that rape victims have suffered and further contributing to that suffering.
    Words have power. If words were truly just words we wouldn’t have things like racial slurs and derogatory terms.
    Words have power.
    he had no right whatsoever to use the word “rape” to describe a photoshoot.
    it was disrespectful and wrong and him getting away with it is only further proof of the sexism of Hollywood and the world as a whole.

  159. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Depp will get away with this bad choice of wording just like he got away with the pictures of Vanessa breast feeding their daughter and NOT like Brad and Angie’s W mag. It’s online for all to see. (Someone can bring the link).

    Nothing was said about it and the same with this “rape” pictorial. He will get a pass.

    How is the tracking for his movie. I know it sat for a while. Does he need help and a “shock” is the jolt it needs?

  160. Callumna says:

    Makes no sense. Then they belittle Roman Pederaski’s actual crime.

  161. Callumna says:

    And Woody Allen’s daughter marrying.

  162. mln76 says:

    WTF kind of idiot thinks this has anything to do with Brad Pitt????
    Infidelity isn’t even in the same ballpark as rape or child rape(Polanski) you Uptiight Beeotches,

  163. Tanguerita says:

    he just needs to shut up asap. What an idiot.

  164. Sakyiwaa says:

    …and everyone grew tired of Johnny Depp!

  165. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    I am in no way belittling those who have been sexually assaulted, nor am I necessarily defending Depp’s (or by extension Stewart’s)comments but there is more than one definition for the use of the word, rape.

    [reyp] noun, verb, raped, rap·ing.

    the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
    any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.
    statutory rape.
    an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.
    Archaic . the act of seizing and carrying off by force.

    verb (used with object)
    to force to have sexual intercourse.
    to plunder (a place); despoil.
    to seize, take, or carry off by force.
    verb (used without object)
    to commit rape.

    1250–1300; (v.) Middle English rapen < Anglo-French raper < Latin rapere to seize, carry off by force, plunder; (noun) Middle English < Anglo-French ra ( a ) p ( e ), derivative of raper

  166. Dudette says:

    What on earth does Brad Pitt have to do with this thread? Honestly, people are so obsessed they see an avenue to bash him regardless of what’s being discussed. Seriously weird.

    As for Mr. Depp, he lost his ‘coolness’ ages ago. I was a fan, way back when when he was still doing work that he cared about. Now, he’s very much bought into the Hollywood money-making machine, which is fine but that wasn’t how he used to be. His movies are so terribly boring and unoriginal now. His ill-advised, completely inappropriate comments are just the icing on what is turning out to be a very sour cake indeed. Shame on you Johnny.

  167. atlantapug says:

    What a douchenugget.

    I’m so sick of him and his overmadeup, overacted, Emo bleating ugly face.

    I hope you never actually get raped JD.

  168. Julia says:

    On Fox News :

    Johnny Depp Apologizes for ‘Regretful’ Rape Comments in Vanity Fair.

    Nice and appreciative gesture Mr Depp !

  169. Eve says:

    @ Julia:

    Wow, that didn’t take long, did it? Methinks he heard about (or was warned by his PR team) the negative feedback.

    Let me check if the apology is convincing enough (it may not be).

    EDIT (sounds like he’s truly sorry — which he should be):

    “I am truly sorry for offending anyone in any way. I never meant to. It was a poor choice of words on my part in an effort to explain a feeling,” Depp said. “I understand there is no comparison and I am very regretful. In an effort to correct my lack of judgment, please accept my heartfelt apology.”

  170. Cheyenne says:

    @Eve: It’s a nice apology and comes off as a lot more sincere than the usual “I’m sorry if I offended anybody” crap.

  171. Eve says:

    @ Cheyenne:

    I hate it when they do that. Frankly, it’s better not to apologize at all. Because it feels like (at least to me) they’re insulting the person a second time: they’re not truly apologizing and they’re suggesting the person is either oversensitive or that he/she didn’t get what they’re trying to say. Puh-lease!

    Whenever I screw things up I say “I’m sorry I was a jerk”. It means I realized I had been a jerk and offended someone who shouldn’t have been offended.

  172. smh says:

    he looks like gaga’s johnny something character here. maybe it’s on purpose? didn’t read lol

  173. shirley says:

    I think he can do 4 of the iconic characters he wants to do, well Seuss, Barnabas, Kolchak and Tonto. But Nick Charles in the Thin Man I don’t think he can do such a character justice. He does not have that self assurance and sophistication evident in Nick, the way he smoothly cajoles his inteligent wife, coerces the local constabulatory and waylays the bad guys in their own sneers. Johnny is too street oriented. As Kolchak yes, even Mannix or a Columbo wannabe, but Nick of the upper crust with the witt of the elite and the brains of the cat-thief, Johnny would have to take acting lessons again.