Wilmer Valderrama goes as a jackass to Halloween event, other stars in costume

Apparently when Wilmer Valderrama decided to attend the star packed 15th Annual Dream Halloween Fundraiser for Children with AIDS he decided he would go as a jackass and just dressed in his everyday clothes. At a Halloween costume fundraiser, where plenty of stars and their children got into the fun of dressing up, Wilmer came in his trademark stocking cap and badly fit jeans.

Valderrama needed to take a cue from Jada Pinkett Smith. Jada came in Supergirl gear and brought daughter, Willow, in her Spider Princess costume. Willow looked like she costume coordinated with CSI:NY’s Melina Kanakaredes, also dressed in black tulle, with a black, feathered witch’s hat.

Jason Priestly and his family went for patriotic, as did Jamie Lee Curtis. Jason, a Canadian by birth, dressed as a Canadian Mountie, wife Naomi Lowde showed her British pride with her Beefeater costume, and their little American baby, Ava was in all her Yankee Doodle glory. Jamie Lee Curtis could have grabbed her and had a little doppleganger as they were wearing matching outfits. They both topped it off with an Uncle Sam hat but Jamie Lee was better about keeping hers on.

Angela Bassett also did a family theme. Angela was a zoo keeper and her twins, Slater and Bronwyn, were a giraffe and flamingo. So adorable!

Other young people in costume were teen actors Shelbie and Robby Bruce, who came as Cleopatra and Caesar, Disney actress Sammie Hanratty as a scarecrow, and child actress Ryan Simpkins as Harpo Marx. Something tells me Miss Simpkins didn’t come up with that one on her own, but she looks fantastic!

Halloween rocks! Finding an inspired idea for a costume and dressing up is a highlight of the season, second only to seeing what all the kids coming to the door are dressed as. Costumes have improved so much since I was a kid, too. I remember dressing in what amounted to a decorated plastic bag and trying to breathe through the hard plastic mask with tiny holes at the nose and a one inch slit at the mouth! Your breath would cause condensation all inside the mask and it would be dripping out the sides if you left it on too long. But it was worth it because we got to wear our costumes to school, they don’t let kids do that anymore. I’m so glad I got to sweat half to death in plastic and wear my Princess Leia costume to school.

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  1. vdantev says:

    Wilmer Valderrama goes as a jackass to Halloween event.

    Bet he didn’t need a costume. 😆

  2. aleach says:

    angela bassett’s kids are sooooooo cute! haha i love their costumes.

  3. audrey says:

    jada looks like a tranny.

  4. lanette says:

    I think it is odd to say that Angela Basset came as a zoo keeper.

    looks like a biege outfit to me. Zoo Keeper? WTF are you trying to say?

  5. Ceilidh says:

    I’m saying that Angela Bassett dressed up as a zoo keeper, complete with safari hat, and her adorable children dressed as zoo animals, a giraffe and a flamingo. A sweet concept and a lovely family.

  6. Hi! This is Ryan Simpkins (Harpo Marx) Thanks for the photo tag! I just want you to know, I did come up with Harpo on my own. I love watching old Marx brothers movies. My brother and I do the schtick (is that spelled right?)at home. You know, last night I went trick r treating and half the adults asked me if i even knew who I was dressed as? For the record, I love Harpo and his comedy. I think he was a talent that many people didnt recognize. Im reading Harpo Speaks now. it’s a great book! Bye! and thanks again!! from, Ryan

  7. Ryan Simpkins (if that WAS her writing) seemed very upbeat… considering that she was, even then, one of the most exploited child stars in Hollywood. It’s gotten worse since. Every film- except the first- a sordid R-rated opus. She’s only 11 NOW. What happens when she hits 12 and she gets her first “Hounddog” style porn script… a la Dakota Fanning? It can’t be long in coming. She already has as many R-rated films to her “credit” as Dakota has.

  8. Krzyminski says:

    your blog is very interesting