Johnny Depp falls over drunk and stumbling on the street (video)

Johnny falls at :12

Johnny Depp’s fall from grace happened very recently with just one obnoxious interview in Vanity Fair. It was sad to see, considering that Johnny has long been known as one of the most humble, gracious, fan-friendly celebrities around. In Vanity Fair, Johnny compared photo shoots to rape and went on to talk about the money he was making from his insanely lucrative film career. He said “Basically, if they’re going to pay me the stupid money right now, I’m going to take it. I have to. I mean, it’s not for me. Do you know what I mean? At this point, it’s for my kids.” Johnny later apologized for the rape comments, but the damage had been done and Johnny essentially lost his status as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

After seeing this video (above) of Johnny falling down in the street, I’ve come up with an alternate hypotheses for why he was so obnoxious and out of character in Vanity Fair. Dude was really, really drunk. He’s even shown swilling booze in the photo shoot, which is of course a kind of homage to his character in Rum Diaries, but could be the case for Johnny too. Something serious is going on with him. At 48, you have enough experience drinking that you know how to get toasted and buzzed. If you’re getting so wasted you can’t walk to your car without collapsing, there’s a real problem.

Am I wrong, though? Is Johnny just falling over because a dude falls over on him, or is the guy helping him and failing to keep him up? I’m thinking Johnny can’t walk because he’s so out of it, especially when you see the stumbling move at :24 into the video. Notice, though, that he’s still trying to sign autographs when he’s in that state. I still love him and I hope he’s ok. I bet he’s having relationship problems with Vanessa. That’s my take on this situation. He’s been able to handle his liquor for years.

Here’s Johnny’s partner Vanessa Paradis at a premiere in Paris of the animated film A Monster in Paris on Saturday. She performed after the premiere along with the guy she’s standing with, French musician Matthieu Chedid. It doesn’t mean much that they’re posing together and it looks like they’re just colleagues anyway. Also, her full outfit needs to be seen to be appreciated. It’s probably Chanel. Johnny Depp photos are from May in Cannes. Credit: Pacific Coast News.





Video via ONTD, Hollywood.TV

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  1. ShanKat says:

    Stinking drunk. At least. (and in every way, from what I understand from people who have stood near him.)

  2. anemoneblue says:

    I just don’t get the appeal for Johnny Depp. He looks dirty most of the time and unkempt. I mean, come on, dude you’re almost 50 and dressing like that is just sad. He gives me the same vibe as Gerard Butler. Oily

  3. mln76 says:

    ‘you dropped Johnny’ is going to be my new catchphrase.

    Why does everyone forget that Johnny had a serious booze(probably drug) problem back in the day. He had to give up ownership of the Viper Room by court order because it was an infamous drug den where all of his buddies partied and where River lost his life. Also the time he was shit-faced and wrecked his hotel room with Kate Moss. GET HELP JOHNNY!

  4. atlantapug says:

    I’m so sick of this guy. I can’t stand any movie he’s in.
    I’m tired of his rich-hipster clothes, his Emo sourpuss and his Knights of the Crusades facial hair.
    GO AWAY!

  5. says:

    He looks wasted. Notice how when he falls, there is no reaction, not even a hand held out to try and break his fall. Same thing when he is picked up and placed on his feet.

    This is very sad. I really like Johnny Depp.

  6. jinni says:

    I hope he gets help because it does look like he fell and is out of it.

  7. Jessica says:

    Boo hoo…he is a grown man who isnt drinking and driving. Give it a break.

  8. silken_floss says:

    I thought that was Mischa Collins in the 1st pic with Vanessa

  9. Ell says:

    Laugh or cry moment. Laugh because of that stupid man saying ‘you dropped, johnny, you dropped johnny’. Cry because he’s 48 and a father – there’s clearly been problems for a while, remember his bloated face in The Tourist.

  10. Sandy says:

    I like him A LOT.
    But I’ve been very disappointed by his rape comment, his nonsense greed.
    I mean they all cash in a lot but he was supposed not to make it that obvious, especially him.

    oh and remember how bloated face at the Golden Globes…

  11. Jenny says:

    This may be why he always looks like he needs a good scrubbing most of the time..he has no idea of what personal hygiene is. He must have been drunk during that interview and no, this is NOT being cool as some will probably say. Hope he gets help and not the “he is just fine man” from all the syncophants who kiss ass of their celebrity benefactors.

  12. brin says:

    Hope he gets help, no one wants to see him as an angry drunk.

  13. cherryberry says:

    I can’t tell anything from this video b/c its a crowded confused mess. But if I had even just a couple if drinks and was a little tipsy, that pandemonium would make me fall. People were right on top of him!

  14. Bubulle says:

    Not surprise, he looks very bloated and haggard this days, I guess being a millionnaire, living the high life in France with his long time GF and kids, isn’t that fulfilling.

  15. lambchops says:

    alcoholism is particularly brutal for someone like him with native american genes. very hard for them to metabolize the alcohol and causes increased chances of cirrhosis and other diseases. hope it explains his fall from grace recently. hope he gets help.

  16. aenflex says:

    I don’t pity him. But I do hope he gets back to good.

  17. Sara says:

    Dude probably has a problem like most celebrities.

  18. Auds says:

    What an idiot. Seriously, to be an adult and be in need of adult nannies just to get around. It’s pitiful.

  19. Eve says:

    I can’t see the video — the internet here today is defying my sanity so I’ll just try to say just a few things: I still love him as an actor and I do think he’s a decent human being and grea professional — he treats his co-workers, fans and the press well.

    I hated his (very unfortunate) comparison between rape and having his pictures taken, but at least he apologized. I’m sure he knows he put his foot in his mouth with those comments.

    If he’s having problems (with his partner, drinking) then I can only hope he’ll get better.

  20. francesca says:

    You dropped Johnny! I will be laughing about this the rest of the day.

  21. Embee says:

    With the poor hygeine, bloat and public drunkeness it appears that more than simple substance abuse is at work. Many people use alcohol to “treat” symptoms of chemical imbalances, and it is a very slippery slope. I hope he gets help.

  22. Quest says:

    The video is all over the place, it looks like the dude bumped into an already liquored up Johnny and he fell/stumbled – heh, he is only human. I still love the guy

  23. Praise St. Angie! says:

    hammered. for sure. is correct. there was virtually no reaction from him as he was going down, nor when he was “lifted” back up to his feet. he’s still trying to sign autographs, even as his handlers are essentially carrying him to the car. he’s seemingly totally oblivious to the fact that he even fell.

    also note how he’s hiding his face once he gets in the car.

    perhaps he was drunk during the VF interview?…perhaps, but that still doesn’t excuse his rape comparison. being drunk doesn’t make you THINK differently…it only makes you say stuff you already think but won’t say sober.

  24. Zooey says:

    What was the arm/hand motion at the 44 second mark?

  25. Cheyenne says:

    Hie thee to rehab, Johnny, stat.

  26. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Johnny and Xtina look like two little sausage stuffed casings. He’s obviously bloated and not taking care of himself. I agree with – Depp doesn’t try to break his fall, and that’s a classic drunk off your ass sign.

  27. N.D. says:

    Someone getting drunk in a club once in however many years does not equal problem. It’s the same shitty “concern” as when Brad Pitt was branded an alcoholic because of a couple afterparties. That’s why you go to the club or to the party – to have fun, to get drunk, to socialize in a buzzed state of mind. Then you go home and back to your normal life and its responsibilities. No drama there, no blame game needed.

  28. gloaming says:

    I really don’t think it’s as bad as you guys.

    The guy who ‘dropped’ him, looks to have caused the problem, rather than helping him, he pulls JD away from signing autographs which causes JD to stumble. Plus they’re being crowded by papps.

    I know he’s a drinker, but to say he’s ‘fallen over drunk’ on the street is a bit of a stretch.

  29. Gabrielle says:

    I love Johnny Depp. I read the Vanity fair article in its entirety and he was definitely drunk. The writer talks about himself and Johnny drinking for hours and hours and at the end Johnny passes out in a public bathroom. It was the worst Johnny interview I’ve ever read. I bet he is having problems with Vanessa and reverting back to his party ways. I really love him and hope he gets it together.

  30. serena says:

    This makes me so sad.
    I love Johnny.. hope he’ll be okay.

  31. N.D. says:

    @gloaming: “I know he’s a drinker, but to say he’s ‘fallen over drunk’ on the street is a bit of a stretch.”

    Honestly, to my eyes it’s a huge stretch. He didn’t fall, that guy had literally dropped him just like that paparazzo says. And while dropping he hugged him rather tightly – that’s why Jonny can’t even help himself and doesn’t held hand out to break a fall.

  32. Maggie says:

    He was tripped by a crush of paparazzi… seriously bad reporting.

  33. S says:

    Once a drinker always a drinker. Sad but true, he needs to fight it or he will loose. Wife and kids, for sure. Wish him the best.

  34. gloaming says:

    @N.D I completely agree.

    edit- (with both your comments)

    I’d understand the hoopla if he got in the car with his kids in the back seat and drove them home, made himself a bacon sarnie and set the house on fire.

    And I know when I go out, I take full advantage of having a designated driver!

  35. lastword says:

    I love johnny.
    He will bounce back & the context of those comments was completely blown out off proportion. By saying that having his picture taken was like rape he probably meant that like rape, it is kind of invasive and intrusive. Except you are an absolute famewhore like the kardashains, you don’t always like your picture taken .
    Get over it people

  36. Mari says:

    Trouble in Paradis? Just couldn’t resist 🙂
    Sometimes alcohol sneaks up on you. Like, after 3 glasses of wine I feel fine, but add a beer or two to the mix and 20 min later BAM!

  37. madpoe says:

    Nope. Depp didn’t fall. The ground totally jumped up and attacked him! Bad ground bad!

    Lolz or maybe his equilibrium has been off since that VF interview and every other women around the world heart broke and began tearing up his photo at the same time. He’s loosing his super hot strength. Oh nooz!

  38. ShanKat says:

    Wino forever!

  39. kay says:

    This video bothers me on so many levels, and the part that bothers me the most is the pap who is recording yelling “don’t touch me!” over and over.
    This is wrong, this invasion of people’s space and privacy. I feel badly for any star that deals with this. This isn’t fame, it’s horrible.

  40. jen says:

    What’s with the heroin arm tap?

  41. buell says:

    He is becoming one hot mess.

  42. JaneWonderfalls says:

    To be honest I don’t care about his drinking because he’s and adult. I was not as mad about the “rape” statement because we all make stupid comments from time to time. What made me lose respect for JD was the fact that he publicly backed Roman Polanski, that did it for me.

  43. SillyOne says:

    All I have to say is Johnny can fall on me drunk or sober any day.

  44. stella says:

    Playing devil’s advocate here, but maybe Johnny was raped as a child or when he was up and coming as an entertainer so the comparison is real in his mind. He has anger issues that need to be explored.

  45. sue says:

    The headline is misleading. His ‘handler’ is the one who took Johnny down. He was not stumbling and falling all over. What a joke.

  46. MarenGermany says:

    agree with lastword.

  47. Leigh says:

    I love him.

    His rape comment, meh – inappropriate and offensive to rape victims, I’m sure – but I can just write it off as some stupid comment and look a little deeper into what he might have meant by it. He obviously means he feels violated, in a sense, at a photo shoot – but termed it completely inappropriately.

    Ease up people.
    The guy had too much to drink… Big deal.

  48. Melissa says:

    Okay, I officially think he should be left alone now. Next….

  49. carrie says:

    he’s totally drunk but he’s gracious with the guy:he finishes to sign the autograph
    it’s not the first video with a drunk Johnny Depp:TMZ yet had a video several months ago
    and the “rape” quote is an idiot poor choice of words

  50. Jenny says:

    I don’t want to re-live the whole rape comparison. But Mr. Depp was talking about photo shoots, which are strictly voluntary, done in quiet, beautiful settings at his pace with people lighting his cigarettes or giving him something to drink.

    He did not mention papparazi, which are invasive. If he had done that, it might be different (only slightly), but he did not, he said photo shoots.

    Under NO circumstances are photo shoots like rape–PERIOD.

  51. lisa says:


    oh boy all those comments on past threads about how HOT Johnny is. How no one ever ever brings up his past. Because that was ages ago.

    Yet they can’t move on from other actors and actresses that have never ever been shown to be drunk or on drugs.

    The worm turns.. Maybe the focus is again on the wrong people..People that are not what the headlines love to plaster on their cover.

    Johnny is a father and partner. Why is he now with his family.. Never a word about that.

  52. WhiteNoise says:

    So he’s wasted and he fell over. Big deal. How exactly does that translate into his life is a complete mess and his career/relationship is in the pan?

    Such drama over nothing. 🙄

  53. chainsawbuzzkill says:

    Do these photographers have no shame? I’d be embarrassed to act that way. “Johnniieeee, Johniiiiieeeee! Hey you dwopped Johniiieeeee! Don’t touch me we’re in the street right Johnieieee!?”

    Who cares about Johnny Depp any more? And why is he pretending he needs to take projects to make money for his kids? Hasn’t he reached the point in his career he can do what he wants? Weird.

  54. missanne says:

    oh come one. we’ve all been there.

  55. atorontogal says:

    I’m with you SillyOne! I love me some JD. All this judging is laughable. You people don’t know him nor the lifestyle afforded these people. We cannot begin to fathom what they have available to them at their fingertips and to assume he’s been a raging drunk for years is ridiculous. That’s why he moved to Paris to get away from judgemental idiots!

  56. whitedaisy says:

    I agree with Jane: There is no debate about his support, written and verbal, for Roman Polanski.
    He lost me then.

  57. Raven Sparrow says:

    @gloaming – I totally agree.

    I’ve watched the video three times, Johnny might be drunk but the guy with the black hat is the one who moved forward while johnny was signing causing them to lose balance and fall then when they got up Johnny went back to signing but then again the guy pulled him by the waist towards the car – second stumble – and you can then see Johnny telling him something maybe telling him to let him finish signing the autograph and he lets him. That’s how I got it.

    Say what you will big drunk or not , he’s still gracious towards his fans 😀

  58. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Fall from grace is tab bit extreme. Johnny made a stupid comment but he said sorry very soon after. Even in the video, he is falling down mainly because I think that guy tripped on him, but as he stands up he is signing an autograph for a fan. It was quite a fall and often when I fall in public and I stand up quickly to avoid the burning hot embarrassment I feel, I am more hurt then I think. My knees are actually a lil weak. I think that was what happened with Johnny. Sure he might be a lil drunk but not that drunk.

  59. curegirl0421 says:

    This smacks of people waiting to pounce all over a genuinely nice guy. I refuse to let one poor choice of words (for which he apologized) and some paparazzi shenanigans change my opinion of him.

  60. Gabrielle says:

    @raven sparrow
    Agree, he’s always gracious.

  61. Bubulle says:

    Why is JD getting a pass and other celebs don’t ? Because he takes the time to sign autographes, so you think he can do no wrong ?

  62. Janice says:

    And at 0:24 he also seems pretty wobbly. What are ya doing Johnny?

  63. Happy21 says:

    I love Johnny and think so what really. I don’t think the rape comment was a fall from grace. He made what could be compared to an off-color remark and he got called out on it. He said what he felt and got in shit. Personally I think that everything is so over-analyzed these days its (I want to say retarded but I’d probably get in shit) absurd. If someone makes a gay joke, oh they are homophobic, it someone makes a joke about race, they are a racist. Even if they are not. People are ignorant and say what they feel and a joke is a joke. It bugs me how everything is raked over the coals so bad!

    As far as him being drunk, doesn’t necessarily mean a damned thing. I’ve had my moments as I’m sure many of you have. Who cares. He’ll be fine. If this becomes something we are seeing time and time again and if he stops wearing underwear and then attacks a car with an umbrella, we’ll have to worry 😉

  64. Miffits says:

    Trying to be impartial but ‘Johnny Depp falls down drunk in the street’implies he was randomly staggering all over the place before falling over. He’s obviously drunk but clearly being knocked over by the comotion around him. I don’t think he has a problem.

    He could do no wrong for so long, two weeks ago we would have laughed at what a scamp that Johnny Depp was falling down drunk. But thanks to his repugnant and ingracious VF comments he’s screwed it all up.

    Silly move, Depp.

  65. Kimbob says:

    This is really sad. Yeah, maybe he was boozy when he gave that interview…it would explain A LOT of things.

    This also explains why he’s looked bloated in many photos lately. Mystery SOLVED!

    I sure hope he gets help. As a previous blogger mentioned, w/those Native American genes…this is a disaster waiting to happen. I hope he pays attention to this & reads the writing on the wall. If he doesn’t, no more continued sympathy here. He is, after all, a father.

  66. You don't say says:

    If Depp wants to imbibe, and maybe fall down tipsy, fine, he is not driving. He does look a bit bloated in a couple of photos though, which is not pretty. But, if there are photos of other celebrities who have a couple and look less than glamorous, then they should also get a pass. Double standards are dreadful.

    If celebrities have too much to drink and don’t want to be photographed, then maybe they should take a side exit, not the front door.

  67. Lairen says:

    I love that he got up off the ground and continued signing an autograph. Everybody gets drunk every once in a while. Hopefully it doesn’t become a habit for him, especially since he has kids.

  68. bagladey says:

    LOL Johnny was drunk as a skunk. I think too that this is the result of relationship problems and worries about the break-up of his family: Vanessa’s probably cheating.

  69. I have to start saying, what a pity sort of people you guys are! F*k you! His look has NOTHING to do with this video, nothing. And I love his look, I think it’s very cool. I mean, just because he’s pretty old, it doesn’t mean that he have to wear old shirts for old men because everyone else wear that. I think you’re silly. Johnny always used funny, cool clothes. Let him do that now too.

    And now I have to defend Johnny.
    What if Johnny actually have some problems. Well, it’d break my heart, but still his problems are not yours, or mine. And don’t you think that this poor man deserves a little privacy and freedom? He’s like any person apart from the matter that he’s famous.

    What if your mom and dad had some problems, and your dad went out to a bar, miserable. And then get a bit too much to drink and falls. After that incident, someone publish it on the internet and everyone start writing evil, offending things. Wouldn’t that split your heart?

    I have to say that all you dumb people who wrote not-thinking-comments, you’re:
    Too Judgmental. He’s just a human, what if Johnny actually goes in here, on this site, and sees all your “go to hell” and other humiliating comments. That would for sure hurt him.

    AND,you guys even mentioned how alcohol effects you. I bet you, your father, mother or anyone you know have been drunk. They would fall too. You would fall too.So just because Johnny is famous he can’t? Maybe he feel bad, maybe something in his life is wrong right now. What he deserves is nice, cheer up comments, not heartbreaking things.

    AND don’t talk about his past like that. I know that Johnny had drinking problems decades before (caused by personal problems) but he’s not been seen drunk since that time. SO, according to you it’s this way to any person:
    If you, as an example, jump of high school and have some alcohol problems at the age of twenty, you should still, thirty-fourty years later still be forced to be blamed and offended for that? SILLY PEOPLE

    My final words, I love Johnny, he will always be in my heart, always. And if you ever going to write something bad about Johnny, or anyone. Think before. And in Johnny’s case, DON’T BE TOO JUDGMENTAL.

  70. Ally says:

    @Zooey, @Jen: usually that motion is done with the lower arm raised at a right angle and it’s the equivalent of the middle finger.

    Sad to see him so out of it. This is not just tipsy, it’s literally fall-down drunk. I hope he gets some sort of proper support towards sobriety. Seeing as he’s had substance abuse issues in the past, he probably shouldn’t be dabbling in drunkenness (or worse).

    Still, let’s note that drunk and 48, Depp still looks younger than Elizabeth Hurley’s 43-year-old plastic surgery victim.

  71. lalola says:

    Why are we willing to forgive a comment made by this alcoholic and not by lets say, Mel Gibson? They are both alcoholics and made a very nasty drunken decision.

  72. Bubulle says:

    @vilma_depporgeus Well it’s a very nice post, but if is true for JD then it’s true for any other celebrities out there. Again why is this guy getting a pass and others don’t ?

  73. Jeannified says:

    Uh…he was run into by a big guy. Yes, he was dead-drunk, but he was run into by someone much bigger than him. All he could do was try to hold onto the guy and go down with him. Still…he is totally drunk in this clip.

  74. smh says:

    err he has several children i understand he isn’t superman but he could at least try to act like a responsible adult for their sake jesus

  75. Man,its a crazy world out there for celebrities.The man can’t even walk to his car without getting mobbed.And at least he wasn’t being obnoxious or picking his nose.(I’m glad I’m not famous)I can read the headlines now: HorsePoor Hanna falls down drunk and impales her brain with her finger,while digging for a booger…

  76. glyrics says:

    Old news. Depp replaced drugs with wine. Even Bloom talks about their drinking on POTC. He thought it was funny. Depp ain’t living long like this!

  77. You don't say says:

    If Mr. Depp’s past is not to be held against him or brought up fine. Then the same courtesy should be given to other celebrities who are not allowed to grow up and mature (though I am not sure if Mr. Depp has grown up or matured) without some item from their past being held against them today and constantly being dragged into just about every conversation.

    Again, deplore double standards.

  78. kiki says:

    Way too much judging going on here. “Fall from grace?” Yes, he’s drunk & caught on tape, so what? He had problems in the far past, why are people so eager to see him stumble (literally & figuratively) again?

    Looking old & bloated? Yes, welcome to age 48! Sucks if you’ve had a baby face all your life, but it catches up eventually.

    As for his unfortunate rape comments, I saw a live interview for one of his recent movies (leno? letterman? can’t be sure) and he is *one weird dude*. He’s literally like an alien from another planet with these cryptic yet strangely entertaining things he says. I’m not surprised of his attitude to ‘take the money & run’, he doesn’t seem like he belongs in the Hollywood scene at all.

  79. @Bubulle no one ever mentioned that he won’t pass! You’re just saying what you’re thinking! Johnny’s comment about “rape” and this will people always humiliate him with! Just like any celebrity!

  80. ernie says:

    sorry, don’t want to sound insensitive here, but apart from any issue(s) that might or might not be on display here (and that i personally don’t think we would be able to discuss somehow fairly and adequately judging from a 1 min. paparazzo video clip alone)…:

    this video just made me laugh really hard! seriously! strongly reminiscent of slapstick (my favorite: ‘woo, you dropped johnny’ – who is that guy?? who the hell says stuff like that etc. in such a situation??)

    so….: until there is no further indication that mr. depp/his family are suffering in any form, i’ll just won’t get worked up about one apparently drunken fall/being run over without consequences and hit: replay!!

  81. Sara says:

    Watched the video again and Johnny doesn’t fall down he gets knocked down. He still looked drunk as a skunk but dude didn’t fall over by any stretch.

  82. Lisa says:

    @lastword- I agree with you completely.

  83. yep says:

    Poor Johnny

  84. Turtle Dove says:

    Poor guy. That has to be awkward. I’m with the other guy knocked him over camp, but I’m sure that the booze impeded his balance.

    Been there. Done that. No biggie.

  85. mln76..ernie** I’m not sure if this is a serious situation or not. But,the “You dropped JOHNNY” dude is still making me laugh.(I’m gonna go watch it again)

  86. Roma says:

    @Vilma_Depporgeus is the new Innocent for Depp!

    For sure, he’s drunk. And for sure, someone knocked him down. Other than that… I’ve been fall down drunk recently so I can’t judge. But I do find that video funny.

  87. Dawn says:

    1. That top picture is not Johnny Depp. No way, no how.
    2. He is a human being and makes mistakes just like all of us none famous people.
    3. He is one talented person and has earned his money unlike reality people who are becoming billionaires for nothing more than a sex tape, a big butt and a mother who is willing to pimp out her kids for money. He has never claimed to be perfect.
    4. He is not my husband, not my brother, not my son and not my friend. He is someone I adore to watch in movies. That is all and so anything other than murder or child rape that he may or may not do is absolutely none of my business. He does not answer to me and never will. Big deal he got drunk and made a fool out of himself, been there and done that.

  88. LeeLoo says:

    I love Johnny Depp and I think everyone needs to get over the rape comments. Every one of us has said or thought something inappropriate from time to time and we have no right to rag on anyone who does it in the press. Johnny realized his comments were stupid and apologized.

    As for him being drunk, I’ll give him a pass this time but the problem is that I hope for himself and children’s sake this does not become a regular occurrence. With his past issues with substance abuse and alcohol, I think he needs to be careful not to fall back into old patterns. I hope he isn’t falling apart because of relationship issues with Vanessa. I hope he just had a few too many and that was that. Only time will tell.

    @Kaiser One thing to remember as a person ages their body does not metabolize alcohol as well as it once does. Say it’s been 5 years since Johnny has had anything to drink and he goes out and has 1 bottle of wine, that one bottle of wine probably affected him differently 5 years ago than it does today. As you age, a person can become more sensitive to alcohol if you do not drink on a regular basis.

  89. @Roma first, what do you mean with your main title?

    And I know that he was drunk! What are you talking about? It’s not funny at all, not at all. the one that laugh should only be himself. 🙁

    AGAIN: Leave him alone!

  90. ladybert62 says:

    well looks to me like he fell and stumbled all on his own and was that an obscene gesture you made to the camera Johnny? Naughty, naughty!

    Looks like you need to get back home and pronto.

  91. I agree with @ernie, that as long as Johnny admit what happen, or if he got a problem, or if he was just enjoying a weekend, we can’t say much more!

  92. ruokmiss? says:

    Aw. Croesus gig not working out for Johnny? Cry me a River…

  93. Reece says:

    This looks like JD was already knackered, the guy ran into him and being swarmed by 10 other people they couldn’t get back up easily. Not a big deal.

  94. @Dawn I agree, completely. and if you mean the top pic with vanessa, it’s not Johnny! I can bet 10000000000000 dollars that it’s not Johnny. I know it’s not him. It’s Matthieu Chedid. BUT if you mean the picture with only one man with a hat, it’s Johnny.

  95. Jenn says:

    Well if JD is to be left alone and not made fun of on this site for his silly behavior, then why are other people trashed and made fun of and it is OK? He is to be forgiven as only human, but others are harshly judged? Interesting.

  96. Wait a second, you’ve been saying that he’s been drunk because he did not do anything when he fall. Not a hand to break the fall. WELL, you can’t actually see his hand, and not even his body. All you see is this man laying on top of Johnny, and then helped him up. JESUS CHRIST we don’t even know if he’s drunk or not.

  97. Seriously, Just because I think that he should be left alone it doesn’t mean that people actually leave him alone. And who says that people don’t think that other celebrities should be left alone? My god, you have a tendency to judge others too.

  98. And right now I’m here defending my favorite actor, this page is about what happened to dear Johnny. Not about Brad Pitt or someone. That things happens on their gossip page. -.-

  99. theaPie says:

    You can’t see ANYTHING in that video, because it’s all well above the waist. Why are people talking about him not putting hands out to break the fall, etc when you can’t even see the fall from any view but his head?

    Now I know why they say eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable…

  100. Eve says:

    @ HorsePoorHanna:

    Man,its a crazy world out there for celebrities.The man can’t even walk to his car without getting mobbed.And at least he wasn’t being obnoxious or picking his nose.(I’m glad I’m not famous)I can read the headlines now: HorsePoor Hanna falls down drunk and impales her brain with her finger,while digging for a booger…


    Getting caught while picking my nose would be my greatest fear if I was a celebrity. Actually, that is one of my greatest fears even though I’m not famous — I avoid doing it as much as I can, I clean my nostrils really well while in the shower but sometimes…well, sometimes the (dried up) booger just happens to be there and it itches, and it disturbs my breathing so I have to have it *ahem* removed.

  101. ZenB!tch says:

    He’s always thought he was a rockstar – he’s not so I will never think of him as cool like Trent.

    He’s always been afraid of soap, isn’t that why he moved to France?

    He’s drunk in the video but it looks like his bodyguard pushed him by accident.

  102. ZenB!tch says:

    @Vilma what makes Johnny Depp better than Brad Pitt? I hate Brad Pitt and I don’t hate Johnny Depp but as far as targets for gossip they are the same.

  103. I have NOT said that Johnny is better than Brad pitt.

    AND im actually more fond of JD, because i’ve seen many of his movies. If I was a Brad fan, i’d defend him! Get it?

  104. Eve** Poor Johnny probably woke up with a hangover ‘thinkn’ whatever happened to the good ole’ days…when I could scratch my ass,pick my nose,and have a drunk tackle take down,like a normal person.Ah,the price of fame…

  105. kimm says:

    Oh whatever, so he was drunk – get over it people!!!!!

  106. mln76 says:

    I love Johnny D and have since I was in my preteens (I’m almost 35) I still think it’s obvious that he has a drinking problem (if not a drug problem) he WORSHIPS drug icons Hunter S. Thompson (who he has portrayed TWICE) and Keith Richardson his BFF. He also was implicated in the drug overdose of River Phoenix (even though no one likes to mention it).

    Oh and since other people brought him up I remember a few months ago Brad Pitt was photographed by long lenses on his rented property with a glass of wine in his hand but no other signs of being intoxicated many posters (who are now VEHEMENTLY DEFENDING JOHNNY) freaked out. So yes there is a double standard. People will only bring up certain people’s pasts and not others because they have a bias.

    EDIT: Oh and you all know you can be the sincerely nice guy that I believe Johnny is and still have a substance abuse problem right?

  107. Lady Satan says:

    “essentially lost his status as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood”

    Seriously? One case of foot-in-mouth and suddenly he’s no longer a nice guy?

    People say stupid shit all the time, we’re most of us just lucky that it doesn’t end up in print or on TV. Cut the man some slack – he made a thoughtless comment, apologised, life goes on.

  108. Dawn says:

    @Vilma Yes, the very top with V!

  109. mln76@ ok, well… I’m not very familiar with all incidents with and about Brad Pitt. But you know perfectly well that Brad Pitt is in gossip sites and papers almost every new nr. About Angelina and other stuff. Johnny just shows up sometimes in the papers and you know. That might probably be why more eyes been resting on Brad, you know. Like they’re waiting for him to do some more stupid things.

    BUT please notice, I don’t hate Brad, I think that he’s an awesome actor.

  110. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    I feel gross after watching that, not because of his drunkenness, but because of the noise and ruckus going on to get him on film. Celebrity is fucking gross to me for this reason.

    And Vanessa’s dress reminds me of Baby Jane, she’s beautiful as always though.

  111. atlantapug says:

    I think your mommy and daddy (aka Vanessa and Johnny) need to get parental locks for their computer so you won’t come onto inappropriate websites such as Celebitchy.

  112. mln76 says:

    @Vilma Brad really hasn’t done ‘stupid things’ in terms of ever being photographed in a public setting so intoxicated that he can’t stand. Angie did some drugs in her youth(WE ALL KNOW THIS). Brad was an admitted pot head. In terms of who actually has more drug use and problems attached to drug use Johnny takes the cake. I know this because I’ve been a fan since he was on 21 Jump St and there was a time when his drug problem was pretty much legendary. Now he does Disney movies so I guess that’s all over now 🙂




    SO, ALL BAD PEOPLE, piece off!

  114. california angel says:

    If you don’t like photo shoots don’t do them. Honestly. Also, I was watching Sleepy Hollow the other day and after seeing how much Vanessa looks like Christina Ricci, I was wondering, what happened there I know she ticked off Burton but does anyone know the full story, cuz they had crazy chemistry in that movie? {Just curious: )

  115. sam says:

    To be honest what disturbs me more is the guys yelling at him every 3 seconds – terrifying. No wonder celebrities flip out at paparazzi sometimes! Imagine having a bad day and then trying to face that in the street – and you are not allowed to do anything about it (the guy keeps saying don’t touch me its a public street). Sure its a public street, but if a stranger got up in my face like that I would struggle not to lose it.

  116. sam says:

    I would say that everybody has a night or two when they over indulge – it happens. With the growing media coverage we just see more of the private flaws of these very public people. No-one is perfect. We are used to the person Johnny has evolved into in the media, but there was a time he was pretty notorious.

    What I also find sad is how one mistake as a celebrity can undo all your good work. I know that some things celebrities do cross the line, but I just think it must be an incredibly exhausting way to live.

  117. Jayna says:

    I love Johnny, but I hate sloppy drunk men.

  118. Cheyenne says:

    Hey Vilma, you want to hit that Caps Lock key one more time? Screaming in caps doesn’t make what you’re saying any more intelligent; it’s the cyber equivalent of stamping your feet and throwing a tantrum.

  119. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Johnny is usually carried/helped walking out of places by his bodyguard, an older man.

    Watch his videos. It’s been going on for years. His getting assistance is almost to the point of carrying or holding him up. The man literally lifts him by his waist and hoists him around or into vehicles.

    No worry was expressed, but it did seem odd. Hope he is okay or gets okay. His photos by Terry Richardson did not help his image by choosing to shoot him drinking and smoking, but maybe it’s a theme for his movie. Either way seems in poor choice, but what else can be expected from that photoghrapher.

  120. Cerulean says:

    He and Vanessa have been drunk or high in public many times. There’s been speculation about their habits.

    I am meh on Johnny.
    I like some of his movies but my bad boy days ended once I bore a child. I don’t children need to see their parents drunk. If he’s drunk in front of them then he needs help. It’s not fair to them.

    The rape comment was dumb but we all say dumb stuff we regret. So no big scandal to me. Poor choice of words. Violated would have been better.

    Alcohol makes people lose their ability to edit.

  121. daphie says:

    Ugh, I can’t stand it when people who will normally crap all over celebrities for every little thing, make limp excuses when it’s THEIR guy under the microscope. Yeah, if this was almost anyone else, half of you apologists would run them 10 feet into the ground…but for this guy, it’s “no big deal.” Well, it IS a very big deal when a guy can’t stay on his feet. And please spare me the “gracious with fans” mumbo jumbo…there are plenty of guys that are spat at here for next to nothing who are VERY nice to fans, are very nice people, but everyone believes the tabloids garbage on them or doesn’t forgive THEIR mistakes so easily….but NEVER JOHNNIE! It’s just not true when it’s JOHNNIE!
    Now, I didn’t say that because I possess any animosity towards Johnnie, I think he’s as nice as the next guy. He was a douche for the rape comment, but I won’t hold against forever. What I am saying, though, is have the same consideration for EVERYONE, and quit being lame just because he’s your favorite.

  122. daphie says:

    107 Min76: “So yes there is a double standard. People will only bring up certain people’s pasts and not others because they have a bias.”

    This. And it’s not only Brad versus Johnny, it’s plenty of other celebrities who have made mistakes like normal folk do, but their mistakes get broadcast relentlessly and brought up over and over, even if it happened years ago. It’s ridiculous. I can think of one who is very respectful, talented, a very good person, but because of one mistake, people say the most awful things. Nevermind that he’s gracious and respectful to fans, young and old alike, or he’s a gem to work with…no, his mistake makes him the evil ogre.

  123. snapnhiss says:

    You could barely seen his face, how can anyone say he looked bloated? And that “escort” as good as tackled him… TWICE.

    I don’t see this as him being falling down drunk, it looked like a really clumsy body guard and a mad shuffle of paps. Jesus, you guys sure pile on when there’s a whiff of weakness.

  124. C.Lynn says:

    First of all, the guy with the black hat and white shirt, who fell on Johnny, walks with a cane. He’s a well known friend of Johnny’s and you can see his cane as they’re standing back up. It’s very likely that this guy lost his balance in the chaos and fell on Depp.

    Second. TMZ has different video up. You can see more of Depp inside the car. The hand “gesture” people have noticed isn’t a gesture at all. He makes a fist, holds the arm parallel, and — what you can’t see here — is he starts bending and straightening his arm in and out while holding his arm with his other hand. In other words, what someone would do when their arm hurts and they’re checking it for an injury. He probably hurt his arm in the fall. So he did likely try to break his fall with his arm.

  125. AcornPaste says:

    The guy who’s talking is seriously very annoying.

    It’s also very hypocritical of the paps when they said “Are you alright Johnny?” while at the same time continuing to film/photograph him and not even bothering to help him up. I know he has bodyguards for that and they probably wouldn’t let the paps touch him, but still…

    Yes I’m obviously rambling – carry on.

  126. Celestine says:

    Depp and Vanesss’s ex, Lenny Kravitz, were spotted together at a restaurant in Nashville just prior to Depp’s return to LA from London several days ago. Misery loves company? French gossip rags keep predicting the end of Depp-Paradis by the end of 2011. 2011 New Year’s psychic predicted a problem around October, 2011.

  127. SueAnn says:

    Love him….he is irresistible….drunk or not….

  128. Annie_Grey says:

    Wino forever. :oP

  129. JUDY says:

    This is silly ..he isn’t drunk you can stop the film and look at him in the car when he is stretching his arm to see if he broke it. The guy fell on JD and knocked him down. JD is not a big man and this other guy fell into him. Depp has been straight for a long time and has a good life with his long time partner and his kids. As far as this rape word goes people need to stop like someone has killed some one for using the word to describe the way they feel about something. He was not being rude or making fun of anyone who has been raped and I am so damn sick of all this overly sensitive bullshit by people who have never been raped. There is always hundreds of people who jump up and scream they have been raped if someone uses it out of context and I am tired of it. No one is trying to hurt anyone who has been raped but for cripes sakes if someone feels they have been raped then they have very strong feelings about the wrong that was done to them so they used a word that would really explain how strongly they feel.

  130. Avi says:

    Different angle in this one (he didn’t look that drunk to me)
    Looked like his friend/bodyguard accidentally knocked him over…

    And about his relationship with Vanessa, they were on vacation some weeks ago and they look very happy and affectionate:

  131. Melissa says:

    @ Avi: How cute are they? They look very happy. I wanna be on that boat/yacht with them drinking some wine! And their daughter is beautiful.

    • vale says:

      they were so romantic and kissed a lot and gave hugs, people blame vanessa because he was drunk? seriously??, he was just having fun

  132. Shawna says:

    Oh so the man got drunk once in his life. Big deal. Who hasn’t got fall-down drunk once in a while? If it was a constant thing with him, I could understand. But its unheard of with him. Gees, give a guy a break.

  133. Michelle says:

    How stupid all the perfect saints and their bad Johnny comments. Sad. Big freaking deal the guy got drunk! Wow, who hasn´t?

    Except we got the advantage of quietly going to our car without some stupid paparrazzo getting in the way and then screaming out at the person who is helping us walk: “ohh dude you dropped Johnny.” No scumbag, you got in the way.

    The guy helping Johnny is clearly looking at him so that he will get out of the way and trying to push him aside so they can get through and all the idiot says is don’t touch me, don’t touch me, it’s a public street. Idiotic paparrazzo.

    And the rape comments not a big deal. Stopo being such babies and look at it from the every day of your life side of the deal instead of thinking its all glamour and glitz.

    It really must feel awful to not be able to go anywhere without the harrassment. And posing endlessly because you are just “doing your job”. His job is acting, not modeling. His job is acting, not his everyday life. Stupid and people totally overblow it.

    And as for the money I’m 10000000000% with him on this one. We have children dying of starvation all over the world every day. Tons of people dying because of diseases which can be treated very easily but can’t get medication. And yet, Johnny Depp is the stupid one because he freaking says how stupid it is topay an actor 20 million dollars for a movie. Yeah sure, he’s the stupid one!

    These people have to get off their high horses and start looking real hard in the mirror.

  134. daphie says:

    JUDY, Shawna, Michelle: Your arguments are all well and fine, as long as you give other celebrities the same benefit of the doubt. Obviously you can’t even trust video, nevermind gossip that was shared by a nameless faceless “source”, etc. Yet most of the time, you people pound down anyone that’s victim of that kind of gossip or mis-step without any thought as to the reality. So, just sayin. Johnny is no different than anyone else. He drinks, he smokes, he is subject to the same mis-steps or gossip as any other celebrity.

  135. Embee says:

    Judy and Michelle,

    There is no such thing as an oversensitivity to the improper/lighthearted use of the word “rape.”

    That is all.

  136. media says:

    I am a long time fan, for over 20 years and he seems like an incredibly generous and decent person. Hopefully this was just a bad night, we have all had them. I have not lost one ounce of of respect for him and though I identify the rape comment as thoughtless I don’t actually believe it is his sum and total. Give the man a break. Seems to me folks want his life to go into a tailspin and implode. Says a lot more about you than him.

  137. Riley says:

    I seriously doubt if any of you were there. To say he was “drunk” is irresponsible. He was knocked over and hit the ground hard. You might be a bit dazed if it had happened to you. You people are scary. All the hate that is spewed is a sad statement. Johnny is a very nice guy and all the hate comments are pathetic.

  138. Alipop says:

    He’s just HUMAN, you guys! He’s an A-Mazing actor (check out all his indie films, like Dead Man and Arizona Dream!). He has awesome style and who cares if he looks ‘dirty’ or oily? He’s a faithful husband and good father, and he doesn’t whore his private life for all of us to see. Why the hate? Everyone gets blitzed once in a while.

  139. John Rambo says:

    All this talk about his age. Are you people so old and boring that you never once in a while get that drunk. It happens for most people in their lives. He’s an actor for gods sake. Its the rock’n roll on film. Btw he’s was a musician before becoming an actor. Musicians drink. Thank god. Otherwise, all music would be some shitty none-dangerous Cold Play crap. I just hope he had a great night. I bet he’s a good father and will continue to be. But sometimes, in life, we need to go crazy!

  140. rafae says:

    Why so much criticism? The guys a human being. At least he’s left a mark on this earth and dedicated himself to an art or talent. Some of you people need to reassess your own lives. Jeez give the man a break.

  141. karojen says:

    Johnny was just on Letterman and they were making fun of the pic of his body guard grabbing him.

    As far as the “Rape” remark, look up rape in the dictionary, it has more than one meaning. He used the term correctly according to one meaning.

    Johnny has long said he hates paparatzis and their intrusiveness and he hates red carpets and premiers. I can see why-those photogs are animals. Plus at every single interview while trying to promote a movie, he’s asked the exact same pointless questions instead of anyone intelligently discussing the movie he is trying to promote.

    As far as how he dresses, so what?? Apparently he’s not turning off too many people with “Sexiest Man Alive” twice. [And Highest Paid Actor, and countless other “Favorite this and that awards].

    If I were he, I’d do one promo for each movie. I’d hand the interviewer a list of questions regarding the movie only and I’d release publicity stills and never do any of these dumb red carpets or countly interviews all over the world only to be asked about his personal life.

    He’s the numbr one actor in the world today. He can set the bar.

    I think [from what I’ve read] that he is a spectacular father and Vanessa said of him, “I think no one has loved each other as we have”. paraphrase.

    People are jealous and petty and so quick to pass judgement. This sickens me. No wonder Johnny lives in France. I would too if I were he. But as a matter of fact he lives in Hollywood during the school year.

    Johnny cut back on your movies, take time to enjoy life away from the cameras, do what you want, your so called fans are so fickle you owe them nothing.

  142. karojen says:

    rape 1 (rp)
    1. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse.
    2. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction.


    Fools. The Paps swarm him, they invade his home with their long lenses, they ruin his life. Rape certainly does apply to them in article 3. He was right. Sexual intercourse is NOT the only type of rape.

    I heard him on Letterman say he’d pose all day long for us fans to take pics with us and pose for with the kids. He’d do the magazines but it’s the Paps that he hates and considers that they are “Intrusive” [or rape] him without his consent.

    They killed Princess Di, how far will they be allowed to go with Johnny?? And you critisize him for his choice of words?? Please, his sexual and humanitarian essence is being stolen by them, and sold whether he agrees or not.

  143. Eane says:

    He can fall at my vag whenever he wants

  144. Eugen says:

    Everybody get drunk,it’s not big deal…He’s an actor,it’s normal to get drunk too,to party,to live he’s life like the rest of art’s people. He’s still the best. If you don’t know how does it feel,you can’t understand.

  145. Guest says:

    I’m confused why people like Johnny Depp are put on pedestals, but Brad and Angelina are still hated for something that happened years past. Johnny Depp supports child molesters and r*pists, uses the word r*pe whenever he pleases, stumbles into crowds so drunk he can’t even walk, but that’s ok. If Brad ever was so drunk he couldn’t walk, people would never hear the end of it.

  146. jack says:

    I read some of the most absurd comments on the internet. Maybe a time to get off your computer and learn to socialize in real environments and become rational.

  147. I just got sick, reading the commentary’ lose’rs