Kristen Stewart: “My teachers failed me. All of them.”

There are celebrities that Kaiser doesn’t like that I find relatively harmless, but I inevitably end up totally getting why she dislikes them. See: Jennifer Garner’s comments on motherhood, Amanda Seyfried saying her legs will never get fat, and now Kristen Stewart claiming that her teachers failed her by not preparing more work for her while she was off being a child actress. Yes, it was all her teachers’ fault for not doing more for her when her parents made her work as a small child. This is very similar to what Leah Michele said how her teachers were “too threatened by her to teach her anything.” At least Kristen didn’t call her teachers jealous, they were just lazy for not bending over backwards to accommodate her!

Actress Kristen Stewart has lashed out at her former teachers, insisting they “failed” to support her while she was away from class on acting jobs.

The Twilight star began performing when she was just eight years old, and balanced work with attending school before deciding to drop out of mainstream education in the seventh grade when she was in her early teens.

And Stewart tells Britain’s GQ magazine she felt forced to have home schooling because her teachers refused to help her catch up when she was working on location.

“School became genuinely uncomfortable,” she says.

“I was feeling a little self-conscious about the acting thing with my peers, but also my teachers became a problem. They didn’t want to do the extra work or put packages together so I could keep up while away.

“They failed me. My teachers failed me. Not one, but all of them. I’m always slightly ashamed in a way, about what I do. I’m slightly embarrassed as I had such serious ambitions when I was younger, I just never imagined that I would ever have a reason not go to school. But then this happened.”

[From The Age, via Film Drunk, ONTD]

Obviously this chick has some real issues that go back to her childhood. Instead of realizing that her parents had pushed her into acting when she should have been in the third grade, she’s blaming a bunch of teachers that had 20 plus other kids to teach who actually came to class. She doesn’t get that she was earning money and her parents could have hired her a tutor and/or personally put the work in to make sure she kept up with her peers. The mind boggles that anyone could be this clueless and entitled. I guess now that we know that she was made to work at a young age and that no one looked out for her education, it makes sense.




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  1. Delta Juliet says:

    Ummmmm yeah. For that comment alone I’d like to smack her. For your information Kristen, it’s not everyone else’s responsibility to do everything for you. I’m pretty sure those teachers had enough to do without worrying about her.

  2. Mika says:

    20 other kids? Try 40.

    Blame the parents, they’re the ones who raised her to think that she was “special”

  3. BW says:

    It’s more likely that her teachers each had 120 other children to teach, of which several were probably mainlined special education, which require extra effort. Meanwhile she’s off earning a living. Aren’t child actors supposed to have on set tutors? This is a failure of her parents, not her teachers.

  4. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Kirsten wasn’t a FAMOUS child actor. Bitch just got famous with these stupid movies. Its not like Kirsten was pulling in Lizzie McGuire money or something. I feel for Kirsten but its hard enough being a teacher as it is but then she expected them to help her with her work as well. They had students who actually attended school to look after. Her parents should have found better arrangements for her education. I do think Kirsten is putting her blame in the wrong place and your right when you said it should be with her parents. I don’t think her parents money or her career was that good that they could have hired like a tutor or something. What’s Kirsten gonna say, my mom and dad suck because they couldn’t get me a tutor. No she is gonna blame the teachers.

  5. SkyNet says:

    OK. I dislike her even more now! As a teacher I’ve had students like this who never show up to class, but expect me to give and grade extra work that they’ve missed. Often these students don’t even bother to mention that they’re going to be gone for long periods of time. Teachers are people not robots. Someone needs to punch her in the face. She thinks she’s entitled to so much and she sucks. As a person and an actor.

  6. Laura says:

    What a self entitled moron. Let’s have an already over worked teacher have to do more for her at no extra pay so she can be off making money making movies and not use any on a tutor. Get over yourself.

  7. lucy2 says:

    What a dumb, entitled beyotch! How dare she? It’s not a teacher’s job to cater to her every whim and schedule! So an underpaid, overworked teacher was supposed to do even more extra work because she was skipping off to make movies (and probably making more in a week than a teacher does in a year)?
    A teacher can’t teach you if you don’t show up for school. And when she did, she probably just sat there and sulked anyway.
    Her parents/agents/managers failed her, not the teachers.

  8. Lenna says:

    And here I am telling my 8 year old that his poor spelling ability means that he must study harder to perform better on his spelling tests..all this time it was his teachers fault… She’s a moron

  9. Rita says:

    She is what the world is becoming….it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault.

    Note to the education system:

    Stop pissing off money at the top. Close the department of education. Retired people work in the classrooms assisting teachers for $2.75 per hour. These people tutor children one on one….that is where learning takes place. Not in developing new programs, testing, or another layer of self-interested bureaucracies.

  10. Incredulous says:

    Oh look, another person got themselves confused with a special and unique snowflake.

  11. jen says:

    Someone call the Waaaambulance!

  12. Nanz says:

    I have never understood the draw to KStew. And every time she opens her mouth, I find her popularity even more baffling. Poor teachers. The majority of them are working hard to do the best they can. It’s a thankless job. (I’m not a teacher BTW).

  13. ladybert62 says:

    Oh the poor princess – to think that those teachers did not see that she had special needs and required their individual attention – forget about all the others in the class, because princess’ needs is so much more important.

    Blame your silly parents princess. The least they could have taught you was responsibility for your own actions.

    Leave the teachers alone spoiled one.

  14. Turtle Dove says:

    I think that number of kids in the classrooms is low-balled. Highschool teachers can have up to 100 students per day and elementary school teachers can have 25. Middle school… depends what type of course plan they follow.

    To expect that a teacher will prepare three months of course work while you’re working is ludicrous. I contend that her PARENTS were negligent in taking her out of school for long periods of time and placing so little emphasis on her intellectual foundation. She seems to be suffering personality wise from this loss.

    Kristen, newsflash, education for young people occurs in the classroom while you engage with the material, peers and the teacher. Don’t blame the teachers for you being an EMO slacker.

  15. Runs with Scissors says:

    If a child is sick or on leave isn’t it the teacher’s responsibility to send a packet of work home for the child?

    It’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure the child receives it and does the work.

    This sounds like another excuse to bash Stewart. Yes, she should just keep her mouth shut, she can’t win until she learns to be nice and fake like all the others.

  16. Provocateur says:

    Her insane fanbase is actually agreeing with her on this and is accusing teachers for not doing extra unpaid work for an unthankful spoiled brat. Her parents have a house that is 1 mil worth and they got it before she landed Twilight. They had money for tutors but took her out of the school at the age of 14 because she thinks she is a genius who doesn’t need acting classes.

  17. hairball says:

    “It’s not a teacher’s job to cater to her every whim and schedule! So an underpaid, overworked teacher was supposed to do even more extra work because she was skipping off to make movies (and probably making more in a week than a teacher does in a year)?
    A teacher can’t teach you if you don’t show up for school.”


    Didn’t really have an opinion on her, but this is too much.

    I have NEVER read anything so ridiculous. If she is going to be missing that much school, then is it up to her PARENTS to fill in the gap with tutors. Does she have any clue how HARD a teacher’s job is?? And for the complete sh*t rate they are paid??

  18. Quest says:

    Waaaaaaaa! Big cry baby

  19. Quest says:

    Try again

  20. daisydoodle says:

    I think it’s all been said….what a moron

  21. Justalark says:

    I have no sympathy for this girl! I teach at a local college (four years of graduate school to get this job!), and for this semester alone, I have an 8-months-pregnant teen, a deaf student, and a young woman in the Army Reserves, all of whom require their own individualized lesson plans outside class. I also have a couple of students with dyslexia, who require special versions of my quizzes and tests, and one student who has Tourette’s syndrome and regularly disrupts my lectures. Despite all of these challenges, I really do love my job, as do most people who are educators. It’s very frustrating when students are ungrateful, however, and they don’t realize how many UNPAID hours teachers put in outside of the classroom! My cleaning lady and grass cutter make a lot more per hour than I do, and they have high school educations and no student loans to pay back…It’s disheartening!

  22. hairball says:

    “If a child is sick or on leave isn’t it the teacher’s responsibility to send a packet of work home for the child?”

    Yes, when the child is sick for reasonable lengths of time. Kids don’t take ‘leaves of absences from school’ and expect the teacher is going to cater to them IN ADDITION to teaching the 30 something kids in their class.

    Teachers don’t and can’t teach via ‘packets’ – if your kid is going to miss that much school, then they are home schooled or a private tutor is hired.

    Good god. Does that even have to be explained?

  23. Callumna says:

    I’m stunned. @Skynet and others said all I need to and more.

    Still I feel like adding that this is like someone who says “all my 26 boyfriends were horrible.”

    Then it’s YOU. You got some issues no teacher gave you. Were you born ungrateful, or allowed to stay that way by your parents? ALL teachers can’t be bad.

    She was wallpaper to me, now she’s a jerk.

  24. hairball says:

    “and elementary school teachers can have 25 (students)”

    My daughter has 31 kids in her first grade classroom including two special needs kids.

    There’s also a policy (I think state wide) that was sent home to parents reminding how many excused absences a kid could have per year.

    Again to KS, just because YOUR parents decided it was ok to take you out for long periods of time from school does not make it right or the teacher’s responsibility to educate you.

    That is the PARENTS’ job!

  25. Turtle Dove says:

    It would take a little more than a “packet” to fulfill three months (the approximate length of a movie shoot) of course material. At The grade level she’s talking about, being in class is imperative in order to TEACH the concepts in the curriculum.

    God, I hate teacher bashers. They have a tough job dealing with the amount of work they do. No wonder it’s hard to get people into that profession with the amount of vitriol thrown at them.

    Hairball (19) – As you said, class sizes really depend on where you live. Rural vs urban, etc.

  26. caitlinsmommy says:

    I’d like to request a total ban on Kstew. She is such an entitled, whiny, ungrateful, no talent brat that she doesn’t deserve a mention.

  27. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I have not comment about this but I will say that her hair looks really good Dark Chocolate Brown, vs Jet Black!

  28. Louise says:

    Oh I hate her now! I’m a teacher and work bloody hard for my students. I have varying abilities in each group, they are demanding and deserve my best. If they go off for months on end it’s not my schools policy to send 3 months of work. Thankfully we never have this situation. Kristen has issues and is directing her nonsense at the wrong people. Too often I have to remind my students about responsibility. It seems like she missed those talks during her childhood.

  29. F5 says:

    no worries, pot will never fail her:D

  30. Obvious says:

    @Runs with Scissors-when they are sick? yes. Family emergencies? sure. I’m going away to work on a movie? not so much. There are online schools and special charter schools that cater directly to the working children. She should have been enrolled there. But when you have 40+ children in a class and one person ups and leaves for months it’s hard to put together a packet. Class schedules change daily based on how it’s progressing expecting a teacher to completely determine that is insanity.

    KStew-or snowflake as Incredulous put it, shut up. stop blaming others for the mistakes of you and your parents. They should have seen to it you were getting the proper education. If they pull you out of school then it is no longer the teachers responsibility as far as I’m concerned. I’d rather them focus on the other39 students who made education their top priority.

  31. smh says:

    boring, untalented, basic, ungrateful, hipster, does it get any worse than that?

  32. Cindy says:

    Ironic, considering everyone I know (over the age of 11) thinks Kristen sucks at her job. Too bad she failed HERSELF and didn’t prioritize her education.

  33. smh says:

    hey if you don’t like what you do how about you do us all a huge favour and quit. and i almost laughed out loud when i read about those big ambitions she used to have. like she was going to be a doctor or a lawyer. she doesn’t strike me as the studious type. more like she’d become a stoner and a slacker who blames her failures on everybody else.

  34. UKHels says:

    shame she didn’t get an education cos she sucks at acting

  35. Elizabeth S. says:

    Translation: Whiiiiiinnnnne…

    What she seems to have wanted them to have done goes waaaay beyond what could be reasonably be expected of the school.

    If you’re absent for, say, a week or so that is one thing. If you’re going on location for months at a time, then you are essentially not a student of the school.

    I honestly don’t get why she isn’t angry at her parents. This brings to mind the old saying that “the only common denominator is you”.

  36. Soxfan says:

    This BIT*H!! As a teacher(private school, all boys)this disgusts me. When a student here is out for an extended period of time for medical reasons, it is the student’s responsibilty to get the missed work via the internet(all of our assignments are posted on the school’s website) and COMPLETE IT ALL while he is away. Obviously, if he is truly unable, then accommodations are made. It was KS and her parents who should have been responsible. Superior parenting there, Stewarts.

  37. geekychic says:

    She graduated with A, although year later than usual; i wouldn’t say she was uneducated, sorry.
    My friend came back to country in her last year of highschool: in Italy, where she lived for 5 years, they did not have the same level of studying in physics, math, biology, chemistry. Every week, our three teachers spent three extra hours each to help her catch up. However, math teacher did it so half-assedly (i know it’s not a word) that her knowledge of logaritms etc would be subpar if she wanted to go to natural-science-based college.
    Maybe she had a similar experience?
    My mom is a professor, and yeah, it’s a pretty tough, ungrateful job. But sometimes, some of the people in that job can fail, you know? i had some horrible professors, even in college, who DID NOT KNOW how to teach properly. it is possible.
    also, it is possible, especially in younger days, that some child needs different approach: sometimes, he/she doesn’t get it. it happens more often in public schools, i suppose, due to a number of children assigned to the teacher.
    (honestly, private schools are still rarity in my country-and seen as a rich people’s way of making their children even more lazier, but i do know that USA is different in that aspect)

  38. Runs with Scissors says:

    “Teachers don’t and can’t teach via ‘packets’ – if your kid is going to miss that much school, then they are home schooled or a private tutor is hired.”

    Yes, and unless the child will be gone for a year, it’s the teacher’s responsibility to prepare a packet of the information to be taught.

    No one said she was away from school for months or even weeks. She was 8 years old. Most likely is would have been for a couple of days at a time. She’s only recently been cast in a lead part in a film.

    I just think some of you are over-reacting in such a petty way.

    Why does it matter that she was acting a movie? Why does it matter how much money her parents make? Every child deserves to be treated equally, whether their parents make more money than a teacher makes or not, it shouldn’t matter.

    Would some of you be reacting this way if she was off getting medical treatment? ZOMG, what a spoiled brat, how dare she ask for a packet of school work!!!

    A “teacher” up thread said, “someone needs to punch her in the face.”

    Wow. That is much scarier than anything Stewart just said, yet no one even notices that? Yikes.

  39. Cindy says:

    geekychic, I understand what you are saying, but if Kristen did have a learning disability, then her parents are a$$holes for taking her out of school to work instead of keeping her in school full-time and getting her extra help.

  40. lucy2 says:

    Aren’t her parents both in the business? They should know all about private tutoring for child actors, etc.

    Runs With Scissors, a medical treatment is a necessity. Being in a few movies is not. I don’t think the two are at all comparable. And I do know a few kids who went through medical issues and missed so much school that they opted to repeat the grade once they were doing better. They didn’t blame their teachers. For a child actor to do so is just ridiculous.

  41. Kim says:

    She is such an entitled smug beeaacth!

    They didnt want to do the extra work??? that is the students resposibility NOT the teachers as everyone here obviously agrees.

    As if teachers, on the measly salary they get, should have given her special attention or help on their time when she was out of school!

    She chose to be out of school.

    If she wanted an education she should have been in school – period!

    She has failed as a decent human being.

  42. Patricia says:

    As a former HS teacher at a small private school I had 80-100 students each year (fewer than most teachers). Talk about overworked, underpaid and underappreciated. Ugh. I did not continue bc I hated it but I have much respect for anyone who teaches long term.

    I will say that it is true – you spend 90% of your time teaching 10% of your students – and they are the annoying ones like her. I loved the other 90% of my students but they unfortunately did not make it worth it.

    Good luck with that attitude sweetie – the world owes you nothing.

  43. miss silver says:

    Sparkles could have any girl and for him to want to be with this “I’m a victim” shows he has bad judgment and is a wimp.

  44. pwal says:

    Sorry, but this girl is heading into Megan Fox territory – idiotic, 20-something prattle in the guise of world weariness.

  45. Lily says:

    I can’t believe I am going to defend Kristen Stewart, but I can buy this. She worded it in a stupid way though. A good friend of mine was model in high school…she even was in a national campaign. So she would miss three or four days once in a while, one time a week. One of our teachers failed her because it wasn’t an excused absence, another refused to let her retake a test. If a student was sick, they were allowed to retake a test…even a student that went on a vacation. But not my friend. So yeah, some teachers suck. I’m sorry but it is true. It is not their job to make extra packets of missed work, or to help out, but the best ones go above and beyond.

  46. chloe says:

    She should be mad at her drama teacher for telling her she had talent. FYI, if you bring a little darling into the world you are responsible for them 24/7 until they are 18, yes there are some bad teachers out there, but I would like to say the good outweigh the bad, her parents dropped the ball on her education not the public school system.

  47. Recessionista says:

    She is such a twat! Whether se is gone for days, weeks, or months, there are a certain number of days that you have to be in school to get credit for the year. And kids don’t take “leave of absences” from school. Thats called “dropping out”. Furthermore, schools get federal monies based on their attendance. If she’s not counted as “present”, then the school doesnt get paid for her. So, basically, she REALLY is expecting the teachers/administrators to do it for free.

    My feeling is that Kristen wanted special treatment and for the school to bend the rules for her, and they didn’t.

    She’s probably mad that they didn’t bend the rules just for her.

  48. Masque says:

    Dear Teachers of the World,

    Thank you for your hard work, dedication and willingness to do a (mostly) thankless job under severe restrictions and policies, poor pay scales and for putting up with snot nose kids and their equally snot nosed parents.

    The education I received, in public school no less, has served me well. (Of course, I had parents who respected and supported my teachers and obviously that helped. However, the bottom line is that my teachers worked hard to reach every kid in their classes and worked hard to give those students the foundation they needed to get through this thing called Life.)

    You are awesome.


  49. nicole says:

    i was gone for 2 weeks for a wedding in 11th grade and my teachers had no problem making me packets so i could do them while i was gone. i think we let teachers do as little as possible these days.

  50. Kimbob says:

    I agree w/@Love Angelina that she shouldn’t be blaming her teachers…if anything, blame her parents. But…be that as it may….w/all her $$$ now, she really shouldn’t be blaming ANYONE!

    If the biotch wants an education now, she’s got plenty o’dough for it. Now Kristen, stop bitching & go buy yourself an education!!! GEEZ!!!

  51. nicole says:

    i had a friend who missed 4 months because she almost died and she passed that grade

  52. NotEmo says:

    Excuse me, but she had access to tutors on the movie set. Maybe she’s just not that smart. After all, she is bashing all of her teachers because she didn’t do well in school. Where exactly were mom and dad and why did they let her quit when the going got tough? Great life lesson from the parents.

  53. says:

    Entitled, mouth-breathing b!tch.

    Silly teachers for not accommodating the schedule of every single student. *eyeroll*

  54. Runs with Scissors says:

    Children are allowed to miss a certain number of days a year from school for illness, travel, whatever.

    If a child misses a few days (no one said she was missing weeks or months at a time) it’s the teacher’s responsibility to prepare a packet of work so she can do the work.

    It does not matter why she missed school, and it certainly is not up to a teacher to decide if the reason is worthy enough to warrant a packet of school work so the student doesn’t fall behind.

    If she was met with the same prejudicial attitude by her teachers who deemed the request beneath them, because the child was an actor or her parents make more money than they do (sentiments stated up thread), no wonder she felt ‘uncomfortable’ and unsupported by her educators.

    I can see why she pushes people’s buttons, and this is most likely the parent’s fault, but I think most of these reactions are over the top and pretty ridiculous, especially when we have “teachers” saying “someone should punch her in the face,” and no one even bats an eye, wtf?

  55. The Original Mia says:

    What can I add that hasn’t already been said? I had forgotten how infuriating she can be. I’m pissed I have to be reminded in such an unintelligent, self-entitled manner.

  56. N.D. says:

    @chloe: “her parents dropped the ball on her education not the public school system”

    I don’t think they did because in the end she did finish school and with perfect marks at that. Which means that her parents managed to do something about it and that she isn’t dumb or lazy.

  57. Reece says:

    Yes there are bad teachers out there (I’ve had more than a few)but not nearly ALL of them.
    Teachers have WAY too much to do, esp in LAUSD, to deal with, to be expected to coddle one kid out of the many. One who isn’t there.
    There are PLENTY of schools in LA that cater to child actors and children of industry people that have programs for kids who can’t be in school 5 days a week. She and her parents were working so they could pay for it. So all of that…is called lazy parents!
    I keep giving this chick chances saying yes she’s annoying but she’s young, blah, blah, blah…I’m over her sh*t.

  58. NotEmo says:

    Wasn’t she past her teens when she finished? We don’t allow 20 year olds in high school so I’m thinking that finishing as a 20 year old isn’t a laudable accomplishment.

  59. Stacey says:

    This year we decided to go on a two week vacation as opposed to the 1 week March break that the school had. My son got the work from the teachers (highschool) before he left, worked on it while away and he still had problems catching up in math, so we got him a tutor till the end of the year and that was just 1 week missed of highschool.
    Her PARENTS failed her and she failed HERSELF.

  60. N.D. says:

    @Runs with Scissors: Second your concern about teachers who are ready to punch students in the face because they dared to have a job and their parents happened to be kind of rich.

    And I find it rather weird that everyone is hating on a kid who just wanted to go to school and get an education like everybody.

    @NotEmo: I think she was 19 when she graduated.

  61. jane16 says:

    We take my High School age niece on vacations with us all the time & we always prefer to everything during the school year when its less crowded, and she always manages to get her schoolwork done (usually when we’re enroute, on the way home, etc). The teachers don’t give her “packets”. Each teacher gives her a list of what needs to be done & my niece pulls it together herself, sees that it gets done herself. She’s an honor student btw. I doubt if this spoiled, snotty little princess had much interest in schoolwork.

  62. Mimi says:

    My son was out of school for nearly three weeks after having his tonsils and adnoids taken out. He had complications after the surgery. Anyways, his teacher not only made sure to put together packages of his work but also emailed me when they were ready to pick up. It is the teachers responsibility to put together a absent childs missed work. I mean, really how hard is it to put a bunch of worksheets in a seperate pile for one student? This is why my son attends a private school.

  63. Angi says: about people blowing stuff WAY out of proportion.

  64. Chris says:

    “My teachers failed me”

    Wouldn’t it be cool if students could grade their teachers and write end of year reports on them.

    Let me just get out Mr Red. 🙂

  65. jane16 says:

    Some info abt kids in show biz: Several kids I grew up with did movies or tv shows and went to public school with me, from elementary school on. No one “failed to support them”, if anything it was just the opposite & they were catered to, everyone loved them, they were great normal kids and they managed to get their work done and graduate with the rest of us. Nowadays its very common for kids in the biz to be homeschooled, usually through Laurel Springs, which is an accredited home school. Laurel Springs does give the kids packets, or they have a great syllabus that you work out of. Then you send your work to the teacher once a week or once every two weeks and they grade it & send it back. For High School, there are lots of online courses, so it is very easy for high schoolers in show biz to get their education. We were with them for a few years for one of our kids and thought their curriculums were outstanding. I would highly recommend them if you want to homeschool. Kinda pricey though.

  66. Delta Juliet says:

    All I’m going to say about this whole thing (and believe me, I am holding back) and that maybe she should learn to be a little more appreciate of all that she DOES have. There are many far worse of than her(or any of us for that matter) but all I ever hear from her in interviews is whining. It’s old.

  67. DG says:

    Maybe I misread this but wasn’t she talking about how awkward school for her was at the age of 8?

    Every last person up here bashing KStew is picking on the perceptions of an 8 yr old and how her teaches (adults) treated her.

    I see nothing wrong with wanting packets so that she could keep up with the class.

  68. jane16 says:

    chloe @ 46…ROFL! Well Said!

  69. wahwahwah says:

    Mimi: arrogant parents like you wouldn’t stand a week working as a teacher especially having to deal with people like you.

    Little Miss Hollywood who whines and accues everyone for her shortcomings always has her army of delusional stans defending her idiotic statements.
    She chose acting over education.

  70. Stacia says:

    I’ll bet that her “people” will have her to retract those statements. What the hell makes her so special. It’s not as if she was away helping impoverished people or helping humanity. She was trying to be a movie star. Self serving twit.

  71. jane16 says:

    She says she started acting at 8 and dropped out in 7th grade, so 12 or 13.

    btw, if she really wanted “packets” her parents could’ve made damn well sure she got them. A call to the teacher, then a visit to the principal. What seems over the top to me is her whining “all my teachers failed me. All of them.” Melodramatic and whiny.

  72. Turtle Dove says:

    Runs with Scissors – Majority rules. KS sucks for her whiney, entitled diatribe.

  73. hanna says:

    F-ing brat. Yes, your childhood was soooooo hard. I don’t give a damn how it feels having money and payed education and ass wiping parents. This girl is f-ing grotesqe as a person. Appretiate the fact that there are faaaaaar worse sh-t going on in others lifes.

  74. Brina says:

    She always looks stoned

  75. Boo says:

    If I could say, “STFU, Kristen, you are a shitty actress who should’ve stayed in school!” in 37 different languages, I would.

  76. Sugar says:

    What if she is referring to the fact that her teachers didn’t call out her parents for making their child travel and work instead of go to school? Maybe she was just waiting for someone to put their foot down…. just a thought. I have no opinion on this. haha…

  77. jane16 says:

    hanna, so true! It’d be nice if her handlers made her go visit the Muscular Dystrophy summer camps or the kids with cancer at childrens hospital. My kid has mild muscular dystrophy and goes to camp every summer. He enjoys it, but is very moved by the poor kids in wheelchairs, some on oxygen, diapers, etc. Some extremely sad cases, terminal. I’m glad my son has been able to go, it keeps him grounded and not feeling sorry for himself for the surgeries & physical therapy & stuff he’s had to endure. He sees and interacts with kids who are so much worse off, God bless them.

  78. marge says:

    I get what she says… How come those lazy teachers didn’t teach her to breathe with her mouth closed!!!!!! Poor thing, she’s just a victim of the system

    I find it hilarious that she says that she “…had such serious ambitions when I was younger”… so what she’s doing is beneath her, and can accomplish more because of others? stupid, stupid, over rated girl

  79. Catherine says:

    For those defending her idiotic statements, you really believe that EVERY teacher she ever had, EVER, refused to reasonably accommodate her? Really? She is a spoiled, whiny, entitled brat.

  80. Spreckels says:

    I thought she meant “failed me” as in didn’t deliver what she expected, not that they gave her F’s for grades. Either way, it is unfair to say. Public school is for the masses, not for individualized learning. If you enroll in a school, then go to school. Everybody has had a few bad teachers, but if youre consistently sucking at life, thats on you. One day shes gonna look back and regret some of the stuff she said. She really just needs to grow up. The younger generation’s sense of entitlement and unaccountability is shocking. Im 26 and I can see it.

  81. okeydokey says:

    Man, I was liking her, but come on… her parents failed her, not the teachers.

  82. almond says:

    That there are bad, disinterested teachers out there, it is true. But not ALL of her teachers could have been like that. As someone else said, Stewart is the common denominator in this case. By extension, so are her parents. Their child’s education was their responsibility.

    I don’t know how things stand in the States, but in Europe it is the child’s responsibility to catch up on any missed material. The teacher is not your personal tutor. If you want to study, there are means. Have your parents or siblings pick up your homework, do it in between breaks and then send it by e-mail or whatever. When I was in 6th grade and had surgery I had to get a hold of my homework while I was still recovering. That’s what classmates are for. Have your deskmate drop by and bring you the day’s assignment. It’s not rocket science, for theaven’s sake. It’s just common sense and the awareness that not everything is about you.

    Sit down, Kristen!

  83. Semper says:

    Oh yeah, how dare those teachers who had thirty other kids to teach not take on the task of preparing customized education packets for a child actor who probably made their yearly salary in a couple months.

    Is she for real?

  84. Eve says:

    I have no strong opinion about Stewart except that she’s a terrible, terrible actress.

    I don’t think she’s that entitled but she does say stupid things from time to time, like now…(sorry, if she wants to blame anyone, then she should blame her parents).

    However, a teacher failed me quite recently (and all my classmates for that matter) and that happened at the freaking University!!! She didn’t want to discuss the class’s programme, didn’t accept any suggestions, was extremely rude to one of my classmates who tried to (politely) argue with her, bad-mouthed the entire class because we, oh god, had the audacity to criticize her, gave bad grades to almost everyone (many gave up and quit the class without taking the second required test — and by doing that, they failed)…did she teach a good class, one might ask? Well, one day a friend of mine saw her using her tablet and she was teaching (literally) the things she was reading on Wikipedia. Oh, and she did that to those who attended her class — not to those who were away, travelling. I passed, but learned almost nothing from her classes (International Public Law).

    So…I can see her (Stewart) point from a certain perspective but I still think that, in case some teachers failed to send her packages, it’s unlikely that all of them did so (like someone else said above), so she should blame her parents for her (poor) education in the first place.

    P.S.: Complained (to my sister) about the bad teacher and got some of her typical tough love back: “It matters little that she’s a bad teacher, as long as you do your job which is to study”.

  85. Mimi says:

    @ wahwahwah. I’am not a arrogant parent at all. I’am the first one to call my kid out if he is not doing well in school. I don’t blame his teachers. If you are calling me arrogant for having a child in private school, than so be it. My husband and I work hard to provide a good education for our kid. I think most public school teachers (and teachers in general) would admit to being overwhelmed at the number of children they are required to teach. But it is not hard to put together packets for a student who has to miss some school. I was simply providing an example to back up that theory. My son had a great teacher who put in the extra effort to make sure that he didn’t fall behind in school. How is anything I said arrognat?

  86. GiGi says:

    Ugh – she’s the worst!

    I was in school before the rules about allowable absences and I was a ballet dancer in a touring company. There were years I missed 50 days of school. But you know what? I worked twice as hard to make that work up and so did everyone else I knew. I did extra work and whatever I could to stay keep my AP grades up. And it wasn’t up to my mom or my teachers, either. It was my choice to be out of school and it was my responsibility to gather and organize the schoolwork.

    She failed herself. If this was such an issue why didn’t she have a set tutor?

  87. almond says:

    I would also like to say that this is exactly the kind of entitled attitude which stems from the completely stupid idea of so many failed parents that if the child is failing or not performing to their expectations then it is the teacher’s fault. Let me refer you to this:

  88. bigchili says:

    Ugg… And I couldn’t stand her before this. I just can’t get past the fact that she said that all of her teachers failed her. That should give her a clue that it wasn’t the teachers that were the problem. If one or two teachers failed her then maybe it could have been on them. But if all of the teachers failed then it’s all on you or your parents. Sorry. But this is from the girl that compared the paps to rape so I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose.

  89. livia says:

    Where were her parents???

    I don’t know any of her teachers, but I think that they did the best that they could.
    She was a child actor and her parents obviously allowed her to do that as a minor.
    It was her parents responsibility to make sure that her education didn’t suffer along the way.
    After all a teacher has many children to look after education wise.
    She seems to say a lot of silly things, I don’t get the hype with her.

  90. california angel says:

    Long story, I missed 150 days in high school and I’ll be damned if my teachers and the dean were not SUPER accommodating for me. I walked at graduation with everybody else; all you have to do is talk to people about your situation.

  91. chainsawbuzzkill says:

    Instead of just jumping to defend the teachers and blame Kristen’s parents, consider the odds.

    Not a single teacher put together packets of work for her? The same work the other students were doing? I know some teachers are truly sucky, but there’s no way not a single one even put worksheets in a envelope.

  92. Jayna says:

    I try to be balanced in my comments – but just shut up, Kristen. Insufferable and self-important is what comes to mind from reading that interview.

  93. PleaseICU says:

    Stop the whining, Kristen. It’s like she says some of this stuff just to draw controversy and attention at this point.

    3 weeks or a month due to an unforeseen medical situation is doable for most teachers because they likely have the materials ready and most teachers understand that it is a situation beyond the child’s control. And there is a way to help the child catch up when the child returns if need be.

    It sounds like K Stew was expecting her teachers to essentially teach her and provide the entire classsroom experience from wherever her location was in addition to their regular classroom duties.

    And I find it hard to believe that every teacher between 2nd grade and when she dropped out to be homeschooled after 7th grade refused to do anything to help her or put any materials together for her so she could stay up with the class.

    My guess is they all provided the work (HW, tests, quizzes) for her to do on set but didn’t provide the extra in-class teaching experience and activities that she missed while on location for months at a time. But that’s what tutors are for.

    Movies and tv sets are required to provide on-set tutors/teachers. And there are strict labor hours set that kids can work and with a set number of hours that are to be devoted every day to schooling for these child actors. If Kristen wasn’t doing that schooling on-set or taking advantage of the tutoring available then she needs to be lodging complaints with the state, SAG and her parents for failing her educational needs.

  94. the_porscha says:

    @ Turtle Dove: even that amount is lowballed. My two 3rd grade classes last year were 31 and 28 kids, respectively. I also work at a school with some of the highest rates of SPED/exceptional student needs in the state of LA.

  95. djukagal says:

    i, too, am a teacher, and offended. Teaching is more than assigning pages and sending home worksheets. Teaching is all about the interaction between teacher and student. The learning occurs through guided thought. It’s not something just anyone can do. It’s not something you can send home in a bag for someone to do on their own, or with the help of an untrained person. Someone certainly did fail her, but it was her parents, not her teachers. GO TEACHERS!! 🙂

  96. Cheyenne says:

    Look on the bright side, folks, we only have to put up with her for another year. After the second Breaking Dawn movie is released, this tiresome wench will vanish into the obscurity she belongs in and will never been seen or heard from again.

    I’m not looking forward to seeing the movie, but it sure as hell can’t be as bad as the book.

  97. Canadian says:

    I believe 1000% that it’s the parents job to make sure that their child is receiving proper education, especially someone like an actor that goes working on different locations.
    If they are not getting the education than it’s the parents responsibility to speak up and make the neccessary arrangments or even pull the child out of acting, so their development doesn’t suffer.
    Parents are responsible for their child well being
    until they are adult – 18 years of age.
    No if’s or but’s about it!

  98. Jenny says:

    Two words: Home schooling.

    Also, minors have teachers on set, it is a law.

  99. cristina k says:

    Criticize everything he says that Kristen is so clever! Take all of the contest and maliciously interpret everything she says, is easy to get behind a computer
    attacking a young girl but had trouble with teachers, she tells her experience real bunch of idiots!
    Kristen I love you and I understand all that “said”! Be happy in spite of these idiots!

  100. Cheyenne says:

    @cristina k: I’m sure you do Twihards everywhere proud.


    Memo to Pattinson: Dump this broad. You know you can do better.

  101. aquarius64 says:

    You can always tell that a Twilight movie is coming out when K-Stewpid makes an idiotic remark. Her PR team has not cured her of foot-in-mouth disease. The comments on other sites are similar to the ones here, and her team and Summit are going to have to go into damage control mode. Like your other co-stars, you have to PROVE you can bring profits to a studio outside of Twilight. Don’t be surprised if a campaign starts to boycott Breaking Dawn, or your new movie Snow White. This girl will never learn.

  102. Karen says:

    This so hacks me off!! As a teacher, I would spend one entire week-end to making individual packets of make-up work for at least 35 of my 125 students and I routinely received 3-5 back. I’ll bet anything the parents told teachers not to worry about it because she was an actress and didn’t need school-just pass her. I would have flunked her boney ass.

  103. smh says:

    @Cheyenne (96) i hope so too, but she’ll likely get a couple of more gigs before she finally vanishes to untalented-heaven. i heard she’s in snow white or something.

  104. aquarius64 says:

    @ christina K – dollar bet she will be forced to walk back her stupid comments if this reaches critical mass. Summit is NOW going to want Breaking Dawn take a hit at the box office. This is the Eclispe-Australia promo tour all over again; this time she’s giving the finger to educators.

  105. aquarius64 says:

    sorry, got pissed at this twit – “Summit is NOT going to want Breaking Dawn to take a hit at the box office”

  106. Jane says:

    God, she should just not talk.

    Yes Kristen, ALL your teachers failed YOU. Without exeception, they all wanted you out of the school and made zero effort to help you while you were absent from school at your own wish, shooting movies and making more bucks than them. I´m sure that is how it happend.

  107. lbj says:

    Wow. The hate on here today is stifling.

  108. ZenB!tch says:

    Did she go to LAUSD schools? Then she is right. They failed me too. They failed all of us. Except one. Mr. Sumrall thank you, wherever you are. The rest were hopeless. The system was hopeless. It was not equipped to deal with gifted children. God help the ones that were below average. I happen to be both. I have an above average IQ but I am also learning disabled in math. So my HS counselor in her infinite wisdom decided I should concentrate on math and science classes. Idiot. The only reason I can read is because my mother taught me before I started school.

  109. grenada red says:

    I am a teacher at a public school in the US. When students are away from the classroom for any length of time, for whatever reason, we are required to provide work for the student to complete while away. This is not an option. We are also required to evaluate the work when we receive it. This is an expectation of our administration and I find it really hard to believe that this is unusual for my district. As public school educators, we are paid to serve all of the students in our school system, even if they have special circumstances like Ms. Stewart had. I’m not saying she is lying, but I cannot envision individual teachers being allowed to simply decide not to help her. It just doesn’t happen that way.

    Having said that, it is extremely difficult for students to learn complicated information by completing “packets”. Most learning is experiential and if the kids aren’t there for the experience, they will have a very difficult time mastering the material. Also, if there isn’t anyone close by that can answer questions, students can develop major misconceptions that can often be irreversible. Technology has removed many of these obstacles, but it requires that both teacher and student have access and are able to use it.

    Bottom line, if one is planning to be out of school for any length of time, one should also plan to work harder. Parents should understand this and be willing to do what it takes to make up for the shortcomings of this, less than ideal learning situation, by providing tutors or other resources to help their child.

  110. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Wow, don’t blame your parents but blame the teachers. Did I have stupid teachers? Yeah, loads of them, but I held myself responsible to learn the material and I had atleast four in highschool that really shaped who I was as a person. If you don’t remember one teacher you liked I think there’s something wrong with YOU.

    I am not a teacher but as a grad student I taught two lab’s and I feel for all teachers out there. I had so many students who wouldn’t show up to class and this was in COLLEGE and than they’d ask me to do extra work. No, sweetie, you’re an adult and this is a lab, you show up and do the work or don’t and fail. Simple. Christ I hate entitled brats.

  111. Jenn says:

    I never minded Kristen Stewart, and thought some of her dumber remarks (the rape one comes to mind) were just due to youth. But she’s 21 freaking years old, and these stupid things still fall from her mouth like rocks. Seriously!? I teach in an inner city classroom in New York City. I have 33 students, just like the rest of my school. Please explain to me why teachers were at fault for her not getting “packages” of material. Is she serious? Going on location for months on end; she didn’t have access to tutors? How do you expect to keep up with a class you don’t attend? I plan for a week in advance; how am I supposed to plan for a month in advance? It’s like looking in a funhouse mirror; no one has any idea what our days are like. They come in with cameras and video, and they’re like, the kids are great! Perfect! Because, you know, when a kid knows they’re being photographed, they misbehave so often. I liked the ones who came in, like “I got this” and left by lunchtime. I am too annoyed to be articulate right now; Kaiser said everything perfectly.

  112. Jenn says:

    @Grenada Red said it best. I’m still fuming. I never realized what a self centered, entitled, bitchy little girl this woman is.

  113. WaywardGirl says:

    Kristen could’ve said “Killing puppies is cool” and her fans would still think she’s the best thing that ever stepped on this earth. I can understand if the teachers were sub-par and it was difficult to get a solid hold on the work, but is she telling me that she couldn’t have looked for other extra means of work to improve her education? If she was having trouble, couldn’t she have gotten a tutor? Dakota Fanning and Emma Watson were in the same situation and they managed to graduate and ace their exams and go to great schools.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s because my mom is a teacher (who has tutored starlets and young actors when living in L.A a long time ago) and worked so hard. As a student I can understand how it can be difficult, but she’s not the most eloquent speaker.

  114. The Original Ashley says:

    Lily – your friend wasn’t sick, there was no reason for her to miss school. She chose to model over her education so yes it is HER FAULT she failed. An EXCUSED absence is one that has a Dr’s note attached to it. Working because you don’t have to is not an excused absence. Wait until your 18 if school is so important. Everyone else can go to class everyday, so there’s no excuse.

    Kids who work on film sets get tutors. It’s a requirement. Obviously her parents sucked if they didn’t make sure this was set in place. She’s also not that old so she comes from a time where online classes are available (they’ve been available since at least 2000), so there’s no excuse.

    Whine and moan is all this stupid twat ever does.

  115. oneflygirl8 says:

    I’m so freaking tired of this chick’s complaining woe is me act…. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a friend of hers because she seems like such a DEBBIE DOWNER type!

    I’m pretty sure SHE or her mouthpiece SUMMIT will be issuing a public apology to educators in 5,4,3,2…

  116. Victoria says:

    Bitch you are not special. The teacher didn’t fail you. Your parents failed you. The teachers were busy trying not to fail the twenty five other children whose parents made education a priority first. This is why I don’t like her. I knew she was vapid, but she makes me dislike her even more for thinking a teacher should spend three extra hours stapling packets together for her so she can trollop around the world being an “amibitous” non talented actress.

  117. Victoria says:

    Also the Olsens and the Fannings have been acting since conception, basically, and they all attended private or public school and seem better off for it. I don’t hear them complaining about their education or blaming anyone else for them doing movies and not being in class. Dakota won her homecoming court so these are children whose parents didn’t want them to be socially awkward idiots. Dakota has always been well- spoken, intelligent, and well-mannered because her parents did it right. So it seems.

  118. katie says:

    she has obvious emotional issues, which shes stated previously. but shes not a bitch or paris hilton stuck in her ass full of herself. shes still young, and her talent is growing with experience. i love this site for the celebrity info, but i HATE how HARSH so many people are on this site. there are far worse people who have said more terrible things.

  119. anon says:

    She’s young. She doesn’t realize what she’s saying. She doesn’t realize that she just insulted thousands of teachers who put their hearts and souls into their jobs to help children learn. She doesn’t realize that while she’s having people paint her toenails and style her hair, some teacher is working late into the night grading papers (for free) and clipping coupons for pork and beans while Kstew takes home a big paycheck for blinking and sputtering. If she realized, I’m sure she wouldn’t have said that. Once again, Kstew’s comment shows that movie stars have no concept of reality. They live in that bubble that prevents them from understanding the lives of ordinary people. It isn’t Kstew’s fault that she’s so privileged.
    Be nice to her! You might make her cry, and then how would you feel?

  120. Runs with Scissors says:

    grenada red, thanks for this: “… When students are away from the classroom for any length of time, for whatever reason, we are required to provide work for the student to complete while away. This is not an option. We are also required to evaluate the work when we receive it.”

    -People are stupidly comparing her 8-12 year old self to a high schooler’s level of control over her education in an effort to pat themselves on the back.

    -She would have been away for a few days at a time, not months.

    -She likely went to the same school for the few years she’s talking about (lots of schools are k-12). Unfortunately, bad attitudes trickle down. It doesn’t surprise me that more than one teacher was not accommodating or only came through intermittently on something that good teachers would do without question.

    The attitudes of some of the “teachers” posting here are truly frightening.
    Saying “I would have flunked her boney ass.” saying that “someone should punch her in the face” or calling her a “bitchy little girl.” Yikes. She was 8 years old for Christ’s sake, get a grip. (And preferably, a new career, please.) There are wonderful teachers out there, and there are obviously people who should never be allowed anywhere near children. Teachers used to be people to look up to and admire for their fairness.

    @Turtle Dove: “Runs with Scissors – Majority rules.”

    heh heh, yeah, ok, only it sounds like 90% of the people here have basic reading comprehension problems, or are still angry that Sparkles dares to have a girlfriend that isn’t them, lol.

    @N.D. :”@Runs with Scissors: Second your concern about teachers who are ready to punch students in the face because they dared to have a job and their parents happened to be kind of rich.

    And I find it rather weird that everyone is hating on a kid who just wanted to go to school and get an education like everybody.”

    Thanks, I find this alarming as well.

  121. Jilly Bean says:

    this thread is an absolute riot! i knew that title would leave everyone insensed!

  122. meow says:

    She is still in that phase where she thinks she has something to say. Young celebrities always say dumb crap. They tend to think they know something other people don’t.

  123. LL says:

    @nicole — two weeks is a wee bit different than several months.

  124. NotEmo says:

    KS isn’t that young. She’s not 17 anymore. At 21 you would think that she would be at a point where she is able to self edit. As for the Twihards that talk about her being honest and true, no matter what drivel comes out of her mouth, these are the same folks who get upset when they aren’t treated like scholars by society as they flash their Bella and Edward tattoos. It’s a juvenile argument that you should be treated like a princess regardless of how you present yourself. Her profanity and inability to communicate are astounding in one with so many privileges. Time for KS to grow up.

  125. bk says:

    Ok, so. Let me get this straight @runningwithscissors. It’s not the teacher’s job to decide what’s a good or bad reason to miss school? Is it the administration’s? Or are you saying that anyone, for any reason, can miss as much school as they would like and nobody has a right to establish a policy on that. Give me a break. She’s confusing taking advantage of people with expecting reasonable accommodation.

  126. Haters to the left says:

    Here come the Kristen haters out in full force! They love nothing better than hating on her. They go through all of her interviews looking for comments to nail her to the wall for. I suspect many of these “outraged” individuals are big time obsessive fans of her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. They love to hate on his girlfriend. She gets in the way of their fantasies. Jealous hags!

  127. Chrissy says:

    In my kids’ school, the teachers aren’t allowed to give you work until after you return, regardless of why you are out – sick, vacation, etc. Even if that was the case for her old school district, where were her tutors??? Or parents? Such a load of crap to blame the teachers … and yet another reason to be happy when the Twilight series is over. I love the series but will be thrilled when Kristin Stewart is no longer considered gossip worthy!!

  128. Blue says:

    So every last one of her teachers refused to go above and beyond for her. Sure. I don’t know why she thinks they should have to do that. I knew a lot of teachers who would help you out but if you acted like an asshole you were out of luck. So her and her parents probably acted like assholes about it. Btw being sick from an illness and acting in movies/ commercials are not the same thing so just stop. Also if she was only out of school a couple days once in a while then she wouldn’t need packets sent/made for her.

  129. imabrat says:

    They probably did fail her, it’s really not that far fetched of an idea…
    Even if her parents literally forced her into acting, the school still has it’s own responsibility.

  130. Cerulean says:

    Spare the world another entitled fool. Then go back to college.

    She’s embarrassed to be an actor so STOP acting. Do something different. Jodi Foster went to Yale. Try that.

  131. Ash says:

    This is actually not the first time she talked about this. This is a quote from Nylon magazine. The reason why she opted for independent study “That was a necessity. When I would go away for work, my teachers would give me a portion of the work, and I would come home and they’d fail me. I made too much work for them. They resented the s*** out of me”, she says. She also says she was happy to leave.

  132. kira says:

    She is such a self-entitled, child. I have met some of my students in the hospital when they got sick–anything to help them pass the class. If you are on a movie set, you are gone for long periods of time. I know I had a few stints as a PA on a movie set long, long ago. Movies are work–it’s long hours and long days. How can one over-worked teacher possibly help you make up that much time?–in addition to dealing with the other students who are behind, their parents, etc. It really is unfair of her to blame the teachers when she should blame her parents for allowing her to make movies at the expense of her education. You can’t take large amounts of time away from school, and then blame others because they can’t work with YOUR schedule. It seems like people expect teachers to do everything for them? It’s ridiculous, really…

    Now, she has millions and is set for life. But she finds time to criticize her teachers? Many teachers are losing their jobs, and/or benefits left and right. Unbelieveable. Like I said, she’s a ridiculous little child.

  133. JennJenn says:

    There are two problems with Kristen Stewart’s comments:

    First, she blames every single teacher. A blanket criticism is difficult to accept without supporting evidence.

    Second, she gives no details. How often was she away versus in class? Without these details, some commenters have decided to fill in the blanks themselves.

    Schools do have policies regarding work packets for absent students. These policies take into account the nature of the absence and the age of the student.

    The 2001 NCLB holds schools accountable for having a 95%+ average daily attendance rate. A long-term absence, even an excused one, hurts the school since the NCLB minimum daily average makes no distinction between excused and unexcused absences. Last year our school unenrolled two siblings when they took off a month for their annual Christmastime trip to Mexico to avoid getting tagged with the absences. Since the kids were out of the country, this was perfectly legal and necessary to avoid being penalized for an extended absence we had no control over. If the family’s outside the US, we can’t send the truancy officer over for a visit.

  134. Jordan says:

    What an entitled bitch! She probably made more on one Twilight movie than ALL of her teachers in their lifetimes! But yeah, they really should have made more effort with the bratty kid who constantly rolled her eyes at them…I mean, how lazy of all of them! Really, I hope this whiners 15 mins is over soon…then maybe she can go back to school to become a teacher to do the job as it should be done (right, she’d be done the first week).

  135. Rachael says:

    @Mimi – “But it is not hard to put together packets for a student who has to miss some school.”

    How the hell do YOU know that it’s not hard? Are you a teacher?? Do you have any idea what other crap any particular teacher is having to go through each day with all their dozens of other students?? I’m not a teacher and I don’t have any experience in this field, and therefore there is no way I would feel comfortable claiming that catering to one or more particular students is a piece of cake. In fact I would imagine that it’s kind of a pain in the ass. But I don’t know either way, so I’m not going to go around making claims about it.

    Anyway, like other people have mentioned here, I find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that 100% of Kristen’s teachers were lazy assholes. That is absurd. Like one other person put it, Kristen and her parents were the common denominator here. If you are in a position where you think EVERYONE else is crazy, then you need to take a step back and realize that it’s probably not them, it’s YOU.

    It is most certainly Kristen’s PARENTS who failed her here, and probably to some extent herself, if she wasn’t putting in the extra effort required to maintain her schooling AND her acting career. If you’re going to try to do two hugely time-consuming things at once, then you need to be prepared to put in THAT much extra effort. If you’re not prepared for it, then that’s no one’s fault but YOURS. And your parents, if you are a child. Kristen’s parents should have gotten her a damn tutor to help her be successful with this.

    Hahah KS doesn’t even usually annoy me that much, but this one really rubbed me the wrong way. “Clueless and entitled,” as the article states it, is a perfect description of this chick!!

  136. Jen says:

    Dear Kristen,

    Really? I mean really? Since when did acting become an excused absence? As a teacher, I am not obligated to make up extra work for you because you and your parents decided that school was not a priority. maybe you should have stayed in school and not taken acting jobs, because you are not a good actress. fet over yourself!

  137. mimi says:

    As a teacher, I could write an essay on her comments. However, I won’t waste any of my time.

    As a teenager who missed 2 1/2 months of school due to a major medical issue, I experienced a teacher who refused to help me get caught up in her class. I was an excellent student, had a homebound teacher while i was home recovering and still earned good grades. In that instance, the teacher *should* have put forth some effort to help me out. Kristen is currently capitalizing on her youthful looks and the vampire phase. Her acting is mediocre so she won’t have much to complain about for long.

  138. mimi says:

    Oh Mimi who sends her kids to private school,

    “How hard is it to send home packets?” What on earth do you do for a living? If teaching were just filling out worksheets, why would any teachers be required? The info must be taught, modeled and assessed for student understanding. Worksheets, or “packets” cannot teach themselves. Seriously, you are an adult with children?

  139. Angb says:

    She didn’t say every teacher she ever had failed her. She was probably referring to the ones the same year she switched to homeschooling. The same people who previously criticized her for her homeschooling are the same ones who are saying she should have gotten tutors. She was obviously trying to stay in the school system. Please quit nitpicking every little thing this girl says and does.

  140. Victoria says:

    No one is taking anything out of proportion, is jealous, or hating on poor little Kwistin. CB is about keeping it real.

    And the comments about people attacking eight year old Kristin. Well, obviously 21 year old Kristin has not gained enough perspective to maybe see another side of the picture. She claims that none of her teachers would help her because they resented her. Really? All of them? She did the “portion” that they gave her and they still failed her and she wound up leaving anyway. Okay, not to sound logical here but her parents didn’t complain about that? They didn’t take it to the principal and the boards to show that the teachers had some kind of issue with her and was singling her out in such an unfair way? Especially as they could be that way to another student in a similar situation or any one they didn’t like.

    Celebitchy is here for a reason, to call foul on the beyond bitchassness that is Celebredom (if Sarah Palin can refudiate, so can I). And we’re calling foul.

    Try living in the ghetto where teachers are underpaid have little to no resources, have some children who don’t want to learn, and yet they still manage to get through and make a difference. I didn’t like all my teachers, but every last one of them taught me something. And the ones who tried to do me dirty had my mother, father, and grandparents to contend with AFTER I ripped them a new one. Mrs. White third grade. that heffa was a doozy but I won in the end.

  141. hairball says:

    @nicole: “i think we let teachers do as little as possible these days.”

    Spend six months as a teacher (on their pay – also includes spending your own money to do your job) and then get back to me.

  142. Jane says:

    I would really love it if someone would ask her teachers what they think of that statement.

    Seriously, her fans here piss me off. You can be a fan of someone and still acknowledge when they do something wrong. Her fans seem like some kind of cult to me and are just as self-righteous as her.

  143. WaywardGirl says:

    @#126 Haters to the left. I am dying. You actually think most people here give a s**t about Robert Pattinson. Unlike you most people who live in the real world, don’t follow the romance of the decade that is Robesten and analyze every little aspects of their lives like it is the best thing that God has ever placed on this planet.

  144. Jules says:

    With that kind of ‘I take no responsibility for myself’ attitude, she must be a Republican. I can’t stand the squinty eyed brat.

  145. Flan says:

    Never liked or disliked her until now: what a stupid moron.

    Am sure she was too dumb and uninterested to keep up anyway.

    @Nicole: your teachers are crazy to do all that extra work because you are away for 2(!) weeks for a wedding. No wonder you act so entitled.

  146. MissyA says:

    I came to the party late, but I just have to say that I’m really proud of the overwhelming support of our educators from celebitchy posters. So awesome to see so many people put a precedence on education, and one of the many reasons I prefer this website for my daily snarks.

    And Kristen Stewart can stick her cliched, adolescent rant back up her asshole.

  147. Flan says:

    Oh, and well said, Victoria.

    A selected few really don’t understand why others are angry and make all kinds of wild claims.

  148. Sim says:

    You guys are really blowing this out of proportion.

    First you don’t know her specific experience so talking about her experience in relation to your teaching or your experience with teaching is a false analogy. Saying that it is impossible that this was her experience is weird since none of you seem to know who her teachers were or even went to school with her. And I love the comment about how 8 year old Kristen was an asshole about the situation. Yeah that’s WAY more realistic.

    Second, she didn’t make a blanket statement about teachers around the world/country/California/Los Angeles so I’m not sure how she is besmirching the teaching profession. This is about her individual experience.

    Annoyance about what she said is one thing, but seriously the smacking, kicking ass, and other violently demonstrative actions people want to do to this girl for revealing what she claims was her PERSONAL experience with a group of teachers seems kinda over the top.

    And frankly from half your comments you seem to back up her statements. You don’t think that a teacher should do anymore work to help a student away on a movie shoot, and then you also claim that putting packages are in fact a strain.

  149. No way says:

    This deserves a lip bite and eye roll. She needs a little more education and a better publicist to keep her from sounding like such an imbecile or at least to stop talking in absolutes. Absolut only exists with alcohol, which looks like it might be part of her problem. Still I wonder why this girl continue to seem so uncomfortable with her choice of an occupation. If you are so embarrassed by what you do why do it?

  150. Katija says:

    No, moron, it’s your parents’ fault for not setting you up in an appropriate homeschooling program. Your teachers owe you nothing more than what they owe to all of their students equally, which is a good education where participation is a cornerstone to moving forward in the curriculum.

    I teach discussion portions of a large college course, and I have so many students who think that they are above my attendance policies because of their jobs. They act shocked when I tell them that they need to choose between this course and their job, because they cannot do both. These kids were raised to think that they deserve EVERYTHING.

  151. mimi says:

    I used to love KStew… now it’s increasingly hard to even stay a fan :/ My impression is that she was (and is) an extremely insecure person. Staying away from school for such long periods of time probably caused her a lot of social anxiety, and she probably felt ostracized by her classmates upon returning. She’s made comments about how kids at school treated her differently after she’d been in movies, and has implied that her negative social experiences at school forced her into homeschooling. It seems like she could definitely be projecting these negative feelings onto her recollections of her teachers.

    As people have pointed out, SHE is the common denominator in all of the situations. It’s not possible that every single teacher she ever had made absolutely zero effort to help her. So it makes sense that when she remembers her school days, she lets her negative feelings color her memories, including her memories of her teachers.

  152. dr.bombay says:

    If this idiot knew anything about what a regular, working class person does day in and day out to muddle through their jobs, she would know that catering to her while she was away making a bazillion bucks is the least on their minds. Teachers need to focus on their class as a whole and give remedial help to those who are struggling with basic skills while still challenging those who are a bit more advanced. Catering to K-Dope doesn’t fit into the equation.

    Her parents look working-class to me, yes, but they also look like they were probably stoned at work 99% of the time, so their input doesn’t count.

    Entitled bitc*, wow.

  153. dr.bombay says:

    p.s. And, yeh, it *is* possible for an eight year old to be an as*hole.

    @Katija: AGREED!

  154. Kallan says:

    I think resources of the public school system are stretched thin enough and teachers stressed enough with dealing with their regular teaching committments along with preparing special learning packages for those that truly deserve them ie those who are physcially or mentally disadvantaged without having to run around after privileged kids merely because they/their parents have ‘chosen’ a lifestyle that means they do not conform with the standard public educational timetable. If you choose this path it has to be on a user pays (private tutor required) basis surely – especially since Kristen’s income during this period would have probably outstripped that of many teachers put together!!

  155. Dawning Red says:

    @Jules: Just for fun, I looked up whether she has any political affiliation at all, and all I could find is that she appears to lean Democrat, but the evidence is a bit spotty. Take that for what you will. I kind of doubt she’s a Republican, if only because the amount of them in Hollywood is somewhat small, it’s an admittedly liberal-leaning profession.

    However, while I was looking it up, I found out something really interesting and apropos to her thoughts on school in an earlier interview:

    According to that interview, she hated the KIDS at her school because they were mean to her. Now it’s the teachers. Poor delicate flower. Everyone hates her. Or, you know, maybe it’s just her.

    I anxiously look forward to her next interview where she confesses that she sees a therapist because the custodian gave her a mean look once.

  156. Mouse says:

    Is she really a dumb, entitled brat or is she saying something for shock value/sarcasm? Either way, it’s annoying and she’s boring.

    She looks stoned in every picture. Doesn’t she have any other hobbies?

  157. rita says:

    poor Kristen as the world didn’t stop for her and kept going, that was indeed a miserable life

  158. Dudette says:

    She comes across as such a brat. Whining about this, that and the other. She’s one of those “celebrities” I wish would keep their trap shut and just do what they’re paid to do which is act. Not that she’s fantastic at that either.

  159. Tara says:

    Never read a twilight book or saw any of the movies. Indifferent to kristen. But she earned the ill will on this. The disrespect of hard working teachers and self absorbed entitlement probably contributed to her teachers “resenting the hell” out of her.

  160. person says:

    Isn’t today’s society great! (note the sarcasm) No one on here knows her personly, the fact adults some claiming to be teachers saying such horrid things about someone is just HORRIBLE. All she is trying to say is that she was upset for the lack of support. Grow up and move on. You know her name not her story. Glad none of these adults are in my life.

  161. lulu says:

    Boo hoo!

  162. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Is there a reason she can’t go to school now, or is she still awaiting that ‘Harvard Law Packet’?

  163. Emily says:

    Having been a teacher in a couple different districts…typically when your parents pull you out of school for something other than illness, that is an unexcused absence, and teachers are not required to provide you any work at all. This is because it’s a huge pain in the butt to gather work for the absent child, but also because – it’s not like teachers, especially in elementary schools, just pass out worksheets all day. When you miss school, you miss activities, learning experiences, and sometimes lecture-style learning that your teacher can’t leave in an envelope in the office for you.

    If her parents let her work, they should have been worried about whether or not she was getting the education she needed via a tutor or homeschooling or some other arrangement, so it sounds like it’s them who failed her.

  164. feyish says:

    This doesn’t annoy me. It just makes me sad for her. She probably doesn’t want to blame her parents, or can’t right now, but when she finally comes to terms with it, it will be very difficult. Poor girl.

  165. keri says:

    Did anyone think that maybe she said they “failed her” as in gave her an “F” which is what she probably deserved anyways???

  166. Auds says:

    My view is that each time I see her smug annoying face, as well as her ‘lip biting’ in film takes/trailers, that Hollywood producers have failed me as a moviegoer, so as to provide all moviegoers with an actress so lame.
    She is just a brat pain in the arse who needs to get herself a little bit of what Angelina is doing in order to grow a brain.

  167. Flan says:

    Agree with you, Keri.

    She probably did badly at school and blames everyone else. She’s already 21, but acts like a particularly spoiled 14 year old.

  168. Miss Beca says:

    “Acting” is not an excused absence.

  169. NeNe says:

    I cannot stand this chick, but that aside, I do not think her teachers failed her. It is not their responsibility to ‘put packages together for her’. They do not have to go out of their way to make sure she is caught up on her schoolwork. Girl seems a little delusional to me.

  170. NeNe says:

    @ person:

    I am a NYC Public School teacher. So who are you to say people are claiming to be teachers. I suggest that you fact check, before commeting to find out how many are true teachers. You might be quite surprised.

  171. Mimi says:

    @ 135 (can’t see your name) I know it is not very convenient to have to put together seperate assignment packages but it is possible. Most schools hand out news letters every week that detail the curriculum and even assignments such as text book reading and in-class assignments. Basically all the teachers have to do is make extra copies for a absent student. I don’t believe they are in any way required to go over in-class lessons. I was simply stating my experience with a great teacher.
    @138(can’t see your name either) What does it matter if I send my child to private school or what i do for a living? I never siad that it is a teachers responsibility to help a child make up any missed assignments but simply that they provide the missed assignments. It is up to the child and the childs parents to complete that work. Not all of the responsibility is on the teachers shoulders. But in my opinion, there are definitely a lot of teachers who simply don’t want to put in the effort. And again I don’t get your hostility towards private education. It doesn’t mean our family is rich or snobby or arrogant. We simply realized that our son would get a much better education at a private academy where the teachers don’t have 30 kids to teach. Just because we have different opinions doesn’t mean you have to be so rude and nasty. You sound like a very negative, bitter, and might I say jealous person. Have a good day.

  172. Sara says:

    Maybe if she stayed in school she would have learned something and not be so intolerable now.

    Sometimes it seems like the celebs who drop out of school are the most irritating and ignorant.

  173. tuttie says:

    Well, she’s a speshul snowflake, so everyone must bend over backward to cater to her every whim. What a pathetic, entitled bitch.

  174. GoGethem says:

    I never leave comments (I’m a troll I admit it!). But find it necessary in this case. I was (now a SAHM) a teacher. This little biotch needs a slap! My teachers didn’t work hard enough for me….cry me a effin river! I made ‘packets’ for kids when they would be gone for several days (my kids weren’t acting they were sitting in jail waiting trial). I told them this is a supplement…it doesn’t make up for missing work and lectures. For the record I will NEVER watch Ktwit in anything!

  175. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Sim: Word.

    @Victoria: “Okay, not to sound logical here but her parents didn’t complain about that? They didn’t take it to the principal and the boards to show that the teachers had some kind of issue with her and was singling her out in such an unfair way? Especially as they could be that way to another student in a similar situation or any one they didn’t like.”

    Why don’t you address this question to the teacher who had a similar situation?

    mimi (137): “As a teenager who missed 2 1/2 months of school due to a major medical issue, I experienced a teacher who refused to help me get caught up in her class. I was an excellent student, had a homebound teacher while i was home recovering and still earned good grades. In that instance, the teacher *should* have put forth some effort to help me out.”

    Sometimes teachers are just jerks. Or as Blue would put it mimi, maybe you were just an “asshole” and that’s why this teacher didn’t help you out?

    Sometimes this kind of attitude pervades an entire school or school district. It’s all too common, unfortunately. When in doubt, blame whoever makes more money than you do.

  176. It is ME!! says:

    Yeah, I am with Keri on this one. The teachers gave her the packets; she didn’t do well on them, so they had to fail her.

    As someone whose father had to go to school barefoot and move in with his aunt and uncle because my grandparents lived too far away from the school (this was waaaaay back in the day, and in an impoverished U.S. territory), I really have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who had more opportunities than many people in the world and is still ungrateful for it.

    I blame her parents for her difficulties in her education, and her attitude.

  177. Runs with Scissors says:

    How many people would give up the opportunity to act in a film if it meant missing a few days of elementary school?

    Kids miss school for family trips, weddings, concerts, etc. all the time.

    Just because she had a part in a film doesn’t mean she was gone for a long period of time.

    It sounds like her school wasn’t very supportive of her pursuing her interests and she’s speaking up about HER experience. Bfd.

    The best teachers (and school districts) I’ve seen in the US are the ones who happily trade their MANY weeks a year out of the classroom during Summer breaks, or during their Christmas and Thanksgiving breaks, for dedicated and fair teaching in the classroom.

    The best teachers actually take joy in teaching. They try their best to make it easier on the kids to pursue their interests, not harder.

    They certainly don’t roll their eyes and call their 3rd graders ‘entitled little twats’ when they ask for a packet of work to take with them, lol!

  178. Mimi says:

    @ runswithscissors, Did you just call me an asshole? lol! You can always tell who the classy people are on CB. They are the first ones to start swearing and calling names. Calm down, people. It’s okay to disagree. We all have different opinions that are most probably based on different life experiences. If you go through life cussing out everyone who doesn’t have the same opinion as you…you’re going to be cussing a lot lol. Chill, people…

  179. bluhare says:

    My nephew’s gf is a middle school math teacher. In with her 30 kids are several kids with IEP’s (learning disabilities that require different techniques), one of whom is a girl whose parents sue at the drop of a hat, every conversation with her or her parents has to be recorded, and when she gives her an assignment she has to tell her SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO DO IT IF SHE CAN’T/WON’T!!!!! So a regular lesson plan, plus about 8 deviations for disabilities (some of which are definitely needed; no issues there). And this does not take into account packets if someone can’t be in school.

    So for this twit to whine that every single teacher failed her makes my blood boil. Someone ought to tell her that learning’s a two way street; you have to PARTICIPATE in it.

  180. Recessionista says:

    @168 exactly. That’s a key point. Acting is not an excused absence. Schools have different policies on how to handle missed work for inexcused absences, but I believe a majority of them DO NOT allow for work to made up when your absences are unexcused and they dint have any leeway in that regard. This is likely the case with princess Stewart. These types of policies are in place to prevent some students from getting special treatment over others, and princess Stewart probably thought she deserved special treatment.

  181. taksi says:

    @ Lily: Why does the teacher suck? It sounds like your friend was missing school pretty regularly and doing it by choice. IF she didn’t get permission to be excused from class and didn’t attend, that was her decision and she knew the ramifications. Many teachers won’t reschedule tests unless there was an emergency; it’s unfair to everyone else to give this student more time to study and a preview of the test questions, as well as a a different exam. If she’s not going to put in the effort and go to class why should the teacher be sympathetic?

    I feel like a lot of students, and me included when I was one, expect teachers to be doormats and bend over backwards to accommodate them.

  182. padiddle says:

    @ Mimi – I am a former teacher in public school US (high school) and I completely understand where you are coming from with wanting to send your kids to private school. I hope to do the same with my children. There are many, many dedicated teachers out there, and I salute them. But they can’t properly reach every child when there are 30 kids in their class and some of them are integrated special ed kids (with no special ed teacher to assist, as was the case for me)
    There are also quite a few teachers who don’t care, have tenure, and want summers off. They often teach directly from worksheets that accompany their teacher’s editions of the books. Finally, even if they would like to reach your child and teach fully, they are usually stunted by the insistence of “teaching to the test” – as so much emphasis is put on standardized testing.

    I don’t agree with the blanket statement KS made about all her teachers, but it is totally deplorable to attack Mimi because she chooses to send her kids to private school. I live in an area where my kids would be funneled into a school in a nearby town that is not well funded, can’t afford to pay teachers much (and thus doesn’t have many motivated teachers) and absolutely would not be able to give my kids the education I think they deserve. I hope that someday I will be able to pay for them to get the education and attention that I think will help them thrive. If I could funnel all my tax money into schools I would, and would have no problem sending my kids to public school. But that is not the reality of things.

  183. hairball says:

    @running with scissors: yes, the best teachers take great joy in their jobs and feel a sense of purpose, see above poster on math teacher, this is the norm for many, many teachers.

    To imply teachers get SO much time off – let’s also take into account the money they spend of their OWN in order to do their jobs / give the students what they need. Teachers are ALWAYS spending their own money to do their job properly. What other employment just assumes and expects you will spend your own money to do your job?

  184. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Whole bunches of kids in the Dickens novels left school to become jobbing chimney sweeps and whatnot, and they seemed pretty fulfilled and on the ball.

  185. Turtle Dove says:

    Runs with Scissors – “heh heh, yeah, ok, only it sounds like 90% of the people here have basic reading comprehension problems, or are still angry that Sparkles dares to have a girlfriend that isn’t them, lol.”

    Speaking of limited reading comprehension, wth are you babbling about? Did I mention Robert Pattinson? Your comment in relation to what I said makes zero sense. I rarely post or read her threads as she’s incredibly banal, but teacher bashing angers me. I see YOU love it though – packet, packet, packet. (rolls eyes)

    PS – Are you on KStews payroll? Gotta ask.

  186. Turtle Dove says:

    138 – Great comment.

    141 – Exactly. Teachers constantly support the education system with THEIR PAYCHECK. Worse still… none of this is tax deductible like other professions (doctors, lawyers, etc.).

    146 – haha

    162 – LOL….! The “Harvard Packet.” BEST comment.

  187. Mimi says:

    @ Padiddle, Thanks for the support lol. I realize that most people cannot afford to send their kids to private school. It is def a luxury and not the norm. I’m not knocking public school teachers as a whole. I’am simply saying that they are given very little resources to do a very big job in a limited amount of time. Anyways, moving on…

  188. Jayyy says:

    this girl is an idiot. She always laments. She did not finish school and did not even go to college. You know what kristen? Some of us are suffering with the economy. Some of us dont have health insurance. Some of us have to pay lots of money we dont have to go to college, only to find out there are no jobs out there available. You became a millionare at 18. She is not even a good actress, my god you know how many people would die to be in her shoes to have money and live the life of the rich and famous. So you dont like the attention? Why did you not go into theatre acting? Because they cant yell cut in front of a live audience when you screw up your lines? Gimme a break. Ohhh and the teachers failed you? guess what? Go get home schooled if going to do commercials was so much more important to you. She acts like Everything in her life is such a bother.

  189. BC says:

    It isn’t always as easy as ‘just send a work packet’

    I teach Science, Math and Art:

    Science: I am in the middle of a hands-on electricity unit–how can that be taught in worksheets? Um, it can’t.

    Math; We are working on Mental Math skills. How can you do worksheets when it is “mental math”? Um, you can’t.

    Art: This I could send the steps to do the projects we are working on.

    Now I understand she was 8 when this was happening–even more so at this age so much is discussion-based learning/teaching. How do you send a discussion home?!?!?

  190. daisyfly says:

    Newsflash, sister, it’s not the teacher’s responsibility to provide you with your work. It’s yours and your parents. Especially when you’re gone from school for so long.

    Maybe you should take a cue from Dakota Fanning, who managed to continue attending public school AND make movies (like, oh, I don’t know, the last three Twilight films AND the move The Runaways, which coincidentally she starred in WITH you) because she accepted the responsibility required.

    STFU and quit being such a snot.

  191. Victoria says:

    I am going to stick up for the teachers. Til the day I die. They are the ones who deserve a million dollars a year. I KNOW I could not do the job. Not every teacher should be a teacher but the majority of these teachers work long and hard with limited resources because every public school, is not in a gated community area. My high school English teacher used her own money (over 1,000) of her saving to purchase books for her children because some books could not be taken home as there weren’t enough. She fundraiser got the PTA (who were already working on this issue) and all the departments together and she helped raise $40,000 for school books. My Science teacher would bring in his genius U Penn whiz kid son every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and help tutor kids for four hours (and he was not paid for that). My fourth and fifth grade teach Mrs. Stevens, the most beautiful woman in the world I felt moved from suburban Cheltenham PA to the inner city with her husband, enrolled her child in our school, and lived across the street from Kenderton so she can give back to the community that helped raised her. And 95% of her students went to middle schools that were highly academic.

    So yes, I will always rep the teachers in this country because they need our help and support and encouragement.

    And I do believe that Kristin was probably picked on, not because all of them were jealous, though I contend that there probably was jealously with some, but because she didn’t deem her self “silly” enough to hang out with the other eight year olds who were playing with Barbies, making mud pies, and being children. She was probably off somewhere self actualizing on Jungian tree of self actualization.

  192. jack says:

    I am a teacher at a well off public high school and students are always leaving to go on European holidays. I get parents calling me three days before their children go away for ten weeks and they ask me for work packages.Here’s the problem- I don’t have them.
    I don’t work from a magical book called ‘teaching’ that has all my lessons planned- I wish I did. I have a basic outline that is always evolving, depending on student knowledge (sometimes a unit takes longer, sometimes much shorter, sometimes it has to be reworked). I write most of the worksheets based on my interactions with the students and discovering their needs.
    Often the parents wont respond to e-mails, so I cannot send the work as we go. Even when I can, I have to write extended spiels explaining the work, as the student misses discussions. Making the packages is actually a lot of extra work. If a student is sick, I am more than willing to do it. If a parent wants to take their child to Spain on a cheaper flight I become very frustrated.

  193. Cerulean says:


    Totally agree. Plus I believe her Harvard Packet got lost in the mail. It’s the United States Postal Service’s fault.

    Her postman failed her.

  194. laura says:

    wow, note to Kristen’s pr people: I will never support any project she is involved in ever again. I will make my union (teacher’s union)and colleagues aware of her remarks and call for a boycott of all of her projects. she has no clue what she’s talking about…i don’t even know where to begin to rebut her statements, so i won’t even try. just suffice it to say, she is completely out of line and off base here.

  195. chainsawbuzzkill says:


    “I am not a teacher but as a grad student I taught two lab’s and I feel for all teachers out there.”

    Two lab’s… what? Owners? Like the owners of Labrador retrievers?

    (I couldn’t resist.)

  196. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    It’s obviously not on the same scale, but those parents can be nightmares. When I was a TA it was okay because the chumps were at least over 18, but back in my piano/theory teaching days I learned very early on that some parents don’t see the difference between a student being an educator’s responsibility and being said student’s problem. What are you to do when no one cooperates? You do your best, try every avenue and method, you offer supplemental packets in the form of offcially released past exams, you offer extra lessons leading up to the exam and try to relax them–for free, you beg everyone who can hear to get the girl to cut her nails, or, practice, or do her homework, you try to engage with parents to try and help your kid on track and learn the life skills that will be valuable in later life, even if you never listen to Beethoven again, you turn your mobile phone into a work phone so students can contact you if things get hairy, you listen to their concerns not just about the piano, but in a way that that values the student and not just the skill, prep time, marking… this was in university so that was two jobs, six courses per semester at university, a commute and a half…and some of these psycho parents believed it was within their rights to ask me to duck out of an exam early to do a make-up lesson because aspiring model has a photoshoot. I mean, who says ‘stop what you’re doing, leave the baby in a drawer, he’s nursed enough–and do my groceries. Infants are self-sufficient make the best marmalade. My Beamer’s on the fritz and the store’s next door’. You kid failed because she never did homework, or practice or pay attention or take up the offer of free tutoring, and the assload of packets I truly provided, or lie about the exam date, and talk about the family that never answers phones, mail or hang around for five minutes tops to discuss progress.

    I can’t do more for you than everything. It can’t just be excuses about how student zones out when the subject doesn’t interest him, just like his father? What?

    The only people who have to take more garbage from delusions parents are their children. I would hear ‘what are we paying you for’ after years of hearing from my mother that she would not have her money wasted on laziness, would not see a teacher’s time and care squandered, my opportunity to grow abandoned, and her name sullied by my poor attitudes. Don’t throw water on a cast and blame someone else shoddy workmanship for it falling apart, parents are teacher’s maintenance men, let’s share the suffering.

  197. Runs with Scissors says:

    @mimi, no, I was not calling you an asshole, lol, I was referring to Blue above who said teachers won’t cooperate with you if you’re an asshole.

    @Turtle Dove, ahh, touched a Sparkly nerve I see! P.S. I wasn’t even talking to you, lol!

    @hairball: lots of jobs require you to invest money to do your job. Lots of jobs are commission based, or based on tips received, etc. Don’t really see your point. How about some examples of what you’re talking about?

  198. Circe says:

    I’m a teacher. I see up to 180 kids per day. I teach a total of over two hundred. If any one of them wants a career in showbiz I would gladly let them know. I wouldn’t want to punch them in the face (and I share running with scissors’ concern about teacher who do – guys, I know this is the internet and all, but…Really?).

    But anyone who thinks a teacher with a comparable workload to mine has time to make three-month packages for someone – anyone, no matter which reason – needs serious reality check. Her parents or, failing that, her manager or the film studio should have provided her with a tutor.

    I have a few parents of students occasionally who basically demand I give their pupils private lessons. Small wonder this sense of entitlement rubs off on their kids.

  199. hairball says:

    Runs with Scissors: I am not talking about buying appropriate work clothes for your job, I am talking about materials you need to actually do your job and a good one at that:

    1. Materials: I have been to several schools (I work with kids with disabilities for physical therapy and am often at school site) where teachers have to BUY their own paper once their alloted amount is gone in order xerox worksheets/forms/newsletters to parents/cut-outs for their classroom. Paper is like gold in the schools, white, colored paper. I gave a great teacher one time a huge amount of white and colored paper (because newsletters to parents can’t just be plain white god forbid) for a Christmas present and she was ecstatic. For paper!

    Teachers have only so much money from the district to buy materials to teach (books of varying reading abilities as every kid will read differently in the class, bins, concrete items the students can handle to help learning, posters, calenders, things you NEED in the classroom to teach kids) once the meager money is gone, the teachers buy it themselves. This happens ALL the time and is just expected.

    2. Teachers are evaluated on many things, one of which is their ‘learning enriched environment’ for their students. Thus, the classroom walls have to be colorful, positive learning items and displays / materials for kids to learn from etc. So if a teacher wants to have a good evaluation on this (and want the kids to learn), they will be spending their own money to supplement the very meager budget they get from the district.

    Teachers who have been doing it for a while, have saved many items to re-use, however, (besides the huge amount they’ve already spent to collect said items), they can be transferred to a completely different grade / subject with three weeks time before school. So they scramble to see what the district has (usually very little), borrow from friend teachers, and of course, spend their own money.

    3. Special needs students in regular education and special education classes. A kid needs something, most likely the parents are too busy suing the school district to pay for said item, so the teacher just pays for it her/himself. I see this ALL the time.

    4. Parties for school: Definitely by now there is no money left in the budget because of above mentioned, so the teacher buys little party items and decorations with their own money so the kids will have a nice party.

    5. Behavior problem kids in your class and the school psychologist/parents/behaviorist/etc say the kid needs positive reinforcement to do their work and not be an *ss in your class – who do you think buys these little positive reinforcements (little toys/stickers/sticker charts)? Certainly not the parents, psychologist,behaviorist, etc.

    Teachers are paid crap and often have to endure *sshole parents and *ssholes principals and the rules being changed all the time by Congress and state laws.

    No one goes into teaching because it’s so easy and ‘summers off’.

    The money part doesn’t even go into account the extra time OUTSIDE of class they are organizing, planning, making, grading, e-mailing etc etc etc. My kid gets a homework packet at the start of every week. Who the hell do you think is getting those packets ready for 31 students? Yes, the teacher likely on the weekend because she didn’t have time to do it during the week.

    Yes, people put in hours outside of work for their jobs, however, they are compensated by at least decent salaries. Teacher salaries are crap.

  200. monk says:

    heeeey, maybe it’s our fault she act like a arrogant bitch, WE scattered our time watching at her fiasco movie trash with her disaster performance voting that stinking fart- movie of year, at the best, at the biggest crap in the world… it is all that she needed to believe about her she is sooo too good and special…for earth common people …how about that? so, stop complaining WE deserve that shit, WE created that monster and that is valid for all imbecile “diva” on Weirdollywood

  201. Recessionista says:

    Kristen Stewart has referred to herself as an “autodidact” in the past. She claims her mental stature is 4″ taller than her physical stature. So my question is, with her intelligence, why would she even need “packets” to keep up in the first place? I am being facetious, of course.

    Really, I have to keep going back to this unexcused absence thing. That’s a big deal. I hang out on kristens imdb board alot, I am pretty obsessed with the girl and tbh, fantasize about her a lot. But I can’t defend her attitude here. If you are absent from school and it is for “work”, it is not am excused absence and teachers ae not required to cater to you or give you special treatment by doing tests/classwirk outside of the classroom. The teacher can’t realistically assess you if you are not there and you simply turn in worksheets, that may or may not even be completed by the student. Some may even be prohibited by district policy to accept work from a student with am unexcused absence.

  202. Runs with Scissors says:

    @hairball, thanks for some interesting points. Never said teaching is easy or that managing on a budget is easy. The teachers I know, who truly love to teach, gladly trade their time off in Summers and holidays for the challenge of the classroom, and the crap salary. It’s not an easy job, but they knew that when they entered the field. They are special people. They get a buzz from teaching well and they love the kids and they would never speak about them the way some ‘teachers’ on this thread have, no matter what their frustrations are, and we all have them.

    @circe, you sound like a great teacher, thank you for that! I don’t think she was talking about missing three months though, at that age, it likely would have been a few days. She only had bit parts till she was a little older.

    I agree though, if it was longer than a couple of weeks, of course she should have gotten a tutor, even as a third grader.

  203. LisaB says:

    Wow! What a bunch of judgmental, jealous B!CTHE$ post on this site! None of you have any idea what went down here and I’m sure every one of you has experienced a lazy teacher at least once in your life. While most are diligent and exceedingly patient, Kristen’s situation was a very unique and difficult one. She and her family tried the regular school thing for awhile, because they were fairly normal people until quite recently, but it didn’t work, so they got Kristen tutors, just like they should have. Kristen is smart and values education and intelligence. Neither she nor her parents deserve the wretched remarks in these postings. She wanted to try acting and they supported her. Tend to your own shortcomings instead of trashing people you know nothing about.

  204. birna07 says:

    The reality here, Kristen is either too stupid too finish school or too lazy. And I say BOTH could be posible.
    When she was a kid it was her parents fault, now is HER fault, one can finish school whenever we want, you just need not to be lazy. She has money, so she can make time for herself. But don’t go and blame it on the teachers, I mean, yes of course there are some shitty teachers, we all have had them, but not EVERYONE is like that, second it’s your parents fault, because kids who act have private teachers… are you going to say you didn’t have the money for that? *sigh* I’m disgusted with this woman, over and over… The worst part is that one day when they confront her about this she’s going to say some lame ass apology and everyone is going to be satisified… I’m just waiting, she once said the “rape comment” now this, one of these days she’s going to say something REALLY offensive.

    Finally, teachers do NOT need to do all the job for you, you are NOT special. Teachers have so many students, do you think that they are going to put all their attention on the “star child”, because poor Kristen she had it soo hard I bet, must be sooooo hard to be a lazy ass with money. Please…

    And if she values so much eduaction why isn’t she doing something for herself right now? Oh, right she’s busy “acting” (blinking/stuttering/biting her lip)… Yea, lazy people have LOTS of excuses.

  205. hairball says:

    @LisaB: If you don’t like ‘bitchy’ comments, don’t come to Celeb*tchy.

    KS said ALL her teachers failed her. ALL of her teachers..? That seems likely.

  206. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    @chainsawbuzzkill: Ha ha! Yes and four poodles. I was a very busy TA! You got me, I own it when I been had … check and mate 🙂

  207. cody says:

    @Recessionista, I know you were kidding, but I was thinking the same thing. When I was 9 I missed half a year of school due to illness. I was given no catch up work because my parents never would have thought to ask for any (my family doesn’t value education). At the end of the year I had to sit a series of tests to see if I could advance to the next year and I passed with flying colours. If she was getting behind and failing at that age she’s not naturally bright.

  208. Mary Mary says:

    I read this differently. Many teachers in public school and some private teach to the center and what goes on in school as in activities are all that really matter. Those young people that venture into the public to act, or perform in some manner always wind up being tutored. Gymnasts included. Why? Is Kristen the only one that has had this happen no! She is one of many. IT handy caps the kids in life because they have not had enough time to be a KID.

  209. anna says:

    Her parents also fancy themselves “intellectuals” Kristen always refers to her mom as a “writer” and how she would love to write as well.

    They think they are above it all but they are “Hollywood” (her dad worked for Ryan Seacrest!)

    She was bullied at her elementary school too and her parents pulled her out.

    I think she needed a lot of character building and to develope a thick skin which she didn’t. I know it’s tough for parents…when do you pull your kid out of school and when is it okay to let them keep going into the same school day after day when they are getting teased or bully. However, with this comments I think they may have done her a disservice.

    If anyone neededd to be in school consistently to be socialized and also grow intellectually (not just think she is an intellectual because her parents see her as an extension of themselves…chip on your shoulder much?) she needed that constructive challenges and daily routine more than anyone.

    I agree with a lot of the balanced responses on here. Most teachers are wonderfull and misunderstood, even under the best of cirmcumstances they struggle and some teachers are not so great. But it’s up to parents to deal with that. Not just pull your kids out or not find alternatives and teach them to solely blame the teachers.

  210. Fu yi says:

    KS went to private school in woodland hill it look public to me. Teachers there weren’t so bad I was a former student there all we did a lot was field trips. People there were mean and snobby. The school she went to was pinecrest. She should balme her parents for not putting internet in her education.