Christina Aguilera is “unaware of how she looks” says random “expert”


As we talked about on Sunday, Christina Aguilera stunned a lot of people when she performed at the Michael Jackson tribute in Wales. Christina has gained weight since her divorce from Jordan Bratman, but it seems like in the past two months or so, Christina really became noticeably heavy. Of course, part of the problem – at least regarding the concert in Wales – is that Christina has no idea how to dress, heavier or smaller. Even when she’s slimmer, she doesn’t have any idea how to wear clothes that flatter her figure and her petite frame, and now that she’s heavier, the problem has gotten worse. She appeared at the concert in what was basically a leotard with a belt – she tried to Spanx her whole body in what must have been a fishnet catsuit, but she still looked like hell.

By the way, I’m not saying Christina looked like “hell” just because she’s gained a little weight. I’m saying she looked like hell because she gained a lot of weight rapidly, and it looks like severe booze-bloat to me. I’ve felt for a long time that Christina is a raging alcoholic, and her alcohol consumption has caught up to her body and face (as it often does in one’s 30s). Anyway, Radar has this interview with a “nutritionist” who talks about what could be going on with Christina’s figure:

Even though Christina Aguilera’s weight has been steadily increasing over recent months, fans were still shocked at the Grammy Award winning singer’s appearance when she performed at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales on Saturday.

Squeezed into a skimpy corset and fishnet tights, the 5’1 1/2″ singer seemed completely oblivious about the considerable curves she has added to her once svelte figure.

“She is totally unaware of how she looks, no one dresses like that unless they think they look good,” nutritionist Jackie Keller, CEO of Nutrifit in Los Angeles, told in an exclusive interview.

As previously reported, Christina’s unflattering outfit and wild, unkept hair brought gasps from the crowd when she took the stage.

Keller went on to explain that because Christina, who is rumored to have suffered from an eating disorder in her teens, has gained and lost so much weight over the years it has distorted both her self-perception and her metabolism.

“Even if it was years ago, if she did suffer from an eating disorder then the effect of that stays with you and causes a distorted body image,” she revealed, adding that the physical side affects are just as extreme as the emotional ones. “Yo yo-ing in weight completely throws off your metabolism, which is why it is important to feed your body properly.”

Aguilera has admitted to being a junk food addict when she was younger, which adds to the problems of trying to maintain a steady weight.

“Going through periods of eating really bad food and then not eating is a form of binging calling ‘disordered eating,’ which destroys the metabolism because you are always at a war with food,” explained Keller, who provides calorie-controlled delivery meals to some of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

Now the Beautiful singer’s weight gain has steam-rolled to the point where she doesn’t even seem to be aware of it.

“When you start gaining it cascades and just piles on and on,” said Keller. “You only see what you want in the mirror, it’s the same as with anorexia. You only see yourself from the neck up and are unaware of how under or over-weight you are.”

After messing up how she processes food at a young age, 30-year-old Aguilera’s alcohol consumption could also be emphasizing her weight issue.

“If she is drinking as much as people say she is, then she just needs to stop, as that would immediately change her body’s metabolism,” Keller said definitively, explaining that the body deals with the calories from alcohol first, and then stores all the additional food calories in favor of processing them.

“People don’t have any clue how bad excessive calories are from alcohol. Stopping drinking would make an enormous difference in her body, and then she can go on to whittle away her other bad habits one by one, such as cutting out processed food and exercising,” she explained.

The 5′ 1 1/2″ pop star appears to be around 150 pounds, estimated Keller, who thinks that 100 to 110 pounds is a healthy weight for her.

[From Radar]

Although this guy doesn’t treat Christina and I usually hate when “experts” chime in about people they’re not treating, I think this guy is made of truth. The quote that stood out to me is “She is totally unaware of how she looks, no one dresses like that unless they think they look good.” It’s true. And it’s keeping with Christina’s on-going delusions about her career and her alcohol consumption – remember her W Magazine interview? That’s where she sat there and refused to accept responsibility for anything in her life, and she came across as a delusion, lie-filled, pity-party-throwing monster. So in Christina’s mind, we’re the ones with the problem.






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  1. Delta Juliet says:

    I don’t think she is quite 150. I mean, 5′ 1″ is really short so it wouldn’t take much to make her look chunky. 135 maybe? Anyway she does look like hell…..her hair and make-up are a disaster. And if she had a better costume she should have been fine. That leotard thing is very unforgiving.

  2. says:

    She’s clearly delusional. Or was very drunk before going on stage.

  3. brin says:

    She’s a mess….she needs to get help for her drinking problem.

  4. aenflex says:

    I agree with you and the nurtritionist all the way.
    I don’t however think that Christina should not be happily delusional about how she looks. Let her think she looks fabulous, it’s much better than thinking and feeling that one looks like shit?

  5. Quest says:

    She needs to buy more mirrors for her house and use them

  6. cherryberry says:

    I think that awful hair is making her look bigger. Ugh. It’s so terrible and fake looking. Makes me want to shave her head so she can start again.

  7. Kaiser says:

    aenflex – Yes, I agree! It would be one thing if she just gained some weight and she was all “Screw you, I look awesome!” (that would be fine). But her delusions are about EVERYTHING, including her drinking problem.

  8. Po says:

    I agree with you, it’s not her weight. We all gain weight in our late 20s. Its the boozebloat. Oh and the hair and makeup don’t help.

  9. Auds says:

    I don’t see why there is a need to be polite. She looks like hell because she is wearing clothes that do not compliment an overweight body. It’s that simple. In addition to this, her hair is messy, she is bloated -as mentioned – but most of all, her size is what draws the eye, what stands out because – as with most overweight people – weight makes a person look uncomfortable. Because they are uncomfortable – even if they deny it [which many will deny] – because there is an extra load that undoubtedly adds more stress [physical and respiratory] on the body.
    I have never seen a ‘serene’ and comfortable fat person. Sorry.
    Just reading about her recent backstage demands [90% alcohol], it is problematic. There is no such thing as low calorie alcohol consumption. But I don’t think you pile on this much weight from alcohol alone. I don’t think she is exercising at all.

    If Mattel ever decided on a new Barbie they can use Christina as a model for ‘Boozer Barbie’.

  10. becky says:

    my thoughts exactly – although I think he is right about her ideal weight. Im 5’1 and my ideal weight is 103 but till 107 its okay, when I get to 112 I’m obese (not an exageration), so 130 would already be quite heavy.

  11. len says:

    I think she’s extremely insecure, judging by the huge amount of make-up

  12. really says:

    i hope she gets fatter and crazier. it’s highly entertaining!

  13. Lindy says:

    That picture of her sort of squatting, with rounded lips, pointing toward her boob, with double chin in full effect… Wow. She definitely needs to be careful. That much weight, gained that fast can’t be a good thing and probably is mostly alcohol/junk food. I’m also short and petite (5’3″, and my normal weight is right around 115. I look like she does at the moment (thanks to baby and 1.5 years of foot surgery after a car accident, so no exercising) and I am a hefty 155. I bet she’s right around there herself, maybe a bit less.

  14. imabrat says:

    Delusional. Wouldn’t the same apply to Lohan? Just like the “experts” say, no one would look in the mirror at that and say, “I look good”. At least not someone that is rational thinking.
    I find it hilarious that as much money as these people have, as much talent as some have, they still can’t even dress themselves, and often must employ “handlers”.

  15. ghoulish_moose says:

    It was this time last year when I noticed she was starting to add a little bit of chub to her frame. It was the photos of her and Max at the pumpkin patch. And I thought “Meh, who cares if she’s gained a little chub. She’s going through a divorce, no biggie”

    But it hasn’t stopped! But I agree with what most of you guys are saying, it looks like booze bloat. She must be getting through a hell of a lot of drink to cause this! She always seemed so happy and well when she was with Jordan, they were a lovely couple. Such a shame it didn’t last. He must have been a calming influence on her and now he’s out of the picture….oh boy.

  16. S says:

    I can send her a pic of me in a bathing suit, maybe then she will realize what her body looks like. Same Weight, same body. At least i know where my overweight comes from, the last trip to Italy with its delicious food made me loose control totally…

  17. Katyusha says:

    Let’s be honest…she’s gained a ton of weight.

  18. lucy2 says:

    She looks like such a mess. The hair, the makeup, the awful outfits…someone needs to help her! She really does need a wakeup call and to get her life back on track. She’s a pretty girl and she’s so talented, it’s such a shame to see her spiraling.

  19. madpoe says:

    I guess the “divorce diet” had the opposite effect for Xtina.

  20. DarkEmpress says:

    I think Keller made a lot of good points. He is probably right about most of it. I do not think she weighs 150lbs though, more like 130lbs.

  21. Jayna says:

    What sad is her vocals on both songs were fantastic, but looking like a hot mess overpowered that.

  22. lola lola says:

    OMG. She looks like a booze bag. She is way to tiny to hold that much weight on her frame. Clean-up girl!

  23. Kelly says:

    Looks like she’s trying to look like Britney during that performance where she just kind of galumphed around the stage.

  24. Patricia says:

    I wish her dumbass BF would step up and do something. Of course this would result in her dumping him for another enabler. And I know that in the end it is her responsibility not his.

    Sad though that he seems perfectly happy with his meal ticket being a complete disaster. For shame.

  25. Annie says:

    Dang I love me some Christina, but she looks 60 years old in these pictures. She looks like Cindi Lauper (the current, late middle aged version). I don’t think she’s as heavy as 150 – her body really isn’t that big, it’s just the fact that the weight went disproportionately to her face that’s making her look so unhealthy. It looks like bloat from liver problems rather than all weight gain actually. I hope she gets it together I’m kinda worried about her.

  26. MsCatra says:

    I’m also 5’1″ and naturally chesty. The 150+ sounds about right to me. I gained a ton of weight in my early 20′s and was up to 180 at one point before hauling it back down to 105, so I have some experience with all those weights, lol.

  27. JaneWonderfalls says:

    People are never satisfied, First she’s to thin, now she’s to fat. Whatever! if I was XTina I would stay and get fatter just to piss people off. I think after a while as a women you get tired of trying to live up to society standards of beauty and what looks acceptable.

  28. coco says:

    She has such an amazing voice, a true talent.
    I’ve never found her attractive, too much over the top with hair, make-up & clothes, even when she was thin.
    When a woman is truly pretty, there is no need for so much “stuff” to have to put on.
    I don’t know how much she gained, but it’s too much for her frame, she is short.
    Unfortunately I often see women who are wearing clothes that really don’t look good on their bodies.
    Muffin top is so common in America.
    We eat so unhealthy in United States, the weight issue is “HUGE” here!

  29. dorothy says:

    What a porker. I get she’s gained weight, but don’t wear that costume EVER again.

  30. kieslwoski says:

    This girl is truly talented so it;s a real shame to see her like this.

    I totally agree with you Kaiser, she is totally delusional about everything. Hopefully she realizes before its too late her deep issues. I think its booze and rx pills.

  31. Jackson says:

    She does look really bad and that’s a shame since she has the voice. You never know though, maybe she was 10 pounds heavier than this and worked down to this weight over the last few weeks. Maybe she put this outfit on and, comparatively, she DID look good. You just never know.

  32. G says:

    Actually, I have a bigger problem aesthetically with her hair and make-up etc. She’s another one that needs a serious updating to stay current and I question the tate level for someone her age.

    Her weight? Sorry, that what women look like.

  33. Kelly says:

    I actually don’t have a problem with her weight – and plenty of men like a little extra. It’s her hair and makeup and alcoholism and how she’s squeeeeezed into that leather thing.

  34. Faye says:

    The weight, honestly, whatever. If she had her act together and was singing good music, no one would really care about her weight, like with Adele. But the woman is a mess. She’s a mess!! That hair, that little unitard with fishnets…what?

    You can be overweight and be pretty. You can be normal weight and look a mess. She mostly just looks like a mess to me, and it’s less because of the weight than the…everything else.

  35. Embee says:

    Agreed that she’s not that fat, but her hair and makeup are awful. I showed these photos to a male friend who commented “When did Christina Aguillera get real thighs?” My friend is markedly less asinine about women’s bodies, though, so grain of salt and all.

  36. coco says:

    @G :

    Sorry, but I completely disagree with you, some women don’t look like her.
    Some women that don’t let themselves go.
    She is so bloated and puffy, I don’t care what planet you are from, but that’s not how women should look like.
    She is overweight and it’s not a concern just because of her looks, but what it does to her health, internally.
    No wonder we have such a massive problem in the United States, so many people are in denial about what is a healthy weight.
    We are the sickest developed country on this EARTH!
    Only in the USA fat is considered CURVY.
    I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and I even worked in Europe and I have never seen so many fat people as here in America.
    It’s embarassing how horrible eating habits are here.

  37. Happy21 says:

    I think it would be refreshing to see a celeb who just packed on some extra pounds from a little too much food and too little exercise but if what I’ve been reading is true when Christina is in trouble. The booze stories have been appalling and I hope that she rights herself before she’s too far gone. The girl has incredible talent and is an amazing singer, I’d hate to see her lose it all.

    As far as what she is wearing and how she looks – Christina always dressed like a transvestite. Unfortuantely, her fashion choices left something to be desired. No matter her weight, she needed help in the style department.

    I’m rooting for her. I’m hoping she cleans herself up and gets her groove back.

  38. kiki says:

    Aww, I can’t muster up any catty comments for her, just pity right now. She’s so talented, and from what I hear her voice was spot on at the tribute (haven’t heard yet, correct if I’m wrong).

    But… uh, not looking good at all, X, esp. in that leotard. I could hope the extra weight is just from food, but I’m going along w/ the crowd that she’s got drinking problems too. If her boyfriend can’t intervene (he’s prob enabling) then I hope someone else does. Why should she stay ‘unaware’ if it’s harming her & potentially depriving her son of a mom? Sorry to be such a downer, she looks sad.

  39. smh says:

    you don’t need an expert to be able to tell that… lol
    i bet she avoids mirrors at home and the only people who can stand her divaesque personality (!)are her assistants who kiss her ass and tell her she’s beautiful anyway. i also suspect she is using medicine which makes her bloat, so i doubt all of it is real fat gain. but it’s more than that, the fake hair and horrid make-up need to go also. besides why do all pop tarts use fishnet stockings underneath black huge grandma panties? it never looked good on britney and it won’t look good on you. one of the moments when you know retro has gone too far.

  40. Kimbob says:

    It’s painful to look at these pictures. I think the nutritionist is right about many points. Yes, I think she is oblivious to how she looks.

    The sad fact is that unless she quits drinking, she will continue to be deluded. One of the hallmark traits of alcoholism….DENIAL! I sure hope her mother and others close to her stop being in awe and fear of her & shut that shit down so she can get the help she so obviously needs.

  41. ZenB!tch says:

    I’m 5’3″ and heavier (on my way down vs up thanks to finally getting off my ass) – I think she’s 150. She looks roughly the same as me… her calves still fit in boots but her thighs and lower tummy need help. HOWEVER we wouldn’t know that with the right clothes.

    She looks like hell because she looks like she was dressed by Satan himself.

    One outfit is downright matronly and the other looks like she’s standing on the corner of Sunset and Vine. The hair is ridiculous and she almost has as much make up on as a Kardassian.

    Actually she isn’t really much bigger than a Kardassian, they just hide it better.

  42. ! says:

    I’m with MsCatra. 112 for five foot one is not “obese”, good lord. I’m five foot one, and when I weighed 112 my doctor told me to gain at least 3 to five pounds. I currently weigh about 130, down from 165. I look nothing like Christina (though admittedly, the bulk of my weight is largely muscle, since I’ve taken up dancing). I would say the 150 guess is right on the money.

  43. Turtle Dove says:

    Even at her worst, Britney recognized at the VMAs that she “looked fat” (her words as she ran off the stage). Agulera must be in worse condition now than Brit was then as Christina doesn’t see how downhill she’s gone.

  44. Savannah says:

    Xtina the lush! The booze is really starting to catch up with her. That, and if you look at pictures of her mother you’ll see carrying some extra weight runs in the family…

  45. G says:

    Really, we’ve reached the point where being a skeleton is more important that being happy, talented and healthy?

  46. Lexicon says:

    You know Kelly Osborne is grinning, and Jessica Simpson is sighing in relief. I doubt Britney is allowed internet access. That being said, The hair needs to be brushed, we’re all used to her spackled make-up effect, and she may have some alcohol issues. However, who are we to judge her for wearing an unflattering costume? Is it a better for all celebrities to be a size 0? Can singers dress slutty if, and only if, they have a BMI of 18 or lower? Perhaps she has a drinking problem, hopefully she’ll reign it in. Perhaps she has body issues, join the club. At least she isn’t smoking crack and ruining her unfaltering asset: As long as the girl doesn’t destroy her voice a la Whitney Houston, I think we should back off.

  47. smh says:

    @G so how on earth does she look happy and healthy to you? ever since her divorce she’s been a mess. talented yes but she’s not exactly a nice person, that’s why not many people are rooting for her. i wish she would get it together cause she has a great voice but she brought it all on herself to be honest. and it’s not that she gained weight it’s how she wears completely unflattering stuff and still acts like she looks like a model on stage.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    I agree its very hard to see yourself accurately when the weight starts to pile on. I gained weight over time (for the usual reasons – bad diet, stress eating). I remember looking back at a photo where I had thought the outfit hid my weight well. Boy, was I wrong! So I think Xtina doesn’t know how bad she looks. Denial is powerful.

  49. coco says:

    @G :

    Aguilera has a fantastic voice, but she looks and acts like a mess.
    I don’t know, if she is drinking or eating our terrible A diet, but she doesn’t appear either healthy or happy to me.
    I’m sorry, but being that bloated, puffy and overweight is not healthy!
    Neither extreme is good, overweight or underweight.
    There is such a thing as TOO THIN and TOO FAT for each body type, size, height and age!
    How about eating healthy and including daily moderate exercise.
    Walking for an hour a day in the fresh crisp fall air instead of putting a dent in the couch watching mindless reality shows.
    What’s wrong with that???
    I’m not saying that looking like a skeleton is attractive, but neither is looking like a
    pick-up truck.

    There is a middle between thin and fat.

    Just take a look at Jolie’s amazing face and her sickly thin body.
    I understand that she lost some weight from grief after her mom’s passing, but if she ate properly she would go back to her previous weight when she actually looked like a woman and not like a coat hanger.

  50. G says:

    I didn’t say she looked healthy and happy. I said she was in desperate need of a makeover and possibly an intervention.

    I’m just saying when you put the list of her “issues” together, concern about a few extra pounds is what seems to be fueling the criticism. Not her other more serious challenges?

  51. G says:

    Yeah, I heard you coco. Your yardsick for personal worth is a dress size.

    I guess a little compassion for someone obviously going through a difficult time is too much to ask?

  52. LittleFATMe says:

    I hate to say this – but she looks like if her hair was black she would be a troll one of the guys from Jersey Shore would shoot down!

  53. theaPie says:

    And how many sycophants does she have telling her ‘Yeah, you look good in that baby!’

    Yeah, that doesn’t help.

  54. pia says:

    Weight directly effects health, everybody knows that. Thin or fat.
    Yes, she is fat for her size and looks like a mess.
    She should dress for her new fat size, at least.
    Her hair and make-up look horrible and that outfit is for someone in great shape, not a fatty like her.
    She can be whatever weight she wants to be, it’s her headache to deal with, but she should cover the fat up.
    I always feel bad for women that wear smaller size clothing than what they should, especially muffin top, gross.
    Nothing wrong with a run after dinner, ladies.

  55. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I would love to see how some of the commenters on here look?

  56. LeeLoo says:

    Part of me feel like her size is karma’s way of catching up to her. I’ve never liked or respected Christina I think she has no place or business in the music industry. She’s not original and copied off Britney for the first half of her career and now Gaga. I would probably be nicer if she didn’t treat people like total crap but she constantly tries to force everyone to pay attention to her and has deluded herself into believing she’s a talented indivudal (when AT BEST she is minimally talented and just got hooked up with the right people) and when someone comes along who is genuinely more talented and deserving of attention than she is, she throws a fit. So you know what? Let the bitch get fat. If she wants to make a fool out of herself by being a total drunken mess that’s fine by me. She could choose to stop and pull herself together at anytime but if she is going to make a mess out of herself by choosing the lifestyle that she has then have it and I will enjoy the entertainment.

  57. G says:

    Hey coco

    When you post as Pia to agree with yourself, it would be more convincing if you didn’t make exactly the same points and didn’t use exactly the same spacing style in your text.

  58. smh says:

    @G her serious issues were already addressed in this post. her drinking problem and the way she never owns up to her own actions. and the outward appearance is only the tip of the iceberg.

  59. realcoco says:

    @G : Get a life fatty! And off your fat but to the nearest gym NOW!!!

  60. maraca says:

    @ G : Please get a life,maybe you can relate to her,because you are chubby yourself.But she does not look like her old self.You can think whatever you want,something is not right with Xtina.
    Even I can see that.

  61. G says:

    Calling someone fat on an anonymous forum is a truly enviable life, coco. LOL.

  62. Jay says:

    I think the biggest problem here is the public’s obsession with thin. She’s a pop star, and it seems to be the thing that pop stars dress ridiculously. The thing that’s got people in an uproar is that she’s dressing ridiculously and she’s not everyone’s idea of thin.

  63. Keiko says:

    I feel really sorry for her. Last year I had clinical depression and instead of taking medication and therapy I self medicated with alcohol. Went from 5 ft 4 and 105 pounds to 135 pounds in about 2 months, managed to lose it all now tho. I looked just like she does puffy face and lumpy legs from all the toxins.

  64. realcoco says:

    @ G : You can attack as much as you like, you know nothing about me same as I know nothing about you!
    The fact remains that she is just too big for that outfit. It doesn’t take away from her talent. It’s the truth, not everything works for everybody.
    She is overweight and that is the reality.
    The public has eyes you know. We see what she looks like in that outfit and it doesn’t work with her weight gain.
    I wish her all the best in the world, but she is not fit enought to wear it in my opinion.

    @ Keiko : Good for you, all the best. It sounds like you are doing well.

  65. G says:

    coco ,you’re a moron. I didn’t say that you envied my life.

    I was sneering at the idea that YOU sitting around anonymously calling Xtina and other strangers fat was “reaching for the stars.”

  66. hypnotic says:

    I liked her rendition of Dirty Diana…I guess the outfit was fitting

  67. realcoco says:

    @ G :

    What are you talking about GENIUS?
    This is gossip site, not a news site.
    We can express our opinion here, this is a free country not China!
    If I don’t like what Aguilera is wearing it’s my business.
    This is not a communist site, we don’t need to FAKE agree on EVERYTHING.

  68. tsktsk says:

    Wow…she is a mess and has been for the last couple of years. If drinking is her problem, she needs to get HELP.

  69. realcoco says:

    @ Keiko : My pleasure, you seem to be a strong person.
    It couldn’t have been easy.
    Good luck to you!
    You deserve it!

  70. G says:

    Of course. Making up as many pseudonyms as you like and feeling free to call anyone fat is how you know you’re not in China.

  71. SolitaryAngel says:

    Oh look. It’s Trailer Trash Barbie.

  72. realcoco says:

    @ G : Yes, G I love America.
    Here you can call me a moron as much as you like.
    That’s called freedom.
    In China EVERYBODY is called thin.
    That’s how you know you are in China.
    I hope you have a chance to visit, the communist government is just lovely.

  73. california angel says:

    Po- tell me about it! Ugh! 27 and 15 pounds heavier grr. Lol. Maybe she quit smoking the ciggies? That’s what happened to me. Or maybe she’s on steroids for something it looks like prednisone bloat? I dunno i’m pretty sure she still looks better in a corset than I do right now….so I can’t really sh** talk lol.

  74. almond says:

    The worst of it all isn’t the weight gain. That’s something understandable. I can’t differentiate booze bloat from normal fatness, but getting larger than is healthy or comfortable is something that anyone can be confronted with at some point in their lives. What’s actually worse and shows the true state of her mental degradation is the rest of it. The awful hair (it looks like the hair of a twenty year old doll which has passed through the hands of so many children it is unrecognizable), the questionable wardrobe choices, the make-up and, again, that Hair (!), all point to how serious her situation is.

    She’s giving me Lohan jitters. I wanna scrub her clean, shave her head and dress her in cotton jammies. Apparently, I get the same reflex reaction with dirty, busted addicts as I do with stray cats: take them home, give them a bath and integrate them.

  75. california angel says:

    And also, agreed and solidarity with Keiko; sometimes you just aren’t that worried about how you look because honestly, when it boils down to it, it’s not the thing you should be worried about at the time!

  76. Penguin says:

    Definitely something going on with this girl. Don’t know if it’s alcohol, drugs, depression, eating disorder or a combination. Don’t know many people who have been as tiny as she was for 29 yrs of their life and suddenly put on so much weight in such a short space of time. Even after she had her baby she was back to her normal weight in a few months. Hopefully it’s cos she’s happy with her new man But I think this weight gain is symptomatic of something else.

  77. Canadian says:

    Wow what happened to her,she looks gross.

  78. Cerulean says:

    I think it’s a shame it’s come to her looking this bad. She was always a real mess in looks. Never could get herself from looking like a tranny. But this tranny version is truly scary. A bloated tranny is a nightmare visually.

    I care less about someone’s size. There is room in the world for everyone. I’ve been chunky myself until I got off my butt and took action. But not everyone is able to or ready to. But even chunky I dressed nice. I understood my limitations and rolled with it. I wasn’t thrilled but I understood.

    It’s her lack of understanding coupled with her attitude and behavior that I find revolting. A toxin filled body is not attractive. Especially stuffed and jammed into a 2 sizes too small form fitting old stripper bottom of the barrel ensemble.

  79. Cerulean says:

    She does look like Cyndi Lauper and Snooki’s wayward relative. With just a touch, a smidge, if you will, a liitle essence of Bette Davis from Baby Jane.

    Maybe it’s her delusions creating the aura.

  80. Penguin says:

    @ california angel: you’ve done the best thing possible for ur health by giving up smoking, be proud of yourself :) . Gaining a few pounds will do less damage to ur health than continuing to smoke will.

  81. Jenn says:

    People gain weight in their 30s; it happens. I can’t believe people think someone at that weight is around 130. Her face, everything? About 150 for sure. It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t such a mess- her pounds of makeup, her messy wig, the acres of pictures taken of her falling and staggering out of cars, clubs and bars….. She needs HELP. She is a falling down alcoholic; there’s no denying it. Just getting heavier in your 30s is no big deal and if she looked healthy beyond a weight gain, then it wouldn’t be a big deal. Adele is not a size 2, but she is clearly healthy. It’s the same as Lindsay’s ducks lips and extensions, as LeAnn’s bony, protruding sternum. What you’re like on the inside begins to come out on the outside. And cheating on her husband has not agreed with her.

  82. Kimmie says:

    I remember reading more than one blind item stating that a female artist who’s star was fading was going to attempt to get sympathy via the Britney breakdown via drugs/drinking/weight gain bc it worked for I wonder who they were talkin about..

  83. Mrs. Fox says:

    Ok, I have to confess- I had a similar problem. Two years ago, I had let my weight balloon to 160lbs…at 5’3. Yikes. Over the past year and a half, I’ve lost the chunk through strict diet and exercise. Back down to 120- THANK GOD. When I look at pics of myself from the fat days, I am horrified and wonder how I could’ve let it get so bad. The truth is, like the nutritionist in this post said, I was in such a state of denial that I couldn’t see myself as I really was. It can really sneak up on you, believe it or not! It took my husband being very blunt with me to wake me up. I can’t help but feel for Christina. It’s hard enough for a regular woman to gain this much weight, but to do so in the public eye with all these comments must SUCK. That being said, she needs to wake up and start to make the changes (physically AND emotionally) to take back control of her life and body. The weight gain was most definitely due to emotional issues in my case…As dramatic as her gain has been, I have to assume the same is true of Christina. Don’t hate too hard, guys. It’s easy to judge when it hasn’t happened to you.

  84. katie says:

    my weight goes up and down as well, and im a carb lover. does she not weigh herself or see the size on her clothes? take away some makeup and dress her well and she wouldnt look so bad.

  85. Ella says:

    I don’t think her weight is an issue, I think the expectations of her needing to be thin is an issue. No wonder they are all drunks, who wouldn’t need a drink with the constant critizism on their weight.

    I do think she would look fabulous in the proper outfit, natural hair, and more natural makeup.

    Why hasn’t she woken up and realized the hooker hair, makeup, and attire is just aweful looking on anyone at any weight.

  86. Jordan says:

    The weight gain she sees is gradual so she doesn’t notice as much, she knows she’s bigger but not that big, etc. We go periods of not seeing her and then, wow. I really think if she got that leech (boyfriend) away from her, she would probably do much better with her personal life. Either way, if she only has yes people in her life it will only get worse.

  87. kim says:

    Is it bad if I say, I actually like fat washed out drag queen Christina? I think its epic.

  88. lilyx says:

    Do people rag on Adele a lot for being fat? Prob not bcuz she carries herself with grace and dignity. It’s not so much Xtina gaining so much weight, but how she is carrying herself. Her outfits and makeup are way too tacky for someone with this sudden weight gain.

  89. anne_000 says:

    I agree with other posters that it’s not about the weight, but that she’s not making herself look attractive by wearing the wrong type of outfits for her body shape. She needs to get her clothes stylist to make her look good at this heavier weight. She can’t go on wearing things that would be attractive only on a skinnier person.

  90. Flan says:

    Agree that the weight is the least of her problems. It’s probably better than being artificially skinny.

    Like DeE’s comment a lot ;)

  91. Trashaddict says:

    Same Hollywood cycle over and over again. Look pretty, work hard, become famous, get built up by the press, which then looks for ways to drag you down again. Rise and fall. If I were put under a microscope like these people I would be batshit crazy like Lilo and drinking like Johnny. People were that fast to use a nasty, mean term like “porker”. Her looks and her behavior are screaming out that she’s not happy. Hopefully she will get back her good looks from finding happiness again, not from the ridiculously perfectionistic image showbiz is trying to sell and making us all miserable with.

  92. d says:

    I’m about her height with a frame/bones/whatever a wee bit bigger and recently hit 140 and so if I wore her outfits, I’d have probably looks like that too…my guess also is that 145 – 150 max. Even down to 130 now, it would’t make much of a difference. And with her frame, I’d say she’s got about 20 pounds to lose, which is hard. the first 10 is easy, then it’s a struggle. but dropping the crap food and drink out of your diet goes a loooong way to helping shed and keep off the pounds. then it’s just exercise, good food in good quantities, lots of water, and good sleeping habits. Crappy sleep habits will mess up your hormones (?) and something else, which ends up making you gain weight.

    I feel bad for her …I totally that denial thing. But everyone has to get to that point where they say to themselves “enough” and make a change. I’m rooting for her to get it together at some point.

  93. lulu says:

    Shit, she looks a wreck. That hair is awful.

  94. di butler says:

    I am Xtina’s height and approx weight right now, and it has made me horribly depressed. I cannot imagine putting on that catsuit and thinking I looked good. She needs some help, ASAP. Hopefully, she gets some. The weight is most likely not the issue, it’s the problems behind it.

  95. MJ says:

    I am 5’1 and 1/2″, 155 lbs and my figure looks pretty darn close to Xtina’s. The difference is that I don’t run around in my underpants in public.

    I have to say, that navy suit with the pencil skirt is quite flattering on her.

  96. lily says:

    I never found her attractive.I don’t think that she is naturally pretty.Just too trashy for my taste.I see that she still does the skimpy outfits,too much make-up and hideous hair.Only difference now is the massive weight gain that really doesn’t work with her get-up.

  97. Cher says:

    She looks ok, just dress more appropriately, wear more spanx and get rid of that double chin! Surgery, RF laser – whatever! It makes her look as if she’s chin-ny!

  98. Lia says:

    The danger of basing a good bit of your chosen profession on looks and sex appeal is how quickly it can go down the crapper. Look good…sound better. Aretha Franklin may have been smallrvehen she was younger, but she was never a toothpick…and she didn’t rely on gyrations and jiggling butt fat in her act. You don’t have to be a raging fanatic…or even a fan at all…to enjoy her work.

    I personally don’t care for Ms aguilera’s music, but she isn’t talentless. Even if she keeps, or increases, her girth…as long as she’s happy with herself (and the consensus seems to nevtust she isn’t) and her music *and* dresses a bit more appropriately, her career isn’t going to suffer…unless she considers non-chubby chasing younger males spending quality “gentleman’s time” with her image essential to her career…then she could have some problems….

  99. kimberly says:

    total alcohol bloat and weight. Isn’t she an alcoholic? No judgement, but isn’t she? Explains bloat.

    The stylist dressed her badly, and probably told her she looked HOT.

  100. IrishEyes says:

    Agree completely with kaiser. I do think she could be quite an attractive curvy woman if she wore clothing that fitted her properly, but I don’t agree that she is a healthy curvy. If that makes sense. I myself am short and thin and am considered overweight at 120 because of my bone structure, but like her am curvy (I have hips and a D cup). I love a curvy girl, but the fact that it might be alcohol weight is worrying. I just would like her to be happy in her life and healthy.

  101. JT says:

    I call bull on the past eating disorder theory. I’ve been a serious fan since genie in a bottle. The girl was teeny back then because of her small frame. She was also ostracized at her school because she was so small. You don’t purposely put yourself through that. The first time she started to gain weight was around Stripped. She was excited about it saying she loved the way her body looked because of the weight gain. Not something someone with an eating disorder would say. But something clearly is happening to her that is effecting her very deeply causing her to gain weight. Whatever that is either alcohol, her divorce at this point it doesn’t really matter because she won’t hear a negative word regarding her behavior. She went so far as to fire the people that spoke up.

    It’s not surprising she doesn’t realize she’s dressing inappropriately for her figure. She’s gone through her whole life being super thin, it takes time for someone to realize that’s no longer the case. I went through the same thing. The weight just kinda came out of nowhere. It’s a process and ultimately one she has to figure out on her own. But surrounding herself with lackeys that will tell her whatever gets them paid is the worst thing she could have ever done for herself and her career.

  102. Bea says:

    I don’t think the problem is that she gained weight per say (as most of you pointed out, one can be heavier and still look good), but that she obviously bloated terribly due to alcohol. Also, if you gain weight fine by me, but please dress accordingly!!!

  103. fabgrrl says:

    Ug. To parrot many other posters: if Xtina wants to be fat, then fine, she should go ahead and be fat. Being fat isn’t the end of the damn world. But stop dressing like that! Fat girls can look quite cute when they are young (like Xtina) and know how to dress themselves. Surely she can afford a stylist?

  104. Momz says:

    Heavier really isn’t the problem here. Its a profound lack of taste or complete indifference on her entourages part and her inability to know the difference. They all have the same issues. Yes people, no truth or honesty in their lives.

  105. harfang says:

    Yeah, the expert seems very legit in her last 2 paragraphs especially. Of course Christina is an adult and needs to stop playing the victim; nonetheless I can’t help but feel a bit bad for her. For one thing, although it’s not currently up to snuff, her voice is a national and international treasure, so I favor her. But less ridiculously, I feel that like so many of our female superstars, she didn’t have much of an adolescence, and her tweenhood was wonky too. At the same time she is spoiled rotten.

    A useful contrast is that in spite of her own embarrassments, Britney Spears’ overall behavior shows that someone with this life can manage to be a decent person, even while her life continues to be a bizarre tragicomedy. Xtina on the other hand might need some sort of big wake-up call to quit being an a-hole.

  106. dbt says:

    I wonder how many of these people commenting are of a perfect body weight? How many of you use your mirrors? Yes, she’s gained weight. Unfortunately she dresses like she’s a hundred pounds and she is not. She should not have to be skinny for us to appreciate her beautiful voice!!!!!!! If she just dressed appropriate for her size, that would look nicer. Her weight, however is her business.

  107. mew says:

    She’s like the new Linnocent, only a fat one.

  108. Venefica Delirium says:

    I’m the same height and have the same body type as Crusty Hag. I’m a lot heavier, but… same template regardless.

    I can stand this woman as much as I can stand Gaga, which is not at all. I think she’s an entitled drama queen who thinks the world owes her something, because she can hit notes most other pop stars can’t, as if the MILLIONS of dollars she’s already made and her hype isn’t rewarding enough.

    However, I will say that just because she’s short doesn’t mean that at 150 you’re disgustingly obese. It’s overweight, but people are really overestimating how overweight that actually is. That’s about 30 extra pounds on her height. She looks about 20-30 pounds overweight, so I would guess that puts her around 150. I looked about the same at 150, and I’ve got to say…I miss those days.

    If Crusty Hag doesn’t take care of her body, she will look like me one day. Basically, I’m too ashamed to even be seen in public. When I began gaining weight like crazy, I thought it was no big deal but it eventually ended up spiraling out of control. I’ve lost my waist, my arms and neck are thick as tree trunks, my thighs are all chafed from friction, and my face looks distorted because it’s so round and I have a major double chin going on. Not only is it physically unattractive, it’s uncomfortable in every dimension. I don’t feel like myself. I don’t have energy. I can’t fit into my favorite clothes. I find myself very insecure and jealous of other women in general. I lash out a lot. I’m only 23 and am watching my life pass me by because my weight problem has resulted in social anxiety.

    I am really not a fan of Christina Aguilera, but I wouldn’t wish this kind of anguish on anyone. Some people can deal with being heavier just fine, but for me this is hell.

  109. Venefica Delirium says:

    She can continue dressing inappropriately for her size at her own risk if she really wants to. She’s only hurting herself. I’m going through a hard time mentally dealing with myself and that isn’t cool.

    However, people like Coco (the poster, not the one with the tupperware ass) judging someone’s worth on their BMI and harvesting shame for gaining weight, is counterproductive. Not only does it make people like her look ignorant and inspire resentment, but if you’re an emotional eater, shame is anything but a good way to get someone to drop their eating habits.

    I’d like think that most of these millions among millions of people overweight don’t get out of bed thinking “Hmm, I think I’m going to intentionally get fat today!” or “Hey, I’m just going to overeat until I’m uncomfortably full and feel excessive guilt!”. On the other hand, conditioning people to hate themselves is equally destructive, probably even worse, because certain people really get their jollies out of consciously inspiring fat people to hate themselves under the pretenses that it’s health-related. I bet Coco thinks we should leave all the skinny girls alone, even if they appear on the negative side of her acceptable BMI. After all, it’s glamorous to be thin.

    I wonder where all the concern would be if the roles were *reversed* and millions of people became bulimic instead. It doesn’t matter that you’re rotting out your esophagus, as long as you look good! Live fast and leave a beautiful corpse!

    I’ve yet to be proven wrong that this “concern” over us fat people is more health-oriented or political than it is cosmetic. The former two are just convenient excuses for a prejudice influenced by nothing than neurosis and vanity.

    It’s really easy to judge people from a position from which you’ve never had first hand experience. What, you’ve never gain weight? Good for you. I can tell you really need to feel good about it by your guilt-tripping everyone else who wasn’t born with your impeccable control over yourself. Bravo!

  110. Gia says:

    Umm.. what? Why is it that the mainstream media tend to over-exaggerate everything!!! Christina is NO WHERE near 150; I agree with Juliette – 135 for the most! No wonder most of Hollywood is delusional.. you people are insane! YES, she gained some weight– but NO, she doesn’t look like “hell”!! We don’t need any more paid actors to entertain the issue! One word – STFU!

  111. Portia says:

    wtf is wrong with you people? what kind of distorted perception of overweight have you allowed fake Hollywood to brainwash you with? This is a normal curvaceous body and she looks beautiful. She’s a WOMAN! Shame on all of you for criticizing her weight. This is why people have so many psychological issues because they are pressured and criticized in order to fit an unrealistic standard, that when failing to do so, they fall into a state of self-loathing.

  112. AC says:

    I honestly think she is on prednisone.. She has reportedly suffered from bronchitis over the years (cancelled shows due to the illness) It is very easy to get bronchitis each year if you have a predisposition to get it. Doctors will put you on prednisone if your breathing and wheezing get bad enough. It makes you gain weight unless you don’t eat at all and workout all the time. Kinda hard to workout if you have trouble breathing. If you’ve ever had to take this med, then you understand. The first signs of weight gain happen in the stomach and face, then the rest of body. On top of all this, if you make you living singing it would make sense that she has to get her breathing under control. Now I am not saying she isn’t also turning to alcohol. It very depressing to have to take a drug that can do this to your body. moreover, she should try to dress appropriately for the added weight, it would be better for her and her image.

  113. Carol says:

    She is way more than 150 lbs.
    I’m 5’2, 150 lbs – and I am nowhere near that size. I look healthy – not chunky.
    This “expert” needs to spend more time looking at real bodies, instead of half-dead mini model ones.

  114. Sofie Cuipers says:

    F*ck y’all… she seem to look way more better than you, the average… she wouldn’t go down on you in any way, losers. Get reaL. get to the real random women you can score, ladies go the real maximum ya’ll can get… it isn’t a bit like this. If you really call Xtina ugly, damn you must be mthrfucking ugly too… ACCEPT it RANDOM people… yuk.